Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 5, 1968
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5, Y§68 SOCIETY 7-3431 &e»w&eft 8 o.ffi, ehd 4 p.m. Calendar of Events MARCH 5 the Hernpstead County Repu» blleifj Wofflto will meet at I'M piffi* Tuesday, March 5 In lh« Cllitens Bank lounge. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 A SW DtstrM frnfon Cfufc Ho/rf MM* the Southwest District of the Arkansas Federal Ion of Garden First re* Church Wednesday March 6 be.-ginning at 6-30 p,m, The supper will be followed by another pro* grani, under the direction of Mrs. John B< Lowe on Japan. The Girland PTA Study Croup will meet Wednesday, March 6 at 9;30 a*m« In the home of Mrs. Hollls Moses. THURSDAY, MARCH 7 The Hempstead County Association for Retarded children will meet Thursday, March 7 at 7t30 "Pirn, In the City Hall* The Hope Men's Golf Associa. :tion will meet at the Hope Coun* try Club Thursday, March 7 be.-ginning at 7 p.m. for a barbeque prepared by Jamie Russell. ..A meeting will follow at 8 p.m. to be of Interest to everyone In the association. " The meeting of the Eastern Star Hope Chapter - No. 328 will be held Thursday night, March 7 in the Masonic hall. j.: Mrs. Blanch Robertson, District Grand Lecturer will make her annual visit. All members are urged to come. Weather permitting, the Sr. Citizens Club will meet Thursday, March 7 at the Youth Center at 1:30. All members are urged to attend. FRIDAY, MARCH 8 Approximately one hundred eighty-one officers and members from fifteen towns consisting of several garden clubs were represented* The towns are Preseott, Benton, Gleawood, Texarkana, Hot Mena, Maivern, For* dyce, El Dorado, Arkadelphia Magnolia, Foreman, Waldo, and Hope, Officers attending were Mrs, Billy G, Wilson, South Central Regional Director of the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc.; Mrs. Clifton Powell, Pres« ident of the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs; Mrs* Betty Barnes, Southwest District Director; Mrs. Jack Ward, State Chairman of Awards; Miss Eva Evans, State Chairman of Con* servation; and Mrs. R. M, Burrow, Southeast District Director. Registration and coffee began at 8:00 a.m. and the opening session began at 9:30 in the Sanctuary with Mrs. Chris Petre, President of the Hope Council of Garden Clubs, presiding. Rev. Everett Vinson, Pastor of the First Methodist Church gave the Invocation. Welcome was given by Mr. Donal Parker, Mayor of Hope and the Response by Mrs. Billy G. Wilson. Mrs. Petre turned the meeting to Mrs. Betty Barnes, the Southwest District Director wb.» presented the State President and MFC (ARK) STMr WHIi ,^f 0flHt urged to attend. LEAP YEAR PARTY AT COUNTRY CLUB Barry Tubbs of Truman. Cominq Goi ^uuiiiiy, wui Councl1 Clubs wish Mr. and Mrs. beke and family, Stuttgart, spent the weekend with Mrs. C. M. Agee, ~ Mr, and Mrs. Evan Wray and | Mrs. Mary Pillow Johnson at- 5 tended funeral services for 5 James L, Lucas in Magnolia last g Saturday, The marriage of Miss Nancy Devon Aaron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Aaron of Hope to Mr. Micheal Landes, son of Mrs. Eileen Landes of Lewisville took place in the home of Mr^ and Mrs. Pete Hamilton, uncle of the groom, also of Lewisvllle at 6:30 p.m. on February 17. Mr. Edgar 0. Lafferty, minister of the Church of Christ and MRS, MICHEAL LANDES grandfather of the bride, per formed the double-ring cere- 'hese mony. The honor attendants were Miss Donna Green, a cousin of the groom and Mr, Steve Kitchens. After the reception the couple left for a short wedding trip to; the Ozarks at Fayetteville. They will make their home In Lewisville. B> CYNTHIA LOWRY Af» Television-Had io Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Olcfc Cavett, * pleasant, clvll'man* nered young comedian, slipped unobtrusively onto the daytime television scene Monday with an ABC show called "This Morning," built carefully in a mold so popular that It Is almost a cliche. Cavett, like Johnny Carson, Joey Bishop, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and the others, Is host of an informal talk-come* dy-muslc show. The only differ, ence is that his 90 minutes starts In mldmornlng and ends at noon. .'11 Is really unfair to Judge anything of this category on the basis of the opening program or even of the opening Week, Cavett, a comedy writer turned performer, needs time to find and get accustomed to his new role of host, and his helpers must have some time to shake down too. The opening show, however, was notable for Its lack of excitement and even of a point of view, Cavett, who has a self- deprecating manner and understated sense of humor, essayed a few short jokes that didn't even arouse much enthusiasm from the studio audience. Then , he introduced the band-all in or- principal characters off on * to* lure scries of their own, As so often happens W sweh eatftt, tft« story was sidetracked by th* producers', interest in showing the potential of th« main characters. they were James Whitmore, playing a brilliant, gruff crlmi- notoglsl, ant) Ento Ceruslco, as his assistant, tony, tony was supposed to be an Italian street urchin he had adopted during (he war, and he exuded boyish charm and fractured English. the whole thing came off badly, the contrast between the professor and his assistant didn't work out sympathetically, and the murder story was inter* rupted by flash backs and excursions Into the professor's class room lectures. It is doubtful that " My Friend tony" will make it. Recommended tonight: Mr. Gable," NBC, 8-9 memoir of the late film star, "Dear EST, SHOWBEAT The Laneburg PTA will have a other officers and guests, spaghetti supper in the school Mrs. Barnes called for reports lunchroom Friday, March 8, 5-7 from all the Presidents of gar- p.m. Price per plate is 50 cents den clubs represented at the for children under 12yearsofage meeting, and $1 for adults. Pee Wee and Announcements were made and adult basketball games will follow the meeting adjourned for the In the school gym. Proceeds will luncheon held in the Fellowship be used to purchase glass back- Hall. boards for the basketball court. During the luncheon door prizes consisting of shrubs, con- SATURDAY, MARCH 9 talners and other items were Alpha Delta Chapter, Delta drawn for. Awards were pros- Kappa Gamma, will have a com- ented to three contestants from bined luncheon meeting with this district for the Soil Conser- Nashville. a«T Prescott chapterstyatioo Speech Contest. The wjn- ; at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9 ner will compete in the State Conat the Town and Country. All test in March. The three contes- local members are especially tants were from Hot Springs. HELEN HELP US! by HeUn Bottel Dear Bothered: i You can't ask a boy to brush; As with the rest of Helen Help USl, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USl this newspaper. YOUTH ASKED FOR ITl This column is for young people, their problems and plea- w i tnout r i sktng a brush-off. But, "^' • "' sures. their troubles and fun. u you ^^ staal nim as 1S( wh at JJ|JJ™, "I* have you got to lose? Tell him his smile might make the tooth* paste ads - - if he'd only use the product. - - H. ? Buckminster Fuller, a 72- year-old philosopher, about the latter's theory of the coming dominance of women. Jack Albertson, an actor, did a mildly amusing sketch with the star. Patricia Neal turned up and talked about her recent Illness and recovery. Pat Me- Cormlck traded quips with Cavett and Jack E. Leonard appeared in a fur coat. Finally a snake handler, with a king cobra whipping angrily around the stage, wound up the show. The program Was plagued by frequent interruptions for com merclals, sometimes whengests in Cavett for Judges for the contest were Mrs. James Brown of the Soil Conservation Service and Mrs. B. B. McPherson, Speech teacher at Hope High School. Following the luncheon the resumed and a film the Night" was shown narrate d by Mrs. Barnes. -., A Leap Year Party at the Hope Country Club on Saturday, March me eting 2 had the men of the club serving »j ewe i s as hosts to the ladies. Dancing _ to taped music was enjoyed by 30 This flim"showed" the" beautiful couples, and dip n chips with e fj ec t s O f night lighting in the assorted snacks were served g^en, patio and outside of the throughout the evening. borne. This film was the cour- Out-of-town guests were Miss tesy of toe Arkansas Power and Vickie Murray of Texarkana and L|gnt company. Tne meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. Mrs> Jerry Alexa «der, General Chalrman and Mrs . Cnrls nnf , Petre, President of the Hope the merchants for the favors and George Roeb- *> w P rlzes contributed. include Mrs. Eula Robinson, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Rhodes, Alexandria, Va,; and Charles Long, Texarkana. Mrs. G. A, Hobbs has gone to Hackensack, N.J., to visit the Bradley Crouch family. H Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hous- Mike Jones of Little Rock visit- Eton Gunter during the week will ed friends in Hope this weekend, 5 Pro Easier Permanent! (Curv, Body, or Foundation Wave) Operators Uwla J«dy Plane Mrs. Steve Sheiron, Kim and salesgirl Melinda. of Puncanviile, Texas, ° Mr, and Mrs. Leslie Sheiron and Sandra of MonticelJo were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs, Arl Fincher. The Truman library at Independence, Mo., was financed from funds donated by individuals and organizations nationwide. i • in MI i m Saenger TNCATK Tonite-Wed, 7:30 SPECIAL School Matinee Wed, 3:45 The Screen ivent Of The Year "HAMLET" IT IS A SPECTACi-E^ A LARGE MOBILE, REALISTIC OF THE MELODRAMATIC ACTION OF THE MUSICAL SCORE £¥ DMITRI SHQ$TA, ACTORS f OBMAJiCE IS OUTSTANDING. iTHEY WANT TO'WASH A JET PLANE Dear Helen: Adults keep saying, "Use imagination." "Get Initiative » earn your own money." But when we try something different, we get shot down. All we wanted to do was wash a big jet airliner. But no •- the union would let us. It was "Goback to car washes and candy sales, kids, and don't get wild ideas." You don't earn enough money to take 10 kids to an important conference unless you come ap with wild ideas. We could have chartered a bus with the money we earned washing a jet. Helen, how about asking your YAFI readers to write in about the most successful fund-raising projects at their school, and how they managed them? • • CLIPPED WINGS Dear C.W.; How about it, kids? Your ideas for fund-raising should make a good column, but I'll bet none even comes close to the one that got shot down. Jet-washing! Now that's what I call CLASSI--H. Dear Helen: Please, would you tell these straight - faced, down - the • dumps store clerks that customers don't appreciate them? ! hate to walk up to a check-out counter and not even get a smile, or search out a id then have her act as if she's doing me a big favor, noticing I'm alive, I work sunvrurs as a salesgirl, and I know how of ten a smile and real interest will bring people back to the store. I'm not bragging, but I'm friendly. Many of the customers ask for m^ specially. I feel kind of re. warded. It's g challenge, getting folks to respond and finding how human they are. It's a shame thai managers can't measure another kind of I.Q. when they hire * «Interest Quotient, - * GQQPrNATURED. DearC.N.; Managers who ARE astute enough to measure "Interest Quotient" hire clerks who keep their businesses prospering. Too bad a few people-haters slip through, but they don't last long in modern stores. - - H. Dear Helen: I'm going with a ?uy who is very kind and sweet. But my problem is: How can I tell him to brush b|s teeth more often without making him wad ft me? • BOTHERED Dear Helen: I ara.a college freshman, on scholarship" wWcti* pays 'all m tuition. I live at hotn*,>ut bu my own meals at college and pay for my clothes and other expense from what I earn each summer. All my folks furnish is the use of their car to get to classes, and $5.00 a week for gas. My folks aren't hurling for money, but the way my Mother squirms at the thought of giving me $5.00 a week, you'd think they were dead broke. Is this too much to ask? My budget won't stretch any farther - - SON OF A PINCH PENNY Dear Son: I haven't heard both sides, but from here it appears that your folks are getting off mighty easy. College often costs parents $3,000 a year. - - H. This column Is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Fea- tores Syndicate. Inc. would return to only about two sen- was another It NBC's "Danny Thomas Hour" was a mixed up murder tale called "My Friend Tony. spinning the Gable Keeps To the Tube By DICK KLEINER NEA Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (NEA) After several fot years, the British actors fell on a lean one in this year's Academy Award nominations—only one English actor (Dame Edith Evans) among the 20 nominees ... I hoar the British may retaliate and send us The Beatles on permanent loan . Nominee George Kennedy has signed n deal with the Mirisch Company for three loads- his first starring parts . . . They may start with a new "Return of the Seven" called "Guns of the Seven" ... This will be the third "Seven" film; why not call It "Twenty- One" and be done with It? , •, . Eva Marie Saint's birthday present to her son was a boa constrictor . . . Nothing personal, it was what he wanted . . . Cliff Robertson says his Batman week was "like a vacation on the Riviera" . . . Remind me not to vacation on the Riviera this year. "Dear Mr. Gable," Ihe MGM documentary about Clark Gable, will nlr on March 5 on NBC. and If you expect some new secrets about Gable, forget It. Nothing new, but producer Nicolas Noxon says you may wind up, us he did, with a greater respect for the man, "Gable was a well-rounded sensitive man," says Noxon. "He wasn't just a ladies' man at all. He was a real man." The program la the first product of MGiM'n new documentary film division. Noxon tind executive producer Irwln Hasten comprise the department and they ore both cx-Dnvld .Wolpcrltics. W jl<j"ldf0 > *was a i natural. People IHKT do It before, but MGM hod a lock These arc the "111!**" of the Wtefien ai fetlwtd In the b<wk» "The Cooking of Provincial France." on all the film, without which It would have been nothing. So as soon as NoxotK and Hosten moved In. they said, "We do Gable first." and they did. But they have big plans for other documentaries, noncinernatic In theme. The In.itllutton of the Hollywood studio Is old-fashioned and outmoded. That's the opinion of<one of our better young directors. Leonard Horn. "The technical end of picture making takes entirety too much time,' Horn says. "Fifty minutes out of every hour on the set «re devoted to things like lighting, only 10 minutes to real creativity. "The problem Is thnt the studios and the techniques are terribly old-fashioned. We all' know thttt the CIA could bug this table, with the mike unnotlcenble, and listen clearly a mile nwny. Yet, on n soumUtflgc, we still hnve to use n bulky boom mike which gets In the wny—hnlf of the lighting time Is token up In figuring out how to hide the boom mike shadow. "Also, there Is what I cull the 'bo-prepared- for-nny-catnstrophe' philosophy. You go on location and you have to take eight trucks full of equipment, and 120 men. Most Of It is just In case something goes wrong. In Europe, Claude Lolouch shoots with 15 pco* pie and very little equipment. If anything goes wrong, ho Improvises." Horn, after a long television career, Just finished hi* llrst feature—"Rogue Y Gallery" with Roger Smith and Greta Baldwin. He had more time, naturally, on the movie than he ever had on television. The television time problem was brought home to him very early In his career.'ills first assignment was the old Alfred Hitchcock series. He set up his first shot, a master, and wns about to call for action when the assistant director said, "You're an hour behind schedule." "That's Impossible," Horn said. "I've only been here a half-hour." I? con 1 loll U>£ way you've-set U'. Up "the said, "that you're an hour bashl'mf. *' New low-priced Mustang Sprint Look at all the extras you get at special savings: Order V-8 power and you can also save on: •Off stripe •Special wheel covers •Special exterior trim •Rip-open gas cap Plus standard Mustang features lite bucket seats, floor-mounted stick shift and more. But hurry! Supply of Sprints is limited. • Wide-oval white sidewall tires • Styled steel wheels 'GfT fog lamps MONKEY BUSINESS dw* isg Sgo FriQcisco's Y*w Q| the Monkey F*«Mv»l caused cQistereatifHJ w Wong, rJgbl, of Sac- Calif., "MUi USA." Enjoying antics of |b« wirlffly 'p Is Cynthia left, "Mi«« San Chinatown." FASTS ABOUT THE 1968 MUSTANQ Mustang- ' h * original. '* a 9 r »«n buy any lime bui especially now H you act lasi, you can get a limited-edition Mustang Sp»mt with special equipmem at special savings And gel 4» ot Mustang's famous standa'd features loo You can also get a great deal on any Mustang Choose hardtop lastback w converts* Op- like V-8» up to 3SQ cy m. 5«l»ctSnilt. stereo Tilt-Away »Mt*rmg, po#e( Iron! disc brakes, much more Thai» wny more people buy Mustang than any otrmr car in it» class For more Iree information about Mustang or *ny ol We 68 Fords writ* Buyer s Digest, P O 604 1000. OearpQtn. Michigan See the light. The switch Is on to Ford! Hope Auto Company, Inc. 230 w. ***** it, Htfsf, ArttMtf tfetM M Mill

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