Fayetteville Weekly Observer from Fayetteville, North Carolina on May 5, 1825 · Page 3
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Fayetteville Weekly Observer from Fayetteville, North Carolina · Page 3

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1825
Page 3
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. ., AouSV' .sltion to iae t. Vork papers lau -fSJ torroweJ from ff . 9R.h ult. whl i Hates - mar1- ill- failed . jt Khrroweu uv. - We 98th ult. which tiser oi S,: h C made at;16 pe;ce. sail-3 ;rrht -nreceu-uitL UI sold rtance, ex- v,rs ' 1 ral ne 3 r int end n0tPT.:, - y chsrL country- ;,. . ; , , , from the same paper, , mrratifietl for several i n 111" SI, ' f Af V A wbcen.1 irf,,res of Mr. b. A. Boar4?:'aF.:A sorne pa pers on Husbandry, and RuraLEconomy, "and distributed through the; State, by means of the several Agricultural Societies. . . J; w I V . : Raleigh KegisterXf - - . - - ; 1 -.'-! " , ' CommimicatVons. I ;,;,fii.:. ,.:;:;:lv"v'r":" ; , : I Fayetteville, Jlpritsdy 1825 Mr. E.' J. Ha i-7-In the concluding paragraph of your editorial remarks, introductory to .those memorable resolves of Independence; declared by our fellow citizens of Mecklenburg in 1775, and published in the Observer of the ,21st, you say, that the "escort of General Lafayette through this State was a movement worthy of the descendants of the men who; could adopt ! such measures' at such a time."- '' ' 7 i---r-:- , ' :- ghaU wenot have abulleuit from this Mecklenburg troop for such a grosj, .nrebresentatidrt, of tlieir Movements?) The pubhq has been informed, also, that the Mecklenburg troop arrived m this place with the wtici ua, aiier remajimig ncre a day or twd that they departed for their homes.' Now 4, eft-;,. in& all1--asall: readers:x)f he Observer no uuuoi.uiQ, coma De impressea with a bBef that the Mecklenburg troop had escorted Gen. Lafayette from one .end or side of the State to the other? If we had some Cumberland at our elbow, to scrutinize our ar- ucies, we nunt, pernaps, De able to make them perfect.. But,' wliile we are dependent on our own poor voaniA iunc, uie rciiuers ui uie uo server must sUIl expect to find inaccuracies in it, They ire what all printers are ciilty of, and ever will be. :. !- J Let us now examine-' whether the movements "of xne MecKienburg troop have been "so grossly misre: presented?" They formed a corps for the express purpose of escorting General Lafavette through the State. Their services for that purpose were accent. .A ' . ixru -11. S- .Ji . i . . r v iieii uie vieneraMi. came,, it was so suddenly that notice could not be given in time for them to meet him at the Virsnnia.hne. .After tliev did mpftt liim they accompanied him to this town; when, in Ufeanpr 1,,1 tn rivet the auen r." W. caICUi'VY ..... Wnwnnlf beas'-f. .,cfPii learer. In, the Observer of the ensuihsr week, vou State, that' you have been informed that a few consequence oCthe determination of the Favetteville that vroop to escort trie uuest to the. South Carolina line! 'III. 1- . 1 ! I 1 . intn "ley -Kit mm, and proceeded to their homes. Thev if were 611 this duty about 17 days, in extremely un- ill V I 1 i. 1 1 j l ! "... . lUaiwai-o- nawoKlk-r.r: . weauier, ana someumes witn vretched ac- commodatioris. fheica51. 11 i. 1 ,1 s. . .w ,1 . ,. .1 . . 1 jiv. j, y .vicuic uvuu were on qu ' ' 1 !- 7 i'yi'v v i.iiwjrviniuuj w 1 lv uuui j i ill v s. v e si a. i' rnpap lapta, nnt tnn tha ' J A . C7 ' I - A . Ul a this V F. tT -ill no doubt be ve- an impression on the minds of persons unac- troop wouldha iomV6fc . ' " quainted with'tlie facts, that the escort duty no doubt vA'rfal resUW- wasierfprmed 1 through the State" bv the for the Nation's , Lincolnton, in this State, Mecklenburg troop alone ; re Mr Calhoun, Vice Presi- through, the only definition kf inined the large a construction, ; you sav, that thev would not I purpose of drawing dpvm on bur devoted head the hse V W a f r. Stevens's lec- admit ofc ' Now, Mr. Editor,, your reasdhl re- )rG- f -Mother Cumberland, but to shew tliat, in giv- .vJ-ifvau"11"'1. tt!, 1. 1 -LJ .L ' - : . ! 7 I HIP th( IVTrVlf nKiT-o twmn tr-eAi ..r,.,, icPi11.1 ,s :n doin1- so.' ms ice- ueciion, aim gooa- sense, -must convince' you, " k T , W.,U1 .h p i. a tllllC 111 ,1 ,i ,,1 1 " 7 j. . . - y.J . JtnOtlSm. -We have "PTOSsIv Ttlismnrpcpntprl" nA nno uu uiC uia uic:ruc iiucs uic caicuiaieci to maKe At the s.mPtimP. wP ,.-it W T?,w:il 7 J - - T- . 4 W4W M. T bA-V. XA4.V I J 1 1 1 . lave uone any tnine- m tlieir power, and an in tneir power, to Show their respect lis Guest; .": i v. !.. ;:(: . . recollect the word . lue iast pamgraph ot the above article may have un"- r ,min. vice x icai- xituuuzit iuc uiuy uemnuuu vou cann(-iiD v u.t .... 1 ,i . .. . , to 3H a1""" ' . . - v a 1 : r V f 1 7 n " 1 "vuul wa8 ""P'lea 01 ine iruui or ine remafis made on iu&.untti ) so n.uiu uuc cj u, ui amc, luiuc uuici in the" last Observer! j Forthe Duroose bf do ntravvav Ci pinner Lvrnitpd '.States the lorn un.. Now, if the IMecklenburg troop did not es- such a belief on the minds of those to whom we are COE-I- ueuerm xjatayexie irom tne V lrginia . u "r- ! sun.e;iiii- uie autnor,.- on our appnea t r'lir wa received by the last they did not perform thc duty 5 If to '..'. AtLsks' Officx, 166 Market St.? s : ' Baltimore, May 2,1325." S (Tl The heretofore great demand for Tickets and L Shares in. the w xura pofuiu.ii - ;.-.i Grah ' Still continues, which will shortly produce a scarcity! bf Tickets, and, consequently, a rise. ' . , . i (y - Adventurers at a distance should, without delay, forward iheir orders for Tickets. ,A few days delay will deprive them of the - opportunity of obtaining a chance j for the Prizes in this , Lottery which is so arranged that tlie purchaser of two Tick-i ets or Shares, one an Odd, the other an Even number, must get at least one Prize, and so in proportion for a greater number, flp-ln this Lottery persons are not obliged to take a given number of Tickets to insure a certain number of Prizes. The adventurer may take 2, 4, 6, 8 10, or more, as he pleasest one halt ot the number, must lie Prizes. - v - .... , - AW in One Bay And Positively on the ! 8th day of this Montlu. '. , ie Prizes are': ' i- : v;''7'-Vfc3ew!S2Cf,t)0dH":: - : " ' : ; tar. . 10,000 iicri 5,000 5 of $1,000-, 4 of .500, 2 of 160, &c. Tickets, g5" '1 J Quartsiis, gl ' 25 j Halves, 2 50 j.. Eightiis 62 ; To be had ih a variety of Numbers, Odd or Even, at jtb ALLENS' i POUT OF WILMINGTON f AunrvED, Brig IJastem Stjur, Houdlett, from St. Thomas, to E. Dickinson. . J . .'. Brig Betsey Pratt, from Martinique, to Lazarus Zz -Whitemarsh.- " - - ' . 'tr-., .. Schr. .Young Man's Companion, Dyer, from Capo " Haytien, to Stow & Whittier. f Schr. Margaret Son, Smith, from St.' Augustine, j . Schr. Uegulatbr, M'llhenny, from Charleston. - Schr: Sally Hayens, Hough, from Philadelphia, to stow & whittieK. , v ; Vr - , I Sloop Niantic, Way, from Charleston. - ' ' Sloop! James-& David, Morris, from Philadelphia , ' Sloop! Fair Haven, Williams, from Charestbn. Sloop! leader, Barnard, from Charleston. 1 r'A.l'i - -'': CLEARED, . . . :"- ' Brig Dingleys, Cowing, for Guadeloupe, by T. . Savage, Jr. & Co. --r-"- -'' : ' ; .- . . ' Brig Planter, Kenney for Porto Rico, by Dudley & Dickinson. ' . ' : 'i ' . French brig Le Gustave, Harrismendy, for Guada- loupe, by T. Savage, Jr. 8c Co. '' Brig Sambset Bradford, for Liverpool, : by T. Savage, Jr. Sc. Co, ; -' ; ' ': ' !"' : f Schr, I Active, Batcheldbr, for Mariegolante, by T. savag-e, Jr. 5c i;o. . - Schr jLippitti Schri Jane, Wilcox, for Port-au-Prince, by W. H. Byron, Beardsley, for New York, by Dudley & Dickinson. ; The Schr, Superior, arrived at New York, front NassauiiN. P. had on board the .crew of the Sloo p Golden Age.! The Golden Age sailed from this port v in jr eDniaiy, Douna to Havana, ana was lost on ICO onthe 5th March. Recorder. ? Lottery. & Ejtcluxnee Office, 166. Market-Street. 1 CHARLESTON, April 25. Went to sea vester- Where were sold and paid, the R2O.60ol 8 of 1.000 daX Schr. Sarah Anr Ames, for Wilmington, N. C. and 4 of 500. in th last Rtat i.ntwv Vri Anil a1111 Sloop Leader, Barnard, for-do. where,' iii a former Stale Lbttery was sold the Great , &x bl,1fbL & Vler. March Entered, sloop i - , . . ml i O 4-' m ' J 1 1 ' " . . - , , I A tit Limit, U.Cr 1ml I Toffrr to his constituents, line to the South Carolina line, of course pn, disclaimed any intention to convey such an im- other office i America. 5 Leucr iu i ..-tr.u,ne4. . , II.. . pipssion, and he has moreover stated to us that he 4 Wwir r Capital Prize of : r One Hundred ; Thousand. Dollar? And wliere agreater amount of Capital Prizes have been sold "and paid,' alt drawn in one day. than at any :ti- e ? 'noreoyer siatea; to us mat ne t Orders from any part of the United States, by mail,1 did not believe we had any intention to detract from ft, .: v?k. knu..i,. :,kii ,k X:- 1. - wc nayc mauc. or fnze 1 icfeets, will, as usual, meet with the most lie Town SUlitial Mam -4 4u w fnlnQt fWv Hirl nn nnrfnrm A thm,h iUa Pfl?8810" d ne has moreover stated to us that he 5 c; tti r: i ...Li . a I n : .,i - ...tt. -t : Lr i : . h T " r.. ' " v. - : i tw a r mi hi v h ii in i i if iviiriiv w irii ri v i w r 1 1 rrvTTorTi nnr i vnm rw i m in 4 rnrrAenAiiriitinn rnttit nn A-vm-Mr . 1v,iv m i : - fwl our reauing i y o ww"" v w " . .w v,uiu jnmw wav.o1,v..vi5j,,m. ni-Api UUi- uwciguw i prompt anu punctual attention. -v " . n o t unni i i iYivM0Vf rx Tnir v ri ir a -vri a f Ant- ! i lcii ri. 11 :i nv i 11 1 1 r Aj f-" i j i m ' rnvp coin nnvft AAiATW UtUVi IKS A ACVA to infallibility; we claim to purity of in- public journalist. , candid determma- reasonable to sup- YiT i HdlHtririfv Imit n pal Churclijn tms o ' d on ditto themselves and town, will appear from poon of patronage from the citizens of Mdck- S fnWhai politelf furnished bq toUowmg extract ot;; letter rom one ot i'ii ffl,rL;n, notice oY its Proceed- the State Lscort to lis friend in this place 5 tn-eat majority of the' Mecklenburg troop, andknow- I5"ie ij" 3 I t6 I was much ffratihed witmthe. nno. Alilitnrv ini)-anrl pdpmlnfrmanv Af th nmKArc f Hia Vw: ' . 1 1::ii;,lj:n. ftUhnn. ! appearance of the Oumberland Flyiii Ar- ettevule troop, with some of whom' he was and is m ie Uergpcniu tUlerv, their nentlemanlv behaviour, and tiie the ?f daily intercourse-could be prompted, meteen j . ivAi--h? nrr.ini. alacnty with which they accompa ..i.nv TV I l 1.1 II U.lVlr JU1UV I & LU IX LLf ( I J t-lO LILU.L 11 a IX IV 1 1.1 I m n lil.l I 111 1" II I a 1 .1 I 1 I . I . T 7 " 7 i 7 w Lrt of it interne - ' from 8 miles bevond tbik nlnr fh Snnth eflect. We inate no claim ? r--rf,tnvr.- k.v u. rmKl,l 171 aJ':ii .f. ntion,. all pur conduct as a. rtJTPOPAL LUL r x iuii . j uj uic- vmiiuw YJ "S laiici j , ui vw. m conclusion, put it to the , n .niinn of the Protestant Avers .Battalion oi Artillery under the com- tion of our readers,; whether it be Address S. & M. ALLEN, Baltimore. Marv arid Lbcv Ann. Tavlor. and schr. Triton- Al- gate,' from Wilmington, N. G. ' ! r ; - ' " ., ;f- ; . ! .... . - , f - 1 llowse and liol ioY ae. ; H AT valuable and pleasantly situated Dwelling j 14 House1 and Lot of Ground,-at Lower Fayette-:. ville, one hundred feet from Clarendon Bridge, at j the corner bf Broad and Bridge streets. I he House is 40 by 3Q feef, finished in the best manner, with j four lWoms on the first floor, (two of them having v hre places,) and convenient Pantries and Closets; in the second story, t o large Kotms, with a fire place in each; a convenient Kitchen, with two bed OU are herebv: ordered to attend a muster nf tbv I rooms, and servants' rooms, all lathed and rslastpi-rl. Company oh Saturday the 7th hst- at the Court I connected with the dwelling bv a covered gangway, 1 .. ... ,1 r Ti.nrTTn ' r. . josiaii uuss, Fayetteville, May 4i ltpd . .O. s. PRICES CURRENT. lies, of tlie Aitrnp.n'm:nfln;0,l r,"oiAl I ciuier oy interest or inennauon, to iaua tne one ana .v. "t . vUUumuctUi mcruianis. rrT " detract from tlie other? In otlver words, to "grossly .. r J I -r f ' i i i. l il i t j j i : i . ' on,l rp Phrntinn ot iaiaetic uuvuuu uie o.lulu iuiu : ueiimus micrnrnt thi ni-tinni of ihnv -- i A ' inv.iPi' inirs wprK mill niiriii v i'r tpii nv i remembrance jof my MEiClIcltfDISEm 'Qua' tm Fro.nl Tt rated. JJ. C.I). former connexion with Having received an answer to the commu- . . . . ...ri. .i i 1 : n I ITrAllPiM VII II I'll III :hnrn . QPiliclcu a iyiovuiv m . . . . i i. -, I ? o i r . ... ,.ori nni n sr. vmuai names' lorcea .u-Don mv mina. liie r- I , . - i j " I n 4- rv rv Ii f AriAiM? it '4-riAl Trvivi o 1 i-v tr t Jl rwcHed n(i the Rite of Confirmation extreme .politeness, too, of the Cortimander dministereu to twenty-nine persons, the Corps, , in supplying my wants after r ,w""V o : . i ; i i-t ij ji r i iiac inosf wuu uuoose to siav awaivc hwas received into Union, and the hers of that pom panyj ; they perfofmedl more and sleep ,n tl)e horning a right to impose m the ditlerent Churches afforded than one half of the Escort duty tD our Iruest,; ion upon others j i - 1 - . Mop of Souls," f fbr his continued j g' hd K-afrhfnl nrnviHpnrp." nnd for f lip I K quires that we publish both.' They follow: k !. :':' I , . FOR THE OBSERVER. : Mn. Editor, If inding it impossible to sleep last night for the noise that was made in the street, the following queries ( suggested themselves: which J propose for the solution of your readers. 1. What was night given us for, but to sleep in? . 2., Have not all those sober people who .wish to go to sleep in reasonable time and to rise early in the morning, a right to do so? 31 Is it possible to enjpy this right when, drums are beaten thro tlie Ui n at midnight? 4. Have those, wno cnoose to stay awake at ntgnt the tash- 5i Ought such things to be allowed by the magis trates of any well jregulated town? K J yiKJ ILd I VvlllZ.lI. an - t ii m .v. j. rri iiniiu-fiair'u .ifkiivYiui1' inuiiu 'in 1111 nru w. w 11111 LailaV the bishop hela an uruijiauon, : tt7.uv,Ui' vv j""4" vtj- ivxV ,u.vcu,, dotted Mr. C. C. Bramanl, recently ou my huuu, uuu wu loruisume vviii ui r-W.nnUo the Hol v Order of Deacons, marks upon the excellent behaviour of the ,u v.av ncPTh Hiprsnn. oiiiciaiiiiir in ioii, ta that of Priests. Sermon by made on my return t4 Fayetteville and siitce, . 4 - . - ' j I Zo 1" 1 w nniiTAn r m iiiiima inli rito 1 a .f hn 1 Ail r. ishon, and rrcsentatjons oi t tne l antu- " - v".l4."fi 'mt'T; J ; bfRev.Mcssrs. Lmpieana lason, oit ": a . - . - . ; - -. L nr v ro-rni7Pd 'irKh in j x ne Duuucauun OI UUS IS UUC IU U1C lUUIllr Luii, .. iiniuviiii vAw"..v. I . . . u. r t W i. w porougr M frnm tfawalitade to the Geat Shepherd and it is nothing more than just, hat their V- I n .1 . , ft 1 - J 1 I rwrvrvj-l nnl n -. nn '! 4- Cttrl?ln CltrtSllfl lrt m!)nP &d watchful providence," and for the known to tlie citizens of the State, notwith-ke of success with which he has blessed standing the efforts tltathavePapparently been made to keen them behind the scenes. If r ! I , the circulation' of the Observer was confined ie Convention will' next meet at Hills- to the limits of the town, probably this inter-i-The Sermon by tlie Bishop is short- fercn.ee would be unnecessary; but shall J ay-be published. ' ; etteville, so lona: celebrated for the military leReY. Mr. ftrpnp. rh'livprod nn intr-1 ardour and public spirit of her citizens, be ; Discourse in behalf of the Missionary forgotten, and receive no share of the ap-ty, and a generous rohtribntion was plause she is sa justly entitled to ? I am wil- f m aia ot its tunds. . . ' lino; to award to our enterprising aim patriotic onaiivFor who but a sloven or a sluirsrard would brethren of iVlecklenburs: all the honor and not sacrifice a few minutes of repose to hear the me. Middles fir Congress We understand praise they merit fbrS their activity iiv raising Ibdies of a band of musicians while pacing under his Dr.RobertB. nce'is a candidate fbr a company for that especial o.ccasibri,fand fbr .window ? in my fumble opinion le that wouldnot prt;nn p.:. , a""',ia ie . ' Ai sj::A is a person of httle taste or rehnement ; and is, as -"uu iu. v,ungres.s, in tne ,iiornnton 1 111,3 -zeai aim jjduiuu?ui iiv,ii "j i NVe abo nnilprlnii i Afoi, formed their nart oi the Escort, Dut 1 really V. O IU.11U . LLIUI .1U UI I " ' , 1 i ' FOh THE OBSERVEIU The Quiet Citizen! of Favetteville, (Tw.ho takes such great offence at - the amusement of a band ot musicians' who occasionally perform for the gratification of themselves, or the amusement of the citi zens who are not! quite . so sleepily inclined,) ' hod. bewer taKe a good dose ot Wpiuin previous., to nis refreshing himseilf with a nap, in order not to be disturbed by those noisy fellows. Notwithstanding this " Quiet Citizen's" dislike to music we hope that the band will continue to serenade us occasi- 'Ct. e alio undorstinfl tlit N P. Carson. Javnos nr:iV.nm ar,ri i?i;v da not think that their movements should be. , ' ' nim V.IIA I , i , . i , . i - , . s . r, KsfiS. Sta lil-ai.-;L nmA'.A,.i. ! irrnaclv rnierP'nrfSpfltp'.d. - : Uut to proceed, you say, tnat at tne mo- ahove stated, a slucrrard and a sloven. I A FHIEND TO mOSIC. Ueet, Fresh in Mar fcet Oeef, Northern; j UuA?iiir, Coghiac, . i '- Apple, in dem'd .'-i Peach, '!'' ..'!. Bacon, . .. - i : ileesw.oc '' . ; - j-li utter, f": ::! - : ! Bagging ; 1 Coffee, Prime Green, 2d & 3d qual. Candles, Mould, i 1 Spermaceti, Cotton, Corn, scarce - i . Copperas .:. Flax - ' , Flaxseed, Rough, Flou Su perli up . ri : H-' ' Fine, ; ' Fish, Herrings Mullet " Feathers'! :. . -j , Gin, Holland,- 1 -Country, ! -Ginger. ; . Glass, Aroer. 8 by 10 V 10 by 12 Bottles'! Hides, Buenos Ayres, i " ; West India, i Iron, . - ' r- j Indigo, Bengal Flotant - -i Lime, '- - ; -Lard j . ; Leather, blcirtimj j 1 Sole Bridle Lead, Bar Logwood if- r" Molasses, j i .post, in that district. JEW18 ! i f 1DPIPT1 i A.iM.m.M.m.m.m.m.mtMm l t-.a . In this town, 1 5n Thursday evening last, by the Tr , i Assorted ris Williams, Esq., is a candidate for ment of writing that article, the Fayetteville Rev; Mr. Morrison, Mr. Josephrey toMiss Se ina , Vrought , nthe Willi 1U Klvin Artillrver. in the most remote, C Nankeens, Blue fcn.ll. V 'c,j. -r . V. i 4i.,V. ;a;i tius place. , - v, . . . , , : j J Yellow 1 .. auuutis is a; canuiuate lor hwiuic ihcicu iuwijw -",w6" , . V .'.On the 29th Ult. m lticnmond county, oy tne itev Jon.in the Caswell district. luaiuici, cm.tiv.vi iuw v&..v., I Un tne .ytn uit. in iticnmona county, oy uic ivcv. i ghinfrJes your mind was SO completely engrossed With air. Mac Intyrej Col. Alexander Shaw to Mis3 Sarah Q.as .31. Ratlin, the late incumbent of the the noble deeds of the chivalrous sons of Mac intosh, daughter of George Mac intosh, Esq. q- Curriers district;, vill, wo learn, he onnowd Meckienburc, that the citizens of Fayetteville jln Wake county, on Thursday lasV by -JSquwejBus- d unseed i f f perriAl, Lemuel Sdwyer, escaped youfWice. Was it possible, Mr. by,Air; anNelso Hork , - AnLdi-;. v, iTV-rHirV.'. Z-J.i iU olrle Wake. f-Commwcer. Porter London, i, is a ,.7; H' " ll,US allsW) dis- suitor, ao bepaitu, v.v--: , j J c ( ' Thilade r -7 ""lumaie r rp.o nrtmn iMPpant rriA nno wirnnur. l ie iissociiiLiuii ui uiu 1 re ri S and Wall''are' both, we other? That any service jor act connected with ;on the 25th ult. aged 63, after a lingering illness, .5 Canuulates for "rr.rlao;r, itir lniiftiAv'-nf niirhnrinro.d Guest through this Mrs. Macrdaienei.: 'Marv Toomeri 'relict- of the late ecUve zU. Western Carolinian State could employ your mind and pen with- Henry Toomer, Esq, of thjSjtown. The life ofMrs. ..i li:. : AlJlif arv rnnmnniPQ 1 OOmer was umiorm anu. cuiuufctcnt, uscim ajivi v..v- n all tlie relative and social duties. The testimony of the community -in which she . durino!her whole life, warrants us in pavinsr State? particularly the Escort, without think- this tribute to her worth. Wre may add, with truth, ins: of the Corps that performed that duty that she wa.a Christian with all the graces which bb-from this place to tlie South Carolina line ? long to that character.-Her memory will long be , J . f . . , ! . .....u. Af. cherished bv her family, and respected by a large is it lair,; is it just, ; ism reasonauiu, x.n . circle of and ntances. mini. Recorded for. thatwou should oasSc encomiums on uie !.--; : -; - ; services of tlie Company Of a distant Coun- : i COMMERCIAL REPORTS. rcss fro; &T?W'toBtiltMr.Jo.alt nv a-V 13 a auuiaate ior 111 mat district. w 5 Halifax Fre? Press. p.l'... lll" Anson. coun- SMeltnv-.if! r?.' - P. 6 miles TVUannZ "?tor -Thomas- A. ir-uuu rest blaster. V ; Cierew Gazette. TC9I onr l,i. J 'State,' J,itfissed, i-x a law has cas nntJ.i X' 1 ms"s not the fact Wio ",n '823, and th- P,(V. ."wiS' h already ,v me EastPin, fe.::- ? ern ana of ulefi-"umot the State. ' ""Jdo r,.i i' "WUV4uk a view nt 'iV r;" Minerals of ..5 the erp.f oi.r-1 Aran the o pile 1 labarrus ' 01 3Intgom?rv An U,J Publi .rn, ana . order. of the tv. and never in the most remote manner (I Arrived -Steam Boat Henrietta, with think nf thft r.iti-IK 3 hhd f 1 1 l . YUUl UHL I UUAVO tillvi 1.1UUIVS UI T ml . - . ' I . ! i . . zens of your own town r fchall tlie mentori- 13 bbls. , sujj-ar : 4 hhds. molasses 42 and' 8 bass ilphia, Pepper, v -;; -Pimento, i Plaster Paris; if Powder, Duponts, I Others, Paints, White! Lead Spanish Brown n Yellow Ochre r JIum, Jamaica, t I Wind. Island. ( New-England, Uice, j; ',: I ; ' -,'! '' Kaisins ; 1 Rags ' ' li ' .: , Shot, i - - ' Sugar, MujPrime, - Common, Loaf, ; Salt. Liverpool, ous, by a determined silence on Jour part, be coffee ; 67 bbls. and 1 hhd. brandy ; 50 kegs A Turks Island, . J . .it i c. i -i- r ii. 7- i. i . iij-.rl I - St.Ubes.&c. teprived ot the honor oi uiai bjiart; uu auc nans 5 ia crates crocKery a 4uanW Vl?or" Saiits Epsom I Li .1 -t- i ttt t iirninii 1 1 c v 1 . 111.1 1 v . 1 tav rv i o o r rkn i-h aw ni v 1 truT m r 1 1 1 imiiiiiiiw 1 . . 1, iiiu(a, icauici , " . AV""""" . -i , ; Lilauber Escort duty, to which they are so justly, en titled? 'No, Mr. Editor, "render unto Caesar the things .which are Caesar's. CUMBERLAND. Tow Boat Eliza Neale, with, 1560 bus. salt, steel, 4 American V'e shall submit a few remarks .on the above arti cle, which we publish fbr the purpose of convincing al). persons who are or have been offended with us, (we trust they are not numerous ) of the sincerity of our desire; to do equal and exact justice to all men. After 'quotingsoine of our words, Cumberland says, that the above lines are calculated to make an impression on the minds , of persons unacquainted with the ' facts, . that the escort duty was performed " through the State' by the Mecklenburg troop a-lone." Now, who was to see the offensive words but those who were acquainted with every fact? We have lo,ng: since informed the public, through; the columns of the Observer, that the Mecklenburg troop met General Lafayette (by the by, we shall not send him this, week's paper,) that they met the General at Raleigh, (we should have said in the ; neighborhood cf that place, for it was two miles beyond Quere: Steam boat North Carolina, with .2103 bushels salt; 7 hhds. molasses; 1 hhd. su;arj 2 bars coffee: ft kf?s nails, and other articles. j a r- ' . jv Tow iboat! Com. Perry,, with 2727 bus. salt. Departed -Steam boat Henrietta, with 61 bales cotton 36 bbls. flour, 7 boxes, &c. .A NOTE OF HAND drawn bv A. & D. McRae, js in favor bf John' McRae, formerly of Sneeds-" boro', Anson county, J for the sum-of one thousand eighty-three dollars and ten cents, payable sixmbnths after date, and made 10th October, 1817, was some time since accidentally destroyed by fire. The public are directed not to trade for, .or receive in payment the said claim and the makers are ; cautioned against paying it to any person but, myself, as I have not received any value for the same. ; l ALEXANDER McRAE, " Agent for JOHN McRAE, Robeson county,' April 2ot lb-J5 lo-ot. E. Blistered German Salt-Petre Tallow,. Tea. Imp. and Gunp. . Hyson, . "i .'; Tobacco, Leafy ,j 1 1 Manufactured, Tin, I x Verdigrsi Wheat, Whiskey, . y - J Wine, Madeira L. P.. Sicily Madeira, Teneriffe, ; 1 Port, ;.l-1';'; Malaga . -f j smoakhouse, fowl, cow, and j wood house, with a stable tor 4 horses, and a goodkw ell of water, a large garden, and yard, enclosed by a, pannel tence, and neatly painted. ; r - On said Lot is a convenient Store House, 40 bv 24 fee, completely finished and shelvec1, . with Ti counting room, bed and liquor rooms,' and a Salt House!, 24 by 20, sufficiently strong to coniain bushels of salt. ' . - This Lot occupies a whole square, and is remote from any other buildings, and is well calculated for a Merchant, or one concern ed in manufacturing To bacco being contiguous to the 1 obacco Warehousesj affording a facility in selecting-Tobacco. Ihis property is offered tor fo2U00. . , ' ) k j; Apply to W1LLKINGS & CO. Fayetteville, May 4, 1825. l3-3t ESPECTEtlLLY informs his customers arid the public,' that he is now receiving a han&somts 2( 00 10 00 1 i . 00 REMARKS. rntfnn. it will be nerceived. nas risen a- j l . , - . t 1 -. 1 bout 3 cents. xJagging' nas also aavanceu considerably. j ; J ; ' ' - " I''-"- I v " t i 1 '- ' -: " ' -: :, , . . R1 t a sunnlv of AvlOl Xewesl nsons, Which have been bought in New York, principally at Auction, great carehaving been '"taken to purchase them as low as they coiild possibly, be -bought in the Ctyr, owd as theywiil her old for Jaolcolyr they i may be expected at unusually cheap prices, wholesale or- retail. -They consist as follows, viz : Super. Ulackv Blue, Olive, Claret and Drab Cloths Sattinet?, Denmark Satteens . t Bangup Cords, Silk Stripe Florentines Plain, twilled, and figured Bohnbazettes Wellington Stripes, Cotton Florentine v Caroline Plaids, Flannels ' 1 Linens, a variety, in whole and half pieces White Drillings, Nankeens,1 . Bleached and Unbleached Cotton Shirtings and A j . Sheetings . ':..- "- ' : ' American blue plaid Ginghams India Custahs ! Table, bird eye and Russia Diaper Thread Cambrics and Long LaWns Thread. Laces, furniture Fringe -. Fancy Cambric and Muslin Prints a variety Plain and figured Jaconet Cambrics and Muslins Plain and figured Swiss Muslins, Superb Swiss Muslin Cravats ! i Rich Swiss Muslin half Handkerctuefsand Caps Swiss Bands artd Tippets Book and Mull Muslins;, j ; Victory White Robes '. - ! . , . 3-4 and 5-4 super. Cambric Dimity ' j Inserting and MerinoTrimmings : Ladies' Cotton Hoe, Men's half -do ' , , Clark,lSpooJ, Floss and Sewing Cotton Darning Cotton and Cotton-Balls l: . Russia. Duck, brown and black Linen ' -. . ' Super! 3-4 and 4-4 Furniture Chints ; 12-4 Marseilles Quilts ' . ' ; '.y-; Superior Linen and Cotton Bed l ick cotton umpreuas, . Colored Cambrics, a variety -? Ladies' Kid Gloves, Men's Horse SkiridO , Silks; Mandarin Crape Robes, fancy colors Black Canton Crapes , Black Satins and barsnetts - , . . V. White Crape Liecean1 figured Silk Lace . Nr Rich black, white, brown, pink and lead colcred , J' .figured Silks ' " 7 1'.- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , Rich Silk Handkerchiefs, fancy colors ' Fashionable Gauze and Zelia Handkerchiefs White and Green Gauze Veils - 1 Rich Lace Shawls, Crape Handkerchiefs . Black Silk Velvet :r Black and White Italian Crape . Rich trimmed Gauze Robes '. Green Florence and Levantine -Ladies' stout embroidered Silk Hose Do plain and ribbed, black and white do Black and White Silk Gloves Choppa Romall Handkerchiefs Rich Satin g Gimp Trimmings & Cords, a variety Ribbons, a variety, richest kind, & newest style Men's and Ladies' Umbrellas and Parasols ; r Ladies' and Misses Bolivar Leghorn Hats, by the 1 5 I I Case, or otherwise ; , Straw Flats. Bandboxes and Reaths . j Fancy House Paper : " ' . . ' I Do Rich" 1 do for Screens : Men's fashionable Black Hats lv ' Da do Drab w dp ' Do -' da Seal Drab do . rr Servants' Glazed Hats Fashionable Morocco and Prunel Shoes r Ladies' Fancy Work Boxes . : " - 1 ' " Indelible Ink and Ink Powder Seizors, Pins and Needles Coat and Pearl Buttons Phosphorus Pocket Lights Shell, Side and Tuck Corhs Imitation do ' do do , Toilet and Dressing Glasses H. Pillar . db . . - . Tead Pencils and Pencil Cases ; T-hlmnev Ornaments ' . , - Transparent and Windsor Soap ? Cotton Galloons and Quality Elndic Fancy Necklaces, &c: &c. &cv . x i Fayetteville, May 3, 182513-tf : . 30 I.

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