Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on May 6, 1908 · 12
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 12

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1908
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4 ASMIBUSM 1 1- d )1 n sl i I 11 vt! i-j ca Int 01' i ! 4 1 - h i q ! ! ! ! 1 I Page Twelve Tr' i I 1 The - Its10A L: 11 - s's: s i — - ILL i' 4 z I JUST ri v4 WRIGHT ' : 4 V' 1 - - o' - ShoE --67-2°-- - ' - rriv- § I pfcgtes - - - -- tat 1 1 ‘411e1 1 t titretxImucm i ElapRicEttsrrtiee iIrbofr x I:1T ) 1 - 4117 7 'n101r:'7' ' 0 — ' !r Afis-- ga------- — -- -4-i-4-- 4 t - 7- '4-:i--6:11-- A ---- -1 :: - ---It---e7 : — 4- 1 li 1 I( --- p '' 4 L T-TI4 -'' Z -- ' I'l- '' 4 ' 1 1 ' --1" 7t rtZ"- ' '''': -' ' - 0 I ''-'-4 k ' (8 M 17 - -- ivf3 la 1 t V''' 4r: :' 1 ' ' ''' - i 1 prq --it----gt 1 o t tlr 1 '-1 f A i exr 14:' I s -s-'ski itt t i '-- --i- 7-- t - ' -14t4t I idogit:4- -----:-E---41416---- — I I — 11141 IlliF717719 -:1 "JUST VRIGHT" Sho es I -1 i :tr i! kig contain beauty style I kA 'i !:iV 111 comfort and durability its1 cr-7 'f 1 7'k4 ' :j'i11 i'111 ' ':k1111 fit perfectly and preserve A ' t 1 1::4 i t every graceful line of the 1 0 ks l t - 1 ' i f- Z't N1 1"!11 ‘ 1 IT The dusr WRIGHT ShoE) erto:---Y ftvwn "JUST WRIGHT" Shoes contain beauty style comfort and durability fit perfectly and preserve every graceful line of the foot Made in high and low models in every material for all occasions— $4 THE PAIR wced 20c Round Trip TO On the INTERURBAN On cars leaving Fort Worth 7 7:30 8 8:30 and 9 p in May 6 On account of OPENING BALL allAJESTIC THEATER 1M Ladies—We give the handsome Pictures Away Thursday Atter- noon Matinee Today 2:30 Tonight 8:30 The Fun-Makers COOK AND MADIZON SEVERAL OTHER BIG FEATURES New Pictures Prices—Daily Matinee 15e 25c 35c Night 10c e0c 30c 50e 75c - r 1 lo-21 I foot Made in high and Ppx:c9 I -3 j v Vi-N i r I Pli ”P-:- I 1 low models in every ma- I t!t 1 ' "gioA i ' terial for all occasions— I 1 ' 1 S F t' 1 - 01r: t $4 14A fr 1 I 1 7 'A1 THE PAIR - - l'' 4 J418 1 1 ' 4 Pe I -II '-4 I t dielP a "w'?4931991$52S76-WW i' : 0top-Ar4291cvm7viii I Lt - c 1 1 t: 1 i tommummunstal b I - - i ! 1 i 0 ''''-: 1 1 1 - 1 1 AV4'7'4 I 1 20c Round Trip 1 P74 i-j ft 4 ' i 0 TO 1044 - '11 e§j 1 t P--' t' I t?'!: - - LEE I ' rl' 4 ' 11 ! rtk: r Th t 17 f i:- pl : i4 - 0 - I NO IDLE T A" LK A- Li -1' A N At 'OF OURS—But a statement that we are LI if' -' proving every time that you take the Lt I - trouble to compare the high-grade of 4 - On the INTERURBAN i F clothing that we sell with the same qual- I On cars leaving Fort --' 30 8 e (4 3 10 I- sold ekewhere—gi ing on the ad van- I V ri': I ity v y :Worth 7 7 tae of the lesser r profit now d instea of cutting our prices as others do later in k - 1 and 9 p m May 6 On the season account of ! !P 1 0-- p-4 - Suits at S8 to S30 save you $2 to $10 o-:1 fi OPENIN G BALL i --- On Suits Priced Elsewhere $10 to $40 ) ' -- 4- V104101111rViVOICAAVIIV oo Alci""A ' MAJESTIC THEATER -- - - - - - - - - N - ' -- ' — 1 -A4 1' r piLac t udrieess- aey Tll u give etrth h:handsome t y ‘tter - ---- - - --- V-44 7 a t 2bru-ilroVvrw a ltactirsaimpri 11 noon Matinee rr-A 00 A e -001C2S It I : rt 1 111 I I BIG TENT THEATER' Corner Fifth and Throckmorton i II IG TENT THEATER' Corner Fifth and Throckmorton H D RUCKER'S FAMOUS KORAK I H D RUCKER'S FAMOUS KORAK WONDER COMPANY The largest and most - magnificent medicine show in the world Tonight THE TROUBLES OF A MARRIED MAN Prices-10c 15c and 2c Thursday Night—"Was She t) Tiame?" Friday Night—"Shadow of St John" Saturday Matinee and Night—"The Lost Sailor" - N'WWWagRIOS LAKE COMO (The most beatitiful spot in Texas) PUBLIC DANCE TONIGHT Como-Theater DAVE 'WESTON Song and Dance - MME RENO AND CO Two Lady Magiciins MISS M HIGHTOWER ' Illustrated Songs "DE MONDE & DINSMORE Comedy Sketches Three Shows-3 8 and 9 o'clock Priees—I0e and 20c aM17MMM WHITE CITY ROSEN HEIGHTS Balloon Ascension 4 p m Every Day Dancing Pavilion Open Wednesday May 6 Union Band—Free Concerts 2:30 and 8 p m 1 WHITE CITY III ROSEN HEIGHTS a- q Balloon Ascension 4 p m Every Day 'if4 ''' ' 1 II Dancing Pavilion Open c HI Wednesday May 6 : 1 Union Band—Free Con- 1: I certs 2:30 and 8 p m Alt 1 r- - --zoL:-ag1 1 4 il i noviAlloir4k -i-lxf4rt ' ''' - ' - 4- a Pi ig I ake 1-t froill Pt S1 L---mosoosomotmooAmuo 1011101M ' - -4TWH' moottopLagt -tt ' 40":takmater -take i-t from Lose Newbury dild tallk OP a Shes Pil t tys s'IPITHoustol!i 04 I 1NO IDLE T gcLK 'OF OURS—But a statement that we are proving every time that you take the trouble to compare the high-grade of clothing that we sell with the same quality sold elsewhere—giving you the advantage of the lesser profit now instead of cutting our prices as others do later in the season Suits at S8 to S30 save you $2 to $10 On Suits Priced Elsewhere $10 to $40) i -4 Iri q all 1 ilit In I - k 7: p " ::: ---4 ' '1 '11 sv St 7-orici' -V 1 4 k- Vic-Pl'Ir - - s ' --f - -- -141criirlis6-- A WASHBOARD TRAGEDY is enacted every week by households who do not know what worry time and money they save by sending their family wash to WrititMlLefalmdrr &— Phones 176 103 E Belknap T P ROVE IT-TRY IT HOUSE MOVING! WATSON BROS Also buy and sell houses to be moved 822 E Front Phone 4420 GAINES B T U It N E It AnORN!Ilt AAD WUNSELOR AT LAW nooms 306-n07 Ifoxie FIdg corner tzerenth aufl Main Fort Worth Office phono 5299 Res phonos 5727 NOTARY PUBLIC IN OFFICZ 4 Let us show you a pleee of Teo() Ware the newest and most beautifully colored pottery In the market Special prices this week See samples in our windows J E MITCHELL CO Jewelers 506 and L 08 Main St C 1 1 : -1L2:I' If 0 V t 1 II— Lie111L) - THE FORT ikooLiminami v-i4ratrau-PA14Pr4:eovr4:galrALSNOW1 Fit for the - Most Luxurious Home CI The new china bits are marvelous The finest work of artist-designers the most' wonderful technique in ceramic modeling the richest decorations — the highest types of the old world's potting craft are represented without stint 4JLII OLLiat c Many a piece is worthy and fit for the table of a king c Withal the prices are extremely moderate in keeping with our policy of quick sales and little profit GMSCHER Wine COMPANY - ‘1J I) 509-5 LI I-0 LL5TON IT FT WORTH TEXAS IMEN12315612201151 -- Kati ME1 RAWat3t0iViL1121MKg CUT FLOWERS 1! I 114 BAKER BROS Phone 23 In I HmInitogrenstwatut JrZ(1:-4446 tIlki:Th'ir N ' yr 4-4-4 il t-: -:'vr c1 4- r 11 4 4A 4d a674:111i ) 40'4' s ttil'2LI - " re-'o -t I A 4' t'lgi 4 ‘:711-1do -1 :' I 40)1 Z4 -1 No i Or V ::04vy -N II rc1ro 111111111P" -A' (-----1 - ' v -- fd51e f ' 47 -1-Y-S:P: - 4'1' W -17-7: - i ---'5 -- a-:is- nory and tank on WORTH HOLD REVIVAL IN A THEATER 1 ill N A THEATER1 n c J (o) Notes a s onn and 7haPser returned home I 1 from a business trip to Amarillo 1 F r Crimin has returned to Mc ' I i Kinney after a visit to the family of R F Barnes !Arlington Crowds -Too Large i T E 31cinnery is preparing to build l a home on Summit halt It will be I for Christian Church loetiinied hv his nnrents I Rev P It Wilkerson has returned home front Pasris where he spent sevi eral days in the interest of the AmeriSTEPS ON NAIL IN HER can Sunday School Union Dr and Mrs Thomas Coyle and NEW HOME DIES Di W P Coyle of orange have re- turnol home after a visit to the !antil of J W Burney Mrs Annie Moore has returned home te to Preston Ark afr a pieas- Mrs Ed Rector Victim of Pe- ant visit to friends and relatives In Arlington culiarly Pathetic Accident The Ladies Aid Society of the Bap- tist church win hold its next meeting Truck Growers Active Wednesday afternoon at the church The meeting will be caned to order at 3 oclock Mr and Mrs G Collins of Grand Assuming such proportions as to be' Prairie who have recently returned forced to seek larger quarters the home from their bridal tour to Ken- Christian revival that is being eon- tucky were visitors to Arlington ducted at Arlington by Rev C B friends recently Assuming such proportions as to be 1 iris-a-11e: who have recently returned forced to seek larger quarters the home from their bridal tour to Ken- Christian revival that is being eon- tucky were visitors to Arlington ducted at Arlington by Rev C B friends recently Knight was moved from the Chris- mtm tian church Sunday night to the Arlington opera house Twice the crowds are attending the services as have ever attended a political gathering or any A MUSEMEN other public meeting and many conversions have resulted The meeting has been in progress several days and will continue as long - Majestic Vaudeville as the interest keeps up From the The Parrotts have a splendid jug-first night of he meeting the attend- gling act at the Majestic theater this ance has been large and with each week Many have imitated their work night the congregation was swelled but few have attained the high stand-until Sunday night when the sc:rvices :it'd established by this team The were held in the opera house This I work of the woman is simply marvel-building has a seating capacity of a cu She juggles arid balances pans thousand and almost every seat was candles hoops and parasols in a rapid filled and accurate manner Her husband in Arrangements have been made to the role of the "Reuben" does many continue the services in the opera funny things to produce laughter and house for the remainder of the week he is also an expert in juggling and balancing The wonder of their work RETAIN OLD BOARD lies in the rapidity with which they go thru it There is no delay and from the time the couple make their Election Results in No Change in the appearance to the end there is some-School Board for Arlington thing doing all the time Thir work is highly appreciated as is shown by In the school board election held the applause accorded Saturday in connection with other The other attractions on the bill this elections that NV ere held in Arlington week are Cook and Madison the tramp the four trustees whose terms had ex- millionaires: Miss Leeta Corder yepired as members of the school board calist Edgar Foreman and company were re-elected There were four op- who present a sketch entitled "The 1-'6i-tents but the people seemed satis- Duel of Hearts:" Mlle Hilda contorfled with -the administration of the tionist: Mar PV1P x-inlinict tirl M the four trustees whose terms had ex- millionaires: Miss Leeta Corder vopired as members of the school board calist Edgar Foreman and company were re-elected There were four op- who present a sketch entitled "The Ponents but the people seemed satis- Duel of Hearts:" Mlle Hilda contorfled with the administration of the tionist: Mary Pyle violinist and Mu-affairs of the schools Th' four who sical Bentley New pictures are shown vere re-elected are P It 'Wallace J L on the Alajestograph Carter Frank McKnight and D C Sib- Every lady attending the matinee Icy Thursday afternoon will receive a handsome souvenir picture DIES OF LOCKJAW I i Mrs Ed Rector Dies from Result of Sticking Nail in Her Foot i Lockjaw which set up from slipping 1 i tin a nail caused the death of Mrs r 1 Ed Rector Death occurred Sunday f and the funeral services were held -e from the 7 lethodist church Monday -41 Rev Ed R Wallace conducted the fun- eral services followed by interment at - Arlington cemetery While inspecting the new family : residence which had just been corn- pleted a few days ago she stepped on i a piece of board with a nail in it and It penetrated her shoe and went deep L into the foot Thursday blood poison-I I ing set up and she died Sunday ORDER CRATES AND BASKETS Arlington Truckers Preparing for the Busy Fruit and Truck Season The purchasing committee for the Arlington Truck Growers' Association has ordered the necessary crates and boxes for the proper handling and shipping of the products of their truck and fruit farms this season The outlook for a good crop is fine and unless some unhooked for calamity hnppens there Nvili be much fruit and truck shipped from Arlington The Arlington Commercial Club which is giving the organization both moral and financial encouragement is working to the end that the undertaking be a success It is One of the methods that the club has adopted to develop the country With many small well tilled truck patches and fruit farms there will be room for many more people and the lands will continually grow more valuable The outcome of this first year's experience in truck growing is watched with unusual interest -----4b OPEN CANDY FACTORY Cochran et Lewis of Oklahoma Establish New Enterprise Cocran & Lewis of Marlowe Okla have moved to Arlington and engrtged in the manufacture of candies Their first lot is DOW On the local market snd :s of unusually good quality Ttlip 1 r factory is located in the Hutt-Hinson building on East Main street They are beginning On a small $t ale but hope with the patronage of Hay's I ifiny 'TV tiV I g -4 I m 7 - iti t a if g Al 1 I Never Falls to i RESTORE GRAY or FADED i HAIR to its NATURAL ' COLOR and BEAUTY No matter how long it has been gray or faded Promotes a luxuriant growth of healthy hair Stops its falling out 1 and positively removes Dan- 1 drullI Keeps hair soft and glossy RI 0 ginyys i 1117 -dom Aer rif t I fuse all substitutes 24 times as much was held Tuesday afternoon with in-in $100 as 50c size terment in the Catholic cemetery ' Is NOT A DYE J G Bidiot Milo Hay Staee Co Newark N J - The death of J G Bidiot 88 years $1 and 50e bottles at druggists'' old occurred Tuesday morning at the COVEY & MARTIN nome of his daughter Mrs W A i Patterson 809 Travis avenue The fu1 IP BRASHIER J A WALKUP neral was held Wednesday from the TEILEGRAM Arlington and surrounding country to be able to expand and build up an important industry a home on Summit hall It will be occupied by his parents 5! Big Tent Theater Wednesday night one of the finest comedies The Troubles of a Married Man" will be given at the big tent theater Fifth and Thrnckmorton streets by 11 D Rucker's famous Korak Wonder Company comprising thirty-five people This is known as the largest traveling medicine show in the world and the only one giving dramatic productions Lake Como There is nothing more impressive at a world's exposition than the display of the thousands of electric lights at night Como present S this same spectacle on a smaller scale The decorations festoons and clusters of the ten thousand glimmering points reflected in the clear cool lake present a picture beyond description This park bids fair this season to be one of the most popular parks in Texas INJUNCTION STOPS SHOW Moving Picture Company Held Amenable to Copyright Laws By Associated Pres NEW YORK9 May 6---Judge Lacombe sitting in the United States circuit court has handed down a decision in which he declares that moving pictures shows come within the copyright law- and that the exhibition of films of scenes front copyrighted plays or books are violations of copyright in that they are pantomimes and therefore theatrical productions The case was brought before the court on action for damages and injunction brought by Harper & Bros Klaw & Erlanger and Henry Wallace against the Kalempkalem Company manufacturers of moving picture films and machines for reproducing certain scenes front "Ben Hur" The publishers own the copyright of General Wallaces book and Klaw & Erlanger hold the producing rights Mr Wallace is the son of the late author Judge Lacombe granted the injunction The decision will have a most important effect upon the moving picture business till over the country films of many popular plays- being in circulation and others in course of preparation F B Wright F B Wright son of J D Wright died Monday night at 314 Dunk lin street aged 33 years Death followed all attack of typhoid fever The remains were shipped to Terrell Texas for interment by Undertaker P Robertson Mrs M Brown Mrs Z1 Brown a bride of about seven months died Tuesday or tuberculosis at the family residence 2321 Cedar street aged 19 years The funeral will be held Wednesday morning- at 10 o'clock from the residence with interment in Oakwood cemetery Infant of D Carbock The infant of Mr and Mrs D Car-sock died Monday night at the family home 2602 Lake street The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon with interment in the Catholic cemetery 41! -46mbemupsms&omávimowswoNawa4msapadikdig s 4: - --t 773:tr-41111101-- -- 4- --111111Voi silk -- :-- - -:- a it : iltf - - v ii 1 II t 40 ' '! Britt i 164iJ There is never a question as to i - 11 rea lie absolute purity and health- 1 - 1r irk fulness of food raised with tit 4 -1 - 9 -1 404 :- 24- Apt "mot -6 :4 -ri -4-c-- ---t-°- -v - 1 ' 'it r1:itc 4 :4-- r ' F ! - tt o I CREAM : -4 ' :t - : irs r I - 4- L! 1 4 -jr r - 1 Au tra 1 ' :11 :- ' ' - I - kst 4 IA VI There is never a question as to the absolute purity and healthfulness of food raised with 0 CREAM Ii Grand : - it I pturned I - 0 - - A pure cream of tartar powder 11 0 Ken- lington Its fame is world wide 0 I 4 ut-- 4 No alum no phosphate of lime I I am c t 1' Th e poisonous nature of alum is 1 1 lirs IM 0 well known that the sale of 1 I i ondiments and whiskey con- t 1 IOW laining it is prohibited by law 1 It 1 It l' II er thii ti d jug- I V 1r n buying baking powder exam ine the I se I r xx ork ! s label and take only a brand shown It 1 ii stand- : 11111 zt I r The I ait to be made with cream of tartar - :- narvel- I 4 A pure cream of tartar powder Its fame is world wide No alum no phosphate of lime The poisonous nature of alum is 0 well known that the sale of oacliments and whiskey containing it is prohibited by law In buying baking powder examine the label and take only a brand shown to be made with cream of tartar I 1-1 1 la 1-1"5111-4:11-- )i-l'i ''''4 0 -itot' 'II- 41217 --11111i1114 :- : t iri irmirr tt Iii: f: 4 14 MIW11r lilt : J A 1 11111111111111 --4i' taittiK ?-4--- '-' MSc ale II LI I -- L it i 1111MIIM residence conducted by Rev J Caldwell pastor of the Taylor street Presbyterian church Mr Bidiot is survived by his widow a son Joseph Ind lot Of Houston Texas and his daughter Mrs Patterson Elizabeth Nancy Woods Elizabeth Nancy Woods 75 years old died at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at her home 115 Cromwell street She is survived by one sister Mrs M C Duncan and a niece Mrs E M Emory The deceased had lived in the city ten months coming here from Crumbv Texas The remains were shipped by rndertakerj P Robertson to Cumby for interment On Death of Dr French's Sort The board of deacons of the Broadway Presbyterian church has adopted the following resolution: Whereas Our Lord and Savior in His great love and mercy has deemed it wise to visit the home of our beloved pastor and take unto himself tlieir beloved son Robert Aubrey be it "Resolved That the board of deacons of the Broadway Presbyterian church hereby extend their love and sympathy to the bereaved family In this their sad affliction "Resolved That the above resolution be spread on the minutes of this board of deacons and a copy of sax16 be mailed to Rev Junius B French and that same be printed in The Fort Worth Telegram and Record "A B-RICHARDSON "J J DILLON "R L OUFIELD "Committee" Bankers to Meet at Denver LAKEWOOD N J May 6—Denver Nvill be the next gathering place of the American Bankers' Association according to the decision reached by the members of the executive committee of the association who met here yesterday The session will be either in September or October the date to be set by the committee F11b Ei r v la - I El Baking Powder Wonderful Leaven 25 ounces tor 25c All Groatrs Al fi 4- - N-err Puckered or Blistered Cuffs On your Shirt looks bad—is bum laundry work Our Cuffs like our Shirts and Collars are perfect—juFt like new evalr' I rhones 289 - ir4 477 " ttit - L 7 10 au' 40-PgY1 r4MSVMMMW3OMMWMM Watch tor the Greatest Ever :j I711g3 gM PAGE IN FRIDAY'S TELEGRAM 1 3t010:1MININENIONIMMENIIMPIEIRKIRCIANSIIIIMEMEINIERIMSOMPOODI6 JO-- 1 Elit2111M L1101INICPMOIIMINMMIMPMMMINM2Mil g r ! MAY S 9 4 INDORSE DAVIDSON Reeves County Democrats Approve Present Attorney General epeetal to The Telegram PECOS Texas May 6--Iteeves county democratic convention met yes terday and selected W P—Brady delegate and J S—Turner as alternate to the state convention and indorsej Davidson's administration and WI Ilia J Bryan for president Loving county went solid anti-Bak Icy Some people are so used to Mai east in the shade that if they wereril they would suffer from sunstroke rEENIMINCEldrIMINECUP71! --Vo Alcohot 4sk your doctor if a family medicine like Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not vastly Letter without alcohol than with it A Strong Tonic Without Alcohol A Body Builder - - Without Alwhol A Blood Purifier - - Without Alcohol A Great Alterative - Without Alcohol A:Doctoes Medicine - Without Alcohol Ayer's Sarsaparilla - Without Alcohol vet have no secrets! We publIgh the formulas of ell our medicines 3 C JC71111 CO - - Mn 111"""MTIFSMMINOMPITIEller APOP fi Enorrwed Cord4 Invitations gie 00 Cards and plate eng--aved in script $1 00 100 Cards and plate engraved in Roman French script or Old English $198 100 Cards and plate engraved in shaded old English or French script $198 100 Wedding Invitations en graved in script including two envelopes $350 100 Cards from plate any style 75o Write for samples and prices of wedding invitations announce ments etc WOOK DEPARTMENT oh :IX Houston Fifth and Main Streets The MERCANTILE AGENCY R G DUN & Established over sixty years and haying one hundred and slventy-nins branches thruout the civilized world A DEPENDABLE SERVICE OUR ONE AIM UNEQUALED COLLECTION FACILITIES FOSDIGK & GREENWA1 P1LIJIVII3ING FEATING and ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS 905 THROCKMORTON STREET OLD PHONE 3025 -:- NEW PHONE 197 APwele4immi414vtpwalAw&ftmeew Fort Worth Store Sixth Et: Houstol 1 11 il i t iirwil: r W have no ergrrere! Wpnbflih the formulas of ell our el etheinee C ATER CO - - Mn R-11P"11TIF0411NOMPnilTIEN Ate 1 A of 171- 10 in 101 in Er ir? 10 gr en 101 et WI rri( H( 11 - 1 IN

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