Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 25, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. STERLING. ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, NOV. 25, The Cleanly Mode* n YV ay to Do Your Cooking You will He surprised to know how much better ftThl tvtore palatable tlto itnul t:i«.tf'.<> wh'cn prt>p,jrt><l hv f'.loc- trii-tty, - The temperature may he n^-iiatt-d to any f!f-ire<! dt-forae for baking roasting, broiling or trying any V.mtl of food. A Complete Electric Range like the one shown in the picture is small in size but bi& in usefulness.- May be pLiced i*i&ht on the kitchen tahie. Compltte with avert nmt oiher n^a-wary nppli- Cornpanmi-nt hen cut h «';K'h burner for watyninft plntpsnn-! food already cooked at the rs&ht temperature Until served. SOCIAI, AI'TAWS REV, WILL MARRIED | /• ' ; j Form':-?- A>^; : -?an: A' F>T<r } Street C;r-!^ \\V:i,-. ur-k i i _ Children? en order! n^,',fHH.ify El«?. trie R-iri^eNo.F.^684 Price,. complete, $10, M?nt shipping chart's collect. Specify the voltnfcv of your lifthtini. circuit when ELECTRIC SHOP -CHICAGO 72 West Adams Street Wai. I). MeJunkla Adt*rt!»in» [QRR1SQN DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, NOV. 25, 1916. UNFORTUNATE FALL faeob Bruin* Falls From Ladder Into Batement. THE. MILITARY BAND Will Give Public Concert Wednesday H»fort iinut i« -lit'- was Dew l irtc«1 to Into tin- Evening. I, iiin i-.r':tn| ' r!i " M'-niM-ri Military i« rn.iK- Ui-it i hioiii-h ,''-''Id «t tli' f llol'arnl ttitilih oii'tli<- t-vf- j '.tiii'v >if i T!UT» will it5,«w> In- vin-al x«'I«-< linns uri i in-tirir 7><'«'t! ''*'•* prosjrJiin, with n i*i>t-< ial iunnl>i>r iir! : i-Kn'h '•"•'}* '*- v ^'t»«-,-Jnt-»--Vottrlr— Ti)t*r«* will tw o < nil r tin'!"''' « h-'rtrc's* am! tin- pnltlji- i« i-ordlaL niiinii.r thr '*' I'^'i"! ''» th«> ciitcrtniiiinfiit. MARRIED THURSDAY floor and- In HOI Hllpljod and Mr, Uruln-* Ml from semen t. II i: rSTTty._.f.'. 1 '".-. to- li^ht on lt»tli ftvt. Sttt was «o Bhiikcn up that it W.«K n«" - . to cull «n anio to talvi him to Frank Pnnale of Lyoni and Mus hom«-. H<> was ••xamini-d l-y =< j Stella Strouse Married Here. ll'WtelJin nn.l i! wa.« f.uui.l that DI..J l>nnk l'riiiKl«\ of t.yotif. la., run! «Ut foot WHS l.iully Hl-ialnrd mid tin -i^i** •St.dh* Sir..»ts.., of |'Y.-|»on, w< r,« ,,>! j iii.-trrN-d l«y Rev. T. I'. Harnitm at th* . JAI. K. iiaiwifwK*' on Thursday a{t»'r- 5 noon. TTu-y wt-r<» nrcoiniianifd hy Mrs. «t«Mir««>(l'ri»lt:!»% of UyonH. In., n nlstf-r- m-liuv of tltt;- Ktiuitn. ... Tht>>- r«<tnrn>-<< 10 I.VOIIH iinnU'ilihtt ly ufti-r th<» rV-Ti'- also brokctu A FORMER PASTOR -. W, C. Croft* Will Engage in Com- j mony. Center Work in Oklahoma. ! has uwn m-vlvtd hy ft ii-ii«I* f r-«.-»-r-n^-« !•>•>.* *,.**-** ihi* dty. Htutinit nmt n«'v. w. <.-.! .ENTERTAINED GUESTS t*, 11 former jmstor of -tin! I'm*- j - ~——, ohnrt'h, "hnrt rcrontly ai'i'»')H»'.l . Mrs, E. A. Smith Entertained at One id niip»*rint.<»ri«l.rnt_of_j»jiMifM_. O'clock Lunch«pn, oi'niwr In.'tht! t'tishliur oil th*lil« .MIX. ,\. 10. Smith <](>llKhtfully i>ntor- iu. K«-v. CroftH l«'ft M^or-i tiiini,-.! a numln'r of KUCHIH at K--M in threw yearw mt<», fioliiK fn'in lnTi'|<i'-'!in'k jiinchfon at tu>r home on , III., wh<*r«> In.'liaM^bct-n I'axlor !. .ihi Way \V»-.«1 Tlitirwilay aft«>rnoi>n It ENTERTAIN AT DINNER Mr. ancf M.-s, Pc-Mc-ck. Ca I. ,t s t F \ **n;n<|, Mr .;•!•! :-h .' -,'.! I'- •'--•-. '.'f'- I .'nn,!: .^ <•:•'•<:; ••• -.'f t " '" ' = ' r " M,--. f, I!--, i, 1 - ••• • 'M- 5 '- !! i <• ••.•'( !M ' t»|l' ',\' ' k f"! ' ' ' :5 ' -' '•• ' ; '-" * :;!1 ' X ' !.. !( ,j. ,1 t ,-- it' iti !i ;•• • :': « sr!i !• !•<"• I'.' - AMUSEMENTS LYRIC THEATRE. Jt"!t-i i v . . . i yi ! liiti.Ji; l!iHu- Ci ••?!»: T- M-i ' ' .'ir M'-'. i< :: i.-h.- H- '"A h. i<- (:• M '- ) ''ii'.' r- if U---KU. is ctUlU. •! ' !!i>!;r;i; \Vl!f. I'-atli" -\!-" \Vciin.'«iil.-i> '* !•!«'.:!, nn 'i.iisii-•:-•''!' •• Tlnu f ; 'l.iy ? » tin il'liii," (It.uii.i ittiil ft'.ir. "'I 1 !;-' TiC'-r- '•!' t!|i- .4}*,.. 4,.-^^,.., I .,^.uu,Ji T -^.:'iU;i- ..lilc. Kril!,.', <*.t,trn l",.'H;if"! -'Uii) l*i»r.l wilt '>«• .-h'-(Mi ,n tin* ^i-.r !.!''> M"H ati.l 'Tin i!.-!f.<r M;i ill. n-..| O-.-itni'-, "A V'.icr «.f (;.>!•!,". si Vont;iii<"'' of "M <'.thi'-niiji, THE BIRTH-OF-A NATION. "Tin' liirth ni''a N.itit>n," l>. \V, <;tif lith'K m:il'\«''"!- M <•'« tac!".' will ii|>|"'-i *ft Hit' .V'l"-!- 1 nn rti'^i' anil Sn'iinlay, tlr titcd JUH'S",,. -uni'/anit .Vf the FlrKt J'r«'i«hyt<'rijin i-lmn Ii "I j. honor of Mr«.-\V. K, MOLSO andMr« ^,_ city until a short tlnu- JIKO, vvlfi-n | A. C. Kmery, ( ,f Denver, The- nfti-r- |e" tendered hln ri-."lijiiaHoii nnd a»'- ; n -.o'li wasjjU-aMtntly Hi»-nt in a mn-l i|e«l thlrt ll«w position. He tWII ii"t j nay. UJ> r«?li«|i'Hf* work .tut hi^- position ^ MI with* if n-rtaiii rclijiiiHis nifi-t-j . for tbt-iic-ui of iui,o,. u.< inndo| AT THE BLjUR HOME riH-ord at IVkln and IIIH • OIIKH • fttlon ucct'ptwl tin- n-i<U! ( nvillon \\ith 2;; A PLEASANT^VENING B r» and Teacher* of M. E. Sunday f School Pleasantly Entertained. "Hev. und Mr*. T. I'. Harnutn untl rid .Xlru. M. W. rhapln - < > ntt > r- tho officers and n-achri-f of t!u> |: TC. 8unda> Hfhoo). and Un>!r IHIH- «nd wlyf« at tho |>Kr»on.iKi' on Hurwday wvi-nhiK. Thijrt' wen 1 thirty .spent ttocially and in dlm-uwmiiK thf i/ork of tho ^urtdny si-hoot. All an» inch ph'SJiod with tho work and BOH- "ciilidHlon of, tho «chool but de- to «0i< nn. incr«'a»o in utti-ndanro throughout. Duluty "rt«- j uervtMl luto In the Whist Club Entertained on Wednes. day' Evening. Thf nicrn!n»rn of iht> VVhinl rlub wt-re t>nt*Ttaincd at tin- W. U, Blair home mi W. .it Wall stu-i't un"'W<'dn<»4itiu,v t'Vt-ning. Tlu-K' \\vrt> wtxtrpn "prcwnt -vr ho -rtijoyrd a dl-IIKhtful <;S'«<nlnK. A dainty lunt'h wa.s served. CARD CLUB MEETS at Q. S. Royer Home * Thursday Evening The "Young I'anI fh^rsiluy""t-veMhir, «t th«'T. H. U«»yei rio on WfMt Majn Tlu« honrw spent with eai-du untl all c TONGUE IF SICK, , CROSS, FEVERISH OR BILIOUS "CAMFORNIA SYRUP OF FIC8," . l^wk at t1«> tmiKtio, inothcr! It foiH- l, it -b *i »»i* «'K» tljat >our )itil«- j«tn«'n Htomni'h, liv^r aiyl l»ow< Ift'ni'vil u MORRISON BRIEFS Mrn.' I'otorwn 'has from u \tsit of Ht-vt-ral w»'»<k« at th honii« of her son, Or. Aldort In.C-hl- i-a^o on her w;iy luitne for a visit" with K-irl netwoiler, of Sterility.' Wodnwdny t^'eiiim? with his AvlW, \vho k, eon\al«'srUiK at' th«» 'home of patents, Mr. and Mr«. I-'runk Kratni'c, in this i-ity. -.Mrs. J. A. Wwt visited Mends in. Hterluit; Friday. Alts. Kml, Meyer and children of ('linton canio Friday for a,, vinlt at Oit* h<»Wf -of and Mrs. No A thu KraU vlnUed frlenda In returned- tu Jila, hpme In Uannii>i»l? Mo,, Friday, after attend- Ins the Cunc'ml of hl« mother, Mrs. Mrs. Olmrle.H Martin and daughter Marjory vlslteil rvlutlws in Sterling' Vrtiluy. Mr. ynd Mr.« H. 'II, n ajttr»hall re» jiu'»l to ilwir home in Clinton Frl- .y after a viwit of jwvfral <lay« at Uie Ii. V. XiKhttK-r homo m thta city. Mr. and Mr« Thornat* Fleli-her and Mrs, Seth Hurlliert viKltt-U frieiub in Mr. and Mrs. J, \V. Uo«s, uf FulSon, i-aine I'VUl^y for a few ilu>ri' \lnit ul il»> honu- of their lUtuBhter, Mrs. H. Mr*, U. .1?, na\t« and .Mnts. 1*. F, p.oyil Hpi-nt .Ftiday with frlendn in M!«-»P, doi'Mi'-t eat' or net n.iiti- ' h A V. Vnu'r went, to 'Steilntl; J-'u- iy \\h^i<> h<* \ !»itv«l IIIH xi»n J.Ty, who (o< <»\iiini: fn-tn an i>|H'u'ttton ar the StciHn.: lin-jus.U utts)- |!f.iU-r tuimd a J ah of .Ullo i.' f 'l-)\«'s. <•!! I'alU »Uvfl i.'i' Vhi? . n\ i t -olt: - Til' MI!" "). w'U'h was », full, of i old, K^v a ,!•'!• ui she ,\l..!'«l,i\ fhMif or I He U,i- >t "f'alif'itni.i S>Ulf> i'f'»t'! ( , u.t- to<t||,l >,n the Mol|i-.oii H," Jllid ill •» few iioill < ill! the fotll. i >t« I lil.U |i>u» Li V,. K Wet to of tE.IH •ami ''Hi Tli.- i'«iii-i v\iil plt-jM- n'lji- •^ out of it. little ! ? i'""d vi tin tain i "in ei nitii; it or i «jll %\Ithi*nt j-ujifii|i, .nut > on have .», l.'l A»cii|~o» j.i.i-nc. :i}'flil t'lllld .Mi'alll ' Yuun.M-dirt *»a.s M.^rhthh.atotiiv.M.- GIRL FAINTS. \\* delirious t'i"te, ali?l !!_ ajtt.t>t« ' M'I .|i-l -\l_i >- >M IJ^'.Uhii. oi Si i h'ill fi't! >-pL>!>d>d " . J" ul - rri7TI~(T~ n~I'?te >-TiT« l\ .0^ TJ TTi |, j'.i :, • i > t.t tn t ij j.f •• <: .t-T H • . an i )') 4 . i ; ;-:• !• t ,j, ,,i i ,- ' V. h.< l» !' .- i : (,.<..n fcV !'. -.' 11 .ihnK Th- ,j d»»" tl'd.-, toi I..l.i.., i l.u.ui i. ."•( ,.i. i.i,', _ C • •'. !" I.- r \-.nn ,ui *••!>. • • \ I , ' M j t ti .i i'« 1. ') '..!!» »» .,i I !!1 '-i ,' •* cU !<••,•<. >l w«-n» !I:H k to I'laji; tt> ;i aiiii ultfii lai'Kt r ifn.Hi'JH't'!' tlijin'il <ild UuritiK thf ia.«i fiiK*HKft»ii-nt. It ful'r r')illn»i>u .;!;.»:. l:! it tliis ,«•) » <* ^,. » .^- . > •The MJUionalre'i Son and the Shop Girl," at th« Academy Thanktgiving Day. nvatiheo arid, night, ^^ RUB RHEUMATISM OR SORE, ACHING JOINTS Rub Pain riaht out with small trial bpttie of old "St. Jacob's Oil." • tJ" 'llll lUMII l-> "J'illl «t!>." Nit on. t i > iw tai) iMiuntH intiiiia! lit i'»ii nl HI '!' <5i '• ltl -* ifil ' 1 i " 1 "" 1 n^. p m( 4 i»li< ' •->' .'uoi,-, ujf* ti,<ta ht<i voni'i-on, =1.".. u hint: j-in»t» and m>, , |. intl «i.l.« 1 <.-«nu . u>- These Tremendous Advantages— jVIn.'c j - ov;er— -3."* ];C-"^rpowrr motor. MJ.'C room — 112-inch whcc'l^a-c, Grca'cr comfort -- loim, 4R-i»ch cmtilevor renr rprin'^o a!id 4-inch tin-;. Gren'rr convenioiice— -t-lecli'ic • 1 rr^tr*.! i'^t- ton?, on s'ccrin^ column. Bicker, n-f-r brakes—service, !.' ' '• ;-:2 1 f;omcr- Be'it r ccc-h: \ you never heard cf r.n Over• laiul i;;o'or ovc:'i:cat»ng. * Better buy now — Prices will , advance the first of the year, i^ to be l*-'vl ••» r.t];-,T 1hnt sell lor r.ny\v1-.iTc near , :- ,;• / a p-icc. An 1 tiny make it 1" r,i far \ '.;: to keep up with The facton,' 1' ; ;:•:: - r yet up v/ith the demand. You ought to own •-•;£ of these cars--nothing else so blji and llr/j; for the,mt;nv-y. Conic in aa-J ord'T yours now. Both Phones Sterling, III. RDAC DlllliJ* Tho Willys-Ovc^bn-J Company, Toledo, Ohio Must Jolt With Michigan, NchirasB, South Dn!;otn,Montana, added to the ranks.of the States by Constitutionnlameiulnicnl, Frohibiti >n (Governors elected in hlorida and Utah.ancT a popular vote ibr the abolition of the liqum- -mine in the Xemtory ; ^of Alaska, things fnr John •BnH«'V"r" '". l} u» ir.imt'tliruc years to come. Npr does this astonishing increase of "dry" territory tell the whole siury. In Arknnsa>,:\Vashin4ton, Colorado, and " Oregon, already under statewide prohibition, propositions were submitted to the voters, for various modifications^!' the 'law in favor of thu liquor interests, and on all questions these amendments were defeated. . In THE LITERARY DIGEST for November 25th, there is a very complete analysis of the Prohibition outlook, for and.. against,. as revealed by the votes not only in the election just passed, but in previous years. The article is accompanied by a map which visualizes the presen-l geographical condition of tho Prohibition cause. Amoig other articles of presKin.4 interest in this number are: .-.-..' • • * issive Vote—Late Vote —Gsrman-Ameirican Vote How They Were Divided Between the Democratic and Republican Parses Gennany Deporting Laborers From A Review of Investments ay Finance Germany's Restive Socialists Siberia: Tlie"^teaS^^I^d^of'^Qmisc Making Paper Clothes for Soldiers People Who Have Extra Ribs Art Which "Makes for Emdtion" The Harried Idealists ol Europe The Christmas Ship for 1916 Catholic Fears of *' Mitteleuropa " ' •' • ' . f ' The Usual The L W. W. Trouble at Everett, ____ ______ ___ Opening a Way to Peace Why -Germany- Hates Shrapnel What is H Lc , Yvette Lashes Our Theaters How to Preach by Moving Pictures How to Properly Advertise the Church Current Poetry Collection of Illustrations - TravelJRound the World Without Leaving Home * , .o Every week:the editors of Tini U'JTOARY- DIGEST plan a tour (or you, by which yuu c;in sit back comfcrjably in y«»r anndi.air at - lunue while spt'u'din^ around the 4!obc in fancy, it is -A , wonderfully invigorating trip. At a sale disiancc you. can view the opposing :irnui.-s iu huiopc, glimpse thr political activities of Japan or China, ' • watch.ihe chanj|ir)^ iurtuiifs of the Latin-American republics, keep in^oueh with our soldier-hoytTon the border, roam the fat-off Philippint'3, or make r . a" lour of our own wutulcrdjl country, with its (ccniiiij* lite and multifarious interests. A couple pfhours reading o1 -TIJK -LITKUARY DIGKST 'c a week Avilf 'f-tv^: you thi» i!els^htiul experience. > t ,! II :-. .' !• >.!'• < I ( ...1. I . n. M .*., I . - >j. ' u . i!)fT :.•«• u a , , , • i '• , , \ ,i >..•_ n. • n m '""' ' ';. -/•. \K.'.. i ;'«' ! i * i,. ' • ,t , i Hi * I,'..;' . . ' • ' 'S ,st :.t , j S 1.1> •> November 25th Number on Sale To-Day—All News-dealers— W Cents it/ FUNK '& WAGNA'-LI-S COMl'AKV (rub)iMur^ «•! it*? Fatm>u*.NK\V ^i:indjrd l.) ; uoiun-y). NEW YORK I— \.

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