Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four ..; ] .,..-.^- 7 .,- ,«..-- ;',-.• ; l >YwT?.>'-;. NAUJBATUCkiDAILY NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1944 Wat Bail? Jleto* rubllxhcd Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATC'CK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT THephonen 222H »nd 2S2D—All nc|mrtmcnt» Entered am «ccond das* matter at the post office In Nnugntuck, Conn. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK, President and Treasurer RALPH 9. PA3HO, Vlco-Prcsidcnt KDWARD C. LINGENHELD, Assistant Treasurer MILDRED HOLLAND, Secretary SUBSCRIPTION RATES I month » -75 6 months 14.00 I months J2.25 1 year Payable In Advance . I wcok-JSc By Cnrricr 1 year Tho United Press has tho exclusive right to use for "rcpubllcHt!=n In any form, all news dUpatchcs credited to this paper. It Is also exclusively entitled to use for rcpubllcatlon ill the local or undated news published herein, "l-LKJJUK TO Till': ri.AO—"I pledge nlle- £S Rlnnte to tho *'I»K »f thu UiiiUnl *t4it«.'.H ol ,\mcrlci» mid to tho Ilopublic lor which It •<tiiii<1.«. One liutlon Indlvlnlblc, with Liberty nml Justice for nil." THURSDAY. JULY 20, 1044 DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News STANDARD SIZES of buildin arc and materials Tii-j,'iniC upon lux-iun.'ci.-, engineers contractors that they onler inalerials in standard sixes. Tlie-y say it will greatly 7'ccliico costs, livery saving will be 'advisable for a long periud at'U-r the war. Stanchirtl sixes avoid waste of lumber and other materials which are cut on the job. They also make it easier to handle such products as brick, tile, metal do'urs and windows. These latter are made with less waste, moved in standardized transportation units and set up more easily on the job. Time lost in fitting one material with another is reduced to a minimum. This pl« n - called by builders tho 'vmo- dnle"-or •'modular" system, is a sort of compromise -between the old method of doiri'.i- everything individually and the modern idea of prefabrication, which many people think will make houses too much alike. Using one unit of measurement for all materials permits easy construction, but allows infinite variety. It . soiinds'like good sense. POST-WAR MONEY m re- money Thore is welcome reassurance ports from the .Bretlon Woods conference, in Xew Hampshire, that "'whatever plans are adopted will rest on H gold basis. Thus silver will continue t" be merely a convenient subsidiary metal, not in itself determining values. ; It is expected that there will be no devaluation of the basic gold in this country, and that such devaluation as may occur in foreign countries will be subject to consultation with the American conference. Such assumptions are not binding, but are expected to exert a good influence for the cooperation of foreign countries whose money and credit nre weaker than ours. The United States government is obviously in a good position to uphold a sound currency plan, been use ol' the laike quantity of gold in the national treasury, and also because of its economic power in general. It will support in- • ternatiorial currency sta.bili/.ation, but obviously cannot afford to assume more than its proper share of the burden. GETTING OUT OF A CAR A motorist steps out ol' his car to fix a flat tire. The car is close to the curb and the (.ire job is on the left side. AVhile he is fixing his tire another motorist may run into him from behind. This happens rather frequently where there is much traffic;. But it is understandable. But what about the motorist who; driving up to the curb and stopping, blithely jumps out on the other side, toward the traffic, and then walks forward, around the curb, without, looking behind him? A good rmmy nccideiits result from such carelessness, all of them uniieces- sa ry. It seems nowadays that people more and more get out on the left, when there is nobody sitting on the right side and it is the natural thing to get out on that side. Anybody who does so should walk warily. It is neither sensible for the driver nor fair to other motorists, coming along in the rear. Jt is reported from Moscow that the Germans shudder as they face "the .horrible specter of the Reds dosing in upon the Reich." 0; K.-f,et 'cm shudder. 20 Years Ago, DO YOU REMEMBER?—Thursday, July 20 .. ... Richard Almond of High street WHS injured in an uuto accident on the Watcrbury-Mlddlcbury rond. His companions In the cm-, Eriule Long und Frank Patterson escaped without serious injuries. o—O—b Frank and Leo Wersle and Clayton DuBoia ot Beaton Falls took a motor trip to Potlghkeopsio, and spent a. weekend in that city. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Dave Shea of JamesCown, 'Pa., baseball 'lonm entered in the Interstate league had won 11' of 12 ball games he had pitched, in the first half of the season. o—O—o Edwin Smith. George Well.s, F. F. Woostcr,- and George P. Young went to Spectacle lake to spend two weeks camping there. • Around the Clock Corp. Walter Ivrzykowski, son of Stan- Icy Ki'xykowski of Woodbine street, returned to his base at Syracuse, N. Y., where lie is stationed at an array air Hold Lt. Harold Semruw is" in France somewhere with the invasion troops it was' reported the other day. /.fids is his second 1'runt, having- served in the South Pacific area fur over i\ year as an enlisted man' in the capacity of a " photographer. He was commissioned a second looey at Fort Bennnig, Ga Frank Martin, 77 South Main street, and Mrs. May Kochou, of Platts Mills road, Bristol Terrace, are both patients at Wa- lerbury hospital,' We got hold of Duke Ellington's "Sentimental Lady" the other day, and' between that and Harry James' "Memphis' Blues," is about all we're listening to these days, but for Bing .Crosby's "I'm Through With Love", in which Harry L. really strains his vocal chords—just about, anyway Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mis of Beacon Falls became dad and mother respectively of a young baby girl at, St. Mary's hospital Wednesday morning And Mrs. Hedwig Nolan of 175 Cherry street and .Mrs. Dorothy Butler -of 12 Aetna street, are surgical patients at the same place. WALTER WINCHELL Ooast-to-Cpast Trade Marlt Registered. Copyright, 19-1-1. Daily Mirror Looking at Life Lorraine Murpliy, \vlio .belongs to tliu School street Murphy.-;, is back from-St. ihiry's hospiuil Vin llealey got ;ip at S ti. m. Ihu other nv.>riling 1'or a worthy i-atisc—ami collected n bet Seiimaii -Billy Sullivan i* home on leave from his bane in Norfolk, V'a Laruy' Manibriiiu is up and around again after beitii;' laid up with a punctured eardrum and a fractured upper jawbone as a result of swimming. WINCHKLL -INTERVIEWS - ' ' : PRESIDENT . -AT THE -APPOINTED' time the Senator took '.me ,tb-.. the 1 White House -and ushered .' me> -formally into the executive' presence....! though it proper, to state at the outset (not knowing.- what the Senator had suid) <that I. wished simply to know .whatever he was free to tell me in .regard to his own willingness, or unwillingness to accept a TenoTn'Inntlo'n, and also as to -'the extent to''.which the Senator was authorized to speak for him. The reply was a monologue of 'an hour's duration and one .that wholly absorbed me, as .it seemed to absorb -himself. ":Hc begun by saying that, as ypt, he- u-a.s'/not a candidate for j-enoiDr ination; He distinctly denied that ho was a party .to any effort to that. end, : notwithstanding 1 knew that there .we're movements in his favor in all- parts 'of the Northern States, These movements were, ol squeaked that F. D. R. would postpone D-day until the opening- of the Republican convention -in or- der'to deprive them of a few headlines?.. .. .Someone rates a medal .for this: "A Detroit radio station -has .banned, commercial plugs which interrupt newscast's in the middle of - programs. . .Too many '.o fus are indifferent to the threat from. Argentina. Read Ray . Josephs'- "Argentine Diary", and 'shiver. . . •: . , .' w'lTH FEIGNED: innocence, John L. Lewis states: "Countless strikes, many for reasons shocking in their essential triviality, have disrupted the nation's war effort." Looka who claims to be shocked about strikes that disrupt the war effort!.. .Films made in Fascist Spain are now being exhibited in this country. It's shameful. Why should Americans give profits to those who are aiding our enemies to kill Americans?.. .It is course, without his prompting, as • difficult to believe those who talk ^ m.^,,^, ^ ho positively assured me that-with I about the. wonders that will' fol- ,-.„-.,:'. younc w one or "two- exceptions -he had low :r the wake of the war—when-i -J- ^ * . . . . . . i _ i • . i. „ , . ui.-.. . u., »• ' *'' (-t-ti-a H-nu UJiv, By ERICH BHA-NDEIS Global Thi'ii'k-crs, Inc., is l-he najiie of a new society that Jias been formed, in Nashville, Tenn., for "a return to finer/femininity so that, our men. won""t come home from the" baltlefrohts -to a lot of drunken, immoral women." The founder of the Society dc- finis finer icminini'ty- as "abstaining from drinking- and smoking, getting out of slacks, growing up i-ni modesty, and generally raising moral standards from Ihe mire where they've begun, to sink." The' "Global Thinkers. Ir.c,' ; aiv> conducling- a "seminar" during which they intend to take the initial stops for rebuilding women, ''"I have been greatly impressed by the announccmcnl. I hadn't realized that our wo- mc.n arc sinking inlo a mire of immorality and shame. . .My wife -does Red Cross work arid serves on several war committees. She takes care ol her sick moth'cr and of me. Yes. she 'smokes a cigarette now and thenf.and even drinks an occasional cock-lail. I looked'-at her shoes—not a sign of muck or mire! A neighbor of ours, a very at- .scarcely conversed on' the subject with his most intimate friends. "He was not sure whether The "Y" gym floor is being refinished, and should be in good shape by the start of the basketball season Jack Curtin took things pretty badly, when he heard of the 8-0 whitewash the St. Louis Americans gave the Yankees the other day. He felt almost as bad the night he umpired the Hop Brook-St. Francis game last Monday Looking over some old clippings the other day, we came across one from Esquire magazine which stated that the war would be over in 1945 because that was the year it was predicted Scotch whiskey supplies would be exhausted. Maybe they were right Lois Hauser, of Central avenue, is enjoying a week's vacation in Williamsport, Pa. Servicemen's addresses: Staff: Sergeant Peter Machnic.s, 496 Kepi. Co., 3.03 Rcpl. Bn., APO 131, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y Sgt. William H. B'ren- nan, Bomb. Sqd., 370th Bomb, Group, APO 681, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y Pvt. Loroy Smith, Co. "It",' 1st PTR, Class 113, Fort Bciining, Ga. ..... Jim Hoey, Walnut street, is nov.' carrying the mail for Uncle Sam, while Carrier John Smith is working in- s-icle at the post office. ^ "Join the Navy and see the world," they used to say. Now the same purpose can be achieved by tagging along with, a President or Prime Minister. he desired a renomination. Such had been the responsibility of the office— so oppressive had he found its cares, so terrible its perplexities— that he felt as though th^e- moment he could relinquish the burden and retire to private life- would be the sweetest he could possibly experience. But, lie said; he would not, deny that a reelection would, also have its gratification to his feelings. He did not seek it, nor would he do so; he did' not desii-c it for any ambitious or selfflsh purpose; but, after the crisis the country was passing. through under his Presidency, and- the efforts he had made conscientiously to discharge the duties imposed upon him, it would be a very sweet satisfaction to him to : know that he had secured the approval of his fellow citizens and you read about the troubles that "peace has given Italy. BEFORE CONGRESS went on a 30-day furlough Cong, Herman P. Ebcrharter (a member of the Dies Committee) scared the hide off the Diesman who. seized long- distance telephone records to the White House—and gave them to a pro-Dies colyumist. . .Dies is .still attempting to vilify the White ^Housc—when taxpayers gave him -money to protect the White House from- subversive vilificrs. . .Cong. Eberhartcr stated , lhat he (and two other members of the committee) didn't know anything about the seizure. .-He wanted it known that he "had no knowledge of this nauseating procedure". . .The news of this action on the part of the telephone company (the Congressman pointed out) "wiy conic as a shock to its millions and millions of subscribers," and he added: "Is confidence they could bestow. — Winchcll." earned the highest testimonial of | the privacy of an occupant of the White House to be violated at the whim of an individual, whether he 'Is'.-i member of the House or oth- -crwisc? Can any citizen, be he obscure or renowned, foci secure in the face of such practices?"... Cong. Ebcrharter then challenged nny member of "the House to defend the practice. •P. S.: No one rose, to'dctcnd it. THE ABOVE IS AN excerpt from an article by J.. M. Winchcll, a newspaperman, which appeared on page -10 of Galaxy, a magazine published by Sheldon & Co., New York. It ran in the-July, 1873 ..issue. . • ' ' - ' Everything abut war is hard, but by hutTing and patTing we blow Hitler's house in, and spoil Togo's toe-bold. What is so conventional as a political convention? WHEN IS A •Commandcr-in- Chief not a Commander-ln-Chief? ...It he WHS the C-in-C when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor (for which he was blamed) -why isn't he the C-in-C In the Battle of'Nor- many?.. .Or-would .you rather the subject be dropped?. . ..Lite mag ovcrpoNvers .those who p' in belittling- Russian help in this war -with this lethal push in the fnce: "Russia is about the only major power against whom Americans, in Colonial times, have never fought" ...A maid and a porter (working- all niprht) helping to extricate vic- Lims of the Santa Fe- wreck recently were refused food at all the. near-by cafes in Williams, Ariz: They had to walk miles out of town until they located a place owned by Negroes before they pot food.."One headline shrieked: "F." D. "R. to Quit After 6 Months, It Elected!".. . .Then .what, arc they worrying about? - - - CONSIDERING. ALL the head- shaking about .Democrats staying in power for 12 years, you'd think it was the flrst'tlme in- American history that one party dominated; the Presidency that long. But-at one time the. country didn't; have 1 ' a Democratic President ;for 16 years—from. 1897 to 1913.. .Wonder, what's become of the chumps who . .-'DURING THE HOUSE debate it-was revealed that.-R,' S.' Sh'rip- ling '(the Dies Committee chairman investigator) passed on the information to the'colyumist with .the'knowledge-of Martin Dies... Now. why- isnlt the Dies investigator.-"'being investigated? • : •• Co.n you imagine the probes they would throw at Winchell if he published the long-distance 'phone records of Congressmen? 'oma-n-. smokes cig- cvcr she feels like it. Her husband is an army officer overseas, but tfhe iias just adopted a lovely litlle boy. She loves fun and d-ancinp and is crazy about Frank Sinatra. -No mire- there, as far as I car. see. Ccrlainly they wear slacks and costume jewelry, and they p;iint their fingernails and like a hig-li- ball or a glass of wine. And these terrible women, these brazen., hussies, -Ihcsc lost souls, work day and night to wiiv the war, Tihey have brothers and husbands and. fa-lhers -amf sweethearts overseas for whom they arc willing: to work 24 hours "a day to bring: them home an hour sooner. For the love of Pete, you "Global Thinkers," and you globaloney reformers, .w.hy don'-[ you mind your ow r n business? Why <Jo yoli -have to tell others -how to behave, why don't you keep to your own kniltinp and learn tolerance, sympathy and understanding? T-herc. is so much, to do an-d so few to do II. There, is nothing wrong with our women except that they arc •twentieth, "-century beings in a twentielh-ccntury world. I don't like to sec women smoke cigarettes, but maybe they don't like to sec me smoke my pipe. But If any woman -;old me- to slop smoking it, I'd toll her to go where I expect her to tell me to go if I told .her to stop! Live and let live is s-lill a good motto. You're Tellinff Mel IJv WILLIAM JUTT (Central l-rc«« Writer) GREEN, according'to a; CusJiJon" wrl'lcr" is .-i more becoming .color lhan brown. "Especially," ' moans nrnrwin.nnriv Jcnlclns, "for a lawn. Hitler relieves on« ,'of >IV war chiefs', of. hi*, pout- What' l» tills unoUicr general «hiik<:uj>'.' Brctlon Woods, it would snfthi, ought to' be an idea) site for-ji conference 0,111 reforestation a-s well as finance. ' Two mor<; .Tup adntlRilH hilled. Oil, well, Tojo probably didn't Imvr: enough warships left to K<> arourid, anyway. Eskimos, we read, arc losing the knack of 'building Of?''It?-. The • NifMCra- hul irtodcd the Ice houae. "A' woman newspopcr a.s)Cf that Dcwcy get rw mustache. First Ihlng you she'll want Uncle Sam to shave. Now thn.1, rubber has been KO hard Ih.-H It will outwear according 1« Factographjj _ po-st.-woj--.tirc should outlast- posl-war car. Another Iwujd leader rnlltu i »|K-K t*> IK^P make llic Axl« t*. Uic munlc. • " * Since, paper money i« saij', be covered with germs, thai m, be the reason the ijuy -who fc^ his dough good by usually jJ? so sick. ™ Shop Early—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Close' Saturday at 6 p. m.—Open Friday Until 9 p. in. '•'. TURIl TO R*P FOR COOLinC SUmmER BEUERHGF'i The liner, Ireshei (lavot 6i ; AS? Cofle* and Tea will give new enjoymenl 10 vou< tavoriio summei dunk ... and 3" prices ihat give you "cool savings," too! ICED TU Wai Pioduc'icn Needs Your WASTE PAPER SAVE IT—TURN IT IN I OR SAl-V/.C.C' DELICIOUS MEATS . . . RATION-FREE . ... PRICED LOW! SMOKED PICNICS "S Y LARGE FOWL CHICKENS FANCY NATIVE FANCY BROILING or'ROASTING LEAN. FRESHLY GROUND SMOKED LIVERWURST FRANKFORTS FANCY SKINLESS LS LB LB LB LB LB 29 41 45 27 39" 3P MINCED HAM.rBOLOGNA 'FRESH CAPE MACKEREL ' FANCY SKINLESS L.10' COD FILLETS ., 29' NO POINTS > NEEDED! dexo PURE VEGETABLE .•-•":; : ';, SHORTENING 3 L3S TVAO+ • 12-°Z'.O rs C"'"'i 'Do-jble your money Sack IT you llCCL ARMOUR'S CAN «9<3 ' 'aprcc iha: ihc cjuoNiy ol do*o Is 22' 63' WILSON'S CAM W<5 Than any shortening- d IPS s of prico. Prem sw . Redi-Meat CORNED ||«l«ll SILVCR BEEF nasn BROADCAST «J"r 12 OZ. CAN a\i SKILLC7 JAR Soft Test BREAD 2 usrlS' :HCD WHITE «i)t —26! J 0? IF. I A ENRICHED WHITE ERCAO GEORGIA ELBERTAS PEACHES 2 29 POTATOES LETTUCE WATERMELONS HONEY DEW MELONS Do;49 c J C 19 L3S LONG ISLAND U. S. NO. 1 CALIFORNIA • A SOLID HEADS Z HDS APPROX PRICE PER A<\EION 85c 15 ^ NATIVE Corn FANCY LONG Cukes 2 15 C SELECTED RED RIPE Tomatoes C? U°19 C Nc. Points! Asparagus Cuts Wax Beans Cooked Squash Baked Beans 19 . (C«pyriKht, 194-1, Syndicate, Inc.) in" Features K1CVS AWAIT MOTORIST Springfield,: -Mo.—f UP)—Soldier Leon Halt accepted n ride from n. passing motorist, discovered he was drunk, and offered to drive. NEXT. TO MOSQUITOES, Ameri- ca's-commys are the nation's bip- _ gest nuisnnces.'.Evcry.election they | When the owner of the car passed buzz around'-one political - party or i o u t nne) onc of lhc til . cs developed the|.other, claiming to give it. the — burden -of-illicit 1 . 1 "support". . .Only rabid reactionaries who live- on a diet of red herring will attempt to a flat. Hait threw up. his hands and left the sozzled motorist to his own devices. Later the soldier took the car keys into the Springfield use.:.that to splash one party with a i licc dcpal . tmont , confessing that coat of red/.'.The latest ridiculous j hc had abscnt . m indcdly walked off with them. ^Officers, arc still' won- twist of the commy .party line shows you what their ' support means: Recently, the local commy rag came'to. the defense of. Wall Strecters. 1>oes ' that make, '• Wall Street a hot-bed of Communism? V. ORACLE ALLEN, one presumes, doesn't listen .to;or read the'jokes o'f.Bobe Hope*. .In her convention colyum the other day Miss- Allen noted'-Dewey has his eye on the Presidential, chair—"but look \yhat Roosevelt has on it!". .'.Very funny 1 dering if the .niptorist will turn up to claim the-" ...It wagjvjuet as funny a few months ago when Hope told, it at the White-'House correspondents' dinner. . .-'•And which the news wire services reported from • coast to coast. . .It. was also funny when it was pinned on Willkic in 19-10 and when this colyum first cribbed it in 192*. ;"•'' ANN PAGE BEANS ORANGE JUICE BUTTER GRAPEFRUIT JUICE With Pojlc 17 O2 | f|C 10 points' GLASS III FRESH CREAMERY 12 POINTS PER POUND 46 OZ CAN LB 41' 47 e 29' Lifebuoy Soap 3 K 20 C Palmolive Soap 2 GS ^ H 1 9= — THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO Prices subject to market ch.-innci. We reserve the rigM to limit auJi Rinso Lux A6 OZ CAN 19 cl i&2S' ^19 e PK=23 e * BUY WAR * * * * *

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