Daily Fort Worth Standard from Fort Worth, Texas on May 12, 1877 · 4
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Daily Fort Worth Standard from Fort Worth, Texas · 4

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1877
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THE DAILY STANDARD Official Journal of the City of Fot Worth MILLICAN & SAUNDERS Proprietors ADVERTISING RATES : Umel it’ll 1 nio'2 mi3 mo jti mo TyOlTuo' 8 00 12 oo! 20 oo 36 00 4 50' 9 0O 15 OO 20 on 35 Q0 ‘ 60 00 6 00 12 00 20 UO 25 00 45 (0I SO 00 7 00 16 00 25 OOl 35 OO 60 00 100 00 9 00'20 00 10 oo' 50 oot 80 00 140 00 8 oo! 12 Oo 10 00 50 OOl 65 00i20 00 200 00 12 OOl 19 00 40 00 65 00 100 00175 00 250 00 16 00' 24 00 50 0075 00 125 01 200 00 '300 00 12 mo SUBSCRIPTION RATES 53-Twintt-fiye Cent per week in advance: 612 per annum by mail S fur six month 41 lor 3 months TIIE MAILS Arrival and departure of mails at Fort Worth: AKRIVES I LEAVES “Northern Southern and Eastern mail bv rail via Dallas v daily except Sunday llilirR 4:l0rn Western mail includes Weatherford Jack-boro Gran-bury and all the western counties except Monday 3: PM 7: am Denton mail including Btrd-Ville arrives on Monday and leaves Tuesday 6: PM 7 : am Cleburne arrives and leave dailv except Sunday 3: PM 7: am Decatur mail leaves and arrives daliv except Sunday 6: pm 7 : am Fort Condi including Gran-bury Comanche Stephen-ville Camp Colorado Ac arrives Wednesdays and Satnrdavs and leaves Mon- da vs and Thursdays 6: PM Grapevine via Birdville leaves Fripay and arrive Satureay 6: PM OFFICE hocrs: Delivery window open from 8am till 5pm Monev order window open from 8 a In till 12 ni and from 1 till 4:30 p m Stamps sold from Sam till 6pm Open on Sitndav from 8 until 9am y JP ALEXANDER P M Coral ond Personal Notes The rain last night was exceedingly tfn-pk’Hsaut for circas-goefs A new sidewalk was constructed in front of Tackabery’s ssddJe store to-day Now that the city fathers have passed a dog ordinance the swine should receive attention- Cole’s circus was well attended last night and carried away hundreds of dollars that could have been used to better advantage “Old Sol” appeared ift all bis glory this forenoon and made rapid progress in drying up t lie mud caused by the rain last night A special meeting of the City Council for the trial of policeman Taylor on charge of making an arrest unlawfully- will be held Monday eening If the city lathers had perambulated the streets an hour or two this morning they would have been forcibly reminded of one of the great wants of Fort Worth —more sidewalks “Will you take some of the product of GambrinusV” asked an over polite bar keejier in a saloon yesterday “Oh Dam-hrinus ! give me a glass of beer” replied the customer Mr R S Rickey traveling agent for Texas of the American Cotton Tie Company is in the city and favored the Standard with a call to-day Having known Mr Rickey for many years his visit was the source of much pleasure The biunble-bees hornets and wasps are breaking up winter quarters and if those who are in the habit of ieclining on the suburban grass-plats to enjoy the balmy breezes desire to avoid unpleasant results they should reeonnoiter the grass with a slick before sitting down Captain Julian Field returned yesterday from a trip to Houston Austin San Antonio and other points in southern and central Texas He says the people of Fort Worth should not complain of dull times as there is more life and prosperity here than in any place he visited Mr Ilay-VoOd Mabry son of Judge It I’ -Mabry- of-Jefferson paid us a pleasant visit tliis moriling Mr Mabry is engaged in the lumber business having a large saw mill at Gladewater on the Texas and Pacific railroad and is working up a good trade in this section He will remain in the city several days Mr John Quail representing the house of Irons & Cassidy and Scruggs & Cassidy live stock and commission merchants St Louis Mo is in our city and stopping at the- Waverly House We understand this to be‘a very solid firm They are prepared to buy tiiUle or advance money on consignments Special Notices' Mifiit Seed- Millit'SCed at S P Tucker’s Ir Wolff cures all skin diseases 214-tf Dr Wolff permanently cures piles No pain 214-tf For linen lawns go to Kaiser atid Samuels ISS-tf 2000 pounds country hams jut arrived at S P Tucker’s The finest kid gloves are to be found at Kaiser and Samuels 188-tf The best assortment of corsets are at Kaiser and Samuels lSS-tf Keg Beer on ice at the ElPao Saloon five cents a glass Open day and night tf Blue soft Diamond soap and Neptune soap at three bars for 25 cents at S P Tuckers If you are suffering from any disease call on Dr Wolff at Keller’s jewelry store 214-tf The choicest steaks at Aston & Knight’s beef market Nos 24 and 224 main street for 7 cents per pound ji216-Ct Gents and ladies Philadelphia hand-made shoes are to be had at Kaiser and Samuels’ at the lowest prices INS-tl Dracghon & Co near the depot have complete stock of all descriptions of lumber sash doors blinds etc and as cheap as can be had at any place Call and examine tlieir wtock” 157-tf Winder’s Cattle Exchange is the favorite resort of cattle men The bar is always supplied with choice liquors -and' “Uncle Bob” is so well know n t Hat the boys make it a point to establish headquarters at the Cattle Exchange All others who appreciate thing it thi line chriiid do iilpftDe Sanitary matter Orr morning cotemporary contains a lengthy disquisition on sanitary matters from the pen of a sojourner and while his views as to thfe urgency and importance of measures looking to the improvement of the sanitary condition of the city are no doubt correct and well-tini ed he has made an agregious mistake in referring to the office of a prominent law firm orthe street thereabout as an example for Illustrating what he terms the “filthy condition” of our public thoroughfares The premises ot Messrs Hanna & Hogsett are exceptionally neat and clean being well supplied with gravel and the care and attention bestowed upon the office and its surroundings by Captain Hanna is proverbial It is true that the restaurant on the corner extends back to within a few yards oftheir office but Captain Hanna states that he requires the owner of it by the terms of his lease to remove the swill and other offensive matter daily and we venture the assertion that there is less ground for complaint here than at any other similar establish tnent in the city Again there Is nothing offensive about the streets in that locality and why the learned sanitarian should cite this place alone in criticisms so general in their nature is scarcely comprehensible It is highly improbable however that the writer intended any injustice to the eminent legal gentleman referred to but it is certainly far from complimentary that their place of business should be referred to through a public journal in connection with a warning to “the authorities that be” in regard to the enactment of sanitary laws to save us from the melancholy fate ot several Southern cities fin times never to be forgotten by the sufferers when death removed nearly half of their population” It is obvious to the minds of all that the mayor and board ot aldermen should give the sanitary condition oftheeitv their earnest attention but considering the fact admitted by “Lupus” that our topographical situation makes Fort Wortli one of the most health-spots in the union no fears need be entertained of an epidemic especially such as have visited the southern cities referred to Such a calamity may be classed amoug the impossibilities mayor’ Court The matinee of his honor Mayor Day was uumerously attended this morning The case against J L Poole proprietor ot the Adelphi music hall was dismissed for want of evidence on the part of the prosecution Three cases (ff assault and battery were continued to Monday In a case of fast driving defendant was fined $3 and costs one case of drunk and down S3 and costs the case for carrying a dirk knife continued from yesterday was again continued aud will be tried Monday morning: one case ot assault and battery was tried and the defendant acquitted one case of fast driving was dismissed a cnee of assault and battery was transferred to the county court Receipts were good and all the officers were consequently happy Legality of Occupation Tax ITon II II Boone attorney general of the state recently wrote a letter to G L Patrick of Denison in relerenee to the occupation tax law which contains information ot interest to all business men and especially those who may have entertained doubts as to the constitutionality of thi law The attorney general says that only the law of 1673 had beeu declared unconstitutional at the Galveston term of the supreme court but a rehearing had been granted The tax law of 1876 however or rather the law in regard to occupation tax passed by the last legislature (under the new constitution) is perfect and its constitutionality has never been questioned Larceny Justice McClung was engaged to-day in the preliminary examination of the case of the State vs Hedrick charged with larceny ’The defendant aud a man named Beau stopped at the Peers House last Monday evening and Bean being intoxicated Hedrick put him to bed He then left the hotel and returned late at night somewhat intoxicated himself When Bean got up in the morning his pocketbook was missing Hedrick said he had taken it from him but had lost it and his own money during the night As the case is now’ undergoing investigation we refrain from giving any particulars The State is represented in this trial by John & McLuu-ry and the defendant by Field & Ball Two Shots without Effect A shooting affray occurred at the depot yesterday evening arising from a dispute about a settlement between a man named Burke and a carpenter whose name we think is Hamilton Burke fired two pistol shots at the other party neither one of which took effeet Both were in a room and he must have been a very poor marksman or did not care to injure the party assaulted Burke was arrested by Marshal Courtright and officer Taylor aud placed under bond The ease was to have been brought before Justice McClung to-day for examination but up to the hour of going to press it had not been called New Ilpitauran t W L Coleman has opened a restaurant on Main near the corner of Fourth street where lie w ill be pleased to accommodate his old friends aud the public generally The new restaurant is neat and cosy and everything about it has the appearance of cleanliness while the tables are supplied with the best the market affords Mr Coleman has no superior as a caterer Cattle Three herds of cattle containing 5500 head and belonlug’to Mr Hughes passed the city this morning- This makes a total of 05610 up to date- Aston & Knight Nos 24 and 224 Main street are selling the best of beef t 74 eetil per pound v n c a This reporter made diligent efforts yester-to find some one who attended the meeting at Miller’s Music store announced for Thursday night to organize a Young Men’s Christian Association Failing to learn anything concerning it we concluded the attendance had been too small to effect an organization However it has transpired since that tbe names of thirteen persona were enrolled as members Mr T J Neatherypres’dingover the meeting Messrs D C Dunn Harry Cobb and L S Hayes were appointed a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws Another meeting will be held next Thursday night wbena' permanent organization will be effected Organizations of this character exist in almost every city in the United States and have been productive of much good "We hope there will be a good attendance at the next meeting as the object of the orgaiza" tion is praiseworthy and commendable Dr Arthnr S Wolff Senior Surgeon and one of the staff of the Galveston Medical and Surgical Institute has taken an office in the rear of Keller’s jewelry store on Main ' street where he may be consulted on all kinds of surgical diseases Doctor Wolff has diplomas and certificates from the principal medical schools of Europe viz : Paris Schools of Medicine Hoilawd London &c and has been lecturing on surgery at the College of physicians and surgeons in New York He has a very large nrinemariuin ot in struments and all the modern surgical appliances Specialities: Diseases of the eye ear nose throat diseases of women Hernia (Rupture) &c &c Ac We advise patients to call early 105-dvv-lm Look to Your Interest and go where Aon can do Best We have just received another large lot of canned goods sugar cured hams breakfast bacon flour pickles sauces and all kinds of dried f rules teas coflee sugars of every grade and fine syrups all of which we are selling at prices that defy competition Goods delivered free to any part of the city Come and see and be convinced We make a specialty of handling none hut the best of good Red sign Williams Bro's & Barnes on the square Iltwineas What the five wide-awake telegraphic business inan of Fort Worth wants the people to know- is that he (Max Elser) has added to his stock Butterick’s patterns aud Aiken Lambert & Co's gold pens He has also the finest assortment of window shades and musical instruments to be found in town All the late novels aud magazines papers ete can be found at his store He will order and furnish any book be has not in stock at publishers price 21I-tf Stylish aud Cheap For late styles in clothing go to Texas Clothing House of A Goldstein & Go on Houston street They have just received a large stock of clothing gents furnishing goods custom made shoes etc bought from first hands and are prepared to sell at aston-ishiny low prices All their goods are new and stylish It is only necessary that you should examine their stock in order to be convinced that they offer superior irduce ments to the trane n215-tf 217-tf Good News! Wax on High Prices The New York Clothing Uou-e is reducing theirstock and have declared war on high prices for dry goods They will seH staple and fancy dry good- clothing notion etc for the next tell days at prices never before known in Fort AY orth This is n tinnibug and to prove what we say J A S Brin invite every body to call at the New York Store and price tlieir good- ii217--t The Favorite The Trinity Saloon grows in favor and popularity There was a perfect rush at the bar to-day and the gentlemanly proprietors served all in the mo-t satisfactory maimer When you want a drink of pure liquor or wine served in first-class style go to the Tr i ui I y - lt-2 15 Wanted Two women at the St Louis Restaurant on Weatherford street One to work in the kitchen the other in the dining room tf Wool Wool Wanted by Gurley & Co) 100000 pounds Sacks for sale " nI7S-tf Come along w ith your job w ork The Standard can do justas fine work and as reasonable as can tie done in any of the cities And then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you patronize home institutions and spend your moDey with those who patronize you Tea sugar coffee molasses syrup oysters canned corn peaches plums strawberries pine apples raspberries blackberries gooseberries whortleberries tomatoes string beans lima beans peas jelly in two pound cans cherries and in fact everything in the grocery line at bottom figures at S P Tttek-er’s See Gurley & Go's price list under the City Market Report on third page for hides and skins 10000 green aud 5000 dried wanted The county court was not in session this morning having disposed of all cases on the docket yesterday Only a little business of minor importance remains to he transacted before the term closes No one is authorized to collect money due the Standard office without a written authority Irorn the proprietors Millican & Saunders For pure liquors and fine cigars go to the Trinity Saloon corner of Main street and tbe square Billiard hall in connection with flne tables - 217-lt The Standard office will not be responsible for any bills made by any one connected with the office unless by a written order n93-tf Millican & Saunders Aston & Knight Nos 24 and 224 Slain street are selling the best of beef at 7 cents per pound n216-6t Wanted Board by a gentleman and wife in a pri- i vote family Address H C Clark House WANT COLUMN rf-AU w’ant lost stolen found for rent for :alo and such like miscellaneous advertisements not exceeding four lines published In this column for ono dollar per week or twenty -live cents for one insertion Ten cents a line for each line over four Displayed advertisements will be charged double price FOR RENT— THREE NICE RESIDENCES Apply at Dr Shelton’ Drug Store on Main street near Weatherford nl08-tf T?OUND— NEAR BEAR CREEK OX THE l' Dallas ud Weatherford road fifteen mile southwest of Fort Worth a Pocket-book containing some valuable papers and a small sum of greenbacks The owuor can get the book by applying to this oflice and paying for this notice ulol-tf - NEW ADVERTISEMENTS J A NEWMAN Achitect and Builder FORT WORTH TEXAS Flans specifications and estimates for buildings of every description furnished on application Work done promptly and satislaction Office and residence at the terminus of the T A I railroad iriltf- Ordinance N 107 4 X ORDINANCE RELATING TO DOGS XX and prohibiting their running at large in this city Be it ordained by the city council of the city of Fort Worth: Section 1— That it shall be nnlawful for any lierson or persons within the limits ol this city to keep any dog unless they shall pay to the assessor and collector au annual tax of $2 upon such dog and shall keep on the neck of each dog a suitable leather or metalic collar with the last figures of the year for which the tax is levied plainly marked thereon by the assessor and collector and the owner of any dog or dogs in this city shall keep the same within his or her inclosure or if such dog is permitted to go out side of the Inclosure of its owner it shall be the duty of said owner to have said dog securely muzzled SEC 2 —It shall he the duty of the city marshal and the policemen of this city to kill any and all dogs found running at large in this city without being securely muzzled Provided That should auy dog belonging to parties living outside of the corporate limits of this city he found running at large without betn securelV muzzled it thall be the duty of the marshal or policemen to notify said owner to take up said doe and secure or muzzle it and if said owner shall fail or refuse to take up secure or muzzle said dog then iu that event said dog shall be killed bv said marshal or policemen 8ec 3-— That'anv person or persons owning a dog in this city and shall fail to comply with any of the provisions of Section 1 of thisord-idance shall be deemed guilty of a mi-demeanor and upon conviction thereot shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $10 8kC 4 — The provisions of this ordinance m regard to tax shall not apply to dogs owned outside of the corporate limns of this city Sec 5 — 1 hat this ordinance take effect and be in force from and after its publication as required bv law Passed Mav 8 approved May 10 1877 Attest: ' U H DAY C McDoroAiL Sec’y Mayor DISSOLUTION NOTICE THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE Existing between the tmder-igned under the firm-name of Sneed & Howard is Tin- day dissolved by mutual consent All liabilities of said firm is to be paid by A t ' -Sneed aud all debts due said firm are to be paid to A U sueed A C SNEED JOHN HOWARD The business will lie continued by the undersigned who returns thanks for pa-t Uvors and hopes to merit luture patronage from the community A C -NEED March 2t 1977 nl75-tf NOTICE- TO THOSE CONTEMPLATING BUILDING JOS- KANE 1 J J KANE ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS Carpenter Shop and Office on Belknap street Plans specilicatiors and full sized Detail Drawings lor every description of buildings — public or private city or county — ineluding estimates of cost of materials and labor -I J Kane a practical and experienced architect will give his personal superintendence to all work performed by them to insure good and satisfactory workmanship Charges moderate Work done promptly i’osfotlice Box 39 nl05-6ni THOS S LEVY & SON Architects 1 Builders OFIICJu and SHOP: NORTH SIDE SQUARE Plans and Estimates for all Class of Buildings Furnished Jobbing Promptly Done FORT WORTH TEXAS 182-tf H W ESTKKilAN E r W MKJCK WESTEHMAX V nEIER CIIITSTYA Glass and Queens-Ware SIS&BI7 Washington Ave ST LOUIS MISSOURI Bohemion and German glassware and fancy goods table cutlery looking glasses Ac nl3-6m W II WEBSTER Salesman STANLEY & DUNN’S NEW DRUG STORE HOUSTON STREET (NEAR DEPOT) Fort Wortli Texas n37-ly FIRST NATIONAL BANK ! Coruer of Houston and Second Streets FORT WORTH TEXAS Okficjess — M B LOYD President D C BEN SETT Vice-President C II HIGBEE Cashier Directohs — B C Evans James Watkins George Jackson M B Lovd C II Higbee’ D C Bennett j J Sandidge K ’ Transact a general banking business nlOK-Jm W J BOAZ J RARKIXE J F ELI 18 J J SICH0L8 California and Texas Bank EOAZ MARKLEE & CO South Stde Public Square FORT WORTH - - TEXAS JTi rnet Backing h Unlace S-ll exchange te e'dlretim'-! 'anir"'ar ljL ECLIPSE UVBRV FEED AND SALE STABLES Texan Street Shre report 1a I am prepared to furnish a cheaper and belle liver)’ triftu unv other stable In Louisiana A board iop house in connection with stables and a watchman on hand day end night JOHN CALPWEtX Proprietor Daniels &Rea WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS Only Agent for ‘Thompson’s” Celebrated FIRE CLAY FLUES AND DRAIN PIPES) for Cisterns etc etc GLASSWARE AND QUEENSWARE Genuine Louisville Hydraulic Cement always on hand Remnant stock of Boots and tihoes at cost HOUSTON STREET (Soar Depot) Fort Worth Texas Goods delivered free to any part of the citv 201-diwtf C BAIN fc CO United States Mail And Stage Line Stages leave Fort Worth every day for Weath erford at 7:30 a in theuce to Jncksboro three timesaweek Tnesdavo Thursday and Saturdays thence to Graham and Belknap three times a week Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays and making close connections on till routes going and returning 'C K FAIRFAX Agent d'26-tf Fort Worth Texas SOMETHING NEW ! READ AND PROFIT THEREBY ! K B Smith bits opened a house on Weatherford street one door eat of BraUner’e tin-fehop where he n ill buy and sell second-hand Furtii tuve clothing and poods of every description No effort will he spared to render satifaction to my patrons and with my business experience and superior facilities 1 hope to make this branch of trade advantageous to all classes Parties wi-hiugto sell second-hand rood of any kind will please iive me a call All kinds of eving Machines repaired Satisfaction riiMranteed nJlO-lv KB MJTli TJH12 CJifijNfTIijAL AND City Meat Market East side Public Square and Houston At cor 2d FORT WORTH TEXAS Dealers in AU Kinds of Live Stock 0 Our Market is supplied daily with all Limb of meats vegetable-) aud fruits CANTO A STEIN Proprietors HEADQUARTERS FOR CATTLE MEN WILLIAM WILKINSONS Feed and Sale Stable Corner Rusk and Fourth Streets ( VKAR THE PEERS lIOfi-E) FORT WORTH TEXAS The liest hostler alvva v in attendant' 4l-”m ICE! ICEllCET- W Y COOKE & Co Wholesale and Retail Shippers and Dealers in NORTHERN ICE Also agents for E Auheuser A Co ’s KEG 1 BOTTLE BEER Ice autl Bcrr delivered twice a dav to anv part ot the city fkf e of charge Ice lIout$eamI Brer ault first building east of paasemrer dejHit Retail house first door north of Cauto & Stein's meat market Houston street 190-tf w kdom f 4 HOLT J 11 COLEMAN H C COLEMAN Edom Coleman A Co LIVE STOCK Commission Merchants !r3”Our Bustneae is Strictly Commiatdou-vIJ AVe devote Personal attention to the welling ol all stock consigned to ua Shipper will pleiuie roiodsrn in all caeea where they desire ua to han-dla their etock as it facilitate in the lotting and will materially aaiat u in dlapoeing of and attending to the ame With our long experience in the Iive Sfouk business we feel safe in saviug that we understand it iu all its branches 'and guarantee satisfaction to all our patrons Correspondence solicited All letters and telegrams to either office shall have immediate at -entton UNION STOCK YARDS: St Louis Mo - - Wm Edom and J J Holt NATIONAL STOCK YARDS: East St Louis 111 J H Campbell and II C Coleman P13-1V DAVID ROAZ Agent A OOIDSTEIN Fort Wortli H L1CHTKNHTEIX New Orleans TEXAS CLOTHING HOUSE A GOLDSTEIN & CO DBACEKS IK Mens’ Boys and Youths clothing Hats Boots Shoes Furnishing Goods Trunks Blankets Pistols Cartridges Etc No 27 Houston street next door First National Bank n2fl-Km FORT WORTH TEXAS ONLY 15 CENTS TN ORDER to introduce it into thouaandu ol vrh‘r® ®bt alreadv known we rv '-rr‘ldOUr11rtr‘1 Cterary and family Jonrnd 1 he Cricket on the Hearth’1 three month on trial for only 15 cent A mammoth lb page paper (lze Harper Weeklv) contain ik?ntlTW nl hort stories poems ttu m fW With elegant pre "Dem of American Art lv an rL o or 7-Vt w ithout premium oneT L’w’ "Ul for D cent Wri’e l xaaLrr EASLEY & HENDRICKS GENERAL TRANSFER AGENTS HEXDRIX night subject to order Onllr 'iven Km' ®r ceiveil pt and special attentiojf 1 r re nKtttr HEED & LATHROP ’ Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Books Stationery & Paper Paper Bags Wrapping and Wail Papers Blank Books Rustic ami Paper Window Shades Country order promptly filled at the lowet t prices ‘ 505 MAIN STREET DALLAS TEXAS A M CARTER R E CARSWELL CARTER & CARSWELL ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW FORT TV ORTH AND CARTHAGE TEXAS Office over the First National Bank “10-ly FORT WORTH GURLEY & CO PROPRIETORS OF THE St Louis Hide Depot Corner of Weatherford- and Taylor FORT WORTH TEXAS Wholesale dealers in Slaughter Hides Buffalo Hides Tallow Wool Pelts Furs DeerSkins Harness and Sadlers’ Leather Also Receiving Storing Forwarding and Commission Merchants for the sale of Cotton and General Memiandise ConigTuuentd Solicited Highest market price imUi for Hides and Skins 5U“See City Market Reports T F NASH & CO Contractors for Plastering — ALSO — Digging and Cementing Cisterns Fort Worth '’’exas Satisfaction guaranteed A11 order left at Dodd & Co’s will be promptly attended to iil(id-:im ’ B O JOHNSON W B M’LAIBT JOHNSON & McLAURY ATTORNEYS AT LAW — AND— Real Estate Agents Office in Hoffman Block No 5 Main Street Having formed a copartnership forthe practice of Law inall its brauches will give prompt attention to all biisines- placed in our hands iu the Court of Tarrant and udjoining counties and in ttie Supremo and Federal Courts ot Tyler Austin and Galveston ' 209-tf Sanger Bros -THE GREAT- DRY GOODS DEYXTORXTJI Fort Wortli Texas -ONLY- A ONE PRICE ESTABLISHMENT Now is the time for every consumer to call on us and get whatever they want in Dry Goods Clothing Boots Shoes and Hats We have marked all our goods at bottom Prlc® and are closing out our oomph te stock regardless of cost All we ask of you is to give us a call look at our stock and be com inced of the great sacrifice we are making The pnblic will no doubt be pleased to hear that we have established that noble principle: ONE PRICE FOR EVERYBODY Our motto i fair dealing polite attention and pcpulai price Our new and beautiful style of Dress Goods comprise striped and plaid grenadines at 30 auu 30 cent per yard beautiful shade of lenos basque and uiany other style too l umerous to men tion We also keep tbe latest wash poplins which we ofler at 10 cent a yard Our Notion aie well assorted and very cheap— beautiful ties silk handkerchiefs scarfs nettings etc etc at tuitonishing low prices In domestic and other staple goods we dety competition Our Clothing Hats Boots Shoes and Furnishing Coods cannot be surpassed I ’lease call on n before going elsewhere and when you leave our store you will be aatlsneu that we have not misrepresented anything- Remember the Dry Goods Emporium of Sanger Bros nlfiff-tf DISSOLUTION rpiIEFIKMOF WALKER DAVIS A BA- I is this day dissolved by mutual consent books and papers turned ovrr to Mr I Davis who is alone authorized to collect pay out the fund of said firm KFR JOHN M DAVls E P BA Fort Worth AprillS 1877 nl93-lwd-4tw S FURMAN TTORNET AT LAW Fort Worth A County Texas Offiec on Hrst rrfyl Dr Wolff radically cure squint f)e 1 Trr iN 214-tf out pain !$m A PAY fit hone rf mkI r in- fhi t a I 4) 14 ! XT

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