Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 25, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1916
Page 1
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ADVEETIS1NO tit letting peep!* know wha don't fcnbw what ydu en yetir STERLING DAILY GAZE r SiXTY^THIRD YEAR—NO. 125. AND DAILY STANDARD • - STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, NOV. 25, 1916, ADVIRTISINQ ft letting people who don't knew what you have on your thet- vff* to t*fl. PRICE TWO CENTS. FORFEIT IS FIXED Contractors Assessed $300 For _ Failure To Complete Pav- *~ ing On Schedule. CITY TOOK PART OF BLAME According, Jo/The Figures Of Engineer* second Avenue "Cost $J1,P12.81. .i.i' Hc< »et for' the "t.iVtiiiK 'if «);!•. u middlf of t h«- Mumitiei \ >•' !*< et>l«>fiti'd the company tn de iriK i'lt account of th«> hom Tb.l* «II>il \vl!l> otf'i'i del:iys f fimpatty late in Hnlwhin:' Hie in nllie!.v-.«n-vt-n d;t'>" .\i •' thf ofilftiancc Jiiissril j.;i>\ " ll lontrnxi. a f<?HtJt "f t<-n d <)!i,y \vn*i i»ch.edulroV Tfit. 1 ! tn. tal of I'.'TO. II w«f\iri.;iicd t tnilch a* !l t>,ltt of Illic de through Hit" city .by..r'.''i'M'r!,. wnB fi«> hiitlt. 'I'ht' tuiiit'l <>f Itrovcifipnt.t fluiilly nKn<"'\- «n «)T $.100, This, milil l>c> ntxiut five ilolla FULTON MAN ROBBED * o U ,1 q c -' t Michigan Resort 8 r o v P Into And Goods S«*nt to Chicago. \ -•••••• : irne :;t'o i !••• i ot :;ir." <•!"• ' ' ^ !'• r ••• M :••!!• «;. .(.*,•ji = ;, M i. t, . i.v;< •. •••• :'..' - f.'-t <MI n Mr. :tnd Mr« Aithus '','••••. ••'• '• 'Mil :!»•<.. ;i I,. I I ii''it" !i< Mi 1 ''- ->\ 'I - hvil ,fi nks foil! family W it i|tir!m: ,.,li;i-.l hi I etttployi-s MAYORA.1PLATT ** Makes Public Statement Regarding Delays In City Pav-.. incj Contracts. ALSO GIVES HIS REASONS » '.\... For Continuing The Contrast With The Conducive Paving Company. GREEK PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT GOES TO WAR WITH BULGARIA CRUCIAL STAGE Has Been Reached In Battle For Possession Of The City Of Chihuahua, rlirlil Ih' The bui ntnotint, Th<» the tnnym. K t»"f iluy linn Wf'lidl !»• .-ilti' f»r *tmuil jnli« <>t ihi |>;iH»i 4 i1 favontbly n FELL OVERDEAD Francis Riddell. Father Of Mrs. C. E. Sagle, Strickun At __ Home In DeKalb. FUNERAL WAS HELD TODAY The Deceased Had Acted As Agent For Wells Fargo Express Co. Some Time. T ti I f.-imir !•• Kinu fonstrintj pro-i'illv u ir \ thrit '•,!.-.. . ntrinv < At ih« Ht< f-;-*-t;Hv--.-!-!r I'.-:"* fiotn tin i-r lir- -I h '(!!., f:i!l"d (, i! !• v= party i i iirnrnt ap- ai;.| linLde at 1 <>'i il until wnon it ttil« iti!J< M. HtnK«'i tlu> ami •>«'- UK' rujtt nf iho »I>«I»MH. nntK t" l'«* 'li-vicil aicaiimt nwnoin. *'itv Attornt-y J tn'iU (hi* ifon'HNrni'tit roll nf rrmt -tn -.MnrrJsnn in aftrrtloon to Illi 1 with County .h William A. !U<».tKi>u. and to l«* < »lrn>i-iJ l>v hi nianil !'» hav'«- him n flav to Tifat olij«'fi|oiiM to thf < At tlm nii'i'tleii? .lust iilsht l)<inilK v tti ihc amount of hovc-nty-t1v<» p<-r ••••nt of the total CON! wf-rr onlt'nnt 10 he pnlil thr rontnu'torM. iift»-r a.sMiifaiK-fs had tM'f'ti inailt- that all of tlir liillM nf tin 1 contrfu-tors.tiutl lii-t-n paid, aoconl* liiK to thf contrui't ninJ onlinum'*'. lly thf unKiiHM-r'K <'htimat«* wan found thai the c«.»f4 «f th« Si'i-- olid uvpnuf »y»t«'tn was'$ll.H12.Sl. nf- -tot t|>H!IV III home oil tii II Hint FIBED^AT BYllTEBS Rihordy rice McCormick Wene Struck By the Shoi 3ne i MiH« Kstclla Hlbordy and Maurice ; Slct'ormlck have. JUKI made the an- ntnmcement that they were t*hm tn the back of their heitdn a week ago , )uKt Sunday, They have been, keepliiK it Htitl In the hope that a- clue, might In? gained of Hie perpett f ator>i, but a« yet . nothttiK ha« bet n learned that .Would identify the guilty partieH. .Minn Hlbordy li.y.eH on WeKt 'Jj^hlnl street, Ht*>rdn«, and •teachei<,_at tlie Ad• vanre nchool hou«e on the (ioliler road . In lluhmtmun towiiHhip. (in the day named «he was «iv«n a ride by Mr. .. MoCormlck. who liven with Jil* father • In Hnhniuniin. They IIIK', gone- out of ..Hook I'lilU H mile and a half and. jn-*t| • l»»»for»> innking the accent of the long =-Hike ipadinK up to the bridge goinR ovw tlin canal, they pax«e'd. two hunt-' i»rH in a Held. The auto pnsi'eeded up the incline and just ut thM point it dog belopKinjf to tin- hunter*, ran in front of the car and wan. struck. The Uojr wa« not xeen by" the pa*kcn- • gem In the ear .until It Kiiddenly ran Jn front of the car. MJHK Kibordy turned around to look out/of- the. }ia<W< window to see if° the dot; had been .hurt. Hhe tmw one "of the, men de)jb- t-rately mine hiH gun to hJx whotild in _lJieir__jiiieGtion.. __ Hhe H.-ti(l, "I believe (hey art' gnliMft to nboot «t tin." .Iu«i then thp report of the gun was heard 'ami "MimultaneptiHly Uicy were strnrlt by Hit' Hhot from the KUII. : -.NjQv*!!' #oventy'wi>»l Htrtic'li .ihc Imcli Of the 1111(0. Thlrty-xevon of them pu suing tliroiiKh the curtain. 1'jve of -them struck M!HH JUbonly ou the. bU of tho head. Heveral hit Mr. mlck anil one KoiiiB In . deeply tit*low llm right ear. The couple t'oiitlnucd on to Tampico • wh«y*» they went to a doctor and the t«hot w««re removed. MlMtT lilhordy wa« not sc«riouMly af fcnttul hy (IIP nlio(M ami was able 'to teach u« liquid Monday morning. Mr: McCormick him had «ome little trouble with hi>t neck where idiot* pcnc~ truted uuHt 1 deeply, luit he haw been able to work »« umml. om the i 'on'«r« national church in He- ail.'. U'-"v. U. -I',. SWI^IK-I, <iffh - lating. «-tt«.l»* vt«-w«'i| -ih«* r*-nit«inf »t -th>- r« «i- .(^'« liet'A'eelt Ijle )tolll'H of !' S'l a III) ! I ;i'i t tun morning. Mr. Uiddcll went to \\\« huine ufter completing hi" woi;k for the day, wa.^h- ftl tip for fcuppni- and vviiii 4tinujt IM ust: the towel, when he fell over, and when Mr*. Kiddell reached hli "-ule, !.;• wa;< dead. The ( uroFier was noltlletl as was the Chlvf "f Police, who js it son, und Coronet's -I'hy.ih iati 15. A. Wright an- Hwered the call, and after a whorl ex- •tminatlon remb'red ,.a verdict that the tiliin came to hln lU.-itli l»\ a stroke of ,ipop!exy. Ii'rancis Kiddell was horn oil January 1L*. 1S3!». nt Cohouru, Canada, and (here grew to , niunhood. being reared tn a farm. January I'L'. ISiiS. Mr. Kid- Ml W.'IH united in marriage at C'oburg. Ciuiada. To this •iinlon there • were horn four *ons ami' four daughters. Two of the daughters have preceded tftelr father t(» the lictter haul. In the »pHnu--Aif- .1&U5— Jilrv-UldtUai . a-tui- f.wnily. moved to Illinois, >ettimg llrNt . junt iiiMlile DeKalh county, on a farm near' Maple Park. Shortly after this In l>e -ip(i"i t unit > ti'j thr jnililt f> tin' mayo]- an Ins explanation PAVING IMPROVEMENTS IN CITY OF STERLING. To At l,*-iift Thosf |nt'*rr>KH-d I H THE TticT"- have hi'i'ti .wo fiany inlsitato- m« nts and xo many falxc impn's«ionf •Tf-atid concf-rnlnt; the two paving i-on- trai'tj< on which N,|N \\cr«- opriti'tl hy the t'ity of Sli-rliHK on .tune si. l!i|ii. 'hat I liciii'Ve it proper it MlntctlYl'nt should lie made Iiy me.. UN l're-«idi'nt of the Local lizard of I'lihlic Itupfoyo- tiientf", a.s to- nt li'ast the linanrlal .«it- uation hi MO far UM it r«-lat»'M to the property ownern Inti'i eMed and the City of Sterling \Vhih* the Iiiiifi were opened on June '.tit coyeriiu; them' Iniprovi-meiitti. cnn-- trac-t wan not I'tit into to eotnpl»>te tConUmitxl on Thr«e.) STOLE F« PIECE -ember. ISS3. trrr-fwrnily aualn moved, this time comiliK to flcKalh. to live, svhere Mr. Hid'ilell took employtuent ttitli uluit iti'rnnv the ATneiiuitit tfteel X- Wire compatiy. 'Mrs. Itiddell panned away May L".Hh. UM.C after u short 'Hlne.iN. Mr. Kidded wnV apain mnrrled nlioiil niiu- yi-arn iKOMo MI.SH Ceor^la Howard, and uliice that time' the family home IUIM been maintaincil on HaiNh uvenue. Mr. lUddell wat* : iitnoni; the (IfNt .of DeKalb people to be IK nelltted by 'tile America Steel i*k- Wire peiiHlon plan ind after hi IIIK placec.l on Ihe penwion iifit. operated a utoh- for a tlnn- and ilsii acti-il a« HK'-tit for tin.' WellM Far- ' He s'V>r. to !o A BIG INDUSTRY * Fulton Secures Champion Motor Car Company With $5,QjpO,000 Capital. FIRST CARS EXHIBITED Company Expects To Make From 1,500 To 2,000 Cars Daily Eventually. has net ur« rl Use «-hnmpl»t> Motor t'.ir conifany, which IK cn|*<intl- i-.ed at $:,,!N.ii.tiuii. The stuff of Incor- porfiior» inciiuli' men nf capital 'and 7 7 yjter'l*"iti"e"'tjfi"" ttie iiiiloiniiliile indiistrT. The, value of the plant to Ktilton is .hard -to tMimnte, ilependln^ of Ci>'ir.°e tipoti development!", but it is expected it will briiiK In a larKe number of ftkilltnl- wt>fkmt-n, - bt*xidfK InrKf-nnm'-- hers oj htborvm, and the pay roll will he e\teti!»H'e. The Organization. Its orunnlzatliin i«'conipoKed of wub- ."t.'tntiiil and *ucces»iful busincn.! men. recojtntitrd a.« ainonK the most prominent in automobile and other Industries In the middle w<?»t. U, h Wldlar, of t'levclftnd. tho prejtjtji in, in one of ("leveland's nnmt subxtitntlal bu'slnens m-n, Identllifit UK «n otliret and J'trector in many of it* rnoNt sucieHRful and prominent enterprises. In the .itttomobile uccesMury field Mr.' \VIOItir \* well and favorably known (is the i.resldent of the Jiffy- .hick tompaoy, nninufacturer.H of the jack of this name, which in known throughout the tuituDtoblle tnnle. ••-•The- Champion la tnntt to carry l.voti poundw, fit for the delivery work of any kind f «f retailer, jobber, factory-. IS BLOODIEST OF THE WAR Villa Expected To Lay Siege Tc City Until Food And Ammunition Run Low. rtJy • UnTlfH Press. 1 : El Paso. Tex,, Nov. J'v—At noon today the VilliM.-i assaiitt upon Chihuahua City ttill'trt ^regret*. Mexienn defacto officials at Jw.irer declared they had ns information of the rpjult <?f the fighting so fat- and ho details have been received. Several officer* of Gen. Trcvino's staff hsvo been killed in the tvvo day's fighting preceding today. Gen, M. Cnndara was killed in the first day'* attack and two Car- Mnzista colonels, a captain *nd lieutenant of staff, fell fighting at the side of Gen. Ti«vino. the Mexican consulate announced today. LAUNCH FIERCE ATTACK. i.Hx I'mted I'tcHU i * I".! S'UHO, T'-v , Nov. LTi.--In furious ru«he« upon !lu< ill-fenders' firnt < line tlelleheM, Vtila iii'iliUI IllN . third dllj'* •-tot mini: "f '"'bitiiiahu.'i <"tty iit dnj'- ItiraU toiia)'. Sitnultstneoilfdy cavalry ( hat'k'eM net'' I,lunched upon the enst- ei n, ,we.«tern and not thei n Jincs of the city and it yrt.'aia'c i.oliifnn attempted io Hlortn the .irtlll«>rv defvtw* on Santti KOH.-I hill, dominating the city from BORN WHEN JEFFERSON ' WAS PRESIDENT SHE IS NOW 110 YEARS OF AGE GAIN A • .1! ! hut -ll'"'iJi Int'I I'l'T I in»" - iK.f;| is v t» and Rif'rif- hf fr(«-t>l;t- !The Teutons Successfully Crossed the Danube Into Says Berlin. \1 [ n ith y, Ti-nti.. Nov. Murnp. \vfiose nt • i" III !' f (,ti M'-\ Hi- ' vide ' bn.-k • HUM r • \ t-u-l thr. M i' r fstrher'.t farnllv Slu- t'utM lived In.Jt.b.e • • -nrrff- Hr-r r-rrlfPT't loathe 1 imf* of-, hei **<! John Wn«htt>i»- TAKE HREE MORE TOWNS Three Roumanian- Officers And 800 Men Reported Captur* ed By Germans. i i >• i. Hi tht» I ' uar I "oj f •I'i- is TWO OBSTACLES Wir«'If>*« To Ray An b Man 70 Years Of Age Settled With Wyne-Deaver Co. And . bUck cCoi^ noon discontinued the Nture,. how- hut held the office of exprent* (Kent and for tlie p:im" three years hiiK leen located ill the. office of Cofey &• Cvan.s on Xorth .Seventh Hired. Thursday Mr, Hlddell WIIM thought !ii» feeling title, and: eVe|| remarked Mrs. lUdde'll that evening: that h fccliiiK ht.'tler than he had fit Koine limo paM .:\....l!^'j minium later, and the soul had jutted away. " There are left to mourn the death of t hit* well known man, his wife, three brothers. Walter, of. Winnipeg, Canada, Will of Toronto, and Hubert of t'al- 4itry; four niiiten*, Minn l*abel|e. of i'ohtutrg. <*,"inada, Mf8. James 11,'ivid- City. cft. _ . and another (dH There arc four ti'fM by tho -firm Walter II., Daviil ter at t'ryMtal SOILS and two marriage also II., Frank W. llv- AT OIXON A lar«e numht'r <»f the Ht«>rimif and. Hot'k KallH on going to lllxoii thi*> cvt-ning to at-, tt-nt} HIP jtilltflcfttimi of the yii'toriou.s I>«»mourstts which IM to In- held this cv- 4'innt! 'J'li0 *-lc|diant which wan user! in Hterlinjf iinfl all T>f iho otlu'r sood (VutHroM i--t''thc Ifiitonsliiition hud lierc svlll ho reproduced HI the- affair o't (-hi* i-vening "!» Pison, WRONG CUT USED. In tho Sullivan He O l Ma!l«.«y advci tis^e- m«*nt. printed in I'riday'M CaMtme tliri.MUjh an error the vnonx cut »i*fd, Tlu 1 tid\ci'tiMeini'iu Wiiw i'lothv*." tuit <'iit . Wan UHi-d instead of" clutheH,' Tile t'llln lielllK .Ule tia;ilt> and very inuch alike, vm* \yalhin-i' ..]),: Jill hut Frtuik whu la ._ • if the JJcKalh policv depa.rtnieiit. itiK in t'hioago, Two daujjhtei-H nrv, Mr». i'. K: Ha>;»l, uf Hli'iliiiK, and Mr«, I. J.«iJc!tnli!K,;of .ChjcaKo; two daviKh- 'haying! jmM«c>d away sopu* - few Thisdat'eawcd hajl lu>»fn /t nicinhcr of tU*> t'onsi'cKational rhnrc^i for jnany yearn pant atiiliatinif with that denomination in ISti?. and has always taken •i dccji intercut in the church work. As one man WJIH Jiwini to any, "If Uicie was ever a (;ooil man in (JcKalli. and oiic rc«dy to unuwcr dcath'H call; it wan l-'ranciM RitkU'll.' All DcKnlb certainly rc|n>tH the imtttiint; i>f thin ^rand'old man ami «;v- lend to the • soiTu wing wife. . chiidi'cn and of .o ami *d«terH, n(any vvordw in-thl»< ii»'ir durkcst 'hour Mr. and Mm. Dan Ramsdell Married Fifty Yeart AQO Today, Mr. und '.Mr*. Ii/m KuniMlel!. welt Known 1'et.idcntT-.- of this city, were nntr- ried fifty yearn ago today. No celebration W-ilM- phitinerl for' (lie eyi-ir! but their many, (pem)., atul relative* vvill pojit-in wiMiiM th.-ni many more h.i|ipy years together. ' " • A mnn ctvltiK the nnme of J. M. l-'in- ey, wan apprehended Friday about'noon jn nit alleged rb.trge of MteaJinK it twelve dollar fur neck piece, nt the Wyne-I leaver store, but WHH later glv- ell Ills freedom, • ' ('.•J, Slab), manager of the «torc\ •wyx the mu'i came into their place of hiiHincKM tihortty '"if--. ( e noon and asked for u. cornet on approval, lie Inter vittltcd the fur department on the MCC• uiil floor and wa« Heeu to pull down from the line M>nie of the fur -neck ttieccfi, 'mid one of the young lady ;IcrkB HUS'ft "lie Haw him shove one into the pocket of Ills overeout, Mr. Stahl w;iH ImmeiUately notified, ind he Mtaried out after He \VUM found. IsiU'i JiuiL denied taking the fyr but. .said he w;t« willing to pay for ;t, and produced it check for pixty dol- itir/i'on the 1 < ifegon {Stale b/mk, ni^n«d jy I'harloa HulK'i tleiil. and mnde"'out to CliarlcH liigH. - ; It wan claimed by l-'inley tliat But- 'erlleld wit** a farmer living, between )reKon jiiid l-'i'nnklin tJroVe. Mel UK iHketl to hnvc the cticiijx endiir.-Jed, l-'in- ey had trouble-..In finding any one to lo »o. Mr. Stabl made imiiilriet* ovel 1 -he (fonuine.vs id' I lie check but tHMild lear nothiiiK fruin Mr. Hutiertleld. Mr. Stithl turned l-'inley over to the iiolice. Ixuer in the afternoon tho Wyne- tieavei' l")ry O(>odH Co, jiwore out a A-arriiii't for lite »rr< i Nt of/Kinley and he wn« broimht^ iiefore .Iinlm< Wcave,r for a heiiriim," It was brought out "that •the'mun WJIH .seventy yea'rt* of age. The ?atte W«'H pimtpont-iluntil thl* (ivorninR. Pending the continiKtviic.e. Khoftly af.l-> »r It wftH'Ki'ttntcd. .iXlaiuiKer.Stahl njid ither inemberw of the compnity mid the Ttuii Finley got together 'and the man icknowltulKcd to them he took the fur mil he puid tin.* e^m|uinj>j for-lt, and 'he cunt* were MCttted^and thltt morniiiK . " . L . f "'» . '..he WHH bus or jiiney cut. It IK mado In four leadliiK fit-yles* of body. UH follow**: open express with t'larc tilde*, six pott hody Mi. I Cell filTi t-S; M|\-|H>Ht iHitfy H llh ..*"_'<1'IM.._'.'!.»»»_ and ..jjitruc.U.YC C!UH'»I! lirnel. In addition to 'them* bodies, which will take care of all ordinary rrouln mem*, the Champion Motor Car company in prepared to furnish any' special hody that might lie dt'Hired. The i>hmi coyer* nine aw», 'with tMiOaii jxiuaie feet under roof, includ- iiiK one of tiie-'IfirKc^t,. HghleHl and JieHt equipped liKsemhly .(toofK in the country, coverliiK 15,'iso feet on the Around iloor, - , The nucleus of thin plant was originally the Fulton Foundry at Fulton, III., hut it hn« til net* ln'i'n enlurRed and ,rebuilt to meet motor C!U" mnniifut.-liir- in iTiiuircnu'tns, .Momsshk', ,«>? the main building la a douhlo track 'itUlliiK tiv the main line 150. feet away. Front- Ins on IJncoj.n Highway to the north, the building Is three .stories with a second s*t"ry wins,'. Tin the northwest for ih(> ei!«j(ieerina: and draftliiK 1 «Ji>- partment. Th«» factory hn« been in operation tor several weekH an I ten till-the model truck* have lieen iinlslied and.nrt' now on i<\hihiUon in I-'ulton. The full capactiv of tlu! | lant, when ruiiiuiii; (•till force, will ho from ihteen hundred to two tliMUKaliil c.-irM per da-y. IHcial annoiitu «-ment (»f th< of thr- third day's battle was made early today .to .\ndrfitn tin rein, consul.'ir jiRent at tlie .Mexican COIIHU!- n H" hefe, A. h.c'i yy. forc»> j>f—jMi»»x^-;in 'b-f.icto infantry had been mnsncd up- on'Sitnta Ho«!t hill to repel the s<t;>rm- ers who 'were after the field KUIIH. \Vhl'«» hand to band llKhtinu over the pi.iK.«esftlott of the «un« wax iir proKredx, Villa'* cavalry attempted, to tsuin 'an 1'ittranco Into the. town. , .• Today's tiKhtiiiK' will decldi* the fate nf I'hlhuahtia city, Mexican defacto of- Jit-lnls -at ,Jnarry, predicted. In I'. H. oltitVal-envies lure the fall of the city in expected before night. Secret Hcrviee men reported to the t" 8. department itKentK that wire cotnmunlcittion between Juarez and t'lithuahu.i rity had ceased. At the consulate it was 'sntid several had been received from Gen. Gen., ( dHy-a of the ment BUYS BUSINESFCOLLEGE Prof. Scovjll Add* the Qn« it Fre«port to Hi*.List. Fridity I'rof. Scovlll, owner tuid tnan- of I lie Inn lintr, I'lintoii iitul until recently the one nt DeKalb. completed a <Ieal whereby-, he becomes the owner of Urovvn'H business college at Prceport. About u month ago he sold the col. DfKalh !o_Mathkuf. Dlrkes, who ha» been principlil of the collcKe. fur I'rof. Scovill £ur the paHt year or two. I'rof. Scovlll jttarted at «»nc« the ne- eoilntions for the college'at Freoport mid finally succeeded in lilndlitK U, Are All That Stand In Way Of Agreement For Withdrawal From Mexico. CARRANZA MAY SIGN IT Villa Victory At Chihuahua • Thought Would Upset All The Withdrawal Plans. I'nrl I>. 'iioat. (Staff t'orrespondent of fniteil Press.) W,ii»him;t"ii. 1>. <'., Nov. 2f>.--«)n|y 'arrnnx.'t and (Sen. VHIa stood to• |«mi»ibl«- «tl>stnclf'« to-th* 1 fruition 1 Atlantic t'lty conference «(;ret.- for the"withdrawal of tien. IVr- K fnicen from Mexico within the next -10 tin vs.. The .Arnwlcttn so.vx i «:iunEnt_Jt»clf la prepared to ratify the protocol in na much Us it was shaped on terms which President Wilson himself npprm't'd, What Ueii. ('(irranast will do is a problem, though the administration be- Moves lie. will ninn it even though it may be distasteful, because of the Inclusion of the provlHion. that I'. S. troop* mny follow bandits into Mexico lit any time. The other obstacle mny be eliminated by the Chihuahua buttle military men stay, but tlu-y do not overlook lln>< disastrous situation that would follow a victory for Villa nt this strategic point. Villa Is an ek-ment in tho situation from the fartr; that the withdrawal of the 'An'i'-ri^an forces, i« conditional • »n condltiotiN remitlninK i Uy I'nitf I'.etliii, f,,-r. My vllle. I, I.; Nov. „'.'.. IIIK <.f tin- I>anii!>i: and obtaining tt do!hold on Uournanlfin soil wns an- riotinreii in foilay'fi stntPrnent descrlp- liv<- of !he Hnlk;lM camp.'iiKtl. I'-iplure of Ihree more towtif) South • if ibe Alt II.-IHS in th" Trur-tjiylvanlft Alls by (iti- Ati.<'tr<i-ffttfiKarian-Oc'r* man tro»p«( \viif ttlso nnnoiinced. I'-iiti r Hoiimanlan rfsiMr-nci* was en! onnteieil. Three Roumanian olllcerii and ^'"' nien were caiitureil. tho ittntr- ment .s.iid. • 1 Ue-!i«t»'lH t? of enemy for- i •<".* In Hi" lou lamM of the lower Alt i, btoki-n," the : t>.'.t>fi.di:i there firlnjr. I'ofiefi Kained a i;oo|ln ne'iir |jnco\ itrt.. ItiiVe Mittenient said. "In th« was mutual artillery of the, central empire >i.«e<i the Danulw nnd •I.!, on Uoiimanlan noil Civilian iiihabHantu af n KM in taken part In up- tory now would tipsm all the withdraw- tl plans and create Intolerable northern Mexico conditions, the lisjhiliiK jiKtiintit the Teutonic troops." Froth tin- Mat'edonian front came- Tt>- pojt« nf un»iici ••?Kft(iti Italian ndvnnfPH Ji.orihjJLnd__ww«t_j_if_Moj}a«tlr_untl by the _ Sefbinn". north of <'riifiisde. From Archduke .Timeph'i* front it wtw reported: "In the Gyprjiyo motintainn, a hostile attack on HfitiU'onoatHl Jhnra was sanjiiiinarily repiilHed," % GERMAN FLOTILLA FRUSTRATED (Ity I'tilted PreSH.) London, HriB , Nov. IT,.—The attempt by a Germiui di-Htroyrr (lot 11 In-., on Thursday night tivapproneh the Downs MUM fni.strati'd Iiy patrol voanela, th» admiralty annoutued today. Six G^r- ' man ileHtroyetH were Iti Iho Pijuadron. When they were Righted the enemy fired twelve roundn ;and Immediately Kteutned away. RAINS IN THE WEST. • (Hy United I're»H.) London, KIIK.. Nov. if..—.Nothing but hwiu'y nUns are reported hy CJen, on the Hrltiwh front tortay. • PROBE ARMY SCORES EARLY Oliphartt Payea Way For Touchdown BRIEF Is Accused Of Passing Bad Checks And Leavipg With Sterling Girl. ' PLEASANT VISIT. Kterling friends have received lottern from 'Mrs. Inane ItHmmer recently, who In tipemlltiK the winter with h^r «on, •Arthur, who in in the employ of the Government in. .Manilla. I'. I. Sin 1 writes that «<he is enjoying her visit iiniiH-nscly iind h;in seen many Intel ent- iiiB thiiiHH duritiK h_er Mtay there. BUYS VALUABLE LAND. J. Forder him just 'purchased of Martin Hroty- six of hind near Sin- ni.ssi|ipi HelKht-M for tiiOu per wore. ' 5tr. l-'order-co'iihiderK this uew rich • tlm|>er land which haw. never been touched by it plow a.-^Kood tin any In the «t«tt» for table« ami It will for that pur|>o«<>. . bo cleared und UMU! THE tla>" rtM'ct SIR GEORGE JWHITE DIES i, Knts , iSo .' , -Sir' iJi - -St-J-tn— v~. !, t UJ t -1 i. I—li-ti, 4U•« rioli III l. READY FOR CLOTHING AH l« R«ad!v For Gifts "Of All Kind* I « Ready- For Gifts Of O ) t»rftigjiU,-F_gJi-Ih '-ialM,, h.'»v -'cliu IH !.|* (.('all .kiiu! 'lll IJ tty t!,t -I. ili-t,. t> m li /,(' I initlcd a ctt-j'' hall '-'|ii|ltin« v .'ll'.S clotll" iK «»!' ati.v. !(H> I>;IHC'- The lnititut« And Hou»«hold Science Club In' Different Placet. 'At iho same lime the \\'hitesidc I'ounly l-',ijtnet>' luwtiiate annual BC«- flon's arc lieini: held ,U tht> TownslTJi' High .School huitdliiK In Slertin^r, !H>c KJ, ^11. l"i ncM. the Whifc.-.idf ("oitntv lloiiscliold S«icnce I'luh will !«:« tutld- hig IIH 'a'niiuai nieeUns m the Sterling V, M. i" A iuiildliiK It -vva» (irst lll« e'lidcH to linlil the M'SHUJIIH or both or- ions in tile i-iniin* Idiilding. hut I uas diMMVerei) (he IHifh tichool Tor .ot h :it 'i'lii-j i the ^al vyill he 'nci-dnyH c\iT\ The progratn .i .'i.l anil "ill lin i ' t'etV «lfiv' e lillle. inteii-tiling one ul the Ihice <lu IH-HII; ••rapidly comp .-iiiy for (iiin!l<:>i:iioii A COfltRECTJON, . . Fu the i'«»h Bawket Grocery advertisement lu Friduy'H Gazette u line WUK put in the wron.g place utHU'r tluOu-ucU ing "Oyist»»r<*." j'i Mhoulifhuyw feud--- "(,>ywt(?rH, frewh every"! duy, I'e ~ •" ' ' 'tUy t'nited J'olo GrouiiiJfj. .V, V., .\'< ( iy.. 25.— The Army scored u .touchdown. against the Navy this aUeriioon within two mln- utw after the play heuan In the annual ki-rvlce same, ...:'.. Ward kicked off for the Navy ami Uliphant caught the bull on hUc. own l'i j'.-d line and' raced .. nearly ... the lentil h" of -tin* Itcld to the Navy live yard Hi^c, He made, a remarkable corkscrew, open field run. The bull watt then over for it touchdown but the Army tailed to kick goal. FOOTBALL SCORES. I!ec!tu»t» of Uie InteroBt taken in n number of games*, today The. Gazette will |to'f«t in. it* window the BcoreM of the Yale- Harvard, Army-Navy, Norlh- vvc.-ifcrti-!>hio state, c|||ea<fo-AIInm;- Mitn. ami lliihoi«SViRcoriHin ^amej* HH soon OH 'they arc* received this after- nouit.-... Commerce Otpartm*nt B«gin» .Of Important Subject. Study (Hy United Pmm.) ' D. C., Nov. 25. Flow to equally dlstfibue the nation's f«od supply and thereby coinbat the ever rifling prices, was mibjeeted to guvornnuuit study today when the connnncc di'iiarlincnt, under the perHonnl supeK'lHlon of Bee- retnry Hedileld. tieRttn prt>llmlnury work on' thu iHicHtlon. that offecta ev- ' cry inhat)ltant of th« country. • '. .It is the belief of administration of- expreHsed to ih» l/nltpd '' today, that thft chief fen 'twin '.'tor higher prices now lies In the'foct' that food* production was below norma), whlla the exporth l-ave greatly Increased. WILL SCAHER^SHES Ashes Of Jack London Will Find Rest- John t'herry, lately of Hurmfoi;. and at present far from tho. place." in wanted very'biidly by a niimlu'r of pcvtvimiH In tin little village to the south. l^ist S.ttiH-dny that enft'rpri«intf youns man cti^hwl u nuinber- t»f chv'.ckw in Harmon and .-one in Walnut, purporting u>•>>*!'drawn by N, Ii. Powers, All of tlHin proyed t<» be worlhlctiM. The checUs eaciifd in Ha.rtnon are", it is :Ule«cd, for the Minis? of $r> ami Sin The one cashed by a restaurant mitn tit Walnut WMH for $45. Tho re,itnur- alit malir It tS,"«aUf.: had but J^'f.. I.ut agreed to send thi? icmuiniufe $;'<J to t'heriy iii t'hicago. ».-... llii\'iiiK .M.-Vtired the money, (.'berry and n jjil I Mtid to lie named .Hcibel, fiirnii'ii> <>r ^(erlinK. aie alleged to have tin\«-n out of town in an «, iHlchtiig the .train iti a nwu'by town and'gi'iitK to t'hicugo. Arriving there the uirl wet;t to ',4u' home of u j»iste'r. win-re'she wa« found by her parentei. o! \Valmt-t, Iitij^r, ' . - •' In |hc" meantime, thcje .was »i*ine « x- itenient in Harmon. Motida>j : -when. bojic. H!U»-hud c:t!?!H;ii the worthless lu'.ckjt i 1 ) Cfceiue.d ihcrn ;»t the bunk, aiii.I t!:«y uiic turnc«l (luvsij, 1 ' j :•':•' •!./• uiK' m.-ois' ;',»r I'hcity isi is Kit id,- bgt to d:ile be Vu».s ?*.i3*.i I i*.l I \ H*>f he fotittvily tc.-'idfd in (-*;»k I'atk.'day f»orter.'-*l*tcr Of Ai - 1*. ttp rei i i;>££T1nK" iiv vy»-ll as woiHd" TvTSfi front her r«- has* returned from be*>n visiting at Mr- M'iHrt O. M fortt-r, Is ut her frit'inli* wni fall, Alisri Ktt» Hosc-t JoVdttn where tho home of her paicntM. • Mrs. John Adalr returned, front pjtgo Friday where *dw had been. iting at the home of her parents, und' Mrs, \V. T. Kagtin. ' N.'iinc 1'lgs; tttul Martha ' will Hiiend tlie ev*»niint in iJixon. attendinj,- the. UeiiKKTuiic rally. Mij»s Hetty SippJ*;.. \>f Tatnpica, was a visitor in Sterling tuiluy. h>le Jlcatti! of l-'on Du "Kac, \V.i» . ajntveil here. >e«iteittuy.^. to spend TluuihsgU ing v\ Ith hi<* wije. who 1» vi^» itMijk' at the. liiune »>!" her purging, Mi'.v and. Mi;,r Kn-d l-'urjsu r ' Mr. JHid Mrs Dcaii ' Uiihlcy. of <"».. lela, tijicnl tho day in lliia.iil,y shup- ' in ,i .-Ifiail t.tic I It if ,i&v. and h;ui. bo-r, H n iTTV'T?T"TnTr rr "j-rtrnri O'M Mrs. ICva V'l^n'ker were Moii'i,-Viji v(.-i|{oi ei nunn. • . M I,. HccKiikiH. of >c,sli i;;i.iy in liii.H city Ad.itiu iicckm'iiu. !•; U. WhHiu>y,'m;ui ; . and t'fyrt Heed x Saturday uft- Ho a( 'Ifrfottt, Eij the hom of of The Sle-f. from t'uhfon. US - __ ,.: _ Mrs *'ii.i-s 'fuin Wood tuft rivvtl t!;ij KiiUi-iUu; frotif Jhty.t'tlHtr-t -arHriTrt-fiTtr—tTrtt^-r-rf-j.-f- M-t^r.- H.'H't'N <! (fly I'ntted Press.) Huntit lUma, t'ajif., Nov. - 25. •—The i of Jack Ixuulon were tukt-n to *ilinn. 4 .;jr?Hen to<luy, where tomitrruw they will bo Hcjitterejl to"t'hfr wintls. to tlt\d ti -last reruns place in "The Valley of the Moon/' Simille werylcea, miire of u nu-morial than religious, will be carried out. -With tho body of London was uivmeuUHi . liiu- farewell mciiuage of his Jiii'.uieM- valet. Hefore the ca^ekt w»* elo»t*d the vitlet ' rl-' bo\vcd Jim wuy throiikh the crowd with n Himtll-pod,, "In it is my goodbye, pH'two • drMi,'t tiike jt iiwuvv' he' said. On the pud the valet hud written: "Your wtirilM ' were tvilver Your- sl- Icncc nuw is gold," "CARSOFCOAl ARE HELD Diitrlct Attorney Clyne Firid* Va»t Quantltie* In Railroad Yard*. tlfy t'nite^i Press:) i'lin,-n;o. III., .X,»v. ;'5.—-I'.^B. JMstrict Attorney t*i\ne today began an inves- tiguttiou of compuiiius a'ginnwt hold- uj>» «>f vwist '|iiiH»tilies of co«i (n the ruiiroail yards here- jnul at other jH»lrt» tn Illinois. . In the Illinois c'r-titral >urd» here il& liutdcd c;u'«..of.. are ,«ni'.| (u have, been iatiuidiUK I'rom out* to three weeks. In the I'hicitgo a- Alton ya,rdti 1.0S loud- f J car,<* ucro cjiunte'il .yesterday uumf of which had been tin-re .since November :i. It IK i'lyne'?, theory that they ne^ in h',t? held "to boost the prices. LAUNCH WAS CUT1N TWO- TAKE ONLY UNEMPLOYED • ' ———. .' • ( Germany Denies Any Other Belgians Have Been Deported. •(Hy United PFOBB} AmMterdant, Holland. Nov. 85 Qer» man atlvlcen received here denied that any hut unemployed Belgians had Veen deported to work In the factories of Germany. They explained that If some who had work were" included among thooe deported It was because the Belgian authorltieti had failed to furnish a proper list of the unemployed und that meuBures will be, taken to return—those—who—were "deported— through mistake. Tho Cologne Ga- ?.«tt« deniiul that the IlflKlans deport«!«! «re being u«ed In "the manufacture of munitions or other war works. -• UP TO SUPREME COURT Papers Will Be Fired In Adumion Cat* By Monday Or Tue»d«y. • (By UnlWd Fr*«iJ.) WaahitiBton. D,/O., Nuv. 25.—The, <lu'«Mttun of the eor»t*UtuUo,na|Hy.,of the AdauiKon eight-hour IBw in up to the U. y. supreme court today. Formal filing of p.'tperH in the .oauv in exptnited !»y Monday or Tu»«day at the latent. Whether the hiKheat trltuinal will tie able or willing to speed up UH proverbially JilowL moving judicial machinery Hi net. finally on the ca»w By Jwiuary I; u* tttill u <|Ueatlon, but the belief iti Htrong that H "will J»'« nuvwral w«fk» aftrr N'ew YearB. Usfore this i» tlone. ituuihti r. ,l,ii usa- t.. Mr,'\. ..if ll-iliywn iet or.H 11, v\ n.a b iind 'Mr«- C'k- . 1.1 c,ii;f(H iu4, i-r!\' - M(>^-> Mi ,,r.X!t, am! Mr en y V, fey a St*ai*i*r an i» J<oown tq Have Drowned. • (By I'nttvd i'trssf n i-*r;tn.c».s>-»». «',i!. Xuv. ^ 'l! cun'.vtng L'o the of S.icrniucnt in >f ou tied fUliofS 111 ,rt; l""riiat'i«t'>: the Met-1 pa . rivvr. '.Mtc 'i '"vTru^JtTliTSrTnor'n« kltuwn lo liiive it- rnissuig b.ul liie >y«'l«.!- s.j,!.i,' ;tsKior«,-. ALL SHOULDJHAVE $39.28 Hav* You Got Your Intorett in the pig '. Gold Circulation? tl'Jy V'nitwl l*r«8H.) Washington, u, C,, NOV. 25.—The (swollen gold tide in cjnnHalton, at the clo»» of tht- jiwai yeitr--was tsuie tliat iheoictM'iilly every man, woman and chilil In the United !5t«ti>« had, |39,2^ in it. The-I'nitt'd S^aJ^iJ« t-r«»surer'a report uu.Ulisiu-4 ttulay ttltuwfil it! ejreulaiion, tin incrvase t>t iss -ovt't- it" 15, with aliout «half of the aniounigitiii wold. . • ' Tr«v«l«rt Report That 27 of the Crew , ." t,o$t Th.eir Live*. .' ' ,HoHan<l. cier» from -Muuii !i r*-i;i. '/cppe'litt MU» . «,Ut.. ;»l . WlSlS Nov. i'5 >rt MM»I in t l Ts.vC- * i;e\v icrlM-'-t Tu.,-j,.-' lriishuveii jn t ristit'/l in th«> a«--'ti fut-c- i-tit-

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