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UU a THE DAILY STANDARD mix CITY JEWELRY STORE KELL fr nAS FITTED UP AND OPl i STOCK OF JEri stf -AND- DS Carpenter Shop corner Second and Throckmorton FORT WORTH TEXAS tipp2-dtf Imfroved Method op WhxatCi iti-re reply to yours of the 17th inst requesting me to give you an article on the I have adopted in wheat culture and its results I would say I com menced farming about eight years ao -My success in raising wheat was not very satisfactory- and as I did not believe in seeding with the drill I scored mv ground with a shovel plow sowed broadcast and harrowed in I thought my wheat lotted much better than adjoining tiehls sowed ith the drill still liot being sati-fied anil oelietiug that I could not raise a crop of corn or potatoes without cultivating I asked myself this question ould it not pay to cultivate wheat tlie same as corn? In the summer of 1872 I manured about three acres of ground plowed it down about tlie 10th of August and let it tie until about tlie 20th of September when I plowed it the second time and harrowed it well I then measured oflf a sixth of an acre and used a common lioe to make scores about live inches wale ami as nearly level on the bottom as they could be made I left a space about six Inches wide between the scores I sowed on said spot eight ty quarts of Fultz heat on the 25th of September and raked it in In the spring of 1873 hoed tlie spaces between the wheat once in April and once the lir-t week of May sowed to clover alter the tirst hoeing and had a tine crop of clover When the wheat came into heads I found them much larger than those of the same variety sowed the same day on adjoining ground of tlie same kind of soifi anil the hole treated alike as to manuring and plowing I harvested and threshed from the plot a little over eight bushels or nearly double the FORT WORTH THURSDAY SEPT 21 1S76 NATIOSAL DEMOCRATIC TlCKEf Foil PRESIDENT SAMUEL TILDEN Of New York rott UCfPRESIDET THOS A- HENDRICKS Of Indiana Due of the evils requiring correction AT WASHINGTON If the Dejii'x-ratie party or the Whips ever did while they were in power at Washington ue sneit means as the Kejrtthlieans are now tisinp in order to influence elections it is strange that it never as known to the people and never charged npon those parties by their opponents It was formerly understood by ail parties that the real meaning of the Federal Constitution required the federal government to remain totally neutral in regard to all elections and espeeidly to abstain from using any kind of official influence to change tlie results of elections How can we be said to elect our officers or representatives by a free and unbiased vote of the people when one of the parties by the aid of millions of money furnished from Washington City by officers wiio have no right to meddle with the elections at all is enabled to use a far greater amount of influence than the op-Isite party can in publishing campaign documents and employing public speakers? In all elections by the people it was intended that no outside influence should be used but the jeople of each State should be left to make tlie choice for themselves If tlie officers of tlie United States government are to be allowed to Use official influence and to cxjiend money in controlling ttie results of elections the government itself ill always continue to grow more and mdre eorrnpt Over tlie main entrance at tlie White House and over the head of the speaker of the House and that of the president of the Senate there should be a placard reading thus interfere ith elections bile you hold a federal The fact that rings of revenue officers tinder Grant have been permitted to eon- tinue for years the practice of swindling tlie government and people out of millions and tens of millions annually on condition that they give a certain amount of their gains to a--bt in carrying elections for the Itepnblican party is sufficient to idenuumt only the party using money obtained in that manner but to make tlie practice of u-ing federal official influence in elections a scandal and di-grace to our government If the citizen holding an office under the federal government sees proper to vote at all elections in his State it is liis right and if be should as a citizen electioneer lor his party during liis leisure hours no fault can be found with lim on that score but when lie devotes Hie time that legitimately belongs to tlie office in which lie is a servant of the United States to electioneering for a party either as a shaker or a riter he is defrauding the United States of that much of the service tine the government And when he uses a cent of the money collected from all parts of the country to pay for campaign dixuments or public speakers in a campaign to influence tlie voters of a State he becomes a swindler of the gov-'ernment and people of the Union to just that amount The money collected by federal officers from tlie ieople of the whole country belongs to tlie people as a whole and noi to any political party and not a single dollar of it should ever be used to influence any election Secretary Chandler is now calling upon the eighty thousand federal of-j fiee holders to pay him twenty percent of their salaries as a campaign fund to assi-t in electing Hayes This fact of it-elfj should be sufficient to condemn to ever- lasting disgrace liis party as well as him self If tho-e office holders ith the clerks er emnlovees are not roeeiving sala- lies higher than ffiey then it is an outrage upon them to tlemand of them for that purpose threaten-ea -11- removal if But if they are recenmg t-ucli sala lies tliat they can afford to give the money then the llepubliean party has swindled a CONNECTIONS FORM THE Direct! Quickest Line -TO- To All Principal Points East CONNECTIONS At Texarkana with all trains on St Ennis Iron Mountain Railroad for all points North East and South-East At Longview Junction and Minneola with all trams on International for Tyler Palestine Houston Galveston and San Antonio A IIALLas wiffr frains North and South on Houston A Texas Central Rf Broad from Sherman Paris Bonham McKinny Corsicana Brcmond Waco Houston and Austin At Shreveport with a regular line of first-class steamers for Orleans This line being fully equipped with nil modern improvements such as VVestinghouse Airbrakes and Millers Truss Platform and Coupler is unsurpassed for SPEED SAFETY and COMFORT ilro iu Palace Cars on All Ifljlil Trains Ps 1 i r-: nl etc v'i 1 -re i i-V info-- i iv- -i Bh or tie- of lieight be iieriloBy is-id tn h-n-irp? Ire-- i dmnge- will mioii if -e-s-l NEW MAN Fr A Pass Marshaii lexas Gko Nonxr Gel Sunt -e ill Texas to obtain reliable i p-ii'-f a-Nvantages of tbi rtccting their it: -n 1- el vi-o-e others LOU 1 ftiountain and SfKITHEfiN RAILWAY Passengers From all points iu Texas Fort Worth AND BOUND FOR Thereof should purchase tlieir ticket via Texas and Pacific -AXD- TLAJZZTTTArsr Which form the Great Throngh Texa I tween the sonlh-vve-t -nil the tiirth -i east jmesessing tee advanlages of tance quicker time a more is amf rtblJ route tiian aiv o-m Ugf Pullman Palace Sleeping CafTT 1 -O' 1 line through t-i St Liui J1 ing direct connection with tl'e ail lines leav lug that city and givi to the east the akvaiitage of one tr-: 1 of any coinjn-ting line lroiu Texas 1 L- FORT WORTH yf Female Institute This Institution will be opened on the first Monday in SEPTEMBER 1876 at the Methodist Church The most competent teachers will le employed as the demands of the School indicate Tuition per month from $1 00 to $5 00 according to grade Music extra at ttstmi rates Draw ing and Painting extra at usual rates Incidental Fee cents per month Tuition end Incidental Fee most be paid at end of each month I ILsOX A it augl7-6m Principal FOR SALE OUTBADE! I will sell very low for CASH or traiW for Horses Mules Corn 1 Lay Oats or Bran the follow ing livery property THREE fine nine-passenger Concord Coaches ONE two-horse Concord Coach FOUR Carriages FOUK Ambulances TWO Bretts TWO FOUR Hearse SIX Single anr Double Buggies Roadr1 Spring Wagons Fine Ihimess in fai (p''TTthinS ltr- talning to a flrst-claKs liverv loltv ri1 it-IMjrt Louisiana afCLES Dealer in awl Fancy 1 amount per acre produced on the remainder of the held I always plow twice for wheat and very deep In the fall of 1873 I sowed all mv wheat on the same principle but making my scores (with a double-mould cultivator) about eight inches wide and the ridges sowdd broadcast about ten inches wide and harrowed lengthwise once then dmr-ged to lev el the ground In the spring of 1874 I cultivated a plot of one acre I lmed part of the plot once part twiceand the re-maiuder three times On the part hoed once the heads were about one-eighth larger than here I did not hoe oiAhe part hoed twice they were still larger and on the plot hoed three times they were larger yet some of them measuring nearly'-" inches in length and satisfying me it pays to hoe three limes Thp weld from the plot cultivated was fifty-five bushels per acre from the remainder of tlie field about twenty-three bushels jw-r acre Of eoure 1 dil not sow tlie plot I hoed to grass The remainder of the field was sowed with timothy and clover In tlie fait of 1874 I again put my crop in on tlie same principle Some of it I left without spring cultivation I found that the heads of that which I did not cultivate were larger than the heads of tlie same va- riety put in with a drill but not anything in compari-on with tlie beads on the ground which I cultivated I have a hit of ground cantaining 25 square yards less than a third of an acre on liich I sowed 13 quarts of a new variety of wheat which I had made by cross fertilization using as the parents hybrid No 9 and Fultz tlie former being 'white wheat stiff straw and tlie latter a red wheat Tlie yield from that lot was 16 bushels or about 49 bushels per acre Gave it only one hoeing in the spring of 1875 I have now about six acres of wheat growing put in the same way except that la-t fall I made the scores 12 indies wide left tlie spaces for cultivating 10 inches wide thereby utilizing more ground than heretofore and u-iiig the same space for cultivation My wheat this summer looks mudi better than any former year at this time I am satisfied that the advantages are more spaee occupied a free circulation of air opening up "he soil to air and warmth when the plant seems to need such influences the growing of the wheat in large nias-es so that it is more difficult for the frost to uproot it and the better setting of tlie plant if lifted by the frost It al-o seems to me that it protects itself better than when sowed with the drill You can form a much more correct idea of it when you see the wheat growing As I said before I sow broadcast and narrrow lengtliwi-e and nearly all that fall- oil" the ridges rolls down into the scores by harrow ing The extra eo-t of putting in wheat in this way and of cultivating it over eo-t of drilling I do not think would reach S3 per acre though I have not kept an accurate account John Ileiges in Agricultural Iteport Don't Feld Poultry Corn In forty-five out of the fifty flocks of poultry you will find tlie feeding boxes supplied with corn This grain is flip lazy man's blessing No vvoik is" required in feeding it out it keeps the tow Is like it and nothing is wasted Now for laying liens it is worse than valueless there is so much fattening material in its composition and so little of the albuminous that eggs can not lie manulac- Your hens eat it when they will eat but the only result will be an m-'erease of fat on their bodies and of vitality and productiveness lie wliieh abound in albuminous only should lie fed to poultry Our exiierienee lias been that for tbe breakfast a drv domrh of short is suttii it nt A Boarding House Opposite Centennial Hotel GLASSCOCK Proprietor Table supplied with the best the market affords Best water in the City Atm 3 BOAZ MARKLEK 3 ELIIS 3 3 NICHOLS Califorikti and Texas Bank -OF- BOAZ MARKLEE 4c GO South Side Public Square FORT WORTH TEA AS Do a general Banking Busines Sell exchange to all principal points Fartierflar attention paid mvl4-1 A TIUBALL VANZANDT 3 SMITH 3 JARVIS Tidball Tan Zandt Co BANKERS smrrn SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE Fort Texas DO A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS IT EC LIVE Deposits subject to check at sight Certiliaates ol" Deposit issued an time carry-ing interest at agreed rates Buy and sell Foreign and Domestic Exchange also Gold and Silver Buy Commercial Discount Notes loan money on collaterals National state and County Bonds bought and sold on commission oiled ions made and proceeds promptly remitted £3 We refer to our Correspondents DONNELL LWOX CO New Yolk MOODY A JEMI--ON New York EXCHANGE BSK St Louis BALL HUTCHINGS CO Galveston Texas LOUISIANA NATIONAL BANK Orleans FIR-ST NATIONAL BANK Dallas Texas CITY BANK Dallas? Texas jelf-ly II WESTJEBMAN E- F- MEIEK 6c MEIER CHINA Glass and Queens-Ware 5 I 5 I 7 Washington Ave ST LOUr MISSOURI Bohemion and Uermnn glassware and fancy goods table cutlery looking glasses Ac WEBSTEU Salesman PKUr Ei-iiONAL CAKE Having removed from Shreveport La I have permanently located in Fort W'orth intending to eontinue the practice of Medicine and Surgery AND SURGICAL DISEASES OF FEMALES Oilice over Tidhall VanZandt Co Bank Residence where Dr Ewing formerly lived JOSEPH MOORE References Medical Faculty of St Louis New Orleans Shrexepnrt and Ail-tin WM EDOM COLEMAN HOLT COLEMAN Edom Coleman Co LIVE STOCK Commission Merchants 5t3Otir Business is Strictly Commission We devote Personal attention to the selling of all stock consigned to us Shippers will please consign in all cases where they desire us to handle their stock as it facilitates in the lotting aud ill materially assist us in disposing of and attending to the same With onr long experience in the Live Monk business we feel safe in saying that we understand it in all its branches guarantee satisfaction to all our patrons Correspondence solicited All letters and telegrams to either oilice shall have immediate attention UNION STOCK Y'ARDS: St Louis Mo Wm Edoin and Holt NATIONAL STOCK YARDS: Easter Louis 111 Cam) ilielL and 1 T7 i'ei DAVID BOAZ Agent i liNLY 15 U1NT8 IN OUTER to introduce it into thousands of honne where it is not already known we ill seniour great illustrated literary and fami-lvjourud Cricket on the tliree months trial for only lo cents A mammoth 16 page jap-r (-ize Harjers Weekly containin' splendid continued aud short stories poems sketrhet etc Onlv SI a year with elegant premium portfolio of American by Ald-'ne company or TScts wilht premium On tii i It-ree "months for 13 cents Write at one- to LUPTOX A Co Park Row New V-ik 4000 FIRL BHIOK! Just received by OT SCHSDTCK 7:9 MAIN STREET DALLAS TEXAS Dealer in BEYLIYE POBTLASD and BOSFJi dau: ceueats All kinds of Stesvm Machinery and Supplies PHtEJIIX STONE CO of all kiwis of Plain anil Ornamental Manufactvu-ers ONE WORK Posts se Blocks etc etc nt Gidewalks CANTO STUN Market Pubv- ttare si i Ms: a Street VI -it tf 'H'l OATH i AS Our Market of meats vegetable-the agency for the An market I kinds ve also ic our Mm ru "ee El PASO STAGE DAILY 4 AND IlliRSL1 iflf fiS From Dallas to Fort Worth Wea 'ert -i J-m ks boro and FoitGriiUr- Connects at Fort W'orth vvi and all points South and Sonthv CO Prop V-t-rt CV FAIRft 3 tre- tU -t I sr CENTENNIAL HOTEL? AG AN PRP: MAIN STREET FORT WORTH" O'T Th r-'vi'8 ve- House furnished in elegant stvle Furniture Rooms all o-V ---La' ffiJi if in REED LAT Wholesale and Beta" Books Stationery A iaoer Paper Bags Wrapping and 4-t Pi era Blank Books Rustic aud Paper Window Shades Country orders promptly filled at the lowest juices 505 MAIN STREET DALLAS TEXAS Mitchell CARPENTERS JOINXRfc AY eatherford Sreet Fort W'orth Texas All ki-ids of work done on short notice and in genteell style Repairs to furniture of any kind neatly executed We keep rollins on hand all the time and will attend promptly to all orders in tlie undertakers line Miop on North Side Weatherford street Smith Jarvis SMITH JARVIS TTORNEYS AT LAW and GENERAL LAND AGENTS Prompt personal attention given to the collection of debts adjustment of claims perfecting tides jiavment of taxes and the purchase and sale of real estate Oilice over Tidhall VuuZmdt Bank South side Public square Fort W'orth Texas BEALL LAWYER and LAM) AGENT Will practice in tlie Courts of Tarrant and surrounding counties and in tlie Supreme and Federal Courts at Ail-tin II ive 3AT 000 acres ol land iv ing in Tarrant Parker Wise Montague Y'oung Coryelle Shackleford Archer Ilavlor Stephens Clay Callahan Eastliml Jack Palo Pinto Throckmorton for sale Oilice in Huffman's building adjoining Standard office IX Clark II Feild CLARK FEILD TTORNEYS AT LAW AND GENERAL LAND AGENTS Will practice in the courts of Tarrant anil -urrounding counties and in the Supreme aud Federal courts at tv lev and Austin Prompt personal attention given to tlie collection of debts adjustment of claims er-fecting titb-s payment oftaxes andthepurchase and sale of real estate Office up stairs east side of Main street Fort W'orth Texas FOUND AT LAST NEWK1AN RILEY Contractors anil Huiblcis on Main P'r-l the Postoilloo FORT W'ORTH XEXA9- Plans and sjiecifications of ctugeB dwellings and store houses furnished anil ut up to order either brick stone or wood Woik executed vv ith uealness anil dispafeh Beay of city reference Address box 50 -r esidenee 200000 BUiHtto WANTED AT THE FORT WORTH CITY MILLS BROWN YVOLCOTT A BLADIN THE PACIFIC SALOON! SOUTH SIDE SQUARE DUD PROPRIETOR Tlie best brands of Wines Liquors and H-ivana Cigars always on hand lite and altentive bar keepers to wait on customers BAT 1 JL1E JLiOXJc-bL Sowtheast corner Square Fort Worth Texas A II THOMAS) Proprietor The Battle House will be kejt in first-cla-s style the tables being supplied with the best the market affords Consisting of Ladies and Gold eq Silver Watches Bracelets Rings Pine Lu i i and everything kept in a first-clas Jew ezy i-ore Every article warranted as represented f4 9 mm ft 3 i His assortment of silver and silver-jlated wart emliraces Ice Pitchers Card Receivers Butte) Di-hes Vases Cuke Ba-kets Tea Sets Toils Sets Knives Forks Spoons Castors Gobblers Pickle Di-hes Cups Ladies and a general assortment in most elegant design and finish EAST SIDE MAIN STREET bi -voi ex Rejiairing i ne jo i- end td suit the tim Rejwiring of fine a r-es a s-t- It Engraving and K-iuni-llig o-'l li' put up to oi -r ECLIPSE 'v I ASP A T'H (k vce rex vs bueet Sticvi-ort La I am prcpved i-irn'sh 'ba-r and bette livery than a Lbie in i- na A boarding o-r- a ili and a watclin -j ii ijv and j-'ht UN LDWELL Pronrietcr PliESCaiPTION 4 DRUG STORE Corner Main and First Streets I WOULD INFORM THE CITIZENS OF FORT Worth and surrounding country that I have re-arrarged the stock of Drugs formerly owned 1 Ferguson and fitted up the hoii-e in ili-f- lass style adding New Drugs ftresli from New York ill articles usually kejit in a first-class Drug v-p ii can be had here Prescriptions carefully pounded at ail hours ful'-tf DR EPSTEIN Carriage Manufactory WEST 6TREET TX S-jULEli Successor to MYERS SOUDERS PROPRIETOR ARRTAGES BUGGIES HACKS SPRfNG and Express Wagons made to order and full guaranteed Strict astentiou pi id to repair work EIGHENBAUM Dealer in Imported and Domestic Cigars Tobacco etc East side Main Street Fort Worth f-" Have on hand ai? grades of a tobacco nave on nann a- Te pipes etc to sel? at retail or me a call II HOF-0- OERISOST BAUGHK'-r 5r ro -a OARPEN AND I A -tv CJ BUILDERS roax worth TEXAS Special attentioo given to plans estimates ami sjjecullcsierons frrders left ut Grocery store orad-lress receive prompt attention to PO Box will 42-3m- it i the hole people by giving tlie employees llie iin milk the better -A foo1 supnls ot ami barley sliouldlie kept thefiedin through tlie day and at night a teed of wholesome wheat should la? Wheat screenings are not eooiioniuil and the eed senls they contain are euougb to them even if they "ere otherwise deViralle Many poultry keepers have discovered the penurious effu 1 of corn on their piiultoyand tnl tocliange their tl'H the owners have finall ja ioi-t and lodged the In stub eases the only plan is to start the fowls into eating some other fmd: ti-ev will come to terms lien thev get -uth-cientlv hungry and afler tin bate be-come'aei-ustonn-d to a les diet years ago by they will improve in ay cut Tbre and Corn slioull he fed only in weather nnd then sparingly and I'1' ti- Lot meal of lay IMoasrimian r-eentiy overloaded 'i heavy wedding cake and that she might dream She dreamed that a each ear of two -I sat IW CRAWFOaD Artist in Photogeny 0 Makes every stvle of pfarfnfe front the setting of a ring to life eizej colored with Indi Ink water pastelor oil Keepe eonstantly hand ALL RINDS OR FRAMES ALBUM Sr And alT the other appurtenances a well regtt-' ated gallery corner public square Be sure tocall ancf examine mv FODT WORTU XJC-ThJKI- jmrMaisuig eleewbeae I propose to sell atFort Worth and Dallas prices groceries MANSFIELD TEXAS cyantry Prodivee taken in exchange for Gryn-ries Cash Paid for Whea a.

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