Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on September 24, 1980 · Page 47
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 47

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1980
Page 47
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Eagle Blamed For Blaze LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) - A golden eagle touched off a 25-acre grass fire when it fell to the ground after being set ablaze by a power line, fire officials said Tuesday. The fire, about 10 miles east of here, was put out by the Alameda County Fire Department Monday afternoon. Elmer Raphael, who was in charge of the fire crew, said it is not uncommon for birds to ignite grass fires after being electrocuted and set on fire when they land on power lines. Wednesday, Sept. 24, 1980 - Santa Cruz Sentinel 49 Indian And White Man Agree River Needs Water Kern County To Exhume Man's Body BAKERSFIELD (AP) - The Kern-County coroner plans to exhume the body of an unidentified young man found in an irrigation ditch near here last November to aid investigators working on the Freeway Killer case. Coroner Dick Gervais said Tuesday that one of the men arrested in connection with the freeway killings had led Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies to the exact place where the body was found. "One of the suspects in the (Freeway Killer) case apparently copped to the killing," he said. He said new information in the case should help determine the identity and cause of death of the young man. Deputy Los Angeles County Distict Attorney Sterling Norris would say only that the body was already listed as one of the 14 murder counts against defendant William Bonin, one of four men charged in connection with the freeway killings. The skeletal remains of a 5-foot-10 man about 23 years old and 140 pounds were found along U.S. 99 near Taft. But the dead man was never identified and his body was finally buried as a John Doe, Gervais said. Since 1972 the bodies of 44 young men and boys have been found nude near freeways in five Southern California counties, and investigators have said some may have been murdered by different killers. Bonin, a 33-year-old truck driver from Downey, is a twice-paroled registered sex offender charged with 14 counts of murder, 11 counts of robbery, one of sodomy and one of mayhem in the case. SACRAMENTO (API A white man and an Indian who live on the Trinity River agree that the river needs more water. They are Trinity County Supervisor Jim Smith, the white, and Dale Risling. chairman of the Hoopa Valley Business Council, the Indian. Both urged the federal government Tuesday to increase releases from reservoirs into the river to 340,000 acre-feet a year. They testified at a hearing on an environmental impact report prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on its proposals to revive the salmon fishery in the Trinity. The report proposes various alternatives ranging from a minimum flow of 120,500 acre-feet a year to 340,000. Secretary of the Interior Cecil Andrus temporarily increased releases from Trinity Dam to 286.000 acre-feet about six months ago, pending a permanent decision expected in mid-December. Releases were cut to about 120,500 acre-feet in 1964 when the dam was completed to divert water from the Trinity into the Sacramento Valley. The low flows have greatlv reduced the spawning runs. Smith said the 340,000 acre-feet level would amount to 450 to 500 cubic feet per second. But he noted that before the dam was built, spring floods averaged 30,000 to 40.000 cubic feet per second and peaked much higher than that. Risling said the Hoopa Tribe consists of about 1,600 Indians, 80 percent of whom live on a reservation that encompasses the last 12 miles of the Trinity before it merges with the Klamath. Bank Robbers In San Diego. Gets $283,000 SAN DIEGO (AP) - Police and FBI agents are searching today for two well-dressed men who robbed an armored car driver at a branch of Bank of America of .$283,000 the largest amount ever taken from a San Diego bank that authorities could recall. The two men. both bearded, dressed in suits and carrying briefcases, stopped Loomis Armored Car Service courier Ray Hudson, who was carrying three 30-inch high locked bags of cash Tuesday, police said. After showing a .38-caliber revolver, they ordered several dozen customers and employees of the Pacific Beach bank on Garnet Avenue onto the floor and escaped out the back within minutes, police said. He said destruction of the fisheries and loss of water flow has affected the Hoopas more than any other group. He said the tribe needs salmon for subsistence, and the loss of the fish and water had endangered the tribe's religious ceremonies. Also. Risling objected to the coupling in the report of the Hoopa and Yurok tribes. He said the Yuroks are located mainly on the Klamath, and unlike the Hoopas engage in commercial salmon fishing He said increased gold mining and creational on the Trinity can negate any benefit of increased water flows. He said more than 100 dredges were running this year. Three Accused Of Assaulting Feinstein Aide SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Three people associated with a government-backed housing company have been charged with holding an accountant on Mayor Dianne Feinstein's staff at gunpoint in an attempt to get authorization for government funds. The three, all connected with the Bayview-Hunters Point Non-Profit Community Development Corp., were scheduled to be arraigned today on the charges. Charged were Stephan Evans, 27, acting director of the corporation, Joleta Head, 39, board chairman, and Clarence R. Coulter, an employee of the corporation. Dimaggio Graham, an accountant in charge of monitoring federally financed housing programs, told police he accepted an invitation to lunch with Evans about four weeks ago. But he said he was taken to a deserted area in northern San Mateo County, where one passenger pulled a .357-caliber revolver on him. Graham, according to police, said Evans told him he wanted authorization to go on a publicly financed trip to Washington with two others and approval of a $650-a-month contract for janitorial work at the firm's headquarters. Graham said he told the men he didn't have sole Cromer Pursues nsanity Defense OAKLAND (AP) Darlin June Cromer's will use an insanity defense in her scheduled Oct. 20 trial in which she faces a possible death penalty on charges of kidnapping and murdering a black 5-year-old boy. Public defender Dean Beaupre entered a plea of innocent by reason of insanity Tuesday as Ms. Cromer. 33. sat quietly during a brief proceeding before Judge Winton McGibben in Alameda County Superior Court. Her attorneys, noting she has undergone psychiatric treatment in other states, had indicated earlier they would change the plea from innocent to innocent by reason of insanity. Ms. Cromer has undergone psychiatric treatment at a Bay Area hospital where she has been held. Ms. Cromer, who is white, is accused of the Feb. 5 abduction and slaying of Reginald Williams, whose body was found in a shallow grave the following day. Meanwhile, another judge has said she will issue a decision Oct. 3 on a defense motion to eliminate from trial the Ms. Cromer's alleged confession. Authorities said Ms. Cromer told them during questioning that she hated black people, and led them to the boy's grave. But her attorneys claim that she was not properly advised of her right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during questioning. authority over such approvals, but was told to give the names of anyone who caused "problems" in getting approval. Graham said he was then taken back to his office. Police arrested the three Monday. PSA Pilot Strike Is Likely SAN DIEGO (AP) - Pacific Southwest Airlines pilots prepared to strike the carrier after contract talks apparently stalled, but the airline says it will continue taking reservations to put its customers on other carriers. The pilots' union already has set Thursday for the strike, which would shut down 200 flights daily. Bargaining agents for the Southwest Flight Crew Association, representing 500 pilots and flight engineers, and PSA conferred with federal mediators Tuesday, but were unable to reach agreement. Negotiators have differed on pay, work and rest rules and flight conditions related to the new DC-9-80 jetliner. A PSA spokesman says it is still taking reservations at its normal rate of 25.000 passengers daily and plans to refer customers to other airlines. Union spokesmen say it will put up picket lines' in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas. The company will temporarily lay off about 3.900 other employees during the first days of the walkout, a PSA spokesman said. The last time PSA was struck was during a mechanics' 39-day walkout in late 1973. SF Kite Flying Law Is Updated SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -San Franciscans now can legally fly their kites on the greens of the city, but it's still a no-no to wash spittoons and beat dirty carpets on city sidewalks. The Board of Supervisors voted to rescind an old city law which prohibited flying kilos in much of the city without a permit. According to police, no one had asked for a kite-flying permit in more than a decade. 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