Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 24, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING. ILtlNOIS. FRIDAY. NOV. 24. 1916. PA as STATEMENT BANK STATEMENT N<v, 2709 Report of the Condition of the Sterling National Bank Lofint ;*!i'! dt* Tot-'i! . (lv<--!'dt af!«. !:!•• \<. H. bond-. .-!.•(' Tofal f ,,!., -f. ; i , i,\~ : Total boi PUBLIC SALE. CLOSING OUT SALE. SALES. CLOSING OUT SALF. PUBLIC SALE CLOSING OUT SALE, NOV. MONDAY. CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD HELP, WANTED -MAL£ FOR SAT.K REAL ESTATE M.7J* f'iS I l-'iirniture and li,\lnt''H _. - Ileal estate owned othi r th-in hankim* h>ni"c ...... tt'ct nmoiMit dise frorn api'l;>><' d J.-nerve ateiitM in .'.'« w VnirY. Chi. •!««. and St.- f,«'iic< Net amount due tf»>m ••.<aii:,-< -"ind banket-.' .Other i heel,* on bank* In the same city or (own a.-i Outside die, k* and at her cn-di it. in-; I'rnclioriJil curn-in v. til-. !;>•!'<, and rciitH . . |—yj-.j^-. .-j. j-;j_ ( -._ : -,_.^fj,,,,,-!j tirmkn Lawful rrj-'cne in vault and with l-Y.h-ial f!e<. r\.- llan!-, llC'dcmption fund with I'. S. Treasurer and due from I'. K Treasurer . ^ , Total LIAHII.ITIKS. fnpltnl stuck pnid In Ktirphi'i fund •• •••- l*n»ilvldf-d riof^i • Lews current ev|M!t^'". ln(ere-<(, and I.IVM paid CltT ulftti (IK not ei, liiiHlatiiTiiiii , 4.7311 .mi v. • 'ii ' t 1 I Individual d«-po«dtn subject to check CertlrleuteH of d. poHitM dni' in leu* than 30 Certified chccft* Tot Ml iblllalld deposits ............... ' f line depii.xit.K . . Total of time dcpit<d(« , N.',.T.. $ ion. oon, no ) 00,00(1. 00 l in) • I i'i.3« 41.-',' I \ i ;• " >i> iu:-' >"i> S< -U >' l>, i ; . . i.-.i In ••! •• - in., i". ••nit .1 !•!•-' !'••: i-h.- • ill en t" p!a \ V, lt!i r-"Alt\1 M.M HINf.itV :: tnmhrr TV;U.,||»i. two -,- •, .if whe.-S- V- ith e ,, ll W .-U,oil. wide ,'lTid !:'.!("\; Illll. oil" till'-, •with tin.' T"'i 1-,'i-rir .--print--•. <'it,-, t.,,|, .••led. hav r.!-K. t \M i milk hai'dti:!.: tacV-- i.r'at \Vc*!ijn in.-itiMi >• • rpi eadi r. n>v\ Mi ' ii, ir.i' i. b;nd< r. 1"ejjnt; mou.-t iidinv. C"i n )>!"«. walking corn |--t">v, ! 4- I!-., if stutil.T. ph"'W. 1''-inch Mnl.ld.. dr;..;-,. <li-' . .-• • d- i. i on diiiii.t. ti.iv r:;!;». hand iirind vt.ittc, ;t -«-i dotii.b- lrun> —«, i harif'-M t"t thud b'ii-e, :!-hoise v\ai;"ti Tjll.'llh'.er flit' " ;>!!'! <'tl!"l ilHlcle-. li;.\ fork, pnlh>" .md 1'J" f. "t new rope, milk cany. \\:u:o!i jacks. }«'.'. Chun, .1 i.i ' ..!d I, i i i ,i ju iti-ii '• :; «.' i .M n mi!' •> \' i: - •:••'. i ]•-,- i ! v . :(] •: !•!•!. ! t.| .,,'.,i jr, • t • .,,.,., I *.:.( iii _; '. i.ij-'. n!d - . f.'^,. ;• >-!>)tm; - ! -.1- > . \.-.I-- Old. '\\-.\- cehli'ii; o ». c t. . :• t ,,_•_,_ i (I,;.}; \\.ii;,,n inn.- !" vfar« ,.!•! -JM.I .,,. in ,,,... ..,,v., .,,_.,-; ,,,.,. ..,.,., M, , i -,., , t ;tvh • 'Id. ''t'.ind. i. 7- f.."* . ut , 7 • r.".t i".,' (" < nnt: ! : M, :' ::- ! i. 7 >< old ni(,«.-r; I 11,-. r}\--,-, hn !•.,,!.-., j corn- st.illj-.n. !•". h in-.i-i hi^h. ;|,j M ,,( ]_•__ i i;tn.t^.'!i i. tn-_: pl-nv: 1 M-' potiiid---. .«-_ite,| |>y iOrai.'iid i j,,,.)', waikm;.; pfi.\v. I In < a.kitu,- plo-.v. I! WA \TTi:i> MA N ' ' .-',! ',•• t; -M.d f,:-r n^ !>;- r; I"!.'" ii'-r;:-, <"H lin —rf. H-'r-ry -rtnatu -nt. ,M , I't (lain I'- [.III t . 2 ."'I'd dam l-M'-eilla. i.S.'.sn nl !» in ^.r,n) I Cip,,»[|, llectof i.!. -,Ji.y> plaited in Li ridinic ei'in plowv. 1 di-> ; h.-urow. itoo.i ; t « new: <>ne p'ilv.u/. r. t:ood i\^ I -f-seetion h.-t! roV. ; ! Molit'ie lU.i-v. l:ochf-:trr, V. V. __ j _ ______ __ _ _____ _ ____ _ t ___ ^__ _ _ WANTKI*-- WAITUI'>'S \VANTI-;I>- T*>fi f, irfi! Vi tift day !;;; :-M v K \it< on. II"' kf-'!--l Valley, .Moli!-,. rtnt »-t-»}.l:-t;-d mcney. <ilf-n «' ii-1- i •!;,• • , vin«-nt. Ill I:' t . 12,", I'H.'e C t.ntlln. !„'!-! U !;«"!•; FALLS C: n • Si.:'.-ai. '. .1 i"- ' !.-lo!)tldy. •• k t'.il! •. K't- !LT. AV'ti l,A!!f;K - 1, r ,tlv I-rice : Ms;. K.I; k r«i!l<. i:: l -1 '„',"> AT Tin:' LOST A -I .%ti':.\ i -'< ui !."-- ; T - «;«'i.t> r 1 '. 1 . . t: l i iiei il n',!- j i in;:': in i ! .]•''••'•' ''M -^ i n s f , ,{ . • I '.' u a \ d f' •*• r * • w l ;i f'' *4; S <'I,ASH tie I'J.ltf s.".j.;,«;i.'i;! l.'-'i,•','«' ,"'!' (>liji) M "-il ]">!;»!"(•«. i|lialttily of ha\ Hi burn, ti'.ni 01 I'IMI |iit».| ( i'h. i-orn, I" IHIIJH-!- Kt'ld'H VHI"W I'cnt «ri d ri'i'fi. I'tmrii. TCIt.MS "if SAI.l; All Mints ,-r flu ;iml tiiiili't. t.,i"ii. < iv.-r this attiiiiiiit 1J itti'tttliM litui- \\l\\ !"' t;ivt-ti "it !ippriiv«'d !tn(>.j !n->|!!tM4 !> ))! J Cflll. intiTf^t ffnUI iint«' If paid \vli>-ti iillc; nt In t Wl.-c ~i |i«-i • •cni. fli'dt -iditi i»f i-ali*. " .1 Ai'i 'Ii VANIiHHI.KKST. .1. < '. <'ii'lli ,», Snii. Auf liolic-'i s. ..||, (.'. 8lflte of llllnids, HH. " 1, S, ti Cta wfoi d. < 'a- -hl« T of the riboVc named bank, do Molemnly nwear thill the fibove Htat. inent !• tine to the In HI of my knowPdKi' and belief. ' .S. <.». Crawford, «'anhler. Hind and RWoin t" bcfori I ,la\ of Ni.i, , |:i|ii. U'rn T, lialt, Notary I thin I'.'i _ 4BKAL|.J C«»rrrct .1. I.I. Iw't Hlriii K, J.'.. i^wr-MH 1', T. Unit, : EXPECT HUGE CROWD Yule Bowl, Whfch Scats Over 00,000 People, May Not Ac- commodatc the Jam. I)y II c, llainlllon . Cone; | ondi nl oi I'inie.i TrenH New Ilavcu, ('inn, Nov. -'t,' Th mnimicr Vale honl. will'h ncat.M ,|f|of thtlll ti'i.iiKU . 'peT'inTerr—•*•• not' expe-'lei to enre for all tin-»> .who^itri todriv lo e,.| the pi i i ioiiH licki l;i fot the nnniial Yale-llarv am clanh Tcm |k)|ury sie,if-» have IH i n added to ih (jrenl bowl :ind. CMMI ivilh these, il i expected that hondi<-ib< »lll lie tuinci •frwril^ tho K.'iten. " It""wlll he (be ihhtV'Hrventh hetiui'ii tin- two bit; i si'tern college? Arid,nn element <d' uncertainty, iiiori prdriniutei d Ihan in ni'iii.s \entN, haiu',i the outcome. Harvard',-* nupport- JHe cliiimhiK an <-<\K<< IhloiiKh (hi of Princeton, lint the. whole fool ball 'world IIUM eome to view the Yah team, under the cnai him/ rnetho.dH of Trtd JoneH. with cont-idei ible It ll'l« beeli fiuir yenr»i Hllice the foanner-of victor> \»a« thmd from th> Ncur J'laven ltiiRf<liiif alter u Kium i with Hwrvfirdi mid In thime yeiirH Yule ~Jllve~ pointx. that time Ytile had a virttliil corner on womiK 'In thi*_ tilt«_wl_t|i_.he.r_ "old <>n<Vn>, I'tf. \\ntt the .iiiHt y«»r when the nine eohortH BinothorcJ tlip^PKm**^! I'D to 0. left linrvanl without the brilliunf\l!r|ckley and Mahiin. hut the work of ~jfj trie htteknehi, w~it h ifc~ ' fully up to the lIiniKhton Htiimlard hnn rnudo lla.tuird a favorite. Ynlo IUIK come fiiMi under the (u- t^luRe of Tnd ,lone»"nnd will |>ieMi'f:l n formldnhje front, Sornn- trouble hax ,"J»*eti-found In'ii few H|Mdn,,but u« -H whole, the Mbie team lonkH better than any Kl! wiuud In wevenil yenrH. : Y«le-H«rvard Retard. l»7f> t, Mnnnrd. -1 KOH|H;' Yule. n. J*7«U-Yule. 1 «oul; Hurv.ud. II. •_ 1*7*'- Yule. I Kiml: Jfnrviml. -0. '"" ISTtl—Yale, ii, Harvard, o. -| —tnitrhdiTvrnT -MS* Harvard. <•. TBSl-Yule, "n. llnrvitrd, 4 J8fc2--YHle, I Koal. 4 loui'l • llfifvunl, 4 HitfefU'is. UH3<~liarvurd. ^; Y«le. ^3, -tlnrvfirtl. n; Yule, 4N.' -Harvai'd, <; Yule. so. ISI7~-Harv«r»l,' S; Y«,le, 17. JSSB—Hurvurd. 0. Yale, C JS90~»«rvard. IX: Yale, ll 189}—Harvard, u; Yule, jo, 1892—Ifarvni'il,. «; Yale, ii." 1S93—liurvaitl. »; Yule. «. . -iiurVartl. <; Yule, IL', 'Jiai'v'ar'd, 0, Yale, o, J.«9k'~;Hur.Vfiril, JT; Yjule, o. J8»l> -° Harvard, o; Yale, 11] . 100I-—irnfyurd! 2J: Yah". H. 1»Ojt-~H«rvMrd. 0.. Yule. a;f' ifloa—Hnrvard, ii; Yul.-, |ti, 1804—Hanant. ii; Yule, li», JB05—HarvuiJil, ti; Yale, Ii. JflOtf—Harvard. •*; Yale, ii 1907—'Ijiirvjml. y: Yule, IL». "J«08—Harvard, 1; Yule, <i. 190t)~ liurvuid, «; Yule, l>, 19W—Harvard, o;' Yule, «. "JSU—Harvunl, •>; Yale. t». I»t8—Harvard, -,!u: Yale, d. iai«_»>ir\-t.r.l K. Yule, f,. WOMAN IS ACCUSED Witn-»».Said She Shared In Sale Of Stolen Autos. Chlcaco. 111., Nov, . 2-1,- .Mr«, Klvina I-;. Slih ,s, a real cMatc operator and wife of William It. Hfih'H, foreman of the general delivery diipartrnent of ihe poftofllce, MI! in Judge I'am'n court yetiterday and heard herself liranded a,s jan awHoeiate of IhleveM and a "fence"' for the "automobile tllii'Ven* IrilHt." • Sin- H on trial with Itoy I), \\'hite- hcail on a charge of ri-ceiviriK fUolen property. Walti-r H. Itelihan. • confenHed "fence," who iiirneil -viate'x evidence. teHtldiouy. Mrs. appeared lindl-t III hed, but «UU- (ie.ste.) (<eve|||| qtleHl iollH wll<<ll Ill'l' . Attorney {•fiarlcr* C. U'il MI-M, Stile« not only shared In the In the hale of tttolen ntachiiteH. Ui-llliaii LEGAL NOTICES^ ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Ivvtate of |!a|!ial;i Hcrulrick.-*, decea*!. ed. The imdci-idirucd ha\li\tr been ap. pointed ,n!!i!liii> ti at r of the estate Id Hat bar,i 11< rah i.'H* I.tie of (he Couui> of \Vidtouide and -I !t<- of Illinois, ,]•'- cea.-ffl, Ip-n by i:iVc.-< noHce (hat he «||1 before ihe Coiinl.y Court of U'hilej'iile Cinintir'. '( the Court llou.-e In Morri-ion. at r < January term, on the tir,«.t Mondii.i in .lantiiir> next, at which tlin.' all 'ier«.ins ' i nitf claims npntjiKt patfl rMf,itr«--nrr < IHird —jrnrt rei|iiest< d to a.ter,-. for i>i>i purpose o* IlliV" the same a(1j»IMt«".l All pel-Mo KM indrthteo , said estate are reijiiexted to make immediate pny- ment in tliiL undersigned. ^Pated (hi'i 10th day of Xovemher, A. 11. I'.t.t;, William I,. Hcudrfckx. Administrator. J. .f. l.udcn.x, Atloriiey. Nov. I", 17, "I, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. |-::<.tute'(.f .(allies A, Meij;haU. deceaH- Ms liuark «t Hnndiil|di Ut'drt.v" afid Sundav. r<r, i'X.»n Write "T" eare \V. <'<>,. Ajip ATj nt <>f i ll'dt ! e.l, Thi> iiiiili-i haviim been ilp* pointed Admml.-dtittor with Will annexed of (fie last Will and TeNianientof ,l;iilieH A. .Meiniiaii, late «if the County of WhllcMdi' and Slate of JlllnoiN. de- I. hereby KlVcH'notice that he will «:«<•!-•(. _vv innlnt.; 1«! o:u-e, 'Jn.l twice. ;!iil.,,, t ,, p}.,.,,),.,.,. j .,^.^1...... ^ r |.-,-t .._>•»,.},-_-; twice, ;;.,,! once unplaced. He ban a l top buei;v; ) ; ,,( ( ,f br,.;ieblm: har- ^tn i "., i, conl of :.' J;i. ! .i and ha» tie.-!!'„,.„„_ ,,,„,,) .,.. ,,, v, . 1 b..b M|C,!, good n» t, p. ad ,11-. limed In hetic'r than :' I't in new 3 si-t of v. otk h'irnesH- 1 si't of' ^^- ''"-—' -.v--,..-...",......—_-"' :.::;...,".' - ij , iae, s. fti^diM"--'"-'^' i« fauftb-:, and j.irl vlntr ha,, ; :: .,-IM of'fly nets; H HELP WAHTED FEMALE \'|CT«ij; M, with about. oin',1 ,,.. w c-,>m inind.r;'l f'e. d cookr'r. sf. ^ hnndred ,cn-' (i.iiMH:,,- froind mil."' M,,»m of clover and timothy h.'iy nnd h.-uscwiirk '"''•* than j ;ei. I), i- t; 1 uaitf-d and jollier, thlm:* -too unnn -I-OUM to m<-nflon.; ,. ( j ( , ' j., -..:","\ iieadid. Tin. -c who f,av«» WOI kcd ' f<Y<-'.> tnncli at noon; <!>le at I'l o'clock.! '_. ; "t ; ei n l.i.lh hoi-I--- %\"!l-:'d think that : TCI in-t- All yntn« of Jl'i.»il and under. \V A N T \', 1) —- HAI,l-;8t,AI>II-;S «('h lit'- -tin. chac.c,. \ leioi M. will be )|< ;) v:ji, »»v,'f thl« umoiint I- months' e\.ll 'I II. M, r |-aie h''!-e thai! Ills bro- ! 'i|1l'' e|\el| ,,H ,,pj,,,, vr ,| t , n|f , tl»'l. " ; h* .' I it!!,' 'i pef cent il|tcTf«t ftOIH (Iflte \AM\i.\t; ir.i;i;v. |!,own staHion J|f p,. 1 wh. n due; otheiwi-ie T p, r cent , MISCELLA1TEOUB hand-, w. i'ht l.|i"» pound". Nir.-d by i fft-m /.. 'e of salr. N'opl'op.-!ty to he \ ^-.-^.J^ Tjf^Cl ^^SZZP. ..^^.^ The Kingmaker - .-|. dam Nannie Kilev : nmoved until veltlcd for. K o ltum-|NK\V lU'lLDI.VO IB ALL* COMI't.KTR »' ,!f. by luley •M.ed.iu.'.n, J.'. H'U.. H,. |« : iey. Auetlonr.-r: M. K Wih:i-r. Clerk. ! nnd we are In position to handle nil •i e..o,i n-, rni h"!-,' '111111 . olt-4 of e,,,,d i GEORGE. H. CA89ENS AND SON. , kinds of hides and fur. .Will prty th« l".i!1 •-iiii-le and double hai !!>•;«. Vic-, - — ' - -• - j innft, Don't clve nwnv yoi'ir funk t"i M.. .'. v. ar old )-:»> i.-tldin,;. full I CLOSING OUT SALE. I nothliur. Call t>. MniitU'ld on " hit.fin t; to lle'ctot M. j I will (--ell af cl'i-lin: ..ut sale »n tlu'l street. Sterlintr. before you *<•!' . ;'i IH:A|I »\' CATTI.I-;- Jn hi,-,d of)"ld l:i.-:^l,-r faim. •)'•( mlle.s north iind | ei t full Villuo for your K»"d«<. :.'i".i| <|iiali!v half fat .' year old :-l.eri«,'!« mil-' ia-t-of Sti-HlnL: on IV-ntdnuton •! in !4o,.,i >e.irhnu .'i>i|-. I ted hull ,1 ' road, the f..»!.nvini; piopertv 'tij WE.D* ! v. u H ,•!,!, I ied'bull -J. ,\e:,,, ,,id ; j ' NESDAY. DEC. 6t h. :» Head of Hor-jAId, I'l^KSO.Vs K.M»WI.Ni; T!li:>i- bull L 1 V'ar-; ,,|d. | \eailin« beif-jMeM -Crny mate. ;', year" old; bay marc, j selves* helm; Indebted to the late \V, '-.I--. J.'i 1111)1 h cow.... .1 of which have; ft >e,'ii« old; bfiy coll. 1 year old; bay i !•'. Maliuan are r«'.jiie.,tert to call and ,-alve-i by p-i<!e, aia! others are In avy : horve. It j,ai«old; hav mare. |iiye;u-i| s.-ttie at once at Mailman's I lartu-:« «tn uiiref.M, D|MI .soine are fat c-ows. ; "Id; 1 loin hoi-'.-, 7 ) i-ar.x' old; 1,'ray ! Shop. . \\v at tfie same tune and place -inure. IM veain old; I ••'ickliru,' eolt. ', / .'...."' T " T!ii'tna> Mathewrt will sell three of hi* 11 Head of Cattle- CoiiuiKtint: of u 1 i WANTED •red .Short" "lilch cow*. «oin'e conilin,' In fn-sh by i *«>*» •dav ,.f Male; II y.ailiiu;: ' Mcer.«: 7 j \\ ANTIOD—TO tU'Y WALNUT I.OflH pay -.__..TypJSWKITEE_a_ ..__^_ r.'.£-']•/:> i A! - ! ' MAKKS T\'i-i-:wisiTKiis KOII i»;«ii»-i • j r.-nt iif.'Mt'- .-.I .-picial pi fees Terms t" fiiit. Uii'--. i all or phi,ne H"ll 71\\'. if you hale office flllldlUrn or ,,,-,,,.,,.. 1 tvpr-wrltet «i t,-. «•;' •>•"••' ii--'. Krelder'a CKKKUAI.! Tllp( . writl . r i: ..,!,, m ,e.. ;••- Kawrenre Hlilft. I21-14R FOR SALE - FARM LANDS^ SMALL .MISrfitCMI KAItM. ?IO CAHIf nnd fr, moiijiiU . no inf.-rcsi or ttixea; 11'3 • I'.' t irooit t lmii'!U:!il4n-d IH.IH hulK Pj(y7>ii-s old. Slll-:i-:i' Of which |heife|>-; 1 full blc'oded KuihalU hull, I Will inspect fit iwo-Udrd-. ate'breedih).' ewes, the re- I' 1 moiithc old; lii .«prln»: |loln> ntlm n id; n: wpthu: ealvj-w. I'll ( -n N h. Write H. W.' Diirhnm, 43! So. af_4ioK*i T ,M(i«--lHn*'i-y— iJ-^»-v«iorH — Df^nrhnrn Kt., f'hie«gfh ------ -------- H2-137 : Mi'< 'oftitli-k hinder; TO\V«T pirlverlrer- j — --- —• --- — ' — - : ----- - fa! (,iie yi'itiMnn tuirk, I."- U\TK SPMMKIt SHOATH, ;> di«r. l.oh-«l,»d; 3-iU't'iion hjirrmv: i VVANTKD — SKC Alioiit 3i;u rliifkciiH •>) M hich ^-J nr«»i '"•""' l)4 "i nanif .plow; wnl.kini; plow; i iii'd»il«-», will pay the AUTO- tlif pulhls and rooNti>rM. j.hnnd corn pdiHIer; L'-row corn Htalk j Also Hell all kinds of repnlrt", ,Hii;h- land: i.-lono to 3 VVti'<» for phn((ij:nipliR rind !at), n MiniK'-r A-172 N. Y. Jlhlu,. K.-.n-ay City. Mo. 105-130* ;TIIWi:STIM!N iilllu KAHM rt:am Th. ,,v.ii.rM o't'.-r for wale a i.:ood f.iirn of l"* 1 ., .-u-rei In Pallid* |-,.iu,M.. v.!,i... tdeely located, 2 ' from i"." ; ."'d market ! l>;i J.-leljr pll.e ', l,f n tllil" in.-it, in I,- u Ic, townx. The iiit:- c.'!i'-!--i "f a'cixd T-room frame l-on«>-. barsi l: 1 '\l;.'. and laiK' 1 double coin i.lib tt ili, ;,1 .HUM v overhead. The top ."oil i- tint I".nn with a clay Miib- *"i! ."mi pii">iiii fin,- ciop« of corn/ Wheat and IM! Il |aV» level ,'illd III all ill i-".ilttv iii"ii' e\e> j.t Inu- \> acres* of »iatteie,| limb, t ll'iai make;) a very good paxture. The farm is well tiled _J'L_"Ve»3 f, lol' Intli .HI _opeiLJllllleL There IH a i..."d oichard of varloiiK kinds of fi iii< H'!"-, wire and rail felici•«, An ticV<'-Inient of exception- Ill Value at ..ill pljce of llfin.OO ficr acre. Write f..r further purtletlliirH jiiid fji>k T"! Me 1''tr! H'd Itook. the . in..-.) couiplel" and nifiMt reliable I'.'Hf!'"! Cnldl'. It Will e,iV<> y nu <>ne niow clean blight Timothy hny.; rul !'' r: Hhiek Hnm eorii planter, with I **?? Pr 1 '' 1 '" p«hl for nil kinds of fur I*. bu."hej-'" iiecdV V'i-ttow i)en"t a lull**'' i 1 "' s wire; ;i !umJn r wation; 1 nur-j "iVml hideH."" Jki'tkc,"T'lip ||G Tailor. lioth whUe seed corn, I fey. neatly tie\v; hop, |, : i,-k; corn binder; j phone* 3t',tf MACIUNICHY. T\',o limilfcr Matrons*' ''"-foot hay rope; .\b-Cormii-k 7-foot-j —•- ' " '•—— ~-with triple boxen...I waKon with II font •! "lower; II top bti^s:li.-•». one nea-ily new: i WANT' TO Hf'-Y ALL .KINDS OKI full • .informaiii-.n recardinu StmiiH Meli'ose patent box. ',w<> u ; nu:oriH nndi'' ;iy ' ;ll <c; 1 7-foot seeder; ' manure • .''ink, also beer hottlex. Wiircall for' O'iatit> I'atnis in the best KcC'tiutm hay hickrt. I SIICCCN.S manure spreader. I "I't'ejid. r. hay loader, nearly'new, mid ''• ''• l^i'iKford. lloth phones. j of tr,dimi i>|,jo llhnoiM, Southern 1 Vow 'down International ' spri-iuli'v! i *•'""'•' household «ood. l-'rt-e J-rincli at- • 'A ,115-lin»j <l litnr!i>, Mlnne.Mota and N'o'rth l>fiko- Thoma^ hayloader, new Thomas double ,'o""n, Hal.- immediately after. Terms • I". '"r'.V^TTT" 1 ™—~ '''*' Tl "' •"'"• i!! " i Uroibi-rM Co., Homo I-.'.,, .now..,-, i; ,'„.„ cut, K..O.I ius iiew.jAII Himix of $|o a,,,! n, ,-., over i U ^ N ! KU ~ OLT> I'ALSK THl-rni.| oiTi.-e. I.u ; , im .r. Indi'ina. li!4 . , liny tedder, buy ralo\ Sterling' xide de-| ttl '- M amount 11! tnonths time will be hvery riiKe. plow wltlr: K ' vl ' n " n afiprovcd notes, l"'r i appear befor County Court of hile.Hiile County, at the Court Hotm in .Morrison. ;it th<' Kebrnary term, on the Hr.M Monday in Kebrnary next, at •which linn all pei>on« having clatmn cald CMlate are notified and re• lUi'Xed to attend for (lie purpone of haviilV; '•.ami' inl.tiiv|<-d. All persons Indebted to naid are reifiicstcd to tnal>e irniiiediilte pay- nichf lo il ' ' Dated HUH ;'nth day of .N'oi-ernlier. A, but for tin* "triiMt" and Kot tniyern for the ear**.. Mhe would «et a primpective and then (,-ive the order to the thievcM for-the' kind of machine wanted, accordim;-to the IcMtimony. He ilrst met Mi«. .Stilew about u year 11140 through HuyiiKuid O'Keefe, a" •professional hondMinin, and immediately their jiiixliiexri relations in connection' With Me.'llllIK JIUtodldhileM began, C'HAUMCS IX) UH of Cleveland in ot- -hnpntirnrr — rNir-TWcIvir^yi^rri*' "Ti'i7 oiled for $j$ a wenk wit'hoiit curn- ln> wawn't pi 10 l« MuliiK to collect ut leawt a yiiur,'H/ jiulnry. • —• STEHLING BOAH1^0F-TRAD& MiixWell and Qulnlevan Memhci'M 'Hoard of Tr»do < 'lucjitfo, HI., Nov. »'J. ill* irney,' Nov. L'l, Dec. |. s. ADMINIS.TRATOB'8 NOTICE. lOHtale of .1.lines H. Uoark. deceased. The lindei'Mirflied fllivint,' been appointed Adintnl»(int<>r of the esiati> of .lamcM j|. Hontk."lute"of the x.'oim'ty of WliileHide and State of IlllnolH. dec.'-as- •xtra net of HOI) itliaehmentx. Sally j cent, inteie-t from datf If paiil when f plow, KteriitiK lar-Ke S|M» disc, |iduc. otherwi*' 7 per cent, from date dir-c, IVennu K-f..ot binder. ; "f "''I'- Coeatid Iturnley. A'iclionecrv, pin planter with I m*'rod* x* liv, i •**'• ''•'• Wilder. C'h-rk. Don't mattj'r if brokei!. f pay ll.'inj to f:,,00 ppr set. Mall to Ma?.er. 'JH07 ' *' A \'l\t : la it •CH'.f A l.Altc.K KA11M ^v I'ifth St.. Philadelphia, 1'a. Will) ' "">".' t"t_ ,ie m-v l^'i-aerc farm. f*-nd canh by ft'-turn mail. 1.16-HI* j ^-i :l-fectloij .ira if. 2- tnih-4-rtxer. John iH- Annoj walking o coin plmv. 1 Avfrv walkin;: or plow, Hood arf" new; :t >t-xhovel eoj*n" plows, ^ Nets hob Kh'ilH, ir corn hinder, lioiham seeder, i« corn elevatur, good as new. 1 r H. I>: ciiarler KH» vn^ine. I small JJJIM r-l'Kine, I 'jsurrey, ijo t -r! a.*i new, -I top MARTIN JIANSSEN. . CL^siNO^UTrSALE," ]o/-atei| r, milt ^ •niiihi.if.t of I'olo, 3 inih". iiui ih of \VOIIKUIIK. »." ai'ren : WANTKD- .YOUU FK1K.NDK WANT} line bine rti-- p.i-tnie wltii runnlnn yoiir photoKniplu They can buy S water, -IH-.K-H.. n"«>d '<"d clover «od, aiiythliiK y<Xi c.'Ui jflve them excfpt j wood erop«. l-'air Improvenif-ntH. WIN your portrait. Hpecf/ii < : 'brj'«tmaH of- i liam Tyne,, |||. IL'-l-l'Ti fer 'at. the W«'-nver Studio, forni'iMlV'-j- .-TI Intending to move to Morrison 1 woll i ""' 1>l!iyn *'' M .. sti " li "' ,»el| nt public H.'Ue. without r.ejip-'ve, on ' • my fnrm 9 miles northea«t df Morrl- ! win. 2 miles nnrthenwt of Mnlvern. 6J mllen southwent of Coleta. on the old! " ' ' ....--.-- .TTH.j . !o« n( 'iif, f '' lrn *- THUR8DAY ' l-'oU rn tit 7" on ynu acr<••» un- rc-d, partly improved land inj Also will Kive additional :(',„__,_}. llf \Vhit« ilde. of ^GAJLJtfOTICE£ GUARDIAN'S SALE. } .•*•*. • 1 m J Admini-strjitor with VS'ill Annexed, i foikH, other articles too ed, IH-I-I-'IV notice that he wH! ap- penr before tho County , Court of •VVhlle«|de County, at the Court House in .Mnrrf«nn,~nr tlie~ l''eiiru;ir,v term. UrT tho Monday. In i'ultnufl'y. next, at •Which jMillc all pefh'niiH h.-i vjiti; i-liiim^ "n'srntrnft~Mnli{ estate are.notlileif and re- <|UcKted tfi -attend for the (if ha vlnt: ilie-wuiie ailjuHteil. All permitiM indebted li>. nald estate are.reiiueMted to make Immediate payment to the nndertdKned. Dated thlM 2tUh da'y of Novernlier A ' Itoark. . oar. AdimnjHtrator. Open Wheat Dee. 1.7!M,i May I ..sit Inly ' 1.5(1 'i Corn »eiv ' .IKt'i Clay ,:u; M? —--ys-^T _P«!ti.L__ 'ec. ,,'.?U May .«)% July ,00 Perk day 27,t>n )ee. 2X.l)7- an Lard Jay , >ei'." an Ribe, H.Ta High Low •-7-..S 1 - l«,'ir, I'i.S.' Hi. 'Ifi May Ian. l.SHH I.Vi'fji 1..-.7 .!*! • '.tt.'.i --;!»T»^— ~?r,'~ •'•'^ .iiu .'7,tin _jyuo 27.H2 ' • Hi.r.o ii;;s»' . l>.i«2!. •H.S7' ' J4. .yi 1.7S, i .:,:, ,!^'i ; ,i»r,-\' -7wr.-'ir- Close I.7.VJ,-, l.K *»>-,! . . John A. Ward. Attorney. _ ___ ' _ ' X " v - -'' |)0< EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Knlate of ^tinle C, Freeman. il ' iinnicron* h>. mention. Hol'SlClloLD HOODS — Couch, /] completK iron bed, 1 l.ron be4lhte«id,' 1 cbild'w Iron bed. I walnut Imok Tease and di'j.K and chair. (\ dining rmmi clmlrs. kitchen ehnlrH, cupboard, c.'th- iuet. 1 Pnlaco \Viiidnor hard coal burner, liirse nly.e. Kood as new, 1 lieekwith 1 lolTiid "OaK lieTiteT,"«uiiu: Ulaliea,. jai's, etc. ' . , . • Old. weight 1,200 Jhs.; brown Bmto__lJ i \VA.VTKD To iu:y~..(!oo|j KVU.M OF y«mr« old, weight IbH.; S roltB com>-! - so to Hid acre*. Write M t-' K " c-ire '"K 3 yearx old, draft ntock; 1 colt com- | Caj-ette. ' ' ,5fi% .«!«, .b7l4 S7.4U 27,60 2 7. M.I lOJiO Ki.C.o "; 14.7.'. 14.Ui' 11.75 H.dJ The nndci Mailed having been appointed Kxecutor of tin. |;,.st Will and rcNliimeut of Annie c. Preemiin, hue of the County of \Vhitenidn and Ktate of Illinois, ilei-eaMcd, hereby /dve.s |,,i, lice that he will appear' before the County Court of WhlleNide County, at the Court llou«e. in Morrison, at Ihe I'Vbruars 7 next, TiFwJiicli Time all sorw h« vi UK Tin mraTTtra ITmf'~5H id est aTis are notitied stud re<)Ut'«ted to it l tend'for' the purpose t-.f hMvirrK the *ame nd'- JllHtCll. All PCTKOIIH indebted to .Huld otttute ire molested to mnki* imnie'diato payment to the undi'lHl^Jii-d. Dated thin i,'»rd day of November, A p, l!il«, Vernoi^e.vl.'reemaii. Jacob Cantliii.'Attorney. 1 .. .. Nov. S4,'i>eo., 1. ».- der. c.-i,-<h. over thiit amount 1- months time will ho (jivtn on approveil note. heitrinK fi per cent 4ntereMt from date (t palcl wllen due; otherwli*o,7 percent from date of «ale. No propart^ removed until .sciilcd for. 81MON MATHKW; AuctioiHH>rH —Art H«<tcher. H; !».' Harriimton, !•'. o. Uumley, J. C. Crorn, erl(,s-.M. E. \Vllircr, Ward Clans Ite'llkett. • .Nov. 2-1.- IT., 27, L'S..Oec, 1, 2. CLOSING OUT .to c|uit fai'rniiu,', will .sell at pufjll io -tin with- •ut reserve, on hi.s farm 6 nillen Houth- Ink 2 yenm old. draft Htor'k,. 67 Head r«ttle-~.-17 choice milch eow«. some frenli now and womo heavy nprl,, ,,„ .x^^^^^v^, l i? U T 1 ^^ yonrs " U!: 7 ^tcerw 2"year» I-'OH SA^IJO—A^NO. O,\l7 old; 6 hplferK 2 yearw old; 15 yearlfnc-' ' 4 Hummer calve*; ft sueklln^ ealvW W-hwd-nprinfr HhnatR. r.-irrn srnchlh-'", — Twentieth Century manure -• M i «ler;_rj£Xi r j UK __hi IU |,, ri g foot . cut , Htandart) mower, 7 font cut; -Champion rnowf-r, 5 foot rut; Key«tono hay loader- ntiy tedder; hay nike; Deero eurn Planter, with SO rod« wire; Kttng plow; ?"IK y ri°,; v -_l 4 ' 1 "^ ^i'X'^ Plow; 1«- - Inch^walkinjr plow; 3 wulklnif cam plow«; Deoro riding rorn plow; 3 J- harrows; 2 «H»CM; jccder;' 2 fanning mills; 2 waRon«; i truck waBon-.M new \Vebor wagon hot 1 demoerat hugtsy: «urrey; hay rack sfckl« «nd -r; bob-Med; new hand elder pr«H«; whovellnie boardw J- hole corn sheller; feed . fhenp if taken nt once: Yltiquire at n .& Uocken's yroeery Htore. " ..... " '' >lt SALK — FI-:W CHOICi:-DriU)C Jerney male pigs, Call or phonu Ed, Mitchell, Morrison. J'ioth phoneN. i-wit; An undivided two-thirds of Lot Five, titi.lilock Xim. In the City " of Hocjt l-'tillM, .subject to'-4he duwer lnterte«t therein of Nellie !•'. Murray. 1 tdiall. on «|. .sisteenth day of De- cemher, |\. U. lyHJ, at the hour of two o'clock I 1 . M., .sell wald minor* real eHtat.e, -«t the «e^t door of the.poHt- iiiYicc in ciij i>f Htiilin^, in huiu couu- TerniK of >• day of «ale. KOK SALK—FOUD TOUH1NO CAIJ, in Kood condition. Cheap. C. O. Itort'.s Uanige, Ster'HnK. ISoih ;t-< follows; Ca«h on I'Vank W. Wheele-r, (luardiiin for I'aul W. Murray and " Virj;!! o. .\luiray, Minors, Nov. 17, 21, Dei?. 1. 8. , LEGAL NOTICE. Stnti. of Illinois, Dunn- Jerney 'Ktyetc IIOK. Wv««ht i'.'i- liuiuiri) II. I'tiitH. Van I'et- 123-125* •eparAtor. large «!«», UHIXT only a f>w - we«k«; 3-horno tn. dvenor; 3,000 & nets of .Mulvern, 2 mile* cant of .Mor. and 3 milcH .west of Hound now with collar*"; ulngte driving h'fir" '"' "" MOV M ioi«"ih f ii V t y '!r f ' MH * '"'.'' oll » er '«rMrle« too numerou* , NOV. 28, 1916, the follow-1 to mention. Hay and xraln. 16 tons --hujaieh_~44t-<--t>FnHn-frih7 HUffMIt foeil; CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, ChiV'ago, 111. Nov. 24. Hoga ope-rl Tu- higher, Left .over 11 .ft 11 i • ' JU.H'l?!,! lO.Uil cattle, Kieady. Hht-t-p, t-tconi; lo lu Hogs .,.,.' Cattle ,. . . siu>cp HllJJS l|o.H,- JII'U !',( G3.DOO -Harvard. :»;[, ^ ale, n. l»l&™-Harv«nl. II; Vale. n. , Note -Tho K'»mo of i^Ti wus playcii Under a m'odilicatliiit of the Uiighy un, "_rtile«, 'm The Kaino «if III the lS7ij, jKiifctlco I'll IWl, and ih A higher -thuii KMini)j)tvd , 37,(too CHICAGO (3RAIN MARKET/ *'hii ago. 111.. Nov. ''!. Wheat • -No. ^ ied, $lh^; N" u , ;; n-d, II.7t l--|*i; X,,, ( ,',.,|;-. Jl.Tu-ii ],7', ; -.Neiv rd vvinteiy N, inh. pio\ idcd that in tie, "the • Hide 4-, ottieiHixt* a tie. "the • «ide make** lour ««r more K:Ifeller mixed. l-K. No, I JNJVed. ;.'• vi-iinu-. '.H; four ' ' tl*.UI tj -thrrr nppnnriit-sr piia "In l 1 ^:.' the iiift < read. th!,i'M'>'"How, nclidnwii- hiionld (.ount inoiejj 1 ' ! -'*.—- x goal and' Ihit t wo - \satet i< ^ ' u hit'e. :•« WAHHIXflToN'S «« iiool il>il,!ieii air- strict ttttejitloo tw l.uFhii'fiS, A«i-, • iHi|i.|ila:.Hl H'lxud ' H 'il I'tion.- :li\.-.i. i b liruuittit li> lij;!n, pviinn . p-vin-J • iMllUM'lit - •With !l I !d !"•) h'.ie Ifr Het'-' i,^^-., f ' J „ - . I / :n t-;', N. i .J't'jIoW', S '.;-»,_- \.•).'-.-: "v i l>~, 1 •.'; N.o. I while. 'xs-Vi WI-.MC, x> I •:,: ,1 vi.- ,\i, : »;' « ! - I''«,.'.^ I «(, N.- Md . ;',.:\i>' '•'• '•>-1; :»>•<! t. i'-S. '. J. fi -Mi, *\',i. No,. .1 STERUMQ CITY MARKETS (i-»rnH'ted nally.) (Moses Dillon Company.) New No. 3 y,.|Uiw corn ........ ,86' 4 i Neu No. I yellow corn MI.,, While oats ... .^ No. :, ini.Ned oat.M .,..-,, • 'ill , M'he.'U ,.^, ".'.",'..'|1 fil Hyc ,.,,.,..,.,'.., ...';'.''**" 95, Htu-h-y .........:.,......,!,'.,*•; iiJg! LIVE STOCK- t,"' . t'^l'l'tnt Hw«, & Co« ) Fat «teer» * .. >,,,,.,, ... Hheep .'.''...'.' '.', !,' 'H'^I'!,.'"! ,|5. nnire 13 years (Mjl. W})lBht_LlJlO: jyavlSome Jirijiailhtild «i lelTltnu 15^ yearit tmTrweFglii iTOOS"; hay I everybody at noon, Small artlcjW sold -mire 2 years old; hay-mare 1 year I """re dinner. Terrm^AH num« of lie ild: mic.klliiK colt; 1 Slietlnnd pony. «ml under, cash, Over thin amount 12 t| Head CutlltH—14 Rowd milch cows; «n»rith« tlrno .will ho «lvt-n on approved ,' heifei-H a years ol^l; 4 yearlliiB heif- •in; 7 yearlhnr «teer«; 3 heifer calves; I Durham bull 3 years old. Farm .Mu hinder; 20th Century manure spreader; Hiiyes corn planter; John Deero , dine; watjking" Htubble iilow; Grand petour «ulky plow; Orand Detour. ridiJiK corn plow; 3-«eetion -ttet-l tlraK: lumher wa^on; net of wag- in tipringti; onn buggy ; hob ult-di two *i luuid eorn xholler; ... IJOK waterer; horse cllpper«; a net« of work hani»'«[i; •> «etH 'J h«»K troughs; one !uu foikH. hay rop tank; I' and pulley*. . aind stone; haul coal burner; 8 milk •.til-; lawn nuiwei;; 35 white o«I< uo.sts. aim liuxlielH of rholee «eed o;H^ -mine household good and many ottiei irticles too unmet OHM tu mention. Fie« 'midi at l! o'tloek sharp; sale irnnu diatelj after. Terms: All i»um« of $;. . note'bearing fi por cent Interest from dale if rjald when due; otherwise 7 per «ent from dntn of «nle. ' No property li " ' Clerk. . , for. Art Auctioneer. C'laus Itenkea •JOHN WOLBIR. ' i ' PUBLIC SALE. Jjaviiifr deeldeij to move on a smaller farm 1 will sell at public auetlon on the Tyler Martin faun. miles eiiNt of 11 "" phone K'3-l:M* KOU SALK '- i«AY .MAHK, !i~vTn\?{H old, weight-1.05D, Perfectly sound and gentle. MUIIKUII HarneHsi t^hop. 1» the Circuit Court. January term, Tin Tl'llMceH of the No. fifiU of ih,- Independent Order Jtrith Abraham, a Corpo'ratloii, vs. C. Hall. If livlmi and If the iniKijowii heirrt or de- of VNiushl c. Hall, de- t'S-l.l'J |ce'aseil; Col. Wiljjhl Chamberlin, i. Including twenty . <.in l.lncnln \Viiy, 8H rnileu east -of Morrimm. Inter. 8laU' phont?, Simon whistler.' Defendants. In chancery,.. Affidavit ibau upon dm- uiul I"ri. & Hut, tf | II1|U iry W^bfc.' jiniV," iflfvInK "and "~|lf'dea<l. the u|iKnown ' ' HteilluK. 1 mile Kouth of I'rairieviile on THCHSIiAY, 1>KCK.M|JI.-|! 7 t |, the fojjowins proper)< """. ' J»K CULTS I h-iv mm If.sT WHAT VOt' HAS'i: lir.l.N e»v MMIH. . hla«k nuns i },..,,„ ,,| (t looKiuK foi. Tiu- WondeifuHJulbt.itr- ind under, over this amount l» LOCAL fUVAH. MARKET. (Sterling ?J*pi Store, 'llannroi'd crcair.ffy biittor ....,, ,; ,l»uiry hufter -.»......,..,.',., ____ ........ Dai- / Dairy bi.Hcr .".,. l-'rcf,fi I-«KM' -. , .____._;_ N _ |W . ; Head letlU.C9, p^P-Weil CclciA-, t;;ich. ,. t .,,.', < '-nciirnl» -ti\ tsiK ti .... : i'ar--ley' ........... '.•-, ,"ve,,.,.4,... u |.Lt.{>iia, 'p'k; . ,. I-c.i!' b Hue 1 *, ! -'/,n it,-h . 'Heel j, l.rnich , .. . .1 . . (It. en .( ivjch ', ,'Sctv eiit.J..|'^- , ii Fruit;, i M-.HH-,- >, i '.ific , .)..,.,,.,, •''•' V; '"' -'-•'"'vvrir"!>vi'.-c.., ,se, ' ' "'-^i.U. 4 b,k Cielk wontht* time wlll_he Klven OH appiuvtd tote bearing ti per cent intei^i fioru lute if p.ud when due: otherwise 7 >ei cent fu>m du«e of sale No prop- ITU to be lemuved until HIM tied ful Ait Kietclui, Auciluneci, CUuu Kenkf* i *l..t 1 MRS. HENRY ARMSTRONG. Nov 16, 1C, 17, 23, «4, >>r> CLOSING OMT SALE, «>, i«old my I'jttm I will ac public am t'lon on (he pi.miwi. mill.-, Miuth of ch'iilnick a mile and .1 half ii'.nh of While l'l«con, one mil, -'"' of Knuklin Coriuin. «,n FRIDAY EMBER 1ST, tit,, roliowme, de MI i bed piopuu }•> head \>i hoisVl,, ;i" head of i.ath, home f M -di |i\ s lie due sonu H, .t.,nuir\ .11 b, ad" of ''J'-: ,- ' I" ' -_•»;•. u-if/ 1 . t-illiu r. t..,-!,. is < i,, u , t'«,t.- '•> loll- nf I !li o '.llii I\ ( H|| (j < ioni \IH !s v i., j^r i lull hue , fin- M, st , C J. HOWE. l.'l U'7» , - - v . - , --,.,,.. , ,,,» lllil( (101 l» I l«\ I, 1 I -M IIV\I» |»I I \ f -'"• -orfiii^i^nitit'i (If'UMtl IdT, l^n!. 1 !; "l '"' '' '",",','' " } '"" N Ol(t ll "t*"K f '"- Tile Wondelfunjulbr.iti-! '_."' 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