Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on February 27, 1909 · 7
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 7

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
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STATB OF TEXAS In the Dis-Irf rourt Tarrant County Texas Term A D 1909— To the “'A Term a u iau — 10 tne Sher-r or Any Constable of Tarrant You Are Hereby tv Greeting Wanflea That by making publi-on of this citation in some news-f‘”r published in the county of Tar-1“ four -weeks previous to the resummon Citia THEN YOU CAN EAT NEW BREAD Let four wees day hereof you llL whose residence is unknown to L nd appear before the district cour You Like It Bui Don’t Eat It Now Dare holden in and for the county tliA r-niirt Vinucn r Tarrant at the court house thereof t the city ot Fort Worth on the first nday in March A D 1909 the same iiirTthe 1st day of said month then n nncu'Pr thf rtntlflnw ’there to answer the petition of Tuis Tross as plaintiff filed in said ‘rt on the 3tli day of February A 1909 against Citia Pross as depart Said suit being numbered CIS the nature of which demand is f follows to wit: plaintiff sues for divorce on th-pcands of abandonment Plaintiff al-rEes that he and the defendant were Sr and legally married the 30th day j December 1902 and lived as hus-nd and wife until the ISth day of THIS WILL PROMPTLY DIGEST ALL YO0 EAT Preliminary Contests to Be Played on Four Saturdays in March ‘EACH CONTEST TO i-ptember 1903 on which last named te defendant herein deserted anil 'antlened this plaintiff and has not see said thr lived with him as h!s Plaintiff ewers that he wa a!-iinfooii to defendant and never ga Hendant any cause to leave him that Beflm Today to Eal Your Favor He Fcos Without Dread ol Stomach Misery j BE FOR 18 HOLES germs into the home and are a positive menace to ' life and also the greatest v destroyers of property GREEKS DRIVEN GUI OE OHM COMING HERE Sisarns’ Elecftic Ha3 Roash Paste i GERrtS ills a sure exterminator of rats 'mice cockroaches and all ver- tnln It Is better than traps — it drives them out of the bouse to die Money back if it fails Z bx He IS or box $100 Sold everywbpra or sent express prepaid ou receipt ot pries tSiitrui’ Electric Puts Co Chlcsgo It! 1 uu can cat anything your stomach 1 vrarf have passed since plaintiff r: defendant lived together Pin in -m T3vs that defendant be cited in m -ray: of the law that i?' he have jtulg- c raves without fear of a ease of Indi- i gestionor Dyspepsia or that your foo i wul fetment or sour on ymr stomach i? you will take Dia-n-psin after eat- i iiu our meads will taste good and any tiling you eat will be digested: nothin' Dates for Final ancl Semi-Finals Will Be Named by Sport Committee About 250 in Party Due Here This Afternoon — Seek Jobs at Packing' Houses c i- r divorce for costs of suit and rneral anl special relief 'Herein Fail Not I ut have you then Kl there before said court this writ s'th your return tlere-n shoving how tor have v'C"ed the ame ' witness E J Frock Jr clerk of th? Vtriot couit of Tarrant county Given under my hand and seal of 5fifl court in Fort Worth this rth iiiv jf’ February A IF 1909 sean e J- rrocic Jn :rk District Coirr Tarrant ‘County nothing to ferment or sour Texas Got a large 3i- t nt ase of Pape’s Hy M P- ( II FTT D putt j 1 pepsin fiom your druggist and NOTICE OF atari taking today and by tomorrow j On tii9 Sth day of Man li 1909 there j Vru will actually brag about vour will he offered for stile to the highest ! ‘ aliliy strong F: r-ia-li for you then fciiMer for cash eight cars of oaljf‘r' at on thing and everything you Interest at the Country club cop ra tin the goif tourney begun Saturday for j the M iliiam Bryce cup Mr Pryce beet n ferment or turn into 1 or poison j ins the president of the club In view or stomach gas which -xui-es Belch- of the fact that so many entries haw i mg Dizziness a feeling of fullness : t after eating Navsta Indig stior (like j n lf'celV£'a tin- following rules have j a lump of lead in stomach t Biliousness j l ‘ n adopted: r Heartburn Water bra-h Pain in J The preliminary contests will he ojXPEGT RAxIFICA JION intestines oth r symp jdayed on the Mowing Saturdays: j BY THE SENATE March C March 13 March 20 I tom Hetulaches from the shuna-h arc nl solu’cly urknnv n v hero this ef-ftttlvc rmi'iiy is used Diaptpsin really does ali the work of a healthy stomach It digests your ma!s when your stoni-a it i i:'t Ihi h triungale will digest ni' tip- food you can oat and leav irisirallv contained in cars 24F1S M P’l41J'i M P ?lv9 M P and C4T6 17 L E- consigned to Rache-Derron fell Co car 34171 Eric corsigned to G VC Burroughs and S7-123 C B & Q 1S1339 Sou and 334S3 P L E con-jigned to J S Stati all now unloaded on the side tracks of the Texas & Pa-:ifb Railway Co at Tort Wn-th Teva Sale to be made in bulk on the track i the freight depot of the said Texas & Pacific Railway Co at the said city of Fort Worth Tarrant cofirdv Texas at 19 o'clock a m on the mhi Sth day of Mrrch 1909 A W MOj HAGUE Arert T & P at For: 7 rth Texas ” OF want without tin slightest discomfort or ni-cr-ry and every particle of im-I urliv and Ous that is in your stomach anil inu-stins s goinc to be carried away without the ip any other assistance of laxatives or PEPAPTMEXT OF li ka:f'E I AXD BAXKlXt: STATE OK TEXAS —Austin Texas Feb 13 lt09 To All Whom It May Concern: Tliis is to j certify that the Texas Xational Firo lrfuraree company of Fort Worth j Tesas has ill all respects fully com- I plied with the laws of Toxas as condi- j cons precedent to i doing business in this State and I have issued to said 1 company a certificate of authority ‘ fiom this office entitling it to do business in this State for one year frtm the 1st day of January 1909 to the 31st iby of December 1909 Given under my hand and seal of office at Austin Ttxas the date first above written THOS B LOVE Commissioner NOTICE TO T1IE PC ERIC— Effective March 1 1909 the Maverick hotel and restaurant located at lOu and 102 Ex- change avenue North Fort Worth formerly owned by Frank Horn has ' been purchased by the undersigned ' who will run a first-class and up t ' tote place Lew Y Hoy NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC— Effective Jiarqji 1 1509 the Maverit k Hotel and i restaurant located at 1'U and 102 Ex- j Change avenue North Fort Worth t formerly owned hy Frank Horn lias J been purchased by the undersigned vho will run a first-class and up to I ’ate place Lew Y Hoy BUSINESS DIRECTORY UNDERTAKERS The Fori Worth Undertaking Cev tany 1002 Morrow street Phones 1199 Private ambulance Open all night following Saturdays: Feb 27 Niarch 27 and are open to all members of the Fort Worth Golf club Each of these contests will be eighteen (IS) holes match play against bogey each player to receive his handicap allowance and apply the handicap strokes in accordance with table posted on bulletin board When thes ontests have been completed each player may select his three best scaiv s of the five or Pss played by him The four players making the best scores against bogey in the five route sts will compete at eighteen holes match play pairs to be drawn ey lot The two winners of semi-finals will compete at eighteen holes match play handicapped for final possession of the cup Dates for final and semi-finals shal' he named hy the sports committee of the golf club and that committee shall have full authority to change dates of ary contest on account of the weather or other conditions and shall establish the bogey fix handicaps interpret iuR’Si and receive all questions pertaining to tlit contests All of the above contests must be played in strict accordance with the tules of golf and any breach of rules will disqualify a player Author of Original Law Gives New Amendment Hearty Indorsement PRIZES OFFERED III SINGLE STEER GEASS Commission Firms Make Up Award Overlooked in Apportioning Prizes In the list of premiums offered the Fat S-Hock Show to be held this city next Month there was no aw ard provided for single steers 3 years old and over This has been remedied by the commission firms at the stockyards some of whom have contributed to making up a premium of $100 which win be offered for this class The details of distributing the amount according to the class of award has not hec-n decided but will be announced the first of the week There have been two vacanies it' BY D C McCALEB Spri-irj to 'J he Me r-TctcqriiM AUSTIN Feb 27 Again let us take our hats off to the Thirty-first legislature The house on Thursday passed the Robertson hill after it bar been effectually amended in a manner to make it bring the best possible results attended by the least possible harm This measure will un-quentionably prove of incalculable value to tlie people of this state if the senate ’tatifies the action of the house as there is every reason to believe will be the case Its purposes are two-fold in that It will likely result in increased revenue far the state and at the same time permit the old-line mill time-tried companies to re-enter Texas and rrfmpete for business The bill passed by the house Is what the author of the original bill that drove the insurance companies out of Texas evidently had in vichcwhen ha drew that measure The bill passed yesterday takes the claws out of the original bill without in any way looping the insurance companies from walking It neutralizes the poison of the original bill nicely In brief the bil parsed yesterday provides that Insurance companies can have ten years in which to invest 75 per cent of the reserves on Texas policies in Texas securities That was all the author of the ull provided The Wortham amendments provide that when surh company shall invest 25 per cent of the total reserves on Texas business in Texas securities at a rate of interest not to exceed 5 per cent the occupation tax shall be reduced to 3 per cent and that when such company shall lnvet 50 per cent of the reserve on Texas business In Texas Many of the Greek who were driven out of South Omaha following the race riots of a week ago will arrive in Fort Worth Sunday and Monday Others will follow Thursday to secure advantage of the low rate colonist tickets offered by the railroads Reports from Council Bluffs to the railroad offices indicate that many of the refugee Greeks will come over the Rock Island others by the Katy and a few over the Santa Fe The first named line however will bring the majority About 250 are in the party en route to Texas It Is said Fort Worth attracted them because of the big packing houses located here similar to the plants in which they had been working in Omaha The local packing house manager0 however know nothing about the coming of the Greeks beyond what they have seen in the newspapers It is against the policy of the plant to Impart labor EXTRAORDINARILY LOW COLONIST RATES TO California -Oregon -Washington VIA THE ROCK ISLAND DAILY DURING MARCH AND APRIL In addition to th low fares the ROCK ISLAND offers: — Tourist car connections via many new routes-— The most scenic of all trips of America — — Liberal stop-over privileges — — The finest passenger equipment for your comfort — — Courteous attentive train employes — — Unexcelled dining facilities and meals — — Convenient departing times from terminals — — Every inquiry we receive from prospective passengers will be given the most careful attention and full information furnished bv return mail if BECOMES DIVISION POINT Beginning Monday All Katy Crews Will Stop Here More duties will be attached to the joint track dispatcher's office following a conference in Fort Worth Friday afternoon between Katy and joint track officiels J W Walton acting general superintendent of the Katy and Division Superintendent Koch represented the Katy with W P Pol-hemus superintendent and George Johnson chief dispatcher present for the joint track The Texas & Pacific will continue to handle the switching In Fort Worth for the time being at least and all the dispatching work will be done by the joint track office with the addej duty of looking4after the motive power Beginning Monday all freight crews trill stop here making this city a full division point The officials will be back agai next week with Vice President and General Manager Allen V N TURPIN PHIL A AUER G PA CTA Fifth and Main R I & G Ry Tel 127 Fort Worth Fort Worth Texas MONROE RESIGNS Rock Island Master Mechanic Will Be Succeeded by W B Embury W J Monroe has resigned psnas-ter mechanic of the Rock Island at Chickasha and will be succeeded March 1 by W B Embury His jurisdiction extends over the Oklahoma and Panhandle division® The appointment of Mr Embury ii announced from the office of F XV Williams superintendent of motive' power in Fort Worth Jackson In Town “Oklahoma is always lively” says F O Jackson division passenger agent of the Frisco at Oklahoma City who Is on a visit to the Texas general offices Business In Oklahoma is very good states the passenger man Mr Jack-son will spend’Sunday at his old home in Dallas and ’decided there was no danger trouble I expressed my satisfaction A few minutes later I phoned to Bradford's office and asked Colonel Cooper to come to the mansion within thirty minutes” “Did you wish to see him about this trouble?” j “No sir Colonel Cooper is one of my closest advisers I was going away that day and wished to see him before I left” The governor said he walked out of : the mansion with one of his staff and met Governor Cox they chatted a while and the governor re-entered the mansion After a little while the porter came in and tolj him of the killing Governor Patterson denied that Cooper brought about the reconciliation between himself and Cox He said a Chattanooga paper had an interview with Cox after the primaries in which Cox was quoted as saying: “I have been fairly nominated ami entitled to the support of all democrats I wrote 'ox thanking him” He said Cnx replied and they met “We had never been personal enemies and so far as a political reconciliation is concerned Colonel Cooper had nothing to do with it” At the conclusion of the governor's statement the state asked for a conference On their return they announced the prosecution objected to detailing the conversation during the conferences but not to the result of the conferences as the governor understood it They did not object to the Patter-son-Cox reconciliation The jury was then recalled and the governor re- NO RAGE MEET HERE President Mullaly Says Association Has No Desire to De- tract From Attendance Estimates of Travel Asked All agents on the Fort Worth & I pealed those portions of the previous securities the occupation tax hall j Denver' Frisco Texas & Pacific Rock j testimony which the court declared reduced to 2 per cent and "ken ! isam3 ’ Katv and other roads have i admissible The governor was allowed cent of Texas reserves shall he MEDICAL ATTENTION LADIES— We have a hospital for ladies only Unfortunate fids taken before nd during confine-9nt Homes found for infants Strictly private Adress 245 State stre-t t ba!!as Texas DETECTIVE AGENCIES your feed from J II Cheatham (00-492 Jennings or Phone 202 HOTEL PIERREPMIT Absolutely Firepre-of 43 45 47 West 32d Street One Door From Broadway NEW YORK CITY Quiet Refinad and Modern Europeon Plan Room with Bath 52 50 and more HARRY L BROWN Proprietor Hotel Victoria Boston and Islehoro Inn Maine MATRIMONIAL V ANTED — Correspond with refined trMdle-aged man Address A care Telegram I PRINTERS AND STATIONERS THE RiEW SOUTHLAND HOTEL ! DALLAS TEXAS I Absolutely fireproof European plan Rates from $150 up All modern conveniences ' CHARLES KRIEL Manager the list of fudges who have been invited to decide on the merits of the stock to be exhibited at the show 1 These were in the Angus Aberdeen and Shorthorn classes This morning word was received from Thomas F Flynn of Des Moines Iowa a director of the American Shorthorn Breeders’ Asso- eiation that he had accepted the in-! citation ot the management of tha I show to judge the Shorthori classes I The nam of the judge of the Angus I Aberdeen classes will be announced later One of the largest entries of the show that has yet been received is that of J F Hovenkamp of this city who will have a big display that will compare favorably with that of any of the other representative herds hADlES ONI A --‘a fine Bristol calling I3e Automatic Printery 194’i Houston s-t 7RI SSES abdominal bandages sup- ( Porters and elastic stockings made to Ptaer and properly fitted truss fit-hng a specially 109 and 311 Sixth feet The A P Cary Co Stirgica! instruments and Supplies FORT WORTH TEXAS CAN PLEASE YOU in a Vehicle European Plan First-class in every resDect 1? M Receipt that Cures Weak Men— tree SEND NAME AND ADDRESS TODAY YOU CAN HAVE IT FREE AND BE STRONG AND VIGOROUS iikjiu ' fort WORTH’S BEST HOTEL Grand o!J American cooking the best - - rr - Sigh-Grade Vehicles and ' Harness 401-403 Houston Ftreet FINANCIAL 1 °’E THOUSAND DOLLARS wiil buy third int rest in a good business 'business that started the first of the fear and can show 25 per cent A Dod stenographer or office man who give two or three hours of their hrre preferred Address 226 care Star-Tgram iSHOP & BIRCH FIELD rooms 212-v Port Worth National Bank Bldg Estate Loans Vendor Lien Xotes specialty Owners of improved city rri'Ferty and dnice farm lar-' which efferod on easy r--ni: anti j to in t 10 pe? and rrost wholesome food on the market if first-class in everything th rr- Implies POOL TABLES We carry a full line ot" new and second-hand pool and billiard tables in tt0ck ami solicit your inquiries in this ime Prices right and terms reasonable Texas Fixture Co Fort Worth Texas STOVE REPAIR3 - TV B PARKS — Stove range furnace nd' fire place repairs: gasoline stove expert- 305 South Main street Phone 4958 I have In my possession a prescription for nervous debility lack of vigor weakened manhood fading memory and lame back brought on by excesses unnatural drams or the follies ot south that has cured so many worn and nervous men right in their own homes — without any additional help or medicine — that 1 thime tery man "ho wishes to regain his iimniv power and viriiitj quickly ivnd luietly should have a copy So 1 have determined to send a copy of the prescription fred of charge in a plain ordinary sealed envelope to any man who will write me for it This prescription comes from a physician who has made a special study of men and 1 am convinced it is the surest-acting combination for the cure of deficient manhood and vigor-hidure ever put together I think I owe it to my fellow- man to send them a copy in confidence so that any man anywhere who is weak nnd discouraged with repeated failures may stop drugging himself with harmful patent medicines secure what I h-deve la the quickest-acting resfora-upbuiiding SPOT-TOUCHING and so cure him- por c-iu of Texas reserves invested in Texas securities at a rate of interest not to exceed 3 per cent the income tax shall be reduced to l1- per rent Both the original bill offered the Thiity-first legislature and the amond-ment'roceivcd the In arty indorsement of the house and are row up to the senate Mr Robertson declared that at first he was opposed to the Woitham amendment but after studying it he had arrived at the conclusion that with the amendment Texas fouH have the best insurance law of any state in the Union Mr Wortham opposed an amendment offered raising the rate of Interest at which the money could he loaned from 3 to 6 per cent on the grounds that he was pleading for the farmers and that farmers were as much entitled to cheap money as the ruqr who could float commercial paper The amendment was voted down This action on the pait of the house irtnre again reflects the constructive nature of the members of the house It may- also be noted in passing that the original amendment proposed by Wortham stated the tax on reserves at 3 per cent and sealed down to 1 per cent The house got sorry Thursday and rescinded its action relative to going to Dallas ou March 5 It then voted to go on Ffiday night This Is fine It Is now up to Fort Worth to extend an invitation The legislature is “just carzy" to visit the Panther Fity —j ) A SHAKING UP may all he very well so far as the trusts are concerned hut not when it comes to chills and fever and malaria Quit the quinine and take a real cure — Ballard's Ilorbino Contains no harmful drugs and Is as certain as taxes If it doesn't cure you get your rnonev baek Bold bv Covey Martin and Renfro Drug Company ng - Texas Farm Sells for $35000 CLARENDON Texas Feb 27— J E McCombs today sold his JT013 acre farm north of Clarendon to X O McAdams of Greenville receiving in trad a big tract of Hunt county land The tract includes a big farm under cultivation and is composed almost entirely of finef arming land The price was 1 33009 and is considered a bargain at the price been urged to estimate at onco th° to stand aside the prosecution stating approximate number of tickets which they would decide later whether or not they will sell to the Fort Worth fat stock show and cattlemen’s convention This is done in order to provide the proper amount of extra equipment at all stations -- to cross-examine him The court then adjourned till Monday- Notes and Personals J N Bailey auditor of the Paris & Great Northern is in Fort Worth Saturday on a business trip to ihe Frisco General offices AV B Drake vice president and general superintendent of the Frisco Is in Polvor Texas Saturday Frank Yantis traffic manager of the Steubenville North & South Texas returned Saturday- morning from San Antonio where with President Bruce Cage of the ioad he met a number of St Louis capitalists who have purchased the S N & S T II A Gausewitz superintendent of is In the i prominent citizens of the growing lit- the Fort Worth & Detyer R C Ware and J N Donolioo city SatuVdny John F Lehane went to Dallas Saturday- Warren V Galbreath general live stock agent of the Katy will return Saturday night from St Eouls F SI McClure chief clerk to General Passanger Agent C W Strain of the Frisco J Guyon cheif passenger rate clerk for the Rock Island and W H Card of the Denver will return Saturday night from the rate clerks’ meeting in Waco A B Crowley chief clerk to the vice president nnd general superintendent of the Rock Island has returned from St Louis Personal experience with a tube of ManZan Tile Remedy will convince you it is immediate relief for all forms of Piles Guaranteed 50c Sold at Renfro's 3 Drug Stores PATTERSON CALLED TO WITNESS STAND IN COOPER TRIAL fTT J Chamberlain s Gough Remedy During the past G5 years no remedy has proven more prompt or more effectual in its curb3 of ford who promised to adjust the difficulty and asked if Colonel Cooper would let him "keep the letter if J meet him at Bradford's office at 3 p m ‘I then saw Mrs Williamson and ' asked if she would take luncheon with the colonel a'nd she said ‘ye-’ I told her it would me advisable for her to remain near the colonel until 3 p nt I did so because I knew she was a good friend of his and the colonel was very angry Sent for Cooper “I left then as it was near noon anl Robin went with me up through Arcade I told Robin if I were he I would remain near Colonel Cooper Coughs Colds and Croup low 'lifo to $3lb0 m hoi' Reset! Heights valued at 44 ran Address P O 1T4 Fort Worth UMBRELLAS WANTED — 1009 umbrellas to re-cover and repair Charles Bagget 707 East Third street remedy ever dvse i and so cure him- than Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy In se!f at home nuietlv iind Ju mnylloai83 it ie relied upon as ira- drop me a lmc lute this LT- a e- j piimtiyas the family physician It con- S ! Sn opium or olber narcotic and tnunM"!! receipt In a plain oriin- j nTt erlm CTn2MnaytoJMW ary sealedenveiope free ot charge tie town on the plains Plainview are in Fort Worth Saturday to award the contract for a big hotel They were in conference with local bidders at the Delaware Saturday morning The structure will he of brick and at least ! — three stories high j A- I George F Truman assistant com- j missioner of Indian teas for the British' government is paying his first visit to Texas and is stopping at the Sfibobl His home is in London “I am here to see what kind of tea j you Americans drink” said the assistant commissioner Saturday- “I expect tc make this city- by- headquarters for j at least a mont or as long as I am tour- ing Texas” Mr Truman insists that the Amerl- J can government received its idea for ( advertising American products abroad jftom the very work which he himself is now doing “The English start all good things” explained Mr Truman T J Coggins of Merkel a prominent cattleman is a pre-convention visitor Saturday from the West “The dry weather has not hurt the cattle any” said Mr Coggins “Fain of the farmers feel that rain would th them a lot of good just at present hut ' we stockmen are not worried any” “Out Merkel way” continued Mr Coggins “the people are beginning to talk Fat Stock Shot- and convention end perhaps the biggest delegation thev ever sent to a cattlemen's gathering Mill be here next fconth” H f i f : i i it I b BU The Fair Association will not hold a race meet here during the week of the Fat Stock Show and Cattlemen's convention This announcement was made Saturday by President Mullaly of the Fair Association President Mullaly stated that the association would not even consider such a proposition' “There sems to have been a great deal of talk about town concerning a race meet to be held during the stock show and cattlemen's convention and the general opinion semed to te taht the Fair Association had decided to pull off such an event’ said he “Fuch is not the case by- any means The Fat Stock Show and the Cattlemen’s convention are two big events that need all encouragement possible and it is certainly not the desire -or plan of the association to do anything that would detract from the attendance of either “The Fair Association will most certainly not pull off a race meet du: ing that time Our plans are being made for a big fair next fall and it will take all of our time to arrange for that event If our present plans regarding It are carried out” WHEN YOU PUT ON STOCKINGS Of the heavier sort do your shoes pinch and vour fe-t swell and perspire? If you sorirke Allen’s Foot-Ease -an antiseptic powder tor the feet into your shoes it will give you rest and comfort and instant relief i en rubbers become necesa-y and your shoes fee! tight Allen's Foot-Ease is just the tiling to use Try it for Dancing Parties Breaking in New- Shoes and for patent Lather shoes Fold 1-herywhere 25c Sample I KEE Ad-diess AUrn F Olmsted Le Roy N l Di nt accept ary substitute Fhe harder you are to please about Jowelrjr the easier it Is t satisfy you here — for this store is mam gel hy people tho are not easily pleased and for the same sort of people JE Mitchell Co 506-8 Main StreeL DR A REED IheEasy Shoes lorMen FOR SALE BV A &L AUGUST PARKER’S HAIR BALSAM Cfcsnw and the hair Promote a lasurant jt'-owln Kefp Tail Keatora ©ray Kair to its Youthful Colo- Cure era p uwairi I: Lair tiuiaj 4Tlbdg Drier McGinnis & Greaves View and Commercial ' Photographers Phone 1543 108 W 5th St Fol Mayer of Sonora Texas member i of the executive committee of the Cat-) tie Raisers’ association has written to' Fort Worth for his hotel rest rvatio-i during catti--mf n’s w ck Ho wiil stop at the Seibuhl Repair Work a Specialty Sfepliens & Crowdus 308 Puak StrL Plumbers and Electricians Old PHons 4386 Nsw Phono 35 that day” “Did you anticipate any trouble?” “No sir for the 'Utter the colon : wrote was unsigned and in Mr Bradford's possession I v as signing some bonds when Attorney Bradford phoned and said lie had rmt seen tlm puny we were speaking of but General Tully Brown and he discussed the case sheriff of i j Fa turday S B TuibexiHe former D!ta county is a visitor fr m Cooper j “Of course Northeast Texas com - irg to the front again”- said the for- mer ptac-e officer 'A timely rain felt tver Lamar Delta and Hopkin conn- ties this week The farmers are beginning to plant corn” WTiv take the other uhea jou can g:t Jersey Cream it the samt price? ! 11 O-U i 'j r- i

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