The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas on September 23, 1907 · 2
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The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas · 2

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
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'¼ THE FORT WORTH RECORD: MONDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER 23 1007 ft 0 ' 4 4 FORwATcHFu EYE pnluitmee21 ?ten tailasdreeotsLahoarnte taaordm edrest! vceorilsld ventious before chambers of corn- rmerce and busineme men's associattons throughout the middle West "I have ON LEGISLATURE just passed through a country which feels the necessity of the deepening of the Mississippi" he continued "and at no time have I been impressed with sm000N omN or TExAs TO mint the importance of stieh a step as at present When once the river's ehansTArc AgsocIATION 1101 is dredged so that the large steam-TODAY ers can be navigated a waterway the equal of which cannot be found in the world will be made Vessels could then take on their cargoes In the Great A G AIN S T RADICALISM Lake' and by canal and river make their way down to the gulf With the completioe al the Ennunet canal they will be able to go from ocean to ooetin thus tnaking it possible :o still goods Weleteme rai Regulation Mid WIll from the most northern portion of the Attempt to Influence Election of United Statem to the coast of South Ameriea without touching It from the Conservative Logialators point of ehipment till the destination is reached "In making vislis throughout the middle West 1 woe most agreeably our- Moved principally it is said by a - proted to see theinterest that is shown motive to Influence the election of leg- there recording Mettle° and South islators whom they think will enaot America Business men there know of the great opportunities those coun-1 laws regulating the whisky traffie In tries are offering and are well awaro' coeformity to their own ideas of fair- of the fact of tho enormous amount of less saloon men of Texas will congroo rommeree that could e earried on with gate in San Antonio today to form a them if Os 1"91SSIPPI was deepened St fticiently to aPow sh'ns to make - Ptate organization of retail liquor dea co l- o - ect voyage without ihangitor their Or cargo The attitude of the peple in lliecording to an apportionment 111AdO that section of the country le 'rapidly on the initiative of the San Antonio - g - loe changing regardin the hatin-Ameri to al association each town In the ran atete le entitled to have one delegate countries and now they are only too willing to give their aid in any present for every twenty-five saloon& Fort Worth m s delegation consisting of ovement toward Onmor relationship" H ' Bram chairman N MaCollough Tom Finn 'William Fanning James MARRIAGES O'Dowd and R E Durrett left last right for the Alamo city- None of the Pit ta-Itunne men would discues the obtects of the meeting beyond the bare plea to form Temple Texas Sept 22---(Speelal)-- a state association The marriage of William F Pitts and From authentic sourees however too Miss Carrie Bunse was solemoireo here information is gleaned that the prime last night in the presence of relatives object involves legielative affaie at the residence of the bride's parenie Aside from the desire to Influence the by Rev C F 'Mayer pastor of the election of legislators of their chaos- Gorman Evangelical church The bride trig the plan seems to be to take a is tt daughter of Rev C Bunse presidhand in all state legislative affairs and In elder of the German Evangelical aseociation hi Texas The groom is a work for the enactment of laws rogo- lating the retail saloon business not well known young railroad man The deemed detrimental to their interests pair are spending a short honeymoon The Baskin-McGregor liquor law will in Beaumont and Galveston likely come In for its share of consideration anti with a few slight amend- Patrick-Head merits it is understood that nearly all Greenville Texas Sept It --(Sloe-saloon men approve of this law But eial)—W M Patrick of Prospect and - they fear radiralitim Is taking hold of Miss Stella Head of Lone Elm wart legislators and they intend to keep a married yesterday afternoon by Dr watch on future affairs in order to Boyd at his residence in this city TIT event what they term "pernicious legislation" Iwo at Cleburne The movement for state prohibition Cleburne Texas Sept Id--(Specia11 will also very likely be diseuased L J Bayless and Mts Emile Fallbeck WAREHOUSE TRACKS wdo FARMERS' UNION AND RvrtnoAD 31EN MEM "IsOMORIZOW Likely That Roads Will Agree to Build a Maximum Dtstanee and Union Beond To give further consideration to the auestion of the building of side tra-lis to warehouses being built L-r he Farmers' union general managers of Text! railroada and representativee the union Neil meet tomorew In 1'Wlas A first conference on this eubject and that et handling cotto this fe:1 eat heid in Fort Worth some ten tisvs ago old at that time the utmost harmony existed between the two eldes Ea! liosd general Ind 11 14 Wen t f'r at to deciare their purr-Ise of doing evem thing within their power 13 aid the farmers In holding for 15 cot cotton z--nme of the warehouses of the union ate heirg erected several hundred yards 170M rahroads tracks and the content:on of the railroad men is that the distance la to far to justify the roads In bearing the entire expense necessary In detrackintr to the buildings A compromise will likely be effected ' calling for the railroads to build a - certain maximum distance and the union to bear the expense beyond that paint The Question is considered quite an Important one owing to the fact that the union added over 150 new warehouses last year and contemplates erecting more than 250 this year Armitage Trade Excursions Waco Texas Fept ham Sanger has been appointed chair-Dean of a joint committee from the Business lien's club and the fright bureau to arrange for trade excur - ---e OF AST BEIALFIT Weald Be Lake-to-Gulf Beep Water wa r weeiroTio Fept The L Lilted States government is spending three or four hundred million dollars on the conetruction if he PeorYrut aosi nod yet the Mississippi river a waterway which I bellev Is of equal importance IN allowed to go with little or ro attention- said John Barrett director of the bureau of American republics who has Just returned from a trip to Portland and Beattie Mr IlarrOt stopped at a number of fir ir v BarieY ' 71 t 1 T 1111 sarr Wfr' y I di' e A '' "' Barley Bread and Beer in Vii111 These three words are-derived from the 4 me Anglo Saxon root—breowan 17 ifi same All three are foods Barley a grain ' V that makes both bread and beer 1 '1 ' Bread a solid food Beer a liquid 0 —4 - food "00 ------ ----- : In making bread flour and yeast are used in making beer barley-malt hops and yeast are used The same principle is in - each—both are wholesome foods In Pabst Blue - Ribbon Beer the Pabst Eight-Day Malting Process matures the malt slowly and uniformly thus transforming every particle of nutriment in the barley into perfect food substances To these are added the invigo- - lig"- rating properties of the choicest e-11- ' e 4s it-i hops by the Pabst brevving process 4 t ft 4 Ir TV ' 41:flr t? e ' which insures absolute purity -r7—ot- - - -ste el-4 0- 701:fi- cKJ!: your system re- r t quires a liquid Why not use one that is both food and drink— 4 tri tirfif :P:y):! yo il rating properties 74 ''' it-1 hops by the Pabst "riAleir 4 2- :' ' which insures abs ti'r V ) e t quiret not t both 1 v : a - : ab st Blue R 4 The Beer of Quality i ii tr4111"1" The special value of Pabst Blue F ) A ii that it encourages the fluids of the i k 4 th A action—us aiding y 0130 from yo 1 nourishment l li it1 110 I 4 y 3 No You can prove ti I h Blue Ribbon aa a V 4kIIr 4 Log a 4 today t 1744''''' 1' t4 - :tirl:I ' - i 6-4t:- ifts ''''' -- Ma at 42 ' - 4 I abst Blue Ribbon 50z671 Thwe special value of Pabst Blue Ribb(313 at meals ill tthat it encourages the fluids of the stomach to readier action—thus aiding you to get the fullest itA 0130 nourishment from your food 03 ylitigi You can prove the value of Pabst Blue Ribbon as a food hy order ke Log a cate today for home use lee Martin Clu leY & notation Mtis rhlp No — Pitte-Bunse cnuuren er Ltzt-an --- -- TempIe Texas Sept 22---(Speelal)- The marriage of William F Pitts anci liberal measure of applause Little Miss Mary Bretton deugnterof the marry- Mies Carrie Bunse was solemnized here tag squire followed wit ll appreciated by the audience an Instrur- he - M last e mental piece which was ex ecu t ed pe et in the presence of relativ si " fectly Miss Ione lr at t residence of the brele's parene ' Mcey daugnter of by Rev C F Mayer pastor of the Contrede Gasket's list and respoin 1 k et i ext on German Evangelical church The bride I the fernier district c er a to s 1 dd t and Iniu't' c 10 I Is a daugeter of Rev C Dense presidowith st t"31 "I' la a alweekel ing elder of the German Evangelical I dious childish voice w i was 11 ! Ise asioclation tri Texas The groom is a dd delivered a recitation well known young railroad man The Maudie "a ' utlICII brought down the house and pair are spending a short honeymoon ----- in Beaumont and Galveston axle was compelled to respond to an - etWOM The camp mascot Miss Starr Patriek-Head Rot:Herd aecompanieti by Mrs Marcus Cox on the piano followed with a vocal Greenville Texas Sept 22---(Spe- e m ial)—W M Patrick of Prospect and SeleCtiOn after whleh Mrs Cox fa- Miss Stella Head of Lone Elm were voted the canto in a siilar manner The musical programme was closed by married yesterday' afternoon by Dr a piano solo be bliss Helen Vera All Boyd at las residence in this city of these little people were rnade ben- orary members of the camp Iwo at Cleburne A conunittee was appointed to pre-Cleburne Texas Sept 21--(Specia11 rare resolutions upon tne death of Ira L J Bayless and Mts Emily leallbeck te Perkins a member of th camp and were married at the home of Mr and who was a membier of Pricti'e brigade Mrs W A McDonald In thie city yes- Army of the trans-Mississippi during terday evening at 5:30 °clock Rev the war of 1861 Clerentes Sante of Keene officiating John Allen Kennedy of Dallas and Comrade Ford an inmate of the Con- Mies Irene Roby were married at the federate borne at Austin was intro- home of the bride this morning at 0 dueed and made a speech regarding oclock and left Immediately for Fort conditions at the home He was closely questioned as to how the Veterans were Worth where they will visit treated the food necesteaties and amusements provided and In fact about Four la Navarro general conditions and hie report was Corsicana Texas Sept 22--(Speeta1) entirely to the credit of the instituTh following couples were married in Hon Mr Fords home Is In Wilber Nararro county today: R O Elam and ger county and he has been in the Miss Viola Watts E IL Peacock and home for the past nine months Mies Motile Bobbett L A Williamson A discussion regarding tile Confedand Miss Romania Griffis S J Kenney crate day atthe Deities fair was and Miss E W Langston brought up a misuneerstanding having arisen over the fact that Vice PresiItiselor-Parker dent Fairbanks was understood to have Denton Texas Sept 22--(Speelat)— been Invited to be present on the day Arthur Nayinr who played right field originally set as Confederate day It for the Denten Baseball club this sea- was determined to have a report on son and later with the Fort Worth this matter at the next meeting League club was married Saturday Comrade eleGrager created quite a lot afternoon to Miss Mattis Parker of amusement by declaring that he laughter effete P Parker a prominent could not take part in the sham batritIzen and merchant of this city Mr -fee at the fair unless the other side Naylor and his bride are receiving wad dressed in blue the congratulations of their many ler Frank Rainey former superinfriends Mr Naylor lives at Ponder tendent of the elasoulo home at Fort this county r Worth and well known all over tne state made a most impressive and ekeleseereevelitiems quent address recalling his service in Hillsboro Texas Sept 22---(Special ) tee arm) es a member of the medical Lieutenant James IL Rogers of the staff and dwellin upon the spirit of Tom Smith Rifles and 0110 of the city comradeship whien always prevailed g letter carriers In the Hillsboro post among the old soldiers office and Miss Willie May Williams The communication from W TShaw were married here this morning This replying to Representative Strickland is the third poste-face employe to get was read as follows married this month and rumor fuse it In the Dallas News Of Sept 15 there that another one will be a benedict appears an open letter addressed to Wednesday Sept 25 R E Lee camp United Confederate - ee Veterans from J J btrickland repre MISSOURI GOING DRY sentative from Anderson county in the Thirtieth legislature who introduced the 110000 amendment to the approTbat State In New Nearly Half Pro- priation bill to provide tor additional bibitiou room at the Coniederate home The litter purports to give trio facts as to Kansas City Sept 22—Bev Albert the origin rise fall and demise of Bushnell superintendent of the Anti- that meritorious measure It seeme to Oaloon league for the Kansas City die- have been born in the lower house a favorite and precocious child passed a trice said yesterday that In his estima- !brief but succeasful career In the son-Ilan it would be only a few weeks until ate to be allowed to die without a Slissourt would be half prohibition godfather In the free conference corn- mittee unhonored and unsung We 2There are III counties in the state are thankful for the young man's good ind forty-seven of them have voted I Intentions rine the information he has tgainet the saloon Only ten more dry !given tie We arc forced however to :Wes are needed to make the wet and ' repel wit indignation his insinuatioris that we are yielding to the in-try counties equal There have been flitence of demagogues The charge is eght count:es made preeedllen terri- ' telse on Its very fere and en unwar:ory within the last week There will ranted aseumption front the facts Ped )e several more eleetiens in the next tat in our open letter It is not 'es' days and It looks good for the only an insult to the intelligence of the Intl-saloon people committee but an outrageous slander upon the officers and m!mbers of R E Lee camp who for the past decade Railroad Survey progretvinig have been looked to by comrades and Ware) Texas Sept 2l--(Special) smaller -camps all over the state as N'ord from the Waco-Brownwood sur- leaders In every movement having for reying party shows that more than its object the comfort and protection 'illy miles have been covered of the needy among their number They have by eschewing politics re- ceivect the hearty co-operation of ex- eeseee e ' cry element in their local corpmunitY seetalitiesabstd- e intuding their former enemies in die- 'ete le pensing thousands of dollars in local ee charity to their poorer members Yet e when they have the courage to demand ad and Beer 11 reseectful attention and justice at the T handl of the official family they are q advised not to allow themselves to be e "made cats paws" e words are -derived from the :' The objects and purposes of this ' Axon root—breowan i noble organization are benevolent and historie and dwell in an atmosphere ree are foods Barley a grain far above the miammatic slums of par- tisan politics The purpose of this aces both bread and beer young man in introducing with the k solid food Beer a liquid approval of the governor this bill was commendable indeed and we only regret that they failed to guard it bread flour and yeast are I through the dangerous shoals of the conference committee to a succettaful ting beer barley-malt hops isstie Bet wisdom is born of expe- I The same principle is in - rienee and should this young man live to participate in the neat legislature foods we hope to see him with zeal undam- pened in the front rank of our friends Beer the Pabst Eight-Day battling for unstinted justice from the malt slowly and uniformly great state of Texas to the worthy and needy surviving acmes Of 161 to 1865 cle of nutriment in the barley W T SHAW 4 --4111--0 Pour la Navarro Corsicana Texas Sept 22—(Specia1) Tb following couples were married in Navarro county today: R O Elam and Miss Viola Watts E It Peacock and Miss Mollie Bobbett L A Williamson and Miss Romania Griffis S J Kenney and Miss E W Langston Narlor-Parker Denton Texas Sept 22—Npecial Arthur Naylor who played right field for the Denton Baseball club this season and later with the Fort Worth League club was married Saturday afternoon to ?dies Mattis Parker daughter olW P Parker a prominent cit!zen and merchant of this city Mr Naylor and his bride are receiving the congratulations of their many friends Mr Naylor lives at Ponder this county litegere-AN !Mame Ilillsboro Texas Sept 22---(Speotal ) Lieutenant James II Rogers of the Tom Smith Rifles and 0110 of the city letter carriers in the Hillsboro post office and Miss Willie May Williams were married here this morning This Ii the third poste-face employe to get married this month and rumor has it that another one will be a benedict Wednesday Sept 25 That state In Now Nearly Half Pra131httlon Kansas City Sept 22—Ilev Albert Bushnell superintendent of this Anti-Saloon league for the Kansas City district said yesterday that in his estimation it would be only a few weeks until Missouri would be half prohibition There are 114 counties in the state and forty-seven of them have voted against the saloon Only ten more dry cities are needed to make the wet and dry counties equal There have been eight count:es made pr tory within the last week There will be several more eleAiins in the next few days an1 It looks good for the anti-saloon people Railroad Survey Irrogreaing Texas SPpt Word from the Waco-ltrownwood surveyins party shows that more than fifty miles have been covered I Made by Pabst at Milwaukee II CAL Ft Worth 290 the :rain xer quid are lops Day Tay rley :ess : is k-- ?‘ ta is idler ilest LITTLE TOTS AMUSE LEE CAMP VETERANS FINE PROGRAMME OP ENTERTAIN M EN T PREPARED BY COM RADE (ASK Els IS NOT IN POLITICS -I-- Camp Indignantly Dentes Thu( Veterans Are Being Used as Cues raws A juvenile programme of mnro than passing merit an eloquent address by Yank Rainey and tV T Siotw's re-MY to the letter of Representative StriAland published Sept 15 relating to the local camp were the principal featured at yesterday's session of IL IL Lee cantt L C V Camrade slated that he had intended presenting- b LIOlt a juvenile programme as was presented yesterday for some time and was rather proud of it this opinion being heartily and officially indorsed by a vote of the camp after the conclusion ot the entertainment - The entertainment was opened by Little Master Swayne and Miss Dot Cummings with a lien° duet 'rho little people performed excellently for children of their age and received a liberal measure of applause Little Miss Mary Bretton daugnier of the marrying squire followed with an Instrumental piece which was executed perfectly Miss lone McVey daughter of the former district clerk was next On Comrade Gaskiirs list and responded with a vocal solo in a sweet and melt) PREPARATIONS FOR BIG REVIVAL At the morning service yesterday the pastor of the College Avenue Baptist church Rev F M Masters made the final announcements about the coming revival services to begin next Sunday morning Bev J W Gillen pastor of the Etteton Avenue Meptist church Deltas was seleeted some weeks ago by the congregation to lead the revival Ile will arrive next Sunday to begin the wotk F J Harrell of Timpeon will have charge of the singing Several committees and special workers were appointed yesterday to make all necessary arrangements for the meeting There will be a epecial meeting tonight for a complete organization of all the foreNi in the church -- BEARDSLEY LINE GOES BY PEASTER -- According to information given out by Islayor Frank C Highsmith of Min-end Wells the Beardsley interurban work on whioll will start today will be built by way of roaster Springtown and North Fort Worth Whitt and Poolville Mayor Highsmith who wan in Fort Worth yesterday stated that President Wilson of th American Engineering company informed him 15today thet the Peastor route had ead selected to Springtown By th War It is expected e a less than par cent grade al can be seoured an the ayregate 111 length w be lOSS then via W itt aud FoolVille President Wilson Mn told thiayor Highsmith that work of conetruetion of the line will be prosecuted with vigor right from the start Ground will be broken on this Oen trio line at 8 o'clock this morning Work is to commence on East Hubbard street in Mineral We and the grading contractor has on outfit already on the ground and another en route Mayor Highsmith will not be present at the ceremonies attendant upon the ground breaking as he has gone to College Station to enter his son Hurry in Agricultural and Mechanical college Mayor J J Jarvis Mayor W Davis Stcrling p Clark Van Zandt Jarvis and J B Buchanan comprising the North Fort Worth committee left yesterday afternoon to be present --------w--- PERSONALS Dr W E Surgis of Stephenville was 'ere yesterday en route to College Station where lie will enter his $on Paul in the Agricultural and Mechanical college Harry Wesley Gaston city editor of the San Antonio Express spent yesterday in Fort Worth on his return to the Alamo city after having spent his vacation at Bawls Among other things he was lamenting the death ot his former friend—the pass Colonel John T Bonner of Tyler was among the visitors In the city yesterday Miss May Lee Whitsitt daughter of Dr and Mrs L M Whitsitt: Miss Anna Belle May niece of Mr and Mrs George Clark of the Denver and Percy Evans son of Mr and Mrs J A T Evans of 1tio8 Weatherford street accompanied by Mrs L M Wilitsitt and 51rs Georgol Clay k leave for Austin -Wednesday Sept 25 where they will enter the State university 1 Frattlein Berta Gericka daughter of Dr and Mrs Frank Mackoy Johnson of 813 Penn street who has beet' teach-Mg music in Washington will arrive in the city thla week from the capital on a visit to her parents and will probably 11ake her home here in future At the Hotel Worth Robert R Rinehart City John B Allen Temple: James A Weaver Waxahachie: Mrs Cone johnson Tyler F 4 Gibson Dallas: Edward Hensley Dallas H Hensley Pallas Miss D Edwards Dallas Misa Will Dallas Miss Howard Dallas J L Miller Weiner T: W S Kenyon Amsterdam A Buchanan Longview H L Nilland NVeatherford Geo R McManis Baird E P Coffey San Angelo G J Warner St Louis A A Adams and wife Houston G W Gray St Louis L P Grosholz New York Ir T Warren New York Mrs J C Lovine Jackshoro Frank S Yantis Alvord: Lee Ridder Stephens-villa George Doggett Waurika C A Milam Glenrose B A Fain Gienrose O E Dunlap Waxahachie M Minzenhelmet Marietta Dick P Wall Palestine G P Hill Mt Vernon G C Stubblefield French Camp Miss V A Lea Philadelphia H D Dillenberg Baltimore C E Hill New York W la Williamson New Orleans J B Johnson Houston S O Latimer Port Arthur J M Ragsdale Jr Cleburne A J Moore Denton J M Pratt Grand Rapids Mich1 C F Chrestonson and wife Boston C Browning Boston: G H Bomar Houston A F McMillan Sealy Texas J S Pidgeon Dallas D R Marvin Chicago J Nall wife and datighter Austin Mrs M G Sampson Austin J W Spencer Chicago H F Wright St Louis W R Prior Williamsport Pa Mr Recherback St Louis Joseph Loverstine Sacramento S E Desk Norfolk is REIIGlotTS Ro Ida Quarterly Conference Ennis Texas Sept 21---(Special )-- Presiding Elder Jatnes Campbell of Waxahachie held fourth quarterly conference for the Methodist Episcopal church South here last night The reports show a splendid year's work In all departments of church endeavor Twenty-one stewards were elected last night for the local church The Sunday school officers were all re-elected for another year Parts Presbytery Meets Cooper Texas Sept 21--(Speciat)— The Paris presbytery met in this city this morning with- a full attendance the pulpits of all the churches in the city of all denominations were filled by Presbyterian ministers BRAZOS PRESBYTERY MEETS Seam lau at Bay City ill Continue Over Suadoy Bay City Texas Sept 21---(Special) The Presbytery Brazos met in pernianual session with the Presbyterian church in this eity Friday night at 8:30 The opening sermon of the 10911011 was preached by Rev W S Red of Hempstead After the sermon the session was called to order and upon call of the roll the following minieters were found to be present: W S Red Hempstead 1 D West Bryan: G W Story Houston Thomas Hick lin LaGrange G T Story Houston R W Hall Galveston: L E Selfridge Bay City Licentlall: Charles Sydman Galveston Ruling elders present were W S McCulloch Bay City M S Robbins Quintana Visitors attending the seselon: N À Graham Houston J F Mitchell Bryan rt H Mi)rrow and wife Anagna Mrs Borden Angleton Mrs M A Robbins Matagorda Rev Thomas Melding was elected moderator and M S Robbins cleric The presbytery will remain in session over Sunday CLOSE Hfl REVIVAL Stephenville Churches Join in Progressive Work Stephenville Texas Sept 21--(Spec:a1)--The most succesful revival in the history of Stephenville has just closed here It was conducted by Rev Mr Andrews and Rev Mr Phillips of the Methodist Episcopal church It is estimated that there were more than 200 conversions All the local churches oo-operated and the beet of fellowship obtained throughout Rev Mr McCarty of the Christian church has begun a meeting under the same tabernacle and large crowds are attending the services -- SINT1 Ffl VRECK Freiglat Train Buckles Blocking Tracks for Mani flours-Fuqua Texas Sept 22:----(Special)— The Santa Fe freight train second No 229 which left Silsbee at 2:20 yesterday afternoon was wrecked three miles south of Fuqua Pour of the care that were about the middle of the train left the track two of the cars completing a bridge across the track bY the end of each of the two cars rest ing on the embankment across the track No one was injured in the wreck The passenger train that was due here at 7:10 15 tn stopped at Bragg and at I a in the Boll Weevil from Cleveland came down and the passengers were transferred across the wreck The passenger train from Beaumont staved at Bragg through the night and came through here this morning at 9:20 for Somerville The wreck was cleared so trains could go through without delay about noon today ----41w-- PUBLIC MUST PAY To Meet Inereasedr1T–ate Saloon Men Rattle Price ll Beer Houston Sept 22 — (Speolal)— All grades of bottle beer on and after Monday Sept 23 will be eold over the bars of the Houston saloons at 15 cents straight instead of two bottles for a quarttr This Increase of 245 cents per bottle was made by the saloon men on account of the increased rate of oocupation taxes they are compelled to pay under the now liquor la W In every saloon In the city placards are posted notifying the eonstimers of beer that the price has been raised Every saloon man will conform to the new price It ECE1 E K1F IN WO UN DS James WI !Minim !Re10110Y Stabbed It Affray at 'Fe ilea Ennis Texas Sept 22— (Special)— A difficulty occured at Telico eight miles east of Ennis last night in which a young man named Jim Williams received a number of serious knife wounds It is claimed that Williams attempted to Ilea a pistol on his assailants but wasonnwiecessful There are said to I? ft number of younq men mixed up III the affair but no one ban yet been arrested EAGERNESS TO SEE FIRE MAY COST IIIE m m HAL LATTIMORK AGED 15 rALLs 1"11031 A Folory-txxrr wINDmILL Is HURT INTERNALLY Arnt Practure and Sorions Itend WounOs Sustained—Unconscious Since 7 o'Clock Last Night ma After climbing upon a windmill to view a tire Hal Lattimore 15-year-old son of Hon and Mrs O S Lattimore of Riverside ?tipped and tett forty feet to the ground at 7 o'clock last night sustaining injuries which it is feared will prove fatal Ile struck the ground upon his left side fracturing his arm below the wrist and sustaining serious head wounds For a while it was feared that his skull was fractured but last reports allay this fear However he etenia to be injured internally and dangerously so Hearing a fire alarm Hal in his youthful eagerness rushed out into the yard of the faintly home and climbed hastily on the Lattimore windmill He reached the top and was standing upon the roof when he slipped in some manner and fell to the grotrad some forty feet below He was ploked up unconscious Physicians were hurriedly summoned the fractured arm was set opiates administered and other efforts made to relieve the lad At 11 o'clock he had not regained consciousness but was resting easy under the Influence of opiates At 12:30 o'clock he roused slightly but was coughing blood which indicates internal injuries of a very serious nature His pulse was good however and his eyes of normal size and attending phymicians expressed renewed hopes for his recovery Tho injured youth is a student In the Fort Worth Higl school being In the tenth grade and has many friends together with those of the family who will be grieved to learn of the unfortunate affair and who hope that he may recover --- LECTURES TONIGHT ON MODERN MORMONISM "Mormanism----Some Latter Day Practices" will be the subject of an address to be delivered at Hemphill Presbyterian church tonight by Miss Edith Hughes secretary of the Woman's Heard of Missions Of the Presbyterian church of America Last night Mine Hughes addressed a large congregation at the Taylor Street Presbyterian church She reviewed the work of the board of mieslons referring to its progress in Mex leo Alaska and other countries and her talk was pronounced very interesting SERIES OF SERMONS BY MIL -- BURROUGHS Rev P E Burroughs of the Broadway Baptist church yesterday delivered the first of a series of sermons divided into two parts the first series being under the title "The Holy Spirit" and the lent aeries "Questionable Amusements" The interesting little leaflet Issuel by the churoh announcing these sermons contains the information that the church has 943 members has received 340 members in one year has more than 600 enrolled in the Sunday school ha o an auditorium with a neating capacity of 1200 and has 36000 people within a radius of one mile The series Of sermon s planned beginning with yesterday IN as follows: "The Holy Spirit" morning- service Sept 22 "The Holy Spirit and the Sinner" Sept 22 The Holy Spirit and the Church" Oct 6 "The Holy Spirit and the Believer" Oct 13 The Holy Spirit and this Word" Oct 20 "The Holy Spirit and Modern Ilealing'" Oct 27 "The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin" "Questionable Amusements" evening SPTItift R o'clock Sept 22 "The Young Christian and the Dance" Sept 29 "Tilts Young Christian and the Theater" Oct 6 ''The Young Christian and the Card Table" Oct 13 "The Young Christian and the Social (Base" Oct 20 "The Young Christian In Society" Oet 27 "The Young Christian in Business" --1------ CHRISTIAN REVIVAL TEN CONVERTS MADE The revival services at the North Fort Worth Christian ehiirch which have been in progress for the past two weeks will bo disoontinued with last night s eermon Rev Ward ItUP1011 stated that ten converts had presented themselves for baptism and nne letter of - membership was prevented hut night The revival has been a most decided' snecess In every way and interost quickened by the earnest efforts of the pnstor and his assistants CHURCH AFFAIR WILL BE DEBATED -- thA Fart Worth Christian Endeavor locel lintOn will hold its rerular meeting tonight at Tir(adway Presbyterian mission corner of Eighth and Virginia streets Devotional exercises will be led by E Dixson A debate will be bad upon the subject "Resolved That the Missionary Committee le More Important Than the Lookout Committee' Positive George Adams and Miss Nina Pollins negative H S Anderson and Miss Mae Goodner Mies Agnes Hill and J F Waite will give an instrumental duet NECROLOGICAL Mime Jennie Darras Bliss Jonnie Darrell aged 46 years died yesterday afternoon at the home of hor brother Robert B tlarreth of 714 Eighth avenue She has been a res ident of Fort Worth for nineteen years and came here from Drummond county Ohio She was a member of Broadway Presbyterian church and Dr J B French the pastor will conduct the funeral services which itrO to be held at 9:30 o'clock this morning from 714 Eighth avenue -40---- Mrs 161 P Saunders The remains of Mrs E P Saunders reached Fort Worth yesterday morning from Monterey Mexico Funeral services will be held this afternoon from the residence of W N Foster 1406 East First street B J Byrd R J Byrd aged 24 years died at 5 o'clock yesterday morning corner of JOTIPS and Central avenue North Fort Worth Its had been lit with typhoid fever for several weeks Th remains are being held at Robertson's undertaking parlors awaiting the arrival from Florida of th dead man'w mother It is expected that the remains will be shipped to Florida 81ra Sarah Breen Mrs Farah Breen died yesterday afternoon at the residence of her sister Mts R H Hines 408 Wheeler street Interment will take place this after noon at 8 eelock from the residence Undertaker George I Gauze N'Interal Notiee Sister EL P Saundqrs will be 1)111101 Monday Sept 23 at 2 p in front WO East First street All Royal Achatee requestell to attend R M DAVIS President PR R W IlOORM EP-cretary NATURE PROVIDES FOR SICK WOMEN a more potent remedy in the roots and herbs of the field than vvas ever produced from drugs In the good old-fashioned days of our grandmothers few drugs were used in medicines and Lydia E l'inkhain of Lynn Mam in her study of roots and herbs and their power over disease discovered and gave to the women of the world a remedy for their peculiar ills more potent and efficacious than auy combination of drugs Lydia E Pinkham'sVgetable Compound is an honest tried and true remedy of unquestionable therapeutic value During its record of more than thirty years its long list of actual cures of those serious ills peculiar to women entitles Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to the respeet and confidence of every fair minded person and every thinking woman When women are troubled with irregular or painful functions weakness displacements ulceration or inflammation backaches flatulency general debility indigestion or nervous prostration they should remember there is one tried and true remedy Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound No other remedy in the country has such a record of cures of female ills and thousands of women residing in every part of the United States bear willing testimony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable compound and what it has done for them Mrs Pinkham invites all sick women to write her for advice She has guided thousands to health For twenty-five years she has been advising sick women free of charge She is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E Pink-ham and as her assistant for years before her decease advised under her Immediate direction Address Lynn Mass MINEMMEll TERRITORY NEWS Candidate for Speaker Tulsa I T Sept 22---(Specla1)— Tulsa oounty has a candidate for speakr of the house Of representatives of the First Oklahoma legislature in the person of C L Holland who obtained his seat without opposition Mr Holland announced himself Saturday Two Fives in Chicsamba Chickasha I 1 Sept- 22--(SPecia1-) Two fires in the °Ur last night almost at the same time did considerable damage The first was in the wsrehouse of Brading Brothers A large quantity of hay was destroyed and ruined by the flames the loss amounting to about $500 Ti second fire destroyed the residence of Mrs R H Turner occupied by O O Boater The fire originated in the kitohen about 3 o'clock and the flames had gained such headway that but very few artioles were removed from the house Loss to property about $1000 partially covered by insurance enmpaiga for Immigra(ion Oklahoma City Sept II—Special)--A campaign of immigration to and development of the kiouthwest will be started with the meeting in this city Oct 15 land ii of representatives of All the commercial and industrial bodies In the new state Immigration agents of all railroad lines entering Oklahoma and Indian Territory have signified their intention of attending the meeting and different ones of them will make addresses on immigration and kindred subjects It is believed that with reasonable assurance that statehood bi soon to come to Oklahoma made possible at the late election that development of the new state and the Southwest will tag On a new' impetus and that progress iruch as never was known before will be the ruling spirit In Oklahoma Laws to Enforce Prohibition - Oklahoma City' Sept 22---Spec1a1)— While emerging from ono campaign in which they are sure of succees though not to what extent Rev E C Dinwiddle state prepident of the Anti-Saloon league with Superintendent J J Thompson of the Oklahoma side today began a new campaign which will have to do with the enactment of eufficient laws in the coming tate legislature to enforce prohibition in the new state It is admitted that this will probably require harder work than in the campaign just ended The Anti-Saloon league officials have pledged themselves to have enacted laws strong enough to enforce prohibition in the striotest sense In their fight in the legislature however they are preparing for opposition in which it is possible they will have to fight the liquor interests Of the entire United States last Pig Wolf Hunt Chickasha X T Sept 22--(Spec1a1) The final big wolf hunt of Oklahoma is on twenty miles south of here on the Ike Harness ranch More than 100 doge from different parts of Texas and Oklahoma are in the camp and the one catching the most wolves will receive a premium of $50 An invitation was extended to Governor Frantz to bo there but his official business was made too urgent by the °lose of the eleotion to permit of Ms leaving Guthrie A large camp has been located and will be a busy scene all this week Nearly nil of the newly elected county candidates are with the party enjoying the much needed vacation ELECTION IS IN COURT -- Muskogee County Republican Starts Pleat Legal Fight MuRkrgee I T Sept 22--(Speolal) Acting for Carroll Bucker Republican candidate for clerk of tho distriet court application was made before Judge Lawrence Saturday for a writ of mandamus compelling tlIe Muskogee county election cotninisaieners to certify to the election returns ae they A Good Start is Half the Race The best stint toward a successful day is a dish of delicious wholesome Grape-Nuts food and cream for breakfast The crisp firm "nutty" granules Indicate firm flesh and crackling goof humor Its food value lies in the stored-up energy and tissue-repairing ma tees' In whole wheat and barley so prepared by slow heat and moisture 4pd subsequent thorough baking that "all there is" in these cereals is retained and made perfectly digestible Let the meat go for breakfast and supper take on Grape-Nuts in Its place and You WILL LIKE A A breakfast of Grape-Nuts and cream toast and a cup of well-made Postunl Food Coffee will put you away ahead of the meat eater at the start of the day's business and his handicap will only increase the "gap" as the hourly 'laps" are made By noon lunch will be relished and the digestive organs In fine condition to give you a good send-off for the rest of the day and the thrill of a steady nerve and a succese-winning brain It's an easy matter for the man who "gets tired betw& - to prove - that there's a reason for G rape ' reetam Cereal Co Ltd No:::::lA:1::::-:: ()A 11'72 11iittl':N :-‘ :::::':::: - - 't::-:5:::::: s-1:::: :&e::::: :!:-: -::i:Tim: i ::::- 34L---- K:x::?: s p :::i: ::4:::' 'j I 1:: - 1- - - ' N - 0 1 LYDIA E PINKIIA are shown by the election judges of the various precincts in the county Ducker claims that the county commissioners are atttempting to throw out certain precincts on grounds of illegality whinh he claims is not in their jurisdiction This is the first case that has been brought into court The count On the county returns has not yet been completed and both Deniocrata and Republicans are claiming the election REM4NDED TO JAIL Deputy Marshals Dented Writ of liaikraa Corpus Tulsa I T Sept 22--(Special)-- Deputy United States 'Marshals Frank McGlothlin and Clarence R Wilson indicted for murder In the first degree tot the accidental killing of Rev SYIvaster Morris IRet night were denied the writ of habeas corpus on which they sought their liberty and were remanded to jail at Muskogee Their trial will occur in Octobr KILLED HIC LIGHTNING Young Man Stricken by Bolt from tits Sky Lawton Okla Sept 22---(Specia1)— Bert Chance a young min 24 years old while driving through the gate at the Fort Sill reservation Friday afternoon on his way to town with a load of hay was struck by lightning knocked front the wagon and instantly ki!led APne side of his face and part of his llodY were fearfully burned by the bolt 1-lis father who was driving several rods behind was also shocked but not dangerously injured Tilts occurred during a fierce thunder storm and several reports of people having been shocked by lightning have been received here today B UFFA LO PO It PitESER 114 Herd of Seventeen Will be Shippett From Piierr York - Lawton Okla Sept 23--(Specia1)-- Forester Mattoon of the Wichita game preserve in the mountatins near here bee received notice from the New York Zoological society that a herd of seventeen bbuffa)o will be shipned from the society's park in Neve York to the Wichita preserve October 5 Frank Rush of Pawnee county who was recently appointed keepw of the herd will leave 4at once for New York to take charge of the animals and to accompany them on their Journey The game preserve fence is nearing completion and foresters are preparin to institute a final hunt for animals that might prove inimical to the welfare of the buffalo ------ HEAD-ON COLLISION Nobody Hurt In Aectdnt on the tint Near Denton DentonTexas Sept 22--(Spec1a1)-- A liead-on c4i1is1on occurred on the joint track of the Texas & Pecifin the Katy this afternoon about 3 o'clock NWhbounti Katy engine end caboose crualieel into a $OU UtbUUfld TO 6r Pacific freight demolishing both engines near the gravel pit south of this city No one was hurt UNVEIL MONVMNNT McKinney Woodmen Do Donor to Two Deeeassed Members McKinney Texas Sept 22---(Specia1) A double unveiling ceremony under the auspices of the Woodman of the World took place at tha Chatubliss cemetery this afternoon when the Ardath and Altega camps unveiled monuments to deceased Sovereigns Joseph N Jordan and L M Love lady The unveiling addresses were delivered by Senator A P Barrett of Bonham and Tom W Parkins of this citY Grand Jury Adjourns - Waco Texas Supt X2-03peotaL)---- Tho grand jury has returned sixteen kntilotrounts fourteen of whiott wale for felony id ue nal xes led ns Le Icy I Md ler FEEL NEW PEKSON b - N ts Battle Creek Bleb V B A I

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