Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 2
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Two NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 20. Battle On For Vice President Nomination At Convention Chicago, July 20—(UP)—Thi United Voto of eight or nlno southern stall's for Bnnkhe.itl iniKht pro vi>nt either Walliici! or Trunmr from obtaining u tnnjority and force- a deadlock. The six statos rpprosentocl nt tho jipcrot cauctis were North Carolina TVniifxsi'r, TOXUM, Arltnnsinn, Alabama, and Virginia, 'ft is believed Smith Carolina, Loui.sian, and Mississippi might swing into lino with them litihind Bunklu-ad. Mrisc of Iho southern dfilojKitlcms planned another caucus* this morning. The results of their activities will cIi-iii' th« now cloudy poet tiro. Another hut which Is going into tho vice-presidential ring Is that of Governor Robert, Ken- of Oklti- homa, who dclivorod thi- kcynotu ndrlrcsM hist night. The Oklahoma -li'li'giitlun hu.s just voted to present hir-i name for tilt 1 nomination. Thi'iii- soiithi-i-ni'i's ulso arc waging :i grim light over tho racial plunl; in tin- party's platform. Tho Tenm-SHpe (U'ii'gntlon is withholding its support of Prositlont Uoosc- vi!It until it gi'ts a look nt the racial plank. The platform will go before thif convention for voti.' this al'U't'noon, Itn-A'ever. nothing CUM s t o p Iloosevolt fi'om bring nomlnnted for a fourth term this afternoon, although tho nnrnr- of Sonutor 'Harry Hyrd of Virginia will be put up for tho presidential nomination to rnronl tho anti-fourth term vote. J[o is expected to draw about one hundred votus on the tlrst ballot. I'residrnt Uoost'ViMt will address the convention by radio tonight. BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 • M f W T ^_ mmm __ _ __ ^, i 2305678 9 10 II 12 13 14 I! 16 17 IS 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2? 2S 29 30 31 — Y'anks Push Attack In Normand^ Doming Events Fill DAY St. M:iry'n Carnival, Church Grounds Until July 2» oOo SiATimiJAY Si. lI I'livlllon SI. FJa/.aar, Church SU>'1»AY 'i lluzimr oOo JULY 2-1 J'n|icr Collection - oOo - JLXY 25 S»lv:iKf Collection - oOo JULY 211 Funerals l-'iiniTiil of >Irs, Mary Vri'lry Cl:inili»k«: Ti-iiiils Making V.rpt., Collini llolluw Grove. oOo SATOJtOAV ])nnci\ Youth TJerrentlon Ciiiiiiiillli'c, H'ninun's Cliib, \\-.\- trrliurv CiiK'lniisIy iidvanchiK; over tin- rubltli.' of litittli. 1 , a niiinhnr of Amerl- i!aii snldiiM'S lii'i-p llic'ir JJIIIIH rcacly :is they rnovi; fofwntil iin tlio outskirts of Ijii lluyi' (In Puit.s. One of the KTOIIJI has just towsod A'gri:- nadf which cxplodi'd nsiilnst the c'riimhliiiK' wall In center. (Intur- iiiitional) . . . Weather Report Thi' fiin(M-nl tif .\t?-s. M.-U'.V A. Fi'i-h.-y. widow of 'l-ldward I-'celey. whf ilii'fl'i.v .'it her homr>, 22 Onk s!rrf.-t, will h.> hold Vrldny nt S:30 a. rn. fi-om the residonco to St. I''ninfis church at I* o'clock, v.'hore a solemn hiffh Mass of ivquiom will b,! ccli'hrated. rnnirrni'nt will he In St. Jnmes' COMPARISONS Troveiers who <ompari Thi Toft's service plus economy o/woyi lorry ot The Tqffl 1000 HOOM1, IAIH IHO MOIO HOTEL *lf»E5 LEWIS. MCS TAFT TIMcS SQUARE AT RADIO CITY s. J'«c t. line ^-iN^of^f/jr / Massachusetts, Coruiocticut and Rlioilo Island—Cloudy with show.!i - s and scattered thunder showers. Little i-lianj;!! in lemperature lo- niKht, Tomorrow claarinf; w i-I. h somosvhat hif,'l'.er temperatures in tho interior. 96 Voters Sworn In Last Night (Continued from Page 1) Temperature Report Cool July days have been pleas- in;; to everybody but those on vacation, who wanted plenty of hoat and sun to fret a nice tan like tin- one that Red Hermans has. Rod likes, the cool days, P.ed admitted this morning, but prefers hent in tho summertime i-CK",rd- IftSS. The temperature was C'j.D at 5 a. m, for a coo: low, today and clouds have 'been hanKinjr around in the nky all day lonf,'. Midnight , CG 3 a. m. i OC 0 a, m. ' OC . fl a. m. ., 73 Noon 7tj 1 p. in SO Last Letter Of Soldier Received (Continued from Pace 1) •fill nmko your home "sparkle' It is better in every way— rcallv cheaper, too—to use pood paints like Murphy's^ -They arc more beautiful and they wear, «ad wear, and wcafj Ask us about them; CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 further details duo to tl'.e casualty havin« occurred in an active the- nter of w:ir. Tho iost soldier's wife Is hoping that other soldiers in the nompiiny will inform her of the details of tho action that resulted so fatally. Private Doyle entered tho Army, August -I, IMS find with the 87th ChC'mlCJil Battalion was at Camp K u c k n r, Alabama, and Camp Forest, Tpnnosscc for training. Ho left for overseas in April of this year and had been in EiiKiand only a t'ew woel:s when the invasion of France came on Juno 0. was in Normandy for approximately three weeks when ho took part in thn action that cost his life. Tho lost soldier was well known In Naujratuck, and his wifn is particularly prominent here hav: resided here all her life, and having been ariemployn of the C. S. 'Rubber Co. Central ofllcc. coran William P.. Connolc, Joseph N. M.'ingini, .Harold C. Lewis, Charles S. Civinskas. Kdward J. Mariano, Robert L, Bulakitcs, Olive E, Sengstackcn, Gordon G. Anderson. Women: Emma Fredericks, Sadie T. Cnok. Emily Birdsnll. Sophie Pius, Marguerite E. Spann, Louisa Caspar, Theresa Spiak, Ruth Marion Butiius, anU Dorothy C. Mac- Karianc!. AUo Annie Kiely, Mary M. Harper. Zaira J'tuggeri, Angola Keller, Marie 1 Bakanas. Veronika Ck'Hlcw.-'Ui. Harriot Dinsmorc. Set-' t'imia Fratcsi, Elsie Isbel!, and Mrifff.ii'ol 51. ^inlie. Also Mary K. Sharp, Gcraluinc I. G-lick, Ealblna B: Gabnni, Gladys Rodman, Elizabeth. Kiely, Francos. Severson, Flororiuc Mitchell. Vera Kudxma, Mabel T. Campbell, Maria' De Costa Man oca. Also .Mary Janu Honan, Ann Louise Severson, Helen Kicly, Mary Stefnnya P-oxanski and Juii- anna B. Colas?.. Men: William W. Clymnr, John P. Travis, Edwin T. Johnson, Josoph P. Mayo, Frank DC Barber, Wiillcr S. Sinwski. Alixas Gi'igalus, Philip Anderson and Peter Lo.iti.on. And George MolTat, Jesse E, Mc- Lcllan. Louis A. Doherty. Raymond Frudericit, Thomas Fox, Louis Stcponnitis. Philip A. Fox, Jr.. John'Allan Herring and Maurice JJe Costa Manoca. Also .Sih'io Gentile. Pasquale Do Carlo, Patrick Kiely, Clarence A. Fsiiell Tremendous Growth Of Postal Business (Continued from Page 1) fn war bonds, in l'.M3 the Nau- fratuck post ollice issued '...11,G58 bonds foi- .f^SS,(iS7.!JO and i'n 10-H issued 17,728 bonds for S-130,987.50, .nlmosL double the amount of • the previous year. In war stumps in IfMS the" lonal post, olilcc sold SO},510. worth while in :lfi'M it issued only S50,-ll.iO worth, no doubt accounted for to some ex- Lent by the fact that a great many more bond>; are being purchased than ever before. The. Maugaluck post olilcc in ]9-13 sold'-!,075 Federal Auto Use stamps .-j.nd vo date in 19.14. has sold -(,020. ml will no doubt. sell'about the same number as previously before the year is out. - •'• : The olilcc _ur.der Postmaster Green is -having., its • trouble in connection ^with help, hriving .'lost fivtiJ employes to 1 ,the armed services .to date. In the face d. r these shortages thc.-olMce under the capable direction of its veteran postmaster, is doing a tremendous job. iind the dollar totals indicate to some i.'Ntcnt the growth of the ollicu in the past several years. Young G. 0. P. Outing Tonight Tbc nnnu:i.l outing: of the tuck Younfr P^opublican club will bo bold tonight at Schild^en's Thomas J. Folnus and Ed- i Grovo on the East Watorbury road IIKVKXS IIOSI'ITAL Fort Do%-c-nis, Mass., July 20 — (UP)—Medical fnr.ilitics at Forl Devens hnvo been transformed into one of lihe largest pimernl -hospitals in Ihe entire Uniled States. Tho new center w:K bo able 1.0 trjnt more than -1.000 patients daily. II. combine''.' new station hospital, Lovell General hospital, and Ihc; First Service Command reconditioning center. It's new •Minn is -Ihe Loveli General Con- vaU. i scenco So-rvlco7. won.! F. Kernathnn. Also Cbai'lcs Fredericks Ol!cro,' Max E. ftanhc, Honry M. Zwick, Howard P. Shiirpc, William Click, Anthony J. Shukaiiis, Hon- ritiue A. Lopes, Axel G. Severson, and Kobort F, M.icFnrtand, And Stanley Jnnuslciowicx. John W. Ashman. P.obert D. Carmich.-ie!. Adolph Kudxma, Onufruy Shuinak, L. Richard Spnnn, Stanley Po.ska- wich. Julian Kozanski, and John F. Campbell. 'Tho selectmen aro Mrs. Elix,.-j- bcth Biednrmcn, Mrs. Catherine Xnrdello and Casmir C.'ileski.'-j i.strars of voters aro Henry Zwlck j and Cyril Tuohy. [ and it is expected that several Lis.-irdo; hundred y.'ill be on' band -for the event. Henry Schildp/en, 3rd is general chairman Toi- the event and amonf,' the fjucsta will be Congressman Josi.'ph 12. Talbo!., county president, M.-LtthnU' Annstasio and other lead- in;;. GOP jiKurns. Tho menu will consist'of clams, ch'.m broth, hot do^'s. h.imburgr, corn, pickles etc! England's Dover harbor covers COO acros and cost $20 million. Prior to :SOO the United Slatos government mi;t in oi.u'ht cupita! ciiios. Bnllimore was the first tnoet- Inp place of congress which then convened from December 177(3 to March .1777. CLEARANCE SALE Coats, Suits .'mil presses Grrallv ' ill «,OUT M IV1AIIV Til Between 3,000 and 'j.OOO Kor trains enter or leave ' terminals each day. KUSKIN CORSET SHOP Will Be CLOSED For Two Weeks • July 24th to Aug. 8th • To (llvr Our Kruployers Two Weeks of Wi'll-Karnod llext! Store Will Reopen Tuesday Aug. 8th at 9:30 A, M. RUSKIN CORSET 126 SOUTH MAIN STREET MAIL-LARD FINE PORTUGUESE •BRANDY—Was S5.39 GRANADA IMPORTED RUM Was S4.10 .. ..• WHISKEY!! WE HAVE IT We reserve rljfht to limit amount, We carry All Popular Brands of Barrel Beer .For Picnics and Outings Harry's Liquor Shop 23 South Main Street Pop's Liquor Store 24 Church Street Jap General Kosio And Admiral Yonai To Fotfn New.Cabinet' (By United Frosn) The motives behind the political upheaval In Japan are still .obscure. • •• ' . . Two now militarists have succeeded General Tojo, who resigned with his' entire cabinet yesterday. They are General 'Kuniakl Koiso, governor-General- of Jap-occupied Korea—and Admiral Mitsumann i/onniv a former pMmier. 1 •••• But although' they arei-militar- ists, -they -are : not'-the 'extremists' such as Tojo .and the .rest 'of his- warlord ciibin'et. Both General' Koiso rind Admiral . Yonai, wore diown as .moderates before Pearl ; Harbor: 1 , < .- > •; :. . • • .Their appointment may indicate ;hat the extremists have lost con- j trol of Japan. However, most ob-, servers believe that the immediate; cactlon will be a strengrthenine; of; the wur effort. . : . Iii Washington, it is believed that' the Japs will set up a completely; civilian government before they' tart any overtures .looking toward peace,. .• • • . . . - .\ •It is not'clear yet'Whether-Koiso r Yonai will head the new govern- ient, or whether the premiership ill be a diial one.. The guns of American .irifantry- nen on,Saipan—und the bombs of •23 Super-Fortresses on Japan tsdlf—-obviously brought about the ovcrnm'ental change, •. > General Tojo—in -abandoning '.his ost yesterday . afternoon — con esscd that his government was too •enk to carry out the nation's ob- cctives. Emperor Hirohlto then.called in Ills lord keeper of the privy seal— 'Marquis Koichi Kido—to consult on the formation of a new cab- .inet, .1 , - , ,: Kido conferred later with former Nipponese premiers. And this morning—the Mikado summoned 'Koiso and Yonai to the palace to; form i.he succeeding cabinet in co-' operation. Radio Tokyo says: "The two men' received the honor with great trepidation,—and departed from the imperial presence." The trepidation is understand-' able. American . forces have been beat- 1 ing back the Japanese in the southwest and central Pacinc, capping it olT with the conquest of Saipan— Japan's own territory. And now our naval forces have opened J up the third week of daily bombardment of Guam—thrt obvious prelude, to further invasion. And Radio Tokyo this morning' announces now American bomber, attacks .on Canton, the Jap-con- troilcd port, in South China, arid on the island of Yap. Can Be Protected frdmfireDisa5ters , Hartford, July. 20—(UP)—State Fire Marshal Edward J. Hickey believes that through cooperation of municipal authorities the public can be protected against such disasters as. the circus (Ire of early this month. Hickey has reported to Governor that, municipal officials have been 'asked to make a thorough check of possible fire hazards in .public places where there are: bo-crowds. Also, he snys, the attention . of ofllclals bus been • called to smoking — especially in crowded buses—because of the oil- soaked clothing of war workers. Where'theaters hire police and firemen, these show-places have been asked-to determine whether f.)i<! officers Jiro'on tHc 'job. We he-had hcnrd reports *ome Of them were "unduly abmjnl" or had boon "sleeping; on the joV "False security," nays Mickey, "Is worse than no security ut all." JAI> J'EACE MOVES 'July 20 — (UP) — American observers Hay Jo.pancsc peace moves may soon be forthcoming-. They brrlievo the sujnmon- ine; by Emperor Hirohllo o' qi'iis 'Koichi KWo in rcfinrd. Kr for' tnal.lon or a new cabinet, represents ;i. rd.urrj -lo 7)o'wo;- of libcra.1 tlcmcnto in Japan. But. Capital spokesmen warn it is impossible lo judge the siRrilflcahof; 'Of Ihe new move- urulil it 5a IcameU what TorccH are behind' Kido. . 92 HIGHLAND AVI nocco RADO PIERPONT'S "•&*"•:— J & ';Por Over. 50'Years Qua;Jty, Vaiue and Service REGISTERED DIAMONDS We HFC, AVnfrrhnry'N .Oitlr Onl- flpil CriiH>N»K:lN(M Ilcjrt'Mit'ri-il 'vvIMi •7-our K'nnrnittrr of Aadirutlr HJn- monil Vitlvc'J SESSION OF SORROW; The .Naugatuck Lodge of Elks will hold a session of sorrow or. Frldny night a.1 8 o'clock for the late John S. O'Brien, former local resident and a member of Nauga-, tuck Lodg^ of Elks, who died re- ccnUy in Virginia. Exalwd R.uloi- Edgar Leach asks that all mem- lx:ra of I.he lodgre who can pooribly- do so, to al.tend, I he .session of sor- : row. During the 'V/orld war, the U. .S.; hud 4,037,101 soldiers, of whomi .•iboiit 2,7150,000 were draftees. • Biickmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE .Telephone 4334 Summer Clearance Second Floor DRESSES . S. 98 TO 19. 98 • . PRINTS AND SOLIDS IN CREPE AND COTTON. AT.L SIZK3. BLOUSES $ 2. Second Floor WERE 3.9S TO fl.98 STRIPES, PRINTS AND SOLID COLORS. SEVERAL WHITES ALL SIZES. PLAY SUITS WERE 7.OS TO 12.98 : Second Floor $ 5. SLACKS • . Second Floor $ 5. 3.08 TO 7.9S SAILING BLUES SPORTS JACKETS WERE 3.9S Second Floor SUITS and COATS 100% ALL WOOL . WERE 29.98 to 39.98 $ 10. '15. ALL SALES FINAL NO EXCHANGES OPA Odd Lot Release Men's, Wbmien's ' and B6ys* SHOES No Ratioti Stamps Reqiiired KEARY BUILDIN& NAUGATUiBK ; WATERBDKYV 1 So; Main St: 45 W. Main St. .XAKCATCCK 156 Church 8t 21MAIKST.' Tap*t,m»ndf, bind*,t«alf m«*t«v«ry» thing. 1 InehxSyd*. BENEFAX VITAMIN B-COMPU; Adhesive Tape Freezone FOR ANACIN TABLETS (100's) 98c IVORY SOAP c,t. 7, Rectal Soreness Get Relief New. Easy Way — Sit In Comfort I Proljvrmon'Ucct*! U n quick, dependable reliever of itching, painful rccuU norcnc6» '—Bymptoms. which-mriy nl«o oceompmny pilcj and hcrr.orrhoi'4*. Brin^m sobUiina' •cnsa o£ comfort--upon coni&et, for»n pro- tcctinc film ov*ct-«orc nrca, bdps• «Jet*roy " Infectious ircrnm. aid Nature heal up raw t broken ilanucs. No oil —no'cremc-to staJti cJothintt. Sold en .money buck euarnnio*. Get ihia modem relief lodny . . . nak for PROLARMON RECTAL Reg. M.25 Rubbtr SHOWER SPRAV 98c SOc JERGEN'S LOTION SOc WOODBURY'S FACIAL CREAM . SOc WOODBURY'S DRY SKIN CREAM S1.25 JERGEN'S FACE CREAM SOc WOODBUHY'S COLD CREAM ETIQUET DEODORANT CREAM 39* SAVE at CARROLL'S! GOcSize $1.Siz« 49c Larsjc sixo bat-)) towels of <ju'<: ih-yinjr, fluffy cotton terry. lonp wparinjy \v,-:ivo. Ch"<» solid 'pastels, colored borders plaids. or v- -^ ,../ p WASHCLOTHS M G. C. MURPHY CO. CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK,

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