The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas on September 9, 1900 · 7
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The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas · 7

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1900
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Ii astroi rea ventl entItle -riage Characterizes th SH PRESS Famous Boxer Will Devote His Time to Making Others Stronger mbzr 1YJU n i l t t di:eAors iri Puerto Rica '' uul is z""rlliu:4 "Lts- i the Three l's ou thio through ratt--wa: c''ttitIn t' l the of T1'4 balEg The market opened 1 trouble and a tEscussiou ou the sabl San Francisco Sf-pt 8—Third Vile ('111i:IY to aaAp-tr themselves 1:131::ally rctlued heca2se it wai and await an expn:si-'ion of their views- 1 President S:nlibs of the SPtb-rn Pa- d t the Iiunag Chanl: cidc railroad has returned from New i oriu1:lon in a Util a e Jia-- 01e:l ha itS Mile -1?-?' 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Ili 3 tet'n too r 4i'eal and that it is ruv0 - I - - ' Waxahai''' T - ' S ''-' " II t - - -t Ja- Jae p-'wers wil rentaiu la getting less halo it should as its share: Llers' o - 1 ' - l - ' iie ex SEpt —The Far- Uraduaiiy nk 2 a -nte mu you! Glasgow Sc pt 8—An efIcial balltin withstanding rerrorts to the contrary — Chorlotte N C Sept 8--Rev W II and it vtsstoNAnIES KILLED i I 7sfeLauria a Mt1--01i--t minister of ha the internAtionsa ict rates on through business 1Iutual Fire Insurance company - ystem un t3 the point w here 'i- issued to--ay sa)s tia two ad itionai i has been orgaried her e vv -itn bun 3 - 11"':ciur-- :li b ArtItt4 to - 1 i Accordingly an opportunity was giv- Treasurer It P 1ttizeIl pi esident9 ani " iz caPaeke 0 4 s'-37-1'-'---' -- : the stra n i! bubonic plague cases have been admit- i to the hospital and rine additiuual: Waslaagt o n Se7L S—The state de- 21IocAal- villa N C has bEert nominate I I (-n 0 ILa -1e I s to prsent its argil- ! Ccunty Clerk A Las'well fecrttary to eze- 1- - prse)ns have been placed unlr cs-- I DartmEnt i3 in receipt or a caiegra bm fw c by ingreis the Prchib i'aonists I i Caaa tig'4 distuzbinces ialea tit' btiL)re n"'I Ct b a Larr I traut4 esue aal which you want to place upon it 1 "Scl-re Lova and vounz men have an vatiou i from 'ente(1 SLatis Cons:11 G00112041 t)2 fiftt distrICt U Game now on at Pekin VIGOROUS ACTION URGED 11e1 Amerkou Clovernmout Blemt bortsewbot for vot Takinz a S1roll 2er Lille or Actioui N0-oi York Sept- 8—A dispatch to thfl Trliiine from London EayEi Thki English press does not like the ganw of blind buff now In progress at l'71dn but it is not prepared to say ws pnLinly It was without advicks reEpi2ng tho Russian proposal for the withdrawal of troops from the Chinese capit3I and the oracles In the Vosges force to command and something to do which will te dignifie-d and conspictoac thhcr nmaitications may be pro— p-osed by the United States and the utler powers but it may be safely as— eumed that the 13ritish foreign Office assent to auy policy which secures a general azreement of the powers and ebviltes the necessity for a partitiou Cbina awl acceptance of adulluistraIive Said to b: 1303 Strong Near rcownsibility on a tupcudous scale or I birt or population No English Johannesburg journal says this at present but a corn officials f the Interested llnPw After diacussion it was finafly eeellecl to raise the Three I°s share it the rate divt:ion trona 1 to 3 per cent taking effect Nov 1 The meeting was presided over ty Clairrnan Goddard of the Trunk Line aRsociation and was attende1 by tie same representatives of the various nnes who were present at the previous conlerenees PR)M111!II inevitably ensue when the provinces are Francis Edward Hinkley Ex convizced that the coneeest and part1-1 tion of the country are threatened At Fared Last Night mere reasonable view is that Russia et d Germany will come to some agree-i New York Sept 8—Francis Edward ment by which the beads of the man-1 Hinckley one of the incorporators of darins will be raved and the imperial the Chicago university and prominently government restored with temporary identKied with many important rail-garrisons for the foreign quarto' mit I road and commercial enterprises is compensations can be arranged for dead at his home at West New Bright-Russia Japan and Germany This arei on Staten leland He was born in rangement will not be sattafactory to Elmira N Y in 1834 and came from the English people and there will be al an old New Engiand family one of bis ilisposition to blame the American gov-I ancestors having been Thos Hincleiey ernment for not taking a stronger line an early colonial governor He was action Masterly inactivity has at graduated from Knox college at least one advantage for a nation pre-I Galesburg and went to Chicago in occupied with the Boer war in leavtng 1570 it free to grumble and complain Ile became president of the Chicago Pekin and Southwestern railway an aiso acquired large interests in other "Hi pooq Bors e I raHroads and in lumber operations n Di ring later years he became connected with the Niagara Power and Develop— reent company and was one of the projectors of a large steel company formed May be Educated at Yale by in CaThada Mr Hinckley lived a few miles out His own Efforts of Chicago until about five years ago when his busleess necessitated his re- 'royal to the East THE POOR NI'S CHANCE May be Educated at Yale by " '"'''''""''''" " —I— "— '— ---"' New Haven Conn Sept 8—A newt WA 14L—Ito AA A A capital and the oracles in the Vosges Er) )(dished as Corbett but he makes dep'artment Ibis' lust been opened at ' r 11 ipir 11 DI iir n Are ent now in regard to the Germaa goo( a use of the talents 'with which n- 1 Yale Where students of limited means iillaptatIAzi that sebum) for negotiat- I I o i 1 II Eli Witnilliftli a tare las endowed him I (rn secnre au educat ' ion by their own I in with the empress dowager and abor — Kitchell ! Fitz is industrious intelligent and en- ls ' i mandarins inst ead of cutting off their terprl&rig He is above all things a Prof C L has be en appoint- Igt"li A leads or punishing them otherwise rrcstct o for Fourteen man Of is word He never undertakes ed head of the new department which 1 d" TIs English press1 when in doubt l 1 a thing Lhat he does not do his level is a sort of employment agency ie Yi tak i fs rptrong line and blusters It earOld Crme best to ac-) c mplish That is the secret Will go between the 'Vale men who need 1-ts donethis tan general principles f -- as sistance and the merchants who are ! — o his succe since the tarein legations were at-1 villin to give them work Prod Poughkeepsie N Y Sept 8— Charg- Out of the 100000 or so he bas made c tallied and tea It4istAhl that the ern- Kitchell will also investigate applica- I cd with the murder of a neighboring in his fistic struggles I)'itz has purples dowager mustbe deposed and the tions for remission of tuition scholar-1 farmer 11 years ago Peter Austin (based a fine home at Bensonhurst In guIty mandarins be punished and i bliips fcllowships the kinds of em-! was arrested to-day on the evidence addition to this investment he is about ecrwl slregilards be taken to prevent ployment offered and the manner ird furnished by a skeleton found two' to establish in Chicago a sclaoed for the recurrext0 of the outrages and which the work is done by the Yale ap-1 week - ago at the bottom of a well Da' physical culture It will ba an improve-crimes agaInst-tivalzatIon It has nev- plicant a farm in Stormville formerly owned ' rnent on the similar institution coner explained bow this could be done The rinnortlinitieq fro- YIRVIT“ Plt by the prisoner The skeleton is bellev-: ducted by William Muldoon near this - crimes aainstelvilization It has nev- plicant a farm in Stormville formerly owned ' ment on the similar institution coner explained how this could be done The opportunities for paying ex- by the prisoner The skeleton is believ- ducted by William Muldoon near this unless the powers were prepared to as- penses at Yale are classified as follows ed to be that of Charles Brower once! city Fitzsimmons will probably in Bartle r4kusibilltY' of dividinZ and ' by the faculty: employed by Austin and who suddenly vest $25000 In this venture He may I pveruing China I Prices and scholarSh disappeared from his home in Storm-! monitorships decide to live in Chicago permanently 'The solution which would have been and choir work tutoring remission ot I ville Dutchess county on July 2 ISSI but this is doubtful In fact it is impopular In England would have been' tuition waiting on table organizing 1 It was recalled when the skeleton probable that Fitz will leave New York the adoption by the American govern--i 1 eating clubs acting as subscription l was found that one night fourteen:save for brief periods for to-day he at-meat of a distinctly punitive policy 1 agents newspaper writing typewrit- I Y6ars ago -Austin and Brower left tached himself to the staff of the New ettoreed by the employment of an array I lug and stenography teaching in the i Austin's house together after a quarrel' York Journal and is expected to conot 2500 or Z0000 troops The Britasil I schools positions as clerks telegraph -' The men had fought two months before tribute generously to tha sporting col-government would Lave followed the' ero conductors and motormen on street and Brower's leg was fractured Au umnS of that newspaper lond of the American state department' cars ushers ticket sellers at theaters' examination of the bones found in the Fitzsimmon's first article pub1ishe1 and have largely increased its own mil--I nn‘l concert halls and caring for yards I well revealed the fracture and Coroner: in the evening edition of the Journal itary forces in China for the purpose of I furnaces or residences of private lam- I 1 Bevier accepted this as conclusive evi-ito-day is unusually -interesting and semring the punishment of the guilty ' Hies in the city The force of men era- deuce that the skeleton was that of will be Instructive to young men who niandarins the dethronement of the ployed for electrical work by the Yale I Brower The body had been wrapped in I wish to become athletes or normally m th 1 1 epress dowager and e reorgonizal athletic organization is new recruited a cloth ture evBrower In the skull was found a fran-i healthy C dently 1 on of the imperial government from Since I almost entirely om the undergradu- re "The great secret of proper training befo's from a blow Austin disappearance had the state department has not taken i ates rented f B t i I for all kinds of athletic feats" writes this rower i said the ni-1 is cour () se the foreign Mee bere has I In the theological school a new sys- I tcm goeQ into effect to-day in the dis- p 1emehtrom s Nuth which' to is work- iear' Fitz sagely "is to use plenty of coin-adopted a policy of masterly inactivity tilbu of the money paid to the to Ile 'failed to pay for their use and mon sense Common sense in eating I tion -!- and bten prepared to acquiesce in any dergraduates The divinity students! Brower threatened to place a lien upon !common sense in exercising common the farm When they left the house arrangements which may be made by will make pastoral visits lead prayer! the night in question they were i sense In sleeping all form a combina- dis- Russia and Germany meetings call upon tile sick take i — charge 'of city missions and will be! puung ab-o-u-t tii-e-m-a-t-te' r---173ro-A-:-e-r-11-e-Y--Ition thatwinds up in success Russia began by proposing a plan paid part whole of th'eir scholarship er returned and Austa said that he One thing I want to impress upon or which W o ul d enable the empress dew- elpenses aeocrding to the amount et could not tell where he was the young athlete is not to overdo the i Por twelve e years Nustin pacsed th o ager and mandarins to return to Pe- the work they do This policy of dis- l ell t - - - thing at the start This mistake has I od wvery day From time to time lin and escape plfloahment Germany tribution he of dscholarship funds Had- was! lor ron in s and other debris 'was thwto made at temand of Presidont - been the undoing of many a youngster has not rejeetce this scheme outright ley who berieves that the ystem for the well urtil it was completely filled1who would have developed into a bi tut has rethued it to a measure for in vogue tended to pauperize the g s Austin sold the farm two years ago Itrong athlete if he had not started with merly 1 and the lack of water this summer led! tartial ithdrawal of the European students wrone i w deas of NV to train I F to the re-opening of the well and the i t' 11() - ' - ' Lu t11 1 c-utyruluti mi Lilt Y VIL 011t-t 1111 - 1 oped advances prices easily but th J e at- apanese and American forces so that I The Yale officials state that never be- discoNery of the skeleton "Different persons need different work count V011 Waldersee when he arrivest fore have there been as many chances Austin refused to talk when he as k frail delicate b t t d I hold tempt to realize profits caused reaction o can no s an a9 1 The general public continues to fol-earning a part or all of the college i arrested Ile Is one of the best known will I-Ie at least a small international i aloof from Wall street and the pre au- l expenses as at present The class which' farmers in the county and is considered' ' Ni- igorou's work at flyrst' as a big lust y' force to command and something to dol I WAS graduated last June shows that ot s i - I e 11 tf ' I chap and yet the little chap has just I ing spirit is one of cauLion an waiting Iii vd1 be d ig nifi -1 - I V c h ed and conspic- a27 members 15 entirely paid their ex- I o as much chance as the big one if he cti ! ll 1 - - 1 - WAS graduated last June shows that oti well off a27 members 15 entirely paid their ex- penses 15 others nearly all and a total i 1 y 1 of 69 paid a large part of their way 131)0 j - I Ett 1 linvrin ABA: 0 U :I Li U 110E11 FMK OP 1 No National Banks for the West Indies moewwwwdeNOIA FIRST ARTICLE IN PRINT lie Says Wrong Ideas About Exercise Have Injured Strong Constitutions aid Discouraged Many Athletes -N St Louis Sept 8--A special to the Republic from New York says: A very busy man is Robert Fitzsimmons the elongated knocker from the Antipodes Of all the lama who have fought in the ring in this country in recent years Fitzsimmons is probably the most industrious lie is not quite SO lished as Corbett but he makes goo( use of the talents with which na- tare las endowed him Fitz is industrious intelligent and enterpri&-ig He is above all things a man of is word He never undertakes a thing that he does not do his level best to act unplish That is the secret manner "Good health is the first essential of an athlete If one is not healthy then he must go about to build himself up in this direction before starting o'n any course of physical exercise This can be done only by laying down certain rules and following them strictly These 441 aives ot population No Englistil pulA441A4UpoUIL 6o I New York SEpt S—It is probable rules are very simple They are: journal says this at present but a corn- 1 : that the project of establishing the 1irsi1 "Don't drink I Promise may in read betwein the lines! rretoria Sept 8—It is stated thv national bank under United States laws ''Don't smoke t General DoWet has Joined Theron in in the West Indies will be abanon ded! "Don't chew of evtry ltadiug article The British' ! the neighborhood or ghbhood o anneurg and f Johsb L t k) r t 1 g I I oilice hits no alternative policy for the present at least The Colonial! 'Get all the sleep you can '1 that the total Doer force there -- ' and w n w ill be cotent to allo Russia to L Lc rs 1 num 500 The enemy is holding a honk of San Juan Porto RICO is the "Get all the pure fresh air you can store heavily provided the dignity ori sition in the high hills south of the une in question It was opened in I "Eat Plain wholesome food and lots idea that an athlete must be tough This Is all wrong and It has been proven time and again that the athlete be he runner wrestler bov--f? or anything else can best fit himself for manly sports if be leads a clean wholesome good life "And this can best be found amid home surroundings" PlibIDEN S LETTER A Strong Presentation of the Republican Side New York Sept 8--A special to the Herald from Washington says: President McKinleys letter of acceptance which is to be published Monday is said by members of the administration to be the strongest presentation of the Republican side of the issues of the present campaign that has yet appeared The president has not sought to avoid the question of imperialism Much of his letter is devoted to the Issue raised - I by his administration of the islands wrested from Spain He shows what! has been done in the way of improving political conditions in these islands Attention is called to the steps that! have been taken toward the establish-1 ment of a stable and independent government in Cuba The establishmentl of a civil government in POrto Rico in accordance with the act of congresl and the institution of civil government in the Philippines under the Philippine commission are referred to Another theme to which much attention is given in the letter is the prosperity of the country under the pres-1 ent tariff and monetary systems Thi brings up the financial issue on which) the president is said to take a firlW stand in support of the maintenance of the gold standard as ssen t lal to the continuance of the present cammercial and industrial prosperity of the country TIE STOCK 'New York Sept 8---The expectatioa of professional traders that the Ver-- mont election would be followed by an active market was disappointed The early demand from London also fell off I with the stiffening of the discount rat there The market fell back into dull-I ness and prices receded with the weakness of the eoalers on fears of a miners' strike People's gas on the war rates and Brooklyn Transit apprehension of municipal exactions Sugar alsa dropped back after the flurry over the unexpected increase in the- dividend rate Any buying demand which devel- only goes about things in the proper CONTEMPT OF COURT OlOolmOMMM? An Alabama Justice is in Trouble 0 '-' I UL n ID7-1- L Cf-1t 43 prouktulu lilies are ver3 billiVir A 11y ciL v Eirmingham Ala' Sept 8--In journal says this at present but a corn- 1 — I that the project of establishing the tirsi1 "Don't drink -United Staus district court yesterday' Promise may in read betwevn the lines! Pretoria Sept 8—It is stated thv national bank under United States laws ''Don't smoke ' Judge Wm Grady justice at the peace i of evtry It fiLliiig article The Dritisit t 0-eneral DoWet has joined Theron in in the West Indies Will be abandoned 1 "Don't chew at: Pratt City was senteneeci to ten! ! the to The enemy is ot neighborhood of Johannesburg and L days' imprisonment in the county jai i foreign tice has no alternative policy for the present at least The Colonial! "Get all the sleep you can '1 that the total Doer force there num- and will be content to allow Russia L 1crs 1500 holding a aud to pay a fine of $25 and costs Th1 ro ' bonli of San Juan Porto Rico is the "Get all the pure fresh air you can charge upon which he was convicted 1 store heavily provided the dignity or! sition in the high bilis 6 outh of the one in question It was opened in I -Eat plain wholesome food and lots was contempt of court the Ccrnian cmperor id sar ell and tbe town A considerable forte is now la i April 1s1A and has all allthoriZed cap--! i of it Let the other fellow eat the rich The action grew out of a proceeding Chula question diQpoke1 of or tempora- purait s The Bors have n eo artillery' itay of $11100000 of which $100000 has food - in bankruptcy So order me dato I ys auo Referee Trimble issued en Grady com- -3- 6'Iateti without a partition of the been subscribed It has eleven direc- ''Stick to these rules and gradually Eianding him to show cause why le1 ler1P!re i)v il1 ivilinv 11 1 r 1 yst tors including the president Wm 4w articles of the res p-5 : 4 11L-1)111U'l V 1 JA i 4 bchall Jr and the caher E L Ar- ' but surely you will fin11 y o 1 1r s e 1 f getting should not dismiss a certain garnish- --ued instructino him' here is little art from O artd:scussion of the attua- nold who has actual charge of the' 1 h -ou will Tiever know and another was iss stronger and stronger Finally the day runt Crady failed to notice the order t ! wt come w en 3 Sha bank in San Juaa Last April 'Jr a sic ' t- dismiss the garnishment He fa-ild ti 1 on in Chino in clubs or diplomatic k moment uy ai matter wasl i'4cles 'lir bliotierick is not in Lon-I S'hall applied to Controller Dawes tor Theo Is the time to to oe ag n and thtn the - u &lid Lord Salisbury is surving! The hre s ' -Te I'" v Ill c-t 1 ts t - pormission to make the Colonial bant commence 3-our exercising tr ken to the district federal court dn 1 -1 tn a zhetent and again the! usat hills n d out o touch to F is f Vi! ull re a 118'tiunli instituti" and this w eek- hj itself Yon must find out y our w ea the garn k- m:ss t I received notie that the application had est At this stage another fluty present3 1-1dge Sane instructed Grady to dis- I latter r2fused An oruer was next is- i Lis col:ctkzoos and subordinates Coun-I Thes: must Le! I sued commanding the Pratt City jus I try lhuse! hunting fields and golf links! been granted built up so as to correspond with th3 i tie to appear and show cause why he physical points i New York SetE 8--It th- la-t if :I -- Edward Wellman Sell Um Edward Wellman Sell- at Shanghai dated gept 7th reporting man Wedded the Woman the death about July 31st at ItHIC'111 and Taiku ef the follDwiug in:ssionaries: Rev and Mrs C W I'rince and He Loved daughter Florence Rev and Mrs E R Alatzer and two children Rcv and Mrs D H Clapp RM Gt) L Wil- liams Rev T W Davis Miss Rowena bird and Miss Mary L Partridge The department bas noted the respective A DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER mi ds ssionary boar of which the Vi Ctitni were members and their relatives as far as wssible — ----- REJOINFID THEIR SHIPS Warned by Physicians That Death I4ondom Sept S���The British admi- ralty announces that members of tha naval brigade who participated la 1114 Was Near Sent tor His Life relief of Pekin have rejoined their! Long Friend and Was — Married MARINES WITIIDRAWN berlia Sept 8—A dispatch received frem Amoy under date of Thursday —--or the 6th announces that all the foreign marines landed there and ut liulans New York Sept 8—Ceneral Edward! Fu have been withdrawn Wellmen Serrell warned by physiciansl a — that peritenitis threatened his life 1 His oriFcli FNIISI tbree hours later married Miss Marton' III Fi k a C Roorbach of Staten Island Toe! ' ceremony was performed at the general's bedside in the Hotel Clarendon by the Rev Samuel Tyler assistant pastor of St George's Church Gen Serrell and Miss Roorbach who -- During the civil war he became nolo- I nel of the first New York volunteers' lie was chief engineer and chief oL Prevailing Spirit one of Cau staff under General B F Butler in 11864 an designed the -Swamp Anger' tion and Waiti d ng ! battery that bombarded Charleston Ile — 1 I was in 126 different actions I 'New York Sept 8—The expeetatioat Adaughter of Gen SerrL11 by hi of professional traders that the Ver- ' first wife is the wife of Captain Robert I mont election would be followed by an Wainwright of the first cavalry now at 1 n oti via mnrkat 17751 fl i:z rynrsi n tiatl rl'h i Fort Sheridan $ NEGRO DOCTOR ARRESTED M0 Greenville Tex Sept 8—Dr L D hey a well known negro physician and Republican politician of Gre:nville arrested and jailcd yesterday afternoon on the charge of murder ai tho result of a criminal operation upon ilarriet: Haywood a negro gi-1 eighteen ki nineteen years of age According to information obtained by the officers the girl came here last week from Lasater in Marion county the object or het visit being to secure medical or surgical skill in hiding her shame She placed herself under the treatment o: M Key and on Friday afternoon aecording to statements made by the gir1 ! on her deathbed yesterday she visited! hip - office on the south side oi the square and submitted to the operation' that is usually resorted to to produce criminal abortion Dr Key was arrested immediately af– ter the filing of the complaint and en-teed a vigorous denial to the charge' protesting that there was nothing erlminal in his treatment of the Roosevelt Made a Hit With Michigan Hollanders M110 ON t WM a ffMP0 is a daughter of the late Orville A Holland Mich Sept 8---Governor Roorbacha publisher of this citv have i Roosevelt began the closing day of been lifelong friends They were to flying tour through Michigan by ad— have been married in Oetaber but al 3 dressing an Audience composed 'a1trio4 general's severe illness prompted hiini wholly to ask ifis fiancee if their wedding cou111 or Hollanders tidO their 0- soendants In the Holland park Ll(010 not take 1lace at once She consenteC people asAembleti Pn-sident hollen or arid the ierernony was performed tiope college Presided and- referred ta General Serrell is 74 years old Eel the fact that Roosevelt carte from 1101-7 has for fifty years been one of the most land stack like themselves and said: distinguished engineers in this city1 vern r Roosevelt was bovn De was one of the associate engineers' Duienman in constrneting the Erie railroad ani In acknowledging this Gover- nor T46:velt Oplitql his al- the C al entr railroad of N Re ew Jersey Ile ' dress with: "My Pellow Dutchmen"' was chief engineer of the Niagai i This set the croNvil to !leering ani bridge built in 1850 and of the re-- I some of the old settlers yeitcd Dutch nowned Hoosac tunnel He was largely: salutes and Roosevelt responding irierestA in the isthmian canal In! said: -The (I1 YUUr IttP11111' ' can state committee came from Duten MIS he accompanied the first engineer-1 stock The Republicans of Minnesota ins party of exploration to Panama have nominated a Dutchman for goveiGen Serrell was one iif the principal nor and vaunting myself In I think promoters of th Cr1it Mather by the Dutch aro pretty Well to it this which the Union PaAllic railroad was built l During the civil war he became colo f - lp i iA11111 T pf t(M colDritst First Report for the Memphis District Issued MemPhis Sept 8--The first cotton report of the sason for the Memphls district issued to-day by the Delta Cotton company gives the bubstance of 514 reports front correspondents in West Tennessee MisAssippl Arkansa4 and Noah Alabama Favorable weathe is reported in 122unfavorab1e 392 and legs favorable than last year in 48 Thirty say crop conditions are gcod 230 only fair 245 poor Sixty report the condition bEtter than last year and 424 not so good The i7 roj wa4 heavily damaged by the excessive rains of June and the first half of July lowed by a but dry spell causing heavy shedding rust and blight Pick-become general by the 20tIL la5or is satisfactory The corn crop i s s” rt BOERS' REMISED wisonowmmon Believed That Commandant Theron has Been Killed It is understood that the girl wila!' London Sept 8—The following disa school teacher in Marion county or! -- patch ha 3 been received from Roberts: bright intellect and personal populari- 1 Belfast Supt 7--lan Hamilton ELIO- ty among the people of her race and ceciled in turning thu Ltrs rignr her crud l and untimely tie will be le- fiaak cleariLg ca way gretted fur Ilailerg Ld- Vance Duntionald and Brook !enure tccupied Lydenburg Thursday The CRISIS IlEACIIED Doers are split up and going nottbarwd d eastward Mo6t of the guns aril i stores have Leen sent to Kruger's Post Ham who is operating southwest of - el — Krugersdorn reports that among the dead -Boers left on the field it 13 be- Chinese Problem Being Solved neve(' that the hotly Gt 110qun Las beea i found" Slowly I Kruger's Post is a Email town about — I 20 miks north by east of hydenburg ! Commandar t Theron of the Boer army Sept S—There were no - I was known as a great scout It was be relopments over night it 1 ior vo0 tommanueo the les Dying patuaLion Mr Takahira1 t161 that derailed and burned eariy la minister called at tile! August at Carbonig's Sprut the train United States Consul Stows irtment Ibis morning to! carrying tl and eying the stars and ctripes Washington Sept S—There were no! substantial developments over night ial the Chinese situation Mr Takahira1 the Japanese minister called at the I statement department vhis morning 1t —NOV York t3e 6--At the last of a' 1: in 11 u p bo ab Lo trvi t U-7iU1-14 In IL LI L44 I Lice to alo a i - - - ------- --2------ '- -------- i and fiyin the stars and tripe are the usual centers of diplomacy la '' Sitice his eskirg for PerraiSsiOn IlOw- rest of your body If your back Ls' series of freight th oniettucts be- i Grady failed to respond to this T 1 an e ordei talk over the conditions witla Acting! his time of yesr 1)11 t tilt) i ' tvcr z3ngres: passed a law givino' the S' - HIl The minizter said liel eetary 1 - weak it must be strengibened if your c should not be punished for cor-tempt b ' t - - h i-u-d f-r ' i ND'S POPULATION talk LOIt2 ntow rails on the --eneral tween officials of the trunk line and E se-etary of the treasury power at his tilsA-etion to name banks other than arms your legs or y ! him our chest' are weat I had nothing new from home touching' 1 PORTLA 1 3 1 central freight associat lulls which have 1 - And ti i aoice of candidates i I been going on for the list week at titt2 11:AIiiit131 tritiks as d tate otiAlb -- I I 1 I and an attic men was t en Plb e v u the Chinese troubles There is reason -- I iloulitfsl districts - 17111 :- one t s the 1-- hie - vo the untl ou fe u muq lay' )artieular attention to ' 'Co have reata- NU' 1 l to believe the negotia 1 ns h I luirtes 'and by this l sw ir rt se parts i yd that they are as ling -- Ent q t 8 Th e cen 1 ' ins of the Trunk line azsoeiltion Anterican uaindssadar has start-i ru''' - ' ‘ reasz)ns of the direotors for -making a ekl another crisis and deelopments i2f bureau 113 nou nced the populati on trono- as the re-t of your body I the matter under discussion was the their apolicaticut has been removed - c' ' I imoace a exn-oed the natu re of of Portland Oregon 113 90 4 2 ga 5 ainst cd ti in0 le:tx ing I tenor U hue - LARGE RECEIPTS 0 f Int qasy f a inwatiti -p1-1:--ation of the Indiana lowa and II-- The Colon 2-il bank of tiin Juan is in 1 Greenville Tex Scpt S—The mhr--1 v-hich it is not possible at present tO' 12S:- in lo10 au increase of 44041 o: 't - - -1 n the -After this has been accomplished prtn re ' ! ltuois risilroiti giterally known its tl'e' 1 tilt45 per cent C:l'er :nid - aso ' ssadois ar e l out of Lon- ' - 14' tor a revison cl! th di: atm At only aovantag? it could recive making of a 'perfect phy-sical man' fatt a I-mted 1 dedostory nox'3ou are fairly up road to the o clit 411e:tiu ts fAning int1 -- " ' be 1)1:comin a national bank Would b2 ' ! day and tbe receipts reached 3:-7 bales1 it is apparent that the state depart-i Iket was crowded wita wagons yestr i t1ne ' tint tin ot ra-ek per entages oa - '-' ow cornes the d-- y totiine o regu t c ares - 1?rourid bcause 012 r r I t 1 a tarough rates Letween New York an-r tne tigdt to issue citcitlatton 'e ty-r g - -''-'1 - t f -: t 1- -- -t of the 8eason BOIll round i rnent officials are giving a good deal 1:! I '' N t !HUNTING ON S SUCCESDP u 1 1 nor taking ALI at”' ' ti the M pi ovr i ississip river ets lines ' "- - ‘ The &rot-tors here decided to send ar trisinin a n I - " - -d don't forget that this' bale gins were crowdiM all (LAY NvIal ! attention to a discussion of the 0 -- - ' A f ' - ' t - the news of the granting Of the appl - routine must never be overdone It is! wazon- unloading seed cotton and the' sonnel of the c4mmisston to adjust tot-al receipts must have b -en in ex- I some phases at 1ast of the Chin e:ie 1 rli s s t tw -tars ago I ptrcerLage of ta - 1a i Oat is 1A) A IBA 16as- Z CtIon ta the dLeLtor s in Pu'erto Ric o of '1 halEs h market op e tro l nedi ube and a discussio n oil he s ab -1 S sn F rancisco S pt —Third Vile a f 8 I the Three l's ou thio throu--h ratt u ' wa - ' - raore t-- au (1t-1t$i'1 k0 :1 1 111-1r them selv es mat ally rc t-::in ed Leeca nse it was e l and await an xpi-ss-- ion of their views harmful--than it i 3 not to train i s li ghtl y below on Turd prices hsay but jt i no ' ecs w progres Eing 1 President S:ilatilis r if tb s S suthern P- a is trie siiiiii:'on un d at 111 Ca n avod e ir-i- iigreetl t ha t its milea ?- -: d n ot wa r - I - — ijuzt as harmful to overtrain—in fact! awn tnldr ll t ton ll b lect recovered and ruidif to ling cgr tto i adils! It is agaiu statii th!-At Li Hung'Challl cid: railroad has returned from i New r-g of all apnearaness w taknc d ss an! 131 Its gttLni SUC4 a bjgli pereentag2 P MUTUAL INSURANCE 1 a all You eau tzd out Just how much! rued fir ' I lm from 9 0 to J kin! - s:i a tstibt and tiniat 41 al 1 A m it - S is f t i4 ohe opi nion that I exercie your system cam itand 'rhea! 9 - 9 90 i : 3- -- h L P II E I i-ofcate that he s el - i luog wie eed preal- il r1 l 0 u threurh businsa Trie Three I's! f in ceed soil at from 01) to a vices tet e - - - I )1 ion- itri ill ii r n 4 - up Illy VICO1 to-r tor tour on - lbe At (tie :illa : So ory lvt" (1700 -4( :tits 14 t he Ne-w i to tlie Tr - Thtf ith on gamo c ths ' l'ekn ill tiro plainly idth 12- tin hey i 7 t hdr4 ' capirli I te-11 Are ii to rty ert adiktat i lite ingr Wit on cri4)1 mandat We " Iteada ( a n1 Tbe Et )n-341 rini takas a :on- 1t15 do Tier Can t "e tat'Ited tor bk : ple6a d ay- ' f uity tut) etyd11 a Ile() nice '- tlie ree iota i crimes and - ar axPl we unless t :roe Burnt' allit gcritorni Ili The ki ana or- popular t the a4c rout as r: ment ( IIA Y' t-oforek tole 0 - ot 25te s - & governt (WO lend of 3votr and lisi '1611 hary tu 1011 - 4 securtn1 the t - riandar :ion t--eat enipres! hies tat!' ut rich dirt the sta tiot)n- this rot 145 adoptod rielt and bit nth arrange ttilia Illia ltussia anti Rassi wilt t of ' which oger at rip- ' an ra nt lin J city : has nirl kny- tut hat :id tartial our Japanet- trot- Count t and ' will ha' to ' tol(O tO erty : Nk"Iiith en- ta)us ( (Ion ttiott postki 1 r in : ctlit'r p mpt- 1 edit:lett list ti ill ass nice l3r- A goner : obvi'itt i In- - 1 lilia I (-11itti) I rtsports ) 1t tit '4st bi' journal 7 promist state of ever cting foreign arner 'orsh i r and wit st'ore h Iliai I' e Ctt ton Ch 1 tla t4 from Co4 ttmPtre s4art cot t t''ere it i tàt ' titn in cti cies i011110 room dun ail Nye distant et - ' LIS vol' Zomb try 11L1 lot are -------ti ' F'1111'Idi -14 E talit Lt --- ' fur ' fit s's' Is m fstr is:- ilktt ctrI - cit f 7 I wana i Is tor r -It-I-II i Cilia 1 t : t r deonis itxtirn iloc-iis 4 itl:- l gn Inints rat': ill Bat es - iLtVitalij efliitle Wben the provinces are rrancis tdwarct 1-linkley ' As St111 i Characterizes the Lx t Famous Boxer Will Devote His idea that an athlete must he tough 1 tus l G rt convinced that the conwlest and part1-1 c Edward Wellman Sell- at Shanghai dated gept 7th reporting I r pared Last Night Time t o is all wrong and it has been proven man Wedded the Woman tion of the country are threetened A ! ie Making Others time and again that the atielet e be he t and Tailku cf the follDwing inesiene- i the death about July 3let at Iunena Game now on at I mere reasonable view is that Russia runner wrestler boy-e? or anything ries: Rev and Nine C W Prinee and ghtlorence Rev ad Mrs Li E Pekin lied Germany will come to some agree- New York Sept 8—Francis Edward Stronger1 r else can best ft himself for manly He Loved dau tcer r Fend o children n Rev and r ment by which the heads of the maz-1 Hinckley one of the incorporators of sports if be leads a clean wholesome Mrs D 11 Clapp ItEli Geo L Wile It Alae tw ' 1 —— darins will be raved and the imperial the Chicago university and prominently -- good life !lams Rev T W Davis Miss Itoweul 1 ) government restored with temporary Identieled with many important rail- "And this can best be found amid bird and Miss Mary L Partridge The rk r ' un VIGOROUS garrisons for the foregn quart ACTION URGED io t I road and commercal enterprises is i compensations can bo arranged for dead at his home at West New Bright- FIRST ARTICLE IN PRI T home su Nrroundings" A DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER department has notified the respective C missionary boards of which the victim' i I were members and their relatives as I Russia Japan and Germany This on Staten hand arei l He was born in - Y in 1834 ane came from ) ) 11 1 1' 19 far as leirssible N 1 I 11)14J I L t ILI S 1 Flint) tL uA REJOINFID HEIR SHIPS ---k rangement will not be satiafactory to Elmira — T - the English people and there A 111 be al an old New Eneand family one of bis ' ' b- k London Scpt S—The lirltieh ailtnin disp th disposition to blame e American gov-I ancestors having been Thos Hinckiey e ican liovernment Blamed li lie Says Wrong Ideas About Exer- -- Warned by Physicians That Death ralty announces that merabers of ths 1 b Amer i 7 ernment for not taking a stronger ne! an early colon eor ial go - lie 'A As naval brigade who participated la tile ‘ 41 Somewhat for not Taking of activm Masterly inactivity has at graduated from Knox ' college at cise Have injured Strong Con- A Strong Presentation of the Was Near Sent for His Life rcllef of Pekin have rejoined thel':' r r Stronger Line of least one advantage for a nation pre-I Galesburg and went to Chicago in ehips I ' stitutions nod Discourezed Republican Side Long Friend and Was w -- ' 4( ith th occupied we Boer war in leaveng 1570 1- 'NIARINES WITIIDR kWN n Many Athletes Married II' 9 Actio it free to grumble and complain Ile became president of the Chicago — rlerlin Sopt 8—A dispateh received g I Pekin and Southwestern railway an New York Sept 8—A special to the frem Amoy under date of Thursday e ' -- BF nnnn nniva minmar aisohnsiciriouiroed1 liargeliiniterrestnsnlnytothef 1 — Herald from Washineton says: —-0 the Cith announces thrit all the foreign 1 ' marines landed there and ut Kulang - mind amid A DISTINGI TIER Warned by Pb of the Wes Near e Long F to the - ays: tter of ac- New York s ished Men- Wellmen Serre thA ni- ttla 1114 et reit ay Igo tag F' i e II t i i A 1 ' i ' ' 'r! P 11 i t I 1 ' t 1 t t 4 t 41 r I i- P t- - 1: IS f - ' il n 6 k ttl f 'op 1 r PI 4 - 1 ' Inq toberts: 6 e 011 SUC rigtit ere kienurqt 1 Th0 tbarwd rs 1'4JEt webt of Dbg the t Is toakaa beea n about t tenbarg ' q' army was be t ' 'ing pa- h pally in be train Stowe T1ON f (enEnt )ulation fr agaukst o: : SOP rd Vie frn Pa- rn oIon that d prtsi- t W 11 Ister of i niriite t niitS Of i 4) 1 ii t :t - f - ve t i o ---- 4 I d I tk i The IVieratrig tegister tort Worth I exas St b 10 " epemer J - "- i ( —----- I - ith I !tr p C 3 fficial of the Interested lines After 1 -tir-a Ert 1 l r E ! E vonle dIACUFE101 it was finally decided' 1 'tt f - c 4 to raise the Three I's share cf the rate' r ill ! P ' - 1111 i 1 i-t MEM i n Y 10 ' I 11 feet Nov 1 II LA 1 l 4 i I ill 1 - d-vil-40 frrm I to 3 per cent taking el- h R E II I 1 0 1 ii 4 -1 -ill GE rq The !meeting was presided over by ts Chairman Goddard of the Trunk Line ! )4 ' Oil n It V i lation and was attended by tae N I IDIT:lish:aec -wrielpor evs crnetavtri v e es catt t he e v a rlottu s t th prey o s 1-re - 11 ' ' : ' ' i j1 DISLIKES BLIND BUFF ec'll'erenceg- - ' 1:11'-S INS 1 IlLETEIHI OF A VERY 01 iltil 11'11 '::- 1‘ 4 it) k ' I ! 1 I 11 ti 1 1: ' ' ii i i I 1 AD l'i le lit D it vot t vt 9 1( 01) A -: 5tt711! it Charac terizes the I inevitably ensue when the pro I 1 nces are' Francis Edward Hinkley Ex" Famous Boxer Will Devote His idea that an athlete must be tough This 1 GC11 Edward Wellman Sell- e) I at Shanghai dated gept 'Ith reporting !' — 1 t“---11i'lly It I 1J 12t it ali arpvarAllez$ - - - T--c‘q pc 11-'NV-ErS NVI! an4 that the i - I

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