The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas on June 23, 1901 · 5
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The Fort Worth Record and Register from Fort Worth, Texas · 5

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1901
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THE FORT IVORTII REGISTER: SUNDAY MORNING JUNE 23 1901 6 " 671! Jo I 411 !tall AP !tag At 41 Ally 4116 t" alb Dept if" " " dts AC di Ay o 41 Jo Op Alb Op )1!1 4 3 L G GILBERT 1410 and 1412 Main 'St t: 4 43 tio nil paid Clvilmmnin fillmn cln n L U 43 43 4i 43 441 We will continue for ten days longer which will be July 5 and the prices will remain the same as in the former sale We realize the fact that hundreds and maybe thousands of people have not attended this sale therefore we take the pleasure in extending it to give everyone a chance: We think you should attend this sale and be benefited as well as others We have bought and received from the Swofford Dry Goods Company of l'ansas City their entire line of Samples consisting of hundreds of Shirt Waists Skirts Underskirts Night Gowns Laprobes Ladies' and Children's Parasols and 250 Children's Dresses ages from 3 to 15 Also Men's Shirts which we will be able to sell at actual Wholesale Cost and make a profit Nov who does this benefit you or us? Well both so we will both be satisfied This sale will continue until the entire line of Samples is closed out If we didn't care more for your trade than the newest dollar we'd mark them regular prices and keep the bargains all to ourselves but we do 4i 4i 4i 4i 4i cti 4i ICi T -- -- ---N - t --- IF -Ns x t11 ti - iht In tte 4 4 ' ) 0 AP 0 1! 4' 411V to 41 mamma tri I le (fIri 1410 and 1412 Main Street ttl 4i A --"-t-A CP '" - P row raw rare -a fa t-'01rp ry-Tp cp (NI rNa Dm rslo ' Cloo rv 0 csflo (No' CsAw roCsp c-awc-s ("sp C9 CNPTNA CYC'law (NarCY Ca'rew wr t legt4tile"4"4"1"tf VE201PefeZ4VeleVelfirI1V12111"g1V!eqqatitiVVVVeat OVA r -r Two Mill CTMENTS Henry Moore to Answer to Charge of Murder THE JOY COMPRESS CASE After Three Years of Litigation Joy VI Compress is Settled By Agreement—Court Of Chit Appeals Another chapter was written In the Mtoore-Itoei-11 triogedy tt hen the grand jtry returned indietnients aguinst 1Y Moore cleasting Min with the marcinr o( Jtinti 1tas11 and Emma -Nloore Thu indict ment1 N‘ el e crer‘ ed ULL hdln In jall and the vae will be e'ert Inr trial us soon ts is litp-sible Another t:attet of sunie iinportuneand vottioll hoe been tho 4"alte or very comPlikAated litigation wts 6ettled yeaterhiy by igerctennint and trl utese or Joy va the Fort NV41 rtli Outtipress ootrnpany come ott tho dilcket :- 001YRT APPEALS The talioNving procetdln1-F were had n th °owl appeits' for the KocorKi suprt-nie judicial district sitting r2 Fort Worth: Motions subnittted—iluff rthogeLr'tritr: !ritteltdult to MUrIfl on vertialcate Cohn NVeb14 & ii1 o sulks out appellee's britl ractols ilitia Viti J A LMeittgin to 1'61 A IL Stlik Motions passed to June 21—Thornas Logekett vv J L Wenn for rehear-Most onn withdrawn—Nell P Anderson & Co et al vs Al A Joy for rethearst Mtvtious 15verru1ed-1f Th Eldridew rolosevec vs eles y Una 1 keipOSIt Mil-- Twiny for rebeorIng Iteld Ns NN'tth t'or reheAring 'tooter et id vs A1111- 141 Ir iesve to file arnit‘led tnoti tor rehearing: Huff V 4 ileilly for rebon-rink: Jutaa y Hutson for rehsating Idoktioass cranted—CrittentIon vat Dubree artirrn on certificate Mraions dismissed—Cobb vs 'Webb ar 11111 to strihs out appellee's brief dt5Intia-ed for want of JurisdietIon—Srnith vs lielugin to relax coots lik"'S submitted—Texas and Parific DOWN TO OUR SIOARE li!Kh patent flour 95 lianks pound 12 Itceakfast 'bacon 13 iNt A Y p ED TEA-- Ph Is i-a a tea put up by one of the most reliable houses in tile trill and coffee trade In this country It is of the grads that is usually sold at 75c to 9oc per pound—our price is: 1-4 parund aka1- 2 pound pakares 30 1 pound packages CO In order to introduce thia4 tea quick1Y I il4 far this week only give one pvund of our Leader coffee with each Pound of Mayflower tea Tilt la a snap land la only l'kir on week and only one pound to each customer L'atmp eearch 5 the 5 Quart bottle bluing' 05 &wise soap 8 bars Waeitnit oatts pound 05 soda 3 pounds 10 NAlosiiiroc powders patkages tilltnon ' 10 11etttr tulmon tklinut-11 Clo Mee 8 t4Lekares $16t) Orsztu ed g'4 r 1 CO " - 73 Eu pl vi 1 t-azi Ions Glikvi-!na S g-allons 75 H E SAWYER CASH GROCER 201 South Main &root none & 111-SummoP 11 limp GIL Itallway comvany vs Alexander from -1-xiv1cpr county Cobb vs Webb & from Wichita county laedwell Chandler from Erath county Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railway company vs Meyers tfrom Denton county R E INIntgomery and George Anderson trustee vs state of Texas front Wilbarger oclunty Texas Town Site °company vs state of Toxas from Wilbarger county 'Affirmed—Anna Watson et al Y William Sneed ct al from F00tlaJnd nuntY Sctvereign Ca11111 Woodmen of the World 'V s John Gray from Tarrant county iSt Danis and Southwestern w a y clam pan y VS- Ferkruson from Tarrant orionty Iteversod and rendered—J W Moore et al vs aliton MoCiure from -Wise ofrn ty Affirmed In part end re-versed and rendered in part—Club Liand and Cattle oomNiny and it D adrnr vs Dallas aounty THE DISTRICT COURTS In th-e S-eventeenth district 0011 rt yesterday in the case of Joy vs the Fort Worth Compress company an agreed juIgment was entered by the terms of which Joy gets 1662Z and Neil P Anderson agrees to transfer to him kwe shares of the stock of the Terred Compress company Anderson gets the Fort Worth compress he agre-ement providing- that the sale 'if the oomress property to hint heretofore made and whieh the court refused to cons firm F hall be confirmed lie Is also to pay all -unpaid count costs 'rhe grand Jury returned thirty-one indictments of which twenty-six were for misdemeanors Two of the tiN't felonies were the indictments against Henry Moore for the killing of his wife Emma and John M Russell in this city east week Moore being in jail the Indictrrients were served opon In the Forty-eighth district court the entire day was taken up with the hearirg uf the divorce case of Blair V S Blair The case was given to the jury about n'elock and a verdict was soon reached Mrs L If Iilair was gra rttPd a divorce from C C l'Aair and one-half of the community property The dof(ntart gets the custody of the child and the plaintiff gets addittlonally $1 1)0 found to be her separate property THE COUNTY COURT In the coun'ty court yesterday the case of Clark & Ranlall vs C C liustead was Iried and a verdict cf()r- the iolairalfai tor ur given It was an appeal fr-tom the justice court in which trial tlie plaintiffs got nothting THE COUNTY COMMrSSIONERS 'Ph 1! (10 tint y commissioners r ourtt is still working as a board of equalization and the cl-rk of the court ia seuding out additional notices 'to property hoklerS to appear hefore n he (4ourt and bow why change should or should not bo made in the valuations of thelr property HRAL 11STATIli TRANSFERS The follow ing deeds were tiled for record in t ofti:e of the county clerk yesterday: A Speliett 'irt1 wife to Lottle L lot 3 Fairlawn addition $() NN'illiani Itounds t Mrs N J Put1111M west half of 14 ti block 15 Jen- lairt S-01 It 1 add ri t47) 75 W M Flanagan to J P Flanagan undivided one-sixteenth Intemet in 7 4r:11-ts of land $10 J P Flanagan to A J Flanagan one-444hth interest in 7 irsets VIta) s111 S Ns' Knapp to James Ii Dun-eau lots 7 and S Jake Johnson's add ion Eliza Neill 44 al to S W Blount 79 s Ileniamin Thomas survey NNm ('Shea ard wife to Ii-loutit 113 aeres 4' I) White survt-?- aAr41 Ither lands $1770 J Y Smith to R L Alsecon Xst A Beileview 11111 adlitlr1 $12 J J Cloodfellow to Samuel D Ches eldine lot 14 li-4twek 11 and lot 2 block l1IPrtiipeet-'11c-ights $15 Amelia lkienitel to J I'erkins part of block 4 Evans' South siildition $I' W R MeLaury and Avife to Ida J part of bloc-k 11 city $700t) COURTHOUSE NOTES The Thair case drew a crowded honTh all vq the time kveny-tive ehatte mortgages were tiled yesterday In JthIr itths t-N-7urt A D Carpenter pitssed art- exanilnallorl NS hk-b te stot to -have been- highly creditable and he was Prramll t license Co pa-aoVet law Mr Carpenter is a native of IOWA tAS: has resided In Texas for rive )'ears IIONV TO AVOID TROUBLE Now is the time to provide yourself anti family with a bt-4ttle of Chamberlain's t'olie Cholera and D!arthea Remedy It is almost -certain to be needed befOre the stiMmer Is over and If procured now may save you a tdp to town In the nIght or in your bus!est season It is everywhere admitted to be the most successful medicine in use for bowel complaints both for children and adults No family can afford to be withoIt it For sale by &II druggists C71unlbia fvtartette and "Th Ttallarn" will 'urn the n:ualt7 at Ty ter's Thtu-sday 174-ht - i - 1111 ''' lump Salo i I be July 5 and the prices ti' Ilii lybe thousands of people tlit pleasure in extending it to cr 9k efited as well as others IV a Dry Goods Company of It ting of hundreds of Shirt cit hes Ladies' and Children's cr to 15 Also Men's Shirts tr Le Cost and make a profit 40 11 so we will both be satis- 4: of Samples is closed out (A- e newest dollar we'd mark c' tt urselves but we do 9' B 111'' i E t) I s Main Street t -t Is REACHING OUT Determined Efforts of the Fort Worth Board of Trade To INTEREST OTHER TOWNS Letters Benz Mailed Cut to Every City and Town of Importance fa Texas By the Secretary 'The secretary of the Port Worth Board of Trade will mail out tornarrow to every city and torwrx of impurtance in Texas the following letter: "Fort Worth Tex Jure 24 "Nly Dear Sir: It has certainly proven very encouraging to those of us who halve given so much time and attention to the promotion of the -work of blur:ling- the commercial interests of Texas togetiher in the organization of commercial associations to nxe the vecocierful results we have had in the last two months From many quarters comes the news that -a Boarci Trade or Ccyrnmercial club has been organized and we have teceived in this office zreany requests far coples of our bv-laws from: which Euggestions clauld be gathered far the training of other of a similar nature Wlithin the last two ir-diths in the offces of the Fort Worth arard ct Trade questions affecting the coatmerClal interests of cut only this city but of the entire state of Texas have bten ably and effectively discussed and the results have been such as to cause us to 'believe that within a very short while two of the largest packing houss in the world will have established he:adquarters at Fort Worth witt ind'Nidual packing- plants commensurate with the demand 01 the trade in this part of the country further the St Louis and San Francisco railrotol very likely build into Fort 1Vorti from the aioa-theast and the International and Great Northern railrcead is already constructing a line from the South into this t-ity The Fart Worth Board of Trade is the place where meetings are held for the discussion of questions concerning the public good of the city aral since its organization on non-political lines a vast amount of good has been accomplished from the paving of the streets to the acquisition of the last railroad named "We mention the things tn chow th effect a live and commere'al ornization may h axe on the welfare ot a city and 'we trust that we shall hear from yau very shortly with reC' ad to the 1)13 g-res-s and work cxf your lloard of Trade "Very truly yours '-rAIAltIT O BATEMAN Sec Fort Worth Board of Trade ''iSecretary Forty-eighth District" TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Mr A B Moore Is sole agent teor Gibson well water in IXilles and Fort Worth We tarnialt no other dealer in eUher place THE GIBSON WELL CO C W Wil Lams President 4 Mr A B Moore is the only person authorized to sell "Crazy Well Water" In Dallas and Port Worth 'We do ne-t furnish any othe-r person or persons the water for sale In either city It E HENDRY Proprietor Crazy Well This Is to certify that A B Moore t' ceivee thruugh the Pwcitie Express company several barrels of zninzu-al water front Mineral Wells Tex daily T N EDGELL Agent June 14 M A B Moore manager Port Worth olliceWeaver's pharmacy Phone 250 A SCHOOL That treats city 21n1 country students alike—that gives thorough instructions to all requires no schemes to keep it wing is the one to patronize Special ourse for he summer at $250 per nr 'ffith at Fort Worth Business A large number of stuJents enr011ed the Vast w ttk coming 'front as far west as Roswell N M Austin or the smith IjjIana zarwl th In-a-tan TerrItry C-011 at va-Alege ittbiress F P PREWITT Pres LAWN FETE The 'Little Cleaners" win give a lawn fet at th e resiienco of Mrs R C Ga Ibraizh 541 Pe---ter Stni:h szreet on WedneF4ty evening June 26 from 7 9 o'vlock for the twenefit of the Nlarys sc-111-tlarship fund -Won't you all please oorne and nep us! -111Tri" : Promenad4 cower Tyler's lake- June :7 S to 1 2 p m Come—pmII enjay LL STATE TERectiERS Meeting of the Association at Sheman This Week PROGRAM OF WORK TO DO Interesting Topics for Discussion With Competent Teachers to Bring Out Best Points 'The Texas Stolle Teachers' association meets at Sherman on Tuesday the nth and will continue three days Railroads will give a rate of one fare plus 10 per cent for all distances beyond e enty-tiv e miles The officers of the associavion are: E F Comegys Ga1nevuI1e president: A AV Orr Omen vice-president P IV Horn Sherman seccond vie-president A N W Srmitite Cameron third vice-president Joseph Morgan Dallas fourth vice-presideit: woe S F Culberson Odessa filth vice-president V M Fulton Cleburne secretary J B Dodson Oak Cliff treasurer M G Banes Fort Worth transportation secretary Following is the program: SUPERINTENDENTS' AND PRINCIPALS' ASSOCIATION Tuesday June 25 morning seSSIOn 8:30 G W Roach El Paso president "The problem of Selecting Teaohers" --Supt W J Clay Dublin Disoussion—Supt A L Plummer Marshall "Number of Studies for nigh School Pupils—Supt J L Henderson Tyler Discussion—Supt M G Batts Fort Woawh "School Libraries"—W T Adams Tyler Punisliments"—C E Evans Anson Afternoon session 2:30 "Aforal Instruetion in the Stihoo4"— Supt F W Chatfield Abilene Discussion—W T Boyd Vernon "History in the) Public School"— Prof H S Estill Huntsvtlle "Some Evils time Impair Our Efficiericy"—Supt R V Fulton Cleburne Discussion—C S Potts Austin :1C 1 gh t session 8:30 'Address—O Cooper !president I Baylor university Wednesday Tnorning sessilon 9 "The High Scheol and Its Relations to the tniversity"—Supt C L Turner Carthage "Southern Text Books in Southern Schools—Supt T S Minter Bryan —111-ve Training of Teachers"—Hon J M Carlisle Hillsboro Announcement of committees TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Afternoon session 2:30—High school section J P Glasgow Gainesville president J P Massey (Yak Cliff secretary "A Plea for English in the High School"—Miss M J Cox Gainesville "The Latin Course of Affiliated Schools"—Dr D A Penick state universOy DI seassion—L C Gee Gatmesv i I le "Physics in the High School"—R A Baker "Interest as an Atm in Teaching"— i Miss Virginia Tomlinson' Sherman Primary and kindergarten section Meets at 2:30 po'no in room No 2 High school Miss Emily Halley Dallas president 31!&s Florence Farr San Angelo serretary "The Sensory and Motor alild"— Miss Nora Wormser Dallas Diseusion-31iss Minnie Marsh Denison "Wh-at May be Reasonably Expected from the First Year'e Work?"—Miss Ermna Pullen Sherrnan "Child Study in- the First Grade"— iss Martha Lockett Cleburne "Literature in Primary Grades"— Miss Mai Allen 'McKinney "The Imundation of Character"— Miss Clara E Walder Tyler - Night session opera house 8:30 Address—President assocealtion Address—Col W L Prather prestdent of university Thursday morning session 9 o'clock "The Need of a Closer Organization of Texas Teachers"—J W P Massey "A Mesage from the Federated Women's Clubs"—Mrs P V Pennybacker Austin "Stlhool Legislation"—State Superintemient J S Kendall "The Reciprocal Relation of Teacher and Superineendent"—Supt S M N Mars Terrell Thursday afternoon 2:30 — High schoo I—A f ternoon session 2:30—Co1lege e (AK) n S P Brooks Waco president J A McLauehlin Sherman seeretary "The Relation of Pedagogy to the College"—Prof F T Ely Baylor university "Christian Education"—Dr T S Clyce Austin college ''Is Co-Education Best for Girls?" —Dr O A Carr Carr-Burcleete college "Teaching Latin to Beginners"— Prof S H Moore Southwestern tailVerSl ty Each paper will be followed- by a discussion Eleotion of officers 1 I iseel la neous business High school room No 2 2:20—Rura1 section J 11 Conyers president F A nessire Stanton secretary 'Would a Uniform Course of Study for Rural 'Schools be Advisable?'— County Superintendent W O Jenkins of Henrietta A S Johnson of Fairfield IV I) Cochran of Dallas "Should Schools with One Teacher be Limited as to Number of Grados?"— County Superintendent J P Kenmard of Markin E D Ceidtile of Wass- lhachie W P Brady of Austin "The County Institulfe as a Factor in County Supervision"—County SuperIntenden-ts J W Saxon of Angleton D II Bryant of Jackson B H Fisk of Geogetown "The Rural Teacher"—County Superintendents G W Hanks of Corsicana J R Roach of Parts E A Keller of Hempstead Opera house 8:30 Ix m---:Xtusical entertainment Friday morning session 9 tech3ek "Professional Courage"—Supt J D Sandefer Cranbury "Do :the People Appreciate Their Public Sehools?"—Supt J G Wooten Paris "laidustrial Education"—IIon L to Foster president Agricultural and Mechanic41 college DiscussioneeSupt T G Harris Austin "'Changing Toacher3"—'A W Orr omen "Influence of Art in the School Room" —Mies Marc-ha Wookiworth Cleburne "Superintendent and Teacher"—Supt J :S Cazilsie Denton Afternoon session 2:30 Eleotion cr Otnet'rS Se:egnion of meit Dlare of mettirZ Izeport9 of corrmlittees mtseellaneaus bunests 3:30 p- no—InteermsEate see-elon J C Maxwell Kaufman vresidentPaner—Supt D C Lake Palestine "Teaching Science in Grammar Grades"—E C Lewis Forney Pullman Itelitanrant the finest place in the city 707 Main btreet EATMENT AT HOME Dr Hartman's Free Advice to WomenA Generous Offer to The Afflicted is NELLIE BCYLER! Mrs Nellie Blyler President of the Ladies of the G A 11has the following to say about Peruna: Gentlemen—" In taking a medicine I consider it of vital importance that you should be sure that it is the right kind and that it will cure - As a rule patent medicines claim to do much while they really do little but I will say for Peruna that it is the only medicine I ever knew that does all and more than it claims 64 I recommend it espec:clly for women as it promptly cures the weaknesses of our sex and will always be sure to give satisfaction"—Mrs Nellie Blyler Secretary Illinois Iliromans Alliance Miss A Brady Corresponding Secretary Illinois 'Woman's Alliance writes from 2725 Indiana avenue Chicago "Last year from continued strain in literary work I became very much exhausted my nerves seemed to give way and I bad backache headache and serious indigestion One of my friends suggested that I try Peruna It certainly acted like magic on my system LIVESTOCK NEWS AT NATIONAL STOCE YARDS Some sales of Texas anki Indian Terrlitory cuttle at St Louis National 6 Stock Yards during the week of June 1 T B Dugat iSinton Tex 26 steers weight 772 lbs price $340 John Eberhardt Cuero Tex 25 steers weight 838 lbs price $350 Dubose Bros Gonzales Tex 30 steers weight 763 lbs price $315 'W J Creekmore Grove I T 30 steers weight 821 lbs price $375 T S Hutton Wagoner I T 39 yearlings weight 504 lbs price $350 P R Ausriri Catoosa I T 79 calves weight 262 lbs each $950 Thornton estate Floressrille Tex156 steers weight 783 lbs price $345 156 steers weight 790 lbs price $345 J Parkinson Okmulgee I T 14 bulls weight 1196 lbs price $300 23 cows weight 814 lbs price 1290- W T Nash Kaufman 'Deis 24 steers weight 822 lbs price $365 21 steers weight 1011 lbs price $410 G W West Beeville Tex 330 steers Weight 941 lbs price $340 Dunevant & Eldridge Quinn Siding Tex 11 hulls weight 113S lbs price $290 Mitchell & Selfridge Oinnulgee I T 25 steels weight 891 lbs prise $400 50 steers weight 910 lbs price $400 W T Taylor Pod Tex 24 steers and stags weight 1109 abs rice $400 23 steers and stags weight 1053 lbs price $430 W H Caldwell Austin Tex 103 steers weight 1084 lbs prioe $470 G W Littlefield Austin 'rex 26 steers weight 871 b priee $375 — steers weight 1037 lbs prioe $440 Hogue & Ware else 'sea 1 T 22 steers weight 992 lbs price $370 96 steers weight 1041 lbs prise $390 :2 seers weight 1146 lbs price $435 E IL East & Co Clip Tex 44 cows weight 755 lbs priee $305 93 cows weight 808 lbs price $360 Jay Forsythe Tulsa 1 T 115 steers weight 1034 lbs price $440 21 steers weight 1024 lbs prise 1445 bL Eokernut Gonzales Tex 28 steers weight 810 rbs price $325 266 steers weight 819 lbs price $340 M Sansom & Co Alvaratis Tex 51 steers weight 890 lbs price $380 54 steers weight 924 lbs prtoe $415 21 steers weight 1284 liss price $460 A G Starts New Braunfels Tex '9 steers weight 880 lbs Price Met 100 steers weight 905 lbs pries $370 R B Pumphrey 'Taylor 'rex 25 cows weight 96)5 lbs price $310 23 steers weight 1035 lb price 6440 21 steers weight 1170 tbs price $475 S'arpenter lane Hutto Tex 21 butts We!Stit1083 lbs prise $295 C F & H A Woods Moultm Tex - ('ttIVVO weight 172 lbs each $400 J -E 1ierife Pierce Tex 26 cows weight 717 lbs prie" 300: 147 calves weight 203 tbs each $900 -W I) Watkins Red Fork 1 T 21 Steels weight 12S0 Its rice $515 W E Svivart Wa Tex 45 steers vre!ght !97 lb price $410 J C Mathis Cotulta steers weig-ht 1b prree $315 J J Murphy Goliad Tex 64 steers weight S41 lba price $350 It Ilooenbtirg 67 steers weight 756 lbs prise $235 J 11sFarland Wetunika L T steers welght 8:0 lbs prir!e LTV) W H Meyers Henrietta Tex 24 Iii t'''' "lob 4011 kr---r"' ter:" - ' - c Ites dtr - Q OTI) ty i :-'1- - -04"44 k‘16(14A 81$' il''' ilea iii ' - - ' 742tk ------ v ? 1 " 17"!- "" e i 7-t' kil "--- -"r1Valf 7:17C51C " ":-4eo 4 :-'4 1L ' t ' 't ( ' 1''1 v '41) ' -4 t ' 1 ' 1 k I 16'''' 4 ter-t at b ''- 2t - i tpS I" ' t ' (: 14'' -1r10--------"Vie-------- ( ' ' -ts P 1r Jli 016- ‘ 4 - 1 L4 yt 'SS t fA01S 11 ' '- ? LSTHER sztii----- r - 61100aLOWE c ---------- i I14 s N - "-41I in I S N BFIRI sAsD Ay I ' ri I Id 1E BA R Ala'db411111‘ - -71?V 4 "Within ten days I felt new life and health given me and by- taking an occasional dose off and on when I feel extra tired I keep my system In perfect order"—Miss A Brady Miss Esther G Lowe a prominent young society lady of Washington Ga writes: 61 took Peruna in early spring receiving glorious benefits from same Before taking Peruna I suffered with ca tarrh always felt tired and had a dull headache A friend of mine told me of Peruna I began taking It at once gaining each day I now feel as well as I ever did in all my life I advise all my suffering friends to give Peruna a fair trial"---Esther G Lowe Miss Midi° Baker writes from 290 East Ohio street Chicago "I suffered for years with weakness peculiar to women severe bearing-down pains and continual headache My system seemed completely upset and I did not know where leollud relief The steers weight 1004 lbs price $415 A Nausebauneer Sweetwater Tex 96 steers weight 1011 lbs price $410 Carron & Wesby Henrietta 'Tex 96 ste-rs weight 980 tbs price 8405 Briggs & Erwin IS'asahachie Tex 75 steers weight 816 lbs price $360 Aloore & Briggs Waxahachie Tex 15 bulls weight 1130 lbs price $300 R Carrow Henrietta Tex 24 titers weight loll lbs price $400 Nutter-Neville & Aiyers Henrietta Tex 46 steers weight 1015 lbs price $120 W F Thompson San Anzonio Tex 155 steers weight s3i) lbs price $355 S Webb & Co Holliday Tex a cows weight 620 lbs price $3 liathews & Routzahn Holliday Tex 54 calves weight 267 lbs craeh 3375 W A Briggs Waxahachie Tex 50 Steers weight 809 lbs price 332 J B Pumphrey Brownevocid Tex 47 steers weight S52 lbs price 3420 24 steers weight 1021 lbs price $435 Jay Forsythe Tulsa I T 110 steers weight 1078 lbs price $445 E D Nieman Yoakum Tex 23 bulls weight 1000 lbs price $285 22 bulls weight 1156 lbs price $295 F Cornelius Elcampo Tex 10 cows weight 76i lbs price 1275 14 steers weight 85 lbs price 3325 24 steers weight 907 abs price $340 IV A Briggs & Co -Waxahachie Tex 92 steers weight 1117 lbs price 3165 E C Lasater Alice Tex 141 calves weight 167 lbs each $31 21-2 22 cows weight 768 lbs price 90 F A Graves Re $1 ckdale Tex 20 steers weight 875 Albs priCe $350 80 steers weight 1064 bs price 3425 20 steers weight 1192 lbs price- $460 40 steers weight 1139 lbs price $465 D Waggoner & Son Waggoner Tex 245 steers weight 1174 lbs price $460 20 steers weig-ht 1263 lbs price $510 20 steers weight 1263 lbs price $510 J -W Mathis Kenne:ily Tex 21 steers weight 891 lbs price $345 Redens & Cozart Abilene Tex 25 steers weight 653 lbs price 3330 August Fuchs Paige Tex 28 steers 761 it price 3355 E H East Victoria T4Xt 22 steers weight 732 lbs price $335 Jay Forsythe Tulsa I T 120 steers weight 1063 lbs price 1426 C M Brown Beeville '1‘er 357 stoers weight 777 'lbs price $435 — steers weight 825 lbs Drive 3345 J C Peulton Kyle Tex 231 steers weight 924 lbs price $375 J M tioble Alice Tex 52 steers weight 2e2 lbs price $3-30: 24 steers wetght 909 lbs price $345 J G Bub le Lott Tex 50 steers weight 601 lbs price $330 & Rashal Dunean I T 203 steers weight 92i lbs price $410 Jay Forsethe Tu!sa T T 120 Wefts weight 961 lbs price $420 Clark Linney & Davidson Pannin 4444 41 $444 444 $4111 4 7112 Act IA E 9-crwis 41444011444 444444444444 4 The White Elephant Cafe P Entirely Refitted First-class edibles prepared and served in the highest style of the caterer's art Merchants' Lunch from 11:30 a ma to 2 p m LEN J LOUCHLIN Mgr 2 6P IP éo 4 LlL:II t44 4 144 4 4 4 3-4 14 044 4444 4444 I doctor tried three different remedies but 1 they did not seem to help me any "After using five bottles of Peruna I was as well and strong as ever I would not be without it for any money"—Miss Millie Baker Free Home Advice Free Home Advice In view of the great multitude of women suffering from some form of female disease and yet unable to find any cure Dr Hartman the renowned specialist on female catarrhal eases has announced his willingness to direct the treatment ot as many cases as snake application to him during the summer months without charge This offer will hold good only during the summer months Any woman can become a regular patient by sending s written statement of her age condition of life history and symptQms of her derangements Those wishing to become patients should address The Peruna Medicine Co Columbus Ohio I Tex 354 steers weight 844 tbs price Bomar & Witherspocn Checota I T 150 steers weight 957 lbs price $366 W 13 Worsham 156 isteersk dtt 1016 lbs price 8415 mr It Peters Lott TeT 24 mixed weight 503 lbs price $3 LO steers weight S78 lbs price $340: 23 steers weight 1018 tbs prke 8390 H L Pierce Fort Worth Tex 23 steers and heifers weight 735 lbs 8335 204 steers "eight 942 lbs price 6410 AMONG TIIE TRADES Dates for Meetings for the Week" ie cluding Today Sunday June 23-- Laborers' Union No Sall 7S1onday Jurbe 24— Retail Clerks' Union Building Trades Council Tuesday June 25--- Painters' anti Decorators Laburerre union No 8104 Berbers' union Wednesday June 20-- Locomotive liremen N LI Stone Cutters union Thursday June 27-- Thin-era' union No 13 Trades Assembly Friday June 2x Carpenters and Jo inerIC Locifm(yLl ye Eng-tnOara Brick's yerst unkra SACRED MUSICAL MihmoMMkmo To Be Given at St Paul's 'Church This Evening Iliss Pottle wifl on this everting at St Paull gave her final entertainment for the rummer 1erybody invited to Lring a silver t)Ifering Foilming Ip th program: loosology fl11owett by Invocmtion Anthem---"Sairipr liretath An Ev hig en Blesaing"—Abt Scripture response Lnket--"The Lororti la Aty Shepherd"-e Smart Miss Pottle stlprokno Mrs Minnie Smith RUA Anthern---"0 Give Thanks"—Ten ny AnnOttineenlents ScA0---"De Proiturvdis"--Campana las Minnie Smith ettoruta—"0 Come Let to Warship" —IfImznFL "Hymn et the Nuns" Solo—"The Luirti Is My Light7—A1- 11tsen Mina Pottle Anthem--"Juhilate Do' "A Tempo" the PaYtt43r "Bleat Be the Tie' That Binds"' Ey et-body J Lutuurnini mgr : 444 4444 44 4444444 41Nbel I

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