The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on August 6, 1916 · Page 49
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 49

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1916
Page 49
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TH71 WICHITA EAGLE, SXJ1TDAT.. UOEITIITG, AUGUST G, 1910 VJELLS IW ' YARD NOW SPOUT OIL SEES BOTTOMS OP .UXDIULLED HOLES "Vfrn f EMACS .OF..-OIL WEAR B1BLVABIE tt 3 I J PIONEERED FOR OIL ANNOUNCEMENT r Experience of Plumber Hayes At His Home Indication That Wichita Is Over - Oil PooL i Efforts of Local Citizens Caused Oil Men to Take Up Tests of Well Pronounced Formation. In Test Well East cf City Anticline Well Gets Color At Les3 Than 2,000 Feet. .OF. The Hale Of i ) STRONG FLOW OF GAS VERY SHALLOW At One Time Eight Wells, Bored With Auger, Were Burning', Heating and Lighting Residence. Can it be possible that "Wichita. In plung-ing- in oil properties along the "Walnut and "Whitewater rivers, i3 overlooking: oil and gas under its feet? T. P. Hay-es, a plumber residing: at 1549 North St. Francis avenue, thinks bo and in the yard at his home he haa Eras wells to back up his Judgment. Plumber Hayes g-aa wells are so remarkable that not half of Wichita is willing: to believe In them. "It cannot be so." "Must be sewer g-as or leaks from g-as mains," are explanations offered., But unbelievable as It may seem Mr. Hayes haa g-as wells at his home, has had for about three years and the best part of it he has heated and lig-hted his home and cooked with gas from the wells. Gas men have advanced a theory to explain the presence of gas at the Hayes home. They say that the gas seeps from a pool probably half dozen or even twenty miles away. The seepage is through a crack in the rock beneath the soil and the crack opens nn-Ser the Hayes residence, bo their explanation has it. In 1912 Mr. Hayes, who Is now employed by the R. R, Moore Plumbing-company, moved to his present address from Cleveland avenue. He bought Borne trees from W. F. Schell. nurseryman now a city commissioner. Thes trees died. So did some of the vegetation In the yard. He attributed It then to Improper care. He bought more trees this time from a new place but they too died and then In desparatlon he Bent to St. Louis for threes but they too died. "I spent more than $100 trying- to make something: grow In my yard but to no avail," he said. He tried maple, elm. peach, pear, and apple trees, likewise clover and blue grass, but all died. Hayes finally became disg-usted and started In to pull up the dead trees. He found them so dead that they snapped like pipe stems. He noticed that the roots were coated with a blue mould and that an offensive odor was emitted. Hayes then dug- a deep hole, possibly ten feet deep determined to try growing- trees again. He noticed that the ground was very loose and smelled offensively. The odor became so, offensive that it bothered the household. One day he threw a lig-hted match H . EARLY EFFORTS UABROWLY MISSED STRIKE YEARS AGO GAS FLOW WAS FOUND THERE D. T. COXXELLiT An ell prince of the Mid-Con tin nt field, who sometimes la at Tulaa, bat whose operations reach Into remote places. into the hole and an explosion followed. Dust was thrown high Into the air. The explosion was so violent that the blaze went out In a puff. He then, bored holes in the ground and ran down pipe. . At one time he had 22 pieces of pipe In the ground and a gas flame flickering- from each. He kept as high as eight of these lighted at a time and they burned day and night. The Kansas Gas and Electric company, hearing of It, sent workmen to examine their mains to see If a leak could be found. None was found. Then Hayes piped the gas to hfs home. Lately the g.s has become so oily that It forced the family to abandon it. It formed an oily soot on everything- and began to smell badly. The pressure went down when the oil began to spew through the pipe. The "Wichita plumber asserts that there are four places, all within five miles of his home, where he has been able to find oil or g-as by means of an aug-ur and a piece of gas pipe. He declares that he has located one place where he can pump oil to the surface by means of an ordinary pump. He has been carrying- on his experiments at right in order not to give his secret away he says. Hayes has worked In gas fields and it Is his honest opinion that the g-as he has been finding comes frcm a pool under "Wichita and not through a crevice some miles away. He in't financially able to drill on an extensive scale and so far has been unable to g-et anyone to test out his locations. o According to the Express, a Chlek-asha man tried to get by the election inspector In that city by presenting a Ford car license in lieu of his registration certificate. And Henry Ford was not on the ticket, either. Kay county's on field history would not be complete without the story of Newkirk'a pioneer efforts to locate an oil pooL Tears ago a plucky bunch of Newkirk citizens raised money and drlUed in several dry holes. In one or two of which they g-ot a showing- of olL Associated with this company was Lincoln McKInlay, formerly chief of police of Wichita. The tests were made east of Newkirk and after a checkered career the company died out allowing- its leases to lapse. It Is a bit of Irony but nevertheless true that within a few rods of one of the dry holes a producing- well was brought in afterwards. The pioneers scattered and reaped little if any of the benefits of the strikes of after years. It Is said that the anticlinal formation east of Newkirk is one of the most pronounced in the state of Oklahoma. It begins east of Newkirk. possibly a little northeast and winds in a southwesterly direction around the city of Ponca City and on Into the 101 Ranch country. Along- this anticline are numerous wells and more drilling-. Geologists predict that after all the backsets the field has had In a few years It win be recognized as one of the best paying" ones in the state of Oklahoma. While Newklrk's first test for oil was east of the city It must be reraesi-bered that west and northwest of the city Is located the famous Kay county field. In fact oil and gas are being- found In all parts of Kay county, which la in the main level and rich in wheat. I was considered the banner agricultural county of the state of Oklahoma and In point of productiveness It still can claim that distinction. o STRUCK GAS YEARS AGO On the Garrison Scott farm northeast of Wichita five miles is an artesian well which was drilled about ten years ago by local capital desiring- to strike gas In paying- quantities. The well was abandoned at about & thousand feet after a showing- of gas. Gas still bubbles through the flow of artesian water. It is felt by some that had the well been drilled deep enough it would have developed eithr an oil or gas fild. A "Wichita company now has a derrick up near the Scott farm and Intends to sink a deep test. A showing- of oil In the Hlmebaugh test well eight miles east of Mulvane. haa created a vast amount of Interest In the territory about the southern Sedgwick county city. The Hlmebaugh well Is being- drilled by Wichita men. It is down around 2,000 feet and It Is said the log- of the well is very similar to that of the Clarke welL about seven miles southeast. Tears ago Mulvane drilled for pas east of the city. It Is said that a showing- of gas was found in one of the wells but the flow was not sufficient to pay. Should the Hlmebaugh well coma fn a producer rat things are expected to happen in Mulvane. It likely will have the same experience as Augrusta and HI Dorado and from a milk town and railroad Junction will leap into the oil town dais over night. The Hlmebaugh well Is located in a direct line from Blackwell northeast through the Augusta pool on to El Dorado and Is being drilled on what two geologists have pronounced a well defined anticline. o THINK OIL UNDER CITY Showing In DroTIfnger Test Two Miles East Encourages Wichita Land Owners. Company The showing of oil found In the Drol-linger test two miles east of the city limits some oil men believe indicates that close to Wichita Is a big oil pool. The Citizens company, cf which W. II. Stanley is president, drilled better than 8.000 feet and lost the hole after getting a fine showing at about 2,900 feet. The Citizens company, which was financed by stock subscriptions from Wichita men, has not given up th, idea of drilling more wells about Wichita. Money is now being raised for another deep test near the city. While , oil in paying Quantities did not reward the first effort the mere fact that the city drilled for oil and got a showing did more to bolster up waning enthusiasm than anything that had happened up to that time. On the heels of this excitment the strikes at Augusta and El Dorado attracted attention and men. with spare cash, plunged where the producers were located. It is believed that it will be asle to finance another test than it was to get the money for the first. On Wednesdav. Antrust 2. the officials of this company visited their h ings, selected a location for their first well on an anticline near the forks cf the Grouse Creek and Otto Creek, on the northeast quarter of Sec, S, Twp. 25, Eange 5 E, Cowley County, Kansas. A contract is made for a derrick and drilling will begin upon its completion. 2J0TI0E The first well being assured, the stock of the Hale Oil & Gzs Company will soon be advanced in price above par, This notice should be sufficient earning to prospective buyers of this stock. Now is the time to secure it, at par $10.00 per share, You wish fair play in your oil speculations. The Hale Oil & Gas Company is open to your investigation. Any further information gladly furnished, Call at office, write or phone Market 1201. THE HALE OIL AND GAS COMPANY 402-3 Fourth National Bank Bldg. Wichita, Kan. H. A. RICHARDS, FISCAL AGENT, DRILLS WELLS BY DOZENS Wichita Natural Brought In 16 Producers In One Day Last Week. Sixteen walls, containing on. brongh into production in on day, is the record that the Wichita Natural Qu company claims. Those wells were aU in the El Dorado district and were started pumping last Friday. This company has probably more leased land than any one oil and gas company in the state. Henry Gallagher, the company advertising man. says that the institution haa a total of 180,000 acres f land unIr its control, in this immediate vicinity. Besides this It has an output of IS, 009 barrels of oil a day. There are 64 rigs working constantly. The company hires its own geologists and there is a large force in this on department alone. 3Laat winter there were three men hired to carry on the geological work for the company, now there are sixty in the work, The monthly pay rool cf the WlcMta Natural Gas company is about 1300,-000," says Mr. Gallagher. In the month of March there were 17 men ar.d 80 teams busy in the different fields ot the company. All this fine and elaborate outfit is owned by the Henry I Ioherty company of New York City. The Empire Gaa and Fuel company Is a sub-sidary company of tfcLs large concern, and handles all the ell turn 1 out t y Wichita Natural On eon-. ; any. According to a statement cf C cllor of the Krhe-i'-ir Ji K.e rs r the British Parliament, recently. total Import of petrol r5rlt i"t? I United Kingdom in t he 1 : month d en May 11, 11. was lt,05.CC5 r Jona. The quantity Irr.p'-riH. ; rt fr that ud for governrr :er,t i- ;r f not be state. Quantities r.n -! duty was pU In t r. t i At commercial rates, .!' 1 ga'.U at private rates, 1.1 0. -- rl'.f. total amount en whtrh '.uty ? 141,800,009 gallons. . . . i Thrae carloads cf oil, aily are lng rfrctTel by the MMet r?:" Company at Caapar. Wyom'.nr, ft the Hudson Oil Company' wr'.!. 3C Z3 d rmti ' W EClMOb 1 1 n Oil St Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of Kansas Authorized Capital $100,000.00 Our Officers and Directors W. E. Hawley, President and Director, Oil Operator, Tulsa, Okla. Park E. Salter, Vice-President and Director, Farmer and Stockman, Angusta, Kan. Jno. M. Hanes, Treasurer and Director, General Agent, Union Central Life Ins. Co., Wichita, Kan. H. J. White, Secretary and Director, Cashier Union Central Life Ins. Co., Wichita, Kan. T. Y. McClngrsrage, Director and GenT Counsel, Law Firm, Haws McClnErgage, Wichita, Kan. R. A. Ilaines, Director, Assistant Cashier, Geo. W. Brown & Son, State Rank, Augusta, Kan. W. E. Dixon, Director, Furniture, Wichita, Kan. Ralph J. Pryor, Director and Fiscal Agent, Dodge City, Kan. Ideal. ocation STUDY THE MAP Note that our lease is located directly vreat adjoining heavy producing portion of the Augusta field, vrithin one mile of the Kir kpa trick -well, less than three-fourths mile of the Freed well and about three-fourths mile of the largest producing gas well in this field. Notice the holdings of such vrell known and successful companies such as Wichita Natural and National Refining Co. Furthermore there are three producing well3 in the same section and we believe our lease to be of an equal value. Our lease is in direct line with holdings which have produced such rich wells as the Denton, Varner and other well known producers. Not Dependent On Pipe Lines Should the pipe line be unable at any time to take care of our oil production we are so situated that our railroad right-of-way would take care of it. This should be an important point for every investor. The Plan of This Company The plan of this Company is to develop this lease and secure production and we invite investigation both of our location and t?rms of lease. It is a straisrht-forward business proposition backed by bonded officers and business men of ability to promote a proposition of this kind. Natural facilities for operating including fuel and railroad are of the best to insure cheap operation, Present Price Per Share $ n Authorized Capital $100,000.00 Divided Into 10,000 Shares Fully Paid and Non-assessable f I g I -3 771 -. f anMHHMMi HMMHwiHMWW .1 . ffTt in I mi ,f ,; iniiiiimiii j -ft JJIP' II t 1 yL - rH'rrt ArA rs;p .. v 11 I Tr h'' ' i cugz- ; -. hf f 1 r 9 "' ' ' '"' "" T";- ';! 1 i . 4rx t ) U s . pa 1 tOzlv , yS F J-JL :s -Jl V Ifl r ' i rl I If I fp t " . ; 1 js 1 1 i SJPMHIIbbbbbebVssMsV Mail Check, Bank Draft or Money Order Clip Coupon rrrv Fhe WichltaTuSsa Oil & Co, 302-Bitting Building Wichita, - - - - - - Kansas For farther parti rIars, f& cr zlir Th Tnlsa CHI & Gas Co., 32 Bittlr.? T.:lr rrizlir . City Street Bt&ts .

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