Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 18, 1964 · Page 16
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 16

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1964
Page 16
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BEN CASLi By NEAL ADAjifc> I'VE *»KSMKS) OUT ONDuiy.eupcy.Now GET LOST on— Mil SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL AT MV FUNKY STOClES. DAN ELAGG By DON SHERWOOD LATEP, ABOARD A PLANE ENROIJre TO WASHINGTON. CELAX.MISS FROLOVA. WE'VE SEVERAL HOURS YET... BUT YOUVE A LIPETIA1E AHEAP IN THE UNITED STATES MORTT MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI rtA G0IN3 TO cm. rr X ^rACTUNayj 6ENSOT0NAL ,UNBaJ £VABty FRSNK, NO-HCXD5-EWa2ED BCRDSeOFTHE SHOCKING COW3mONS1H^PRa/AIL ATTHe HiNsoue Ruax earn-" ALL H5 HA& TO CO IS PUT "TH^ eND 'ARH^THCTTmeAND HES GOT HI6 BOOK ALL V/RrnHvl. «naww».i»^>.t.OT. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HA3ILIN ^ -< YE5. r / WSU-.ZEUS, \ NEVt / MICIi SMITH \ A P MICK SMITH soTUSPRErrv WaXTOLPOFF, PIPNT HE? _ SUESS SQ-1\E| NEVER HEARP OF A PLACE CALLEP MOO... BUT THBR. MEPiaNE 's PREny •~\ / SHE'S C ANPIHCT N' -^-^ MCOV1\N eopoESs.. wow/ PRETTV SMOICi: AU. RIGHT! UX)K„IFTOU ) HOW CAN I SEE HERA, J TELL TOUR DOKJ'T mU / WIFE WHERE HER WHERE / WU WENT IF I WENT; yi PONT KNOW PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VEB>IEER l/'ANCSTHER BtRTHDAZ^ ANDl DIDMT GET MT HORSr ' I <sUEss NOBODY; HOVJr CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER *0 VOU f MElVIM.VOll lOIOr-LET MfT. PATAKE/ a:EB>*«B»l UPl HE-5 HURR/IN' TO TEACH CHA5IM' MV Jtex K-WCOP AW LE**ONSl COKA.EH- . OH. THgRe VOU ARE,EL«OOP! HW» ^ UKe TO LEARN CARTOONW' OUR BOARDING HOUSE with IiL\JOB HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. ^VILLIAJIS By PHIL NEWSOM UPl Foreign News Analyst From 1957 through 1963 (be United States sold Poland around S500 million worth o/j farm products, including sizable amounts of grain. And in its turn the hard currency went into the macWnes needed by Poland in her headlong rush to convert an agricultural economy to an industrial one. That Poland has made progress under the system may be seen by a look at the nature of Polish exports. In 1956, 75 per cent of Polish exports consisted of foodstuffs, raw materials and semi-finished goods. By the end of 1963 the figure had fallen to 55 per cent with machines and industrial con sumer goods increasmg to 45 per cent But the system depends upon an important "if," Weather Big Factor The "if" is the weather. A succession of two disappointing crop years and the severe winter of 1962-63 broke the cycle and the Polish economy began to sh'de toward stagnation. Transportation broke down, plants closed for lack of fuel and raw material. Unemployment rose and with it the discontent of Polish workers. Consumer costs for coal, gas and electricity jumped 100 per cent. The hard-drinking Polish worker was hit by a 15. per cent jump' in the price of vodka. The Central Committee of the Polish Communist Party 16-Wed. March 18,19M RedlondsPoliy f octs Sean Flynn as the "Son of Captain Blood," action packed adventure story sforts today at the Fox Redlands Theatre. Poland buys machines to improve industry SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads has been wrestling with the problem of the troubled economy since last July and on June 15 is expected to present its economic plan for 1966-70 to a party congress. For the congress it will be the first meet ing since 1959. Major goals of the new five- year plan, according to party leader Wladyslaw Gomulka, will be creation of 1.5 million new jobs and elimination of the need to import grain for bread and animal fodder. Favors Stslintsm The whole picture of Poland is one of contrasts and Gomulka, one of the few men successfully to defy Khrushchev in recent years has ruled by delicate checks and balances. Within the party he balances a right wing favoring a return to the hard line of Stalinism against "revisionists" arguing that to wm the support of the masses the party must serve the popular Interest. The government opposes the Cathoh'c Church, to which most Poles belong, and occasionally increases pressure against it. Free enterprise is permitted to an extent greater than in any other Communist-bloc nation. Official statistics show more than 15,000 privately operated retail stores in Poland. Nearly 90 per cent of Poland's farmland is in private hands. The PoUsh fanner is Hkc the weather—easy to talk about but bard to change. Polish ^£pricul ture is the best of any Communist nation. But the Polish peasant is stubbornly fond of his own way of life. four eyes ore an inde: to mental activity By DELOS SMITH UPl Science Editor NEW YORK (UPl)-By his eyes you can tell whether a man's mind is wool-gathering or concentratmg on the problem before him. If he's using] his brain his pupils will enlarge. This tip on how to read the human being ^vith a close look if not at a glance comes from laboratory experiments of two psychologists seeking to prove that the eyes can be an iniix of mental activity. Their subjects were four men and a woman, all of "better than average intelligence as demonstrated by their college degrees. They were asked to solve, in their heads, problems in arithmetic. While they did so their heads were held firmly in a well cushioned brace. This was so a mirror would steadily reflect their eyes into the lens of a motion picture camera. The "frames" of the film were marked according to the NOTICE OF HE.\KING OV PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILl. AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 33433 In the Suptrior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of MARY B. HARGRAVES. also known as MARV BARTON HARGRAVES, Deceased. Notice is hereby jciven that the petiUon of Almon Barton Rucglea for the Probate of Will of Mary B. Hargraves, also known as Mary Barton Hargraves. the above named decedent, and for the Issuance of Letten Testamentary thereon to Almon Barton Ruggles, petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, wUl be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m., on March 27. 1964, in the court room of the Probate Department, Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated March 16. 19S4. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Oerk. By Edith CampbelU Deputy Clerk. DAM C A. SMITH. 103 ti Orange St., Redlands. Calif.. Attorney for Petitioner. (First publication Mar. IT. 1964) SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer J 3-J8 "It's an old eheesecak* picture of me<" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Careful about caUing names, DeHi. Likely as not this call is being bounced off of sometiiingi" NOTICE TO CREOrrOBS No. 33339 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. EsUte of NICHOLAS STEPHAM, also known as NICHOLAS W. STEPHANI. Deceased- Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entiUed court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law office of Paul B. Wilson and Guay P. Wilson. 306 E. State Street. Redlands, Calif., which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated Feb. 28. 1964. LARKY PARRISH. Executor of the Will of the almve named decedent. PAUL B. WILSON and GOAV P. WILSON, 308 E. SUte St, Redlands, Calif., TEL: 792-3373, Attorneys for Executor. (First pubUcation Febu 2», 19«) stages Of the problera-soving. Stage one was the command, "mulUply 7 by 8." The next stage showed the eyes as iha bram groped with that. The final stage was when the subject gave the answer. Then caine the next command and each succeeding command was progressively harder to obey. Anyone can multiply 7 by 8 but even a doctor of philosphy has to work his brain to multiply 16 by 23 without recourse to paper and pen- ciL The film with the marked frames later was projected on a screen where the diameters of the pupils could be precisely measured. This showed that as the problem was considered the pupUs enlarged and reached theur largest diameter just before the answer was found. And as the problems increased in difficulty so did the range of pupil enlarging, or, to put it another way, the harder the brain worked the more the pupils enlarged. Drs. Eckhard H. Hess and James M. Poll of the University of Chicago reported these experimental results to thp American Association for tha Advancement of Science. Israel says nix to mop tops JERUSALEM. Israel {UPD-^ The government's Foreign Cm;- rency Control Commission Monday night vetoed a petition by a local impressario to bring the singing Beatles of Britain to Israel. The commission said ft turned down the application for entry of the mop-haired quartet because of heavy bookings around September which were of "far greater artistic value and importance than the Bea,ties." 15 killed in truck mishap in Cuba HAVANA f UPl) — Fifteen persons were killed and more than 20 injured when a truck turned over at Soroa, Pinar del Rio Province, after its brakeis failed, press reports said today. The reports said the victims were members of an "excursion" group of some 50 persons apparently engaged m "volunteer" cane cuttmg. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Just a word to new netgftbors, Mac! I don't ear* for I yard -work, so let's not have any showing offf Mark Twain Answer to Previoue Puxxle IS: ACROSS 9 Stripling 1 Kr. Clemens 1" United 7 Twain's 16 SouUi Ameneaa ^ogdccinict 12P£riodo£timP ^£?.<" asSbtmt 13 Wrath 14 Empty laFoUowed ITBardened 18 Dog's try 19 Jug 21 Be displeased 24 Esteem 23 Quail 30 Melancholic 31 Japanese empeiors 34 Cache 36 Feminine name 37Chicfcweed (var.) 39 Nothing 40 Concord 41"Connecticot 44GUdesoiite 43 Duck genus 50 Delineate 51 Russian stockade 54 Manioc S7Bioara 58RISS SSHehcewhUcr »" _ «1 Short gleep 62 Greek ktter DOWN 1 Sylvan danijod^^,,,^ 2 Concede Ki » SBepasts ^ 4Sesaine SSfinenlrock . 6AiicientF«tsaB |Br 7 Heaped SHug 23 Pair 2a Danube tributary 26 Uncommon 27Whiripool 29 Essential being 38 Dance step 31 Numerous 40 Legume SZDorsaLbaoes S3 Oven 34 Tom Sawyer's 49 Scratiiiii* SlRecede 42Hattressfimng 52Golf8adget 43 Foe 45-A- Abroad** 48 Hoof edges 47 Yogi SSAimycorpc (ah.) 55Femiaina appdbtloa 56 Soft foodstuff

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