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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 21

The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 21

The Evening Newsi
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1934 PAGE TWENTY-ONE with fair dsmaml. Good quality stackers Fliers at Karachi and ana leaner Dareir itftdr. Flam mild me- rtuim urad-s cm. Calves alow. Choice GNG THE FEDERAL AGENTS L00 Will Resume Journey N.Y.Curb Market Closing PRICES ON CURB CARRIED DOWN Additional Classified Tt-aifra. is. to hob, stsariy: western wholesale. liS.50. 8rieei and lambs a ar-e: liEht demand. Choice lambs. 10.50 to $7: bu lambs, J. Receipts: "2 cattle. 7 calves. Bii Cnitta PretM By Vmtcd Prest KARACHI, India, Oct. 26. John CHARGE POLICE High Low Close "'b iiiu Willi luiaiiuu, TT'11 r-f I Ampriran onfrnnra in tho lflTTIf? I t.Iljh Allied Mills Alum Co Am "Australia airp ane race, arrived hols and specialties led a decline on L.j the curb market today, which car-! their Lambert monocoupe ripri nrices riown fractiona tn 2 noints'caby Kuth. IheV decided to fly To Meet Next Week CAMP HILL. Oct. 26. The social HELPING MARSH Am Maracaibo tomorrow to Jodhpur, 384 miles. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT HI RKW KOK Kr-T 7 hl'MlNi! CABIN Kor rent in C'-unty. urnc-hcd. iu-j Knvvn St. J. I Nt l.KS TOW 3-room hnu-. mil tm-! rovem-nts. Karden, poultry hous ami; 7, 7 Vh' -np 1 Civic Club will be in charge of November mpptinff nf th cluh Gulf of Pennsylvania was unable to recoup an early decline of more be held next Thursday afternoon at Burma rets 5 nVln-lr in tha Kll tu.lButler Br Emp Pow part ..8 8 8 Ford Can A 22 22'S, 22H Ford Ltd 97 934 9i Gor Inc pf 15 15 15 Gulf Pa 504 50 50 Hud Bay 12 m4 U' Italian Sup A 14 14 14 Kirby Pet 14 14 14 Mavis Bot A 4 4 4 Niag Pwr 34 34 34 Parker Rust 50 51 51 Pennroad 14 14 14 Prod Royty 4 5-16 4 Sherwin-WW 724 704 704 So Cal EC 154 154 154 Swift Int 374 364 364 Un Lt A 14 14 14 Utah Apex 14 14 14 than a point and other oils held in supply at smaller concessions. Can 7 7 74 50V4 492 501.4 194 198 19' V4 11-16 11-16 15 15 Is 54 5V4 54 ll'i 114 114 2'. 2T 2'8 8L 8 8 9-16 9-16 9-16 24 21.4 2Vi 5 5 5 1 14 1H 144 14i4 144 40-4 40 403i 9. 9 64 39 39 39 adian Industrial A dipped one point Continues in Hill Methodist Church. MKu "dtjtt snrTBUTA I Miss Evelyn Carpenter, member an AIarcni to lead whiskies lower. WATKI TO BEM PHILADELPHIA. Oct 2S. Embittered by attacks leveled at their fruitless search for George Marsh, suspected mail robber, Federal postal inspectors today pointed an accusing finger at the Philadelphia police department and said: "There is the answer." J.AT'tlB unfurnished hetPd room by I Weak spots amon8 the specialties V-ft "Y- 7 ot, P16 council for the Blind. bath! reasonable (included Aluminum Company off "lth Kashne down to eleven centsiwill address the club on the Serv I ffftl nn T'1. 1 1 it IPC Kprtf nf IMPOSSIBLE THE close of the Steelton- William Penn football game on the incnth l'n use of Write 1.S0. Ms nninls at H'. now a maiiuii, mc uiit-c nu vuiiliiiucu kictuis iuivuku uic, anu uuiirk i Com Edison wa ntkd Detached houe, 4 bedroom, which drooDed one do int. andiunaoatea nere lonay. iuirS me i-ummiuee win con- El Sh El 6c 6 pf vVar Karaite, vum.ty Jonestown Road American canamid B. Glen Alden, Large companies dropped to'H08 sle of articles made by the MitTlGre Atlantic Pacific. Sherwin twelve cents late yesterday, and I J- Cox Thompson is rit" Williams and A.O. Smith, which rer Independent dealers were one centlj? an of toe soclal servlce com- pears the Steelton High School On several occasions. Govern- Band did not parade from the i3-jment men assert, thev were fru- iistered smaller declines, under tim. Prices in Camden, N. Y. Stock Market Closing N. remained stationary except WILL INSTALL STOKER RF.AL ESTATE FOR SALE HHM AMI Ln KIBJiAU; 4 ACRES 7-ronm house. NVar rHve.J at the independent stations where CAMP HILL. Oct. 2G. Installation seven-cent gasoline was posted. of an automatic stoker in the new By United Press Imunicipal building will be started BOND MARKET MOVES LOWER High Low Close Safeway 444 444 'jVKSTncK market soon. Purchase of the stoker, which Oct. 2rt. Recemts of i will cost aDDroximatelv S450. was LANCASTER. iand into the city, but immediately jtrated in apprehending Marsh, jot aboard a bus for the trip home, most sought of Eastern Pennsyl- When a William Penn rooterivania criminals, because of con-asked a Steelton man why the band Inivance of police here. Each time did not parade, the latter said: "I the trail grew hot, the agents suppose the Steelton school offi-lt'a'm. police have warned Marsh, cials did not want anything to oc-lwnf is wanted in connection with to mar the occasion." (the $17,000 registered mail robbery "That wouldn't make any differ-! the Conshohocken railroad sta-nce," the Uptown man replied. jtlon last June 1. ''Anv 'marrine-' the hand would do The inspectors were troaded into Adams Exp 64 64 64 Sears Roe SKi nr" authorized at recent meeting of the rfad. larn and other buihltiiss. H. E-1 SO Fro bfst 5 s. 10 in. 1ml. SO A. timber. Mock, imple- mciity; biff snrmif. or traie-. old cheap. Mojt SiiJ4.Patrlot-Nc!; o'2 At'RKS, neur DuiiLaitH'tn. lti-roctn bri. lutue. Ail nceesaiv ut hUlldtllKS- bimniim Sncritire price. II. NKI.Sii.X. Front 'hetnnt St lOl'i 101'i servel Inc and. Stoi kers and feeders Plentiful 1 DoroURh council. 7 104 184 14 174 ouvn rung 4V Shell Un Oil 1 simme, H4 Bi Vnitcd Pre NEW YORK. Oct 26. Bonds moved irregularly lower today. corporation issues led the de hoi tt.s for s.w.k would not be one-two-three with making these startling disclosures Air Reduc Alaska Jun Allegh Corp Allied Chem Am Can Am Car Am pf Am Inter Am Loco Am Fdy Am Metal AmJad Am Com cline. A KTOXK HOl'SE At rci Hit Oi.t- of the best lo- rt IliTl Iii fina nnrl It ion. the 'marring' the Steelton eleven publication of Marsh'3 latest Hi." escapade. Among the rails. In which there Simms Pet Skelly Oil South Pac 'South Ry Oil Ind Stan ft Cal iStan Oil MPS nil burner. Mar eurase. ran runsiueiduie paui U1K.1UK, lu.v-cs at our otti, of fractions to a point and more reCordrd by popular issues of Marsh emerged from hiding Monday, obtained a- marriage license at the Delaware County u.i.. 96-POUND PUMPKIN IV. O. REISER, of lu a -e 60 VV Governments star witness Am Stores $600 in Cash Prizes! kkc.jxa bliu n. rrame the Nickel Plate. St. Paul, Missouri vcVS'chP I Pacific, Southern Pacific. St Paul i. ciprLE. realtor and Chicago and Northwestern. utilities were fairly active. Frac- ti'tor tional were ahown by inter- eif iVinan" to i national Telephone 5s at 60 and write no Rii I Ampriran and Foreign Power 5s at si hi kkan I ok su.K 52 i. American Water Works 5s yufLK smiehouse. i moved up slighUy to 52 W. Indus-mi s-cnr inq. uuticf trials moved in a narrow range, st r.nhrook. 'Baldwin Locomotive 5s were excep Am Sumat Am Am Tob jani, picj-oicu V'-f viicmabt ninl, Halloween in a big way. Here arej In support nf their charges, the specifications on three pumpkins Federal men elai to be in posses-he raised during the summer and sion of an affidavit furnished by has just harvested: a woman who asserts that Phila'- tV4to AiKxnwtf fWutoj Inc. 444 444 404 39 394 6 54 54 104 104 104 64 64 64 94 9 94 134 134 134 64 64 64 18 174 174 164 15-4 164 234 234 234 74 74 74 294 29 4 294 40 4 394 39 34 3 34 84 8 84 23 27 4 274 3 34 34 84 84 84 494 49 434 42-4 414 424 144 134 144 34 34 34 12-4 12 12 71 694 694 14 13-4 14 154 154 154 324 314 324 744 73 734 164 164 164 44 44 44 14 14 14 9 84 84 33 334 304 30 30 50 494 50 154 154 15 69 69 69 3 3 3 164 154 164 64! Am Woolen pf By THE BIBLE GAME EDITOR THE EVENING NEWS' Bible Game, which proved an inspiring ISo. 1. Weight, ninety-six'delphia policemen tinned Marsh off Un Air Lines Un Air Corp lUnd Fish Union Carb Un Oil Cal United Corp United Drug 'United Fru Un Gas Imp Rubber Steel IU Steel pf pounds; divprsinn for so manv readers, will end tomorrow, with picture No. 60. nnintc moiz. I 11 tions, Dreaking wwiio, ue.oniut l- winw iu iu. 7, ilr.e tan uniiinh a ontriraotintia ti'nirn a nciPT ran i tttia rn ttin inches. No. 2. circumference, seventy; on several occasions when his ap- prehension seemed imminent. W'eight, sixty-two andj A week before Marsh married pounds; circumference, (their star witness, the former Miss Anaconda Armr 111 Armr 111 pr pf Atchison Atchison pf Atl Line Atlan Ref Auburn Auto w.vrsr. i-nwKit vu i.i, Un'ted Drug 5s dipped fractionally; j. repeated here again, so that the information it contains WHI stone mill ted ir, to 84 4. Ll will not be overlooked: one-half th Vi acres of ground, ami At.nville 1. Sets do not have to be submitted before midnigM, for cliv properly. .11111 etinipped. Ready to run, a I Vanadium November 10. Take your time! Pictures and answers turned in early -trvntll ptrt'ftuM he FLASHES OF NEWS Copyright. 1834. by United Fress NEW YORK. Oct. 26 Bell Tele- I. sixty and one-half inches. 1 Constance L. Murray, a Philadel- No. 3. Weight, fifty-seven phia stenographer, she had sup-pounds; circumference, fifty-nine plied them with a confession con-, and one-half inches. jtaining information enough to send Heiser believes he holds the tnfi fugitive away for life, agents ST1TR CAPITAL REALTY t'U. will not receive special consideration. None will be checked and 'Bald Loco 1 Sixth si. Warner Bros Warn-Juin West Md judged until all are in. jgalt Ohio ery desirable tity oi reiniyivama UK hnve ctlanlEe on Karn nine moiiins to 31) net in in oner. 1c. 2. Please arrange your pictures and answer-blanks numerical, West Union 34 34 1. A- SUM 012 X. TK rome $5,7899. 898 vs. $4,439. 803 year order, placing No. 1 first or pn top. Do not crease or roll them.jSeth Steel 26 aJi. p.i..i a if avoidable. Iiwrtpn Illinois Central Railroad 26 59 25 Borden Westing El Wnnlvinrth 101 1004 101 154 154 154 33 4 32 4 32 4 64 64 64 164 16 16 184 17 18 4 154 15 15 144 134 134 4 4 4 354 34-4 344 424 424 42 19s4 194 194 1104 1094 1104 80 79 794 8 74 8 39 384 3H4 10-4 104 10V2 6 54 6 644 64 644 53 514 514 83 824 824 30 284 29 234 23 234 24 4 23 24 54 54 54 154 15 154 40 4 39 4 40 244 244 4 56 4 564 4 244 244 74 74 7Vi! 5 5 5 144 144 144 364 36 364 4 154 144 15 364 354 36 1 43 4 424 424 24 24 24 4V4 44 44 3 3 3 47s 4-4 44 5 5 5 i 35 4 34 Vi 34-4! i 141 84 8 84! 294 29 294 74 74 74' 26 25 4 26 74 74 74 3'4 34 3,4 16 154 18 64 624 624 184 184 184 38 4 38 4 384 174 174 174! 92 4 90 90 4 184 38 4 174 2 4V 5 34.4 94 74will 384 17U LEGALS Seotem- 3. Be certain that your set consists of the full series of sixty 'ber net operating income challenges other growers to match his specimens. NAVY DAY i.niAi. mitkks i4i2fiM vpnr aan- ninn mnnth pictures and answer-blanks. Incomplete sets will be rejected. Mexico Planning to Seize Religious Groups' Money MEXICO CITY, Oct. 26. A bill providing for expropriation of 50 Young Sheet mlyon'othe'r than $9,634,004 vs. $1 1,407,359 year ago. i 4. Be sure you have written each verse-answer, the name of the 1 0 Loose Wiles Biscuit Co. and wherein it is found, the chapter and verse number, and your georgk OAi'sE. sidiaries nine months to September name and address in the spaces provided for that purpose on the sio oramte 3Q nfit $1 043 698 or $1 answer-blanks. LJARRISBURG doesn't have a Boeing Airplane Bruns-Balke Burroughs Cal Packing Call Zinc Canada Dry Cer de Pasco Ches Ohio Chic Gt West Chic Gt pf naw. Imt tlio Xaw Dav nh- fPnt. of all money and prop- common snare vs. or St.Ubl Luncheon for W. C. T. U. Delegates at Camp Hill ntn.rv nci iHi i ion on the 5. Be sure that you haven't written more than one verse-answer servance at Philadelphia Saturday Vy. the KKhts of Columbus, will give any one who wants and other prominent reli- of Hare. iHte of the City oi year ago, lia.nsburic. r-tui-hln deceased Mc Kinnev Steel Holdine Comnanv or any one answer-blank. 6. Be sure that your verse-answers are reasonable. If you are i.H int' 1'et-n iri cut 1 to the unnersiKneu i ctuh, j- CAMP HILL. Oct. 2fi.MrS the trio an opportunity to groups was before a Cham- 1 estn'e are 1 a ayivvat ui piu- pel soils lll'icl'ted Carter will entertain members of the see some of Uncle Sam's fiehtine-: "fputies committee today. to' m'ak immediate payment. posed merger of Corrigan McKinney in doubt about any of them, take full advantage of the rule which csierl will having -'Inn .1 de'i 1 Lompany v'lltl Republic Steel permits players to send in any number of complete sets. Extra executive committee of the Cumber-'ships and planes on exhibition. Inicnine vrouaca further that iland County Women's Christian Tern-1 fL 50 per cent, of all money and prop- without de tit ilia lor settlement, Ch St ft P. St it pf. Childs Chrysler City Stores Colum Gas Cong-Nairn xr verse-answers may be written on extra sets, affording more than horit rn Pac flc eptem-'one opportunity of winning the first prize of or one of the ber net operating income $1,179,287 Lpra nri7es vs. $1,535,350 year ago. ioth" hJeS Perance Union at luncheon at herj 0 to 4 o'clock Iv erty of Persons 0 engaged in re-H8nome. 3211 Market street, this place, 4 "cloc Motors ma agitation against the afternoon. 1. eS should be seized. Ij 10 KEYSTONE TRUST A dun ii if rit or. 1101 X. Third Street. C- to HairisbiirR. Pa. aWDLR, MILLER. HULL HULL. Att-inievs. alnut Street. Westinchnuse Air Rrjiirp Cn Can. ivciiicuiut-i uiat on vcipc-aiiowci a iiiuab uc ciiudcu ituui iitc tember ouarter net profit S198 372 Treasury, as provided by the rules. Assisting Mrs. Carter as Proceeds from the seizures bellrs. Wiliiam Wolf and Miss; f.act7-?n would be used to financf small 6 cents a share vs. net profit 8. Remember, duplicates of all back pictures are available at K. Pa. X'Tr' 'eBes p' allotted to peasants by the Cons Cigar Cons Gas Cons Oil Con Textile Contl Oil Del Corn Prod i.cti.rn lestanontarv on the estate of I loi or 9 cents previous quarter vs witiiam H. coiver. iate nf Middle l'atc-j $274,155 year ago. LehiKh Coal Navigation Corp. THE EVENING NEWS Circulation Department, 11 North Market Square. The first sixteen are free or by ma three cents. A small charge of two cents apiece is made for those beyond No. 16. 9. When picture No. 60 has been published, players may bring vuiivcuuuii, iiuni wawaiuii.a, iiuwu in Henavtmpnr in Wilkes-Barre several weeks ago. mation and put through acrobatic! panment. Bollowing luncheon, the Camp Hill tunt union will hold its October meptino I btUtUS iW-L SPEAK AT ENOLA CHURCH rsmned. ail persons indebted regular semi-annual dividend of 25 are reouesten to nriKe Crucible St cents payable November 30 record t'l (Me Ulcte to said cM i'Ollieiliate 1 el-niliS Will tiienlB. mid th-ne havinc Mrs. Jennie Regal will speak at a missionary meeting Sunday eve October 31, their sets in person to the Bible Game Department, or may mail them in. Sets that are mailed should be addressed to: The Bible present them for st'ttle- the State W. C. T. U. convention Fleet Etlds Speed Test Wl 1 be BliestS of hnnnr at tr, 1K, 11 UllUO OjVtCU. 1 COl, uei Hud DL4W ning at 7.30 at the Enola United jju font The delecates include Mrs rmuriKiFiiu troditk Bii United Press I hrminh Vnnnmn I'nnnl oieuiien nurcn. me loung Game Department, The Evening News, Harrisburg, Pa, When mailed, sets must bear a postmarked date of not later than Saturday. Du Pont deb 1264 126 Quartet will give a musical PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 26. Nearby mclll to FLOYD O. COI.VER. WALTER SEII.EK. E-xeeutors. Or to Tin iiphiu. Fa. I'. W. FETTER 11 OFF. KSvfc. JletKlier Pa. program. November 10. was Kenerauv nun under a slow 126 E. II. Weast, New Cumberland: Mrs 3401ive Pettit, Camp Hill: Mrs. Earle 84Pryor, Lemoyne; Mrs. William Wolf, 9 Camp Hill: Miss Caroline Saxton r-iec El ft 6 pf SI S7 pf -lemanu toiiay. according to the Federal 10. Sets of pictures and answers, regardless of how they are By Lmtca Press PANAMA, Oct. 26. The United States fleet was in the Pacific stale Jlarket News Service. Celery ranson irom 3 to Pe per bunch with a Erie Eureka Vac tew higher and 2-3 crates at II. 25 with a few hither. Cabbace sold at 10 to H.V prepared or the kind of envelope used, require first-class postage when sent through the mails. A charge of two cents an ounce is made for first-class matter mailed within Harrisburg for local delivery; a charge of three cents an ounce is made for first-class mail posted iurs. ueorge irexier, Carlisle: Miss r. per -m oasKei with sacks Fox Film A 124 191-. 'MavrrtP Sin ov Qhinan-v0. a- uavuieaK iiionuay soc and Kiu-pound sacka at 7.1 to 85c 4 1 Deficit Is Reported Bu Bethlehem Steel NEW YORK, Oct. 26. The Beth- Alice Wagner. Newville; Mrs. Hazel 1 a "vu lcs- "irougn ine uen jm IT Gen Cigar Gen Elec Gayman, Shiremanstown: Mrs. Rnvrii anama Canal. -ew jersey cauliflower brouitht IS to joc ner crate as to utmlitv with Long Island stock at 50 to Dtic. Pennsylvania broccoli was ouoted at 11.55 per crate d-4 505s 174 Fowler. Enola: Mrs. Mollie Voeel-I The fleet started throneh the beyond the city limits for delivery in Harrisburg. Players who are in doubt about the weight of their sets or the amount of postage necessary, should consult their postmasters. Sets with insufficient 1phim Stppl Cr.rnorntion reported 1 iiui rew jersey at 73c to II per bushel i sone, onippensDurs: Miss r.ertrnHo canal at in. M) n. Tiipsi iiv tmn yesterday for the third quarter of carrots sold at v. to to per -dnni9R h.nlnach ranged from 15 to BUc yaraner, camp Hill; Mrs. Earle Car-the last ship reached the Pacific postage win be returned to the senders. Gen A Gen Mot i Gen Rty TJ Gillette Gill $5 of i. i nm, ana Mrs. Mora at n. m. vptpnlnv CORAL COAL SB.75 Cash Price nit j-cai a ni-v ih ji Dusnel. sweet potatoes brouKht against a net profit of $3,441,642 in "itlv to 4ic per banket with a lian, Carlisle. 4 34 84 84 94 9 124 114 84 84 12 35 34 4 504 504 184 174 294 284 1 14 13 124 654 t44 44 4 94 9 204 194 IV4 14 114 114 69 684 9 84 24 24 164 16 50 49 14 14 134 DO NOT RETURN ANY SOLUTIONS UNTIL CONTEST CLOSES. THEN SEND THEM ALL TOGETHER. After the fleet's passage, fifty the preceding Quarter and a net loss, "1 "fwer. white pota most stock sell ooo :1 .,1 Mown Wim i ith commercial ships, some of which Gimbel Bros in at to 75c lOO-nound pack. tew at hi) to s.ric. and poorer lower. Ap- had been waiting for two days, 29 14 124 644 4 94 204 14 C9 84 uoodrich Goodyear Graham-P i-ien were un-nanireri and ranced from 7c to 11.25 ner bushel -wh a few best oi in me imru tjuai tcr 01 last year. The company's directors at their quarterly meeting declared no dividend on the preferred stock, on started through the canal. Camp Hill Burgess Warns Celebrators CAMP HILL. Oct. warning that the Halloween celebration must stavimins and Delicious higher. Kieffer Gt Nor Ore peats nroiiKhl 7.1 to sac, Pr bushel. Con- Hershey which action was due. oct Tulv K'pes soin ai to nc per 12-uasi JUiyiotinrt Mushrooms ranced from Hudson Mot they declared a special payment of, in iipr basket with a few ll.ic. Xeaibv irreen heaps bropifbt pe conimed to two nights, Tuesday $1.75 a share on the prelerred, the! 2 'siand Wednesdav, October 30 and 31, Hupp Mot Ill Central Ingersoll Inter jirst aivioena on ine cumulative Apples, ivnna. x. .1 bushel baskets issue since July, 1932. With 2 nd 8-in. ii.ny Failure to Take Life Results in His Arrest International Neica Service PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 26. After leaving a suicide note attached to his coat, George Krause, 23-year-old unemployed chauffeur d-iv'c nmission nrriimnlation-5 on 1 ys-m. 11. Jona nays omission, aocumuianonb on thstrn. 2-in. fl. Smoke the stock total a share. I house. 2s-in. ii.i5-i.25r orimei 140' v.inri ui UIILB Int Mach Int Harv Int Hvd El For the nine months ended on min. 2i-m. nill il: AIcIntr.Hh tlo 32 33 beptemocr jii. me company net i.75: o.i,,. mi neiicioua Int ft rks 33 34 94 484 154 Johns-Man profit was $139,472 after taxes and'-'-in. min. and larger, ll.25-i.50; Yorki charges, equivalent to fifteen cents I fiiT- "ij'iac "'tJT '''o'lr; a Share on 933.887 Shares of 7 peri Poor and unclassified, various varieties maintaining order. "We have also asked C. Frank Hare, supervising principal of Camp Hill schools, to ask all pupils to assist in carrying out an orderly celebration," he said. Kelvinator 34 94 474 144 17 2B 3 104 Mi-h5o. lew hither, few lower. N. J. Kennecott cent, preferred stock, compared with 314 9 464 144 164 26 3 10 100 i4 This is an exceptionally hlt'h grade bituminous. It will make the steam gauge bounce on a zero morning. Coral Coal will run about 90 per cent, lumps. Very high In heat units about the same as Pocahontas. The ash content Is very low, less than half as much as anthracite. Coral Coal is recommended for domestic use. It will not make a greasy smudge like Pittsburgh Gas Coals. Try Coral Coal you'll like it a lot. baskets various varieties, considerable and father of a 16-month-old baby, changed his mind and decided not to end his life. And'so today he was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct because he had police dragging the Schuylkill River for three hours in a futile effort to find his body. tair to ordinary quality. 20-tiUc. few Lambert 264 Leh Coal ii it; ner. Mutter. Firm and to ic higher. 93 a net loss of $9,365,394 in the first nine months of last year. Eugene G. Grace, president, said the estimated value of orders on hand on September 30 was S58.476.- Leh Val Ligg ft My 100 score, aw -ftc: H2 score, 29ic: HI score. Dr. Gordon Issues Call to State Banks 100 lot score, sic. Market exhibited a firm tone on Liigg Mv ins innri inn. 986, compared with $70,436,890 at VualUy' receipts ,1, l.iRht but ample, nuyers were con- 344 Dr. William D. Gordon, State Sec- JL-oniiard 184 184 servative. and critical of ouality and trading generally lacked snap. Improved Inquiry for storage stock noted but trad- prih 'Harvard Students Urged Mack Tr 244 May 404 Maytaff 44 Mont Ward 274 and with $72,155,458 on September 30, 1933. A. H. S. Post, president of the Mercantile Trust Company of Baltimore, has been elected a director of ing was oniy tair at unchanged prices Pacific Coast whites, fancy, 44-Lie-standards. 43-43Vic: mediums. S2-82ic banks as of October 17. 97 14 Not to Fight Over Posts Nash Mot special packs, nearby white hennery 44-4tic: nearby m. w. white extras. 30-4tc: nearby A w. brown extras. 35-37c. 14' WORKMAN INJURED CAMBRIDGE, Oct. 26. If 74 Samuel Dittv. fin nf loin Harvard loses tomorrow, Dartmouth Bethlehem Steel, succeeding the late Nat ft Lt W. J. corey, Newberry Air'Grk 39 street, received treatment at thp may nelp themselves to the the goai posts without a fieht. United Coal Co. HV4 8 39 194 214 Ills 94 The Bible verse represented by this picture is; y. S. TREASURY BALANCE Internal innnt Ncks Service Central ft No. 59 21 for injuries of the ht hand At least fs the theory, as the livjceivewhenl was eanpht i.HaYard studet pointing Telephone 6121 WASHINGTON, Oct. 26. Treasury ft Ship 94 belt of a machine at the All s. romS, oal posts arid hand-to-hand 174 244 394 44 264 14 74 39 18 204 114 94 124 124 184 134 34 14 124 214 44 314 54 84 48V, 1.4 4 oaiance as oi uctober iz, Internal Revenue, Custom Receipts, No Amer 124 No Pacific 19 i ucsiBi anu let who will laKC the timbers. Otis Elevator 14 nuxeu colors, average extras. graded firsts. 2ti-2sc; current receipts. Midwest mixed colors averaire extras. 80-33c: graded lirsts. 26-2Sc: current receipts. 2.m-25c Wheat. Slow and lower. No. 2 Red Winter. October delivery. 5c. Corn. Weak and lc lower. Xo. 2 yellow as to location. SR-89o. Oats. Weak, and lc lower. Xo. 2 white as to ouality and location. 62-63tc. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK MARKET rt- Hogs. Receipts. IO.IHSI. including 60O0 directs: very slow steady to 10c lower than Thursday: nothing done on weljrhta abuve 2.10 pounds; bulk. 15.55-5.60: 170-210 14.75-5.50: licht lights. 13.75-4. packing sows. 14.75-5: loo not established. Light lights, 140-160 good ami choice. 13.75-4.6tl: light weight. 160-200 good and choice. 14.40-5.40; medium weights. 200-250 good and choice. 15.10-5.70: heavv welirhts DRAWN ON FEDERAL JTJRT Para-Publix cts 134 4 3 NEW CUMBERLAND Ciri 9 J. W. Hoffman. 305 Sixteenth 1V4 Park Utah Pathe Ex Pathe Ex A Penn iziwno nas oeen spending the past two 22 4 weeks in Scranton as a juror jn the 4 3 Hi 13 22t4 44 32 54 84 494 NEW YORK HAY RECEIPTS XEW YORK. Oct. 2fl. Hay receipts Wete 24 cars. Market steady. Prices of timothy (dollars per ton): Xo, 1. lat-Re bales. S2ti: small bales. 126, Xo. 2. laree. 124-25; small. 124-25. Xo. H. larne. J22-23: small. 122-23. i 'lever, mixed, large, $24-27: small. 821-27. A Haifa, second cutting. large. 128-29; small. 128-211. oiaies uisirict court, is Ph Read I Public Serv Radio 314 spending the week-end at his home. 54 He will return to Scranton on Mon-84 day to continue as juror for the Rem-Rand Revn Tob several weeks. lbs. good and choice. 15.35-5.70: packing medium and choice. (daughter nits. lDO.lSil ih and choice. 12.75-3.75. Cattle. Receipts. 2000 commercial, 1000 150 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK wux-iuiuem. Hives. Kecelpts. 7IKI com-mereial. 2isi Government; trading slow; siesuy; oest led steers offered,; scaling around 1100 bulk sell- at iiowu; no neitera scarce: tew odd lots. $6.50 down: cows generallv steady: bulls fully steady; best sausage aroumt veaiers 25c or more lower: few at 16.50 up; slaughter cattle veaiers: steers. 550-HOO good and choice. 'JOO-llflo good nan ciioice. iioft-1300 good and choice. 13(KI-15H0 lbs. good and choice. 16.75-ft.75: Book Chapter No. Verse No. meuium. s.73-.75; heifers. good and choice. 15 2s. common and medium. 12.75-5.25; cows Name 1 0 to 10 From birth to age 10 next birthday we insure your children for $20 at ten cents a week. Tin's furnishes the greatest amount of protection ever offered for this small sum. If you have insurance on your children look at your policies and note what you pay and the amount of protection you receive. We do not mean that you should give up what you have, but when you can get greater protection for such a small cost you should buy additional insurance. You can never have too much life insurance. Ask our agents about our new policies. Pay your premiums promptly; do not lapse. The Industrial Health, Accident and Life Insurance Company, The State Mutual Benefit Society, 121 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Harrkburg Office, 209 Dauphin Building Theodore H. Stolp, Superintendent OUR COMPANIES CAN ALWAYS USE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED INSURANCE MEN. 'ommon and medium, 'ow cutter and cutter, 11.75-2oi5; bulls (yearlings excluded good beef) cutter common and medium. 12- Address FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST HARRISBURG, PA. Announces a Free Lecture on Christian Science Entitled Christian Science: Some Rudimental Applications by Prof. Hermann S. Hering, C. S. of Boston. Mass. MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF LECTURESHIP OF THE MOTHER CHURCH, THE FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST, IN BOSTON, MASS. FRIDAY EVENING OCTOBER 26, 1934 AT 8.15 O'clock CHURCH EDIFICE Front and Woodbine Streets, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania The Public Is Cordially Invited to Attend (Note. These pictures are drawn to represent verses chosen from veaiers. gooa and cnoice, $5 75-7 medium. cull and common, 11-5: and feeder cattle: steers. 550-10-0 good and rroice. common and medium. 12.50-4 Sheep. Receipts. 11.000; generallv steady; bulk fat lambs 16.75; best held above lo sa: slaughter ewes, 11 75-2 25 mostly; fresh feeding lambs scarce, slaughter Sheep and Lambs: Lambs 90 down, good and hoieo iiim.b The Bible Treasury, an abridgment of the Scriptures.) Monday, Oct. 29, 1934 At 10 O'clock A. M. AT OI ST MILKS ON THE 8. T. WITMKK FARM. HANOVER, PA. 1 CARLOAD OF KXTRA GOOD ror.Ts. ruiiKing in age from 1 to 4 years old. I O.HM.OAD OF HORSES. Md.ES nil COLTS. I EXTRA FANCY PERCHERO MARK. Name. "Oliidd Willia recorded by The Percheron Sm-iety n' AtnericH. Her recorded numlwr Is In fold to a registered Percheron stallion. 2 HE All OF NEARBY HORSES end Ml l.KS. 1 CAHLOAO OF WISCONSIN COWS consisting of Guernsey ami II. I CAHLO-XT) OF OrERNSEY and JERSEY COWS. The above rows are all T.H. pud Blood Tested. Can go in any herd or state. '-5 HE XII OE NEAKKY COVT''. HEAD OF GOOD bTOCK STEERS. PRIVATE 8AT.ES n.AILY Auction Every Monday at 10 A. M. Phone 7.SS Hanover McIlENRV LIVESTOCK AI CTION Chas. Mcllellry. Prop. B. T. G. Mcllenry. Mrrs. P. S. We Sell All Kinds of Livestock On Commission lust received a wire from Frank I.lle. Ohio. I hat he is shipping the best (ow. f1Ht lt nivi fTer etiipned to this market or any other market. Instructions The total prize money to be awarded Bible fiamn follower Is no i 1v 5.50-6.35; ewes. good and choice. 11. weights common and medium. 11.50-1 90: feeding lambs: 60-75 good and choice. 15.75-6 25. $600. The first prize is $250; second, $75; third, $50; fourth, $25; fifth, $15, and the sixth, $10. There are twenty prizes of $5 each and seventy-five prizes of $1 each. The prizes will go to readers who submit the sixty most appropriate verse-answers for the series of sixtv pictures. No anhsrrin- tions need be obtained to qualify for any of the prizes, and non-sub-; Blair F. Claybaugli Co. STOCKS BONDS smueis are invito 10 lane pari, it is not necessary to register. There will be no essays to compose, letters to write, or extra pictures or puzzles to solve. The Bible Game pictures and verse-answers are NOT to be sub-i mitted now. Wait until ALL of the nicturpn hnv hppn nnhliahed I then bring or mail them in at one time, as a set, before nudnightj November 10.

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