Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 24, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 3
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^giving PLEASANT STAG PARTY STERLING. JLUNOIS.TffltWY, fDV. 24, 1916. crrarmm ' ' • — • >~- • ~~—- ^-^.'..J-- r-L ^ ., = A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PAGE THESE, Mince Pie ONE SUCH MCE MEAT Julius Wink Was Surprised In Honor Of His Coming Marriage. ' i,-' <•<,<:'.::..-, •!' )i'i« !'.,rm !i"ar KtruTPon '1'!'.. ulr •••• '!'n- f ! ! T!', XV;tM ffl.'lde !->> riU- •'.--• :.-;.! H .- !:<:,<;r<; took their host iom- j.'-i--.--\ >,• -. >:* |-r e-e '"nil?; n.'ift the di- \.r.,,,i , ! • I.-I--V-. eruni: rind tfiti-r n t;ti' v ;•!':• h. --si v. !•• CM.i..i •••]. I>uritur thf \\iiii, '-'i''; ,! b;iniK'ome rtVi!1!|e <!<•>!< :.,,; , MV)|. -rid:*. Mather j "Hi" MM i-ris"'l:ift evenlm* v.n« civrn ntcc/ 'o ! m !MI'.!'-I ii! Mr \VinKs fipproitrhine ntaAe"'' "i.ij'rMEe v-hi< h \\ifl 1" j Thri.n".-"^ tt'i.' _ d;*> . >•« "~" At ~ptmpr »r«r--rrf-- jiht-H-fTTT /•» i It! it***--ti-:<« d;l Grocew! rt!lltmc ,., ,. ! tbiris. .Mi«s Iff-,*-; timsiit school In this vi !;i-t ',,'-H. and bi,i;> she ;ind .Ml Morris Wat Pleasantly Sorpri«*ef L?»»t Eveningi. • f'.v! M'.M i- -.v-i-- i ;•-.•! on,M-. - !-.-, - ... ' ! . , w ! r i • -!;• MiJ»« tul niiuiv fri' ul thHr ( •i.ive muiiy ifie,id.<- in (hi* city '.-iml \ ii inif y. MISS WOOOWORTH MARRIED Twt«tt MI good «t half the eft** of bulk mince meat '*• -^--- *«t.»« COMPANY Srrieti*, K T 1 S , terlin 3 Friend* Have Received Word Of Her R$e*nt Murfingn. [f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J ENTERTAINED'AT DINNER received nn- or tin- 1 marri.iRe of .Mi*«< wuith. of i'hiciigo. foi-nuT- ity, nnd 1'eter .leiiven. of lil , whh'll •. occulted i \\'ii'ln.-«d:ij'. Xo\'. i'.'nd, at the bride's home in <'hit-alto. Tlie nt boine"<liite i« after .liiinmry 1, fit K!7 (!b"ii avenue. Mr». SouthwortH, Who Leave Of Week For California. Sir*. <;<'i>r«e Maxwell crlrrial'ied ;i uwbrr iif Ir-i'iulw la«t eveiiin.- .it In i lvom»» tin J' nveiiin-'tti !uti'T of IHT ttUtll, AlIK, JH-IIrt Huutlnvoitll. -if H in <'ullf Mrr ^'ii'lii-v'Ttli IciivH ftif !>M' hoin' 1 , havltu: *\>"i\l (he IMKt BlX !tt<>nth* With relative:' ill "IIH- . _.. Mr.--. Jensen is the daughter t<f Mr. Mrc. «/ A. \Vuodv, orth until a Oct H gtnnll ptteltntte of Ted, call it, "Hnirtbui-K Hrimt Thee," »t any i. . Take tt tii'bh'«poonful or »«*», t»i« n of builitii: wutor UDOn»lt.f pour throtiKb a Alvw ami drink A tmcui'ful «t any lime. It Is the I Wont pnVolivr- way to break a cold ! and euro grip. it the j>i»rf», conwfsitliiii. Also loo^ctm tin 1 \eai.« aiio re.'-idents .'f thin city. Kt«r- l\ in lid- she showed ureat ability an a violinist and, appeal"^ uittny timew In tore Sti tliiiK iiinllt-iH-fi*. ll«?r tulrnt trnvi' >-»ii h - promlM* that «h«! was «iycn i\\ f , br«t of itwtrui'tion ami ban become a noted violinist over the tountry, For «»-vi'ral \e:iis pawl (the 'hiifvbe'f n on the fatuity bf si prominent confer', atot T t>f munit' in (.'ItlodK 1 'COUPLE WERE MARRIED Mi»» Blaylock; And ' Mr. Upc, Of Tampico, Wed Yeeterday. MJHH TlKiriier Itlayioffk ami 5fr. ""\\TT-" Ham Upe, both of Tampico. went to [>i,\ot> yesterday iinO Joined the army of newly \\edx, They were, married by Coiiiity Jml«e Jiilm U. Crabtrec. Thev leit IMxon for thin city. After a fhori honeymo''ti .M.r. and Atrn. l.tpe wil. make their h-imc m Tampico, where «. tbUN iH'eaMi.K a cold at once. n .,. ( .iv,. tbe best It l» lnfixp«<n»dvr. and entirely vei.-c- '"<> w '» " iy« <"* "'*' table, therefore :.'! -.! <•-, i-nine .-r "f lii -i l'"!; •-,•-<• •,V.'I<- .-[i«"-p '.VII h tl- :«( n l-i?- I-!. 1 ,! l T •A ;tr-t •••' ! •• i 'J Tt = ,- .•tilv |i;;!.' i!-i! inir f i" ,••' t s if. i rottl ! |!>- !- in « ' !'. ' .l!|i| !• ••• I I'l '. '.i;i'.-. ' ,!'-.-- -•'- in. N ... »-ii|-i--.l tin- ' ttst- 4.ib!.-. \!nt;v *;• e i-i(!-• u • •-l-Ht( ii !,, ! !••• l.:i|i - ! !•!' tlMilnf . it In',it<!«- »•• > tiliit- i" f'-|" 'l ifl ENTERTAINED AT DINNER Mr.«. Fr< .1 l-",»n:o d'-licbtfn!l\- » nt'-i- !ri''iHl« .11' n -^x ii'. !i» k fiiii'ner" in Ii'oii- ,i|- uf ll« | d.ltlKlltef. Air.-'. I<\ le Ttf-.'lih, TTT - r*; TI ' 1 IT; - J ^ri-vrrv.—TVttrr •tt-^-,iliTn^T" the evening- ua-i ^f»-nt so- ENTEflTAINfeD CLUB. .Mi--. I' \S . llitperm-it' >, nti-i 'i-i iif -.1 Ibe M'.'>.* i ot i^ i "bib at lier bonie <ni \\". Kit;litn Direst Thiir^d.i.v nf ti-i norni. Xeeii|.n\ ui k -M-i-npled tbe bours of (ht> >ifleninou iiiiil n ditiuty but> li sv.i^. ver\-«'d bv tbe ber-H-s?. THE LADIES' AID. Mii-r Kiri! .tobii'-on v ill -ent* t-foin the t.ldb'C 1 Vi'l -SoVietV ol the \\'epl ,I"I - drill l.lltberali iblltel) Ili-Vt \\'ei|||eM.l;i V iifti-niMitn nt her boine .Mi-tnliefr* nnd Itil'lidf; ,il<- \\\\ i(ed. 00N'T NEGLECT KIDNEYS -.p-Rfrst, Dr. Trouble. c NEWS IN BRIEF LJ THE MISSING CALF. A vi'fy mill' < iirum*titit<-v li!i|i|ivtn d W,i'ill|i>K<I;i \ uf Iliis wi-i'k. I 'Tit- nf tlu' wi-ll known rut tic ilrulcrs uf HtcrliiiK <t>l<l ii finv iind calf t'i it fiitnii't" llv- in« ,««i.x mill's fmni SUTlltn;. Hf hln-il i man tu il«-Iivt'r 'tln ; j>.itr In the in w twiM-r. 'The i-iiw \Mu« |iliii-i-i| in a \v;n4-. iti uirtilc cxjin'r-xl.x fur th»' liiuiliin: of '.'title. Tin .Mitini; calf wax )itit !n- <»itlt' the with tin- i-oiv. Tin' L'.tlf j-uiil<! n<'t i;c( out without rtawliim !hi'(iut;h thi' Haiti'litiiM w)i>>t(> I!" in"l!i- •r had h»-r In ,id atul lln-n it wottld liayr> t» i.'iavvl iitid''t ll;«' Ki-itt of tin- driver. ind tlii-n di-iilifrately jump out. In way. Yet w hi'ti the rlrlvcr rfarhi-d n'' there \vut< nu calf !u tbeir munv • MOTORCAR r.s' shu't'TO iinil implicit con in this car jnusl. have 1111- t you. You \v-ijl.fiml this so wherever you go. People liavo i'oiuiil out tluit'repairs art 1 rarely reiuleron vuet-essftry ex- ecpt by acfident or abuse. Tl ley k iH»\\^liaH'aTs ^vliirh-have been in use for a Jon°: period are as-j^ootl as new ..if they have been #5 vim any soft of eare, . They know, too, that ejTiriewy ai,ul are eoinuiou churaeter- isties of Dodge lirotliers Motor Car.' HsfaHtiry perl'onnun^o uitilor i-oiulitjons ^of uiiusual hardship is now a matter of autheutie record, c ' , '. "•"' ' - ' , It will pay you to visit u* and examind thi« car ( ^ Tho gasoline consumption is unusual! y low, The tiro mileage is ungsMally high, ^ Th« pricv of tho Touring Car or Roadftor, it |785 (f, o, b. Detroit) Tho pi no of tho Winter Tourinu Car or Roadtter co'mplcto j regular mohair top is $9§0 (f. O. b, Detroit) 4*t- fiiiihil. A MI .ui:h wax 'timde for it. Slllt it \va* lint dixi'o.V'Tfd Ulltll the ni'Xt .lay rttid then it wa?* tniil way hetween thp rity nrat it;-; flistflintiiin. Ili".\v HM• •nlf t;ti> <IIH t- 1 * f'ill a the dtiv- BUYS 'TRACT OF LAND. I'l.-itnlc U, Hurleys. ll\inK in one of the farms north of town has purchat*'d i twenty-acre tract of land of the Mar- :ln llriitbern. of st'M-lltiK. The land i,i Very fertile mid U one Of the best plots of laiul in (hat ^ecllor,. It lies two inllex from to^vn on the Helence Uiil^e road, • Tltt.. hind is iinimproM'ii btit Mr. icpM intends impiovini; it in the He will erect a house and oih- •r iii'e<l< ii imiirovetneiitM for *i farm. He- .bought It with u view of ke<>pin'K it and to nutlie !,i> home on the place. The land Is ntcejy Infilled and will make a nice home for Mr. and MI-M. Hur BACK FROM CONVENTION." lnnnr Hoover and Jule Htoddard re- I m ned lakt evenlJiK from Kprinntlehl »vh«'|-e 'they have been altenditiu tin oininal 1. (). < ). l-\ e!icain))inent.', The> . !. -.-./ tVi i fa •!•' IH, 11 MI it t.-i;'.i!:ir- li ! }'. : * t ' j iii IT T; I<Tn di.itel.v in ;i\"i An ii1e:il iK-r S\> t:\!,,- )( S'v i<. r aiid i-.f;. I. f,,o-1. !!•..;, i-x \ « !n ,/)n more \v- i '•-. tided. . Kvid«'ii< i' of Uj.ii;,.-" irt.>;l>|i'. ,«>nl; :i" Inme bai )-". .")!;n..•,!'!!; l-iidder tr'^fKi^-, fmnrtitii: or j b'lltiillL.'. I'! i. Must Jnj£..«e'JHment. .'•;ill«\\ j , ril.'jv itr> \vi-nk j a i t ion. wai n." you j Te qrrsrr "trprrr-tnfmrr ^-J lire i"t-riouM ttntiti!". | roinpoutid that !u»s I had ttiosi retyat kali!- 1 .«si|ee<.-.i5 ;i?i a kidney ?md lil.'iihler remedy i.« i.)r. Kil- nier's S« :\!i\i -K"<:ti. There In notbint: <•!-«> like it. It is Or. Kilmer's pre- si rlption u^'-d iti pritatp pnutite ntul it is suit' to belK'flt VyU. (jet fl .! !>• Ii OKI your drilBKi 11 *- lloweier, if you wlf>h first to test ibis (••reii! p»-«-(ifi ration Hfnd ten crtitp to I'f. Kilmer A- Co.. Jilnghamton, N. V.. for n .-"ample bottle. When writing be fine and tni-ution The Sterling- l>ally (Ja/.ette. JUDGE BLODGETT WILL BUILD. 'I'lle |oi;i| ott'ne of IC'-kbinil, KilfiUld ,\ Kn.ipp h:i\e -drown |<bum for tbe 1,,-w i,-«iiten.-f of .hni«e \V. A. Hlodtfet: t-i Molli'-on :\ hi' h have been nt t l |-te.) in ib>t;ill iii>- no»v beitiK imtile bv tin- tiiiii Tl.'' iontni"t will be |t-t !hi^ «in!<-, tbat Hie ^ltll|| Work in:iy I', liotti n out during Ibe nlnt'-r nioiith- aml wb>-n f-pmu: i-ome^ evi-t > Ihint: \ % -ill lie in li.iilill.-s ,U)il Ibe tioiuse pnnhed to t om)ib't|oti. JmlKe Ulodijett .hai< lioui.'lit a Ki«iitl>- lot fin the I.ineoln HivhWiiy. jH'ar the end of .tho rlt>. The MliK'tUte "ill be -I^XP» feet. t\\o s?..ii'-.s .MH! .l.a«t-iii.-nt, and will be one uf ihe nice homes of Morrison. AVENUE G BRIDGE. A. D, Mai tin, who has the cfitUrnct (i bridiie and pultitiK u mitf, |>lcr l ( n pi:!!••• of tin- crumbled orto hn!< rtleti mi the job nnd iw now innklnn ready to put in pllex to xuppurt the end of the •-p:it! wbtb- work 1« behif! condticted in the coiieri-ie pi«>r. When all IK ready for-.raising the xpan, Horace WntKon has been enK.'iited to lift it Up on the piles, and will put It brick njrnln when «.-i,iew pier (N ready for It; Th: is verv heavy. beliiK intule of tbrouifhoiit nnd liavliift a-rood way o conerete. LANDSCAPE GARDENING, Tln» Hoi'k ralN Mnnilfarttirim; •'i lias hail .some landKf.apc KardeninR don tin tfie V-wurd". on the ; wext Hide of th office,' (mil the northxlde of the wen factory. Tbe ground wa,s> laid np b.v an expert and xhrubhciX I 111 " been \ 7"Ol* are ihe best salesman we have when you come to us for something' you heed. You know w ; hat you want; we only pi;oyi(le the weir arranged stock of 4li\rt Schaffner & Marx fine clothes and other good merchandiser- the intelligent assistance, the wide range of choice, * that makes it easy for you to get it—in your own way. The values speak for themselves. You'll find this very pleasant; it's a lot more fun than having things "Crowded - on to you." Th in k of this ;as your store; its splendid equipment is for your benefit. Bradley-Boynton Clo. Co.\ >ut. The allowod for the How ers lias liee'n nicely 'marked and it many curves ailils much. - There at many other plureji llKt' tbene plaee •«v which lire b*rr<'U*6f iinylbinK e.\ wet'dx which would be heauti report a very Mici'e.snfnl eonventirui • with I.Bi'Hi men and fiOu women at tin Heh.'iKali emvimptnem, ™(Ju_0»«'jr \va-y home they stopped at l.ini-oln, where they went through.4!ie I. i). t). I''.drplian'n home which i« located there. How to Heal * ,*j}V_* _^ •* •. -" • T w j yTCi ty A u to Co, 3?0 LOCUST A Baltimore doctor Htii;gi'nta wimple, hut reliable and IKIIIHI tfcutmt'iit lor pcupto SutTcring " "with _cc/cii»U r worm, ra«hp8 and himilur itching, burning «kin troubles. At nny reliablo ulrugfe'lst's get a jar of' rcsinol ointment nnd n rako of rcninol soap. lire not at -all cipensive. With Uio n-Hinol tump nnd WHnn water Im tho nirccted irnrt* thortmylily, until thoKoin* free from cru»ti» niul the nkiu i» Xofli'ius], Dry very fjcntly, sprtKiil on « thin luyer n'f theVeainol ointment, ft nil vi} rtwnrv y to protivt 'this" «'li»th'in'jf «. Tlii-i d .bu'douo. twjob a dny. -I Dually th(! itiOiing mid biirniiiK stop w.itii tin; /irHt. trcalmeiit, nnd (he Hkin »iouu bo- coiiien clear and healthy aguiu, • . »»|l|^...». Illl . •TIIIIUII l^f Almost nny soup will «'li'«h tlte-sklti . und Iiolr. Dui those who wont a mmp which not onlv i-lennsi** but iM'hmlly help* the coni|iU'xlon uud Uitir aru wia« to chpofu ycsisftul soup, Books for the Kiddies T -.•' - * See our last Window Vnltuml''* UciiuHfs/l- ,\I o t he r UOOHC tiook, 'l^luwer liook, Ani,im«l' Uoyk. ••-..'• , JM'iiMUnv lilUHtrati'd JJouUii »t» till 8)i«eM and prlceM. A I I Linen Hooka of Tom Tucker, Taliby and Toodk'M* _W|I«I ,,-AVe*it I'uiiil liiiok-4 and tlie i'apei I'oll <'til uutri with tho J.toll I litu ••' and - ('"uriiiliire to Ib-d with Momelhlnj? of thl.s wort, mak in« them ty. of attraction and beau SUIT WAS DISMISSED. fili-d In tlio clivult ccitirt the jllinoiH Central railroad tif I. r.unity f..»r ITi'LOOo, by Mr*. Until Niles for tlio «>htatt' of 'r, who wa« Killed li Niles, an u train accident two y»?ni'M HK«I, \v-nx, diHiivi.HHeii nt the plalntlff'H f'OHtn, \>\ nn outnide ftmlenu'tit had b«en reiicii- eil between tin* attorney?*. ' f : • .:) Th<: (-'unlaii'l him (lie t-btl.l h. , lie !fllle <o ,si-c and N Danny NiiUn-'? HoifK that will CHUT- i lilt' boui, Doodle* they ;u<- I..; -;.,; _ '"i'ii. i," !>y . i:ii^>». Stored ACCEPTS NEW POSITION. f Mis* Atlu HaiiHon, who IUIH beet booHkeepcr and cimbier of- the Htur- .IhiK Department Store v for « number of yearM, IUIH resigned her position ant hax accepted a similar one with the S K:"- Whr-nlock—ftirnituTJ 1 and unrtfrtnfc- IIIK parlors, of ll«»ck Falls. -MisK .H»in- Mm is takiiii; u Vitc.ation ami aft.j' i U'fU will. Mtnrt with her new duties, ""."" CITY HTDR^NTS TESTED. , J-iich fall every city hydrant'— paitl (or by the ciiy is thoroughly tested u ascertain their r.eliuliility in cane ol (ire. Kinnmiel JaeobH, ,who has "been to this has now been-over every Hydrant unit ho Biiys he found then ill in goiHt condition. . r-r—T«OK~PfiOMIWENT PART, - I'.iul 1'billipK uf tblK city, u fludeni at. t'oriwll eullege, took a prominent purl in ihe Home Coming, fc'stiyil held thert> IUHI week. Mr. I'hiilipjs one iif Sterling'M well known and is a nmmber .of thct t'wncH-'Ulet; • •lull.. ' , • ^ y TO PUT ON WORK. Tbe ..drill team of the lotal-K. ('. lutlni* Mill KO t'o Amboy Sunciuy, wlH're liu- .lir«t de«rec will be 4?xemiililic«l by them for «'claws of forty-two' candidates!. A bantjuti : wi.ll> follow the in- itiiuioii ;iiul prcp:inuiom*' are beiiiK made to entertain about four hundred TODAY "IN ILLIMOI6 HISTORY. 1(11 'Nov. L'l, l""i>, - Hhadrac'h Bond, .si go\i«nu<r ot Illinois, wan burn in l-'M-defifk comity. .Maryland. ilyion I. uiciiHt''!', uf. T'rophi'tgiiowit,. i s-ri'ciidiii« UK? day in thi* city, i>. ',M. iJrudley- .spent. U'tdncttdsiy -in Morrison on bu.slncHsi .Jacob lllr.sih, of l.'hicago. • \v:i«- u MicrliiiK visitur Tl'ureday. .Mr. Hirsch liumMiiy wax a SterUng merchant, hut h»s bet'ti oif-'the roiid lu'otrt of the- time .•,ell>Hf i'tir n wholetiulc- hifUM>.. . JJ. "II. h'\an>tun, of t 'bicugo, spent Tlu't',vl iy lu'ie on ' Thursday in John Ituckb-y *ii< lltxott en biis>i!K'»>x J..e iSi'ani.Vii, ol' Harmon, wa?< berc \\Vdiicsciny i'i'. buwin.ci5». • ' . . , ' I'.-it i.:t Kauutiuui i»« c«»nbm'«l lo. bis home-on atviiiint of siekv.ekH. in ii,i».ii;ii wlio .IUIH been- \«-r,v- i-- impi'i.viiijj rapidly,' .-, \V. ,V{. , JJiiUni jllUrd Itonie" i: - 'I l% ' .if',«•! .-.I.-X fl.ii' ^^^•^•k^ VJ-'it •i.i '»!>..-!. i'a.. '•' ' :'!»'] S'.iri'l' (A »o!!lill(-d Iii >: is '• !.<. MI ' ' . . ; :.-•-'i l-> M- ••!-<'•!!. .>>' ' lilv,l^-|, :-!"!<' ?}'•••' .\ t,,'i.- ,."!i t..ii.xine.-^'' ~; '. f ;• •: f' • • •• -' f :• -p-i- \\ •' h ^i s< •»* i n K ; -• K>, j.-t.t.'ii-. -. it , ,.i -i nil.; " i;. ,i'.i Us , . ' \: Mvi'io. >••? I'-'H- ! ill.- .!.( V "to :i),!<.|id ' ';•• •::'>!/,;.- ' - ' ' GASCAHETS SELL TWENTY MILLION BOXES PER YEAR l-'red t,UI<*y W!i« a raK«> thin inorninK'. I'. .1, Mi'Andrews to riu- the \V. .1. Hlntoiil. n f St. r.uil. Minn, (-.pent yesterday in thM city. Dr. K. L>, TIIK'.V, of Chlciigo. nrrlve»| ln»re today on htixInpKH. \V. X. Clark, of Holtler, I'olo., \\it* in Hterllnir Friday on btiNlne.««. __,' ; Mrs, Paul Hovd, of Morrinon. return- BEST, SAFEST CATHARTIC FOR "f '"'"'" ^ ••' flt> ""»'" » ft "'" « -hoii LIVER AND BOWELS. AND U " ,, '(*\ ', . . . . PFOPI p KNOW IT ^' *-• -M<>rKnrblK«', who ban been Irav. PEOPLE KNOW IT. ( , l|nK , n ()h|o nm{ , mli:l)m for K ,. Vl . r;) , weekw returned ttulay. *••, . •. • r% •& A t'lf ' I •' • ? - «V" J^'HIIIIVti lO^IHJ . The/rtffino! Don't stay bilious, tick, • ..M^. ,., ckrtt ,,,„ t ' hll4 mornlnK for • r,,,,,,,,,,,, GRANDMA USED SAGE TEA TO DARKEN HAIR She made up a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to bring back color, gioss and youthfulrress. headachy or constipated. • bit.vd into a M.,-l-i will tunt ilfler ViHltUlK b»TO. - -• |li.-j%> !••(» Wltb 4,1, I-K ueo! oimMtwii went to Moi-ri-^^.'j";,;^ 1 ^';. 1 ;^,,..;;;; '.;;;. f ';;" f ,.w son tills mornmjr for ;i uliort vlfit. iHpplu-.itioii-. ull) pn.\.. i n\ UUon iC Athu Kratx. of TompHon, 111,, ij, nir na j r ,,,. fadin»r. 'tn il.nt or i:uiv. the furtMiuun In thitt city uiKbuHi*'hlisim; th-- S,i^<- T<.» .uid Sulplmr Uus Helucl. of Cincinnati, Ohio. An f.ihb-r v,i\ i- t., ». - t ti ..'»•< -'t»t bot- the day 'In thin oily, .1. 1>. K«'llogK. of Chicatio. wan in city yestenlay on business. tb 1 of \\*>etb'H Hire ami ji>»lpnur «'om- pound nt iui\ iliu,- tun 1 .ill 1,1 .tily f»ii* -- J Enjoy life! Keep clean in«kle with ~ ' 'or ixvo at _ and onjoy" the nift»Kt. Kentit-st liv«r ami bowel cb>am*iti« you ever \Vaki» up fet'liiiK Kraiul, Your head will bo clear, your twngue clean. br*»nth sttnnac'li nwt'ft and your liver ,, ,, ,.,.,,,, proved bv the addition of other ,4ll- Mrn, 1'nink \\abl left today for ('!>!.-iKivdu-i^» • ea.«o; whero Hhi> will be KOIR- for u Wbile «|vp\, yray. fadcti luiir in niit short time. JUDGE HOOK'S DECREE HOLDING THE ADAMSON «tul thirty feet uf bowt-1* active. O*st «t«r« ami »tralght«n up. SU>p tho lH»Hfluoh<», biliouH a imd cold» and had days — Brighten up, Chwr up, Oleaji (tp! Mothcrw should give u whole Ctwcavot to children when cross, bilioiiH, foverl.Hh or if tongue in are hi»rmK'« !S —*i>«ver or .Mr. MIH K U'. Mitchell, of Morrison, KJU nt ycdturduy In this city. Jacob IlcrU, , of <'h!t.«jiKo,- dpent U'cdtH'Mbiyiiv thia city on Inisiness, Air. und Alr«, I'Vcd l-'wrgo fel timed l«»t eyiniiiit; from «'hii'.(«o WheriV they Hpe'ltt several duyw on inmincHs. , Will itturh »u»d..Mrs. .lay Viner, of Morrison, ttpn^t. yc»*teiU»y "in this city «hetc the.v attendc I liu« lia/aar ' -• Fred' Hi»uH«>miin* re.turn«d to Morrison fuday. sifter visitin« with in OiiM city. ., '"'"••- .'....... Nt>lli«* HI<KS und youaii duu^U.*-- Hctt|e, from" llerwyn, reac'lied ter, M 8t«;i1itm titiM mornlntj (»v n vi«lt of a week w two. On .Sunday tier biiMtmiul, i''f?d Hi.'»», u miilwriglit, it* ospt'ftnvl re for H - wr-i'k **nti visit. Jli' i.s a.l I'eotlji. wllt'io be Il.tH ii \ef> linn job Tin- family ix at tli*- home of ,Mr. and .Mr*. H. M. l''r>e, puiint.-, of Mrs. H<•*>>. Jolm .Sui.Ul i >( lutv vtMtitiK from COMPLEXION — Most Women Can Have Seys Dr. Edw»ids, a Wcll-Knpwn Ohio • " Dr, F. M. Edwards for 17 year* treated scores of women for liver sand 'owe! jjilments. During ibrsc years he , we nil .I- nil. to u t nn ftil upprarnm «• .in! .ii:i utn"«i>-*^. l!y d.trkeniii.: your b,i«i witn \V\* th'« S:m«.» and Siilpliiir i'oinpuntid. ii" «>m< e.tii tell, bt'etai«r> H do. •, it 'o li ilui.illy, hn e\enly. Von m-t d imp> n >i .^pomjo ACT TO BE INVALID, 01 • siifl linis!l ""'' •' "' (i " w (!li( MUI -I-U DC H¥¥MLIU| UlI . ulu;h X(lUl . lltl! ,,,,,,,, ,„„. »,„,., n . —. • inland at a lit"« , In moiiiin; all Kfay bili!'?i ll,l\e ill^ijip' tli'i .tin] ..ttel' 1111* nthrT~7ipprrr~i - rir T n—n-T~-T * ^ i !7-7-f'rr *t*~^tT^-4«* 5r ~ fonie- befiutjfuH\ •! ui.. ; :o --j, f>ft atnl luxuriant. Tbi.- pi.-p.ii,itinM i- i ii> ;ji htfnl tullet mid i* not i,*u-)t<U ii for thy of JuilKe .William i'. Hook'M decree on the Adams*on law follows: "ThiH iK.un itulependont suit to enjoin the iMifonet-ment of a recent sict of Congress, Commonly called the Ad- *'iiiv, mlt.uaioM o; p:< \ention of ib> aniHon law. upon the jrrouml thnt it i« *'"**'• • ' law. upon the Krouml contrary to thi! ConHtitution. In thr chanwHer of the n varment H the plain tiffs bill of complaint i* Ktati-d to bi<' typical of a luiinlHT recently- Hied by niltruiut comiHuik'H .in various district court of tho United States. "A Hlulion |\t -tllHttilrtH- h"!* been pre- HWited on liehiilf of tlux dcfeifda.nt United £ Ultra uttornoy. The w»lf iiue*tii»n rui«ed by it in that of ih« con- stitutiomility of pia law. The court- is informed that 'tilts othvr CUHI-M «taml on H|U»licatioiiH for temporary ".\n appeal from an order KraiiUng or refiiHing u temporary injunction go<?» to the t'ircuit i'utirt of Appeals und not furthvr by ordinary proci>dme. hibi an appeal from u tlnal orde-r or d«*5t't'e in ttuch a «UH« would KO ilin-ct to the {-iuHt'eme I'ourl of the United "In the former a UeciHion would lie inctmcluslvts in ihe.latter -a tleci.sio'ti definitely «ettli> jjio question for the wimje ..cmmiry. Th« mot.k>u. to iU«- nu*« the herV», however it , will promptly result in u 'o from whivli an appeal will be t<5 tiie 'Supreme Court. ' "The JlhdihtiUKV of thin Cotll't Iutf4 iHt'll ilU'okctl U> a Until and authociUJtive lUrterixiiiitttton^ ' of }|U> < KtT6'rr.- The )ji-iiiinn < i ii j ,i mi' lit o£ i !,- i jt'i- .U fit t bo« SvJjiH I!H'~ < 'otit t b', I h <•. I lit ,« t add 111 'tb«n mo\i'u; 1..| tic <id\,io< i inent tbfn or for '.IIP', rrtriv !•! inn" Ji" . co'tsrt tiuiy fun! n. < "i al-o to un it- Help. lie lit !).< p tio'i |., i i.i. ' n< xr.lnt; • p. 'I i*"i 'ill t.uho.ot it,, i .«.ni!l,ii J.s Inter• • , i i' ol v«>i in p,u - l i ll! ,ti' II ol the 1110- ID- 011 till' JIH I It' 1 1lt III in 1 ., •. o r>,i ho', h tl ( . ir i«J ,il|ti|l. ' .U'll tl.t - 1 the rase l )l't bectinui anec;i l!,e kci'p t In i i> ui tii' i .iiit m v.ill 1.1 tiii iJ m form, '.< « \t< jiii iii tl i itvniu- ,,ill(. > V. ill l>e tln't cti'it nun!• i"<! "'f pi> p.iliil pioinptU to |>ii il.i'ii >iu]>io,i 4 mi ilm |I.'«MS nt ills- \i> da < it l«>\v • b'Hil t tl»o ecrn-e not I. i-i.-t jiti <t BACHELOfi WAS WEALTHY Bureau Count/ Had Land Worth Over $!00,OC3, o ' i \ < II.M i MlUti! iim- ti . L .'hi ''H buP yeslcjitlay ului u civciwion |.j 1.1 KI. n i, .tidi. A .tittiiiunt •tl lotlay. . J Jot hi'- e tat> in. j 1 i at< aueiioii' > tie "It fa.fur fiom being agreeable duty oi i« il < t-> ,it vv!' •» •' « »• !• iiiiid a judso to record a judicial !-on- without tlie cars' und delibvra- to lib )t" a ft'vv cuts io|i "ejis^utial Jo u ronvietion tbat In* would Ktantl to iit every eux'umstmit-o, "Upon the nteriiM of u »uw the ttf>T* limeiit 'neither ask* nor reeeivet* from t court greater conwiiieraiion thmi- isi by' lh*' wetlh'd 'ruU'x und ptv- .«i of law, bill a requehl by the iH>|i«rtn>ent of Justk'e tu aiinho pro,of .'a fonHi.Mfiitly" with tlie rightH of eyery-one fuiu|il be ih-clitu-d. U*'it U :«t II' ' > > i i- i i >! b »i. ! tyd ... ,iju V Hit? wills made i t'criairily -iu>t for c ingreiH» {tiun. " Does night find you exhausted nerves unsettled—too |ired to rest? 'S uiive wi|, naming then; l " live Tablets, "you -will i "I'pon a coiusiderutjo .f. Dr. EiKviTfJs' Olive Tablets, "you .will i "rpon a consideration of th*» Ad- ;IKHV tiiem by thi'ir olive color, i unison law uiul of what ix »uul of n.s Tht>t* tablet* arc vvoucle.r-w.uJ'kcrj on 1 practii'.ttl effect and what wn# iniemb'-d he livi;! and !io^.vcls, wliich cause a nor- ;i" '"' iiinmi>pli-«,bi-ti by it, tju- .(udi^iieitt. «U-? i a*nio;!'r-c4frying oir jtie'wsst? r ahc{';tti'-'UJAt,'-'ns ; 'tho''eoi ' ' ; ' Sioisoircus. luatU-r in oiK'S $yt>U'tn. («-r'm,H of the law., it »Jf ,yon hutc'a p.iK* face, sallow look, ; i Is the ,....,,, , ,_ „„.... . , , IOOU-l'U< t-^J'' dulj/ t'i c>, iuin|Jli,-s, wiati"! ionytU', IHMU- : ; ^sn.ce both p,iui<.-s have >.aui U,..-> > * , ^ _ - •" iu.hcs, a tistlt'ss,-n"'K<*oil fcs'ting, all out ; would not I'ditla-r wH.-u. vcr- Uu ! tfOUUlt'S. ***" !""' • il sutir,. iiwrtive biFVifli' voil Uk:r .inc . d'-cisinn iui»:li( be.' a' djvvw:' »v ill b'.- vn-!a CeH-buiIdir 1 '! t' .J inactive of Dr. i-d«'4H!;' Olh't . aU'l-lhrt! Just to l-.ei'js-in 1.1:1 !- v ';i. ll'v i.*J'4«!rSiJ-''' S »"'- fl a>' .-cisinn ii.iii,'lit bv.';t dj-cj-w.''will b'.- «, D - ! U •re,I for tin- pl.unt»!l, i.-diiu*, th'i! t.i;.-i enildl the i-fo.KUM.t pl. iV > ; nul l> all-wv,! ;u. ;,p- ,^ .';if Hj ;ili' open rtiyrt. ' . -The' Va* W .Jn ,v.'tii.-h the "l^nt'-.n^* 11 ' Ci'e :lpp ( or'lttvil I'l-. "ifl'lti if in (!;. Mr. • SCO" i* :' thi- .i!Hk;i".\vh.> ;;, :icthi!: Mr*'. - \i".jtilftt S'OU ft*'t Si

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