Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1963 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1963
Page 9
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Wedding Is in Abingdon MlM fmm D. Larkln, daughter of Mtt, June LarkiM, Oquawka, and Pvt. Larry 0. Allen, son of M M . Wendell Lewis of Abingdon and Maurice Allen, .494 Monroe St., were married Wedne* day June id, in the Abingdon Christian Church at 7:35 o'clock In the evening. Rev. Donald Mogan officiated at the double ring ceremony during which Donald Kinyon stood with, his brother as best man. Mrs. Richard Empsorf, sister of the bride, was matron of honor. Mrs. Robert Adams, Henderson, and Mrs. Wendell Lewis had serving honors at a reception honor* ing the couple at the Abingdon Roller Rink. Miss Linda Lewis, sister of the bridegroom, was in charge Of the guest book and gifts were arranged by Miss Sandra Larklns, sister of the bride. Mrs. Allen will reside at 1171 Emery St., while her husband who is In the Army, is. stationed for eight weeks at Fort Polk, La. She will join him later. 6alesbura Registar*Maj \, Ga lesbupg,. Friday, My 5, 1963 9 Mrs. Robert Randolph Hostess to LT Club Discipline of Children in School was the program when L. T. Club met at the home of Mrs. Robert Randolph of near Galesburg recently. A group discussion was conducted by Mrs. Bud Linder on the changes of discipline allowed in the schools today compared with a few years back. < Guests present were Mrs. John Scott and Mrs. R- Nesbitt. Games were played and prizes awarded Mrs. Joe Jacobs, Mrs. Bill Cruse, Mrs. Leslie Jaggers, Mrs. Glen Schrodt, Mrs. Randolph and Mrs. Maude Newkirk. > I- * * r READ THE WANT ADS! Pvt. and Mrs. Larry G. Allen (Miss Frances Larklns) Is Honoree The home of Miss Donna Thor, 1159 Moshier Ave., was the scene Saturday, June 29, of a linen shower honoring Mrs. Edward Phillips, the former Miss Linda Craig. The gayly wrapped gifts were placed on a table, centered with a miniature bride. After opening her gifts, lunch was served from a table decorated in the bride's selected colors of mint green and white. Miss Georgean Botruff presided at the serving table. Those present were all former classmates of the bride. SEMI-ANNUAL SALE OF BETTER SHOES CLEARANCE 1/ Buy for or Less for Men — Women — Children VALUES TO $1395 VALUES TO $19.95 NOW! 4" SOME 6.79 & 9.79 NOW! 6 SOME 9.79 & 12.79 ROTHE Custom Fitted Shoe$ 140 E. Main St. Polly- (Continued from page 8) DEAR POLLY -This is «tip for girls who are planning to attend some formal occasion and would like to have some extra-special shoes. Simply take a pair of white shoes (any color would do) and spread rubber cement on them. While still wet, sprinkle on any desired color of metallic glitter. They will really sparkle. The glitter and glue can be removed by rubbing your hand over the surface of the shoes. The cement will peel off just as it comes off paper and you have your original shoes. BE SURE to use rubber cement because plain glue will be difficult to remove. — TERRY GIRLS — I found the glitter and cement came off a pair of leather pumps clean as a whistle. The color scented slightly different (mine were black) but after polishing with liquid wax polish, they looked fine. Experiment on some old shoes first.—POLLY DEAR POLLY-When I air or dry dresses of delicate colors or fabrics, I "clothespin" old towels, one to each side of the dress, to prevent sun-fading and bird-spotting.— MRS. D. S. DEAR POLLY — To keep a small child quiet in church or at other gatherings, take along a few colored pipe cleaners. These can be twisted into entertaining shapes and make no noise if they are dropped.— MRS. T. S. DEAR POLLY — When your emery boards become worn on the edges, cut them in half lengthwise with an old pair of scissors and use the inside edge of the board to file your nails. Place a half of a grapefruit in a small bowl or half an orange in a cup when serving small children. This prevents the fruit from rolling around on a saucer or falling off.—DEE Share your favorite homemaking ideas . . . send them to Polly in care of Galesburg Register-Mail. You'll receive a bright, new silver dollar if Polly uses your ideas in Polly's Pointers. Miss Koenig- (Continued from page 8) will be at home at 321^ S. Shaver, Pasadena. Mrs. Fox, a graduate of Deer Park High School, is employed as secretary by Texas Marine and Industrial Supply. The bridegroom was graduated from Galesburg High School and attended Knox College. He is employed by Brown and Root Construction Co. in Pasadena. 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All subjects are listed alphabetically and large detailed illustrations are featured throughout the book. Miss Marco stresses, in her book, "that beauty is not superficial but a necessary adjunct of mental and physical good health." She cites theraputic use of beauty care and instruction in many hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The ABC's of Beauty, a Macfadden Book original title, is selling for 75c. View (Snobs at the JP ahtlc ejClh Bride Is Guest Of Honor Mrs. Eldon Rose, who was before her marriage of March 29, the former Priscilla Ann Wagher of Dahinda, was guest of honor at a bridal shower on Friday evening at the Methodist Church in Dahinda. Games were played and won by Miss Ruth Moore. Recipes also were written by the guests and given to the bride. After the bride had opened an assortment of gifts the hostess served refreshments from decorated tables in the bride's colors of pink and yellow. There were over 50 guests. The bride is staying with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rose of Wataga and also part time at home in Dahinda, while her husband is stationed overseas in Korea for 13 months. Sincerity Lodge Convenes When Sincerity Lodge, Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen gathered for a meeting at the Elks Club Wednesday evening, Mrs. Gould Specht, the presiding officer, appointed Mrs. Ray Owens and Mrs. Hulda Arie as protem officers. Mrs. Harry Little, ways and means chairman, reported on the bakeless bake sale and reminded those who have not returned their letters to do so as soon as possible. Detailed plans for the state meeting to be held in September at Hotel Jefferson, Peoria' were made. Mrs. Specht announced that the officers will practice in The following books have been received at the Galesburg Public Library according to Mrs. Warren Morris, librarian. Adult PEGLER: ANGRY MAN OF THE PRESS, by Oliver Pilet. A story of contrasts and controversies about one of the more color' ful journalists of our time. ALL ABOUT SMALL GAS ENGINES, by Jud Purvis. This book shows how small 2-cycle and 4- cycle engines are constructed, how they operate, what goes wrong and how to service and repair them. THE TWO-OCEAN WAR, by Samuel Eliot Morlson. A blazing record of the United States Navy in World War II. It tells of the preparation, the attack on Pearl Harbor, convoys and submarines, the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway, and details all the events leading to the surrender of the Japanese. I OWE RUSSIA $1200, by Bob Hope. In his usual breezy style, Bob Hope tells of his many recent trips overseas to entertain the troops and of his problems getting to Russia and then in touring the USSR. BY QUENTIN REYNOLDS. An autobiography by a famed war correspondent and author of many books. Reynolds served longer than any other foreign correspondent and his reporting on the Nazis and anti-Jewish atrocities caused him to be unwelcome in Germany. He then did a magnificent job of reporting in London during the blitz. ULCER DIET COOK BOOK, by Harold Rubin. Here, safely within the limitations of the prescribed diet, is that dash of flavor and that touch of taste that every ulcer victim yearns for. FAR SIDE OF HOME, by Maggie Davis. A portrayal of rural, middle-class Southerners in Civil War times. They had no slaves and wanted none, but they were the backbone of the Confederacy. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, by Hollis Alpert. The story of a publicist for a movie film who could not release the real story of the actors and their lives although he knew all the intrigue in the studio. DEATH OF ACHILLES, by Victor Price. On the rugged island of Cyprus, an English scholar becomes an interrogator for the British Army and though he respects the Greek people and their struggle for independence, he must question them and make decisions against them. Juvenile ROADS TO GREATNESS, by Louise Galloway. A completely new selection of outstanding children's stories and poems compiled by a distinguished editorial board of children's libraries. PLACES OF MUSICAL FAME, by Sharon Lerner. GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE, by Montrew Dunham. A new title in the "Childhood of Famous Americans" series about the boy who developed many inventions and who organized many companies for their manufacture. WHAT MAKES A CAR GO? By Scott Corbett. Here, in plain words easy enough for a first grader to read and understand, are the workings of the family automobile. (Ages 6-8) THE CONGRESS, by Gerald W, Johnson. Completing his masterful trilogy on the three branches of our government, Mr. Johnson tells how Congress was formed, how it has grown, and how it functions today. (Ages 10-14) JUNIOR SCIENCE BOOK OF SEASHELLS, by Sam and Beryl Epstein. There is a story behind every shell, and learning these stories is part of the fun of collecting. MISS HARRIET " HIPPOPOTAMUS AND THE MOST WCW- mm DERFUL, by Nancy Mooft. What was the" most wonderful? Harriet and her friend Mouse venture off to far, far lands to find out. THE HEART OF THE ORCHESTRA, by Jean Craig. The story of the violin and Other siring instruments. PLAYBACK: The story of recording devices, by Robert K. Krishef. HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SOCIAL JULY 7, 1963 Serving begins 5:30 Sponsored Ontario Youth Group Ontario Congregational Church it's Weber's for fin* Dinnerware $1 down — $1 week WEBERSGIF/SHOP 149 EAST MAIN 342-1417 For Quiet Hours A new room-darkening window shade has a woven reed design. The three-dimensional pattern introduces a soft, no-color theme based on bland grass cloth tones It goes well with either contemporary or Oriental furnishings. It is equally appropriate with a provincial decor. August, the date to be determined later. Members voted to dispense with the August meeting. Mrs. L. C. Addis was awarded the evening's prize. During the social hour Mrs. Gladys Chalmers served refreshments. liiiiiiiiimfmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMmiiiiy, •5 Though the cost is rea- S 3 sonable and flexible, S S every facility . . . every £E S service of First & 5 ~~ Puckett's is yours to rely S S and depend on. S I 96 North Chambers Sf. GALESBURG, ILLINOIS BTABUSHEO 1922' S WITH A BIG CAPACITY FRIGIDAIRE soik Room Air Conditioner * BIG COOLINGI All you need to keep comfortably cool all summer long. Hi REAL DEHUMIDIFYING! Can remove over a barrel of moisture a week from room air, Sjc QUIET OPERATIONI Just a gentle reassuring murmur. * DRAFT-PROOFI Cools around you—not at youl $ EASY INSTALLATION I You can do it yourself in a standard double-hung window. SPECIAL 4 Lost Year Models at low Low Prices. OPEN MONDAY ANP FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 9 JOHNSON'S APPLIANCE MAIN und CHERRY 343-9317 OSCO DRUG FRIDAY NITE and SATURDAY! 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