Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 8
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1 Page Eight NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 1» _ ^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— ' Pageant Pictures On Display In News Windows A full rosume of events in Is'au- Katuck'M rucent 100th . Coinmemora- tivc Pajrcant. is now on display in the show windows of. Tin; News, Curl N. Moore, publicity head of the -U. S. Rubber Co. footwciir phint exhibiting the collrclUm ol' pIclurf.H that he made thnt partlcu- lur day. Mr. -Moore tins in-fanned 21 pictures taken at the paKoatH. show- in>: scenes from each patfuant episode, the tent, the crowd, Governor Kuymond E. Baldwin, Warden , I,eo J. Krophy. Conf,TCssm:m.rosu|ih E. Talbot, Patrick H. Kelley und other speakers. The display has been attracting a great doal of attention and copies of any piirticular picture iirMivuiluble through Mr. AIooi'u. who I* onu of Nau^atuok's finest photographers and whose equipment ranks equally with that of many profo.-uiional picture Special Award To Be Made At Carnival A special prize will be awarded lit Saturday night's session of St. Mary's carnival. This award Is tin addition to the prizes to be awarded at the end of the carnival. It was announced this morning. The carnival opens Friday night dt tin- church grountlK. and the public Is Invited to iittiyul. The award Saturday night will be a S50 bond. Naugatuck Is Congratulated By Government Agency In a letter addressed to First Selectman Galeski here, the Smaller War Plants Corporation, through Kenneth L,. Chllds, manager of the New Havon district office, congratulated Nauga.V.ick and its .small maiuifactiirers on the splendid Mob they have done in the prosecution of the war. In his letter. Mr. Childs snid that the sn\all plants In Naugatuck, through their ingenuity and ability to haiKfle difficult, problems, have dorui outstanding work. The town of N'augatuck should be proud of the dual role it has played in the war—not only of having sent so many men to the battle front, but. also <i(' those small firms and the work they have done. Naugntuck is served by the Smaller War Plants Corporation district office, located at 152 Temple .street. New Haven. During the period from July 1. 19-13, through Juno 3(1, 10-H. over $25,000,000 in work was placed with small plants registered with tho New Haven district office; this Included more than .1-10 prime contracts and over fiOOsub-con tracts. These contracts covered component parts for the submarine and aircraft programs. :is well as othr-r items for the- various Procuriiient Agencies; like woodworking products, landing craft, and s;wing items. (By United'FroMM) : -. . AJlied fliers .bomb Rome heavily; strike at the San, Lorenzo railroad yards in southeast Rome, tho, torlo yards at the northern edge, of the city and Clampino airfield four miles southeast of the city. Allied troops continue In vlctori- out stride in ^Sicily; American troops capture Ciltincsctta; Canadians take Piazza Armenrina while the British plow through to outskirts of Catania. In the South Pacific, tho Allies drive closer to the Japanese airfield at Munda on New Georgia Island and the enemy base at Sala- maun. New Guinea. , • In Russia, Red Army advances another five miles to within 12 miles of Orel. Reinforcements For Chinese Troops In Hengyang Arrive Chung-king;'''July; -19— (U PJ Strong r6|jiiforccme'nl.a'. of Chinese troops have arrived in tlie Hong yang area'•' of ^'central China and toavc, started- ; a mounter-attack against -the Japanese. A Chlnosiy/comnriunrque gives 71.. detalls\of tho 'Iltrhtthig-, But rcportt, that. Chinese farmers,' organized in bands, of armed g-uurlllaH, are aid- Ing army troops'-Un.Harassing .the e-nemy. ''•.'.'''..-. 'In northern Burma, -A'ilicd troops mude gains up - to 200 yards In advances- north and south of Jap ancse-hcld Myitkyina yesterday. Soldier Rescued In Ship Sinking (Continued from Page 1) kept away from most of the men.. ' YOUR KVKfJI.ASSKS siior c. Tomlinson Nenry ISiilldlnj; NiiugatiK'k. Conn. .STOKE CI.OSKI) ALT, DAY KACII MO.NIIAV imUI.NU JULY AND At'GUST Pres. Conant Of Harvard Honored J In Anililc orHiiitrii'* today, it Is |i ln-liirvcd that whrn two pcopli . rat IIKKAD tugi'thrr, :i } liolid of union is rffcrti-d In-- tWiTii tlii'in, thus forming an cudiirlng fi-iciitNhlp! CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street ********************* **********. ************* ************** ****', Great Oak Farm ; OXJKOItO MILK — EGGS Delivery To All Tarts Of Nuiigiitiiek *****. ******************************** J'KOMIT SKKVICK! } Bring your vaeiitlon dry clean- * Ing here and he assured I.irbfriimn's prompt service. D. LIEBERMAN 211 CIU'UCII STKKKT ,,f J \ \ (ISy United Tress) Tho president of Harvard university—James Bryant Conant— has! b'-en granted the title "Doctor Honoris Causa" by Algiers university. The report comes from the Bra/.xaville radio and was recorded by an American listening post ir:i-:f?). The broadcast said that Conant was among several persons himnred i>y Algiers university, which has been instructed by the provisional government of France to represent metropolitan universities in Prance. Firemen Put Out Fire In Chimney Fhvnion pxtlnRuished a chimney fire af. tho houii- of Myron Nohle nn Hivinon Vall»y road. The fire was ruportod about 11:10 a. m. Damage was .slight, it was rc- poi'tcd. Golden Gleaners Hold Weekly Meeting- The Golden Cleaners of Beacon Valley Grange met this morning al Grants hall for the weekly all day y ess ion:. Miss E. Douglas of the New Haven Farm 1'jureriu gave a canning lienionstrat-ion, which was open to the public. The grange wi',1 not hold its business meeting which is soheduJed for Friday niglit. New York ranks .second to California in total fun-cage devoled to vineyards. blif' -attacked soino of the Injured soldiers w-hen the opportunity, came. • Sergeant Reilly apparently was able to adopt a fatalistic attitude about the situation. feelinK that what was coming was cominp and that there was nothing that he could do about'it. He wrote thut In a- situation like that, one just prays that the end. will come easy and not like some.of the boys get it. The local soldier writes that oft repented phrase of many a soldier's letter, that: war is hell and that he liopes that this .one will end all wars. He is confident tluit the war will not last too IOIIK and that he will be back home before many months. The commercial .airplane men-, tioned in the llrst part of the story •was a Mariner Flying Boat operated by a crew from the Pan- American Airways. The craft flew 300 miles to sea, landed in high waves, rescued -18 men, and then managed to take off after dump'"" a ton and n half of gasoline. The craft bounced. 40 1 -feet Into the | air when she tried to take off, al- J .uust tipped into the high waves, and then- after bouncing perilously five or six' more times, finally got safely the nir. Sergeant Reilly later went to Australia and then into New Guinea but now is believed to be further along the island route from which the Japanese have lic'i;n steadily • driven in recent months. ' . The local soldier's address is Sergeant W. J. Reilly. 311904SS, •110th Ord., W.A.P.O. 5C5, in care of. Postmaster, San Francisco, Gal. Sergeant Reilly's twin' brother, James, is also in the service and is stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and his army number is 31-111001; 1st P. O. T. C. Barracks 33. Retired Stamford Editor Dies Stamford,. .July 19— (UP) retired managing editor of Stamford Advocate — Martin Kane — is dead at. the' age of 05: Kane had -bfitTiv associated with; the afternoon newspaper for '13 years until his retirement, for reasons of health; a ye'iir' ago. He had held numerous- city and town offices, and was -for many years active In Democ/atlc politics. His widow, two daughters a'nd a son survive; The funeral will be held .Saturday. The the' T.' Won't Fight Clare Monetary Conference Working Plans TJUNCliSS JULIAXA Eretton Woods, N. H., July 39— (UP)—Delegat' the United Nations monelury-'-and financial conference', at Bretton Woods have tackled the weighty problems of a $10,000,000,000 bnnlc for reconstruction and development. Complete agrecnr*ent on 1 essentials of the bank plan, are ..anticipated, tomorrow. And the text of the International monetary fund—ahlady agreed upon^-may bo ready tomor- ro wnight. Both the bank and the fund plans 'are expected to be accepted formally on Saturday. Mr*.. Helen Guhagun Douglas, actress and nominee for Congress from California, shown here on her arrival in Chicago has announced K)IC will not engage in repartee with Hep. Clare JJooth l.liee of Connecticut, , hut will Htrt.'KH America 1 * post-war problems In her speech at the Nation- ill Democratic, eonventioti. (international) Deputy Sheriffs Face Trial Rival Unions To Elect On Tuesday Yanks Cleared Nazi Suicide Squads From RuinsOf Stlo France, . July ..19— (UP)— YankH who captured St. Lo yesterday fiow have cleared enemy HUlcidc wquads from the ruin and rubble of the city, which is 32 miles west of Caen. Not only were the Germans being forced back -Jn France and Italy today, but they were taking another beating by air. Today more 'than 1200 American heavy bombers from. England attacked southern and southwestern ormany. A first announcement from Eight Air Force headquarters says the Flying Forts struck ut. eight war plants, fields and rail yards along a 250 bell, of territory. The. heavywelgnis wore accompanied by 700 /Ighters and de- ivcred widespread, attacks on the Nazi homeland, .The Germans listed Munich, Friedrichshafcn and Strasbourg among the targets. Last night more than one thousand RAF Mosquito and heavy jombers pounded Germany and ranee. The Mosquitos ;iit Berlin with Blockbusters for' the second traight night, while the hcavy- vcighls ranged over Cologne and ther sections of western Germany, nd rail points throughout France. YOU CAN PICK OUT FINE $45 SUIIs| IN ANY CROWD OF WELL GROOMED! MEN — AND NAUGATUCK IS WELlf REPRESENTED. / They dominate the gathering— They're an upstanding — out-, standing example of quality fabrics — likeable patterns—fit —hand tailoring, style and smart supple lines to prove the artistry of our hand craftsmen in sculptured classics. American General filled In Normandy • '(Continued from Page 1) Chatham, Mass., July 19—(UP) — Crown Princess Juliana of the _ Netherlands began a six-week -holi-;] mis-trial. But he was convicted of Pitlsfleld, Mas*.', July 39—(UP) — Two deputy sheriffs face trial it) Superior court today on charges growing out of the first murder trial of John F. Noxon, Jr. Wallace H. Kezer of Adams and William A. Ford ot Lee must show cause why they should not be cited for contempt in connection with alleged llrregularltics- during thn trial. The cases originally were scheduled to be heard Monday. However, .heavy court dockets forced postponement until today. Noxon's first trial resulted in day at Chatham .today. T-nl a $-100 per 1 week, 10-room cottajro on n wind-swept bluff overlooking Chat-, ham bar, the prince?^ will rest, with her .three young daughters and five friends. Seeing Cape Cod for the first, time. Juliana exclaimed: "I'm delighted with tlie whole scono. I know I'll like it very much here." 4, murder in a second trial and sen- tenccd to death for the alleged electrocution of his 'defective infant son last September. will be on hand to supervise the voting. Hv L.. ..JCnowlton, field organizer for the WLB, participated in the parley Tuesday. Mr. Froehlich. Stephen- .Knapik, vice-president of Local .-15. and George Guyer, field, represented ' the C. I. O. union, and Clifford Owens, president of Oscar Wedin lodge, .Thomas F. Brennan of Waterbury, president of the A. F. L. Central Trade union, represented the A. F. L. union. Robert Lowell, industrial • relations manager and Carl Toothaker, official of the mechanical department, represented the factory at the conference. Local 45 is bargaining agent. at present for employes of the footwear plant other limn the mechanical and maintenance workers. (By United Prnss) Another American general has let death in Normandy. Brigadier eneral Don F. Pratt, assistant ommancicr of the U. S. air- orne division, was killed on D- Day-in a glider crash. Pratt was .sitting in .-1 jeep inside the glider »s it landed. But the glider struck .1 tree; hurling the general from the jeep and breaking his neck. He's the first general olllcer to be killed in Normandy. However, Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt died of a heart attack at the front last week. Record!I Councous Srrvice LOVINK ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Street Pres. Owens Today Expresses Confidence (Continued from Page 1) Bristol Company Employes Honored the ballots are counted next Tuesday. Mr. Owens indicated that em- ployes of the department for some time have been entirely happy about the matter of their bargain^ ing agent and .the progress in:ijo under Local ^8 and he feels that the 1-osults ore Tuesday will bear o'jl hjs interpretation. HOUSEHOLD nEI'T. (MiNn Gladyn C. CUKC In Charge) VICTORY COLD ROLLED STEEL SALK?E PANS $1.50 up Templeton's TEMI'LKTON'S COKNKR WATERBURY DIAL 40X0 (No Toll Charge) Louisiana maintains about 300 miles of levoes along the banks of the Mississippi river. .(Continued from Pngc 1) Government To Try U. of C. Professor SAVE WASTE PAPER!" No mother would deny a boy in uniform whatever he needs to bring him home safely. That's why people today are saving every scrap of waste paper. Jt's a vital war material. Paper makes or wraps over 700,000 war items! Lt. Gen. Brehon Somervell, commanding the Army Service Forces, warns, "You can't expect to do a 75% job back here and expect {hose on the fighting-line to do a' 100% job over there." Save waste paper regularly. Bundle and tie it up. Send your waste paper to 'war—to help us win, to help more boys come back sooner! Naxig-atuck Waste Paper Collection MON., JULY 24 TUES., JULY 25 US. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign SAVE ABUNDtE AWEEK (AVE SOHi BOH MM Hartford, July 19—(UP) — The federal government is seeking to deprive German-born Dr. Theodore Karl Slegcl * of his- ' American citizenship on'grounds he took his citi'/.en.ship oath 1 with mental reservations.- . The University of Connecticut German-language professor is alleged to 'have writttn /that; "I would be a traitor if I gave up my love for my homeland just because I changed my passport." American Legion Meets At 830 P. M, Tho Naugatuck post, . Amnricar. Legion, • will moot ton'lg-.liil. at. the Legion rooms In a general meet- r and ant on recommendations made by the by-laws committee at a meeting Monday night. The laws concern- veterans-, of World-War II. The meeting will start at 8:80 p. m., with Thomas' Guiinoud, commander, iii- charge. Ei-istoi Company, F. W.' Hulminfj. noperintoni?ont iof 'the Mill .Suj)-j ply'division of the firm,' L/. Brand-' 'mcyer,. foreman of - ihc .Tool Department., Pierre Pronovost:, Miss Louise iSlalthrtws, Miss Angelino Rinuldi, Frank Hitchcock. un<! E. Porzcnhcim. Among- those in nttcndnncc were J. -A. H, Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. F.'-W". Helming. Mr. nntl Mrs. John pona,- Mr. niul Mr 1 *. Pierro Pronovost', Miss "^ni^otinc 1 RinaUli. M Florence Saiuliow. Miss Marparct Pitzp-itrick, Mr. -intl Mrs, -Armand Desjardcn- Mr. nncl Mrs. E. Por- •/.cnheim. Miss Louiso Matthews. A'lso George Wheeler, Miss Dorothy.. Holycross, Miss Liilion Hoppe. Albert .'Kernes, Theodore Leidlick, Timothy Cronin. Clifford Goode son, Frank Hitchcock, Miss Evelyn Wannkon, Kay Fellows. Also Mr. and" Mrs. Hufro Eraun, James Schiiltz, L. Behbel, Edward PurRunina, Fred Ashmorc, • H. Meyers. R. L. Lu Vasson, Martin Bobinski, William Ostrander and Leonard 'Clann.intirono. Cash Waiting FOR YOUR USED MACHINERY Table Saws, Jointers. Bund Saws, Metnl Lathes, Motors, and Klcctricul Appliance* Phone 3-5030 'WATERBUKY Ask for MR, ANDREWS Another Local Soldier Missing (Continued from Page 1) DIVIDENDS DECLARED TO DEPOSITORS JULY 1st AMOUNTED TO $86,000.00 NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed Buy j More I War ! Bonds Young 'Mother Murders Children New York, 'July 19—(UP)—Thirty- wo-year-old Mrs, Aurolia Gcrkcn of l.hc Bronx ,has buen indicled on i ch,irgc of first degree murder in he death of iher two children. She iii accused o'f causing v tho leaths of -her two sons, two-year- old Ro'bert and six-year-old Richard Gerkcni. They were found un- -nnscious in their liome last J-uly 2nd. BATTLESHIPS AT GUAM Pearl Harbor. July 19—(UP) — America's big battleship^ have nade their second successive at- k awalnst Guam—blasting ' it with 14 or 1G' inch guns. Pac'ific leel, 1 say Guam hns teen subjected- to more d • and continuous 'bombardment han any other .target in tho Pacific. •'The missing soldier is a brother j o'f - William Ploski. n borough burgess, and Henry-Ploski, a supernumerary on the,local police force. ' -Serjft. Ploski in his. Nnrfjratuck high' school days was correspondent "for-,the- .NauKatuck DaS? News,, an'd-'later .served as a sports writer on .tlie -paper. ' 1 ,-SI'nce.-.last week-end, three Nau- 'gatticlcvsoldiers have been . rcpoi-t- ,cd ; -.missing in France—Sgt. Ploski, iPy.t.'Robert . Baummcr -of , Oak street, and -Pfc. William Cowan of Linden-'strcot. - ".DEPORTATION STOPPED •'•Zurich., July 19— (UP)— The In- (priiational -Red Cross committee at Geneva reports the ^deportation of;.Jews, from Hungary has been stopped.-And it adds that_it has bceri-;!authorized to send relief to those-Jews.interned in Hungary. , IFUNEKAI. OF DR.. WELCH :.,'iiar'tford,' July 19—(OP)—(UP) —Funeral services will be lield Friday, for Dr. Thomas F. welch-'of' West'Hartford who is dead at the age,; of "0. Welch, -formerly was president of'the S.t. Francis'-, hospital staff. He was a native of Granby, Moss. Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evening's Only After 9 P. M. SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday . Johnny. Rock 'n' Hii Hoc* and Rye Boy* and .Sweet Mink White Eagb Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut? ervice — SPECIAL — SS-PIKCK *yf D1NNKR SKT (for 0) SCHNEER c *^ CRfOIT JIWELCRS *^ 16? South Main it. — <->23» CLEARANCE SALE Couts, - Suits und DrcNHCH 'Greatly Reduced 100 Years For over 100 years tinuously, served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO; Naugatuck Footwear Plant • NEW BICYCLES • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES • GARDEN FERTILIZER • LAWN FERTILIZER • HY-TRQUS LIQUID FERTILIZER • SPRAY MATERIALS • KLEEN-FLO Cleans Your OH Tank - • Conditions Your Car Motor : ". • CHIMNEY SWEEP Clean* Furnace Flue* • OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS •CEMENT PAINT . Transparent Filler and 4 Color* The Naugatiick Fuel Co. 87 Church St •' phone 52*1

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