Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 24, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 2
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II TWO. ST ERL.IR6, IUJNOlS».FBtPAY, NOV*J?4,J.916, itor Lady Finds New Way To Keep Baby Free From Ms * ori " p , and Finds it to Internal Medicines, r«ty mother knows tlm rllfflf.ijliy. babies free from colds. If >le., almost, to give (hcn'i'in- ftJ«dH;hW8. iwd. In addition, internal medicines nro Injurious tftelr dfclleale little ntonmchp. Last -ItJfttcr Mm-Fred Schcllintu 1013 Polk V BtW»toft III. was presented with I s f*«8»pHment«ry jnr of Vap o Rub by WMw * Thled6br. Druggist*, with the |e«t. that she give It a.thoroiiRh Hotbfffl wltti small children. Ufa. Bcheltlng wriles: "1 V*iM>Hub Salve with Ktv&t re- It cured my baby of a a cough she had, and for Colds In tho head It-can't lie bent. fut> It on her cheat freely bc- P'J'Hnr: hrr in hr-d'nf ' nlrM. in hosr«er> or hAs a cold, nrtd t mfrtiine sfVe) in rmi<-h bpft'-r a f<-« is ft; and . Ft i«. if a rciir-dy If p'ie rn'Ul'hS f trlvo her a ••fe of !!;*•> pnh<- to sw,t!|n«'. :lv<--«. h<n' relief immediately, jeood for ndiiltn as it. is for I f;;)Vf> never found a better ,. to Hear out the, rm«<> n.n>T When T have ft cold, nnd f eon. Rider Vick's Vap-O-Rnb trulv a valuable household remedy." And the best part abom If Is that VtefTfj VftpOTlub Com£& In naive'form, Is Applied entirely externally—fs ab^ solutely harmless—-the formula Is on every wrapper. You can use It freely, a« often as you wish, with perfect * youngest member of the. family. Better than Internal medl-. for all hinds of cold troubles. Three sizes, 25c.'BOc, or $1.00. They let you know you've been smoking—and yet they're MILD RRISON DAILY GAZETTE M0KE1SON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOV. 24, 1916. A scene from "The End of Day." Saturday, Nov. 25. of Music. a Perfect Academy AN ENJOYABLE PARTY HOLIDAY PLANS 125 Enjoyed. Card* «nd Dancing Contribution Committee Receiving Fine re. wore over one hundred ;ind twenty-five attendant?* MI tin- party' •JttHd at the Woodman liitll tut \Wd- tye»day f>vftiiim for the itoyni XHf:h-j nrtd their'-famllle*. The evening delightfully >M»;nt with cards and Donations For Decorations, — The committee In charne nf the con- rlhiitlotiM for the decoration of the UNlm-sH xectlon for tho holidays, iMarted ronvnHidntf the hutt|nei«s diw- jtrlel Thursday and report, that they the ttiiiMo''lieliiK furnlnhed by jure havlnu .iplendid nur.ceMK and hop.- >ir», Krnnk Drearton and William dray, (to have a larKe amount for thi« pur- jpo.Me. Jt is i'Mtitnated that &.OOU feet of jeverKreen will he t:ere**ary, and Htein- jer UroH.'hrtye offered to furnish thin """"'. a( nf .(,,,,) ,,,,.,, ,,,,,1 | 0 help in the phn-- Patlantt From thit City In Sterling , !lu * < >f il - Alt fund* which are reoeiv- amount of the cont of be turn ft} itver-ttt th RELEASEDJ-BOM JAIL John Morgan, of Sterling, Released on Thursday. John Morgan, of Sterllw?, who h:i* heen routined In the county j;ill In thin city for the' pa MI two month", VMS re- for lr]f,(K- In other word*?, Chcstcrfielcl Cigarettes are MILD—and yet they satisfy. This is somtfthrng totally new to cigarettes. It goes further than pleasing your taste—satisfy does for your smoking what a juicy slice of not roast beef does for your appetite. Chesterfields satisfy —they let you know you've been smoking. But they're MILD, too—Chcitcr- fields arc! If you want lliis nexvcigarettc dclii'lit (satisfy, yet mild) you've got to get Chesterfields, 'because no cigarctto maker can copy '&a£hc*£Uif* This blend isan entirely new eohibiim- tion of tobaccos and the biggest discovery io cigarette blending in 20 years. "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SATISFY" Itorno. II (lit; pi -ace wa* unprlsoiH-d ttond*. PURCHASED HOUSE JJNDERGOESOPERATIONS led above tin Elf Hook Buy« New Residence in Fulton. k, who hf»v rcf i<!t d near MOT- tin- Miim* Elln I'rtils went to i."SBitif«dtty/.wh«>r«» nhe a-nti«ieii the lion. rmn .. npcratiuiu^ur . luluuida. 44hu. fllceotnpanicd by ln-r j«lNter, MIHH ; Minnie Pruin. M. H. NelMon iindcrwent an operation for now trouble at th«. 8ter- Woman'.s purclin«f» lx»nxu<>. to bo of cfindy and used, nuts for for the the flo»pltnl on Wednt'«day. nicely. fcShe in IF KIDNEYS OB BLADDER BOTHER ^Harmless to Flush Kidneys and Neutralize Irritating Acids- Splendid for System. I'laiiM are beinjj mhdo for a special attrsictjon for eiich nl^ht of the week of Dec. loth to a.ird. Tb« l.lbby bnnd will ({Ivc n public concert on 1511 lit "<n for ("nine tlnx- Iw* jii?ielia*<ed <'orne||iiR-Bills refddcnee in Fulton. Hook \vlll htlVc pti*ne«»dfin of tfu the first of KHtrunry and will there to make his home. CHUfiSTwEWS pREsiyrFRiAN. Mr. CIGARE the Holland hand another I'vcuimj, and for mixahle. orclientra furnish enteitahirnent nn evenuiK if the weather i«< per- KCIdney and Bladder vwikniwn uric acid, »ay« ii Holed authority. kidneys niter Uila acid from, thu and pass l.t on to fbe bladdw, -it-often- remain* to Irritate and cau»lnK u burnlnir, «ca)dirig »*tlon, or KcttittK up nn -irritation ||»e ncck_ of _ tin 1 bladder, obliging " JU *td neck relief two or three times ho nlKht. T7io miffwror is tTT dread, the water passes some-' th a HCtUdlnflr Hensution and in profuoe; again, there Is difficulty Oldlhff U. . adder weakness, most folks call It, ..^ufle they can't control-urination. hile ft ts extremely .annoying and braetlmea very painful, "this is really .of the must wimple ullmenta t-u Oet about four ogneeH of egt...>'*""• pharmacist and tablespoonful In a Rliins of wa- f before breakfast,, continue this for ,dr three day*. This will neutralism acids In tho urine BO It no lonRer iwnrce of irritation t» tho bind- urinary organs which then WAS BADLY-BURNED Char!e» W«tc*ll Had 'Face Burned Thur»day Morning. .«"hnile« We».iell, who In employed at Ih.«> Srnaltz' tiros. plurnbitiK nh«»p, was the victim of u serious accident Thursday ntornliiK while working at the II. VV, Kennedy residence on south street. Me \vns pumplnir up a RHxollne furnaiv which i,s tixcd in the worjk when the ho*e explotled, tlm 14as- ollne llyhu: up in his face, caught'lire ami lMirn.-d his face bwdly. ill* C.VCH 'were not injured and the burns on bin fiice. jilthoiKh they are very painful at prexi-nt. tt t.s thought will not re- suit seriously-, - • • I'uyne, Hupt. mnln depni intents in the church. Men's* Ilitdi- «"|<IH« in the read* lnc-.riujiii..uf-Lhu -MurriKuji.. Cluli. lltK WOrfdiip nt 11 o'rloek, "My Church mid I." Christian Eric deavor prayer int-HIm? a« 0 p. tn. The yiMitiK people of the commi.ihity are Invited, KveniitK worship tit \ sermon, "The Member-; of th< dom." A i-ordial W,eU-olne to e' to attend*- any or all thi-se .«n-rv!c.'M.— \\'. H. CrenieariK, Minister. Kvnn- Jl«» will only FULTON and Mr«.__Nellie Schippop Married Thuraday, *"*"" The . \v<-d<UitK «'f John BuKiirhnkor and Mr*. N>llli» Schlpperf?. botlror ,thlH city, took plnc<» in-the Holland pur- in Fnltiin on Thui-Hduy «f(«r- noini. Th«>>' w«>n>•attended by MI-K. Henry Dykftna mid William Dykrmn. the brtrtp, BAPTIST. Worship at 11 n, rn. KI-UHI p. M. Dunk will preach. have for hi* ,«iihjei't, "Just the noof." A tnoi'tlnir for men In the afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mihject, "A fit-eat Sermon and Whin 15«H')imc t»f It." All men will tie made welcome (it thin meeting Isvciiinir wor»<h^p nt T o'clock. Kjthji-ci for the «-v«»,nln«. "I'l-nre, the True and tin- 1-VilHc." Our it. V. I'. U. at U o'clock. You will bo made weleumo.r—T. U. Martin. MORRISOFBRIEFS NOT A PARTICLE OF DANDRUFF OR A FALLING HAIR IFAT FOLKS WHO !-. WOULD BE THIN REDUCE M'inh In the winter. TRY WEIGHTD POUNDS OR MORE, "I'd I'ert.'iiiiiy «ive ne-st e able t,, reduce ,i -f.-w ' ntiytlditK tii 'pound* and SUNDAY DINNER GUESTS ---- -' 1 "- And i — *tr*: —Noah Jiuli and ni'phi>w. (ieo. llen,iler, went to SterllnK Thursday, where they vUlted Miti.s Mildred Hen- i*ler, who In recovering fn.>ni an operation HI thn hoKpital. . . • Mrw. Ira I,. Bnird retornod to her home lti Dfxon Thurnday i»ft«»r visjt- IIIK nt tho home of Mm Margaret Ualrd for the past few day*. Mr*.- J,- Mi-.Dutvjwt left today for 'a visit of Heverul tinys with relatives at SAVE YOUR HAIR! DOUBLE BEAUTY IN JUST A FEW ITS -MOMENTS. tut in«in .or 'woni; IH lint lin]»r<!sihl<> [tun's of Mijri'i iiuiril ion, jwbii'-h pn.'Vetit.s the fatty froiji_li Mrs. Thompson Entertained I At Their Home-- ..... ' -Mr. and M,*,-K, .1.^,n '' wen' the yjf. e)i'in>'lit,f i Ul'tlll' I. ' f i: „.„,- la inexpensive, ... ,,.,'iniadG from the acid of .,..,.. , Jbmon juice-, combined with llthlu. r In UHcd by thuusandii of folks who p subject to urinary dlHonlnra cuuned " m " acid Irritation, Jad Sttlt« is w . mr ,,J for kJdnoyB and cuuncu no bud J ot wl?»tever. 09 you have a pleamint, cffer- |vo|pcnt llthla-watcr drink, which reliovcB bladder trouble. will muktt their homo in thl» city. HOQ8 BROUGHT $42 A HEAD. At the CmirlM* Moulton «ale «f puroc Jersey bops held on Wedhewday the anirnulH sold at an average of |42 n JicmJ—Un-fu'-count of the unfavorable weather only a mnall crowd wa* pren- ont «nd the nliee pHiilc which WUH to have lu-en held that day, wan postponed to ii. later dale. ENTERTAINED GIRLS CLUB. Miss Anna Kr&kson pleasantly entertained tho (JlrlH club at her homo on Morriu Htreet f-vcnlnj,'. The bourn were pleawiintly 'upent with cards und u dainty luncheon was nerved. 1 . i BAKING POWDER Passed by the Board of Censors 1st—The manufacturer with the . , rt|icl tests o! the laboratory and factory. 2nd—The wholesale grocer witk his high standmjS and desire to . hoodie only reliable goods. 3rd—The retail grocer who desires to handle only those brands he knows will please his customers* 4th~The food officials with their rigid Jaws for the purity and wholesomeness of food products* •""Aijd .most important, you» the housewife with your desire lor purity, efficiency and per* „ Icct sltisfaction A. }•:. Bradley, of Minnefljioll*, who has been visltiDK at the homo of his son. H«rry,-4n^«his city for tho pant two we*kH. left AVVdiH'Mdiiy r-vpninff for a visit with roMtivea at Delta. O., boforf rcturniti},' to his homo. ' KlllH VliHT,. of. N'ew Albany, JncL, Is v|Hltin« at t>ip horiitv of hlii brother, A. V. Vlnor in thin elty. . fleorKo. Arthur-mid Uert OoodenhtiKh and William Hwaiixon went to Dixon Thur.Hdny. whore thfy attended th« I, n. Countrj-mnn wilo of llr»1«telh cattle. LJJL-JWry'went to/Sterllng on buni- n»<«« Thursday. MI-M. A, V. Vlnor. MTH. William Hurch und Mrs. Juy Viner went 4o Sterling Thursday whero they viwited Juy Viner, who in recovering fruin u slight 25-ccnt "Danderine" make* hair tbick, glosiy, w^vy and beautiful. Within ten minutoM after sin nppll- .catlon of Dfijiderlne you can not llnil a KiiiKli- trace of dundrun; or fallini; hair A?»tl your st-«li» will not itehv-hnt-n-hat Will please you most -will be after u few ww'kn"j.iw,Jwlifi^you «eo new iniir. lliu< mi G t T <j \v n y j 11 - il ra t —r* y o*** * ~* I > u t i* t"i I * v new Iwlr—• KCOwiiiK :ili over the wcalp'. E>and«rlni! in to the hnir wiiut freah' «how«r« uf ruin nnd 'ftunwhine • nro to vegetation. If «oe« right to tho roots, invigorat*!) and KtrcMiKthenn them. Its lnsti-;»d of oidy nurishlnK th«- idooTu IIHUUl nf the f;it (trodui'llii; e|enti'Mt;« in •• 1 d<-|.o.sil,d in difler.-nt parts of the hod.vj r wm-rc .ifiey doh't helunir. To i-oirit I this eondillon juid to '|ii.i- duee a hi'jilihy n«nnal di-sii ihniion ifie nutritive proeeM«<..« niu«t li»* arilllclutly s-uj.plied \yilii the fut-burniiiK power .Whleh nutui-e has denied them'. This ''Her. .Mis t. M SI,,.,.. .,.!-, THIS FOR A COLD-IT'S FINE! Cold Compound" ends or grippe Kohf-rr, Mr. Mr, and >l H!! of Hrie. news ||. in Mis. Mis. KirUl und' ehlldi.en. KirK utid .\l:-,rj ( ,rie,: ' ASK Y0UR CiUOCKR - HE ,SEtLS "IT L. K. Mnrkpy WHH u bu«lneK« visitor In Hock FaljM Thiirsdtiy. Mr«. I* A. Wymsin ami Mr« William SwiuiMon vlnltpd filt-nds in .Su-rllia? on ThurHduy. • J. I'. Tlr<-ist wont t« Sterling on busU ne«« ThumdHy. Mrs. Joe \nn Dyke n turned Thursday from a visit with relatives in Fulton, MI-SI. Thomas Robertson nnd daughter, Lucy. «pent Thumluy with friends In Clinton. ' J Mr«, (Jem-go I'eschanu went to f5ii- vuniiH Thursday \Vhor« ulu« will visit for u few d»j.H with frienda. Mr«. Hi'iiry Albers went, KI Hlcrlinc ThurHday whero Hlu« npimi the <h t y with her duutrbtvr. Mr»«. I*evl I^^u'iii, Chi Is Wulrb Ml WeitneMduy'lfor n butdncH* ui|» to 1'oplar IHuff. Mo. From theie lu> will go to Ten Mile, Mo,, foi r, Mtiinulatliyf and Jlfo-pro properties cause tho liuir to Brow buif,', Htrong and beautiful. A lltths Danderine Iminodla'My dou- WOH tJn> beauty of your half, ~JS'o dif- forenco b<iiw-"«liill. faded. ..brittln anil «ci?tMKy. -just .• inoiHten u eiolh with Dandeiin.e and carofully draw It through your hair, taking tun* Kjimll stmnd nt a time. Tho c-ffeet ia ainaz- InB—your hiilr will. T.e H K ht, fluffy and Wavy, and have an appearance, of •abundance; nn Incomparable lustre. noftni'Hs and"iUMirfunct*. Ivuowlt4>n's can prohaldy l«e I»>,st aceonipli^hed hv takiiu- an Oil of Koivin '"i-apViih.' with every meal. Korein i^ ;l earefid rom- I'ina-Oon of xiilenilhirfiil.redurhm.t.l,... IV; and it« rapid elTt-ot liax lieen in many «•««!-« reportfd reinnrkal>U> heporied n duetiirfiH of from 10 to " ItoundH In a single month are |,y n means infreiiiu'iit. Yet thiM action i perfectly natural and harmless, oil o Korein M « 0 |j |, y j,' m i u. i;heih'v an <J t HI .. , , .... I'.n id fjnth.j V"ii r-iti ii>id crippe ai'ifl hreak -,,. ' i-old . H.h> r in h« ad, ehewt, l»ni»>r-. - l»v t:iki»!i; u. dit»«f. itf j'"l';ipe'.s i'uici Comt'oiniitl" evi-ry two ll'in j 1 """"*' Ull!l1 'Ii'" d..M-.s are (alien. l.erk'. who re t ,n!h M,i,M S i,t,.d !- a >. -r- .HI! il'Y'T"' " l "'" li ^''^'W ' ™«' ious operation „,...,. »,oH|,ii«l in «-i;'-! 'J.-.^y di-I! Ll^^ n^^r\'nH^« re" . l " u "'.'- hnu /' H .*'!i»l. .«l»\_ Js__.i5aiiiiMK .faKt... l.i_i.-v"V....M' > .K.J'.e^Vl;j:l'''. .il.ulJ.nt-jis,..Xi;ix'.riali* and IM liow al.le to sit up a .«hon tune [ni-ssf SMI•»• ilu'.'aJ,..'Mii-i /.nm, :.oTcni'H« and ''••"'h tluy. )|.-r mother. Mrs. .f.une.s j sUf!"n."<«. 'iii',<! ^niii'Hn.i;: !•::!>,,. « ;,\ n - trtddilnif iahoiratory paekaueH. from any drugstore or toilet counter/and prove that yourAuir in as pretty and soft aw any—that'jjrtm* been neglected or Injured by treat- mpnv—that's all—jou «urely can have beamiful h.ilr nnd lots of it if yuu will JuMt try n little D.inderlne, a vlhH «t tWhutnf nf his duughu'r, ftii-H Fmnk I>ech, " W. ji. Hump nnd A. T. ('randnfl Ht-ni to Low Moor, Jitj on Thursday to look over the piospertw for Htsu tt blanch milk nhtnMit thai iducv. c EBIE NEWS J A BIRTHDAY DINNER Robert Duncan Was Pleasantly Remembered Sunday. i-' |folu»it Ii-umuii \V(IH leniindeij Mayr's Wond§rful Eemedy -. - far ste) t trouble ^''ONE DOSE WILL CONVINCE Jill SloiK _ v'—'i' i I .'ltd PfirfSTff tic ^toin o d iji'i li't-i.n, . \oit, It to\i, ( i" i ^ I'll iw" la' I il' • \j | i'i» l.i i l » \i.,t it I'i l i i : i! « ."(jit I ' ^ f i - 11*" l! iiu r«t -in .1 !i Ti. .Ill*/ Th ' 't d 'I r' i'-I i I > I ' I l ^' ! i i t | ! 1. | . i i 1 \ I- 'M - u , I.MI l i; n t . i . ,, . I*" ' ' > I I I .-i* 'H I , ' | | «'' l'> ' H'il ! '" i I !l'% I ' ' ! I i 1 ' !•> of her O'Mh hathday Sunday hy the atiSeinhliiiK of n company uf frli>ndn and relative* „, ),cr home hiht behuv th*» n >on hour The al/.iir was, a bry-- PUM 1 to Afis, I >iiIK au and wua CSIH c- lnll> ph-ahinc tolu-i, MM >,)ie {.-, eontintVl ni home iniuh ot the time nn account of 111 health Tite KIIC^S brought am- pl<» pi.)\i<.ions toi .t iioitrtnnl dimui, and <il k o 4« in< nihi'it d .MIH Hunian a Muml.ei- of ntce ,jnt s . Thi; juj- v.tie |ni!.oiif Air. .uid Mi-. Ad'-lht>it litincan and diildion. Mi. and Alrn I.n j;, hi KM ij;< Tand HOIII, .Mr, ;uid MrK ,l,il, d T. ' el),,.|.-,.,, M,. ", mi| «,,^ John D.ul^ .Ji .ni,l ,\ti-» I:HIS lull and •tMb>, AiJ- n'd .\h> \\dl lull. AU h HernUe S ( -,-, i, \\ r •,„,! T,I KS ]), uuan In the fvenin^ ti ( .« 'ompany VVlUl lite ( v, i »ii, i, ,,f All , u ,,i xiiv John l>.nl ,i-.d \ti- MM ni' A S. ;,'u, a, coinptuih'd ,\Ji nul-Mi-, Kills |)i'n i, then humo and iial'.ook i-l aiii,A>> .-.U i "ilppir iHl.nn 1 h\ the h' hi(,! the layinn off of Hie KinnndH ai tin lar«M p«rk, hut.that artivts work vvutik to. dt-furrcd yaiil spring. .-, FOR HOUS£GUESTS ' Mrs, G. N. Mason Entertained Com- ~"P»ny Of Friends Sunday. Al ''•"!-....''• ^'- M'uson 'Pi'itcrtiilued. tin Mru, l,!oyd Kddy of Tamplro. Mr. an<l Mr*. Cluieiieo C.oleni" 1 >a\ eiiimrt, Mr. and Mia S ,\ Kddy, Mr. and .Mi* XevM|| Kdd> und d.iti|{hter of Kue Tliu diniicr \uw KI\MII in honoj 1 - of Mr. and Mln i'nle. «lm «f|n At is Siti- fcnu'fl jiiieh'H the !'Ui<t WeeK -njd was ID the naiiiin t>f a luieuell before their fiei«!utiiH' for the MMUH. They loturnod io their lumti» Monday uitil will KO . NOW TO KEEP YOUR GAR IOOKHI6_NEW • Preserve the Fine Finish With This, Secret Shop F,oripule. A bright, ttdl-kfpt car always com- nuuidb the utmost adtuiratiou, \Vlu-n it conies to a .--ale, the will4.q>l s,u l.y iar the test pria>«oilu.i ' \VJCI"!<K, I'Unu; home l/ist -we' 1<. I), tiridley and daughter, .\li.-is botfie. <»f Savanna, eii'nie XVedneSday to uttfiid to tlie i.lai'iiu; »if a moitif- inent on thdr lot ' in. Ut.. ..-emeteriL. AVIllle, here lh"V w<if(« tirf-' iriie^m' of Huhhart. -iHiililiu- -eh— in tin. world pr-.'inoi I'i'iief a.-; "rii|»e'n <'old oiiisii." vihirh i'o,-,t-.' only I'M'rents nt any dim., .-h.;,-. it uc.ts without iKlv> - iiiee, tend iruilxea net ''. J!''- ;.(ire you jjet. the «41t»fM(llt. I . .. r - ...... ~,. Mr,s,. Adam Youni? w-ni (,,'^o j ^A| I ''oTrrnrirT CCTTp pn 1'ue.viluy to remain until Kii.iay WJth I "VHL.U OIL.lil-L.1 OC. I I LCO Sltid Mi'M. Jtiilii'i't WooiJ. Mn. and Mix. llor.u,- Xi-i-r•returned ihe Jtrst of the week from ;Mn*•>.',: in, Where, th«>y' visited -their ,KO;.. Wiiller,'{ \\-ili who IH u .student at the'Ames .'' Uinil odleKO. .Mrs. U. J.. Moiiiu-i. ivtniiu'.! V, • . Hive si from i'e.!,;l>l»Mti;, III., i II M>\<'ial «^<..'l<»f DEMOCRATS AID FARMERS ^ve Received More in Four Years Than Previous Forty, W-UHhlnrtot* S"o\. i'3 C.ui S'loo- M-i letaiy of ;<Kli< IlllUle. ftirtnM'H that the them tmnc ^ I H° l'i t ':?"'• f V'>;*ifr-f.M tlMtile ill •( "h tin'' MI ,-,iili'ii.iial t'lei-- i pa «,!!.,•: t.'se iji-ls oil* toilay fii.'ij-'.I-.L i-'.'it ilti.T'' now was l'i.-.' nr-• \v*ilxt*n ' had• been ;.Mini;i!.-.-;' ..!'• the tot;. Jl i l:i!l!ri^L.J.L:!'_iL l i: 1l ; < Jl l J_iLi.'iI.!il.'.! fi-"in $;!.ii.Mi,..".,.r |.r$:,7.7iKi,ii,i(i, j'fohalily .halt' u,i .-• t | ,tiil . vi lUun a Wi-i-U afl'T ' II i t l« I! t ' ,!, .dminUiratloii h.n1 n four yefirn than iilMllted by (lie Hepublli an adnnhi; iitlou in forty.j.,e,4iH i "Tor ^H'.llly (Ifty >e.i^ " aid, "tlu> Kr'iujji) lutH imt foiw.ud i tonstruethe piofiram vj'h ,t s u \\ 111 m^; Ko\ t fnitit nial aid n, mud-unitf pio,.| nn into tht u\ of the land UIK dumu, th.iOin-l Lincoln le Jielli'd, the Mti.itu JMI I «.f (In I £. I'mkl ' l' «IHH.,e u.d nt othi i MOTHER OF FOUR GJ.OREN How Lydia E.Pinkham'aVeg-* etable Compound Kept Her Well and Strong. thru;;* i'<|iial.' '•« li.irsh cleaiii-rs and nnilar f um 01 ed and l.iuuhfd at "At 1 i!-t the ( Ulnei is IH In, .»H \\UV- Mlllf Kollolllli I, Jjon in h.tsr>>i<n pi-- THE WOMAN'S_CLUB ( Enjoyed Prohtabltj (.cctu'ro Tuesday p<»li<,lii\s cut tbt \i-ty lu'c out t>f a c-.. „ tiiie wrniiiu'i! biin'aco. 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