Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1968
Page 2
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, fcfeh 4,1968 NOK SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Befw^en 8 am. ond 4 p.m. Engagement Announced ^Calendar of Events ^ $tt£StSAY r MAttCH 5 <i<»ifhe Hempstead County Kepu* -bJfean Women will meet att«30 -SWDi Tuesday, March 5 in the -Citizens Bank lounge, ¥he WOC Council of the First ifeesbyterian Church will meet .ifk/10 a,m» Tuesday, March 5. ^{.WEDNESDAY, KtARCH 6 A Family Potluck Supper will *fe held at the First Presbyterian •'Smirch Wednesday March 6 be* 'filming at 6t30 p»m. The supper 'will be followed by another pro- fgrffm, under the direction of Mrs, Tfofin B. Lowe on Japan* Garland PTA Study Group meet Wednesday, March 6 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Moses. btwTHURSDAY, MARCH 7 The Hempstead County Asso- lon for Retarded children will meet Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m. In the City Hall, TO' The Hope Men's Golf Associa. on will meet at the Hope County Club Thursday, March 7 be- '•jjtfthlng at 1 p.m. for a barbe- •'tfllfe prepared by Jamie Russell. ^meeting will follow at 8 p.m. "W'-be of interest to everyone in the association. te>r.i 3> -j ; The meeting of the Eastern Hope Chapter - No. 328 will be held Thursday night, March $ In the Masonic hall. " Mrs. Blanch Robertson, Dispel Grand Lecturer will make jhie/ annual visit. All members are urged to come. ^ROSE GARDEN CLUB at. When the Rose Garden Club met Friday, March 1 in the home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, red camellias were used as floral decoration. Mrs. Jim Andress had the program, "Paint Your Garden -With Perennials." And it proved •te : be most informative. •"' During the brief business session, Mrs. Ned Purtle, president, -mentioned the recent district ^meeting of garden clubs held in Hope. Mrs. Kyler and her co- hostess, Mrs. Charles Stone, served cake, nuts and candy with coffee and spiced tea to 11 members. FRIDAY MUSK CLUB Mrs, M, M, McCloughan had pretty yellow daffodils In her home on March I, then she en* tortained a local Friday Bridge Club. Besides the club members, Mrs, Marie Hettdrfi and Mrs, Emma Hatley were also guests* High scorers at the two tables were Miry K. Lehman and Mrs. Hendrix, The hostess served apple pie A la mode and coffee. Coming, Going Capt. and Mrs, James A, Lew* Is and two sons have returned to Lackland AFB, Texas, after a week with Mr, and Mrs* David Lewis and daughter of Nashville and Mr, and Mrs, Joe Hart of Beebe, Dick Overturf came home Friday after being in a hospital in Little Rock a few days, Webb Laseter, III, Blytheville, spent the weekend with Webb Laseter, Jr. and Mary Anita* The Rev. Gerald Tnissell Is holding a one-week revival at the Wilson Baptist Church this week* Capt. and Mrs, Norman Blaylock spent last week with Mr, and Mrs. John Lloyd while en route to New York and, then, to Frankfort, Germany. Decides Film is Not Obscene By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LONDON (AP) - Britain's film censor has decided that Franco ZefflrelH's production of "Romeo and Juliet" is suitable fare for Ihe annual Royal Film Performance even though one scene shows Juliet in the nude. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will attend the charity showing Monday. John Trevelyan, secretary of the censors board said, "The love scenes are not at all obscene. In fact, they are rather beautiful." Olivia Hussey, a 15-year-old British actress plays Juliet. DAY TO SOCIALIZE MOUNT STERLING, Ky (AP) —Mount Sterling still celebrates Court Day each year, when farmers and townspeople gather to celebrate the fall term of court, swap a few items and visit. forfy fi/rrf ftufftm MISS GEANETTE MITCHELL Mrs, Roy R. Davis of Hope announces the engagement and ap- prachlng marriage of her daughter, Miss Geanetto Mitchell of Blytheville to Stephen Ray Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Burns of Blytheville. Miss Mitchell Is the granddaughter of Mrs, Leia Mitchell of Hope and the late William M. Cole of Center Ridge, Ark, Mr, Burns is the grandson of Jessie L. Burns and the late Mrs. Nora Burns of Blytbevllle and the lato Dale; Rutledge of Baton Rouge, La. and the late Hattie RuUedge of Steela, Mo. Back on Form By FRANKeoRMiEK Associated P>es« Writer RAMtY Am FORCE BASS, P.R. (AP)- Lady Slftl Johnson apparently deserves most of the credit for prevailing oft her hus* band to seek some fun In the s\m away from the LBJ Ksfich. President Johnson files back to (he White House today after a day and ft half in Puerto Rico, his first holiday spent away from his home acres In Texas since he took office, Mrs. Johnson is known lo enl- huse about these climes. She is especially partial to the nearby Virgin Islands and has enjoyed several vacations there. Daughter Lynda Bird and her husband, Marine Capt. Charles S, Robb, honeymooned at Saint Johns, in the Virgin Islands. Thus It appears that Johnson has been under considerable family pressure to find a winter vacation land away from the ranch. On the other hand, Johnson's Puerio RIcan trip, with I(s env phasls on recreation, may have been prompted by a presidential hunch that It would do the country no harm, at a time of anxiety and frustration over the war in Vietnam, to see him pursuing Miss Mitchell IS ft 1967 grad. a relaxedcourse .1. .4 *>ti i < m..* " .»..*. « ^. , . YXr«M***SM' *"< 4^1 nl I uate of Blytheville High School and Mr, Burns is a Senior at Blytheville. The wedding ceremony will be performed May 25 at the First Methodist Church In Blytheville with Rev. Virgil Keeley official- ing. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel BLUE CROSS f. . BLUE SHIELD March, 1968 LAST MONTH'S BEST HELP Largest Payment for One Member's Care $2,927.88 Number of Bills Paid For Arkansas Members 1 7 f 3 0 7 Total Amount Paid ^, 0 ._ .-^ - For Our Members' Care > 1,241,589.44 "CHANGING JOBS? TAKE US WITH YOU. A Blue Cross & Blue Shield membership can easily be converted to an individual plan (orvice versa). Or if there is a Blue Cross & Blue Shield Group at your new job, you may transfer to it. ROUND THE CLOCK HELP. Every three minutes ; of the day, Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield helps pay a hospital or doctor bill for one of our members. 24 hours a day ... 365 days a year ... Blue Cross-Blue Shield helps Arkunsans meet the cost of health care. WHEN YOU GET AN EAR ACHE don't use ear drops or ointments or heated oils unless prescribed by your doctor. Treatment not prescribed by a doctor could add to your pain. You hear! DO A FAVOR FOR A FRIEND. If you h.ve friends who need the valuable protection of Blue Cro«s«Blu* Shi«14 member. ship, tell them to watch for our speciil enrollment period, U will be the chance of s lifetime to get the best help •V»U»bI*. Coming soon! HELP WANTIO: 10,000 Hr£an»an« art needed for careers in health care. For information write to Health Careert, Little Rock 79203. YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column is for young people, their problems and plea, sures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help USI, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper, A BIG HATE Dear Helen: I'm a mean old bachelor and I use hate for high blood pressure therapy. It's £hy? steam valve. I'm not gonna pull any pun- chesl These dames who write to you about their "miserable" husbands are leeches. They get their hooks Into a man, bleed him dry of money, nag, screech, criticize, then complain to you that he finally gave them the clouting, they deserve, or maybe stayed out till 4 a.m. to get away from a dirty house, spoiled brats I know a hundred cases where a man slaves to support a neurotic wife, but not one where the wife works to support a man who can no longer stand thepres- sure of the office. If she IS forced to be the breadwinner, you can bet she tells him about it morning and night — until she finds another manl The horse and buggy divorce laws make men rot In Jail If they don't cough up outlandish alimony. But what man ever got alimony from a woman, even If she's loaded- with money as well as liquor? Did you ever see a woman in jail for "nonsupport?" Parasites, the lot of 'eml I proposed to a couple of dames, then suggested that we both go on working. End of romance) They skewered me with their sharp, fishwife tongues. Proves my point, doesn't it?— DOWN WITH WOMEN Pear Down; It proves only that you've got a whale of "hate," and If you spout off at the wrong time In the wrong place, you're bound to get harpooned, Vive les dames I— H. Dear Helen: The letter from "Nylons In my Wastebnsket" sure hit home. Lutheran Church women all over the United States are collecting old nylon stockings for a marvelous project. We cut them up, loop and ball them, and then knit the nylon Into warm blankets. The blankets are then collected and shipped all over the world, wherever there is a need. For instance, most recently to Sicily where earthquakes hit, and in the '•• past tp?fl0od-t6rn Texas; Alaska after Its earthquake, etc. Please, readers, don't throw away old stockings. Contact your local Lutheran church, and If the women there can't use them, send them to: Women of St. Marks, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rose and Grand Ave., Hackensack, N. J., 07601; or the Cross of Glory, Lutheran Church, Matawan, N. J. Dear Helen: Another use for old nylons: Send them loan Amer- verts them Into a variety of useful articles for charity projects. Mrs. A. Kollc, 139 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Rockaway, N.J. Dear Helen: This Is a torture to write, but I'll go crazy if I don't confide in someone. I love my husband, a good, kind and honorable man. We are very close. Yet I'm torn to pieces by the awfullest kind of doubt. Three years ago our daughter's new husband told me they rushed Into marriage because she had convinced him her father's advances to her were dangerous, 1 wouldn't believe it, pretended it had never been said. I was sure she had made up the story so that the boy would "save her. He had no intention of getting married until then. just as I have finally Johnson's visit to this big base of the Strategic Air Command was brief. But ok! friends say as a senator he used to got restless and leave such resort spas as Acapulco, Mexico, much sooner than he originally had planned. Before flying to Puerto Rico Saturday, he announced ho would meet at the White House this afternoon with all parties involved in the 233-day-copper strike. The chief executive seemrd to enjoy himself thoroughly In Puerto Rico. He headed for the air base golf course Immediately upon arrival despite leaden skies and a fine mist. His mood was such that he even Invited photographers to record his form—something he had done only once before. The; sun shone brightly Sunday, producing pink and tender skins among the members of the traveling parly who left Washington in the wake of a |nowstorm. Once again, John- Ion Clayed golf. H was the first flpve the^WWl^^ujli^vecac: JSwiledged that 'JoWsdn-W golfed two days In a row, •The traveling White House made no effort to contend that Johnson had come to Puerto Rico to work. He did some of that, of course, as presidents must wherever they go. But the emphasis clearly was on recreation. His only official function Sunday was to watch the crews of six B52 bombers scramble for their planes in a simulated alert. Carrying four hydrogen bombs each, the huge eight-engine jets were ready to go In four minutes but did not take off. Earlier In the day the President and Mrs, Johnson, their daughter Lucl, and her husband, Pat Nugent, attended mass at the base chapel. with him. Helen, I hate myself for brooding over suspicions I can't even name. My husband must not ever know I have them. What can I do?- B.W. Dear B: Do what you should have done three years ago: have a showdown with your daughter. Tell her you want the whole truth, or you'll take those old accusa- putthrsoutofmymlnd,ourdaugh- tlons to her father, fer has started coming to the I'd guess he prob em Isn't an place where I work with such re- abnormal relationship, but ra. marks as, "Dad and I went shopping," "Did Dad tell you I spent the afternoon with him?" Always, it seems she taunts me with how many times she Is alone ter deal from life.- H, (her a long-smoldering jealousy between daughter and mother, When you get all your cards on the table, you'll get a. bet- 'BOLD'STRIPES OF RICH CHOCOLATE come from the Jcnnnc Diirrell collection by Kohen*Lli{on.l ) 'ol7.. Cleverly cut In Arncl trlaeelnte nnd nylon, the ensemble (left) travels without 111 wrinkle. Jo Junior of Dallas creates the dress (right) which typifies the feminine look of HcmlsFalr, Ruffled with or«tin/a, bowed In grosgrnln. It Is made for the most romantic girl, Teachers in Frisco Will Return Today By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS San Francisco teachers return to their classes today after n one-day walkout, but the strike by some 20,000 Florida teachers enters Its third week with negotiations stalemated. A third of Pittsburgh's 3,000 teachers who struck last Friday planned large-scale picketing, while classrooms remained vacant for the third straight day In the Wellston, Mo., school district. Thousands of other Pennsylvania teachers headed for Har- rlsburg In a one-day "professional holiday" to dramatize their demands for higher salaries. ; The San Francisco strike of about 1,100 of the city's 3,400 teachers, in their demand for more money, shut down schools "atnooo- Friday. Most junior and senior high schools were cltfsed, with students at one high school going on a window-smashing rampage. Sunday night, after 22 hours of talks between strikers and a special city two-man panel, San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alloto announced that the walkout was over arid there wot/Id be no reprisals against those who struck, In Pittsburgh, Albert Fondy, president of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, said "the biggest picket line In the history of Pittsburgh" would be thrown around the Board of Education building. In Florida, State School Supt. Floyd Christian scrapped a compromise proposal to end the strike when opposition mounted to what he had termed an "honorable solution." Gov. Claude Kirk has until Thursday to act on a $329 million education bill, which was passed by a special session of the legislature. The governor can sign it, let it become law without his .signature or veto It. After the bill was passed, the Florida Education Association said It was Inadequate and called the strike. The FEA, which represents about a third of Florida's 00,000 teachers, said It lias obtained newspaper and billboard space across the country and has contracted for national television lime to give Us sWe of the issues. NEA President BraulioAlonsc ATTENTION MfD benefits winter M that supplements all the A|e<M'4re No 4uc« i- Crease. the cos-^B below hosv4|TSurgicil PAK MfMIIRS! Notices of new |ibmli?«t edH'ak, the Blue Cross-Rlue Shield pUn Medicare, h«re been mailed to you. Payi deductibles. Give* you broader benefits, . Tell you friends an4 invite them to use to learn how they can h*re Ihe greatest medici! protection ever », Q «n4 mt information »boul (iut Crois-Blut Shield, ih{ fcfst plam *v«il4blc fw plying bospiifl «n<J t»Hs. ACE ADDKESS cur COUNTY . *********** Saenger THEATRE Tonite Showtime 7:00 Tender- Funny Story Ihe BOUtllNG BROTHERS Production the family JUVIEYMIUS JOHN MIUS HYWBfMtfTT MHUORIE BHOQiS B TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY One Showing At 7, ( 30 Wednesday Matinee 3i4i 11 HAMLET it A FINE ACHIEVEMENT OF PICTORIAL POWER- STIRR? ING MUSICAL SCORE-ACTORS ARE EXCELLENT- STRIKING SCENERY. TRULY A GREAT MOTION PICTURE •> • • ANOTHER GREAT ROADSHOW ATTRACTION! WANTED! Men ft Women age 18 and over, Prepare now for Uflcoln Service lias helpwi U.S. Civil Service job openings thousands prepare tor these tests during the next 12 months. every year since 1948. It Js one Government positions pay high of Ihe largest and oWest privMe- starting salaries. They provide ly owned sctwls of its kind a«J much greater security than prl» Is not connectol with the Govern- vate employment and excellent merit, opportunity for advancement. For FREE booklet on Govern- fcfeny positions require U«le or ment jobs, including list of post* no specialized education or ex« perjence. But to get one of these jobs, you must pass a test. The com- on hew you can prefare yourself petition is keen a«} In some for these tests, cases oaly one out of fjve pass. Don't delay - ACT NOW! lions awl salaries, fill ojt coupon and mall at once -TOPAY! You will also get full details LINCOLN SERVICE, Dept, Pekin, Qlinois I 3m very much interestacl. Pleas* send KIT absolutely FREE (i) A list of U.S. Government positions and salaries; (2) Jpfornaation on how to qualify for a U.S. Government Jvb. Name *§* Street Phone City State (D4B) of Tampa sakl In Washington that the national organization will supply $2 million to be used for logal fees and othor support of strikers. The 94 teacher In Wollslon, Mo,, a suburb of St. Louts, loft Ihclr classrooms last Thursday pro!-sting tho.defeat of a new sclv ol tax rate which would have raised their salaries, The school district will remain clospd at least through Tuesday, A teachers' spokesman said regular classes will resume Wednesday if tho Board of Education agrees to restibmtt the tax levy proposal. At least 20,000 of the state's 82,000-m ember Pennsylvania State Education Association were expected in Harrlsburg to call for enactment of two bills before the state legislative, one raising starting salaries and the other Increasing state aid to schools, Gov. Raymond P. Shafer, along with several legislative leaders, wtta to m«f«t the tpach- ers on the Capitol steps, The omnlay "professional hoi- Way" avoids collision with the slate law banning strikes by public employes. Tine members of the Pitts* burgh Teachers Federation walked out to support their demand for a collective bargain- Ing election. Theme of Verdi'f op«r«, "Nnbucco." lit the Biblical story of Ncbuchndnezzer, and la act In Jerusalem and Babylon. Pre Easter Permanent* (Curv, Body, or Foundation Wave) Operators Untla Judy Diana lan«'s B«aufy Salon PR7-3118 t tit can open this door. Stop by for a truck. That is, stop hy for 3 loan to buy yoursc-lf a truck. We like to make it our business to help your with yours. So if a new pick-up truck is what you need, we'll back you up with a loan. lH f/rst NMonal Btait fOlC

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