Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 24, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
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\ ADVERTISING ft letting people who cfan't kn«w y8u hav* fln yftur vet' te tell. A.^ii/1 111/ SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO, 124. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, NOV. 24, 1916. In letting pnop!« knew whe don't know what you have en yeur »k*i- ve* to tell. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE TRAGEDY Husband Probably Fatally Wounded His Wife, Then Killed Himself. TOWN OF GENEVA SHOCKED Tragedy Was the Result Of Much Domestic Trouble By Dixon Couple. in- the A nhol follow < d an another rnng out on the town of <;eiie*,a at ""' nflernoon und in n mom Mr*i Hnwl Loornis cnme ilown the Hlalrs lending d ineirt iintl rollnpped in tin* n store below, fatally bunhnnd, cinyton I>" l.'iter hy iiet :«lr of Ve!«terd'iy or two HENRY FORD NOW SUED BY FORMER CHEF FOR SMALL SUM OF $12.50 t M\ Cnlti-d PP-MK l iMioit Mi. h . N..-. ..'I Already in- ifd\e>.l in n puit in which the disposition of millions' >>f lit" F'or-l cumpa-r.y .11" :»t <>t.-ikc'. H^ur; ford wa.« phif-iKcjJ jjei-s-<>r into lcKr>! erifiniiKlc-mr-tits to.!*•*.'itji h!w former chef, Han. ey C. furrow-;. JiiTiipht .'-till in fiiMice .-<•;!;! to |-f-i fiier <!„',.",'* fiom the auto munn- fiiftunr. Fur F •>«,'.< all'ge* Mr. l-'of'ti d« ducted fli-."*! ftom his salary be-. • -ills*' he ruined fl coffee |xit, MANT CO-DEFENDANTS FAVOR MATRONS State School §oard Association Says They Are Needed For the Girl Pupils. THEY NEED THEIR ADVICE SECOND HOSPITAL SHIP, HOMEWARD BOUND FROM SALONIKI. GOES DOWN IIS i, nv a4.'--Th" m HT mine u ! .'f the , im-etncnt *.-iid alt . !ki Mnlta, h»o In e:>\ an todny. were -her npait- oofva\- of wounded Her nls, \;t\ dylttK. Ludens and Other State's Attorneys Are Made Defendants By Railroad, of by hifc own hand, in the room :ihov The two shot* marked the end n boy nnd girl -romance ifhd elnpnu'iil from Dixon ne\en year* ago. when lintel Itoden. a- 14-yifu-old 'niiT. a dafigbter of Mr*. Kath'-i ine tiodf-ri, *">1 tnli*t averrtte. rfnptnl frr»tn--IHxtm with Clayton fyotnlti, «K r 'd IV nttd \v«-re married. Time pnsped, .ind donn««iii- double." a row* between the two and they gievv Two month* iii;o, Mr« following a bkte.r ipuirrel with her husband, came to Dlxoo. her former home, bringing her five little children with her. -She obtained ernplny- ment In «.'. hotel. It IH «afd, MII-I remained Until one. week UK" when she returned to .fJeneva lo join her husband, who had managed lo patch up the differences between them. In the In_ U-rvaL _ '. Gave Wife Revolver. Hut tho rtconcllatlon wan but phort Hved. l»rivpn tn 'dpsperatinn by the differences ln*twwn- them. Loohiln pttr- c.hHued a revolver hi Geneva a few days ago and presented It to hix wife, alleging no r'-anoriH for the action. Hit) wlfB. it wan'HO III, W-HH dlssutlH- fled with condition's In iJeneva, avid had «|wnt the pn«t week urging- him* lo return to I>ixon with her. l/»>omlr, who wan a carriage MI riper, :un! making high wogen. did not want to come, but yente-rday hud consented to do so. Tho f.mir<I*' packed .tip flu-ir helium- Ingfi nnd were ready to leave their flat, when tht* hiiHbnnd, who had pttieed tho pinto! iii bin poi-Ui't, produced It. "i Am Going To Kill You." "We will not iiye ^igether any lonR- er. I am iptintf to kill you." he told her'. The wlfn thought It wiii« n joke of some surt, Hut an instant later when Loomls J«v»Jcd tin* Kim at her. 'tlie"'tauffh farted from her lip*. .':You «r«! guing to die. \W can't get along, and 1^ am not g-ning to stand this llfo any longer," Mrs. Loom IB, alarmed by the dened look in her. husband's backed away, mill faring-him. Shot Wif* In Br*a*t. . S!;iti-«. .\!totfie> .1 J. Liiden« of ••oiinly h.; 1 "' been wade co-defendant in a MIIII in the federal dNtrlrt court by .the «'hii,»«o. Milwaukee fit HI, I'nul Other Topics Of Interest Were Discussed At Fourth Annual Convention. \V N llasK.-ll teditned b.-n r.)oi >r !!•„: h"itl ''h;tmpaii.'ri u!t<i'- ti-inb-'l tin- !'"ii!lh aniiii.-il '.'.«i th.'' I!lit>o|.i Se!i,,ol n,,;ifd' ,V-M-,f which was held Wednesday and '!A> In tin- < 'i iimi.-rt t building l'nivei-«M\ • of Illinois. Tin- aacoi Mr. Hii.iKell-j<< n member <•( the -I!. KtiK h'.ypii.-il rhip H word bound fr. Wa-J .«nnk by M> k"tii,i ehanti adrnitalty Jinn^ Tls" st.itemf-n! sav«-d. The Mykfni-ui rhiiivfi«-| whef 1 the Hiiiertur C,-\.Mtl«- \v.-is sursk. !« body of wnti-r lyliiR between th< ; fjrer-k Inland of Tine* nnd My(-cno«i and l«t only alnnit f.'i mil'-ii di.«t;int from the Xe.-i clmnnef ivhefi- mi Tiie«diy the Itritannic was ,iunk by a mint- or torpedo. ' of til'- •la t Ion i!M3.' board KiiilWiiy I'tllltle.M 'o. !iKJiin«t 'oinmiHNlon. th" State I'tiblle . Attorney fje.n- ltl the !<!ilteH (it- Henry, \ side Un man, t'Kle '•oiititiex The bill Injunction innehniio. k Island. I^iHnlle. Stephensoti. White- I^ef. LVKatb. IHit- ffirroll and IUne;ui of i omphiint seeks a federal nuaiiiHl the defendants re. them from proMccutlng the company, for \iolatloii of the J .-ent l'er..niile puxriengr^ rate within I hi- state Miiili the tin/il hearing IH had on file |l|fet«(afe ttite of » t relit.') allovred by the Interstate <'otnmerce ('ninmln- TRINITY CHURCH mad* trlgger of the 32 calibre pulled The revolver, n (Continued to i»nK'» C,} Will Havrt Annual Thank. Offering Service! Nsxt SuH«ffly~M6fnlHg; The \V'omen'H Mlnnlonary Society of the Trinity I'ruted ICvangellcal cliurch will give their annual Thank Offering program Sunday morning. Nov. joth. at 1ft: ?K The orchentru will pluy a prelude, after which th<> congregation will .sint; "<> Xlon. Haute. ' .Mr«. Hawk will read the «-|lpUnc and Mrs, r. liixi le will offer pniyer. In the "Keltic.)) of the Pilgrim*." brief reports of the renultH of Mlmdonary wiH'k will be given. Mrs<, Helntz. from Korea, Mr* Kwhleman, from Kgypt. Mr.i. AllabiuiKb, from Ihirma,. Mrn. l>a.\'iM, from India. M|KP Hendrk«,k«, from cfdna, and M|SH Hey. fro ( rn out own country. Tho choir will H!IIK tho anthem, "IU-- jolce. The I^ird 1» King." be given by Mrs., I* 1«>hlcman" foi- r'»H- tor, Mrs. Hill for hivniKntone, >t rfi llroad for Judnori, and -Mi'M. H. Hey for .Mat-key Thft reading. vM'rM. I'nn't A Ford'w Mite Ho.v," will be given by Mr». Ja- 'AnnouncenientH and offering. f I'diic.itlon of the i.'ciida! schools and went «*. a c'elenatf fr< i m ,«tn h A larRe tuitribi-r uere in attend i nee < (it the meeting. >et not as m»n> a« oti^ht to fl)i\f lie'-n for the «ood of Ihe t-chnols. < f<p"<'iailv hiMh fduM.iln , lie %'. as very much lmpt ( ' KIi|> d ftlth thi» t.'ilks ni* en !<>' I! '!. Jones, super- inlendi nt of 111'- lto*K(oid .«<-hoo|i, on the cnb.|ei-t. ••Staiiilardi/iiiK Salaries of T'-aeln r«," and ;i tali; i-n "'Ihe iJary H\«iefn' !>".' '}(•'•(»;•• \\ S^arty. itf*l.«t- .nit roipciintendrnt of itiiirm-tion at ,'!'»ry, Ind ^ Mr. liaxkell sii-fi a vcrv Important fbaltel ttloiiuht before t he >cs«lonn « ^IH thai ot hiring a matron for^th" tfirlf iff I he's. ho. !s, especially of the high f>e|iool-i The fait tta.H hlollKht Ollt that the mutton Hhciilld h.-i\e the. care of I!H- «irlH a» rnueh as po.i.«>!bli« and tn wriDV I belli aKalii«l cei (nliV youtiK men beitr'iif; bad reputation.*, atno to Klve nth ice ,'iRftliiKt lmpro|»er dn'UH. for notile "KH'« Iieed~t1il»" Wai iiliitJV'afi'.! Ill certain Mdiools notne KtrlH luive been xent home for Indecent apparel. Many of the' IllKh, fchooln of the Ktate have. '•nK"K<d tiiatrotiH, and they are proving of n'ri-at help, hi some i-itlej* not la OH* cnouK-h to mipiHirt a matrim. nne or more of the lady teacher* .are given *ui h power, "School Ix'Kit-latlon" \v-.i» another Rood theme touched upon by different speakers and afterwaids dlMcnsHPd. Wednesday nve.n'lUR the delegate* nat down to fi splendid" b,»ni|iiet. held at t'nlverwity I'litco t'hrixtian chnj'ch, \V. It. Hatch, nuperjnteniletit of Mchot'ls a( i*ak I'iirk, waw tuantmas<ter, It. .«', AiiKUHtine, of Jvaiur'. .was elected preKident .for the corning year, and 1'eo'rlH jyn«i >e|eet«| as the next meet ing plaoo. Mr. HaHkcIl \vill huve much to tell.hl5 bfiard «hen tt me«t« agnln. NOT My (Staff i ' CRISIS VET. ai ! I). Oroa!. dcM of 1'nlted l're»-.< ) 1 1. (', Niivv^ L'|. --frfr- -. Nmr-rk mi t'-iitionn over n IOHK jj of r'vent stilimarlrtln^ 0 nre with the -p<ir>.<.|bl)Uy of troubl" but have tint yet reached the point of it new crt.«d.i. The few ofliclals fif the fidtninistrii- tlon who would talk tod»y-too!< u, a i view nf the pltiiHtltm. Secretary of State lvin*t<nKT find lVe«ident Wllnon nre Ur-rpinp- rlri'jn watrh >m ili'velnp.. fiieiHs f'u i aVe not di«eij«h ; ini; the Hit-" tiatiotr,.- Meanw bile oiln i;ijs « ho will talk say no ai-tual ili-lx has been re.-o-hed but frviiklv ddmlt that the iiiiolllriju indji -atlonn are that (iermany has ov- ••ruteppi-d and will ••ontinne to do MO. Death By Air Bubbles Is the Theory Of State In the Death Of Olney Girl. GRAND JURY STARTS PROBE Roy Hinterliter Is Charged With Causing Death Of Elizabeth 'Ratcliffe. SOGfETY WONT FIND MUfcR'j&AIETY AT THE. EXECUTIVE MANSION •!;. J> « upp'-T th food o:d •.!.»>« si";] >f t »Jie p, app;m Fitly pM« ' •Vf-flltlVC i fa«t one t>-t dud I! tions Ui.u <»e«Hy ttft Illehtflnd GIVEN FREE REIGN Railroads Will Leave It To Wil- soa To Work Out Remedies For Disputes. !(>iu •«• Hoy Hlnti-rllti-r. if Mf«f> i;!i/iitic(h l!,»tc IliTe ofi .Idly 1L 1 llMfi •f-"mm the iiMthlwr of « Itnespc.i mim- niotH'il for exfimlnntlon a\v\ the length of tin' f xiunlnatlon of th" first wltnf«.«- ff. it \* believed by St;ite'R Attorney Morris thnt nti Inillctment may not be ioutiil before next week. Th«* Krntlil Jury 'Is untie m- of fninHTK, who may 'lit thi- proirram f«>r th*» win- wilt rtintnln <.-M!V th" func- ,-ire i UMtorrmry or dlploma- -r-Ttt-jry. It H likely also be no liiHtiKiirnt dall. VILLAlATED Bandits Stormed Trevino's Stronghold Four Times and Then Withdrew. HAVE CONFIDENCE. IN HIM Believe He Can Satisfy the Roads, Brotherhoods and the General Public. Itave : '~r"oni«»"~io~Tieirevo" Iff hfeflifi-r Tins licpti uniliily hfiZ'-d by newn|>nper stor- b'n. Thiit -t lii-re i« n (.llsjioHlUon t.i tlii'l Hi his favof if possible. St.-ite'x Atlottiey Morris de>-lnreH, houcM-r. th;i! th" evltlrnee i,n so direct and "he luw Itrxurh t-anen ifi explicit. thnt th<* Jury -inunt irnlli I for murder. Tly i fuiiKc bfoimht anjilnct llltn'ilit.r involven A -theory of d<>,Uh of Mtuitltnft tinftiUfneii.i. This theory.- when offered !;i!«! July. Itnmcdlately fnlloVvlnif the arrent of Itinterliter. wax HO aMniind- Inu tlmt inetrfip<illt<in newnpnjK»r« tlitiMich tlu-lr KfufT men wei ; f iiifre'ly "hlp|-ed" when they Fent in their stories" of death' by rtlr luibblefi. PRE-ANNUAL MEETING Of Congregational Church Was Proceeded By a Picnic ._ — Supper, ----------- ' The pro-annual meeting of the.t'un- ffrfgntional^chtirc'n wa« held lust jitvj;- nlng. -'flifru wnu a good.iittendanct-, ot the society will Women's .Ml*t»k>nary Mtiiry," by \V. r 30 o'rlocK The m^otinir win held ,for the purpose of planning for the annual inwftlnif, which v.'IH be Jivld «omc .time in I-Vbruary. and alHo to fleet the jniminution committee, whicli in t/> nominate the officer* for tho coming year. The committee i» com potted of Hi$ following:: J- W, Piirrell, (Jeorgc Powell and Hurry Over. The committee nqmlnatt'd for this clmreh manual are j'. \\ r . llatt, Krod Hloddanl «»d H, H. '»ver, After tin- nominations werft complnted a letter WJIM read from Mrs. Theodore (.Vow!, written m he- half, of lierwolf and daughter, to the chureh. oxpn.«Halng her thanU'M for their klndntwH during th« recent death of- her hUKbund. Ilev. Tlieodorw t'rowl, After th« bualneaa had been traiiHitct- e-d thw r4'fivilnder of the evening wan Bpetu Mocially. ICacn m ember tnkc part In tin Thankx," . Soriff, "Tell thn Quartet te. Hoiiedlction, Itev. F. THANKJiFFERING ; Of St. John V Missionary Society Will "Be Held Sunday . Evening. The annual Thank offering of the MI«8ToT\!Jr> r 'Koclety "iiTSl," iliilin'M 'Oitlf-" erun church will be held Sunday evening at the church. The KMIowinK program will b« Kfven: Processional und «le|«»8itiHB ot the THE UNION SERVICES Will Be Held .Vfisslonnry • S -rlpture Prayer. by BUREAU COUNTY MAN' Ad- Principnl In "Taxi Murder" W«i judg»d Criminally Insane. -, Hernarh Hlterman, alleged slayer of Joe IK-rlx, the I^i Hn I In chauffeur, was wertteitoed Saturday to the <t#ylum for the criminal ln»«»e at Ch«m««r, , III., uttt'f < i 'trial before <i jiiiv In the cir-. cult »ourt of Uureao, coiHtt'> at i'rinci,-- tan. He will bo tuKen Mime liiiu next wwl; to the Intiiiuition. .where Iw will iinduubtedly uprnd tho remainder of hlb life - "-£+&* — mil h<> — the — ' li'Mim M me — rrr Hoclety. reading. . ' . . . * Voung ladies' Missionary ' . Exercise, "The. Chi int fan l'1n(t."- Paper, "Southern Mountain)*," Mlsn Murphy. " t ' "\\"ork Amonj? the Mou.titnineer«i" — Itev. K. (.'..- HarrlM. MiiKic by Young I*idie«' MiHHionary Hoclcty. H JThjwJf.." Forget" Hull lioiiMO Settlement Work— Mri- Fred H. FrcrichM. •• • DriKiiiHl itoem. >*l^»l \Vti .Mr». FranclH, .JohiiHtuit. Hymn. . Bureau ' coun I >;> "'OIA! mnTder In wiilih llurnard Hhenii'in kill l»««ri\. u'l-hwufffur for ihe cumpany " d Jo r WHH ot July i7tb. In l.idd '1*1(1 i.'uinmitted on a cin-i-iy, on the Tfu- night -^ lud r| -i' li«> u 'put- ~tt«r only 'Ji f't'W I\||II<'| on. the stand. Without cxc-pnon iliese « llliO>>M<*> told of Car in w I4le|> w«-nt. far lov, ,trd ^uppotting tlu 1 tlit-ory ( the, joulli i.-. tiieiHally dip.-ieni State's cj •'. N. tlolloni-h vnTtlng tl i of Hhttrriiun'* . ,i-e, . -ranted . (hut tlw !-riHOnei- i-'aj." »K n. i< n: ., It will be romvmhi-icd (hi- mnrocrcd ; hund pa^cd tbtiitfli Hi.'ilinr,' iiiinj.-.Han -!y rn FRED SI PERU GETS CAR Stolen Auto Discovered in' Chicago U Brought Back By Him, l'*red HIpeHy haw returned from f"hi- where he went to identify . hln car. which WUM Htolen, -Get, '4£, from near. the Kjiiwcopal church iti.ihis oity. The car proved to In* bin, and it Vta-n found by tlcteciivi-H/ in Chicago in u garage. The. car was sold, to the. own* ers of the unntKc for |1^6 liy the thlof. It wfi.s a l''onl and had bctm run u year or two. | (.\vii« bcHialit from a yount! IIIMII who .-Mild lit-. >vunti«l lo use the ijliMfl|! y—l 4«-it44*»lwi -ti^hotd — ^fl— liidi^W*- The cur hail not lu'en run very much out aide of jlio trip to t'hicu^o, ac- curding to the fipecdomct*'t". One of the front Uivs had been ^ in UN place <i new one put on, tiu- thief hud' met with *onn< u The gluti* in th(! lamp.-* were and u^hole or two made in ?IIH*. Otherwise, the car WUH all riglit At 10:30 O'clock At Trinity Church. s Ttie I'tilon Thanksgiving service ar- ntnged for by The AlinlMti rlnl. Atmoeia* tlon of Sterling wome time ago «i!l be -heldsjjp Tnurwdny. Nov. anth, at the "Trinity Tiiited . Evaii>:elicai ~ cluirch, corner Third «treet and l-'iftli avenue. The service will begin at l<':30.a. m, and clowe In good timo f«ir"lhoKc who nlc . hJverybody i« invited. It Is hoped that tnany Hhall -plitn to attend and partitUpate In the worship on thlH, our National J>ay of Thankxgivlng. P.ov P.. .\V, lIpuiHChe IN to preai h the »er- tnon, tho puntorit of tho other, churches are (o imMlitt in the Net-vice, 'An offer- inif will he taken for the Y, M. <*, A. to be used for the purpose .of giving assistance' to 'the poor und needy com- in»r under their «irt\ --''. CREDITORSTO MEET A Double Bankrupt Meeting Will Be Held At Office Of Attorney Ward. 'In Nov. 2Hth u meeting nf the crc- Hy Hubert J, Hender, Correspondent of l r nl(i-d I're.H.M.) I). ('., Nov. 24.—Presl. rb>nt Wilson wjll be fjlven u free ruin by- the mllroarlfK of the country in workliiK out iPglnuH^ye remeille.H for In- dimtrial dlH|»utes^ ItS^an learned to- diiy that iiHHtininces to thi« effect'have come from the mil road official*. ...'- _ The reajiotiH nre two-fold. . Flr»it. it IUIH liecome known that the roads ar« devoting their ftUire time In combat- the eonHtltiillojiiillty of the Ad- luw and have not • considered formulation of any plans which would meet wi'ih the. approval of the brotherhood**. tiecondly, 1 the rond esecn- tiveH believe the president can be depended on by tlu>nMOlV(>H, the brothr- hoods and Ihe public to put forth *.^ I'.ce. In sortie r a «••»', to make the .«.>lney '.nKO reasonable. The ehatiKe«i made the cnst tttlll more iinrenNonnbte, for It cnme to be ndvrrtlned that HinterlHer fletifllishly forced iiir Into the ell dilation of MlHs HntclilTe by deliberate meati.t ••• r Medical opinions were puhtlMhed from all parts »f the I'nited States, rnont df them ttcouttng. th» tln-ory that FOUGHT AT CHIHUAHUA Many Dead and Wounded Are Left On Plains South Of Attacked City, (By United Pr«»i.) El P»«o, T«x., Nov. 24.~Anoth«r t fierce attack on Chihuahu* w«§ liiunched by Villittoi today- From the southern and western sides 4,000 bandits made • simultaneous assault and at 11 o'clock the built* was still in progress. A messajje from Gen. Trevlno, cornmandep of the garrison at Chi- hunhua. to Consul General Garcia at Juarei, reported the renew*! of the attack on the>eity. From the ALLIED ADVANCE 1 jj Has Reconquered .Nearly 200 j Square Miles Of Serbian Territory From Teutons. MORE ViOtlSf FIGHTING Front Around Monastir Is Active In Clashes With New German .Forces. i [ty t r n!ted Pre^a.) Salon iu i. oreem, Nov. 24, - Nearly 200 utiuiirp mite* »t Htrbian territory hn* been reconquered- from the Teu- tons )n the nllled advances around Monn«Ur, necordiriK to the Serbian of* flrlal (statement today. Violent fighting occurred Wednpflday nlotiR Ihe whole front north and west ami east of Mnniifltlr, the allies flghtin# nualnHt the new Oerman forces, which have reinforced th* defeated CJermiin- Huljtarlan army. Th« allied advance northward continue* and counter at« tacks arc being reputeed. I'dtitlnued to puRe BODYlESSTAIE' Emperor Of Austria Will Not B feasible plan tlmt will eliminate, tbt« Ktrlke« to which the transportation «>>ternH are -Kubjcct and which could be mipported by nil parties concerned, . It in admitted that after frequent conference* of tins railroad executlviw to formulate Home definite plan to Laid To Rest day Afternoon. to -"put thw whole thing up to \\'itnon." In" this connection it IB explained the executive** havtr reached the conclviHlon that anyjKUchjilana nfllt'ed"li>'"fl>eiiT~would"not b» wl "the • bent ami moxt uatiwfaf tory," wince It iniKht b« looked' upon as it mwi- «tir« con«tructwl "In KubmiMMion to the aeknowledKed -power of labor and twnpw-wl— wi th - thr«w t K— . «»f— -nl rlke« - by work«?rn." ' • ' - (Hy l-nit(!d PreHH.) Vienna, : Au«trla,: Nov. 24. — In th vvorking room of Kchoenbrunn palac from which for 6S year* he ruled ove Austria, the body of ICmperor Kranel. .locrph lav In 'Httite today. Ills hand clitxped the peail roBury wlUch lie al ways used during hlH lifetime. At en(;l (orner of the casket were candle while hit* favorite .lio\ver», lilies of tin v;ille>' - and vloletw. were ma»HtHl altou tho bier, J'rlcBtB coimtantly intonec the vigils of the-dead. The otllctai caune of death was an- tuHincod_loila-y aH perltonttlH nnd par- ' and fender, bi» held In Ihe cilice «if Attnii'cy 1>, H. U'iitd, Mr. \\"iird beliiK attorney for tho receiveiH. At that time it IH likely a dividend will he dfdarod.' The total Kiilew of Ihe awHciH amounted to JKi-'-'J. Tln>r* Its now on Inind ibc.Hiinr of ; -*i,"- but. (here arn. biilt< ti) be p'aid out of that, IcuvitiK the xtim of ,|S5U to be illfiposed of by the referc.e. The wifo claim** the .fuur hundrod 4lollar« allinviHl her by lu\\, u* Mhc chf.imn-lier hutdiulid lii'iH «leHertwl her. itnd this will leave about t^TiO to bt« p.tifi to the «-te : dltori*. Thl» win" i>e a very snuill per cent of thi^ IndebtediM'tiw. VV. N. Hus- "kcll in attorney for-t.h«>,petitioning i'To- dltors aiid I-V \V. HaskeJI i« Hie rucciv- SUBJECT, "SONS OF TOIL" F. 8. Ulrich Will Talk on Thi* Topic Before Th* Forum 9und«y Night. !•', S, Ulrich. of the LMrich Munufac- lurinK company, IHIB i-onMenled 'to deliver u talk before Th« Forum Sunday evening at Calvary church, ••orher of Fifth avenue and Fifth Ktreet, on the »ubjoct <if ".SOUH of Toil," The Hpeuk- TO DEOiCATE THE CHURCH At the .same time,, and 'at ..the .sane place there will bo an adjourned meet' Ing. of the"cj-cdiiorh of the tf(( Oepl, Store, at which time iii a,ll hood a illyiili'-lil^w'ill j)e d.ccliired to tbe t red]lot's.' A t toi i',c y I', 1J.' \Va rd • Is .at - I'on.ujy for the pcti't'ioiifus credltoi> unH John ftl ' St.iBer at'orney foi tlu- je- ce|, s KV.i'U Mathcw PRESIDED AT BASQUET C. 6. ibeldon Fraternity I. - Th* New Chriitijm Edifice Will bi - i * ' Ready For Wpr»hip Very So<Jn. -'d Is Tfu- work of the'-Hi'AiV. Christhai !,-l,o.-,.)j nati HU |- 4 j r (ijfu^ii'J'fiCii ill' the .. of llic'contractorti and decyru- the day ' fut' ; decln atoi-y «er ion, ht FUNRAtJATURDAY Of Mr». Harry Smith Will Saturday Foi't-noao. Be 'nt II Tim I'liiu-ral •Vk-ili by O'clock . from "the .H-Mdeyi- httcet, Ili-v- p .vtt-l tmi ;'iitji-i'h. *Vi" o at «i)i In- HJ j;iM'Vj.t!' , --i" .;>|i>r chui'ch- iv, UKU, ,.ind ot till- I."',: Kund.iy. lM-e. it),'. ;it •oil, afu-r'no<>>n ami i«\'«.-« tor rind, commiitiu! urw t' dvCuifi -i.f the plUK-' mi).; the fiptltHfl 'tt .'.cad 'log(,utl Will In-• I'»'H(I,V .•UMilA'tl!" •MT-JVjfVw «l.-i.\«. The *t,;U ted 'n litt'b. 1 iivi-r u H«i s!;li' HJ *liir ti'. V-. ,Toa*tma«ter J. Affair. bt-iiiK of it .liidgHJ C. 1C. Sheldon being of it mod- 'Hi disposition. hu4i failed to Nlate that •()«• honur of -pffKldint; at a 'fraternity naiHjuet waw htei lust Saturday I'ven.tnU 4t the Klate l-fnive»'«H-y at "i'rbami. given by tlu* alumni <>.f._ UH-. UlinoiK what toil IH. and he in the proper person td talk to other working men on thin topic. The meeting will bi-KJii at. 7;:3t) o'clock ««d everyone IH welcome. There will bo M pee la I music, a vital subject, u warm -room und ft K«M.i.o.,ij^£.fyllowiihip pervading the uir. It W ccVtain Mr, Ulrich will have con. sklcrubje to'.say that will be of Inter-' ewt, not .only to the worklngmcn but to other**. . ' 'MRS.IORGAN is SICK Widow of Late Financier Has Been II For Several Day*. (liy ITpileJ Pivs.0 N. V-, N'-.v. '^4 Mr«. J Plerpont Moig.i-.ti, v v idow of ihiM lute, (inuncier," ha.s biH-u critically HI foi several dayis in her Mum'mei' homo ut IliKhland l-'a||h i:; miles from'here, it ilysltt-uf the heart. Ills lam words c Ik'h^lly «aId were: "I am tired." ArrtingcmciitH for the funeral were completed toda>%_ Th» remaltiH will Ije Th MtauTTn the great galbiry of thi working room until Monday night at letio'clock,- wrfen they will bo carried with all of the nolemn" pomp of thi' Hapsburg ceremonipH to -the chapel ot JLlolburs--.AuKuatlJtifC_wiit'JUj_ihey__A'_tU rest until Thursday, afternoon at four o'clock when they will be taken to. the ancient chapel of the Capuchin fathers, whero they will be j)liU'fd at rent with the lem.iiiiH of the- 132 HapHburKs burled th'tJMv-'--'--—v'—-•-•'-j,.'._ KmiHH'or Francis Joseph.* farewell to the nation wa.s madn in hl» will, tl text of \which waH nimoUiu'ed today; HiH valedictory- was in the following words: ' -. "I bid firewell to my bi«loved poopk with the heartleHt of thnnkM for their as In ilmeH.of dl»tre»H: "May they continue to'ohnervo the tuime patriotic at- tltuile toward n.y•HiiccuHBor, 1 remember iny army and navy with the deep- CH(. Krutitudi 1 , and am coiilldeiit that iny Ktii'CcHSor can rely on thoin u«; I •hav«> .lone.!' . wan learned today. 1 lei' coiidtion. lum been. Much tjutt n\ijml,>eirf of tiut family and idiy.HtciuiiK -from' Ni'w . York •• hurried to her bedsflib' .mid have been in (VutMianl aiiemlunce: Tmlay tier con» dition wan Hi»ld to he impi-oved/ ,1, .Morgan her sou, in now in Mutope. P "ANOTHER DAY '* Aswociution. Fratci'iiiiy. Se ill)" bjfUKju.ot. The. rf tlriu idiaus'lntintr ',;iU!ed llpoK lo 'take liKiister. It 1"» >'<ii(.i (l-i^nity.. itnil !i|ini^^i t.y !>(«_ leliun k;-. |- t.his -ulty W:i> ii.l-?'» DAiLY -W^AJHER The. * '{:it ;u' .. l'pbii Kp«tU»n ifc<ttii ( to ji(d»;c fs«. .Wr -mnd ' he WMf Hit- •. pl:u-e of he pr. -titled n:Uiy piiM.suit'! J't'O- !o;i«! with tuts nf CluruM REPORT.' Up-To-D»te Music House Did Good Bu«ine*» Yesterday. ~. lOvcJi iftlu* weiitljt-r WH.-S rainy aw they wold a "down" Pimm, a "Vti'trula" a Hitji.c. C^iliinet" .a "fl^ ' Violin C'jjHe," Player Itolls and Pinuo IJi-och, Victor lti.-ci.ird* and Jlu.«it- i?urrlvrt> buwkU-K -small ttuod«.. Sir, "Coutmy .»a.Vn '-'gi>ud" gtiodt; and "luw prict.-*" i>. whut dovts the trjck-i.too(i or t>Vid \\.-atlivr.* \\ atih'ftl - : V btiy s-lxti'cti y*-;H* oil' /»««» or . over. ; jj| ij^iit. int.clllKci'tt. ->\tilnu; to work..Hid il.i what he-i^ t''' 1 ' t" d''» lift- way b«v jw told lo do it. 1) fiii'ie i.-i Much ,i !»•> !n- van learn 'the pvintiog Itiidti in The•'iialeottc. -.Hii. i.-. and «OIH| printvrjj 1 yet bi>.tii>r pay tluin. uv«-ra«e •I >>.(' INVENTOR MAXIM DEAD Man Who JBrought Out Automatic Gun and Cordite Powder, Dies In London. , (Hy I'nited Promt.) Uoiidon,' ICnft., Nov. "t.-— Sir llii'iitn Bt'cvciiH Maxim, inventor of cordite and ihe automatic lircarm, died here at ** ^*tJ^ ;i i|t It (j 1 ;t V, ,... ^B, - «-, H>r Hiram h" I be'.ui t't-Rirted MB nor- 111 at IUH hotutr in London for 'da>*i past. Me'was 7fi"years of iigc. - His Citieer..reads HUe a romaiu «• Morn at Sai'KCFi tile, 'M«., of poor (ur- ctnw, lu received a common school t-d- ucatlloii, and for years worked ar on pr' In •.•oac'n bitildln/;.. Then Ills thirst' for* scientific. know- leilge .mtuttered him «'"d between worl; at the Iron ni!ts>ti-r'8 hobnailed li'Hd «t- tended U'ctnrcH tliu lirct patentM were on eJeclflcal^devices,• an Improvement jn ituvilidc^cent lights, self r*'S-t jftcl'liiH current mat nine,-* "and llu» like. Then ,i,i Garcia it ii inferred that the Vil- liitat penetrated into tbe out- »kirt of the city. A code meisage to mining representative* told of large bodiee of Villiitai in poiitiono weit of Chi* Huahua lait night waiting for day* light and it is presumed this force was thrown against the city. PURSUED VILLI8TA8. i Hy United PremO ..Tuurez. Mex., Nov. 24.-—Kacing a >rlouH tdiortnge of iimmunltlon. Gen, Trevino. CarranxlHta- commander, made preparatlona today agalttHt' a new assault upon Chihuahua city by Pancho Villa, eon«ular advlre« early today staled. • Official bulletln.i iJinued by the de- facto aiithorltleM Maid that Carranzlnta cavalry had pursued the bandltw toward M.ipulit, 12 mllea Mouth of Chihuahua I'lty. VILLA WAS DEFEATED. i:i Pa»o. Tex., Nov. 'i\.~ Kranclflco Villa withdrew hlH Hiirvivlnff forceaMn-' defeat...from...Chihuahua City at 6:ID clocH OR80VA CAPTURED. (Hy United PTMH.) Merlin,, No, 24— Ornova < aptured by the Teutonic troops front thn Hoiimnnlan*. aceordlnn to tho of- iidai statement today. "On the \Val- lachlnti plalnn the troopti of (ien. von l-'nlkenhayn art -approaching th» Alt. In Hoiinianla'.s western t-orncr hoftllo retiiBtence ban been broken. Orgova, Tiirnu atnl Heberln have IxfPn captured." HrcnklrtK down of Hrltlsh attacks JJ'J.tJl.iienvy loKHen wn« rejKirtetl by th*_ war ollice In dencrlbinp the we«t«ifn~ theatre of the war. ."At YpreB and' Wytuchaete hend« action In artillery ftflel' itbiittle Of HeVfill during which he made frultli'MH attempts to carry (Jen. Trevlno'n pro- cting workn by nHwault. The bandit chieftain ^i» reported to have led hl« men In .person. This WIIM the ?iew« reaching tho bor- lor late lant night following a day of dourly. re^iortM on the fighting. r"n wit TuTTa w a l~I<n loweiir TiitT re by fJ'en. Trevlno of a- fourth attack by Villa forces late yea- of the Ancre a utrontf ttrtt, which txi- Kan In the afternoon, wait extended to the nuiith bank, but th* attacks of the failed to reach the German and were brf>k«*n down for'*! the. most pnrt with, heavy IOMMMI. There were violent artillery attacks In St. Pierre Vaaxt wooda eouth of th« ; Sum me and In the district of Chaulnew. "(Sen, 1-Yilkenhayn i« approachlnc th»' Alt valley nnd enotny reNlstcnce, In th» west corner of Hotimanla lia* been broken. There were no important «n- jjajremeritH on tho front of Prlnc« I/co- pold. VICE CLOSES TIGHTER, (By United Preaii.) London. Kng., Nov. 24.— "It German onirlal report* arf .accurate Oon. von, Pttlkenhayn'-i vice han clo/n*d tighter in eantern Hottnianla. Berlin claim* the. occupation of or«ov«, Turnu and Bebe« rin. With Craloa captured earlier In the week, IhoiiRh lt« fall has not yet been admitted by Huclnreat, the Oor-.;' mana are apparently now in control of .1 the larKfut cltlen In eastern Ilou mania. Whether the Roumanian army hM their temporary. IntrenchmentH witli leavy lo«»en, uccorditiK to a Juaresr. announcement, The^defacto troops utart- d u pursuit of tho ImndiiH toward the Houth a report from Chihuahua City ' Outlaw Band* Gathering, simultaneous with, thin news, retorts, reached government agentH here hat banditti-are gathering in the vl- "inity of Ounman. on the Mexico North* western railroad about neventy-live miles HOuthwoHt of Jiiurex. • . riiiK IK near the jilace where a train was tired upon by bai.idliH, A force if banrlltN tut Id to be in command of iilvextre Quevedo in at Santa Maria, ear (iuKtnan, according to thi« wnme ^formation. Tlie yurpo»e of thlH bun- co North Wi'titwro rail way. (luxnuiii in nly thirty mlk-H from the American tie of communication. ., Villa Leave*'Many Dead. Tin'- reports of the battle at Chihua- ua City received here wtttte .that fol- nvtng each of lii« four attackn be•re his final withdrawal last night illft left, on retiring, many dead and •ounded on the plains.outside ihe city the south. • •-..-- '" actuully been encircled W tile quesl about which military crltlca are most coiKorned today. They hoped that the. Roumanian force "would be able to withdraw Huccennfully, and this hope is MUMinlnfd apparently by.the rapidity. of th* Herman encroachment, Indlcai* Ing. It is bellevod, an unopposed ad- _vanets -Ornova i» HI the Iron gaten acro«« the mountain* and Turnu and Seberltt are nearly "lf> miles noil t beast at tua lower irnd-of-The : gntownyr "~ On other dovelopment today which led lo the hope that the lloumanlana had accomplished their retirement and" escaped from th* vl«e. wa* the Bucharest atatement regarding the attempt* •amc lit«t the uut'.'niutie guii, thi< of the recoil powtr l'om S'OWtlt*!' to .Nervi*'*'. -A Wt'ori^o} >t*.er \v;ir iiH;cn.liuii« followed, int-rmr- rn-jj'-'rnrditl? , t ' ?r ;t < imc' tht'-most ~prw « •rl'ii! i<fii ( oki i l'«vi« piivvdv-r known, "i-iue- y lu- had been uiie-r.catt'd in .uvtutlmi . Maxim was* icnighleii in I9'.M... lltj ton}, 11 Irani Pcrcj,' -MaxOn. IK prci>i.dcni >f Mil- . MUMIII Sill'iic-or ' coinp'uny uiii! 'lives in tlu- Timed Sia.H-h Ho i^'itUa ail Divetuor. ' (luds >a^.VI«.\ttu is a brn- (her ( • ' " ""••> '•-•?-•• ....... --•— '.- APPLgS. ' '- : :,.i'' v i! I'.-i.ii a t ''ph-H on trai-'.lf. .1: t'ii-' ».iii-'.-j 4-b-v.i|..i. I,. 'N. ,sJx.* Cl»E.V€LANOJ/IAN NAMED Ralph Hayes Offered Position Of 3«o- retary To Secretary Baker. U'.y fulled Press.* Washington, I>. «'., Nov. ;'•«.--llalph Hi.«ye«i, of »'levelaud, ha« been offered the position of .wecretary to 5j^>er»»tary of > AVar. Uaker, it was annomu'ed today, Hiiye.s IK secreuiry to tli» Cleveland cj'ty club.'. ' • . 11. HAVE PICKED TEST CASE Mi-souri, Oklahoma ' Be The ..On* (Hy rnih-d % |>. c,. Gulf Ca*« Appealed. Will todav iiidic,it;?d lor ^M-neral i'jivi.- .siroitst-y .that tie & -livilf le.sit "i.-,'i.'e <if -<he AdiilllHon hour .law >Ml[ he 'the* OIHI »(H«-"cti»d to be tuKen to the vupfeme court becftuno ot f iiniitvonil'lt' jt«| t<ct of Judgo W. C. HooH'.s oiniiiuii given tu the gov'ef-n- ment case, . • bably fiulgannn) troops near Zimnlca, which wan apt*«r«»tly—unsueeessful. Meanwhile there haJS apparently been a resumption of hard lighting (n Dob- rudja. Petrograd announced the oc« cuimtion of Taiihul, a town on the R'avlal river. Ut) miles northweat of CoiiHtuimi. The German Htatement claimed the throwing back of the UUH- siaiiH and said the BulgurH and RUN. Hlans wore in tiKhtlng touch along the Danuhf.' .•^"-^ ; |nil| n M| vm *« __—lj| ^SURPBltE- ATTACK. (Hy, United Premi.) Parl», Franc*. -Nor," 24.—Success of a Hiirpriso attack against Qe.rmuu tronchen at Milseiihclm In Alsace was announced in an official statement to- day.A number of Germans -were captured. The statement detailed a live- V cannonading of Ballly-Haiillsol and recorded tho destruction of five German aeroplane In forty air fights. UBOR"FAVORS EMBARGO American Federation Would Act Until Price* Became Normal.' XHy Iffllted Pr*s«.> - * Kaltlmoro, Md., Nov. 34,—-The American l-Yderaiion uf Labor In convention' today declined by unanlmdiiH. vote if favor of an embargo on tho export lion of wheat and oihur food until price* arn restored to'nonn»l. PAT He Was Pardoned' After Fine of $$00 Was Paid* for Him, P,<h. N. J., Noy. 2-\. l*u iius. vk ho hti« Hpent (n-iiriy u yi'itr in pi i*viii fr !j.i.-i-yu8i» ^.f rvuutrkti be made at a m'ceOu*; »f ^ilk ^l.rikers here, 'was iKU'U'.'UeJ by jud>u- .Klenilert -tnd;*>v en years- und pay «. tlfy '>f-$|.ui>. |Je Uus rvli'-i.isod- to<,l(iy o.n the payim-nt'of his tiiu- by ilm..-,l«J»n--HKm»'y nf New '\.iik >,\hn«v< the 'm"iiey from several heated «pf-ech«i, all favorlngr th"e embargo. "The moNo of tb» pro- flterH." Hhoutetl delegate T^>«e^h Bttn- non of Now* York, "seemsTo be not 'America first' but 'wtarve Amt-rlea tlr»t.'" TUei rewilutioii aw jidop'ted'declares the Aniertcttn K«-rtrratir>n of Labor urges upon ('resident Wilson and con» gre»« "the iHH-e/Hslty of placing an embargo above tht* exportation of wheat and fond sciftM a« international or treaty "right* permit, until conditions return to normal." f Hy United -Prom) IIIK dovvn of tho big' flour mills Here be* auto.- of -iln; freight car shortage loomed up a*B si |K»hiiibJHty today, Un- !i'Sjj..'ltii'. iv'iir f-hortuge in rtd|eved tljtt' rmil)» ujl! be /arced to clone down de« •• i'il un olUciul of tho "ro«b'y. Co . " UNDERWENT OPERATION iHj -Ciuted' !'ri'»4i •).., N«vi; .Vin'k, N. V, Nuv. 2J. -John rcVNild, virtual hc;nt o'f Ui I Cr »iPHIiy. W«« opeiuted on for eltjli. . < hi?,l |, I .111 Hi" l «>l!-Sit!ou av' .vvu? t* ; i'"i It'll il" tt'ill 1 -!.*!. t'»i - >> D,

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