Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 23, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1916
Page 8
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EIGHT, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE THURSDAY. NOV. 23, 1916. AMUSEMENTS, GRAND-TODAY SELlG OFFERS Fritze Brunette m "Unto Those Who Sin" A hftart itif-.-inc) draw.i o* 3 woman's tov* for' gold. Also Burton Holmes Travel Picture. FRIDAY Frank JAWCC in "The Evil Thereof Also Bray Cartoons. Vaudeite Academy Saturday AC ^»ol Music ^November «* LAST TIME TONIGHT Harry Brooks an<\ C\v, •!!> • i <•< \l •;,• Herbert Cnrnp, hlackf,'»c« violins*. (;i,.;, * ,\!<» I-:-! i'..v<->. ir, «j f. • ii f'-ii •;>'-.-.!!<! H- ' i l.,r. M::i •!!•!':•• S'K.WK 7 ;i!ld !>, TOMORROW, new. \.ui.KY!ie'- hi}!. M"ii:ili;iii A <'o., lilt; ii'i'.t-liv. fikatlne .'I-' *"'irr\ •.•)" ' i-il fliii'!'. AIM' i! other f'it- ;u fv M*n*c«." K.NTiiA' 'un't mi KJ« 'The Y«l!ow LYRIC ROCK PALLS TONIGHT KINO BOGGOTT IN "THE LIE SUBLIME" A HtroitK IVrUtire nf fh«" rtii'tHKhl!" "The Five" Thousand Dollar Orenm." Here is Something To Be ThankfuhFor 33} Off Any Woman's Suit in Stock Thanksgiving approaches a glad season of the year when everyone wants to be happy— feel prosperous and appear well dressed. ~ r , |f We are going to help the women and misses Z by offering our entire line of suits that are of 1, the highest quality—garments that have the f "Wooltex" and "Palmer" label, which means v all you can hope for in a ready-to-wear gar^ ment at 33 1-3' off regular price*. |5 Come here aitd you will see real reasons for & buying the garments we are offering. •'" t ' , | .- > ' >"rV* fctf* .$>/ WITH MISS MAHJORIE DAVIS AND AN EXCEPTIONAL CAST Prices - - - - $1.00, 75, "50c, 25c Scat sale at Sterling Pharmacy This is not a picture Snfl«t tlittM !• \VinnlJHiiii hull tonlKht.* Mr, itfi«! Mr«. I<. It. U'hlfrin wfnt tt» tJt tlltf. KKIftlltlK. ''John I-'. Ailulr went to Morrison tills nfte! !!i>,'!> A\ T. Sc.sviH \vt-nt to Clinton thlx "BELL'S" DANCING SCHOOL IN WOODMAN HALL Evtry MoVidny and Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9:00. 'N ,'ind itdvi rUsinj,' depitrtmwiil. XVIIM mrih- ! .ti,vf t.;f Thi: „DaVLujjui L Dally liunu ,. lerut fin two year?* und-- xvm« owner mid jpuMlfhi'r (if thr Daily Iteaeoii, at l'uil«, 111., ft.i Tu-arlv n j'v.'ir. f.iii nei-inmt of iann«i'l In- W«M m-lcfti-fl aw oin> furt.v nidi who rcjircMcut the A. iiuilftt-'iN throiiKli'iut tin' (•(inn- Big «oci«l danco from 9:00 to 12 both nights. Private Insson* Bell 276-R1 POLICE CURIOS ARE MAftY. 'I'ln- rnii'i fli'|>;ii'tnicjit iif tin- pt' H. «'. Wunl went to Moiriwon this Hftetnonn on htiHineHi. I-', I-'. Hofkiinjn lulu f(i>rn fn \Vnu- k"iuiey. Knii . on l'ii«lne«*«. Mii'. Ttiriu-r t"i lin|>rovln^ fintn IH-I recent llliii'.-«'i \V. I' t'tlry l«< twn\t>t IDK r.-tplilly front lil^' fei cltt wefiollS |lllll>>ix. I'r. (MintleM I'arki-r fl(>cnt \\ViInr.M- • !;iy Id, I'i'otI:' o|i t)il-«irief»s. Mli-K I>of-oltiy HerUcr Is ronllnod to (l'*l home oil iHtoilnl of Hli'kni'.vx. .Mm, \tn:iii'1:> lietinixon, who lin<« been Kirk, is nti\\~ iifiiirovinis'. llcrt Steuiirt. of Yoiktown, wpfiit w rK, Hhi-lior, of Lyndon, ftpont John lilfe. of Itlxon, IH sin»inllit}j ni'V- <-ri»l i!uy« In ihin city. M|HH l-'t:nitie <iiK)i hnn ncr<'pt«-(l n i>on|tji-n with the Wync-Deavcr Dry (iiMitlft Co. Mr. atiil,Mrt<. J. D. Harden and MJSH .Minnie Johimoit motored to 'rittttpjco I>K Tin II Ilwt Ok O«»trl,bl HI* 111 t!i»--» (>«. - BELL'S ' BIQ THANKSGIVING. DANCING PART V W*dn«»day. Nov. 29. 1916 Woodman Hall Cochran't noi*»~-Public Invited. I — •;un h K! ;i;i nvfr luutlhif,' tutlnv .un! 0 * jtlie .<idd itiiii;:;.--' 111 tin- niiiM-iiin were ;dnyt<-d un<l rt--;ir'r;uiK<-'l. "nh 1 it few .fin Sterling kliiav of tills '('iilleetiiin Iii I the nifi t" the police- chief. They rtre 'Hi :i eat'lhi t iind'Mn* W<»ftli li-nkiiiK ill, ; Ani'Uii: lli<- ItUUi'h tnny l«e seen t'evenil |!ill:4 (.f rojie whieli \v» re lined liy »\ll- [ciileu jn their ImliiuiiK and lenUler jStr;i|iM fur the s.nne iint-jtose. .There arc several, makes of reVi'U'ei'M tltket, from nnirderer.H and would lie Hliiycr.' of tnen. A lot sif ('hlne.He dojic, "come nl'HiK«" and leu chains. A doxen kilulM J ' of liilliew aiiy^me if MtrucH dy it w.oulri Ii.»y a man out. There an 1 porch Hllp- , |iers fur eliinln-r«. niunlerinin Innkliik' THE GAZETTE 18 BEING AUDITED. John Cl, I'ttry, of DaveniHu-t. la., r«>i>- 5 WWentlne tin' Audit Hurt-nit of Clrvuht- tlonn of Chicago, l« Hpcnilliu: ;i f«*w at Till* Gnxt'tte office midttinK the knives of all nortrf, •circulation account*- of thin paper- The t>f«l»iK-J»— mctu bin: ju f thf Au 1 1 i t of ('Irouliilinn^^iul mich inem- which 'look foul, in fni-]t, .the .collection is liorrlble to look at. HAMBLOCK'8 BACK FROM WEST. Mr. and Mr*. .Isa-oh llainblo<*k. frtun Mont., are here for a Weck'H Vlnlt at the home of relatlven. Jiave -their IHUMTH audttfd Ju»t the mune AH bunk nu<lllor« audit it bank, j|, BXMpt 'that dally lU'wupajterw are HU- only imt-n a year. ..Mr. Cury IH an ' old Sterling, buy. well Unoun by many hert< anil wan currier hoy and ull around helper in The <;»•/• office yt««r« ago. He left Sterling "uiul'wwii . Dully Tiiw« for The or 17 yearn In the lniHtne«.s office IT SUFFER ^" WITH NEURALGIA Muaterole Gives JCteltcious Comfort f' "yVhen lliosc iharp pain-, go sluiiding through your lu'ad. rtlu-n xour_b]vnji 1 as if it wutiii! S[i!tt7just rub a Jlusteruk' t>n the jrmples anj It draws out tin; i toolhes away ,.tlie J'ain,;ilty giving relief. -, , MustcroU* is n clean, .\vltile n^adc witlt «>il of llctlcr tl|:ttt a nuii»juir<l pbstcr ntul f --dpci not binder, ^ '.Many doctor.* ami nurses, frankly '''ffcotjinicitd Miuilcrcil' i" ir S'>'rc throat, brondiitis, crtnij), s;;:T nock, asthma. r!u-u- H-;i nf l'lofk rfnchi'il Ktr-rlim; tl few whllo l!u- liush;ini| ^ol lii-rc tlii.s aflfrnoon. Mr. Uanililork IM f(n-ohiftn of the mllroad H|IO|IH of llnrvi*. All of (he for<-nifii of tin- (Irrat Nortlif'i'ii met this wocl< ,Ht f Ht. Paul for a m'hool of ttiNtnuiiion "which hi- iittfiiiif-d. The wo«t<<rn' Vl-xltorx It.-fi... Kii»rliiiK a few >'i'iir'« HKO for the weSl .unit .they have been Hiifci-H-sfiil UK they own u half eoc- In tlif who|>« of the railroad i-ornjmny, DAILY WEATHER REPORT. j. Tlu» Chicago weiilhi-r burwui fore- rasr for' today -IH n« • foliowa: <"louAy ami oolil*>r tonight: Frklay, full- <ind LITTLE LOCALS 'Sofia I ilnncp \Voodmnn hall tdnlglit.* Mrs,' |{IIKM>II Ht-ll wt-iit to Chicago Ham Frank n|H«nt Thurstlny In Chicago. Mr*. «', II. Sprinkle went to ChicuKo today. KtrU tlv'fn Harry d(>i»olil iintl lloy 1'hHpH loft \Vf<liic.«duy tor a hunting trip aloiiK tlnj IllimuH ilv«>r. I'V.-d PUHMZ. who WIIH operated on nt tin- .SU-slinK hospital for apix-ndicitiH, in ltnpi'()\-tii>; faf'ldly. ^ Mr. 1 -'.'John Coiifi>y and I'aliy left tht- hdripUal \\<'ilnffid;iy and returned to iln-ir home in Tiiini>lco°. ,M!M,I KHa tl. HtrhnnlM utti<iu|oii the teiiclu-rM 1 institute Thursday which l^ la-Id at Champaign, III. Jf»« Haki-r, li\ SIIK northeast of this city, ran n fork through hist foot whicli rehtilScd in a seriou.s Injury.. Mm tlewirr l>c<>n ( r»«turned to this t'ity ye«t«'|-it«y after un extended...V.I0U in Clwyene, \Vyo,. on l>UHln<*HH. Thomas. Kalb wrolvwl a aerloua scalp wound w'hllo ftt work'at. tlu> wtone on tht» Lincoln* Hlxhwuy. Arthur MofHitttr-yhu— htttt- tnlHfortiine to wprnlh her nnklo some time ago is fcfttliic alonu nicely. Mrw. John K. Adalr left thin mnrnlnK for Chicago to Hjtenil thi-t we«-U end with her purentH, Mr. and Mr«, \V, T, Mr.s. I'Yeexi." and daughter, of Valley, nmdc a uhurt vl«ll -yesterday Chilly Days Call For These Smart> Warm New Coats And what a ranjzre of models, fabrics and prices to choose from"; semi-belted and full belted models, graceful, loose-back designs, semi-fitted types^raglin sleeves, set- in sleeves, lustre worsted, broadcloths, -WQoJ-veIours f bolivias r -si4k-velours—in all popujar Colors. Such a showing as this makes a woman feel that she has a distinction in dress. Call while choice is good— now. Prices range from $12.75 to $65.00. Are you well Supplied with Warm Blankets and Comfortables I licsc t-nsp I'noly ni^iits ninK'p KIM' M-II<| out a ''ii!l i'ur extra Ix-ij rrm'rimjr. 11'-yon arc not "fully" su]»|>lii'<! you'll liihi llii*,.«turv_hilly prcpan-.l to fill ov«»ry in'<'d..' lien- an- gt-wM-otis soft,-Hooey ('niton Blankets, Huosl \Vool Blankets, Fluffy (\mi- furtutiios, Downy Pillow.s—ovorytliin^ i,, nooded s, ;iml n( flio i'airost prioos. to $3.50- * 5 ruth. Mr. .and Mrs. Ward Ktono have returned .from Ida (Jrove, Iu.,' after a two weeks visit with her mother and brother. Uttlo .Mildred 'Monster, of MorrUon. submitted to an operation for appen- the HterllitK hcmpltul Tuesday Captain Frank Wahl left yesterday polntu In that vicinity, on huHlnesa for the Wit hi Miuiufacturlnfc* Co. , Mlws llcv'tha Forhe« went to Cbain- paiyn today <o atttutd the teuchorn* In- itiito UK « rc'prexi'ntatlvo of th« Bter- llttg Tow nnjiip I IlKh school. ' . .r.eiiearifa I and imiiortunt meeting of Fourth 8^ ..vltolr l-Yldny night, 7:45. for Thank»KlvIng concert Sunday ovenins. All triemborn be on Juutd.* Mrs. C. II. "tloeko. Mltmeti tiei;truili» nnd Irono Oookv wont to, Dlxoi! hint Hock riv^r cat Jish. Urns,. IJock Full*.-* atJ8ii>, lt;iulii'Ki»; jmin-j and butk ur jt>iiit«, s|iiaiit»i, K , br::i it-Hi, cliillil Cfii* ftf Hi« -rhfit w»v*rrton«'O. ll wt-»t to Clinton to- Charh-H G day. Al. It. Thackaberry ws-nt to '|''u|ton today. ..,T. , TI-II William «iH>nt Thur«day In Clinton, , - ' • • _ • •llonu* cooking sulo nt (^Khlomun'a iy. Um-oln Military -Chili.* Ml».s IVarl M. l.'loiiKii is vi«itinK In" (Veil j'MNhinan went to from Chicago ..VULCAN COKE (The perfect fuel) jirkei an MlHu Dorothy' JlarkneHH uc 13om^JunFtT'T?fSm"~TjSolc~~to BiTclmTntJT*'!" w«; tl\P t|iiok«> hjunm. IX J', Munii ram«! last night from Chicago fur u «hurt Btny, lio in Btlll In the office uf Colonel Frank Liowdon, and IH c-ngnsed in compiling tht>.(*xaci nf thc'.vot.t' In thi> Htiitv for lln« governtil'. lie IIUM lieeli Ketting the ilgurt** fnun Hie vurlouu county flerks und ItuikH eleven of having tile w«rk conrpletiHl. • U'iinted :~A Imy t*(vteon ye;n-H of a^o or ovt-r, iirigitt, iiite|i|g'.|U ( willing ri> »v«irk ,ind iiu wluii h<« iM-told to tlo the wo'y ho is told to <8u It. If tlu-n- in sueji ti (my ||«. can learn tin- printing UHtJti ih Tho (ttiist'tty wifU'f. and K«HM| lirnuei'H «et lielte'r jmy tfuin nvenigc ;workers.* - . ' . UNDON_NEWS NEW BUNOALO,W. /riit< fogntluiiiHi. IK iH'ihfi laid and' wi.rlf w-ill i!o.»u. lieKin o'n tlui Mathis' lutngulow in the centra'l |»«rt of town. Mr. Mathi* IUIM lioiijjht a lot of. .'\v. II. Hha\v siontli of the l-'ri'iii'h properly, O, E. S, CIRCLE. Tlie Kiixierti Hlaru'irrH' un-t oitl'ri- iliiy (jfienHion at the hiiitie of-Mrx, VV. H Hhaw. Tito ladles :ire wurktiu; on Wool Blankets, priced from ... ,$5.00 to $10,00 Comfortables, priced from $1,50 to $4.50 Bed Pillows, per pair, priced from... .$1.50 to $5.50 The Warmest of the Warm Munsingwear This inakc> tlic twenty fourth season .soiling this, nndcrwoar. \Vo have sol<1 sc\fra! thoiisahil siiit^ lo sovoral thousand peojilc, and now they will wear nothing l»nt .Afnnstng Suits. Jf you have never worn this underwear, it will he to your advantage to come in and examine* tho garnientK, or if you prefer, the matter over with your neighbor. At''.any rate, don't buy your underwear for this winter until'you .see Atiinshi^wt'iir )iif«y Women's Union Suits, priced from 50c to $3.00 Women's Separate Garments, from 25c to $1.50 Children's Union Suits, priced from... ,50c to $1.50 Children's Separate Garments, from..;. :25c to 60c Thanksgiving Linens .CHESTER'S The Hosiery Store of Sterling We have a fine stock of high grade Stockingrs, just This is the time of the year when every woman is replenishing her linen chest for Thanksgiving and winter •entertainment. Despite the great scarcity of table linens this store is wonderfully prepared with most com- fcne tn *ng for cold weather. Fleece lined if ypuVrefer,' prehensive and complete stocks-of table and service lin. heavy plain cottony different Dualities; or jraedium^and ens. The modest prices always maintained in this sec- Hgfit weights. Perhaps you will want the gauze for spe- tion still apply, and the unusual advances so marked in cial occasions. Bright, fast, stainless dyes, many stores are scarcely noticed here. Women's Hose, priced from 25c to $2.00,, •"V-- '"' We Show—" *•"" - - '"' Table Cloths with-Napkins to match in exquisite round and square designs. Luncheon Sets and Doilies, lace trimmed and embroidered. ^ • .Am.inen-anH^Mp.rnfiriaA/i Dajnasks by the Children's Wayne Knit Pony Stockings m different weights* but only one high quality, priced at 25c. | Week-End Bargains Friday and Saturday only ^^M^IierasJitched^Uniojj ^Liiien,_Huck_- Towels r -size 18x34 inches; Friday and Saturday only, at v- many qualities and splendid variety of desiffns L - ^m/ «i u „ ™ , - ,. Guest and regular size Damask and Huck Turkish 12 ^c Bleached Unidn Linen Crash, Friday and Satnr. Bath Towels in an almost endless assortment ' - « *? ? y i * : r x'V" " "•" llc .. v . > » ttSHonraent. One, lot colored Outing Flannel, short 'lengths, limited Novelties m Art Needlework r quantity, regular lOe grade; Friday and Saturday -asar-SB-sassMsj' ^aSMw^rr^is 1 -of Java Eiee Face Powdej, regular 50c size; Friday and to inspect this ,»a U ,i ful Saturday only,,at .,.,,...,..,...,,.:.,.,.,,... ( 19 C K>» ipiist be redeemed on or before December 3kt, 1916 n wtaf, auto{;r.'t|)h null! which. they *-x- pi-ct--lo rini.sii KOOII. The hbi>if*M M-I-Va dainty "tea" and the tiihe was pi*u.i« d in i>. social W;»y. ••••-'• ------------- t. SLIGHT OPERATION, • .Sh,:irjn', of l.feicU. FallM. hud a toothpick, 'linij,;t' i *(i.i his. throat twelve 'iid' it 4'«'-w days ajjn a stur- rii- ( hi* frtrfiKii KtibBtairf'r-, IH U' h li._lln ti'ii.r-^l Mr. isnarpv. ,\l'r list-.! lo,hv.' in l.yndi'ii, .lii ; ,b.e- TURKEYS STOLEN.' A't-ttiiir- Siuuh !i,»<S a nmnU-i. ,,f tur- t ill. Ills Lif-JII JSUIIfl.iy. liH;lit, ^« v, raj Dili, r l : -,(lut!ii--. IKHII; lieaj- Lj'r,- H tf\\ WeeK. ,,ieM,i.i «tij., )( id ||,,. SCHOOL PLAY LATER. ittf U' delay in, ^tlu." , io\yn 'h;iil • li In ylVe tip lilt- )»1.'IJ lll.ltll I.Uei. ji, ( ||H Ih-.the .Hli.iey ,,, ttw ,,ul Thcodu.o KMKK. who has been living in' Mr* <,'.id.\'s lnm-,e v. Ill lno\e ti) I h HEADING CIRCLr MET. *ri|i-^d:i..W i.\ t'lnnt; .iTI-tlie Itoine • o.l' .\h;,.i !'..<-;. \V,i>l> -tloUjnul" -1^ tl],.- n< w .-(i-iii.S, Alr> (ii, ,.,ji, v. jViK i-!,.>-.,n 'h- t.l- «'!'. • • MISSIONARY SOCIETY. si 'An .HIMn,'. ijw,'|>r<'f,r-ii" W.IM LECTURED HERE. j Mr. a.,,1 Mrs. Frank Hnuih, of |>,:,",. ". i ('. lU-rry, who i.s making u • wert- l.yndou c-illcrs ..Sun'.i;i,v. n-y a liM-liiter. iti' -liVfn-d un :u!- r i lill.' \VlialUm, vvlio l!.-|fs Ticr-ii IM fol" :<( I l-i. ,\|elli»ih.~t .eiiiii;»;ii Th'urs-'| two W'.'>' : i<tt. jrf rep''>rii-d i»<r In-JU-i,. Mr. i'l-riA |-. i %'«• his ill-fit' hi'Sure, Clyde Boweil aijd Kll'iier W.;irdl!er" "!Titanr7Tia^"iri'>~"t>-rr"'-u-i y~iii'i|^Ti"~;ir T l>i'tttF. "ji"""l>n"- : iTi"i'i" ! "- ; V"".tvip' in 'Ch'ira^o lit-a" '•••!{<'>'. iff. 1-S (idi.iii. ' " - J - ; Mu.y I'.iui'' l>.i-ltilii.'ist;i'. is :i! t« miiiir. .mil ,Mr>_ i|4 \t Uiu? MvKi'dxle', of <ier»iiun M-h,..-i at ,Mt. r!tH-:inl, in-Hit- M| Mr : f:•(•; < -hivi•» i'-u. ' • -j I'"',riU:ii i,:|Ii,\vi'!u, a.-i .-|.i-i,i Aithiii'- ,-;\sr.i!t. ii r, m-'Vi-i hi > l';iui-rU'i-i'di!'iti-.. . . ' / DR. F. W. 8ROORICK ' Fracfic* «,United to EYE, EAR, NQSr «nd THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Houra: 9. to 12 «k. ja.; 2 to 4:?0 p.,ia. Fifth Floor ;4wr$&«" r pld* " Ml. Both |.»r Philip ATTORNEY AT LAW - 411-414

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