The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 9, 1983 · 41
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 41

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1983
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FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9 1983PART Jul PAGE IS Coo Andes Zlimee BEARS Continued from First Page with the thick hair and the still-boyishly freckled face In days gone by between 1962-1971 Gruneisen spent considerable time in the middle of that field And how he got there is somewhat representative of the way he has gone through life Gruneisen played his collegiate football at Villanova which has never been known to produce many NFL-caliber athletes He played quarterback as a freshman and tight end and linebacker for the varisty The Chargers regarded him so highly that they picked on the 25th and 28th rounds "I was happy to be picked" Gruneisen said Thursday "and I never felt I had to back up to the pay window once I got here I started 10 years in a row Sid Gillman just didn't know how to got rid of me He'd tell me how lousy I was andlo out and draft a rookie center and I'd always be the one who started" Center? That's right Center And that is part of Gruneisen's story He played just about everywhere at some stage of his career or another "I was a pretty natural athlete" he said "I never cared where I played just so I was out on the field You might say I was a bad benchwarmer" Gruneisen grew up in a German settlement in Louisville He learned the work ethic in that tightly-knit community from parents who would not tolerate less than total commitment to whatever task was at hand "They encouraged interest in music and art and athletics" he said "They were sticklers for effort" His only regret seemingly is that everyone in the family played the piano but him Gruneisen went to St Xavier High School a private school which turned out state athletic championships with a regularity disproportionate to its all-male enrollment of 600 to 700 "We had great athletic teams and great academics" he said "We had many many National Merit Scholars It was very well-rounded and what it developed was a much better self-image It gave you a chance to succeed" Gruneisen was a 5-9165-guard in football much too small to attract the interest of nearby Big 10 or Southeastern Conference universities He went to' Villanova on a footballbaseballacademics scholarship When the quarterbacks on the freshman team went dovn with injuries Gruneisen moved from guard to quarterback "I was the only one who knew all the plays" he said "and the freshman team only played three games" Gruneisen who was to get his degree in mathematics was to be a late bloomer He grew four inches and 50 pounds between his junior and senior years in college Thus the late bloomer was to become a late draft choice By now Gruneisen was obviously inclined more to being positive than optimistic Life was not a fantasy emerging from hope but rather a reality forged by effort And Sam Gruneisen was to become a part of some extremely talented Charger teams through the mid-60s The 1963 team remains the one and only Charger team to win an American Football League—or Conference —championship "We had some darn good talent" he said "We had a lot of great players who could do a lot of different things and we took advantage of those skills" And it was a family just like back in Louisville's German settlement "Sid Gillman was like a father image for a lot of us" Gruneisen said "I think 25 of us made the team in 1962 and 1963" The family was so thorough that there were even grandchildren Gruneisen said his sons—Scott a sophomore at Diablo Valley Junior College and Steve a freshman at the University of Arizona—spent their toddling days around the Gillman Chargers "Every Saturday" Gruneisen said "Sid wanted the kids at practice He took care of them He made sure they had Cokes and Popsicle& He was like a grandfather to them" That was very much a different side of Sid Gillman who is more frequently described as raspy and gruff It was a side Gruneisen appreciated "I'm happy the boys had a chance to be around the Chargers" he said "It gave them a good perspective on playing sports They could see that winning and losing was part of it but they could also see that growing up and learning how to handle it was important They got involved in seeing the total picture not just the actual playing and the glamour" Scott is a center naturally at Diablo Valley Steve made the golf team at Arizona as a walk-on and that's no surprise either Pappa Gruneisen is listed as a four-handicapper in the Cal media guide though he argues that his game is suffering these days Gruneisen got back into football because of his sons working as a volunteer assistant at Granite Hills High when the boys were in school He later worked a year as an assistant at Grossmont College In the meantime he was managing the Windmill Farms chain He still maintains an ownership in the El Cajon store "The grocery business" he said "is very much like playing football You're involved in game preparation the ad plan It hits and game day arrives The four quarters are Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday You start all over on Monday" But football was in his blood Joe Kapp had gotten the job at Cal after the 1981 season and he wariled Gruneisen And now he conceded maybe he is a little bit the father figure Sid Gillman had been to him "My own children are 19 and 20" he said "I've been there myself I know it's not all roses They have a lot of demands on their time a lot of pressure It's almost a full-time job for them whether they're at Cal San Diego State Harvard or Nebraska" Not ALL roses? There have been no roses—or at least no Rose Bowl—for Cal for quite some time And Sam Gruneisen is not optimistic the Bears will get there Not Sam He KNOWS they'll get there 1-MEN-WOMEN- OFFERS AN INTENSIVE 10DAY TRAINING PROGRAM DESIGNEO TO TRAIN DIRECT AND PREPARE YOU FOR A POTENTIAL CAREER AS A STUNTMAN OR STUNTWOMAN ALL STUNTS TAUGHT BY HIGHLY QUALIFIED WORKING PROFESSIONAL STUNTMEN SMALL CLASSES VIDEO TAPING INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION SECLUDED RANCH SETTING BROCHURE-FOR INFORMATION PHONE 213-889-M1 MOTION PICTURE AND TELEVISION STUNT ACADEMY PO BOX 3006 AGOURA CA 91302 -NEXT COURSE STARTS NOV 10-LIMITED ENROLLMENT DON'T MISS THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! 54 Hours Your weekends are precious so use this invaluable source for ideas on where to go and what to do Thursdays in the Times View section REATEsTsEucTomiz Dat4too neAffir :-:1ZIOWIPROCRaEltrialtiOLAVI ' FICI HPLA22 CONCOR CONCORICr DIGITAL QUARTZ AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH DOLBY" NR AND 5" FULL RANGE rol-'1 SPEAKERS PIPS151 12 WATTSCHANNEL DIGITAL AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH DOLBV B NR & 1 0-STATION PRESETS AND 5" FULL RANGE SPEAKERS HPS-151 re" —et MA I 0 AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH AUTO REVERSE AND 5—STATION PRESETS WITH 512" FLUSH MOUNT ZsdirtAlt SPEAKERSFq1' v302A (°AYi"-I't A 15 EtA Sri 1 LIS 151921 1640 ARAN- TEED PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION DeCONCORIT 12 WATTSCHANNEL AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH DOLBY B NOISE REDUCTION AND 5" FULL RANGE SPEAKERS AtellebHPS-1 51 LLH1:'5sbi2com9p091striom A 0 SANYO 912 WATTSCHANNEL AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH AUTO REVERSE AND DOLBY NR WITH 612 " FULL RANGE CAR SPEAKER e4': AUCYCIV°X AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH 6 X 9INCH SPEAKER t I ID-6910 1 lit 09 11 An (1 11 tiftlitiRAWGIVz9 I 305 AVX-3400 KEN WOOD AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH 5-STATION PRESETS AND AUTO REVERSE AND 5" 2-WAY DOOR MOUNT SPEAI(RSJt OVA t 1mkrrn78-0111r111 creA 1 a AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH DOLBY NR AND MUSIC SEARCH AND 612" FLUSH-MOUNT CAR SPEAKERS SP-7160S Li SANYO AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH AUTO REVERSE AND DOLRY'' NR PWS SANYO WITH SANYO 612 " FULL RANGE CAR SPEAKERS KP-1 500 iImmimo SP700 PIONE Ppm IoN cc-11 r—vt Jr- Fek i 7k AMFM CASSETTE CAR PIONCER I STiiiiii iiiiiITIUSIC AMFM CASSETTE I SEARCH AND AUTO EJECT CAR STEREO WITH I PLUS 4" DOOR MOUNT 6 x 9" MAXXIALTM REAR DECK MOUNT DUAL-CONE '41 n lis il—i17-ittl 1 CAR SPEAKERS I visit --- cr: livi 14710 SPEAKERS --4 no to Inn )J TS-6903 oprosto"Titjkl - 1) -4- 1k e CONW-1111!-mc-MO: etiA1 leite°Alil 411111111111) 0 10 6 9 r & 1 flACII KP2205TS106 WITH PUHICHASI OF ANY SANYO CAR SPEAKERS s1111 crit I PIONEER AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH AUTO REVERSE AND 612" 2-WAY DOOR MOUNT SPEAKERS 1641r1ST1141 ST 1614 1111101141PtligIUMMI KP4205 CEIRI STEMS PACE 612" COAXIAL OR 6" x 9" COAXIAL SPEAKERS SK6090T SK1040T YOUR CHOICE 88 A PAIR Ci) SAIR3Y0 HA SANYO AMFM CASSETTE CAR STEREO WITH PUSHBUTTON SANYO TUNING WITH 612 " FULL RANGE AMFM CASSETTE CAR - 4047 CAR SPEAKER STEREO 41"k :4:4-'': tit -e WIST SP100 DL UJIDIOVCDS1 JENSEN 6" x 9" DUAL CONE CAR SPEAKERS J1393 29 PAIR KAC104 TRYVOX I 5 VISONIK 20 WATTSCHANNEL 7-BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZERAMPLIFIER 91 tc' JcIL(E' AD EFFECTIVE THROUGH 9PM THUDS 915111 CoOrlaht 19 631 th0 kodetoted Gtoup KEN WOOD KEN WOOD 4 WATTSCHANNEL CAR POWER AMPLIFIER Rib° 9288 KIIC2100 $249 1 KFC120 LE BEST BUY! 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