The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 6, 1983 · 40
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 40

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1983
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Coe Melee Chute Carroll Righter More Films Identified in TV Studio Librarian's Cache 4 Part 11Saturday August 6 1983 Astrological Forecast Saturday Aug 8 Aries (March 21 to April 19) Handle fundamental affairs well and get your house in order as you wish it to be Invite friends into your home Taunts (April 20 to May 20) Fine day for running errands doing marketing shopping and later you can visit with good friends or relatives Gemini ( May 21 to June 21) Come to right decisions about spending money for good purposes and to improve the value of your property Moon Children (June 22 to July 21) Sit down and figure out how to get your affairs in better order and how you can earn more money Leo (July 22 to Aug 21) Good day to contact good friends and new acquaintances and exchange good ideas with them Drive carefully today Virgo (Aug 22 to SepL 22) Get those outside tasks done so that you need no longer worry about them Later plan how to make influential friends Libra (SepL 23 to OcL 22) Good day to get out and gain the data you need or to make worthwhile new contacts Use tact in communications Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 21) Good day to plan your recreation wisely for today and in the future and count the cost well Do necessary chores Sagittarius ( Nov 22 to Dec 21) Give your attention to family and home today and establish greater harmony there Socialize with friends Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 20) If you show more interest in others and their welfare you gain good will and make good friends Aquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19) You have much work to do today so get it done efficiently Ask advice of partners to get things done more quickly Pisces (Feb 20 to March 20) A fine day for getting your talents perfected and profiting from them in the outside world Please a loved one If Your Child Is Born 'lodes he or she will know just what is needed in order to be a success in life but has to stop being so emotional and be more objective in order to get the right results Give as fine an education as you can afford 237 Million Catholics Make LA Archdiocese the Largest in Nation By JOHN DART Times Religion Writer The Los Angeles archdiocese 237 million Roman Catholics strong in three counties has overtaken the Chicago archdiocese as the largest in the United States a spokesman for the Official Catholic Directory said Friday Aided by the large influx of Latinos into Southern California the Los Angeles archdiocese has been showing yearly gains in parish rolls since the mid-1970s Chicago however has shown at least two years of decline in Catholic population The Chicago archdiocese which had been the leader since 1939 reported a decrease of 8295 Catholics last year and Los Angeles showed an increase of 66440 The Los Angeles archdiocese which includes Los Angeles Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is 4157 ahead of Chicago's total of 2365843 In church influence nationally however the Los Angeles archdiocese has not generally carried the weight or signaled trends that would seem to be in keeping with its size Although Cardinal James F McIntyre was a strongly conservative force to reckon with in the US church before his retirement in 1970 his successor Cardinal Timothy Manning has not been tapped for many leadership roles outside the archdiocese Mission Outpost Image Manning did not take exception to a news conference question in March about the Los Angeles archdiocese's self-image as a mission outpost rather than as a major American urban archdiocese "The church always has a mission" he said After attending a meeting at the Vatican last April of the Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of which he is a member the Irish-born Manning wrote his reflections "on returning to this very rim of Christendom" A point of pride for Manning who has referred self - effacingly to himself as a "timid bishop" and "aging prelate" ( he is 73 ) has been the church's attempt to minister to the multilingual multicultural Catholic population in a metropolis he described as a "new Ellis Island" The New York archdiocese would have the most Catholics if Brooklyn were not a separate diocese Boston is the third largest archdiocese in the country with 193 million Catholics followed by New York with 184 million and Detroit with 145 million The 1983 Official Catholic Directory published by P J Kenedy and Sons New York said there are 52088744 Catholics in the United States an increase over last year of 881165 Director Demands Hearing Before 'Twilight Zone' Trial From a Times Staff Writer Film director John Landis on Friday demanded a preliminary hearing to rebut charges of involuntary manslaughter He and three others face trial on manslaughter counts in the deaths of actor Vic Morrow and two children on the set of the movie "Twilight Zone" Landis was indicted in June by the Los Angeles County Grand Jury along with associate producer George Folsey Jr production manager Dan Allingham helicopter pilot Dorcey Wing° and special effects director Paul Stewart Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald M George said that on Sept 14 he will pick a date for a hearing to start in Municipal Court There the district attorney's office will have to convince a magistrate that there is a strong suspicion that Landis and the others are guilty if the magistrate is to order them to stand trial in Superior Court At the preliminary hearing attorneys for the accused will have an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence in their own behalf At the grand jury hearing which led to their indictment evidence was presented only by the district attorney's office Home of LA's 2nd best chih bar-bl ribs rated among the best in LA" You Magazine "Probably has the largest selection of imported beers in LA" Buddy Hooey Herald Examiner tet10W ME 111171-1- 11°11 Iloggs g41 Coss Ili WI-Ott 420 654491 RESTAURANT & BAR OPEN FOR BREAKFAST 5 AM-2 AM 7 DAYS A WEEK ALL ORDERS AVAILABLE FOR TAKE OUT p Lc 1 1 I NOVELIII WWI elf-Ts JNIS" d OYSTER 1141 lots? COMM WE SOW Bud Paloikficholob ouR owl irriaHaary Weinherd AU NOT Privais Boum ED BEER Imported Bass Ida AND WIN AVAILAD 10Englrd) Haraim: EON land) Harp TME-IX Lager (Ire rand) VP WATCH THE FLAGS! I GAMES POOL VIDEO ARCADE T-SHIRTS NOVELTIES GIFTS OYSTER BAR COCKTAILS WE SOUEEZE OUR OWNI AU BOTTLED BEERS AND WINES AVAILABLE FOR TAKE-OUTI FREE PAholiNd By DALE POLLOCK Times Staff Writer Film historians working with district attorney's investigators in a dusty warehouse bin identified more of Hollywood's lost movie treasures Friday in a cache seized from a studio vault librarian Among the films recognized by Ron Haver head of the film department for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and two associates were rare original 35-millimeter color versions of several Errol Flynn movies a 1933 horror film believed to have disappeared in 1969 footage of silent-film star Fatty Arbuckle a wardrobe test for Humphrey Bogart filmed in 1956 and film of the 1939 Academy Awards The film was seized last week from Columbia Pictures Television film librarian Merle Ray Harlin 59 who is under investigation by the district attorney's office for grand theft or for receiving stolen property or for both spokesman Al Albergate said Thomas H Russell the attorney representing Harlin said Friday: "Ray Harlin is a film enthusiast and a collector not a film pirate There's no indication of theft here and nothing was ever taken without the consent of the studios involved" Before joining Columbia three years ago Harlin worked for Warner Bros and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 'War Surplus' Films Spokesmen for Columbia Pictures Warner Bros and MGMUA Entertainment said their studios had never given permission for entire movies to be taken from the studio vaults Russell described most of the footage in Harlin's collection as "war surplus" and added "The studios have a long history of throwing stuff away and then deciding 20 years later that they made a mistake" Haver said that much of Harlin's collection consisted of 16-millimeter prints of films usually versions edited for television "It's not the major find we all hoped it would be" Haver said "Apparently Harlin is not the mystery collector I thought he was" Haver said he plans to return Monday and Tuesday to the Bekins storage facility in Hollywood where the 1200 cans of film seized from Harlin are being kept "I don't think we'll turn up anything more that's phenomenal" Haver said "Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any more footage there from 'A Star Is Born'" There was great excitement in film circles when Haver found among Harlin's collection four of the missing 30 minutes from the 1954 Judy Garland musical Ii PORNO FILM: Deaths Continued from First Page In July 1977 Douglas was arrested at gunpoint in a remote desert area in San Bernardino County by two undercover Orange County policewomen who were posing as "models" who had been hired for the filming of a movie Douglas' defense was that he was never serious about killing the women In rendering his 1978 decision to give Douglas credit for time served and set him free Santa Ana Superior Court Judge Mason Fenton said he did not think any jury would be able to reach a decision as to whether Doug le actually intended to murder the two women After the first trial one juror said it was an impossible task to decide the Douglas case because the jury was asked to "look inside a man's head" HOME OWNERS: And busimssmon tool Shinier out crime and high energy bills with our shutter sye teml Goad livi colorful xforior "ROLL SHUTTERS" Si controlled inside provide security sdiustabte sheds and drastically sla1410 110111hg & alt womwoommlie 1 conditioning onto! CaN 1--- ---------1 :::::i PG) 7013096 (collect ----- ----------- from a toll wool for -------- i'ili FREE mailed 4 color -—-'" 0 foldw with incredible 7r ::::ii &WWI Or writelwire 7777 ENERGY SHIELD ine 1235 Corbin Canoga Port CA 91306 P 111 4 ton 1 - 0 SO DIFFERENT STYLES OF I DUNK BEDS IN STOCKI MART I tw tel Sunday August 28 Riverside International Raceway MIMEO IRS CHEST AMMO DESK (NOT SHOWN) IA OWOSSO EA PC '00 A smashing pair of chairs in rust or beige velvet for what you'd expect to pay for one chair of such quality Button-tufted back Reversible seat cushion 100111 MOIRE that Warner Bros recently spent $40000 restoring to its original form Haver had hoped to find more footage that could be inserted into the new version of the movie which Warner Bros is re-releasing to theaters this fall Harlin's attorney said he and his client gave the "Star Is Born" footage to the district attorney's office voluntarily "I will make no comment about where it came from" Russell said Haver said he is "very excited" about some of the other discoveries made Friday after he archivist Don Woodruff and editor Craig Holt went through 300 of the 1200 film cans Among the films unearthed were early Technicolor 'versions of Errol Flynn's "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" the latter co-starring Bette Davis These were filmed in a pioneering two-color method that preceded the full range of colors used in films beginning in 1940 Other Flynn movies recovered include "Virginia City" and "Objective Burma" Haver said he also At the same and only location since Irf iLt I 353-L 2011-LU r 0 bx 3 LA'S LARGEST SELECTION AmER176STIC ALL WOOD Starting at: Salim Prices - YOUR CHOICE: IL i ri 1 VALLEY MATTRESS‘ tAYCiIi8752iO7Ti17656451 ' BBLINKIED 6875 Beck Ave:: North Hollywood fr LANKERSHIM AND TUJUNGA NORTH OF VANOWEN BETWEEN IlitE DAILY 0:0010 SAT 94 SUN 124 Bunk Beds all wood sir Name Brand Mattresses set '88" Chest Beds '99" Trundle Beds 949" Hi Riser ft Mattresses 959" 1:221 1 WAREHOUSE SAVINGS ON VISA ALL MATTRESS SET& 1-4!?1:)' 4 'j LE LE LE LE LE f'ZIJIILDEN OUNKED On LE PAIR-OF-CHAIRS 2 foes149 $99 each 'The furniture at discount forked Nimummimmoof ANAHEIM 220 North Beach Blvd SANTA MONICA 1234 Wilshire Blvd COVINA 1166 North Azusa THOUSAND OAKS 419 Thousand Oaks Blvd Prompt Delivery and Set-Up at No Charge EXPERT CLEANING-REPAIRING- REWEAVING-APPRAISALS SPECIAL PURCHASE! Buy one Design Markette Director's Set of 72 broad nib markers—get one 72-color Fine Point Set FREE! $2521X) value for $12600 KOPYRITE OPAQUE PROJECTOR Reg $22450 Now $17900 Enlarges up to 4X when attached to drawing table up to I6X swiveled Accepts 6x6 copy Our most popular projector may be used in semi-darkened room MILANO ART CABINETS Practical steel cabinets in white red or black with Italian-design flair 3-Drawer Cabinet: Reg $13000 $10400 4-Drawer Cabinet: Reg $14950 $11960 Caster Dolly: Reg $ 3000 S 2400 2404 white laminate plastic makes a neat desk $4000 Net :Dad& Is Caw Everything for the Artist Architect Draftsman & Engineer Books on the Fine Arts 9-5 Saturdays 9-5:30 Weekdays 2543 WEST SIXTH STREET LOS ANGELES (213) 387- 1211 1844 INDIA STREET SAN DIEGO (619) 232-6601 Free Parking identified prints of "Calamity Jane" starring Doris Day rare outtakes of actor James Dean in his final film "Giant" and several vintage cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig Two rare films Haver identified were "Dr X" a 1932 movie starring Fay Wray and a 1933 Wray film "Mystery of the Wax Museum" which was believed to have disappeared in 1969 While copies of these films are occasionally shown on television they are usually black-and-white versions that have been edited Haver said some of the film prints he examined from Harlin's collection are original nitrate master copies which were replaced decades ago by safety film because of the danger of nitrate footage exploding or catching fire when exposed to heat "You could make gorgeous copies from them" Haver said "They are of incalculable value historically and on the film black market they would be worth several thousand dollars apiece" 1905 The source for excellence in Oriental Rugs ORIENTAL RUGS for SALE JH Minassian & Co has a reputation for excellence that goes back over 78 years Our prices are always competitive and often below our competitors for comparable quality Yet we continue to offer only the finest carpets in the world to our valued customers Come in and inspect one of America's most extensive and authentic collections of new old rare and antique rugs Every color size and description is available 401 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles 90020 Private parking Monday thru Saturday 9 to 5 I H Minassian 4St Co CALL 213383-1397 2I 7 -cPC z' le V 3 ' 4 4114' t111 I ' Beautiful Agfa lupe Magnifies 8X lust a small part of our great magnifier collection $495 r- Coromandel ' 1 1-4-1- 1--I-1 I Carved - Chest 4 ---- China rs g AI 1 IIIIIII— ' from 1 Pi 50 '-'1111- I e I OFF ' 410 — ll e ' A 0 o ( ‘ IC 76 IL ll 41 Curio - el - ' Cabinet made IT dol! 0 I from Rosewood L "Z-d III and Teak Start at 8750" SUN 12 to 5 Z a 1: t'i a E - i Mon thal Sat 10 AM-5 PM e PETER'S CHINA ART FURNITURE 3106 WILSHIRE BLVD LOS ANGEL ES 487-4770 796-8448 646 E COLORADO BLVD PASADENA SALE! 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