The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 10, 1983 · 77
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 77

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1983
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floa Angeles Stone R Friday June 10 1983Part VI 9 MOVIE REVIEW 'OCTOPUSSY' FULFILLS THE 007 FORMULA By KEVIN THOMAS Times Staff Writer In the seven-minute pre-credit sequence of "Octo-pussy" James Bond (Roger Moore) is at a horse show apparently in Cuba where his disguise as a military officer is suddenly unmasked No matter As his curvaceous aide provides a diversion he overwhelms his captors leaps aboard the horse trailer she is hauling and yanks aside a fake horse to reveal a tiny jet plane in which he makes his getaway— but not before blowing up some sort of weapons installation and escaping through the closing doors of a hangar Running out of fuel he pulls up to a gas station and says "Fill 'er up!" None of this has anything to do with what follows the credits but it does lei us Know that 007 after 21 years and 12 previous installments can still cut it At the same time "Octopussy" proves to be business as usual no better and no worse than most of its predecessors After all this time it's amazing that the same old formula still plays: the gadgetry gorgeous girls travelogue locales and the shameless double-enters dres— in this instance octo-entendres This time out a zealous Soviet general (Steven Berkoff) has hatched a diabolical scheme to force Western Europe to surrender to the USSR Mixed up with Berkoff in ways that become increasingly difficult to unravel (while it also becomes increasingly obvious that it's not all that important to do so) are the ace ( WESTWOODVIUIGD ( HOLLYWOOD BLVD ) KK rasa SPSS1 tuswss VILLAGE hasmmiii Jggggggggggg U1 frurtta 1?:OO Z:00 CHINESE TtAMN HAOJIilttOO 200-5576 4 00 SO0 0 15 K 215 IffiftE jjoS?" iSiS-' tttt MgjUOIWIjwwWjg 404-6111 7" tonNtPMtM him VtJtdiM FfM Pn Mr Ml So BRUIN itAtm nas(ji?3o 300 lAKSpnwmPtMtomlMnMonirty Sf'KS 5:30M6-ta5-tt W 206-8996 Sorry No Pmw CHINESE (USWUWI) MO uicctuih oattHMiM 4:30-1:30-1:30-10:30-12:15 WESTWD raoraiNi 4M-I111 thv 1250 tor mmw scm Wf 65 '? 300 5 30 SOOkMO VlMMFrMft) V Blo 206-7864 Tony 1250 lor shows bl Sow fMf St— mmtmntkti3iitm only WESTWD MMMMtwAY NOLLVWD S?8t 12 30 2 30 4 30 6 30 430 1714 Hhwd In 3-01 gt— iTBRIM) 206-7664 130-1?:15Sorry Ho Ham 463-9371 tt:3O-2:10-4:301:30-:3O-1036 WESTWD rm hum ciass(W) KHSnto 1:45-4:30-7 30-10:15 iQSUEmAII WTTl 1WO H4MSII) 12:15 206-7564 ToMy g5Q lor Snows bl box 0W(Jvi2:154:15 l:15-:1S-1ft-tt:15 MrHT 4626621 Sony Mo Pum REGENT imt in yomjii MvtUMH mmMHm M6krMa 12:45-3:15-5:30-8:00-10:15 J£ 266-3259 Sony No hum FOX "W 2:30-6:30-1050 Today 52 50 lor -hows dot 5pm HMMyoO 46 MH l 12:30-4:30 t30 STTii 463-2164 Todiy 6250 Mr Itawo bol Sea rlAZA mm win two mmbiij JcW ( BEVERLY HILLS ttEp ( TORRANCE ) ?K'g££M 682-1330 Todiy I2J0 Mr Mwpm Mt 6mi OLD TOWNE sroaMTio8)i23o r nnru rmrf A JW°S!r- V BEACH cities J 371-1221 Todiy 6250 Mr shows bof Son OLD TOWNE mmiominj miR3SESo rlMOH'tfttfiw 1:15-5:30-9:45 nimrm 8:30-8:30-1030 371-1221 jgggl 5-7:30 640-1075 Tcy $250 for thowt M 6pr Totay IZ50 Hf ihowu bw 6pw aaa mm - OLD TOWNE MxiwrrTwo gSfiS iwb SoTso tSWOIIThome MMMII) 12:45-2:45 rSersZ STtoPlMOO 371-1221 4:45 6:4545-M6 640-1075 Todiy 1250 jjgfiiilgg Today $2 50 fw shows bul 8pn BS55 5 OLD T0WS1E riumriMBit Sk!? "Tts'ti MOOHtta 12 30 3 00 S 30 8 00 KJ30 taoscflM 7 :45-tt6ony Mo PtMM 371-1221 Sony No PaaoM 640-1075 Today 1250 (or tnowo bof to Todiy 52 50 Mr shows bor ton ni is rnuiMc "ANN 0 "AtAAM(r) OLD TOWNE STUiMOUIIII SasMvoMil 12:45 -3:15 -5:45-6:15 -1046 MHO mm 3:45-7:45 ffgmm Sorry No PaMM 371-1221 66 MTtonil) 1:45 5:45-9:45 640-1075 Todiy 6250 Mr Mowo M 6pm Today $2 50 lor shows bof 5pm jj7- AS n TAuiyr MMUIIl O Rrcnaro wn OLD TOWNE TOOISi(6)2:00-7:15 SomMM it ItUTmiMJI) TM0O H'th-rmSOPfJrS O0IQl4:15-9:30 M-o 12:46-3Kn-5:15-7:30-ft4i 371-1221 Toaoy 3250 lor -hows bol 6p 640-1075 Tldoy $250 Mr showo bof Mm C psadena6LENPaTQ "S WSlSSih1! '1i6MM'ri?g (SAN FERNANDO VALLEY) MANN iVM 014612:45 4:15-7:50 VALLEY WSTjOMTWM MCI6(NJ 417 N Bo-mo OAM9MUTIII M VBfrullA 3:10-7:15 351-9641 2:25-5:55-9:36 966-1300 PO11MMP6)t00-&O6-6:16 Todiy 6250 Mr shows bol 6pm Todiy 6280 Mr mmn hi 6f MANN man wm TWO mmkiii VALLEY WST mm mmmifo) 417 N Rossm'd 1:00 3:05-5:00-7:05-9: K) W32 VINTUdA 1:25-5:46- taOS 351-9641 Today 12 50 tor shows boltpm 966-1300 0M01 AM 66HI6WUHI) ipaiicmw 3a5-7:46Tdiy 6250 Mr jMjjM B jp tOBECoto 5:30-8X3-KhUNoPUMl SSity!!81 "'SS'CS'Kl 796-3191 Today 6250 tor shows bol 6pm — — - 966-1300 0:30-6:30-10:30 STATE 6MAWSSI6) Todiy 6230 Mr djMMjgJg 58 SPP1 Ta ALEX nA66MPuosi6) " ggaPigglg-g 2M N Omd 5:30 8:00-10: 15No Passts Today 3250 Mr llOWO 104 6pm Vg4TC50'"'owN VALLEY WST manwitntwo 6LENDALF hasoamoiii "tcvommA mamip) 12x0-2x0 asiS &"Tii4 S-Wl 4xo6W-ioxo 241-4177 Tony 62 50 for shows bol 6m Sorry No Plllll BLENDALE Todiy KM Mr ihiwi bH 6mi 122 S Brand MAN WITH TWO HUKII1 VALLEY WST Of OfTVOfTI SI 241 4177 5 i07 30930 6B WWA 230 6 15-10x6 C SANTA MONICA ) uRliltt WILSHiRE T00TWIP8) 766-6311 !OPSB-Sa3a()7:5 ?1S(? 5-60S Todiy 1250 Mr showi MM 6ms 451-4377 Todiy 6250 for shows ml 6pm - — uiii cuint STUDIO man wm two maaxi j ij WILSHIRE liMbW MHKjK Pi5': nmVmL 8X0-6X0- 10x6 STrmg! Todoy 8250 Mr show! bof 6pm C THOUSAND OAKS ) £Z 'SS CONEJO FUSMjAMail) Todiy 1250 Mr owi bol 6pm 530-7:30-9:30Todiy FOX I01WI OJ06ni7 605495 760 12 50 lor shows bol 6pm CANMA PARK WOUJ ACCOMOM CMEjOTIAM46PIAa145 TTodl 12 50 CTi 8pm TfmHiX C breavuhabra"") V ) IAEA PLAZA FusMiAMqii) 332-0050 1250 W 8pm REA PLAZA OaOPMiSYIPOJ FOXCOVINA raADNispiAasii) iTiSIWS JIINjoss 5:30-8:00- 1015Mo Passss v O M tor rmS 332-0050 Todiy 6250 for shows bof pm Todiy wM Mr MMwi aw Mmi FOXCOVINA MANWTTNTWO fStfS WAMAMBIPBI X0 211 HAM MIAMS()5:15-7:15-915 WT5M0 mTSViom 332-0050 Today 12 50 lor shows oof 6pm 7M'5-W KXimHtS'm C OXNARDVENTURA ) BREAPIJlA m)£ ESPLANADE mow oitiits-sao tTsm? ""Tisotio MANN 5:25-7:30-9:35Ho Passts Todty 62J6 Mr OMW1 MM 6m 806 270 7 12 50 lor shows bof 8pm TSuTSShSSTSS ESPLANADE -wrrilwo C UPLANDONTARIO J MANN MA6ISI4X0-8X0 HAHH 1 - - 905465-2707 jMSlll TOKS Todav12 50lorsllows iS'6om 14962-7861 96 NTIOITII) 3:46-7:46 'W"1 Todoy C53 for llrlbl6pil ESPLANADE nutwto piAasiii mimh i tonaMi wmm MAhK 12:30 -2:40 -4:50-7:00-lS 2 7 tttmtuSft(E£ii 805485-2707 Sorry No PtMM TiSS&iLVSSliiSx'Sti Today 62 50 lot shows bol 6pm 7M8K"7?l?8l1ffl LfflJS"2 ucmt TtiiiM Today IZoo Mr Omni MM 6m VENT TWIR "f? 1POMT(PM e644-7776 MtoSSlSZ 51 gjg NT TWIN WAMIIJO 4 NAAWjPOllXO-S:- f VALENCIANEWHALL 1 C SIMI VALLEY ) KAUGUSCANYON COUNTRY) mamm V MANN D MaryMBjJ (2:30-3X0 vW6 42a VALENCIA 12 45 3 00 5 15 7 30 9-45 — 605255-3966 12 50 lor shows brl 6pm MANN 6 WANAMB(P9)t2:16-2:40 MANN 6 Xn5te! yAtENUA 5:00 7:l5-9:MMo Patsos — 605255-3966 1250 lor shows bof pm MANN 6 HASM6ANOI(l1X0-3XO-7X0 B 5:A 805255-3966 12 50 lor shows bH 6pm MANN 6 MOmUIPfll MANN 6 man wm two66iamjij SoSrn HViSS VALEMCIA 1:45-5:46-9:46 2 50 for showi bof 6m 605255-3966 MY 1106(6)3:46-7:46 -J 12 50 lor shows bof 6pm MANN6 MJM WtTI TWO MTAAsHjl) SIftW 6f!!? fViaH!! 3 606583-0711 MY 19106(6)1:46-5:46 ISBSLUm TOTOiSi "'' MANN 6 OaOWSY (09)1215-2:45 55LSo 12:15307ll40 oMS:&LfLNoJM" W563-0711 Sorrv No Puo 05255-3666 6259 for shows bol 6pm Toooyttlorllwi6l6tl smuggler-entrepreneur Octopussy (Maud Adams) and an exiled Afghan prince ( Louis Jourdan) Jourdan lives in a fabulous mountain lair in India Adams lives nearby in an equally opulent lakeside palace with a retinue of lovelies the Octopussy Girls who are karate champs circus performers and of course highly decorative Berkoff is crazy Jourdan evil and Adams is your standard good-bad girl who's not above making a shady buck but has no desire to help provoke World War III After a night with 007— in her satin octopus bed— she begins to see the light In his second 007 directorial assignment John Glen veteran editor and second -unit director of various previous Bonds keeps things moving bit writers George MacDonald Fraser Richard Maibaum and Michael G Wilson have given him too much to unravel kt 2 hours and 10 minutes "Octopussy" seems a good 20 to 30 minutes too long for light escapist fare The familiar chases and old-time serial-type cliff-hanging crises come fast but a mite too thick Of course the film i& a handsome business richly photographed (by Alan Hume) with many sumptuous Indian locales and lots of razzle-daz?!' interiors (by Peter Lamont) (The film's single most disturbing image is a map in a Soviet war room showing just how immense Russia— colored Please see 007 Page 15 17TH SMASH WEEK! Exclusive Engagement UA CINEMA CENTER Westwood475-944l Dally: 2:30 7:25 pm NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR TH!S ENGAGEMENT MNIVaKMAL STUDIOS TOUR ImffANMCAcouHMvtoifHtMiir rotsoo CMKJilil" on A 11 UUEg" n miincn NY DAILY NEWS n UniLLLCII OAKLAND TRIBUNE "A TUDII I CD EVEN MORE INTENSE THAN THE ORIGINAL" KABC-TV 4kmmmmW l4MC iVilkU MlW w mmU iH " joIhcqmI B mmb mWW 6hmmI s nyi wfi I R-u IB Fi III A UNIVERSAL-OAK PICTURE CENTURY CITY Plitt Century Plaza 553-4291 Doily 12 15 2 30 " 5 00 7 30 t 10 00 PM F" Sal lots Show 12 ISAM 8oi Office Open 12 00 Noon Ticket on sole nVoughoul each day fcr that day s perfoimancei HOLLYWOOD Hollywood Pacific 464-4111 Doily 12 30 ' 3 00 5 30 8 051 10 40 PM In Sol Late Show 12 45 AM Convenient theatte porhing at tea ol mealte $1 75 at all limes Owocf passogewoy to theatie ALHAM6DA Edwards Alhambia 289-3861 ARCADIA GCC Santa Anita Cinema 445-6200 BAKERSFIEID AMC StocKddle 805324-6778 BAKERSFIEID Mann Crest Drive-in 805832-0001 BREA MALL UA Movies 714990-4022 BUSNA PARK Pacific's Buena Park Drive-in 714821-4070 CERRIT0S AMC Alondra 924-5232 -CITY OF INDUSTRY Pacific's Vlneland Drive-ln 961-9262 COSTA MESA Edwards Cinema Center 714979-4141 COSTA MESA Edwards South Coast Plaza 714546-2711 DUARTE Pacific's Big Shy Drive-ln 358-2565 EITORO Edwards Saddleback 714581-5880 FOUNTAIN VALLEY Edwards Fountain Valley 714839-1500 -HIGHLAND Pacific's Baseline Drive-ln 714862-8136 IN0UW000 Pacific's Century Drive-In 673-1824 IRVINE FJwards Woodbridge 714551-0655 LA HABRA AMC Fashion Square 691-0633 LONG BEACH Pacific's Circle Drive-ln 494-4513 LONG BEACH MARINA UA Movies 594-6525 MARINA DEI REY UA Cinema 822-2980 MISSION VIEJO Edwards Viejo Twin 714830-6990 M0NTCLAIR GCC Montclalr Cinema 714624-8006 NEWBURY PARK Pacific's 1000 Oaks Drive-ln 805498-1163 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies 766-4317 NORTHRIDGE Pacific's Northridge Cinemd 993-1711 0XNARD Mann Esplanade 805485-2707 OXNARD Pacific's Sky View Drive-In 805486-1212 PANORAMA CITY Pacific's Americana 893-6441 s PARAMOUNT Pacific's Rosecrans Drive-ln 634-4151 -PIC0 RIVERA Pacifie s Fiesta Drive-ln 692-7581 PUENTE HILLS AMC Puente 10 810-5566 REDONDO BEACH GCC South Bay Cinema 370-6396 M RIVERSIDE UA Movies 714359-6995 SHERMAN OAKS Pacific 4 990-4140 THOUSAND OAKS UA Movies 805497-6708 VALENCIA Mann 6 805255-3966 VAN NUYS Pacific's Sepulveda Drive-ln 786-6520 WESTMINSTER MAU UA Cinema 714893-0546 WOODLAND HIUS UA Warner Center 999-2130 SORRY NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT L A DOWNTOWN State 624-6271 Late Shorn fn Sot Son BALDWIN HILLS Baldwin Complex 290-1991 CARSON South Bay Drive-ln 532-881 1 GLENDAlf US Cinema 246-7130 HEMiT Hemet 714925-1022 SANTA BARBARA Fiesta 805965-5792 SIMI Simi Drive-ln 805526-6824 flNTloMnni nrseowcsrcssSTI" i — - iv sst ns n-t c CU ° CHCK THIATRI LJIwJI mi-nw if r i dviiiu in viuv-ri iuui mil iai nauiv ui ruunuie nauiu is iuui Jcanci HUNTINGTON PARK California 585-1174 LANCASTER Movies 805945 0888 LA VERNE Ml Baldy Drive-ln 7145930343 NORCO Crest Drive-In 714735-2140 ORANGE City Center Cinema 714634-9282 ORANGE Stadium Drive-ln 714639-8770 PALM SPRINGS Palm Springs Drive-ln 619327-1832 PALM SPRINGS Village 619325-6022 SAN BERNARDINO Family Twin 714862-1550 SANTA BARBARA Cinema 805967-9447 VICTORVILLE Movies 7 619245-0233 WEST COVINA Eastland 339-7333 DIRECTORIES FOR SHOWTIMIS

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