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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 35
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 35

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday July 16 1983Part II 7 Dissident Tridentines Lock Horns With Roman Catholic Church Cos Anflelea STunca of Catholicism Its founder-leader Bishop Francis Schuckardt has implicitly "set himself up as the final and last arbiter of Catholic according to the Spokane bishop Accused by former members of leading an authoritarian personality cult Schuckardt told the diocesan newspaper that the ex-members are fanatical group of men and women who have banded together to spread lies slander and A recent exchange of characterizations occurred after Michaels he has never seen our way of Schuckardt said adding that the Tridentine group is often given the "cult" tag because "we are unusual and seem anachronistic" In interviews with the Inland Register the Spokane diocesan weekly Schuckardt expressed his personal concerns about what he called the harmful influences of Freemasonry in the formation of America He said he does not find every facet of American government anti-Catholic but he added princi- A By CHARLES HILLINGER Times Staff Writer SPOKANE They call themselves the Tridentine Latin Rite Catholics a religious congregation that separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1968 with 800 members in this area and northern Idaho plus thousands of followers scattered elsewhere was raised a Catholic I still am a Catholic We believe the Vatican II church is not Catholic" insisted Father Dennis Philomena Marie 43 vicar general of the group The defiant group is a visible irritant for the Catholic Diocese of the Tridentine Catholics have their headquarters in a huge 68-year-old red-brick structure on Mount St Michaels a hill overlooking the city from the north The Church From 1915 to 1977 the building was a Jesuit seminary housing as many as 500 men studying for the priesthood along with scores of classrooms offices and a church "We are doing precisely what the Jesuits did Father Dennis said referring to the period before reforms from the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council were introduced into church life use the same theology the same catechism celebrate the same Latin Mass the same liturgy Priests baptize hear confessions marry The Roman Catholic Church is the one that existed before Pope John XXIII and Vatican II he said Latin Masses are still offered in some US Roman Catholic parishes but they must follow the revised rites rf linSisliM 4 4 X- vw-n 4t A if' I 1SX 1 S' Blf 0l: fr" i pj B-la alia But to show the loyalty to America he added the members fly a flag of their own design in honor of Mary the patroness of America Bishop Francis Schuckardt 45 was an active Roman Catholic lay leader until he left the changing church in November 1967 The fledgling Tridentine church was formed the next year in Coeur Ida In 1971 Schuckardt said he was ordained a priest by Bishop Daniel Brown of Toledo Ohio a bishop of the schismatic Catholic sect founded in Holland in 1732 called the Church of Utrecht In this country it became known as the Old Roman Catholic Church in America Later that year Brown reportedly consecrated Schuckardt as a bishop The Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics are not associated with any other traditionalist remnant groups the best known being the Society of St Pius movement founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Many of followers still live in Idaho but increasing numbers are moving to the Mount St complex Followers Purchasing Church Land The church is paying the Jesuit order $15 million for the 700-acre site Father Dennis said To help make payments 400 acres are being sold to followers in 10-acre parcels which range from $10000 to $50000 in price Many members are building homes on the sites he said The priest said affiliated chapels exist in Los Angeles San Diego Phoenix Omaha and Colorado Springs with more planned in other cities The church has a mailing list of 40000 people at least in some degree agree with he said The organization currently has seven priests two of them defectors from the established church The seminary houses 65 young men studying to become priests The elementary school has enrolled 110 boys and the high school 40 young men The more than 100 nuns here wear the traditional habit and others living at a convent in Colbert 16 miles to the north operate a high school for more than 200 girls today know what the church was like years Dennis said Catholics are confused and disappointed with their The mother superior Mother Mary Teresa is a former Carmelite nun Sister Mary Claretia a one-time Notre Dame nun said she visited Mount St Michaels and decided to stay on because she to be a nun as she was before Vatican At the same time under leadership the Spokane-based church is not identical with the earlier institution According to the diocesan newspaper the Tridentine Catholics believe that the worldwide church is in a state of interregnum a period between popes and that their own ranks will produce a true successor to Pope Pius XII who died in 1958 I was raised a Catholic I still am a Catholic We believe the Vatican II church is not Catholic Dennis Philomena Marie CHARLES HILLINGER Loa Angelea Times Jesuit seminary in Spokane Wash The group separated from the Catholic Church in 1968 Brother Kasimir stands in front of the Tridentine Latin Mass Catholic a former issued in 1969 according to Vatican II guidelines The Tridentine organization takes its name from the Latin Mass promulgated in the 16th Century But diocesan Catholic officials and former members of the dissident group claim the congregation is a using the appearance of a traditional Roman Catholic Church as a cloak of deception to attract members Bishop Lawrence Welsh of the Diocese of Spokane insists that although some Catholics "joining the group are sincere in their belief the Tridentine Latin Rite Church cannot be identified as a legitimate expression of Roman Catholic faith Their denial of the papacy is a denial of the church In connection with a series of articles three years ago about the Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics also called the "Fatima Welsh also said the group even distorts church tradition through a historical Father Kent Burtner director of the Newman Center at Southern Oregon State College in a speech last May at Gonzaga University labeled the group a that uses deception and behavior modification techniques on the same plane as some controversial new religious organizations After the speech was reported in the press Schuckardt went to a local television station to rebut the charges in an evening news broadcast "Father Burtner has never been to Mount St pies of democracy and Catholicism are The ideal government is a Catholic monarchy he said The US flag is not displayed by the organization Schuckardt said because some members feel the red white and blue colors were derived from long-ago European conflicts "The red in the flag symbolizes the blood of priests bishops and nuns who were nailed to convent doors and murdered by Freemasons Schuckardt was quoted as saying Lutherans Reaffirm Their Opposition to Abortion HEAR DR ROY McKEOWH MINISTER President of World Opportunltleo kill WORSHIP IN BEAUTIFUL HOLLYWOOD CHAPEL AT THE NEW WORLD HEADQUARTERS 0:30 UN 1415 CAHUER6A II HOLLYWOOD TOPIC: Sen A 6o4 Wb ML iX WU1AMS MUSIC BY DEAN MARY JEAN AND BILLY BROWN WORLD CHURCH OF LOVE way to happlnessl BEST SECURITY" CHAMPION TEUTSCH PhD WED JULY 20 8 PM SCOTTISH RITE CLASSROOM 4357 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles For Info Pleaie Phone 213277-8773 The convention also voted to and the synod from founder Martin Luther made about Jews but affirmed his final attitude of treating Jews with Christian love and to pray for their conversion HEAR EVELYN WYATT EVERY SUNDAY KMPC 710 kc 7:30 am KFSG-FM 963 me 9:00 am KGER 1390 kc SAT 8:30 PM PRAYER-COUNSEL STAFF PHONE 724-3873 or 685-8892 PLEASE HELP US And ROBERT BITZER NEW CLASS ON MEDITATION Tuesdays 7:30 to 9:30 PM July 19 26 HOLLYWOOD CHURCH OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE 7877 Sunswt Boulevard A TEACHINQ CHURCH 876-2260 From Times Wire Services ST For the fifth time in 12 years the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has reaffirmed its stand against abortion except to save the life of the mother The resolution passed unanimously at the 55th national convention which ended Friday and was typical of the socially and theologically conservative actions A resolution adopted Thursday chided other churches without naming them for anti-nuclear arms race statements saying it would trust in God and more knowledgeable government officials for protection from the horrors of war Last Sunday Gen John Vessey Jr chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a Lutheran was awarded the honorary doctor of laws degree by the Missouri Concordia Seminary here has served his church and his nation faithfully and effectively using well the talents given by God and the spiritual blessings bestowed by the Spirit Vessey was described in the presentation ceremony In other action the 27-million -member synod the second -largest Lutheran group in the country departed from tradition by electing a woman for the first time to its 14-member board of directors Florence Montz 58 of Bismarck ND was president of the Lutheran Missionary League from 1971 to 1975 traditional Episcopal Borstpp 8 AM HOLY COMMUNION 10 AM SOLEMN HIGH MASS 150ih ANNIVERSARY OF THE OXFORD MOVEMENT jsainT mcaoifflr otQBCt 17114 VENTURA BLVD ENCINO 788-4486 Off etreet perking Nursery cere Provide Free Meals for Homeless destitute men and women $2000 WILL SERVE 30 HUNGRY PEOPLE $5000 WILL SERVE 75 $6700 WILL SERVE 100 $10000 WILL SERVE 150 A GOOD NOURISHING MEAL CAN FILL AN EMPTY STOMACH Rush Your Tax Deductible Gift to: LOS ANGELES MISSION PO I0X 11441 ANGOIS CA 90021 LOCATION 443 ANGOES STREET Our 34tb Year All 132 NORTH EUCLID QAIMTQ PASADENA CALIF 2- REV GEORGE RECAS CHURCH RECTOR 7:45 10 Holy Eucharist Sermon by The Rev Clarke Oler: Thing is Necessary" Child Care Church School SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIPS Paramahansa Yogananda Founder THE ART OF GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS 4860 Snot a 11 im 142 Ckiimi 11 im 150 El MiW 11 im Tlirtli 8 INSPIRATIONAL SERVICE 'ggjpjjj 100 Gkndafe HEADQUARTERS-FOURSQUARE GOSPEf CHURCH-Tm Angeles California KFSG FM 963-24 hrs Doll ALL SAINTS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH BEVERLY HILLS 8 AM Holy Eucharist 10 AM Holy Eucharist and Summer Church School Sermon by The Rev Carol Henley Camden Drive at Santa Monica Blvd (Nursery Care) Church of Divine Science DR JOSEPH MURPHY Minister Director 1 949 -1 98 1 Principles (or Dally Rev Jeanne Tlllotson Saddleback Valley Plaza Cinema I 23682 El Toro Road El Toro California Everyone welcome Every Sunday 1 1:00 AM DIAL-A-PRAYER Day or Night: (714) 768-0322 10:45 am Dr Harold Holms "OUT OF THE UPPER 2:45 pm Raw Arlola Rock NOTHING TO 6:00 pm Dr Harold Holms ministering Prayer Tower: 484-1 14 CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY NEW AMERICAN SAMT HU 006 1413 Oerendo St Sim 11 AM 660-5553 LOS ANGELES ORGANIZATION 4810 Sunset 8W Sen 11 AM 660-7433 ADVANCED ORGANIZATION 1306 Berendo St Sun 3 PM 665-5901 CELEBRITY CENTRE 5930 FrenUn Am Swn 11 AM 464-0411 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY 13561 Vtfttun Kvd Stamm OeAs Sun 11 AM 872-1972 SAN GA8REL VALLEY 99 Colorado BW Psdona)fcin 3 PM 795-2746 MSSKM OF LONG BEACH 1261 Lent Beach Bind Long Bavh Sun 2 PM 432-5466 NWSStON OF SUNNYSLOPE 3763 Artofton Rivers Sun 10 PM (714) 686-2079 MSSKM OF S0UTHBAY 607 Ptc Cst Hwy Redondo Beech Sun 1 PM 540-0066 MSSKM OF ORANGE CO 1451 Mm 61 Tustm Sun 7:30 PM (714) 544-5491 MSSKMOFWESTH0aYW00D843NVistiSun10AM 653-7486 MSSKM OF GLENDALE 522NCuntniGiendaiiil AM 247-5017 MSSKM OF BUENAVENTURA 1065 Mam Ventura Sun 10 AM (805) 653-6778 MSSKM OF SMI VALLEY 1177 Arcane Stmi Vafcy Sun 7 PM (805)527-4101 CATHOLIC SERVICES CHRIST THE KING 624 Roeenrara Ave-465-7605 Saturday 5 pm Sunday 7:30 9:00 10:30 12:00 1:30 pm Spanish) ST VIBIANA'S CATHOLIC 2nd 6 Main SL A 624-3941 Masses: Sat 5 pm Sun 7 9 10:30 (choir) 12:15 Spanish ST JOSEPH (Franciscan) 12th 6 Los Angelas 6 8 10 am 12 0 pm 748-5394 DR HAROLD HELMS Pastor BEVERLY IIIIIS TWO POWERFUL CONCLUDING MIRACLE SERVICES with Science of mind Sunday 11 AM Service at the WILSHIRE EBELL CLUB 741 So Lucerne Blvd Cor Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles 90005 Tel 858-1865 Dr DAVID HOWE MINISTER 8UN0AY JULY 17 "HAPPINESS IS Ckelr-Jr Cltirek-Yoilk 6riuy-Ninury Caru-Biiktliri WEDNESDAYS: HmIIii SdrvltM Pnctltinar JANET LEVY it BEVERLY HILLS SCIENCE OF MIND CENTER 10:45 AM 8 7:30 PM 445 So La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles CA 90048 Office Info: 858-1865 Dial-A-Prayer: 858-1861 we TEACH NOT PREACH" HELP US CHANGE 1 THE FUNDAMENTALIST ARMY (A TASK FORCE OF CONCERNED CITIZENS) presents DR RL HYMERS 6:45 PM SUNDAYS AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: 1522 Alessandro SL 3843 Harriman Are 2120 Scott Are 565 Ardmore Are 536 Juanita Are 2224 Vestal Are 1828 So Barrington Ave5326 Lexington Are 1817 So Union Are 5806 Camerford Are 733 Lillian Way 731 Wilcoi Are 2311 Mayberry SL 850 Wilcoa Are 956 Normandie Ar1139 101st SL 626 Oxford Are 1037 111th St 541 115th Sl PeGer Popxofii? VitpTsliSI Tilfgi (SPANISH TRANSLATION OF ENTIRE SERVICE) PHONE 380-965S FOR MORE INFORMATION WE SUPPORT MORAL WATCH JERRY FALWELl SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 11 ON CH 11 Bring this ad to "Beverly Book and 3473 6th Downtown LA for a 10 Discount on Christian Books and Bibles UNITED CHURCH OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE Corner 6th Barendo 2 Blks of Vermont (213) 388-2181 4 ui Sim $-n if i i tv iii jz sir nil! oM (iB iipar f-'-t -it Is urair rttnis i -iff i fffi i oil i-1 junjjMij -fli 'BUS) io iffli (fBittup -jiw: is i JUBliiitulli' nil nc fQsxm GUDGcam ni: ranntiF miFF" IfTlIl in 1 ERNEST HOLMES Founder DR WILLIAM HORNADAY Sunday Morning 9:30 and 11:00 Music By The Cathedral Choir Dr Hornaday Wednesday 7:30 pm AMPLE OFF STREET PARRIMC ON NEW HAMPSHIRE ABJACENT TO CHURCH HEAR DR HORNADAY "THIS THING CALLED RADIO KKV 17 ON THE DIAL Mae-Fd JM AM For Cal MI-1191 LA-CHRIST UNITY CENTER 7825 So Western Are 759-7567 Men thro Fri 10 til 2 Son SS 9:30 AM Wor 11 AM Rer Trodie A Liddell LA-UMTY CHURCH OF TRUTH 4929 So Broadway 253-5513 292-3784 Sadye Thomas Minish 289-5017 Call lor Reg Classes and Sunday Serrkas Rer Sadye Thomas Minister ALHAMBRA-UNITY CHURCH 25 2nd St John Robinson unveils the Rams! Get your tickets today at the Rams Box Office $18 $13 $8 Sponsored (or charity by the Cos Angeles (Times TCrSjjYanta fcugr 436-8879 761-5149 345-6011 519-7474 Men thru Fri 10-3 Sun Sery 11 AM Rer Gregory Barrette LONG BEACH-Unity-On-The-Shore 935 East Broadway Youth Church and Wer 11:00 AM Rer Edna Powers NORTH HOLLYWOOD-UNITY CHURCH 11050 Hutseok SL Sun Serrke: 1190 AM Rer Sheila Banta and the Unity Choir RESEDA-WEST VALLEY UNITY CHURCH 18300 Strathern Street Sunday Serrke 10:30 AM Gary Jones Minister SO BAY UMTY-REDONOO BEACH Imperial Sayings Bldg ON ot Pacific Coast Hiwy at Are I Sun 10:30 AM

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