Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 14, 1974 · Page 2
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 2

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 14, 1974
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The Weather IOWA FORECAST Partly cloudy and cooler tonight. Low mid to upper 30s northwest, around 45 southeast. Fair Wednesday, high mostly 60s. IOWA EXTENDED FORECAST Thursday through Saturday Partly cloudy and warmer Thursday. Chance of showers again Friday and Saturday. High upper 70s Thursday cooling to 60s Saturday. Lows Absentee Ballots Now Available Absentee ballots for the June 4 primary election are now available at the Carroll County Auditor's office. Auditor William C. Arts Jr.. said Tuesday. Each application for absentee ballots must contain the voter's name, the address at which he is qualified to vote COOLER mostly in the .">'.' The Weather in Carrol! Yesterday's high 56 Yesterday's low 44 At 7 a.m. today 49 At 10a.m. today 51 Precipitation (24 hours prior to7a.m.) .10 inches of rain. Weather A Year Ago— The weather in Carroll a year ago today included a high temperature of 63 and a low of 38 degrees. and the name or date ot the election. Arts said each application must also designate party affiliation. Arts said only the voter's affidavit must be notarized to make the ballot valid. In the case of voters serving in the armed forces, the notarized affidavit will constitute registration. Time* Herald, Carroll, la. TuevJoy, May 14, 1974 Searching for Chicken-napers DES Mul.NKS. Iowa (APi— Polk County sheriff's officers are searching for chicken-na- pers—who have plucked 10 chickens from a 10-year-old boy during the past two weeks. Richard Kinter of Des Moines decided he wanted to raise pet chickens so his brother Steve of Runnells gave him four birds two weeks ago. Those chicks were stolen from a pen behind the Kinter home within a couple of days, four replacements lasted only two days and another two were plucked the first night they were in the pen. "My two older sons said they are tempted to give Richard more chickens and then lie in wait for the thieves." said Mrs. Leo Kinter. mother of the fourth-grader. Sheriff's officers report no suspects have been found. Daily Record o Specials Good May 15-22 30°/c OFF SAVE Up To 50% ON GLOVES - SHIRTS - BOOTS ON OUR SPECIAL DISPLAY LINCOLN WELDERS 225 Amp 93 STOR-ALL PICK-UP TOOL BOX Features Kasy to Install. Two Hinged Covers with self-locking stay open brakes, covers have locks for theft. Sliding tray for small tools arid parts. Large storage space below sliding tray. $ 89 95 SPECIAL! Reg. 29.99 Limited To Supply On Hand 10% Off on Sprayer Units on Hand COURT HOUSE New Vehicles Registered— Albert J. Neumayer, Breda. Buick; Phyllis I. Krause. Glidden. Dodge: Kenneth P. Foley, Carroll. Yamaha; Shelby or Lola Dillivan, Lanesboro, Winnebago; Emma Schreck or Patricia Kemper. Carroll. Dodge; Kenneth Olberding, Carroll, Harley Davidson; Paul J. Sporrer. Glidden, Chevrolet; Richard or Janet Subbert. Lanesboro. Ford; James A. Butler. Carroll. Honda; Edward or Louise Thornhill. Carroll. Buick; Urban Polking. Carroll. Dodge; Linda M. Kuhlman, Carroll, Chevrolet; Arthur J. Bayer. Carroll. Chevrolet. Real Estate Transfers- Edna M. Foley to Arnold Freking. Lot 8. Block 37. Second Addition to Carroll. Iowa Des Moines National Bank to Carroll Enterprises. Inc.. Part of Lot 3, and Lot B. Subdiv. of Lot 3. all in Irreg. Sur. NEUNE 1 ^. Sec. 23. Twp. 84 N.. Range 35 W. Esther M. Juergens to Lon M. and Janet M. Mosman. Part of Lot 3. Irreg. Sur. SE'4SE'4. Sec. 24. Twp. 84 N.. Range 35W. POLICE DEPARTMENT Two-Car Accidents— Cars driven by Ralph P. Hoffmann and Gary L. Kunecke, both of Carroll, were in collision Monday on Main Street near Third Street, police reported. The accident occurred as the Kunecke vehicle was backing from a driveway, police said. Cars driven by Ambrose C. Delaney and Diane S. Broich. both of Carroll, were in collision Monday in the Post Office parking lot. police reported. The accident occurred as the Delaney vehicle was entering a parking stall, and the Broich vehicle was backing from a stall, police said. No injuries were reported in either accident. FIRE DEPARTMENT Garage Fire— Carroll firemen extinguished a fire in a garage at the James Farrell residence at 303 North West Street Tuesday morning. No damage was reported. Tires on Fire- Carroll firemen'were called to the Carroll Salvage yard east on U.S. 30 : Monday evening when some old tires at the yard caught fire. No damage was reported. STEWART MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Lake City —Times Herald News Service Birth- Mr, and Mrs. Larry Johnson of Somers. a son. Sunday. ST. ANTHONY REGIONAL HOSPITAL AdmissionMay 10 Mrs. Floyd Kelly. Scranton Admissions May 11 Mrs. Joseph Bundt. Glidden Mr. Howard Winans. Lake View Jan Park,Scranton Keith Schroeder. Arcadia Joseph Haubrich. Dedham Timothy Kenyon. Guthrie Center Admission May IZ John Hausman. Carroll Admissions May 13 Mrs. Charles Parkis. Carroll John P. Pfeiffer. Coon Rapids Mrs. Elmer Carstens. Glidden Patricia A . Danner, Dedham Mrs. Merle Nelson. Audubon Mrs. Scott Schmitz, Carroll Mrs. John F. Clayburg. Coon Rapids Mrs. 'Joseph L. Mack, Wall Lake Louis E. Anderson, Carroll Births- Mr, and Mrs. Gary L. Sturm, Carroll, a son, Monday Mrs. Kuker and the late Thomas L. Kuker, Carroll, a son, Monday Maglitrilc'i Court William D. Johnson, Audubon, no plates, $5; Zeta Hulsebus, Carroll, no plates, J20; Steven A. Maher, Manning, speed. 120; Gary Lehrkamp. Carroll, speed. $20. James M. De Bough, Lake View, speed, $20; Glenn E. Pruitt. Omaha, Neb., speed, $20; Eugene F. Huegerich, Carroll, no plates, $20: Dan Lawler. Carroll, control of vehicle. $10; Victor Wendl, Carroll, illegal parking. $2; Donald Tigges, Carroll, no plates, $20; Wayne D. Halbur, Carroll, speed. $20; Ruth P. Beucler. Heene, Tex., speed, $20; William W. Platt. Glidden, improper start, $10; Richard D. Nagl. Carroll, illegal parking. $2; John L. Sullivan, Lake View, no driver's license, $10; David D. Irlmeier, Audubon, consumption of beer on a public highway, $10; Kathy L. Mason, Westside, consumption of beer on a public highway, $10; George S. Provopulos, Carroll, no plates, $20; Roxanne Lussman, Carroll, speed, $20; Niels Godiksen. Carroll, stop and yield, W; Steven E. Lamb, Glidden, control of vehicle. $15; Robert Lee Busche, Carroll, speed. $25; Joseph B, Emery, Coon Rapids, speed. $20; Eugene Nepple. Carroll, control of vehicle, $15; Ramsey Transfer, Manning, improper lights, $10; Kimone L. Scheuermann. Grand Junction, speed, $20; Michael Braning. Carroll, speed. $20; Mike Wilkens, Carroll, consumption of beer on a public highway. $20; Ronnie Johnson. Atlantic, no driver s I let-rise. $40; Marvin Wernimont. Breda, reckless driving. $25; Ben Henry Boeckman. Breda, no plates, $20; Carolyn Better. Carroll, no driver's license. $10; Rose M Ludwig. l-ake City, improper start. $5: Victor J Hoffman. Carroll, speed. $20: Donald E Gustoff. Scranton speed. $25: Bob B. Bah. Glidden. speed. $20: Harlan Joseph Underberg. Breda, consumption of beer on a public highway. $20: Alfred P Naughton. Carroll, speed. $20: Arthur G. Schultes. Dedham. no plates. $20. Ruth Diers. Arcadia, stop and yield. $10. Harlan J Underberg. Breda, control of vehicle. $10; Lawrence Sporleder. Lidderdale. speed. $20; Nyle H Schelle. Breda, safety chain. $5: Darrell D Heuton. Carroll, no plates. $20. Frank ft Smoot. Sioux City, no plates. $20: Wellenn O Spahn. Chicago. Ill . speed. $20. Jack Pope, speed. $20; Willie L Franke. Red Oak. speed. $20: Myron J. Nissen. Bayard, muffler. S10. William Keith. Carroll, overtime parking. $3. Christine Wiedemeier. Carroll, studded tires. $5; Bernard Frazier. Dunlap. overweight. $20; LaVern Hanson. Lidderdale. assault and battery. $25: Daryl D Moore. Lidderdale. slow moving vehicle. $5. John Kill. Gray, slow moving vehicle. $5; Raymond T Kruse. Glidden. speed. $20; Tom L Dentlinger. Carroll, illegal parking. S2: Patrick G Lehman. Carroll, no plates. $5. Robert D Wallers. Boone. speed. $20. Denise Marie Badding. Arcadia, speed. $20: Allan Joseph Haubrich. Dedham. speed. $20: Jen L Roberde. Storm Lake, speed. $20. Charles LeRoy Crees. Exira. speed. $30. Lynn Schapman. Carroll, overtime parking. $3; Allen Scharfenkamp. Carroll, overtime parking. $3; John E Jensen. Carroll, overtime parking. $3; Michael Underberg. Breda, speed. $20. Michael Underberg. Breda, speed. $30: Michael Underberg. Breda, speed. $25; Robert Hurley. Salamanca. New York, improper passing. $12: Leon Muhlbauer. Manning, speed. $46: Richard Richter. Norfolk. Neb . no plates. $10: Carol R. Macke. Lake City, no plates. $20. Clarence L. Fisher. Greenfield, speed. $20: Rosemary Juergens. Westside. speed. $20. George Smith. Lake City, speed. $20. Edward P. Vogl. Arcadia, speed. $20: Shirley L Daniel. Lidderdale. $20. John Schechinger. Carroll, illegal parking. $2: De Wight Kinkade. Carroll, illegal parking. $2: Gerald Vonnahme. Carroll, control of vehicle. S10: Terry J. Fagan. Lanesboro. no driver's license. $10; Joan Reiling. Carroll, consumption of beer on a public highway. $20: Edward Kruse. Carroll, failure to yield. $8; Wilbert Ehlers. Arcadia, speed. $20: Patrick J Willenborg. Coon Rapids, no plates. $20. Marvin F Strong. Macedonia, overweight. $65: Glenn W Dentlinger. Halbur. speed. $20. Christy A. Fleskes. Carroll, speed. $20. Duane J Dentlinger. Lidderdale. muffler. $10. Thomas H Spurgeon. Oltumwa. speed. $20: John E. Dunn. Breda, illegal parking. S2: Richard W Collison. Carroll, no plates. $20. John E. Dunn, no plates. $20. Kurt Nash. Moville. speed. $20: Daniel Dandurand. Harlan. improper passing. $35: Robert H. Velter. Arcadia, no driver's license. $5: Patrica A Jetter. Arcadia, speed. $20: Daniel Lawler. Carroll, making beer available to a minor. $25: Patrick J. Shearon. Carroll, studded tires. $5; Fred Dierling. Carroll. dog-at-large.-$3: Larry G Hicks. Harlan. control of vehicle. S12: Thomas J Wieland. Carroll, possession of beer by minor. $20; Roy J Dentlinger. Lidderdale. possession of beer by minor. $20: Ron Hacker. Breda, consumption of beer on a public highway. $20: Gary Buelt. Halbur. possession of beer by minor. $20. William Trecker. Carroll, possesion of beer by minor. $20; Randy Gerald Eischeid. possession of beer by minor; Thomas R Potthoff. Carroll, possession of beer by minor. $20: Dean J Riesselman. Manning, possession of beer by minor. $20: Donald Charles Baker. Scranton. stop sign. $10: Norbert Baumhover. Carroll, speed. $20: Steve Garbier. Carroll, speed. $20: Max J Bell. Carroll, speed. $20: Harold I Irlbeck. Templeton. speed. $20; Roxanne M Green. Carroll, speed. 120: Sandra Luft. Exira. speed. $20: Lafe Schoenjahn. Carroll, overtime parking. $3: Lois Schroeder. Arcadia, speed. $20. Sharon Huegerich. Iowa City, improper passing. $12. Dale Blackwell. Sioux City, speed. $20: Alfred N. Kenkel. Earlinf. slop and yield. $10 ADOPTION MEETING An informational meeting on foreign adoptions will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the community room of the IPS building. Donna Anderson, local social worker, will give information on adoption procedures and agencies. Three couples with Korean children will speak. Couples interested in adopting a foreign child are invited to attend. More Covered by Wage Law DES MOINES. Iowa (AP)An additional 100.000 lowans now are covered by federal wage and hour laws regulating minimum hourly wages, the U.S. Labor Department's Employment Standards Administration reported Monday. Recent amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act boost the minimum pay for 427,000 lowans to $2 an hour, and the minimum pay for 171.000 other lowans to $1.90. Paul A. Lynn, who heads t h e administration's Iowa Wage-Hour Office in Des Moines, said 698.000 of the state's work force of 1.052.000 persons now are covered by the new wage laws, including farmhands working on larger farms who are now entitled to a minimum of $1.60 an hour. The amendments, which became effective May 1, provide for escalation of wages each Jan. 1 until all covered workers eventually reach $2.30 an hour. Those entitled to $2 an hour are persons covered by amendments to the act adopted prior to 1966, and those entitled to $1.90 are persons brought under the laws by amendments adopted by Congress in 1966, plus those added this month. Lynn said most of the newly covered Iowa workers are em- ployes of federal, state and local government who had not previously been under the Wage-Hour Act. New Pork Line Offered by Farmland A slide presentation on a new line of gourmet pork products being fabricated by Farmland Feeds was given by Marion (Mike) Benton, manager of the Carroll canning plant, at the Rotary Club meeting Monday night at Tony's Restaurant. The new line is currently being marketed in large population centers in the east and west. Benton said. It includes boneless leg of pork, sirloin and top loin roasts. Boston butts, ribs. St. Louis style spare ribs, tenderloins, center cut loins, gourmet pork loins, bladeless pork loins and boneless Canadian bacon pork loins. The presentation, used by Farmland salesmen, includes a segment on the Carroll canning facility. During the business meeting. Cecil Menke gave a final report on "Operation Green Tree" to provide trees for Carroll residents who have lost elms to disease. A total of 289 trees were sold. Receipts totaled $2,769.12. Expenses were $2,640.10 for trees, plus a few miscellaneous items. • Council (Continued From Page 1) Knauss then made a motion seconded by Darwin Bunger to accept the recommendation to accept the code. They were joined by councilmen Dr. L. B. Westendorf, Lou Galetich and Bob Kraus in voting yes. while Voyles voted no. In other action. Carroll Cable Co. formally notified the council that the company will comply with the city's cable television ordinance. The compliance notice was merely a formality for Carroll Cable Co. which won a franchise election on April 30. But one technicality concerning the franchise was ironed out. The city now has a license to rebroadcast the signals from four channels. KCCI-TV. WHO-TV and KDIN-TV in Des Moines and WOI-TV in Ames, converting the signals from VHF to UHF. To allow Carroll Cable Co. to also rebroadcast the signals, the council approved an agreement saying, in essence, the city has no exclusive right to the signals of the four stations so they may also be provided to cable subscribers. The agreement will have no effect on the people who wish to continue receiving the signal from the Carroll Area Translator (CAT). The council also reviewed a preliminary plan submitted by the Iowa State Highway Commission for improving the traffic flow at the intersection of Highway 30 and Burgess Avenue, the intersection in front of the Carroll General Electric plant. The plan calls for a left-turn lane to be constructed for westbound traffic on the highway. But the commission said there was not enough eastbound traffic turning into" the plant to warrant construction of a right-hand turn lane. In a letter to the council. Joseph Coupal, Iowa director of highways, said the highway commission concurs with the commission's district engineer in approving the city's beautification project along Highway 30 in downtown Carroll. Deaths, Funerals The council approved a bid of $2.227.50 submitted by Baumhover Construction Co. of Carroll for installing a brick surface on the mall between Fourth and Fifth Streets in downtown Carroll. The mall was retained by the city between buildings that are now under construction by Lt. Gov. Arthur A. Neu of Carroll. The council was informed that a retroactive federal grant of $86,400 to 1 the city to pay 50 per cent of the cost of the city's waste water treatment plant has been approved. The notice also stated that additional funds, equal to 15 to 20 per cent of the cost, will be given to the city later in the year providing adequate funds are appropriated by Congress. The council approved installation of two street lights on North West Street between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Streets. ' The next council meeting will be held next Monday, May 20 at 5 p.m. at the City Hall. MRS. LUCILLK DILLIVAN HERRON Mrs. Wilson Herron Jr.. 48 of Carlisle, the former Lucille Dillivan. died Sunday morning, May 12, at Des Moines Mercy Hospital following a short illness. Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the United Methodist Church in Carlisle, with burial in the Des Moines Cemetery. Mrs. Herron was born at Glidden Oct. 17, 1925. She attended school at Lanesboro and lived there until her marriage to Mr. Herron in 1924. They lived at Glidden for a few years before moving to Des Moines. Surviving are her husband; two daughters, Mrs. Nancy Mott of Hartford and Mrs. Pam Spencer of Illinois; one grandchild; a sister, Mrs. Goldie Hofbauer of Fort Dodge; and three brothers, Warren Dillivan of Bruce, Wis., Kenneth Dillivan of Fort Dodge, and Glenn Dillivan of Spencer. MRS. FLORENTINE MAI WESTSIDE — Funeral rites for Mrs. Florentine Mai, 77, of New Hampton will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $5.15 Corn, No. 2 yellow 2.40 Oats 1.30 DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - (USD A) Iowa-southern Minnesota direct hogs: Estimated receipts Tuesday 80,000; actual receipts Monday 73,000; week ago 118.000; year ago 46,000. Butchers mainly steady, instances 25 higher; movement moderately active; demand good; U.S. 1-3 200-230 Ibs at country points 26.00-26.50; 26.50-27.00 at plants; few. 27.25-27.75; sows steady to weak, instances 25-50 lower, U.S. 1-3 270-330 Ibs 21.50-22.50. Sheep: Estimated receipts Tuesday 800; few spring lambs 1.00-1.50 higher yester- dav. choice and crime 90-100 Ibs 46.00-46.50; few shorn steady, choice and prime 90-110 Ibs 41.00-43.00. Board of Trade CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat futures sugred ahead 12 cents a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade today, but other futures on the exchange were relatively weak. Soybeans were down 5 cents a bushel, oats 1 cents and corn prices were uneven. Soybean oil was down about 50 points while meal prices were relatively steady. The demand for wheat futures was largely at the hands of commercial interests. These included a couple of exporters, flour millers and elevators. Some of the buying was influenced by reports that the harvesting of winter wheat had been slowed down because of weather problems in the Southwest. Soybean weakness was traced to lower prices for the endproducts. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - High- priced issues led a weak technical rally in the stock market today. The noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up 6.41 at 852.00. Advances held a narrow 6 to 5 lead over declines in slow trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Brokers said many investors remained preoccupied by lofty interest rates, inflation, and the political uncertainties surrounding the House inquiry into possible impeachment proceedings against President Nixon. International Telephone & Telegraph was the NYSE's most-active stock, down Vfe at 20 in trading that included a 48,000-share block at that price. On the American Stock Exchange, the market value index was down. 17 to 86.13. Blue-chip issues showing strength included Eastman Kodak, up 2 at 106; Du Pont, ahead 2»/4 at 176V 2 ; and General Electric, up IVi at 49%. Those three issues by themselves accounted for more than half the Dow's rise.. The Amex volume leader was Robintech, a producer of plastic pipe and tubing, down 1 Vs at 45Vs despite the company's projection Monday of a substantial second quarter earnings gain. The noon NYSE composite index of more than 1,500 common stocks was up .23 at 48.08. Mary's Catholic Church in Remsen. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Fisch Funeral Home, Remsen. Mrs. Mai died May 13 at St. Joseph's Hospital, New Hampton. She is survived by two daughters including Mrs. Walt (Lola) Johnson of Westside, two sons, 27 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and three sisters. MRS. ETHEL H.JONES AUDUBON — Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the McFadden Funeral home for Mrs. Ethel H. Jones, 84, who died shortly after noon Sunday at Audubon County Memorial hospital following a heart attack suffered about 30 minutes earlier. The Rev. Andrew J. Hofer will officiate and burial will be in Maple Grove cemetery. Pallbearers will be Joe Sklenar, Dick Evans, John Parrotl, Louie Lauritsen, Vint Jensen, and Lester Kness. She was born Sept. 12, 1889 in Winterset, Iowa, the daughter of Harry and Anna Loveless Parrott. She came to Audubon County with her parents as a young child and had lived here ever since. Her marriage to Charles Jones took place March 29, 1906, and he passed away on Feb. 9, 1972. Surviving are three sons, Louie Jones and Ralph Jones, both of Audubon, and Lloyd Jones of Northwood, la.; two daughters, Mrs. Reno (Ruby) Stofferson of Harlan, and Mrs. Lester (Helen) Mense of St. Louis, Mo.; nine grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren. BERNARD PIERCE LAKE CITY - Funeral services for Bernard Pierce. 63. of Lake City were held Monday at 10:30 a.m. at Pilgrim Lutheran church. Lake City. Rev. Harold Belsheim officiated. Edward Ludwig was organist; Mrs. Loren Clark, soloist. Pallbearers were Russell Miller. Melvin Richardson, Don Troxel. Everett Weimer, Carl Filmer and A. L. Redenius. Burial was in Lake City Cemetery in charge of the Huffman Memorial Chapel. He died Friday May 10 at Stewart Memorial Hospital. Lake City. He is survived by his wife, his mother, one sister and one brother. • Board (Continued From Page 1) to transport private students to their district school schools. In other action, the board also approved an approximately nine per cent salary increase to all Title I teachers in the district. Gary Tessmer, assistant superintendent and director of Title I, said the result of the board's action is that Title I teachers are now placed on the district's salary schedule, and will receive annual pay increments depending upon Title I teaching experience. Tessmer told the board that final approval was given Monday to the district's Title I budget for the coming year, and said funds are available for a summer program scheduled from July 8 through Aug. 2. The summer Title I program will provide instruction for children from pre-school through third grade age. He estimated enrollment in the program will be 250. The program is open for both public and private school pupils, he said. The board also voted to rejoin the Iowa Association of School Boards for the coming school year. The local board dropped out of the organization about two years ago as a protest of what it labeled the organization's ineffectiveness. In other action, the board voted to offer contracts to Linda Staiert, ArcaHia, as a half-time kindergarten teacher for the coming year; Anita Kisser, formerly of Batavia, 111. and a graduate of Iowa State University, as a home economics teacher; and Jackie Giese and Shelley Hundling as Title I teachers. The board also hired Glenda Fieseler as a school nurse for the Dedham-Willey and Halbur-Templeton schools. The board accepted the resignation of Denise Hjelle, Glidden, as a Title I teacher. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the media center of the central building.

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