The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 17, 1983 · 35
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 35

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 17, 1983
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Cos Ange1e6 Sunday April 17 1983Part 1 35 OBITUARIES Jurist Was a Friend to 3 Presidents Harry C Westover Was Noted for 'Flying Finn Twins' Case By ERIC ONSTAD Times Staff Writer Harry C Westover a retired US District Court judge who presided over the publicized "flying Finn twins" case died Thursday at Saddleback Community Hospital after a brief illness He was 88 Westover the first Democrat ever elected to the state Senate from Orange County served as a Superior Court judge and a federal tax collector before being nominated to the federal bench by President Harry S Truman in 1949 Known for homespun humor in the courtroom and his friendships John Engstead 74 Hollywood Photographer John Engstead whose skills with a camera and sensitivity toward his subjects made him one of Hollywood's most sought after and prosperous photographers died Friday He was 74 Engstead had undergone surgery and died of unannounced causes in Daniel Freeman Hospital Inglewood For 50 years Engstead photographed the film and fashion industry's Beautiful People and to all his hundreds of subjects he gave the same standard bit of advice: "Use your mind" The mind he admonished controls the face A native of Los Angeles and 7111FA JILI U2ME' ETIT I Burbank Inglewood 12 A F 213 N(1t6 Cpair (213)6778 167 i8OR W Pro I 2'31 KIM 5r)21 with presidents Franklin D Roosevelt Truman and Lyndon B Johnson Westover was a "quiet crusty charming old man with a twinkle in his eye" according to a daughter-in-law Mrs Harry Westover The Finn case made headlines in 1953 when Westover an identical twin himself was faced with two brothers George and Charles Finn who refused to say which was which One of the brothers was accused of flying a war surplus C-46 plane from a Bakersfield airport after a graduate of Hollywood High School Engstead went to work as an office boy for Paramount Pictures straight out of school His fascination with cameras and the film stars who stood before them led him to study photography and he became a publicity photographer for Paramount in the days when talking pictures began In an industry noted for its competitiveness Engstead survived to a point where he could point to photographs he had taken of actors and actresses portraying children in movies and next to those were portraits of the same actors in their middle and late years When he began Engstead noted 1207 T71 rgo A' LTI 0 Introducing the Smart Sony The only small business computer built like a Sony With state- of-theSony innovations Like super fast super scapacity 3-12" disks Like brilliant Trinitron' color graphics Like 134 KBytes of memory expandable to 768 KBytes Plus optional 16-bit Supercharger'" snap-on expansion modules and a full line of Sony peripherals And the sophisticated Sony software to keep you ahead in business Dorit get an also-ran for your first computer Get the first one that also a Sony 111 fs'M : : 7777'7 1 OWINWOWONOWSOWSOu moilitemmemenusolestUM aka as ma a aft as at mak lims WMIIMMMMMMWS - - -:iiP ---- - OWINWOWONOWSOWSOu molitemmemenusolestUM aka as ma a aft as at n In limn WMIIMMMMMMWS : : :: lkowsw1050ReermInnememovi( TOE SEM SON Long Beach Newport Beach C)rP A Vuirt Elwin wilcs Co) Inc 2210 BiIIii Blv1 1213159R-0M dispute with government officials over ownership of the aircraft The brothers refused to tell the judge which twin was responsible so Westover cited both Finns for contempt and sent them to jail A few days later they relented and identified themselves Westover called "Happy Harry" by prisoners received Christmas cards every year from inmates he had sentenced because he took care in picking prisons to suit the prisoner his daughter Dorothy Wallace Westover said He spent a summer early in his judicial career taking a in a 1978 interview photographers used large cameras and harsh lights and studios employed retouchers by the dozens to fashion the unblemished image producers demanded for each star By the time he died miniature cameras were being used in settings of natural light to capture the simple spontaneous photos now in demand And Engstead was demanding $2000 and up per sitting His subjects ranged from a young Cary Grant in 1933 to an older Joanne Woodward in 1968 But his all-time favorite was Carole Lombard Lca 0° Santa Barbara Cr)! 1111 14 Ploa 3313A SI fie Stwei 1806 687 9391 Cr)f111100FL IF VI 420 M SCOt DiVO ( 714)915 0953 tour of federal prisons to educate himself she explained Westover whose mother in 1914 was elected the first congresswoman from Arizona came to California in 1922 to practice law He served in the 1937 and 1939 sessions of the California Senate and introduced a bill in the 1939 session that would have prohibited the use of the figure of Santa Claus on any commercial advertisement "The illusion of Santa Claus should be kepi for the younger generation" he said Didn't Want to Quit Because as he said "judges don't like to quit" even after 17 years on the bench Westover became a "senior" judge in 1966 handling a reduced workload In 1976 at 81 he retired for good after reviewing bankruptcy cases for 10 years He is survived by a son and daughter Dorothy Wallace Westover and Harry Westover both of whom followed their father into the legal profession six grandchildren and one great-grandchild His wife Helen died three months ago Services will be held at 1 pm Monday at Pacific View Mortuary in Newport Beach America's Belt Nutrition 500 mg VITAMIN Elowo 037 LIMIT ONE PAT iGNCIQUALITYIS NOTIEXPENSIVEATO ONE OF EACH KIND PER FAMIREDEMPTION OF COUPONS LIMITEDA LIA TOUPONS 1200 SUPER P III 9 90 RI 616:06 Kintip 13-50 i LECITHIN -COUPON TIME RELEASE BONUS 1 mg COMPLEX I Potassium ! 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