Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 6
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Six NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY Zoo Bear That Mauled Girl St. Francis' Nine Defeats Mt. Carmel 6-2 At Rubco Defeats Chase To Get Back In Second Place Uraskas Hurls Two-Hit Ball, Ball, While Mates Score Six Runs Nine hiiiMlrril pounds of power K "Sue," polar li(.'ur lit >'i>w York's Cmtr:il |>:irk /.ou, sliown ri-cvIviHjr '•<• l"!' f «f I'ri-ml from Ki-eper John 41;i!m through the l>ar> of hl.s oajri 1 . Tin-Mr an: the l>:irs that saved 1h>> Mfi- of Ciilhcrlm- ScarU-s, 24. Kalnvuy. N. .1.. when tin: hoar at- tiirkril her IIH sin- ranii- within nwii'li on u lutiMiighi vi.ill. One of Ml.-n Sra first's nrins \va.i M> liailly mangled hy the lirast's claws and trctli that It hud li> lie :iin|iii(ali-cl after her re.scue. roller u.ssi-rt that I he licar was aroused when young men with Miss Scarlcs poked .Mlieks Into his cage. (International) Brasscos Matched With Strong Meriden Contelcos Sat. .r-'rci! Davl'a W.'itorhury "Brass- ed:!" will have as their host the strong Meriden Ccntelcos this corning Saturday evening at Municipal Stadium. This will In; another tui-niti.' affair anil will .start fit 8 p. in. sharp. Tt is tixpuetrd that another large cniu'd will be on hand to witness this contest. In the Contelcos lineup will be GUM DugaH. former International league star who is ruU'd as one of the leading sluggers in semi-pro in New Knglarul. Othi'r :<tai-s are De Lucia, Xajac-u, and Wilki-.s. To date the Menderi club has won T) jiml lost -, boatin. 1 ,' some of the br*t teams in ihn state. Thi\v are one of the few tcain.s to hold wins over the West Haven Sailors, Pratt and Whitney, and Savicc Gems. Manager 'D;ivi expects to have hit; strongest lineup »f the season in facn the invading .Meriden lads. Cy Block, c'.s-C'hicago Cub. will be IvicU a'. Hecond after a. week's vaca- tinn. I'.ill Johnson. Yankee world's series hero will again be at the hot corner. Just who will pitch for the "Krassc:u:;" at this date is not l:miwn nlthriuch Davi is making rrfni-ls L^> (tlitain I'c.'tr: Appleton. fofiiuM 1 Wliilij Si>x' hurlcr or liml J^I'.'inch. cx-Yanlicn, ru)\v \vith thn flrnton Coast Cliinrils to work an the hill fur his ouliit. Drivi also lias hii;h lifi[>t\s u!' fnil.'.in;.: mure with the addition of one or two cx- iil;: leaguers to roam the outer garden on Saturday. Hou-io Hack, popiilar catcher will work behind the plate. Williams, Kogon At MSG Thursday liirting powrr in the mitlli-lrl riml j llavi-n. Conn., has looked local fans may be ir. for a in at ' very gnod at limc.x. And at , New York. July 10—(UP)—Young j Ike Williams is cast in a strange ( role. ! Ike is going to play the part of Hit: spiler for Julie Kogon. The two .lightwi-iirhtii meet in a ten rounder at Madison Square Garden Thursday night, it will be the second Clarelun main event for Ike. but (ho first for Kogon. So Ike will be defending his reputation as fi big- limer. Ami Kogon WIH be out to make one at Ike's expense. Williams has .stopped into the iihoes that Beau Jack vacated wlmn the Efait look his battle- royal style the Army. Williams is ithe "house" ligl-.fc weighty—and the National Boxing association makes the house look good by calling Ike the best American lightweigh: still in civilian clothes. Williams has won '12 of his last •13 lights. Bob Montgomery stopped tin.- young Trenton. N. .!., boy earlier this year. BUL Ike has 1 conic on to beat mon like Sammy Angott, Slugger • White, and other good little men. In his first Madison Square Gurdi-n Main event last month Williams came up wilh a truth-round knockout of Clco Sha ns. Kogon is nn unpredictable .Hght- i'r. The hard-hitting hoy from Now Conn., has looked very, other U. S. Rubber climbed, back Into a tic for second place with ScovllI in the Watcrbury Industrial league, i half game behind.the Wiitcrbury Tool, which defeated Scovill last month. The rubbermcn jumped on Chase last night, which prior -to the start of the game was in a tie for third place with -the locals, In the fourth inning with four runs after a beautiful pitchers' battle for three innings, Rubco added two in the tlfth, final score 6-1. Ed Uraskas tossed two-hit ball, allowing one run in the first of the seventh. Ed Walker find Joe Narclello hit the ball hard, and exceptionally due dcld'ing' by Lou King .and Brownie Karaban, acting manager, helped a lot. The Rubco infield also pulled three "out nt second and out at llrst" plays. Watco now sits on an unsteady perch with a record of 8 and 8. They tangle with Chase next week, and Rubber meets Benrua. The score by innings: Rubber 000 420 x—G D 1 Chase - 000 000 1—1 2 1 Untskas and Booth; : Torrcncc and Bnkei',. ; Umpii-t, Chumulinski. Hop Brook C. C Gets Ready For St. Francis' Tourney Th» Hop Brook Course will be in first class condition next Sunday for the St. Francis club golf tournament. The entrance of Ihis club inlo the golfiing field indicate" that the free-for-all tournnmcnt to be .held at the end of 1ho year will be an outstanding event this season. The commitlce in charge or the St. Francis event follows: KITM'O Al!e:i and B. L. Sullivan, cochairmen, John Clarke, Jm-k Thurton. Dnr. Cr.llnha.n. Jim Kissane. John Dcegan. Paul Buekmil'.cr and Tommy Lynch. The Handicap commillcc headed by Tom Scally at the Golf Club i? making every effort to secure nc- curatc information that will permit the maximum of close finishes in Ihe corning busy two months of golf at the club. Pitcher Jack Chesbro Uncorked Wild Heave To Lose'04 Pennant When the money's down nnd the game Is for blood a manager leada with his ace. And that's the way R was when Clark Griffith sent Jack Chesbro out to beat the Boston Keel Sox .that fall afternoon in 190-1. GrllTlth wasn't running his Washington Senators then. He was managing the New York Highlanders —the same outfit that later became the Yankees. And the old Fox was close to the pennant—very close. He was down to the last day of the season. And he could win the pennant by beat- Ing the Red Sox in both end» of a doublcheader between the highlanders und the Sox that day. And if Griff's tenm didn't cop both games the sox would take the flag'homo ,to Boston. The whole pennant race had boiled down to that tense afternoon. The big prize was thereto be won or lost. And Grifllth named Jack Chesbro to pitch the llrst game. Griff knew that if he lost the first game winning the .second wouldn't help, 'He sent his best man out there to pick up the marbles. . . . Chesbro was the best pitcher in the American league that year. He was a big, sandy-complexioncd, easy-going guy. But on the Held he was tough—and he was a stayer, "t They called him Happy Jack— and lie make Griff happy during i _. that season. Ho was pretty close to being a one-man ball club. Jac-k took his rubber arm to the mound so often 'Ihat year that he set a lesiguc record for the number of complete games lie pitched —the number was 48. And while he was at i:l. he hung up a new record for victories—ihc put 41 of Uhosc Ifi'to his book while he worked -in 55 games. Som;j of Che.ibro's fcnls thai year sound almost impossible-these days when pllchers bounce in and BACK TO FLOCK I - .,'-. r By Jack Sords Furtado Strikes Out Seven, Gives Up 5 Hits, 1 Walk re-re- BACK iA -TA& uJeUP PoDB&ss CAA lootf Ffc*?WAf?q to A F=IzsT PI \Jisiori times he'3 looked terrible. Julie's a clever boxer, He's never been knocked out—never even been knocked clown. And he's ready for a chance to take his place on the maineveni whirl and rake in his share of the fat purses. DYNAMO AT 91 Auburn, Me. (UP)—A191, Charles J. Wolff works an 8-hour day, scv- on-day week stoklnp boilers' at the Aubur:i< Theater, and, ho plans lo spend 'his two-week vacation weeding neighbors' victory gardens. Firing Guns With War Bonds! "\V;ir .I'onds arc bis 1ml- lt:Ls. t'ni' licliincl every sin-!! 1.1 i;iI. is fired is a I \v;is usoi'l to if. .11: you keep l<ocp i'iglit- nl' tliu junk in iii.yh I IK: \\';uit Ad.» few cents I'm- an A'J r^^^ 1 ? I'oi' i.lii; I'mul yf.-ii don 'I, think lliat y;ii can Ml'l'onl jinotlicr l-if.'inl Avliy don't yon iif ;iltic and You can't will hrin^ you that will bring Vi.illl' l>ii\' limilL 1 St CALL 2228 for a NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WANT AD Griffith was tense •lander bench. He out of bull games like football play- i or -. But Jack \versl through 30 : strci-igh-t games. In one stretch he j won M games. j When the umpire called "Play I ball:" a.ixl happy Jack Chesbro i faced the Red Sox iic hauled out. j-his *pit-ball and wcn.1 to work, 'jack was one of the first of "the .siiit.bailers- And .that unpredictable pitch — logcl.hcr with his, •Minding speed — kept the Boston batters guessing. There haven'.! been many ball gnnics HK bitterly-fought as Hint one. T-hc outlook wasn't, brilliant lor the Bostons when Chusbro started against. >l horn. But they dug in and turned In a ball .gnmc th-it "was halt skill and half fire. And when the nirrth inning roiled •Hirotind, Boston had held the great Jack Chesbro even—the score was two-all. The Red Sox came up nnd'Clark on the High- watc-hcd his pitcher carefully—he wasn't going to relieve him—t-hb game was for ,l-nck Chesbro to win or If Chesbro couldr.'-t pul-; it out., nobody could. And then the Red Sox had u man on third 'base! ' • That Inning i!.ook just a few miji- utes. Eu-t lo the kcyod-up Highlanders and the straining fans, if seemed like years. Chesbro .had rr> '.iivd two Bouton batters—'two outs. But Lou Crigcr of'Ihe Red Sox wa--. on third basil Then Fred Parent brought Mis; stick into the barter's box. bro's catcher— Jack Klcir.ow — flashed the sign and happy Jack powered down the pitch wil.h everything he had— strike one. Uncc more Chesbro checked tliu runner— once more he rammed Hi" bull mist. Par::iTl—strike two. Now Chesbro slopped up tr> throw thai, third one.- He rearod back- to -throw the -hardest ball he'd over turned loose. Jack Whipped down—and. the'ball sailed •high over the catcher's hcnd. Crigcr dashed in' from-third and be flashed over the plate- wrlh Ihe run th-at beat Jack Chesbro— the run that gave the pennant to the Red Sox und ruined l.ho best season happy Jack Chesbro ever •had.- ' . . This V That By DUKE KA/LAUSKAS (Sports Kilitor) A man doesn't have to be a champion to make n. splash with the fans. If he's game, j colorful, and a hard-luck fellow, he's likely to get a bigger hand thnn the chumps. And that's the kind of "a fighter that Billy Petrolic was. A boxer who never won a title, but who, even after 30-years out of the cauliflower, business, is .still A-onc with- Madison Square Garden fans. He made an appearance a month ago, the night Henry Armstrong kayocd Al Davis, nnd the fans brought clown the rafters. Petrolic —the Fargo Express—still had his old appeal. 1 The littl.e slugger, who made his llrst Garden appearance 18 years sigo. won New York's heart, when he lost the light. He was fighting Sammy Vogcl, and though he floored the Harlcmitc several times in the last tour innings, he lost the decision—and won I,ho fans hearts —they jeered and booed, but the decision stood. And Petrolic was made as far as Garden popularity counted. ' Then too, the fighting lightweight was picturesque. He was dark, ot Italian-American, descent, and he invariably stalked up to the rinjf wrapped in 'ii colorful Indian blanket. And his -monnikcr was ;.x natural — Fargo .Express. Especially after his manager, ..;i born showman, superim- .posed-. Petrolle's likeness in the headlight of the Fargo Express— .a famous train in the northwest advertising circulars. Petrolic was a lighter through and 1 through. lie had a dangerous left hook and was anxious to use it. His lights were always tense and tight. And though he never copped.a, title he beat three titleholders, ' But anyone who saw him fight, will remember the Fargo Express —a game lighter who never got the right 'break. AM.KKICAN LEAGUE Vestcrdoy'H Kc«ii!ts Detroit (!, Washington B. Cleveland -I, Philadelphia 3. St. Louis S. New York 0. Boston •], Chicago 2. The Sfcmding St. Louis ... New York .. Boston . '... . VVas/iinprton Detroit. Cleveland- .. Chicago .... Philadelphia, W. L. •10 37 •13 37 •1-1 -10 •Jl -12 •11 -i-1 •il •!•! 30 -12 B" '10 Pet. .570 .!33S .52.1 .-1S-1 .-IS2 .•is:: .-1G2 ,-1-iO Today's Games, TMIchers New York St. Louis (night) —EonlKirn 1.5-3) or Borowy (12-1) vs. Potlcr O-5). Washington at Detroit—Leonard (0-1) vs. Ovc.rmirc M-S). Boston al Chicago—Bowman (S- 3) vs. Grove (7-'J). at Cleveland—Christopher (-1-9) vs. Klieman (G-l) or Gromok (2-1). Browns Behind Muncrief Shutout Yankees 8*0 (By United 1'rcws) The li ay note in th<: Kallonal league w.-is i.iijlit pitching. Young Bill Voisolle, the New York Giants' M-ixe rookie, turned out a Ihrec- hit performance iigu.inX the Pittsburgh Pi rales. And the St. Lcuis Cardinals veieraii sou'Jipav--, Max Lanicr, Iwirlcd four-hit ball agains! Ihe luckless Brooklyn Dodgers. Voiselle was stingier -with his .s.-il'elics thnn he -had lo be, because Uic game was- never i.e; doubt after ihc third inning. Hugh Luby singled Bill Jurgcs home. And then I 3 li i 1 Wcin-lraub contribtilcd a round-trippsr to the cause wilh three aboard— which gave the Giants a healthy five-ran lead. The Pirates pushed over a couple before tlv: gumc wtt - s over, bul could onOy make the Scoreboard read, 5 lo 2. _ Mux Lanier blanked tile Dodgers, 5 lo 0, in an arcl-ight gajne at Ebhets Field. The Ro.-lbirds clubbed young Hal Gregg, the Brooks' starter, for five runs in the first four inning.:-. The New York Yankees starlcd off badly in their iraaiv pennant dirvc. They took an 8 to 0 shellacking at Ihc hands of the league- pacing Browns. Bob Muncrief did the Jiurling ii-ick for the Brownies. A;:d JJill Byrnes, Gene Moore ard ChcVter L.aabs provided Ihe pun'ch with homers. Byrnes drove in three, •runs, Moore accounted for a single marker, and Laabs finished off wilh a two-run circuit sma-rih. ICmcrson Roser :i::d Johnny Johnson won! down under Uic 12- hit pounding. Jimmy Outlaw sparked the Detroit Tigers to an overlime 6 to C victory over the Washington Senators. Ho came to the plate Jr.. the llth, after connecting three times during the game, and singled in Joe Hoover wilh the marginal run. Hal Nfl-.vhouscr, who relieved Di& zy Trout in the ninlJi frame, .'iu.::g up the victory. The Cleveland Indians squeezed out a. •! -to 3 derision over •-the . Philadelphia 'Athletics. Al Smith blanked the A's until !.hc ninth when they rallied for three markers— but it was too late with too liltlc. The Boston: R?d Sox came out on top of an 31th inning battle with the Chicago White Sox. They pushed over two in -the 31th !o lake a •! \o^2 decision ami give liurlcr Tex Hug.'ison his win of the season. Reliefer Gordon- Mallzbergor was T!he loser. Two In A Row For Rejuve. ^nated, St. Francis' Club This Week St. Francis 1 CYO dffealaj Our Lady of. Mount Carmcl ia«t. nicht in an exhibition game at Reorca lion field,_C-2. Both clubs arc entered In u, c Watcrbui-y CYO league, -with JJ L Carniel defeating the locals irj ih e league meeting. Kd toed the rubber.f or ',he winner*, and was caught 'by Frank San Angelo. Giving up 5 hits and .1 walk, Furtado struck out 7. . Ml '.Cnrmel used two hurters, Danny Pcrotti, and Ralph Maatri- anna, with Angel SI,. John doln* the catching. They-allowed five b!!a between them for Church street bunch, but gave up 8 passes. Tile Town Plot team led, 2-0, j or five frames, before Perotli blewup, Ihc net result being five runs i n last' of the 'fifth a.nd eventually u, c ball-game. Hits on the tooth clubs were well scatl-ercd, with no one- getting more lhan one. This is the second .straight f or St. Francis this week, having trounced Hop Erook, 9-1, -with a one-hitter by Via Hcaly Monday nighi. And tonight they stack up against St. Michael's in another Waterbury CYO game. they tackle Bvacon Falls' SL Michael's Crusaders, and Monday they meet Ihe Coen slrect Slars. Peter J. Foley is coaching ihc CYO club. Last night's score by inningjc Mt. Oirmel .. 200000 0—2 3 0 St. Francis . . 000050 0—6 5 0 Furtado and San Angelo; Pcr- olti,. Mastrian.'na-and S GEM TODAY - THURSDAY NATIONAL. LKAGUE Vcslcrdn.v's Rcisnlls New York-5. Pittshm-gh '2. St. Lours D, Brooklyn 0. Only games scheduled.- Costanhno, Pep Bout To Draw 10,000 King football appears to be- gaining ground in the "back to the gridiron", movement amor.g the colleges who have dropped the pigskin sport during the past two years. According to a coast-lo-coast United Press survey at least 1? schools are certain to return to the gridiron this season and eight others may come back. And, in contrast, there arc only three, schools who appear likely to drop-out for the llrst time this year. The Standing tV. L. Pet. St. Louis 55 23 .TOG Cincirtn.-Ui -M 36 ..500 Pittsburgh -11 3-1 ,5'I7 New York '.. -10 -11 ,-i9-l Philadelphia 3-1 43 .'M2 Chicago 32-12 .-132 Brooklyn ..." 3-1-16 .-120 Boston 32 •!? .'105 Today's Gniiies, J'itcrers Chicago at Boston—Chipman' (S- 3) vs. Andrews (0-73. Cincinnal at Brooklyn (ni-ght)— Walters (15-3) or Konstajnlty (3-2) vs. Melton (D-S). Fiti-sburgh at Philadelphia, (night) —Slrir.ecvieli (6-1) or Rc-e (C-7) VA Raffcnsberger (S-ll). Only games scheduled. .cloosed ihrough KKO Rcdfo Picture* Inc. 1 Also "HALFWAY TO HEAVEX" anil 1'opeyc The Sailor Cartoon MOW PLATING STRAND Watcrbury, July 10 — Promoter George Mulligan offers- Connecticut fight' fans one of the top attractions oC Ihc outdoor .season here at Municipal Sladium Friday, July 28, w.hcn Willie Pep. Hartford featherweight and the world's champion, meets Charley (Lulu) Costantino, New York lightweight, -l-nl a 10-round non-l.itle bout. JL will be W-atcrbury'.s biggest ball.le since the 1925 meeting between Lou (Kid) Kaplan and Babe Herman which drew $39,000 at tile j "gate" al. old BrasEco. park, just ' one mile from the site of the coming evon-t. Arrangements are being made to handle 10,000 -spectators at the Pcp-Costantino session., and there will- be ample ,parkin-jr ,-:.pace .for out-of-town fans. Two big parking lots adjoin the Sladium, .Anti-black market ordinances arc now enforced in- 72 ci-Ues in 11 dif- fcrcnl states. Area of the East, Indies is three times that of Texas. NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK STOKE -CUSTOMERS! Duo to war time conditions, we nro compelled to close bur Naugatuck store. CALL US For tho day our Route Man will he on your street. Free Telephone Service For Tt'iiugiituclc Customers ;• C.all^ Enterprise, 4700 SHALETT-LUX Liitindorcrs — Dry Cleimors 28' K, Main St., Wuterbury Main Office * Plant, 22 Wnlnut St. Ext. Wntcrtown — Middlebury SOUTHERN ]>EMOCR/\TS Chicago, July 19—(UP)—Southern Democrats, led by Texas. Mississippi and Louisiana delegations, have adopted a resolution opposing any parly platform .plank which c,-ills for social .equality between races. ' • • ' DON'T FORGET THE HTll WAR LOAN" DKIVK: ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. 4880 ROCCO RADO, Prop. ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY "HIS BUTLER'S SISTER" with DEANNA DURBIN and PAT O'BRIEN ALSO ADDED SPECIAL PROGRAM Beautify your home We recommend Murphy Da-Cote Enmmcl for * beautiful finish of lo»t enduring wear. For the many index* •nd outdoor opportuniae* to brin| the betuty of color to the home ths« b nothiog like Da-Cote En«»«I. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET ^ TEL. 3507 SNACK and SO QQ SNIFTER SET ^•« 7C ' STRISIJTS CKXTEB ST. »!.«.. »* <tS .i J5KG1STER > V OW FOR FALL TERM Ol'KXS SEPT. CT1I . - COLLEGE 2* CENTRAL.

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