Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1944 Stray Dogs Are Particular Menace In Hot Weather accord i up to t-lie Weekly of the Comractlcut Slate r- vt of Heal I h. The of forts n.irv and health officials. c. and trace each case clisi-asc-, and to apply rtpUl measures w h'e n needed ... h.'-ii InrsiMy rospr«ii>il)le for ,| 1C n-ctuctlon in the numhur of rabio.i cn.-1's. [VMpile Uii* i-rccml, it must bo realized that rabies .-an iiRaii\ en- \tr Connecticut. The .-Mi-ay cloR Is .|io menace, ft has no respect for ;.„(,, boundaries ami run oiisily infect other homeless -clops within' IhU" state. _ MAliK WON'T HUUGK Dnnvers. Mass. (UP) — There's no lc;owinir what will happen now • hat mairzey clouts. -A mare bc- ionjrinff to Cornelius Galusha colt- Wily ran up a, flight of stairs be- •fkle the barn and refused to buclKc ;rom !ho loft until police and eloc- J,,j r company men riiriied a boom and *linjj to •°'- V01 ' h°'' <-° th " ground, BfV WAK BONDS AND STAMPS Announcement! ! ! Our Fruit and Vegetable Season Will Begin Friday, July 21 Wayside Farm Market On The Air •» urn p. m. WOR—Uambllng with Gsu-nbling , WAT3C-—Brouilwny Matinee ; WATR-W.rZ—Ethel and Albert WEAK-WTIC—Backstage Wife : '1:15 p. m. • WBAF-WTrC—Siella Dallas '. WATll-\VJ55—Doii Normaiiv Show WABC—Matince; News ' ' •»:«0 p.. .in. VV'ACC—Of the Record; Neighbor VV AT It-WJ Z—Nc ws WOR--Deloctive Stories \VEA.F—Lorenzo Jones ' •1:45 p. m. ' '": WEAF-WTIC—Young \Viddei- t Brown W ABC—Ray Scott Ovch. \VJZ-WATR—Con eapondents •Abroad • ' •~>:M p. in. \VABC—Fun With Dunn WJZ-WATR—Terry ano Pdiralos \VI2Al'-WTIC—When ;i'Cirl Marries U'OR—Uncle-Don • ' • 5:15 p, m. WOR—Chick Carter WATR—Melody Kevuc WJ!i—Dick Tracy ' ., WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn WATR—Melody Revue 5:KO p. in, \VABC-Suffolk Dowas Race WOR—Torn Mix Show WAT.R-WJZ—Jack Armstrong . \VTIC-WEAF—JusL Plain Bill ">:4u-|). m, WO.R—Superman WATR-VVJZ—Sea Hound WABC—Wilderness Road WEAF—Front Pape Farrell li:IH) p. in. WOR—Headlines; Prayer WATR-WTIC—News V/KA l-'-WT 1C-W ATR-WJ J5—New* (i:l."j p. in. WABC—Mui-ray Orch. and Chorus WATR—Musii: for Dining WEAF—Sercjiade to Anicrica . vVC) R-WT 1C—News VVJj;—Hop Harritian «::«• p. 111. WOR—News VS'ICAF—.Serenade; Bill Stern WABC—Jeri SulUivan BAZAAR!! St. Hedwig's Church Grounds THIS WEEK END Saturday, Sunday .Ifl.Y 22—^3 BIG DOINGS! Entertainment! Prizes! FUN FOR ALL WATR— News; - ...... -6:45"|X— m. ..... WOR-^Stan Lomax WABC— World Today WATR— Ploiisure 1 and Profit WEAF-WTIC— Lowell Thomaa WJZ— News •'.•;',..!'•''• .. ' '•' ' 7 MM) -p.-'in'. WABt>— I t,o vc •' a':. Myiitery .• ' WEA-FrWTIC— Music c;Shop W ATR-WJ Zp-C6ri rile ;;"Boswel I Show . "• ' : •!,"•• •'.." ..'•;;' 7:15 rp'.'\nil WOR— Answer -Man -7 WAEC-^PttSsIng 1 WEAF-WTIC— World ' News : ,, ,7:80 p. in. WOR — Can You Top \This? WABC— Easy •Ac'aS'7 ' ' WTIC— Glee. Club .'•' ".': WJZ-^-Lon'c Rangci-,-! ; '. WEAF— Rotlv. Orch!, .and Chorus WATR— Phone Your/ Answer ; 7:45 'p; .m. WTIC — Studio ..ProKram WEAF— News •'. .^.-;. WATR— Dance" Orch. " . H:(>0' p .'ill. WATR-WJZ— Wdtch^World Go By WOR — News '• ' :'• ,'-\ WEAF-WTIO-Mn'and Mra; North W'ABC — A. .Jones,'. Carle Oroh, ' 8:15' p.';m. WATR-WJZ-^-Lurn.,'jx':Abncr WOR— N ick • Cnrtor. . ' . 8:80 p. 'm. WEAF-WTIG^Bcat:;thc Band WOR— Xayicr'-C.ufrat ''• WABC— Dr. 'ChrlKtlan- WJZ-WATR— Bent:' Girls . •. .-i>:00''p... ; \VABC— Jack .Car»6n Show WKAF-WTIC— 'Alaii Younff Show WOR — Gabriel .Hc'al-tci' \VATR-WJZ— Diirtn'ingcr Show . . - !>n3 -p.: ni. . WOR — Screen Test •• • ():30- p, in. WEAF— Mr/ District Attorney WABC— M 'I Id r'cd.r Bailey Show WATR-WJZ— Spptligrht on Garbcr WOR — First'-Nightcr. 1 . '•10:00 ''pl'm. \V DAF- WABC-WOR-W ATR— Democratic 'Convention io:3n;p. m. WJZ— Green Hornet". .•-11:00 p.- m. ALL StationsvNcws -•• 11:15 pi' in. WJZ — Songs; Portrait's WABC — News 11:SO p. m. WABC— Jnv Ration vto 'Music .WEAF-WTIC— Arthu-/-.Hopkina WJZ — Rumpus.-Roon'i'', '' .WATR — News;. Fields Orch. WOR— Sb'ep -'Fields- Orch. •12:m>- Midnight WEAF-WTIC-^Hp-pkins; Deslsn WABC— News; Invitation \VOR-Lce Castle Or'eh. .\VJZ- News; Morpan '.Oroh, MEXIC OJNVITIiS'DE GAULLE Mexico' City- (UyP)—The Mexican Contrt-ess formally has invited Gen. Charles. -De -Baulle, -'fighting French leader, to visit Mexico after his scheduled, convonsations with President- Roosevclt.-ln Washington. • -. * ,* * * * j NEW GAS RANGES AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY If vour present cooking range is worn out beyond repair or if you nre without any means for cooking, a gaa range certificate can. be : obtained for the purchase of a brand new gas range. . . Full delril. -bout tl.e*c ranges nnd certificates for purcha,* under government regulations can be obtained from your ga. .ppb, ance dealer or at our store. Get the facts now. GAS HOT WATER HEATERS, TOOI Automatic Ga* Water Heaters also are obtainable *nder .imHar revMilatio^. Your particular situation might qualify you for either or both of these new gns appliances. Get the details now, CONSERVE * DON'T WASTE * BUY MORE WAR BO^DS THE CONNECTicujr^JiGHT & POWER Ox Six Nazi Prisoners Escape From Prison Camp In Maine /;; Prinuelon, Mal-nio, July 19' —Six German prlsoncis ot)War aic at larffc after .escaping from, Malija camps. Four disappeaicd in n foil- call mix-up at l.'he Piinccton camp and two escaped .while.working on. a woods project near Crawford. The prisoners wcrc-identllied. ri.s Hermann -Kcilncckcr,' Leopold Lol- dolt, Hct-bort Kischner, Si«-£H<jcl Schobcr, Frll./, StCLnlngc'r'ancl Eckhart Schnitzel'. All were wearing work uniforms .-..the. 1 , .letters P-W printed.oh jackets' and;;troust, era. ' ' ' ''' • ..',"•: Two othcl' prisoners were'allCKcU.: to h.a'vc aided Stciniii£Cr: arid Schnitxor escape' w,hcn : • thoy f . an^' swercd Lo their names at''.the -roll call 'and were silenl. when, their own names were .called. They were identified a?, Eu;yer.<c Rietrui-^ and- Johann Erbcr. . ; . ••' Only one of the escaped prisoners, HctibCT.t Kischncr, coultl speak excellent English. "SCAJIED TO ,1>KATH" Mlddleboro, Mass., July 19—(UP) —A 14-year-old 'hiffh schoo'. freshman died In a denitist'is Wayne S. Thomas of R.-Llitih.'um collapsed ;is he was about lo .have a tooth pulled. The medical examiner said death was due to frlpht, "Scared blue" w;is .Uic way the dentist phrased it. ., Back From Russia Eric Johnston'i"president of'the U. S. Chamber, of Commerce, IN shown after his-arrival In New York city after ail clRttt-woeU visit to Russia-. -He went to Rns- Nlii lit the 'Invitation of Premier Stalin to study postwar trade jioKsihilltlVN between the U. *>• mid the Soviet. Johnston wild hi) hud a three-hour conference with Stalin hut' would not discuss details. (International) U.l&S.InCdnn. PlaceffilVets In Jobs In June Hartford, July 10—Couitinuimj lo do Its uLmost for -the'returning veteran of !.hc present World War nnd l.hosc of the first Wovld War, tho Uni-ted Statca Employment Service offices of .tho'Wur Manpower Commission found jote for 713 veterans during June, Stale Mam;power Director William ,T. FlUpcrald announced !.od.-iy. This compared witli CIS placements of veterans of both wars in the previous month;' The Stal.c Manpower Director said that approximately C31 veterans ol tlio present war applied to the U. S. E. -S. offices lira the slate and were placed Jn jobs after a brief survey. Thi-; compared with <HO sucli placements in ilic previous month. At the same time jobs far 182 veterans of the war wcra furnished through the offices of l,he U. S. E. S. and compared with .173 job placement of veterans of the first war in the previous) month. ROBOT BOMB IN OHIO . Dayton, Ohio, July : 19—(U P) — Engineering experimenters at Wright-Field, have a new guinea pig. Undergoing careful testing in the materiel command laboratory is a German robot bomb. Brigadier General Franklin Carr.oll—who is directing the experiments—says it was assembled in England from the remains of-several buzz bombs. Wins British Medal The British Empire' mcrtul for outstanding bravery has been uwiirdcd 'to Charles B. Satlcrth- wult, Jr., of Philadelphia, for «:»vinjf the occupants of a Imrn- Ine. arnbiilitncc after It had l»«:n not afire liy nnemy planes in the Libyan ilcucrt. A conscientious' objector. hr» was a volunteer ambulance- drlvi-r with thi: American Fluid Service in Africa when he performed the act that won him the medal. (International) 'Espotdbs Chrysler and Plymouth G'..'.'M.. C. Trucks .- j.c'iHwH JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing; lob SODIW MAIN ST. ' Telephone'MM . . . [LEISURELY SHOPPING Mirrors - . . Artificial Flower* . . . Paintings . - . Statuettes//. . Spun Clars . •. : Pictures':'. and picture framing :''•"•• "7 - . P> .CLYNE aLASS^HpP- 23 Ilarrlwon .Avc. ••••••••••»••**•< Prompt,. JCxpcrt - .;-, WATCH * .IKWELRY •. KKP AIRING ' ' .-' 180 CHURCH ST.; _ 1 Flight Up — KK755PORPU APPtAlIOTO WITH KNEE-CUP BROKEN, S/?t. Nicholas Miller, of Patcrson, N. J., rescued two comrades untlcr fire. For this he wears the Silver Star. Hasn't he clone enough? No, he's buying War Bonds! Arc you? SHRAPNEL SHATTERED the knee of Pvt. Thomas Dclln- ross.i, Trenton, N. J. He'll always wear a leg brace. ^ WITH HIS IEFT LEG TWO INCHES shorter, Pvt. Bernard Hcidcryiann, of Cnic.iKO, will limp through life. He stopped a bullet, but hasn't stopped buyinp war bonds. Don't let anything stop you! EYES ANUNIUCKVSHRHPNELFRAC- MENT paralyzed one hand for Pvt. Irwia Levinson, of Baltimore. You never heard shrapnel burst. Buy another bond for him. HIT BY SHELL; leg smashed; captured! "Twas cough going that Pvt. Donat Canier, of Dcrry, N. H,, had. And all you h»vc to do is buy bonds! COULD YOU SMILE AFTER LOSMO >-our right ey« from slirapncl ? Sgt. Carl Funk, of Cincinnati, not only smiles, but is going to carry on in a munitions factory. You Buy War Bonds! T ONIGHT when you go home to your family, think of the men who will never go home . . . who gave tlieir lives that you might live. And think of:the men who gave their eyes, arms, legs in the fight for freedom. Four times America has asked you to do something extra to help smash Hitler and Tojo. And you have responded generously— magnificently. Now you are asked to ^^-^Jwft do more than you've ever done be- "SjJS^o y|. fore. Now, as bur fighti ng men storm jPJ^^}»^i\' the bloody battlefields of Europe and '^^-^•J the South Pacific, we must back them up as never before. This is Che showdown! Show you care—that these thousands of brave "Purple Hearts" have not made their sacrifice in vain. Right now—today—invest in EXTRA War Bonds—the biggest amount you can—$100—$200—$500. Some must invest thousands of dollars to put this crucial drive oVer the top. All must invest to the limit of their ability. BUY MORE THAN BEFORE! DURING this drive you may be visited by A volunteer. War Bond worker. Open your door and your heart to him. Let him explain tb*^ various U. S. Government . Bonds available. They BM the safest investments in the world; Buy them and keep them ... and you can face the future with confidence. This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War NAUGATUCK DAILY NE

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