Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 23, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1916
Page 4
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DEPT NOV.23. STEALING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD YKAK i '"•< *•. ?)] Wi-*t Th'.r.i <'!<-<• TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. By Mali, Otitsiclft of Sterling and Rotk Fall!*, Anywhtr* in th<* United „•> Stats* 'or Canada Or.o yf-nr in rdlvan'-o .f 2 " n Fiufi!h?< In ,'»'lvfti!i'f, thu n «ix month*. I'ff month CONTINUES Mr. Whitney, a "live-wire" merchant from Canton, III., has secured (he entire stock His orders were, cut the prices to the core- move the stock to the tune of new cut prices. Here ar^ values that will arouse everyone fb a pitch to buy—fill everyone with enthusiasm that they cannot ward off. Again we urge early buying las the lots are limited. Flour, sack, 2.54 Another wind of good fortune has blown your way, Mr, By Carrier fft Sterling or Rock or by Mail at th* SturHng or " - Roclc r ftlfd P^lttOTrTdS (iiif. vfnr in ndvanrp... 1 rnnnths In ndvttnro 2 f,0 month* In advance l.i.'." One month In iirtvnnfp..,, ,, .^f, Hv tho u-ff'k, payable to thfc fnrricr .1" ENRICHING OUR LANGUAGE. Medal'.'— at this undermining price of $2.54. Limit of six sacks to a customer. Positively none sold to merchants. j ___ 1 __ • ' __ _ ' Vintage Coffee, B p c c, i a 1 mil o price, pkir,. ."27c Americas Cup "Coffee, special Hale price, 1 lt>. pkg. .25c Good Coffee, 3 .pqnml i-nn, price , .85c Golden Sun Coffee, 3 5 c grade, pound 30c Daynight Matches Kvcry iu a t c h -suro. to I i if h f. Tlic "largo' pack- Jiife specially pnci'<l, Toilet Soap, Big 4, j'oiir cakes .in . / 8c Argo Starch, 3 par (cages this sale lOc Naptha Powder, sale prii'<\__|)a£k-_ ag««. . ...22c Ammonia, sale price, tho bot- Onr If xIcfiKintihJ'rs hovo a tlrnr-. wf am tnl'l. In deriding; wlirn n term is no IDIIK.'T platig and i« entitled to t>n iuflttdfi] In (tip Knslinh—or Is li Amf-rlran?-—dictionary.' Illrbnrd ('.rant NS'hilo onr -f> jipnv^d to 'ii." that our Inn- ^iinpo Is Inrrely rv Rrnmjn"rlr»«« tonpic — that Its wealth of idiomatic texttir*' ift crrntcd liy tho people, nnd riot by th»« PXperls. William <*\illfn Hryant, whrh i»dltor- (»f tlio N«-w York TOvenlnjr Tosj^ «-r»'ntfd thf> first list nf wonts that mnH not be used. C'xci'|it In fi-rtnh* ways: nnd 11-itH Kiirvlve In rH'W*-p(»j>i'r tif!i<f>«< to the-pfC'Sent <lfiy. ttrynnt wccild |)i-rrril( a rr-porter to life tlio word "bo- KHH" In ),,f,,|-«,»H'«' (tt a worthlPM" <ti"rh. nur tvi'uilil ho permit thp use of the uiitd "hnti'l" In place of "Inn" or "lavcrn." Nowadays '"hotel" (n a (,»»•! fi'i tly |{innl word, but to'refer, to a hotrl, inn. <»r tavern SIH n hoHt'elry' Is imrred by tmrnn fditorH. Hryant alHo olvjected tn tin 1 word "dlinplilate't" ex- ci'i>t in refereiH-M to n,*Htone. bulhllnK! VI.'H, u'i> fear If Mr. Bryant .could arise frurn his x - rav»> lit- would l»e~very j"lin<)««() at diir dilapidated fit eeeb. The Imttltt a«ainst prohibiting thin and that In thn U*H« of word« l« bound to be a losliiR one. the beat it iloos IK tf> t -heck a jK;l!-mHI hurdle Into 'slovenly Kpct'ch arfij <'iiu«e UN In take a Iltth> more conolder-'What We're do. "tntr. < trlRlnalty—the—wont—"rhrrk" meant to halt w.methlnK, and "ehef|ti««" referred to bank paper. Yot a million pnrislH rouldn't K«M us to write and ucrept "ehe<|iieN" InHteud of "checkH." lie .7c Shoe Sale Continues Direct your shoe steps here! No other place in the city presents such broad > saving chances. Good sensible styles made from leather that is leather. Regular $2.50 Shoes,' the pr. f • $2.00 Regular $3.00 Shoes, the pr., $2.40 Regular $4.00 Shoes, the pr., $3.20 Men's Collars lie , Offering Arrow brand collars in tho much in demand styles. Your size, each .- "! "| * •»• A C Men's Shirts 69e 1 t'oinu! Pick your favorite patterns and. size. The ln»Ht $1.00 tihirts, ftQ^ this sale at .. UJ/C ChHdren's Coats f.-A large display of iloKinihU*. now styles and fabrics for growing girls. Mothers will find them strikingly be[/ coming to thu youngor:st»x, .. '. " .. ..* . _] •$4.7,1 Coats $10,00 Ooats $0.00 $5.50 Coats ,...$3.75- $3.00 $4.25 Coats ,,..$2.75 And tho ditToronpp Ijotwoen tho con wi'vntltmi of Kniclund nnd the ahcadivcncNK of At'norlca in indicated thai nvor yondor lh<\v *ti|l jvrlfo It "<-hoi|ti<i," AniorlcatiH like, to Ket th^rt? tho nhortoKt way. BUILDINGS THAT bONT LAST. Home of tho sky icoriU'4'rM 'n <*h no lunger pay i-xpoiifioH and intorowt. They aro fully tvvontytivo years, old and aro tu,> antliiiiutod. T^elr owner* must toar'down and build uwvv, or K<> ('» bod nlKhtly with tho roilp Thm rhrj—tmm nhUt- olfplu»nty—tm- their hnhilH. Tho H.'tmo |«i tnw> of hu- tolK. Whomyou RO to a largo hoatelry that advortltsos a lialh In evory room— al»o a . tolophotio--•y.oti invariably. ^Ind that It IN a modern bu.ildinsr, eotwuruet- cd no longer than Jlvo or ton yours ago. llound tho corrior rimy bo a hotel that onco \va» JUKI ns modern- arid homelike, but la a back number bo- cuiiHff H l« twenty-live yoarH old. Over In London, or PnriH, or Uerlin. or Pet- roKrad, a. building iwonty-Ilvo yearn old is at 111 comparatively new. Home of.the old Htamlby« in London, for in- Btanco. aro noarly 100 yearn old, Uut thon, they havo u dlfTorent Kind of a civilization over there,,: In our lam) of liberty ovorytht.ns we have must havo the latent appliances tacked onto It; and If It In so llscd. that -the new KCWKHWH cnn't b« hooked onto it —like a typewriter without u... buck- upacer—wo begin'-to HBUIO on new HturT. Ovor in London, for instainco. bwirdthsr liousn koopcru and'otherp got along very well without furnucae in the cellar; and a good many of Ujcm hato tlie e.xpi!t)8n of telophonea and oliH'trio light*, while innurnerolile newnjiapoi:s don't «oo the neeesnity 6f Hcvonil hundm! plunlta in K.for: the titwn:' when .lend are good eiioiiKh. So with us ovwn if, twenty-live yeaj- old buildingr in really old. Anil thin ptobalrty ; is a Ik^^ :^- r_-.*r.--a.£.,^»5 The Sari The A venue fellow Vvho owns i(, i FAKE LAND'8GHeM68. One of the blights 4 retttlniy upon thft ' Individual g\g\ ^ Caworolw, ~ FOR CHRJSTMA^JHOPPEES , ,1ms jirouti'tit lino-or.sllsor nn\flti*H wo.has-o over whowti, , , Klever Kraft Silver In all the dlffoiont puttwu». <Vnu> In and «ot a bouklot about Ihia wonderful Jim?. tNirlMnu»« jtjfth l.u.l avvnj vUth a aitmil dopo.Mj. Watch repairing, our si PAUL W. BUZZARD With MueUer.'s Clothing Store. Ramekin*, «ach ...... ar '*.*'""':..,. -$1.00- •oawl of Texan and Florida aro fukw land HcheinoH, JJtt;raturo urging InvoHtinont in innnoy-making June! in thoHo tjoclionti haw flooded tho country. It was nover nocesKary to visit tho acrr« in bo purvhuHiul—.-all that waq nweaaary to "sol In on u good thing" was to buy. , Th'o eourin of Florida, hnwovor. have dealt a body-'blow to tlii« Industry, and'greatly iu tho tmtlafaeilon pf Florida folks who Jriiwhed down UIHUI thJN Hiiprr-Mppculutivo tfyutotn of "gottins tho monoy." Th« hlghohi court in that «tato, In a oaf«» brought befoio i). by a man who claimed ho had boon iloocod by u land ooittpany, decided that iaxui 5 t \ In the Frame of Public Favor ^ TKo. m m ^^y^g ULLIVANV 51 good or bud Janil uhca ho nets tt .ii,il aiini«'ii,'n,' if ,\i»u \^jjnt !•> imcM r i-vi'i \mtii<n tlmii the hxim.ijihv ci-ni' ullntfld- ha\'f his JtU'tllal »luto illVi't-tl-. mtau-y, io<|iillo .ilmtii tin' nun 111 !> si \ pliiii In 'i'l.inble, \\hiUtnili i* i.ilh'di conv|'«nli-a in»ko good all thi'ir Httitt'tiu-ntM in ailvfrtlBintf and literatim*. And why not? Tho law |>«.-nnU» iw oiu> WILDCAT INVESTMENTS. On'i> can .vt> ul a i;l;iii-f in ;i i brand of porhtdlculu that 'tlniow aro 1 llnsb Tlio olfort t'i ont^co'cuin iruiiij tiie nn.u:uy who n>.t\ ita\i- it in ax-iin Hi' 1'iilei )•) \*i"-'. .mil s:o In lid u \\ h'i the |met nl* tf< 111 >< i ( M y, i III. t ul 'l!in Itiiovv thvni- .N'H';ni.ij •, tin- MiiaU in- ' i tan tint -iHt^oi !! i 1 *»i iiitt •. au>| j-,j: ', vi'ninj»i> 'in uliUi! t/l fi"'i.i! i uM'*ii'« j ui' the mull r <!i-.; V< t \S ' oitiitmti in llnaiflal > in !«• . . V -U -t 10- 'nut t' • illi.l iJir-,1><n-; ,,! Ui" | < i>j.:c. '•|-i l,,,|li|i. b.Mlkl ! HI illi«i<!, illd Ijrcj.i' bit lil->- I l.i I . 1.1 )•• i|i' Hill i('ii| lit:,' into (no ti< ty uf !ii\ » tli-nii n i li! Il4 i A" 1 ! I Illl'lll '.'. 1...JU-I' II.. I . , , « hi !«• \\ totsii in t'.i"-, I ^^"*^"^'^ l ***" l *'' l **"f*!S5""f l 9 lll| * l "HH l !9* l ?B?'H!*Pt A REAU8TJO MOVIE. l.,i I'l.itn, ArKt'iitiMB, Nov. 32,—. a niitvie hoio, Uughi'hno An« t proitilnojii citizen of I,* i'i.ii,-I, ud-. «ci nuii'h oTorconio by thf» i.niilo iunthirt "f thr heroine anil>(.ho i jij}' UJK -sitiiatlon intft which thw -tin lid her. Urn he tainted invay, 1VU • •I'd ,,Mt '•) hli bn\ ,nu| btirlii- his, n!,{ lilll y at JM-I ,su.-t.-.l v r in Kiiinrlils .iinl jal I'.ISM plugged, nil-lifts, load .»r coiinU'ifcit monoy. i\Vl'y (diniild it poimil fttko l.untJI < to >»ol|- xandy \\,I > >.U'M tinder the Pt'iitution .(hut tin v aro "a* go.ul luiul-joun bunk imounitt. UH amuhero ols-As oil tho {j-lobe''" Thfl Wlldoal 'Htw-ki, <•!' ropiitiiti<<n 'ainl* proNpcrity of both """ > Ut * »IK »n iunumj in tin Florida and Tt'vtut h.ivo iii-on injuri d "'' «oui'*»», llii« lnii!ihii-f.,s iinvvadii> it i by unttcrupulouti land ooncoint>. iVr- in»i»' iDiy-urdnuM tiuui it iuiiu(il> wn i ,. M! EXPRESS COMPANIES PROSPER. 4«o uVVfU-o of tin- 1.1--1 ih.-it lltoio ht .1 j ' v ' '"• ll - v ' "' •''-"• " ln H t'l'-i/i"' tttirpluii of inonot in the «btnKti, and, ' ' " st • 5 ""'" ! ' lli Wil 'l ' il !" iid-t. H w,i-» II...k. MI.K.UI, 'il! 1 ' 1 ^' '•"•' to bo Mtniowheit- I-NI-" -in th,-ii f" ! "' t " I "» I !l. ii S l !u ii l! .1 I. ,-Hld I'Ol'lu'd ill till- IIUK h,tw - of uurthh-Hs land- of which b.uUi ^rttati s " liy.\i« u {>uiti','tl -blut'K- KU.'tuji-d Uio niiUto T 8tulii 'tlu 1 jfuC"t li« buiij suitos lm\»« UH lino l4tni Sis will |M> i r attained. ' l i|i' '•' tin 111 'In- i lil'< vl "•t,do;. i,i|iM'-s i uiii; iii>, ,i!,il ill i »' '. na i!.->' \vitii .iiniil'ii i'iin;-"i\ ml j..,iM.ti uf i( <; ii.ii! Mi-, '.iiitt ..i', i-\ "Ullf III' >l I- •! I'SJil • lollli (Illi t <\>' i i it I In' In l in^ ; U i--! n 1,'J i|v ! »% li,U i _ In < , i'ii in.' iiui !y • j 1 • I In in •,! ! u .1 .i-nl illlsti' 11 ,n(i 'l !• !•,!•! l ~i I .ill'-, tli.) t t.i, Ill-i-l i. 1 .>-"' ^ <• ' -in i in, I l,-; i, >i i i.i I ,i| , i < i iV ' I HI, U 'I i .M '(ill j.'ili V , 111,1 the | \i , I >, ui" fi i'*i I.i i I ' i !, • I .i u |,|i . in i i i 1 ,-! i : le ) 1 il- •'•_» H )i t! tli, ,' ,1- H, T? 1, .,) l u, i , ill ,.t i, ,),' > iii> • |i.. '•' I I i'- li' It rr-', ,. ,i i,",(l !• t \i),i Hi' '• .1 >' "I 'M • .•!« :!•• .. i. ,Mi u \. i!lt . I. .1' "llii - (. • I ! •, f i . in i j'!, v ,!., 'i 'I I ' M. 1 1 ill. .lli.t • 1 ' 1 • * i i,"\ ,, ALASKAN RATE HEARING HELD. I ho inlet 1 " i IM t ,' , iii.i>-.iw.iUim i>r lutia and - •• \' ; _(,.-!., in i. ni. i, iii-and- tiuter »•>•»» iind I'lduhi luti-H i» bi'lng "iA» ,u Junc.iii. -Tim third -«n4 ill b.. lii'iti ul .Si'»ttt»>, IhM', 4th^ liel<J S&SMARKETCQiS&S inci'mdji to liif' 'irp' Ttif- -- (nl itml u(u\.u>,' An«t jiov tht'V tiusi- anywhti <,•'•••• \vin.» wiij liny , latttl I iott ' T I pO YOU KNOW WHITMAN.' , ! )(-.! .!'. ,' 'ft;i:li,)<-, i.f X, .1 ~n',-;^-;Tii'-'i'rnr".Tnm'Tu-7?'~rT:r- : Trrr~-TT; frrr i '.in, ;.;V i.i •••"I'tf. •-.}•-, i'!!", •'VctnK!'." . '.. -. .i.i; ..'' ,<t i.: ','.:< . fl .: !•-.- ! !«.;-» |..-;.:.-it/-v:., '.". .;':_ -.: i.-iill.-.l, :• i<!_i- J.M i '.,lil-j. ;: ! . . -..'.<! i •! ii. -i i '!'•'.•> I-..X •::.,•• .;' i, .;. ..•- i.i- . V,.;.-: VVi? nOw Inn t "a tlvty I UK- o{ 'Ouck» ___ vviU receive M'lectiyn'anJ jhcntton. k

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