Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 23, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1916
Page 3
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STIRLING. ILLINOIS. THUftSCBT, jtfQV. m I91& PADS THRBB, FROM OUR READERS O«r ..N*w Hd<re In FI0nr?.v I Qrebner's Shoe Mart decides on a new pattern or.' style in footwear, it must embody the bent ideas of stylo, romfort, and scientific fitting Here is our new Wync-Dcaver Dry Goods Company LADIES HOME JOURNAL PATTERNS FOR »>ECEMBER NOW SALE "Ardmore" The new senft.ition in 8 inch boots, Conies in the 1 latest th.ide of brown, the ciHicatn pliim color. < I -VA . li.d f.-.-.m-*. ;-H>! inn Mt.lietl i fa tor. V IMI--I-!.-',--'' )•' «it-t ItiK ruom, v» if !> tin' S) filth. *";:<*( TH'jI li.-ixc the b« tu !M <•' >"ht In i-\ cry i!n f very M't.nt, A (.-if pa i /• < !iotii;h for ; This boot has high arch, full instep, graceful toe and general fitting qualities that are always featured in Grebner's exclusive footwear. *TalT-r,T! T "TTt iTiv f "n i.i n" T* hish l-t; !•', hiiti,'.•'•? ii if-t v . .f. s'-.iff tt'.u ij.n . (roUSc tnr-i|(t!lf'!l. off S.i. wi.le .H. kit. Ix-n. ioiliit. •••! ! i;t il.'ij fof :«-ft laru* xvindin,'. -< 'ji the ktiir foil* •••!>!: linn. ('!>.M-th in fortV ('• -ft I,.!ll». dozen of • of* to riii.Kt nor; lilliiuj- I'lli-nds \\ !i*-!i tln-\ i-iime thi-s w,i\' Ano!h<t iliinu fli.u « ill Hisn-ltse V'.ii \Ve are not in to« n, Wv aff in tin t'oimlrv. Thf- t»iini;iilo\v i<* in me niidfl uf n l:ll Re utanue'p|-ii\ e. i\f> til" uwi!i't,- SiHll'lv lalil nut tlieir ori'hatd 'Into hit* and We have i>ite. A (!u?.ei> Iree.a on our*, aii'l the (-.olden fruit in I ipi-nlutr A lii-aiit il ul • i! tial ton. I!'>yoinl ,mr liianiie ti uve iii a row of waU'xtk |.|i«" and to the !<n;ith a • 1'iister of uT,f o.ik \; l»iid* t«i Km-lid lumleviird. l-aved uilti hriek. and tlidley line's "t y half tiout l;ike you In ten 'u the poM ollU-e. Correct Fashion At A Moderate Price (PAPE'S DIAPEPSIN FOR INDIGESTION OR BAD STOMACH ! RELIEVES SOURNESS. GAS, HEARTBURN^ DYSPEPSIA IN FIVE MINUTES. Four, Kfifiy, npset Htomnrh, I tlon. hi'afllMirn; dy."»p<'P M ia; when tin* | food y«»u eat fi-rntentH Into uancs and Sfulilmrn lump.**; ~y«»ur head Tn'tum""niii'l you ftn'l Nlek rind tni«oriihl«». that's t>n you wallzt* th<« ma^lr* in I'ape'K | Ulnpcpxhi. It niake.s all tttomach itecry vanlnlt in flvn mlnntos. 1C your lt< In 11 continuous [revolt—-If yon can't get it regnlatPd, SHRINERS LEAVE FOR PANAMA TO INITIATE (l!y rnltfd -St. PntiT. .Minn.. N'm'. 23. Tv/n hundred find fifty Ht. I'rtltl MiiMonlr HhrlnorK h-ft today for I'nnjftna. to Inltluu? 200 int'n into <i»mnn • T««mpl*-, A special tniin Htopplng nt J'hh ;««•<». Tcrre H.iuti-, MfmphiK, Xanhvlllc. Mfititgottipry and New Orlentis fur e-.n- tortnlnment anil Inttpirnt'luti, will i-iirry the Kiiitrdiaiifi of the Minity de^i-rl tu n wpoi-lnl I tout at Kew drleatis'. Tin-nil VilHt de)eK«tlon Will join the Ht. I'ntil Hhrhic, for tho trip to 1'ariumu. hi- ;i cit tirnhif. a hi!!, A l-u-f hhf'.i tnitrt Hhnll snutlti- mv rn A wilii»w> Ill-link Uiat turn* M mill, \V|th ninny ti fall, jtliall linger mar, 1 In- .Hitu;ilino, An.uthi'f xuiptisimf it>-m, Vuiir Kiii'l''*iluit ir« incr. H«'i<> It i» hc- Minnlni;. In jionardiyi ncni' u« afi» i-fi's, trinintnrs n t'rait hi«h in hlitnln. Ifitucf, ami !li"U ly |)hlllt<(l I'Utjltoi'ft. utlil fi liitt v\ In rt ti"< No \y|iH»*i" hi'rc. o. for your tmke, try I''m»<>'H Pln- I penal n. It H so iiecdlchH to imvo n ' «tomtu*h—mak<» your next meal n ] fnvorlto food meal, then tnko a little will not ho any dl«- Ktrwwi-—e«t without f«««r. It's because' i JMupejiHiii "re-ally does" reguluta l"W«ak- out-of.ord«*r Rtornnchs thut gives I It it» mftllonn of waleH aminally. a. Inrjfo flfty-rtpnt onH»» of Ptipe's from any drug «ton*. It THE BORDER TRAINING Will Add 15,000 Years To the is the characteristic of the new Winter Coats we are.showing.. There is no better time, than tomorrow forThe selecTion of^ouFnew'coaf."'" Bolivia/ velour," pTusn, bnnuhloth, velvet and other pile fabrics are smart things in day time coats, $15 to $65, _ Other coats for afternoon and evening, $25 to $75. • " "N New Low Prices on^ Every Suit in the House but price alone will not cause you to*buy, but rather the quality of materials, the newngss of style and tho fitting quality, for your own needs, We believe we give you all ot these things when you buy of us, because of the great number of satisfied customers we have had this season. * * ? * '*" • * -». ! -t I V We would rather not sell you five cents' worth of merchandise from any department of our store, if we cannot satisfy you in every detail. Because our success depends on your, return for more merchandise. -«" • ;>. ... n Htirirta, wp nr-rrr slcrp r,r Tills in i>\|n-(icil in ho the rh'lnn tidily liy the car Uiaii, .-sor :.i hiiinlri'il in mi I'M-urnliin. ' "ntm- t-nr- .ly If yiiti winild avdtc! thi 1 rush, A .Hiin* Ittirlutn f<«r nlil IT ilclunti- in-(i|iU>. Y««.ti-- I UTiluy at rhutch tin;' |H>\V«I wsirinklcd with Kt'iy hi'inlft. men arid wminon. A lianiKKtiit 1 laity with n Krai-loins nmllo Rhiidk out- luiiidM at tln> i|i IT n» \vi> «'n- t«Tfd. A hint f*.r StiTlIng, It In «.|pht. anil )!,(• ricin^ MIIH i'1'ixtiici'H nnnthor halnty «Uiy. W. W, U.-IMH, Life, tile Army Physicians. I till) ijsiIckeHt, mtretU Hlomach relief and ! By \Vfhh (Staff C'orreHiiundi^nt of 'Unit oil ""J'IVKS. ) HI I'iifo, Ti'V.. Nov. 2S.»--AlK»nt 1."'%- oiin yparH IK tx-lni? nihlf-d to'tho IIKKI^- k'atr fid' uf tiic |>o|)iilati(Ui <if tin- I'. H. hy the Mexican "nitunllun." In- ;curo known. It no in nlmoHt liko l;'»—U 1« a ucli'ntiJIr, linfinlfun unil plena- •font HUmmeli prciiariOJon vvhii-h truly In ev(»ry homa FREEPORT A SURPRISE Claitfttf With Champaign and Gales- tiurfl For Honors. ! i ' (Jiy t'nitpd f'j'Hw-J— '"- —'"" 11J., Nov. '23, • ICn»t Atirora'n wt tho hatidN Of the fant l-Ywo- I>r«j> school gridiron dreles lust . ' I( wan th» most hit|ioriant hut' .stcail uf th-ath anil In tin* northern i, uiul liy vir- f.tUO nf their vleiony, l'*r*-eport now j;atMnd« frf n position t«» lay un 'undis- L'pUUul i'tnlin to tho m-ctional hunorti. •^jptalo CHte hwiiorH will have to ho dl- .vlih'd thret* thin and .form a -trio <>f huv« nt cli-un nluti>s ««><-tl«»nH, and. It \v<nili| In* folly to Mtt<*m|»t tu nf l/ttirpt* fcs H»o utrnnKVHt. l»^anon uuinrs arc dei-lded upon, tho I Btatu rhtimploiiMfilp will luivc to rc- I rnnln 4i*>put<'d, with the tht? ritriit to cln thi> hulk of the Help Nature Do It m«'tit tho' ('«nn|i!»lKn .In .Mi'Vli-n ami tin- niohllUatdon of -tht* natiutial guard Is mliliuK frmn a fi-\v rnnnthn tu yca-rn tu Un» .lift* of pvi;.r>* Civilian sohllor, army n.H (li'darf. HlatlRtlrlniiH h'avf tiiat thr nvPiaMC added tu tlv< llf«» of each BuanlHinan will In- nearly .'t your." ' At't«-r four to «ix montliK of training' !!ki> an atltluto, wuikltiK In tho opi'ii ulr, Klf'f'plnx iiKa 't«*nt and phi fiinilvtii hnndrod tninicand nii'n will KO Iwu-k to civil ..lift* .wftli'u IUMV It-aso on llf«». Major Ja«. I 1 '. . ICflward« of the nu'd- Ical curi'H of tlip J'cnn sylvan la militia. has hi-cii inaliltiK ii floso Nttidy nf iho f AMUSEMENTS J V.-.J _.... _ __ • • J FROM CLERK TO AN ACTRESS. H,« Maijurle l>n\in, who will ap- ui the role nf I'addywai'k when "The Kinl of a. I'erfet-i Iliiy" in i»r<-«cnt- t'd in the Ai-iidi'my of Mimic next Snt» firtlay. un.«« until last May a i-lerk In ti law dcpai tment ntorc. Her wistful .heatity niid her talents were hidden hchlnd tlic nil!; counter' until ullver Mitrnsco, prnji'e of the »toM', found her and carrloit her off. D he a real leading lady. Vs«'neral off«n;tM i*f ,th« IntfiiMlve train- In},' njMUi thi'Sd m«-n drawn from otliro, I'urtory and fann. in rlyil lift? |u« IH dt" iwtwr of I'nhllo JlVaith of tho lUy^r cy««fy man on tin* bonier will bo bonVlltoil imnn-aHiirahly hy tho trainiiiK !»' l« liiHh'rjsoing," wiU). Major (Oil wards. Iti most t'«m*8 tlu i itiHiriif*- tldn In in-rMiiiuil hyuh-no and rl>, r ht 'liv'- tiTTlm5ncp~T.lw~Tn ) 1 1 ttn m mr~frr |)II\'|H iM-Iiinh, believes In fair- ieH ,'ind IIIIM the genn of iiptiniiHin Jlrmly lixi'd In Iff »u>iil. I,I*NW than Hlx niiinth>< «Ko this lltilf nirl with blui's. (irr.'ii even and a pink mui white- nkln. itnhnrn hair, a rich, full, Mtiooth voli-e •md a ineri'y >ifilU> Htood hehind .1 counter in a hig departtttent Mom in State »<trt'i-t, C'hlt-at?". Today sho'^ 4 the leiullng feminine role In ,'ind .Mac \'itly produrtior.-" and lu-r eh/infew for* n Hpeet Ymvor ate as colorful as n I»avln elu'ri^lHHl a .iloKliv to go 'in tht> titUKi*' for ye«r«,'t. Khe tried to i<Mtt <md fnlkvd. Then H|U< htH'ame'ii t-a and «ho .dec-idetl if sjie could not he n Krviit ai'trc.'ii!, s-'he would he. a i:rncker» jack ^e!l,(«r of KOO<)K. Her furnier' rin- ployorn will (ell ymi slit* made tiood, Fate, however, came alonn and lifted her from hehlnd the counter, fairly MJaaiint<! ln-r out into tlu> world t'< nink or BWin, win or hme. lint Ntardom'.s ' fully er Just Ills thin ji.nd her name IH to "lCv6iv'""nVnv th»* In thr hcaUh "of our men fan he noiir-wl. s«-v- cral months of dally opt n air and sU'i'i rclHc- In thf in "i tint caniiot , Don't you BCO how fiho ia working to get rid of your colds m»d catarrh? The effort con» tlnues all the time, but in hot •weather you.<ntch n frfreh cold evei-y day or so, add to tho catarrh In your system, and soon it is, chronic—systemic. Your digestion Buffers,'" you have trouble with stomach, and towels. Get at tho raal disease. Clear up catarrh, and the Other troubles will disappear. Aidjfith Peruna — A-—^.— * Road t«»*ile,-,w| KpUftBl't'miary in catuuiml -t-on. BulUl up yiiur reaiuinnfe, , 'atiU ut tho imnio lima trtat tl)« catarrli. Supply iiaturu \vltli limn' t IK"I', /!tv«s yofir- woay n olunu'w in j,-«t ji'ifll, aiiil nuiniaor will not wcritlu-r. Jinw ttf-s in V Tilbll't ,f'\l!l! In VS.') V »<Vt)M % ltJi-tit !,,(• r, t;ii . THE PERV/NA CO, COt.VM»U(J, OHIO hut ln'iiclit. It IK Win tli a iluv..-n \a(,i< tlntiH roll«>il into fiuo, lint most liu- l-ortiHit In tli*» «'ff<'*'l of Dm army ilioi. .Mont (•ivilianw out loo much. And In ti'inpci.mi o in catinK I s nmro <l»nK*r- oi IH than any othi-r foim of iiit<'rni'<'r- i,iii-«'. l-'or four niontlm our men hnvo liriMi cutini; the Hlini'li' halatahli> aimv tutinti, Th*<y don't ear too nuiflT"nnd tho food value of what they Kd !•< roin- Iinti'd' s*i'U-ntilli"(illy. Thin rt'Kliiie with plenty of exeii-i«;e uinnot fall tu add >,c>l)U'tlllll« l|. till' IJV'l'K ul' Cill)' l HI/CD Koldh IH." ' , Jlut tlu-ro is 4yt pltxirfins,' e\el>hody, Tu tlu» _m:in iiti<leiHii!iiK ilus ti.inuiir. )( H/iitetlineh loseti the v, nation idn - ,>-i<'iil naming tltine and heiviine*' 1U'«{ li,'U«l labor "Huh." .said one k'i;u IIMU.IU . ! Ill tile Mill ~U hen told ! le v\ i.H ;illiliiir, oin 1 \t-,i| to !ii» Ille 'J/,.'a I MI, \Vi!l I'M K!^'' tllHe >» off llu iH|,t| till i i ni> Ijti lu ^u hfiine n\>\\ " \ FIGHTS FOR HIS BRIDE. Sf-l ItinJield. 111. No\. Jv> 'I'tiitnaii Mitt,, ^.i >|.,1IR <ild, ol r,U|i> <'leel., . SaiU'atnuju i,onnt>, is iiuattlilK the )i'- hiilt i I Ids lali'M leral IlliiM' to. ohl.iln . j IIMSI ssit'ii ut lii^- Ill-\ e.ii'-uld hs idi*. \ \\lit u! iitlii.iS't '|uis utit.itiieil liv I)C u tixt'irc mi t hi"' ilicatrii'al liorUoii, MILLIONAJIR'S SON AND T-H E- SHOP- Q I R t The pfcwniiiUim, of "Tho Million- lire'tt Him ttni'l the jrrhop flirl," H hrdn'd new melodrama liy. \V. t' 1 . Herman, au- ( ijior ..of "Any M«n'n Kilter" and 'Hitmduitv After U,uk," a< the Acad,^ l my on Tlmnkhv(lvlH>:, -inatliii-c and Xov. 30, will do mUi'lt to hrini; old style nielotlrnmu buvk Into jr^^l fK& THREAD ^1^ JS HEELS ftTOES #S •••J. - -• -.' ••••il Itt \c^ We are Sterling agents for the fa* mout "Round Ticket" and "Gordon" brands of Hose for women and ' children. Cotton, lisle, wool, thread silk and fibre silk Hose from 15c to '59c. , i . / * Plain and fancy thread silk Hose at $1, $1.25 and |1.50, A gveat variety of fast colors in^all fitet can always be found here. Ribbons—Handkerchiefs Now i* the time to select With arrivals of the week, your Ribbons for Xma* our Handkerchief stock is work.' When you do fancy now complete, Sleds, work of thi« kind you autos, lunch boxes, trunks, should bo careful, to get e»sh regiiters and fancy Ribbons of quality. John- boxes filled with pretty son Cowdin's Sankana.o Handkerchiefs—some Satin Ribbons can be had initialed — are among the •h-e-rc—-In—-every "wanted new for children. Handkerchief Centers-—9, shade and .is low priced 1Q gft<i ,, -^ of , heer as any other ribbon. linen, at SBhkannc Ribbons h S^v e J5C and 25C been made before the eyet Pretty embroidered cie- of millions at the last four world's, fairs and expositions, .Their selection for this work from all the rest signs in white dhd toluft. , We, 15c> 25c. 50c Handkerchiefs for men, , is proof of quality. : .gc,'" IOC? T5C» " J '" nc " 25c.50c See them on display main Ynrd floor. . V Priced . ,2c,.- $1 Trimmed Hals Must Go We will not carry a hat over for the next season — we must clean them up each soason. To do this we must make great concessions in prices at this tea- son in tho year. You wilt find all shapes and styles —everything that ia new and good this season, Hats $3.50, $4.50, $5.00, $6.50, $7.50, $8.50 and $10.00 •*t • They all go—none are reserved. 33%% Off (Take elevator to second floor) MOTHER'S BEMEW FOR BRUISES Children's Bumps, Sprains and Minor Hurls Quickly JRelieved by Sloan's Liniment, U mil tt,,o. v.i-iy, iijiiuu' nf cUibKo lu'tiihi'H >••• tu. < uiiii' 1*1 > in, 'tullli-i \\lth Htlli- lift 3 (unit l..i» Iji t'U r.Mlll-- II! till- ( s, ited mi All and .Mi- .Jnlin Hun, o | i'ant l all, i.u.iilK ui tiu> In uli i YOUTHS WERjE VINDICATED, , v oisii^ tu>v> (; I tin f I' ftnudt < ' I,-it i I I \ 1,11 - I'll I « I U x 111 1C. (I- I ' I I'll ' 'i«u,.'-o( 1, i\ HIM iHiul'ii.l fiit.i {,\ n "MI". V> iMii ."-«nii^ I" M u .!! i ,tt'd i , u, . .1 ' I. i^,> i • .in ii i, i ,n c . i i tni il' .--I > 11 i . . , ' . I , > ' i ii i. e . n t i 11 i MI a t M ' ' ! TII i. ii. I it.' i iifi i f to uilh Tin v >.ue painful liutU., too l:-,ji tin-it pun and ;-1ni'; taift ^tii\;ve l!i< /inlle'l! i of llu. 'iniinent * A ln,ii iMpin ilit'ii of SH i ,H l.iniliit ni and tilt* lt|lle fe|lo\\ l.f.iveh Kept !, u I, I'lH.-, KHi Ua> lit rtiiiiK •• iil'i hint »•» u Hit tli llfevei\ Isunii Xiluii- thi'li' .He ( |.|! illi'll a hot tie ot ^*u ill's {anttlull- .!> .! ni t't s**lt \ ' ,, , Ai'ltiiif; must i* •.. tin itm iti.-n\ l.iii-i lia'.o MIII" in i I . Hn<-K tin, i luif.!'•;>, fit , i an I-' i Hi lUi'*. i-'nvid -i.iii Sloan', l.,i,lni! IH i I- u* i (,h in i'.i'—• i intuit lit- ' ul Jj! ,'• li )c, •' ell din,; 'tuii'si „'.«*', fiite ami |i n" Sloans niment Domectie Specials 35c Bleached Sheeting, * 9-4 .wide, special for Fri- OA^, day and Saturday.... Mt/C' 33c Unbleached Sheeting 9-4 wide, special Friday ( 0* r 7^». and Saturday ....... <tt I C 26c Anchor Tubing, 4* Inches wide, Friday and O"| _ Saturday ,.,,, j6Ai/ 13c Hope Bleached Muslin, Friday and , 10/» Saturday .,.....,..., Jlvi/ 10c quality Unbleached Mu«- lin, 36 inches wide, •_-. special. ..,...,,.,..•.... 1__1. ur.f- IQfPlECE CROCKERY SET 89c Regular $l,5b value, 10 pieces Brownware, white lined—as pictured below. Packed in a carton ready for shipment. (On sale—Economy Basement) ' DOLtS! DOLLS? Our Economy Basement is . showing many pretty dolls in kid bodies—and dressed char- ''• acters. Wo are fortunate to 'be able to present such an : " ' .assortment as we have. Kow- pies too arc here in all sizes and poses, Dolls at Me and up to $1.75 White Furniture for children, Well made, finely enameled with docofa"-* tions -in blue and pink. $1.00 to $3.50 piece. > Sterlings Greatest Values In Our Economy Department . ^i .. . — .^U^- — t • ^^^^—^^g^——.——..-...^—! r , _-——» s ^^^^^^^^^ . in,. 8 bars Lenox Soap, 7barsGalvanicSoap, 3 bars-Ivory Soap, 2 bars Ivory Soap, 5c size 9Kf* 5c size *9Pi/> 5c size . 1A/» IAn ciw/1 -tr*- for £Ov. <v,,. 4ytlv V ni . JLUC !0e size for -...'. I "|ll '. .' f.lVOI, Ihii' is ., 4*1.ty «lih :t ch-an uih-,1 tu th|. Lilrn \vitU ili-lulitful (inn• «|,v, >-t;icid t;y (.;<urj;«' Ivlttnt. a vi-U-i.iu h.i-< or> OFF WITH THE MUSTACHE K^^^S^ iiotiiu-tr 'ot - nn loiiiiiiUii. vviiD 'luiis-'ht l'i- nuinj jeai" ol e.\p< t (ei.ri u li it 111 ,UI!tf. tJie pi VS the Jifupi I . • i.'i i',ui)itui itt ,')id tin- 11..lit [>la\i > to ti'U.t'ic authoi'M »itti v -ii'h. i',1 as tili-. tlu >tui\ uf a sutituj •Hi. Kane UU'.;:HI. Him \vmK*< In the (ox of a niililmuHi • uii'ti li.uiR jn Hi''.' Holts to in.tki i-'uod and her p.itl- Modification of Army Order Enriched'''^ llis rt "" '"' "«"«"""»'i Hut he.e,.i. MI. t tho Barbers " utiete tin* i nii-< unu'H in ilu« chin Ili",ln'- • ' - iiind niiilt*! tip inni-t In* xliavin 'rito"*'! l!v-"fjay tiTJaheitv ,?uMnni4 .1 luai.l ate fotred \» pinv, , il ntljd 1'iesH HtaH' i '01 ii"t|iuiulent» i^H t'ei a liundit ti\ ui niuiton i,lio(i.s. l,on<iiin. N'ov L 1 '! Vnd it i nye tu H« ith-» ul «lit«ii i<- t oitstdt ted liiioiit- I an--, (hit thus" in i.'Uim.inil ut I'n; ..hi.' !a~niN mv\ «.um> nhine.l. sajn^' , ,„ ,|. t,i i!.| t - ,jav u h, n- v the . we hue mad.* l.nnU n*-..»n. m , lv , u .„, ,„,,,, H , s „„„,.,„.,. 1,.,,),^ lives o| mil >onilM*« oil!. .-!« In v),,.,^ ],,,,| t .,| |,|., ,,..., mU i|.; olfj, , >- \\r it-iitue iidoinmt in ol ttie •,,, U ||, tll i ii, ttt» n it is v \ ho-«o elloll- ut 'It ol' a tie) I. . tl 'I Pf^vf -f Insane'f.ty. ! ''III" I'e I.;* ",n ' ni in"! !.j|'. I iiViio |i "''• • in ! .ire tin- 'i ...-I ! i*ei'.*.' : iii,, i •! uu, and Kmdim.^ ot heat t uu. tor "H' 11 ' ""' ''•* tlu '"' U ' modUHMHun ut ,„„„(),« h.iiU piod.H e,| nothin.* U.i tlt^s,...* os th,. -,tui ( . owneiV s,,n '" lir ""'"' ll '- lv '"^ !<> l '" 'Ignition ol !u /v . st ,. l( i 1>w ,,,„, xvh , vs , n .,, nl ' tai-lil di, to ou.-n, 1 ti- !>.ui .ii> t,. at: I'l i ! tl'i I uli l t - to lilt It! UliilK*'. aili !'o\v hi- . |.|tf>-ilmn Is <»,iui.|iie i»> toh ll'i «V i , I '• tl t III t i'I I-t Iv lull U M!li» ii> r,n- Million tin V JMHI unit tin -0.0(1 i iiM >i.u .iii- l,iU';l*>- Jiui ii H,- I'fii- i'l » W MltlOll* l"l _,i III* I ! 1111- ,)._!_' _,!'.ll '' _u li'ioj _Lii2_l)_ l! -tiil llii'l >)l o | t l *l • Mlt.M'I! 1,1 t.l)(,- ll'.\ ", • i lu i- *, t • M! (, or il' [i| (\ .0,1 i ,oi. I : t t* it i> i ' o t'<i ,i) > . t t J i I ' ' tl • i , . u i at u»u \\ ."' 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