Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1963 · Page 2
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 2

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1963
Page 2
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City Reports June At $171 ,000 - " r \ - es twe to Saunders Hospital in Avon by Wiggins ambulance. He was not believed seriously injured. Groups Assist away were officers of the auxiliary police, Galesburg Police Force, Civil Defense Disaster Unit, Illinois State Police, and the Civil Air Patrol A CAP plane circled the Galesburg-Knoxville- Abingdon area to watch for congestion and accidents. Only one accident was reported thc E [ evefl Meter Monif / rs ^ in the area. Ivan Eugene Brown, Also assistin Morning Rain Aids Cheer as Drought Ends (Picture on page 3) morning. The Knox County sher- Murky weather doused the July jf f . s office rep orted Brown appar- County Country Club said today. Construction value in Galesburg during June was slightly more than recorded in the preceding month but considerably less than in June 1962. -~ A bus containing 3? i meeting of all of this year's AFS students, before their return to American Field Service stu dents representing 24 for* their native countries. eign countries will arrive in I During the^ past year, the AF8 n«i* e k„.. rt Aiiftiffiv even in t* spoored 2,m students from S6 Galesburg Sunday evening countries by bringing them to 2 ,000 communities throughout the United States including Galesburg for a 3-day Visit. During their stay, here, Balding Inspector Oscar Hut- ^"ffi,^^^ I which has participated in the pro- compared with ^,535 in May will also attend a picnic and a lice at Lake and $314,350 in June, a year ago. 20, of Cuba Route 1, was driving from Abingdon on the Abrngdon- DeLong road early Thursday Storey were members of the Knox Primary reason for the slightly County Red Cross Chapter and improved June figure was the issuance of building permits $49,000 for an addition to Bixby* A "nice-sized" attendance saw Zimmer Engineering Co., 961 Ab- fireworks display at Lake ingdon St., and $30,000 for an ad- Bracken also, officials at Knox dition to the Galesburg Clinic, 320 Wednesday morning N. Kellogg St. dance and have ample time to I visit the business district. The students, who have completed their senior year at American high schools, will leave Galesburg day morning. To Meet President Of Properly To Be Listed 4th plans of many Thursday, but I ent i y fell asleep and his car went I But a11 events at Soangetaha Issued were six building permits some were able to salvage part of over a 25-foot embankment about Country Club were postponed un- with $69,900 for residential con- the holiday when skies cleared late 4^0 a . m< it landed upright on a in the afternoon. til Sunday. Wataga firemen shot struction; five permits, $0,200, for Kennedy will receive them at the 1 White House, From the national They are on the way to Wash- Appearing in Saturday's edition ington, D.C., where President of the Galesburg Register-Mail tree trunk and he was taken to °^ 4 ^ir fireworks Thursday, as house additions; 15 permits, $10,£"S?Z £l %JTS Avon by a passing •n.toris. and pla^n^ej^n, Par^ g to = and m*> in - - ~ - .he Sto £car racing at Kn.xvffl«. as others in the Galesburg area were postponed. Undaunted by the weather, however, were the bells in Galesburg and throughout capital they will go to a final will be real estate and personal property valuations for 14 Knox County townships. The 14 are the nation that rang at 1 p.m. (CDT) to commemorate the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Many who arose early to get a picnic table at the parks began to frown when rain started about Money Taken From Safe At Knoxville Basic Costs The races, sponsored by the Gales- Following is a list of permits in burg Jaycees, will take place June . Figures reflect basic con- Sunday at 1 p.m. The concerts struction costs and not the actual by the American Legion band total value of the projects: were also postponed until Sun- Residentral S & S Home day. Builders, Columbus Avenue, $15, Galesburg churches and Knox 000; Ray O'Bryant, West Grove College participated in the ring- Street, $10,000; Weller Home Coning of bells to commemorate the struction Co. on 1281 Russell Ave., nation's 186th anniversary of when $7,500, and on North Cedar Street, Sheriff's personnel investigated 12 0 f the 13 original colonies rati- $8,000; L. W. Schwarz, West Main a report of a theft of cash Thurs- f ie d the Declaration of Independ- Street, $16,400; A. B. Dodson, 7 a.m., but it broke> «c*n1day, about 10:50 a.m., from the ence ; After four minutes of "ring- Brown. Avenue, $13,000. drought. It fell mtermittenuy Red and store Super Mar . ^ ^ chrigtian chun f h House Additions-Donald White, throughout the "J ^f. "1 th * ket, 314 E. Main St., Knoxville, concluded by playing "America" 572 Hawkinson Ave., $1,000; Carl total rainfall on July 4th of 0 63 operated by Melyin Fjrst ^ ^ chirn / s ^ rf { jn m Nystrom and Son, 1398 N. Semi- taches measured at ^ Gales* report wag ^ m - n ^ bfl]a> wassponsored by & Gales . nary St., $800; W. J. Chivers, 1567 burg Waterworks The heat ™J $wo in $1 bills and an undeter- burg Junior Woman's Club. E. Main St., $1,000; Fred South- also vanished, and Thursdays in 5 - s ^ 10 , g s * oring the ^ ke storev cel . 671 N - West"St., $1,400; T. W ^ W ^l e ^ S ' F*w Swim comprised l00t **** in the ebration were the Galesburg Jay- A - Roberson, 1188 W. Main St., Water Warm, But Few Swim d ^ 2? wag Usted gg ^ defraved costs bv sell- ®> m There were few swimmers yes- of the h$s ™\™ g d SStrtaT& on Permit tor Gara « es rday. While the air was damp| w anA afllto frnrtnAre Vn ° c !f.i , _ , ™ r f n ™ s glven . on Garages - Shelby Bamter, 1176 E. South St., $100; R. E. Milroy, Maquon, Haw Creek, Henderson, . ^»»^ A TII Ontario, Lynn, Rio, Sparta, V iVll A tfk H ffclH Galesburg, Persifer, Walnut J. if J.-Vin. IU 11U1U I Grove Cop i e y f victoria, Orange and Chestnut. Personal property valuations for the City of Galesburg will appear in Saturday's edition, while real estate valuations - for the city will appear Programs For Area Boys A bus trip to Chicago and an later, overnight Indian Guide Nation Valuations for the other six campout ha^e Seen announced townships, Knox, Salem, Elba, as part ot the activities of the Truro, Cedar and Indian Point, Galesburg YMCA. appear in other publications in Indian guides will gather at which they have been or will be Camp Shaubena July 20 and 21 printed. while a capacity of 45 boys will The Board of Review organized be expected to register for the June 17, but the bulk of its work is expected to follow publication gram for twd years. In return, AFS sent young Americans Abroad including Carol Wicks of Galesburg who left tot Norway about a week ago. AFS director general Stephen Gatatti estimates that approximately 3,000 students from more than 00 countries will arrive in August for the 1003-04 year. Galesburg's new APS student will be Mikko Vienonen o? Helsinki, Finland. Augment* Education The end of^stay bus trips are designed by AFS to introduce students to communities and regions of the United States other than those where they have lived dur* ing the preceding year. The local AFS committee, comprising 37 persons has made the arrangements for the stop in Galesburg. In charge of the students' activities while in town is Mrs. Keith Peterson of 458 Knollcrest Drive. Assisting her will be AFS president Mrs. John Black, vice president Mrs. Dale Sward, treasurer William Goodwin and secretary Miss Virginia Hinchliff. The Weather is Gov, Otto -ftM hid footed Galesburg city officials to join other municipal representatives in * civil rights conference July i« at Springfield, The respect i K«T to Pao* 1 W«ath«r Brown—•Storm Yollow—Mr Red—Warn Blno—Cold Strip* i July 23-24 bus trip to Chicago. The Windy City travelers will of the valuations, which is the official information to property terday. wmie me air was u<uu F Uce md state t^p^ joined ^ ^ . . * and cool, the water was warm, ^ investigation and Jarch for ?AA • me jaycees, in reported some of ^ vnnthfnl r? 6 inves H? atl °?. an . d searcft f ? r eluded an air conditioner, out- There swimmers, picnickers cleared. of the youthful £ to have co^ SSd nlr"sTZ' a Z 930 S - ^ St - ^ J - R - Ho were manv I.J n._ ° uiwiu raoior, lawn sets ana a pic- , A«„„IJ c* *oxn. n ^«™c visit Riverview amusement park, Adler Planetarium, the Prudential owners of the valuations placed Tower, Shedd Aquarium, Museum on their properties of Science and Industry and attend a Cubs-Cincinnati Reds base- Wayne Woolsey, Knox County supervisor of assessments and ball game. Boys are asked to | ex-officio clerk of the - Board of after were .many ted the theffc the weather eat breakfast at Lake Storey's celebration *ent J 4 °"r I 9 ^ off with har<Uy a hitch. Only the '^^.^?2^ was , nic table. But in their zeal to give f d ' 180 A ^ n ? ld ,f t \^ 5A0; G ^!f leaving and bring a sack lunch A man described as being 20- the items away, Jaycees neglect- f Grav f s - J 212 Map l en , £ \ for the first noon Leonard Brannon, 597 W. First ^ Y Indian ed to get the names of winners, im * AM „ . i. T > n *~ tone A f™ir * t St., $400; Robert Rutledge, 1336 A tew prizes remain . to be ,* \ concert by the American Legion prizes remain reported to have used the phone in claimed. The holders of tickets 1niQ ™ Q f , Qf Rnvninn H »« n a nH ttiA Pvhihition bv the ^ store ^ ften to haV€ S one to numbered 495644, 485439, 482111, SSJ^lJ *l*£n*n Qf braves to brin 8 their tribe "g^ 11> • Band and the northwest corner of the store, 485207 or 484871, may dim A* trations t0 ^Galesburg YMCA J™- Arcnery viuu we ^ ^ was ^ ^ David Gug- Lnarles A. nucKiey, 5b8 JN . cnerry „ ^ | taken o home before I Review, today urged all property owners to check the listing of their valuations and compare Guide Nation I ^em with comparable properties in their areas. "Don't just com^ A _ _„ _ _ .campout will begin at 2:30 p.m., , , . f . , , . , Monroe St., $600; W. E. Dugan, | and ^ hief Horn urged ^ local plain to neighbors and friends take complaints to the Board of where action mav be Galesburg cancelled. ^ Richard Dickerson, chief of the the f in t may —- ~ ~~,M J QO CNNN ne ^ . K1il EF% r. . *c.n. c » on them," was Woolsey-s him, a dcr. The ow,- tafson at 488 N. Academy St., Sl^JSvta W Z^£t«£ SS 1 ^ ™^ er's wife was said to have been Galesburg, or phoning 343-9708, J£J g;; ^ 99 ^u^mi to , responsible for planning Newcomer Dr., $1,350; Don 41 " 1 *— 41 1 Wright, 927 Lawrence Ave., $1,000; R. Kenneth Hallberg, 1319 bring their personal bedding, also | €ac h wee k to viewing complaints Jefferson St., $850, and Rodney their cooking and eating utensils. O'Bryant, 242 Benper Ave., $700. Miscellaneous — Irv Herring, | registered now and more appii- Galesburg-Knoxville Auxiliary Police, said no numerical estimate waitin S on a customer at the | within three days, of persons watching the Lake time she noted *e man's move- Storey fireworks could be made ments. After waiting on this and since many did not watch from a second customer,, she was re-| WOllieil S MoOSC the park grounds. He said some ported to have gone to the safe, The Board of Review will receive complaints until Aug. 1, _ . . the clerk said this morning. After breakfast. Campers are asked to ^ date it wi u devote three days menu for the supper and viewed the mostly-aerial fireworks I found the unlocked door wide open I CrFOUp Elects from the South Lake Storey road, and discovered the money loss. 1 1 and two days to hearings, Wj There are 98 big and little braves I S ey related. 1- Lincoln Park and even the north The. man apparently left by the IiCW fJlllCerS 447 E. Main St., $2,000 for restau- cants are being accepted. part of Galesburg. Park Crowd Sparse However, due partly to the sparse crowd, the congestion after rear door, asking for an empty carton as he was leaving. Theater Stand Looted the firewooks was relieved after iff* s department was a report of only 18 minutes. Dickerson said a breakin of the concession stand Academy of _ _ , , | Friendship of the Women of the Also investigated by the sher-j Moose at a mee ting Tuesday rant addition; Galesburg Construc- Mrs. Ruth Baldwin was elected | tion Co., 320 N. Kellogg St., $30,000 for addition to clinic; Russell chairman of the night. presided the over Peggy the the fastest time ^ previously was a t~the Drive In Theater on US P w ^£0 ^ 27 minutes. Helping speed traffic ^ west of Ga i es burg. This took g/ oup during the past year place Thursday some time after others elected, following a pot- 1:30 a.m. Here the loot consisted i uc k supper, were Mrs. Gladys of $127 in cash, made up of $2 Chalmers, vice chairman; Mrs. in pennies, $100 from a hiding Kathryn Jefferies, secretary; place, and $25 in petty cash, Mrs. Carol Tucker, treasurer and Fox, $49 000 for addition to fac- GoldwatCP Call tory on Abingdon Street, and Virgil Wright, 1350 N. Academy St., I in IlHnOlS Cameron Phone Percy Thinks Service Given State Approval NORTHERN ILLINOIS: Partly cloudy and a little warmer tonight and Saturday. Scattered thundershowers likely late tonight and Saturday. Low tonight In the 60s. High Saturday 8C-95. IOWA: Partly cloudy with scattered showers or thunderstorms tonight and Saturday. Low tonight in the 60s. High Saturday 75-80 northeast to 85-90 southwest. CHICAGO AND VICINITY: Mostly fair tonight but chance of a thundershower toward morning. Low in lower 60s, Saturday chance of thundershowers in the morning becoming partly sunny and warm in the afternoon. High in upper 80s. Light variable wind tonight becoming southerly 10-18 m.p.h. Saturday. Sunday outlook, partly cloudy and warm. GALESBURG AND VICINITY: Partly cloudy and a little .warmer with scattered thundershowers tonight and Saturday. Lows tonight in, 60s. Highs Saturday 88-95. Illinois 5-Day Extended Forecast NORTHERN ILLINOIS: Temperatures will average 2 -4 degrees above normal. Normal highs, 83-88. Normal lows, 61-66. Warm through most of the period although /briefly a little cooler about Monday. Precipitation will total 2 to 4 -tenths of an inch with scattered thundershowers likely tonight, Saturday and again about Tuesday. LOCAL WEATHER Noon temperature> 72; morning's low, 60. Sky overcast., (Thursday's maximum, 73; minimum, 65; Wednesday's maximum, 77; mini- munii 61.) Sun rose today at 5:37 a. m., sets at 8:32 p. m. RIVER "STAGES Dubuque—6.9 rise 0.2. Davenport—Missing. Burlington—7.0 no change. Keokuk—2.1 fall 0.2. Grafton—15.2 no change. St. Louis—1.3 fall 1.6. LaSalle—10.6 rise 0.1. Peoria—11.6 fall 0.2. Havana—5.8 no change. Beardstown—9.3 fall 0.2. rights and is an attempt to work olntly for the prevention of racial lisordera. City Manager Thomas Herring said he or ottftr city off*, dais will attend the one-day meeting, In a letter addressed to Herring, Kerner said state officials wanted to discuss with you hoW we may work together to insure that no citizen of Illinois shall heed to resort to the streets to vindicate any of his legal rights, to consider how best we may work to prevent the development of racial tensions," Officials to Speak Appearing as speakers at the conference will be the attorney general, the superintendent of public instruction, chairmen of the commissions on Human Relations and Pair Employment Practices and the director of public safety. Following a luncheon at the St. Nicholas Hotel, the group will hear an address by Rev. William Kenealy, a professor of law at Loyola University and an expert on civil rights questions. SPRINGFIELD (UPD-The Illi$200. CHICAGO (AP) CARROLL'S FOR FRAMING along with 30 cartons of ciga rettes valued at $72. Mrs, Rose Nelson, sergeant-at- arms. All the officers are Gales- A west door of the stand was burg residents. The group will pried to gain entrance, according meet again Aug. 6. to the report on file at the sheriff's office. Chutist Falls To Death UNION CITY, Ind. (AP) young electrician, who chuted as a hobby, jumped in an — Charles H nois Commerce Commission today pnt»/>iT iLir authorized General Telephone Co. Percy the only announced candi- estaWish extended area gervice date for the Republican nomina- from its Monmouth exchange to tion for governor of Ilhnois says Cameron . The intra State Tele- Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Anz., A would carry the state in a presi para- dential election. phone Co. plans to effect one-way extended service from its Cam- On Dean's List Steve E. Parsons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Parsons, 771 Warren St., has been named to the Dean's Honor List for the second semester of the past academic F Knoxville Firm Prepares WIU Residence Hall Plans are being prepared at the office of architects Battersby & Evans of Knoxville for construction of a 53-room girls' residence buijding at Western Illinois University. Of contemporary architecture, the structure will house the Beta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma national sorority. It will be built on the chapter's present site. Cost of construction was not disclosed. James Battersby said plans and specifications are expected to be ready for bids in late August. ' Johnston in Hospital WASHINGTON (UPI) - Eric Johnston, president of the Motion Association of America, ered a cerebral throm- d is receiving treatment at George Washington University Hospital here. Association officials made the announcement of Johnston 's illness Thursday, but would give no information. eron exchange to Monmouth upon year at Bradley University. To "I would support him," Percy, conversion to dial service. The qualify, students must attend full- exhibition before 5,000 persons at 43, who is making his first bid two-way extended area service is time and have a grade average a Fourth of July celebration and for public elective office, said in expected to be placed in opera- of at least 7.0 out pf a possible a taped radio program. died as his chute failed to ope tion Feb. 1, 1964. 8.0. ONLY AT FRANK JEWELERS S8£B V.ST AW to capture and hold her heart f dmm forever! L • Three Grand Jurie s May Check Into Testmont Bank's Irregularities PRODUCTIONS Presents V 1 X The possibility exists that three grand juries may inv e s t i gate * circumstances surrounding the closing and liquidation of the Westmont 4 *- 1 ENGAGEMENT RINGS 1 ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH CREAM SOCIAL St. Joseph's School Grounds SUNDAY, JULY 3 to 9 P.M. Variety of Games and Booths Ice Cream, Cake or Pie—25c Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mexican Foods Extra. 4 * S WIS In case of rain will be held in school social roo Bank in Westmont, Chicago suburb, in which various Galesburg people have been concerned. The DuPage County State's Attorney, William J. Bauer, said Wednesday he will present his case to a grand jury sometime this month, but did not specify what charges would be investigated. Bauer and his assistant were out of the office today, and would not be back until Monday, a secretary said; thus no further information in that quarter was available. Bauer did say Wednesday that he was not finished with his investigation of the situation, but felt he had enough evidence at this point to begin legal action. Federal Case Envisioned Although the United States district attorney's office in Chicago has declined comment on the bank's standing, it has been learned that a separate case is being prepared for presentation to a federal grand jury. Viola­ tion of federal statutes is alleged. A grand jury in Cook County may also enter the picture because of the million dollars worth of collateral that was removed from Crest Finance Co, of Chicago to the Westmont Bank, Norman H. Weaver, who was controlling stockholder in the bank and chairman of the board of directors, said today he has not been notified of any legal action. He said if reports of grand jury action are true, they would probably concern the injunction Crest obtained on the collateral. Lester A. Brock, formerly of Galesburg, had attempted to buy Crest with some backing from the Westmont Bank. Others Involved Lawrence Stickeil, a Galesburg attorney, was also a shareholder in the bank. James B. Wilson, a former official of the National Boulevard Bank of Chicago, was the managing officer and senior vice president. He joined the bank April 5. When the bank was closed in May he said Weaver and Stickeil had asked him to run the bank "to straighten things out, but I guess I'm too late." The other two directors were Arvin Brackman, vice president and cashier, and Fred Hahndorf, a Westmont businessman. Brackman was the only holdover from the old management after the Galesburg men took control of the bank in March. **** A Musical fabU of Broadway STARRING ERNSTEIN reding CATHY EMMA OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES IYES EXAMINED UYING SOUND HEARING AIDS GALESBURG OPTICAL Hour* 9 KM- I© 6 PM* fyidtyt: f *VM. to 9:90 PJi W44iM»9d «r '9 TU M009. era Musk w4Lyr!c$ by FRANK IOISSIK \ JO SWERUNS .*J ABE BURROWS RANDOLPH AVEJtY AT THE mm, wmxm SPECTACUU* 14 Karat whit* $129.50 botb nngs DRAMATIC MHOMD BEAUT* 14 Karat vfaito osyelfcHf %M $92.50 CREDIT JEWELERS 241 I* Main 7 Galesburg, III. 1. CREAM SOCIAL and CARNIVAL sponsored by EASTER SEAL PARENT COUNCIL FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN SATURDAY, JULY 169 $. CEDAR ST. CAKE or PIE AND ICE CREAM 5 P.M. Until 9 KNOX COUNTY FAIR Mon. July ntw office* ot North Henderson St IN HENDERSON PLAZA Chiropractic Physician Ph. 9434419 AmpU Parking AvaiUbl* CURTAIN TIMI — 1=00 P.M. EACH EVENING Advanced R«»trv«d Tfektt Salta by GALESBURG JUNIOR WOMAN'S CLUB r Ticktt Information Call 94343QI, Carol Mtrttnitt Alto Ceth N Carry, Kno*vilU; K*O f Ak)inari «ii ( and lati'f M«rkt» ( Qntiek.

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