Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 13, 1974 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1974
Page 10
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A Special Report on Truck Drivers By Kathryn Graf I In advance ol ;< proposed nationwide truck strike set for Monday, Kathryn Graf, a Drake University senior in the School of Journalism, interviewed numerous truckers at truck stops in central Iowa to get their views on the problems they face I DES MOINES - "A truck strike couldn't hurt me any worse," said Jim Payne, an independent truck driver from St. Louis, Mo. "If the operating prices keep accelerating like they are now, I'm going dlit of business anyway." Truck drivers interviewed at Iowa interstate truck stops discussed a proposed nationwide truck strike set for May 13. "When the strike comes, I hope people don't think it was an instant thing," said another truck driver as he ate biscuits and gravy at a truck stop cafe. "Our problems have been building up for a long time." Faced with fuel costs which have nearly doubled in one year, lower speed limits and burdensome operating costs, truck drivers have found themselves in a financial pinch. "It costs me 32 to 40 cents a mile to operate my truck, and my profit margin is only two or three cents a mile," said Rusty Johnson, an independent truck driver from Dallas, Tex. "It's become a tremendous financial risk just to make a run." An Ottumwa truck driver said he is quitting after 11 years because he"can no longen; make:! payments. "Each month I had to pay a $530 truck payment, $100 for insurance and $100 for licenses. That didn't include fuel, truck maintenance and eating on the road," he said, shaking his head. "I'm quitting to run a bulldozer, and I'm bitter about it." Independent truck drivers are experiencing financial stresses sooner than company drivers. In early February, many of the estimated 200,000 independent truck drivers participated in a national strike which resulted in public food and material shortages. Incidents of violence nationwide, and the governors of eight states called upon National Guardsmen to patrol truck stops and highway overpasses or escort truck convoys. In Iowa, the highway patrol escorted a convoy from Council Bluffs to the Iowa border. The strike ended when truck drivers were granted permission to add a six per cent surcharge to the rates they charged freight customers to make up for past fuel prices. But as fuel prices continue to rise, many truckers are dissatisfied with the past settlement, claiming it just wasn't enough. "I have a lot of freinds who don't have their payments made up from the last strike, and they are mad," said another independent truck dnyer .from Ottumwa. Company drivers do not own their trucks and do not buy their own fuel as the "independents" do. Most company drivers are paid on some type of salary basis, and thus they aren't as directly affected by rising fuel costs. Independents, on the other hand, buy their own trucks and then usually lease with one or more companies for particular job runs. Independent truckers say the financial outlay has made their business increasingly high risk. A freight truck alone costs anywhere from $21,000 to $45,000, and truck repair bills are expensive, they say. "Last May, I had a repair bill of $3,900, and in March I had a $2,600 repair bill," said George Dorr, an independent trucker from Yale, Iowa. Repair work on trucks costs a driver around $15 an hour, and big jobs like getting the engine overhauled can cost $4,000. "Fortunately, my company picks up my tabs," said Charles Williams, a company driver for Dowzer Electric. Williams was an independent trucker for 18 years "until the bills got too much for me." Like.many other company drivers in recent years, he traded his love of "being my own boss for seven credit cards and a little security." Diesel fuel in Iowa costs approximately 48 cents per gallon, up about 20 cents from last year. This cost is above average compared to other states. Truck operation in western states such as Wyoming and Colorado, where fuel costs about 32 cents and 39 cents respectively, is less expensive. But in southern and eastern states a gallon of diesel fuel can cost up to 60 cents. "When you figure that we only get four miles to a gallon and have 200-gallon tanks to fill, you realize how bad it is," said a truck driver from Dallas, Tex. Many Iowa truckers express bitterness over what they call "the state's love of railroads and hatred toward trucks." They cite Gov. Robert D. Ray's veto of a bill to allow 65-foot double-bottom trucks on Iowa roads as "typical." 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Nevertheless, President Nixon answered one of the congressional demands for impeachment information by taking his case to the people. To be sure, he gave the judiciary committee of the House of Representatives a vast quantity of information, incomplete but voluminous transcripts of his taped private conversations with his advisers about the Watergate affair. But he made the whole bundle public, and he presented it in a television address that echoed, no doubt consciously, the speech that made his cocker spaniel, Checkers, the most famous American dog and saved his political career more than 20 years ago. "It isn't easy," said Mr. Nixon in 1952, "to come before a nationwide audience and bare your life, as I have done." Now he has done it again, conceding that the transcripts would "become the grist for many sensational stories in the press", that they would be embarrassing, "the subject of speculation and even ridicule" — in short, "never before in the history of the presidency have records that have been so private been made so public". Well, then, why did he do it, when all he had been required to do was to send some tapes along to a congressional committee in a briefcase? The impeachment proceeding is peculiar and follows its own rules, but, even so, congressmen and senators have to respond to the feelings of their voters. By his act of publicly disrobing, the President must have intended to make Congress nervous of a possible public revulsion if it were seen to harry him too far. He did it well: here, after a year of floundering and false notes, was a strong, skillful politican at work. The speech was carefully constructed and economically written, its delivery grave and calm. Even the panning of the camera to show the gilt-lettered folders with the presidential seal, "Submission of Recorded Presidential Conversations to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives by President Richard Nixon", a device that may have been hard to sell to the network men, served its purpose of impressing on the viewers that something substantial was about to be disclosed. As it happened the week began with the first piece of good Watergate news for the Nixon, Administration in more than a year, the acquittal of "Mr. Nixon's first attorney-general, John Mitchell, and of his first secretary of commerce, Maurice Stans. Nothing can make respectable Mitchell's and Stans's dealings with the campaign money channelled from Robert Vesco, and alleged by the Securities and Exchange Commission to have belonged rightfully not to Vesco^personally but to his unfortunate shareholders. The prosecution, however, did not succeed in showing that Vesco's generosity towards the Committee to Re-elect the President had materially helped him in his difficulties with the commission. Naturally, the question now arises of whether the other fallen chieftains of the first Nixon Administration, similarly faced with rather abstract charges like conspiracy and perjury, and similarly placed to pit their word against the word of prosecution witnesses not above suspicion themselves, may not also be going to get off.' FOR SALE Just 2 blocks from St. Lawrence Church and school. 3 bedroom, I 1 2 story home. New kitchen with builtins, central air, garage, full basement. In the middle 20's. 3 Bedroom home, 2 blocks from Holy Spirit, dining room, full basement, garage. Priced right at $16,950.00. Pudenz Agency 792-1440 Bob Pudenz Erv Pudenz Gary Kunecke 792-4946 792-9927 792-3239 63-113-itc Mine Your Attic Gold With A Classified Business Services 14 FREE STORAGE of winter garments. 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