Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 29, 1916 · Page 6
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 6

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 6
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THE VANCOUVER WORLD Wednesday, Novembe'r 2tf. 1916. SHOP OS A TRAXSFI.K CARD AM) SAVE TIME HATK I.VNCH IN Ollt niPKRfAIi KKSTArKANT YOfl.I, KXJOV IT HI mm 6 life lffll II P "il MIJ ill i i i r, 7 Press CJoods and Silks ept. these departments are crowded every day by eager purchasers, and no wonder! for many of the specially reduced bargain I am giving in this department managers' sale are little short of sensational, considering today's wholesale prices it is wonderful to note the cash saving possibilities here. THIS IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO BUY SILKS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS 38 inches wide rich black French taffeta silk; regular $1.75 for, per yard $1.39 Superb quality black bengaline silk, 36 inches wide; regular $2.23 for, yard $l.t)( Beautiful silk and wool bengaline, 42 inches wide, in full range of newest colors; regular $2.65. Manager's sale price 2.29 40 - inch pure silk crepe de chines, in all colors ; regular $1.50 for $1.23 Lovely brocade crepe de chine in black and colors, 40 inches ; regular $1.50, for $1.20 Plain satin, charmeuse and duchess ; also quantities of stripes, checks and other fancies; 36 inch and 40 inch silks; values to $1.95, for 98" DRESS GOODS, SERGES, GABARDINES, TWEEDS AND CHECKS Hundreds of yards in this range; values to $1.50 for, per yard 98 54 INCH DONEGAL EFFECT TWEED In a number of very smart color mixtures; only just received from England, late in coming, so thrown into the manager's sale at very special price, per yard $1.29 ENGLISH AND SCOTCH COATING TWEEDS, CHINCHILLAS, WHITNEY CLOTHS In a large and varied stock of dozens of patterns. These are our best qualities. Regular to $4.00 yard, offered at, yard $2.95 "BEACON" BATH AND DRESSING GOWN ROBING Just received 50 bolts of this much wanted "fabric. Comes in patterns, also splendid reversible plain col. orings. We paid considerable advance on these, but are still offering them at the old price, per yard 50 handkerchiefs and feck ftuffs JMh gift lines, but very much reduced. If you want to make your Christmas money go a long way avail yourself of these money - saving opportunities CREPE DE CHINE HANDKERCHIEFS In white and floral shades; regular 25c for 19" MUSLIN EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS In white and colors ; values to 50c, for 18 WHITE AND KHAKI HANDKERCHIEFS Regular lSc.Sale price 3 for 25 CHILDREN'S HANDKERCHIEFS Values to 50c for a box of three. Sale price 25 Boxes of Gift Handkerchiefs to Clear at Half Price. CHIFFON HANDKERCHIEFS Regular 15c value for 12f ICELAND FOX RUFFS Six of them, the last of a shipment that have sold readily; made with pretty head and .tail; regular $4.1)5 value. Sale price $3.50 Better shop early to avoid disappointment. Hurt's oat - top 1 ! i T T gaiters r Qoots for Men and Women you've learned to depend on the quality of goods I sell you I never disappoint. Today I am telling of greater shoe values than ordinary, and recommend you to take itata & Ibst do.' advantage of them. BURT'S BOOT TOP GAITERS In white, grey and fawn; regular $1.75 and $2.00. Sale price ; !1.49 Women's Pumps, in patent, bronze and kid. All sizes. Regular $5.00 and $6.00 values. Sale price $2.9S Women's fine Walking Boots, Burt's and other well - known makers, with 7, 8 and 9 inch tops, in fine kid, patent leather and fancy colored kid leather. AA to E widths. All sizes. Regular $6.00 to $8.00, for $4.95 Women's India Kid One Strap House Slippers $1.69 Women's Comfy Fireside Slippers, in pretty shades of blue, red, and brown and grey Special, per pair 87 Men's Walking Boots, i n fine dull calf leather, nice comfortable shapes, all sizes. Regular $5. Sale price ... $3.95 This store is alive in its every fibre these days. On every floor the Department Managers' sale is offering unmatched sales prices on merchandise of the Hudson's Bay quality and in such quantities as practically present no end to selection. For Thursday we announce many new, attractive values. Those who are expecting great things from this sale in the way of economy will find that tomorrow's offerings will more than meet their expectations. With such good news to tell we commend this Department Managers' Sale advertisement to your very careful reading. r Henrietta )cuj in the Jienrietta department For Thursday I am offering four specials for particular people. KARACTICUS A tonic for those troubled with oily hair. After a few applications of this lotion your hair will become soft and fluffy. Try a bottle at special sale price. Regular 50c for 35 HENRIETTA MASSAGE AND SKIN FOOD An ideal complexion food; used in conjunction with my celebrated cleanser, will build up the tissues, fill in the small wrinkles and keep the pores in a healthy condition. Regular oOc. Sale price . . 35 HENRIETTA MAHACJUA A long felt want; a REAL cure for dandruff, as testified bv numbers of our satisfied customers; regular 25c iar. Special sale price .... lot HENRIETTA BRUNETTE ROUGE A harmless dry rouge which imparts a natural color to the cheeks ; regular 35c. Special price 25 Haii - dressing Parlors, Second Floor. $ Jim Noted for fifty Coat Values I have just come from the east where I purchased some real stunning values in women's coats of style and merit. Three of the lines have at length come to hand and I am putting them out as special Thursday bargains at $17.75, .$19.75 and $25.00. For instance Women's $23.50 Coats for $17.75 Marie of imported tweeds, with deep collar and cuffs, trimmed with fancy buttons; some with imitation furs; all sizes for misses and women. Sale price $17.75 Regular $25.00 Coats for $19.75 A very wide and fashionable choice to pick from, fashioned in imported tweeds, plain cheviots and fancy weaves, with large cape collars and cuffs. Flare and belted styles. Sale price $19.75 Regular $35.00 Coats for $25.00 Handsome New York styles in novelty tweeds and plain coatings with fur trimmings, lined with silk; belted, flare and semi - belted styles to choose from; in all colors and sizes. Sale price $25.00 ig Bargains in household Staples the values I am offering in staples these d cannot offer the values I am offering. Com row, Thursday Hemmed (jlass Jousts 200 dozen ready to use glass towels, nicely hemmed, good, strong, durable quality for wiping glasses ; leaves no lint. Size 19x29, regular $2.00 per dozen. Special $1.79 Size 21x31, regular $2.50 per dozen. Special $2.25 Sheer X,inen Cambrics 500 yards only of Sheer Lawns and Cambrics; pure linen, 36 inches wide. Regular 75c a yard; special 69 Regular $1.15 a yard; special 9S Regular $1.50 a yard; special . . $1.10 Bleached J able Damask 00 bolts only, Full Bleached Table Damask, Irish manufacture, in a large assortment of pleasing designs to choose from. 64 inches wide; reg. 75c yard Gif 64 inches wide ; reg. 95c yard .... 79? 70 inches wide; reg. $1.25 yard... 95 69 inches wide; reg. $1.35 yard $1.19 68 inches wide; reg. $1.50 yard ?1.29 70 inches wide; reg. $1.75 yard $1.19 Check (Jlass Joweling 1500 yards of it, imported quality in a firm even weave; soft finish, no dressing; Irish manufacture; in red and blue checks 18 inches wide; special, yard 10 21 inches wide; special, yard. . 12 1 - 2 24 inches wide; special, yard 15 i i i r i 1 . 1 ays are unprecedented. M&ny wnoiesaiers o, see my stock and be convinced. For tomor - fuil Beached Damask Jable Cloths 300 only, mostly hemmed ready for use; large range of beautiful designs, Irish manufacture Size 64x64; reg. $1.50 each, for. .. 9S Size 70x70; reg. $2.00 each, for $1.79 Size 70x70; reg. $2.25 each, for $1.89 Size 70x70; reg. $2.75 each, for $2.19 Size 70x70 ; reg. $3.25 each, for $2.89 Size 64x86; reg. $3.00 each, for $2.59 Size 70x90; reg. $3.50 each, for $2.98 Size 70x90; reg. $1.00 each, for $3.69 I.XTKA Sl'WIAL 50 only, Full Bleached Damask Table Cloths, pure Irish linen, assorted patterns; sizes 2x2 and 2x2 1 - 2. Regular values to $5.50. These are slightly imperfect. Sale price $2.89 Crash Joweling .1500 yards of it ; extra heavy, strong, durable qualities, with colored borders; suitable for hand towels, dish towels and kitchen roller towels Our regular 10c value for 7 l - 2 Our regular 12 l - 2c value for 9 Our regular 15c value for 10 Our regular ?0c value for ... 12 l - 2 Our regular 25c value for 18p furniture. Carpets and & tape ties Jill at Sasy - to - uy Prices all business records have been broken. If you need home - furnishing goods you are losing money by not taking advantage of these reductions. Hundreds of pieces in all sections. We can only mention a few of them here. Come and see. $21.50 SOLID OAK EXTENSION TABLE $12.95 $24.50 SOLID OAK EXTENSION TABLE $16.75 $32.50 QUARTERED EXTENSION TABLE .... $26.75 $45.00 QUARTERED EXTENSION TABLE .... $33.75 $77.50 QUARTERED EXTENSION TABLE .... $ 19.50 4 O 75 75 50 75 95 95 .75 75 75 .75 75 75 .40 50 50 25 50 75 25 98 ,9S $28.00 FUMED OAK BUFFET $18. $36.50 GOLDEN OAK BUFFET $26. $52.50 FUMED OAK BUFFET $ 14. $78.50 GOLDEN BUFFET $ 17. $125.00 FUMED OAK BUFFET $89. $10.00 SPRING SEAT ARM CHAIR $6. $17.50 FUMED CHAIR OR ROCKER $9. $20.00 UPHOLSTERED EASY ROCKER $12 $21.50 FUMED ARM CHAIR $12, $27.50 FUMED ARM CHAIR $18. $67.50 THREE - PIECE FUMED SUITE $33 $17.50 SOLID OAK DRESSERS $12. $21.25 QUARTERED DRESSERS $12, $28.80 QUARTERED DRESSERS $14 $45.00 OAK AND MAHOGANY $22, $67.50 FUMED OAK DRESSER $39, $2.50 FUMED TABOURETTE $1, $2.50 FOOTSTOOL $1, $4.50 MAGAZINE RACK $2, $6.50 LEATHER SEAT ARM CHAIR $3, $4.75 HALL GLASSES $1, $6.50 BEDSIDE TABLES $1, Curtaining and Draperies In the wind - up days of the most successful sale I have had in my drapery department, I offer the following great bargains SCRIM AND MUSLIN CURTAIN'S Regular to $3.00, for $1.98 Swiss muslin curtains, 2 1 - 2 yards long with dainty insertion and medallion trimmings; just the thing for your bedroom. Sale price $1.98 NOVELTY MARQUISETTE VOILE AND DUCHESS LACE CURTAINS A style for every room, beautiful goods, worth to $7.50 pair. Sale price $3.98 Other lines . $10.00 Swiss and Arab curtains, for $6.75 $15.00 Swiss and Arab curtains, for $9.95 $23.50 Swiss and Arab curtains for $11.95 $25.00 Brussels and Marie Antoinette $12.50 DRAPERY UPHOLSTERY MATERIALS Lines I am bound to clear. Staple goods that are wanted every day, selling at prices that spell "quick selling". 25c Green Burlap selling at, per yard 18 $1.00 Art Serge, selling at, per yard 49 $1.50 Art Serge, selling at, per yard 98 $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 reps, poplins and wool mohairs, selling at, per yard 98 $2.00 to $3.50 wool reps, Jaspe silk, wool panama and mohair cloth, per yard $1.49 $1.75 to $2.50 art linens, selling at 97 Scotch Wool Rugs Reduced These are becoming scarcer every day and the price on them today is fully double what I have been asking in the regular way. I have a few only, they are all the finest goods obtainable; the colors and patterns are out of the ordinary and I want to clear them out to make room for other goods. 7.6x6.9 ft. rugs. $18.50 values, for $11.95 9x10.6 ft. rugs. $16.00 and $27.50 values for $18.75 9x12 ft. rugs. $29.00 and $31.00 values for ... . $19.75 Clearing Prices on High - grade CarpetsBest British Made If you want to save carpet money here's your chance. There is not a wholesale house in Canada that could quote you as low a price as this on carpets today. The goods are all Al stock, the colors the best and the patterns right to the minute ; best British and Wilton and Axminster carpets, many of which have borders to match, reliable from every standpoint and at prices that make it well worth your while to buy while the sale is on. $2.25 values $1.49 $2.75 values $1.98 Special Afternoon Teas This Weef for 15c. Miss Ebbie Harris will Sing. Do Your Christmas Shopping Now and Reap the Benefits of Present Sale Prices i . II

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