Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 23, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1916
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{* dftft't <knfti» -what hav* «n y«ur •Hei- - . ^^ /^^^ 'W^- nr%| *w* T|" < 1^ Y^^N - i^H^r *Jtm~ JBuaumi ajHta ^Bfc» *JRfcMMM? DpB-e* tJ*>.. ^ . ^%b»»«*^ "• H ¥ "W IT ^ tm *\ »JHL, JmrntfilK ««JML> ^^fete***^ AND DAILY STANDARD w**^'** 1 * 111 ^ jr^n ,-JBL. «nML» «JH»wMriv (I lettine p*»p!« know ---don't k«ev>/ wtott Mvt en y&ur th*l- SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 123. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY. NOV. 2& 1916. PRICE TWO CENTS. STOCK WAS SOLD The £., H. Whitney Dry Goods Go. Of Canton. Buys Stock Of Sterling Dept, Store. WILL CONTINUE STORE fteferee Believes the Creditors Will Receive From 60 to 70 Per Cent. Th«' first rti"rtftnf f>f th* r rir-dit«iia •if ThP Rterllnir I'ep^rtment Store WSIM field Wednesday aftertioon in Ui>- of- nce of John M. StiU'.'i. :ittotn«'V f<>r th" receiver" and the ctiiHtnts. be^intilnK nt 2 o'clock. Thete ut-rc pre'jf-nt IUf- • *rw Henry S. l>l\on. of Otxon, n mini-- 'l»er of creditors and nttorneys |i-prewnllns: a number of cieditors Receiver K«ra Mathew find si .her of other Intet^ftf-d men. IM-I-MCM ;t lar«e number of biddt r« for the bankrupt Block. The tn<'«<tii;« >vn;= in • har«e of the r^f^rpe. By a unanitnoni \»te l-;zni Matliew wan rlecte»1 tiu^tce a«i hi« tetni of of- flce ail receiver lrrmln»t» d. there beinp no other one nominutfd. The books nnd acnnml* were tnrnt-d over to the trustee nfter ,-( bond • of $16.0«0 had been nccc|ited by the r« f- SLIPPED IIV BATH TUB John Plumm**- Hurts Right HID From Failing In Hotel. ! > ;; I 'i-i'ttfiH r. :i t •••!!• i .1 frit td- r. iiV !>.i: .it tii" I lurc'tn .i ?i Iti.hw <> ii'it-i I ,1'HM T !'u- ,|n,'t',r - <:iii with ;i (i.-iil! • r, i-i'-ii! ii!: ht hip M!. 1'lutnmVr w .-i i ifiirn; :i b;ith at thr- H»f< I a few nh:hl .IKII nrnl •.%!;!!<> standing '«ri tin" f-.n<? h -•iiji'"d ;ii(d f«-U v'-ry h'fivilv in the tut -'likinj- fii-s rit-'hf hip ;o^;,-»jn<t the (>it !!•• Wn« :i>'-i«ted in hi*-' l-i-<l and a U'M' tifmi- •• id* i .ii.ii p.ii ttn-fe -1T«' TIO injut y will ! H .,r that a p'-rtn.irM'nt SEVERAl GASES SET The Jury Will Report In the City • Court Dec. 4th—One Divorce Granted. Th. n-.-td C. K. ducke "f the ('ity Shetdoll befoie It wari Voted to accept bid* fur the balance of tho stock on h;in?>|_ Mid.* for each department's stock were open-. «d and added up.-Then thr bids nn the entire «tock were open*-.)). It WHI found that a bid from the II. H. Whitney Dry Good* Company, of Canton, III. was th* hlirhMt, and higher than the aggregate of th* HlnjMe bids*, and the stock wan wild to thin company. The bid of .thu Whitney company wu* $7.S02.20. JWferec Dixon approved and afflrmfd the KB!* and nrrnngementuwere mnfle "if one* for paying oVei^ the. r>u!finceof ~lli«F~purcTia¥« r Tn5n« v > r .~HtiiI Tuniinj;over »h« mock to tho buyer. Mr, Whitney »ay» he Intends to open up th* »tore and to continue btmineji.i In Sterling. The Sterling Department Htore com- pony wa*» forced into bankruptcy by thr** 1 of lt« creditor* about tYie middle of October. E*r» Mnthew8 wan appoint<Ht receiver, and F. H. Oeyer engaged a* general manager, and the •tore wan operated the mime tin before. Mr. Ueyer pucc'eeded in dlttpoH- Ing of a great deal of the wood*. The referee gave con*idwable praliw? to the two men for welling HO much at mich good prices, . Th» next mooting of. the creditor* Will be Tuesday, Nov. 28. at whlrh tl»« It Is likely mo«t of the proceed* of th* receipt* of the »»l«»\wlll be ready for distribution. Th« referee think* Court v oon tiv .Jiid HKtnber (if tilt intetcstcd attornct*. nsid three Jur> c.'isi-) »<et for trial. The jury will I» on hand- I'ec. 4. nnd the H tilts to l>< tiied before it will start fit that time. The !it*t t-a«e t» lie tri»-d Will be C.illll. tlViniin n.Kailixi MaXWcf I. This will Ktiirt .nt H o'clock Monday, I tec: 'I. Tile *illl (if the pMirltl Life III.KU ;jii('e Company at;aln*<t Ma \\vi-ll will In-tin Tnend.iv, !)(•<' ,">. at !» o'clock. Tht-< H an Important cas.» iind invoUe^ the non-pn\ tni'tit of not«'*» held by the inHur.'incc com-pnny fiMiiiiifit Mi. Ma,\we|| of Jordan. The'cuxe of Tilton .'iKainxt l-!i;;ut h;!-< been set for -t fin I Wedm-sday. llec, ti. at '« o'clock in the forenoon. The next call for the jury casex will he Wednesday, Dec. fi. at which tlmc^the balance of th<* docket will he read Mild more CHS««S .set. The Salllard dlvon'e C;IK»' will be heard by the JudK" .Thursday, I»«p, 7, «t:.-7;.St| o'cloi'k. The Weaver divorce CHW !m>< ^«'«»-wt-t fnr-MnnrtiiT.-Nnr. «*7,"TiT two o'clock. ^ During the HtttiriK • 'if the court Wednesday the JudRe h««Ard the Mill- iiiKs' dlvorc.e case. (SeorKe liMlltnB« prayed for a decree from his wife. Alena l!il!iiiK«. on th»- chaVKe of adultery, and the divorce was Krant.ed.' In the -Mlrshak divorce case, brought by the husband, the defendant tiled petition with the court awkinu for temporary alimony and the judge net Nov. L'7, at 1:30. o'clock for the hearing of evidence on the petition. SECOND AVENUE SYSTEM Opened for Traffic in Morning at Pitch Binders Will B* Finished. Mindlnn the bricks together by « pitch combination will b« flnlsh«Ht this afrern6<in on .the Becond avunuo sy«- INJURIES FATAL j. H. Milligan, a Prominen Resident Of Tampico Was Victim Of Accident. FELL FROM A STEP LADDER —" O. Suffered a Broken Rib and Fractured Hip and Age Prevented Rallying. The i!f:ith of .1. H. MilHsnn. a prcm n( nt reJtred f.'uni'T nnd bunine^ 1 * nun if Tnnipico. «n-curr*-d W( nornliii" !it rilitMi? luiif ii-i«=t two o'clock fl'otn 'illlll! ii-« fceived by ;t f.lll tvllll liiiir MHitic work iit Hi" (ii.'ind thrntrr In <h;it plai'e "f Whti'h . h*> W:i« tll( owtn r. In .'(ttunpliiu: to descend from Mcp l.-idd'T he tdipped and fell re- ItitiK iu 'i broken rib nnd frticturet hip and hi*= :olyiiin''<*d .'is;'- pre liis rulivins; and he *ufT*l( - d n ba! of jiiiin until dentil. c;ime to his •••lief. "The fnnenil service^ v\!ll hi- h< Id 1'rl- lay iifleinoon ;it iwo o'clock iit th MetluidiMt chinch und int<'rtn»'fH mud n tin Tutnplco (•• ni'-t«'ij. .1., II MIlllKiin AV.IK born in Htark "oiinly, Ohio. November 14. isjit, w ie wpi-nt hi*< e;irl>' \esirs of life. He en- i-st.-ii in Co. I., -in! <>hii- Iteiivy At Illcry ni the fecund \esir of the wsir Hid nerv»>d until lt-« I'lo.xe, l,'iklti(j part n several of the un-nt brittlen of that >fruK>iie, At the close of the war he k'uwed in busine."-* as n n.iud builder n Ohio for .several years, rernovlnu to dilon. 111 . ami eiiKitKiiiK in fiirnttng, nter moving to Montici>llo frinn which ilnce he tnnv4'd to )I(M IIIIKC fartrl north- d of Tmnpico where he lemalned null advancing iii^e caused hlN ret^re- uent'and removal So Tarnplcii. i-le wits married in 187" It* viM'e born, eijjht of whom wtill Hiirvlve- 'hey are: Knink, Jenxe C.ertrude W«st- ell and Villa K«*>»ey of Tampico. Buron of Cifrnell, John of Chicago, Dora luri'tt of Htrentor und Kmma 1 McKen- U« of I'rophetNi(i>v!i, He ultto leavew ne brother. Tlu/fnu* MitliKan of flint- n, III. HlH.wtftt pucAfti away Nov. 1. 1914. Mr, MilliKuw wan a member of the lethodint church and took nn active art in all moveni(;nl.s for tho uplift f the community. He >va.s a man .of iuh princlpleN, a wplendld Citizen and man who held the rewpeel und '«.•»- 'em of all with whom, he cum* In ontuct. He will be mi»xcd '*>' hi" many .friend*) and the cointntinity IIII.H r>U a IOXH in bin taking away. AN ENJOYABLE REUNtW PRESiDENT THANKS HUGHES FOR MESSAGE OF CONGRATULATION d f FTnifT.- latjt.i; ' t l,;iKi «d to ,, th(.--m< s. .-.-iv.-a he (Hi • |(!- if-DAATC ACROS$ O F GLORYFOR u DUA13; THE COOKS AND MAIDS itil 1. N >U f> Rt'lfla t in)!.*-. f fct'iid wish SlKr.ed. With the )i>.«<•< 1 of hetwe«-n the two sfiticfi .if thr* many teie- rongr:tHilHtionn which the hfis n-«*ivf>d In the liift tw;; rev(-ri|ed KiTiie interest (ttjj 'fai'tH h cabinet nieinbf-r who utred ulntions. f'! c«liS' lit WilfS'in in- ii jsiisniflcMnt paragraph whh'h nndidutf- r.-mi!' of president W«-e|<«, To ea n One Report Says Two Fired! Simultaneously At the Big ! Hospital Ship, i. ATTACK IS CONDEMNED! No Commander Could Make aj Mistake In Identity Of the j Huge Britannic, IS THE LATEST SCHEME i IV 11 • iUV •' ;un'i In. r A n \vitrd f.-"i -V. ;uitr rn<-*> ,-r nit d if undi if tr«tim Thr* nun filth rend. "i >ne esult th(> -" about four > in the publics jiin'.-ly re- of the b( M < flint it mean** active Hssoi'iation service find in th;tt 1 £ loice. , I WILCOX FOR WILSONWjW, (ll.v t'rsited Tress.) ^~— NYw York, N. Y.. Nov. 23.-—-Hughe* Hiving acknowledged his defeat and the president luivitiK replied j<» hi* a«e of congratulation. Republican Xntlonal Chnirman Wlleox says it • (A low tlnii* Id set behind the president uid fjiv«-,'...him undivided support. "I would have expected the I'eino- cnits lo t:ike the Mime action we took lild they been ill our po.Hition." lie letTared in commenting on the delay n fending connralulailoim to the pri-«- dent, "I'.ut now that H "hll over it in imc for every one'- to net behind the ircHident, "t know of no irrt-KubtritleH In C»l- fornia IhotiKh I heard some talk along hat line. We waited for the official (Hint, otherwise the people who voted or Hughe* mlitht havii thouKht we *W e. n o l_ ..«lo I n g ..eve \y I 11 I UK . pong! b I c U {, ee that the ballot* were counted an hey were cast," Wlleox Maid he would return to Laky- wood tonight to remain over Hunday nd would then resume his law prut-- ice, HuKhcn plains to remain at l^nke- vood for the present, Wilcox Bit id. he Id not believe the former justice has on»4ld.i>n.Hl detinltt* pluiiM for the fu- tire, HUGHES SENDS MESSAGE. Laktnvood. N". J., Nov. 23,—CharleH I. Hughe*, who in hero on a vacation, utt ni^ht telegraphed |I|H cotiKratuln- ons to J'rexicltMit WjllHon on hi.n re- iec.tlon. The meMnage rent): fllv !"nit<-,| r Mindon, Kim. Nov. . d''(ail,« nf the vinkinw rlilp Hi 'Stannic leteivcd p».'tr i ci|airi the KK'.it« artoiil was the victim .:•::». With new >tf the hiispitrti , ninkitit;' i« ap- -wt Hritish Hhip of a t««-rtnfui tin- f'Xtreryiely nrlal i-hiirnfter Mirnnity li»-)c to f faith* ser\'ant« of nt i«i apon- women, a« of ."iibtnurinn. -4>r»*5»j« a tut public united today 'iii bitter condemnation of *.vhat '.hey call another example or "fri»:htfuHiesn," (Hie belief, w'ldch found a inimhfr nf Hiipporfers, wa-* thai (5<>rm<iiy i' 1 mariinu out on a tie\v rnmpnlpn of "fHsjht ftilnefifi :'. The fidnUrally WHS sil.rnt eithpr in ronnrmntinn or denial of n detalieti ntory from Athens printed in the Daily I'hroniclf ft««xertinK that (wo Teutonic MulttiinrinpR Iny in wait for the llrltannlr und that both simultaneously flr«'d iol'ped,o«*,«i . ,l)t opposite «iite«t of that ir.lant yfM«fel. l'*r(>i|iient reportji from Oermiin^ hsive indicated ciiiiHideratlon by the Koyetnrnenl of the roMiimptldn of an unlimited mihinnrlne vvarfaftV The deportfltlon of llelKinn cttlxeiiH Is already bt>lnn carried out despite the intefce.tMlon of nn>Ht of lliCj nullotlM of the t'lvHI&«»d world. Yesterday'?* torpedoliiK of tlw hoMpltal Khip :tt'oiiH('d mtti'h m'titiment. It wnn pointed out hfi»> today that tht'rt' could ho no ini,"tnklntr of the character of thp Hrltantiic, No submarine commander could hnv*> failed to Identify the *hlp. nut (inly from th»fact that |l_.e4U'riti4 ,-thtt-ututal .md rombjitirifr tin!, nnd in- r i|(.ni«-»ti( help." Tfic hudKe. or vfi'S* of honor, will Hot be v.lined b> "i-i,>ok" for''its Ih- tcinsic v:ilnc, 'will be treasured ad :i "mahty Knud re^'rniind«j»hun," ;t sort ! of cnrte- h!;m< In-, us it were. Kaithful j-s«*rvnnts uill thet«'by not suffer under UK* stlKiiia of th*"ir shrifilesfi co-work<-»'*«, rttid w Hi., never wjifil for a good "p!aci»." The icnu-'Offi r'.nft r>*+jm-pSB "ill. it is ihii'cd aunke lo a new emancipation under the new recline. TRYTOAGBEElNGASi IS STILL SILENT Bucharest Has Not Spoken Concerning German Success In Wallachla; ROUMANIANS PENNED UP May Escape German Vise If Troops Of Falkenhayn Are Now Diverted. lm« indon, KIIK.. Nov. , 23. tmt Hp>ikf-n since ' tJirmHti clnirns of the Teutonic envflopInK Bitchftr*«t conwtn- success movement in Adamson Case Decided At Kan sas City Net Typical For Test Of the Law, for 'In' White Ihmw. WimhliiKton, I>. C. Heraimi 1 of tin* olow?in v «H of IhV Vote, IIHVM .awaited tho official count In itlifornia, HIM) now thnt It h»» In?*-!! lint iMH'auwp «hc» wn» tin- bl(j- rihip of her kind In tho world. That tin* yeiwO therefori 1 WIIH thp victim of n deliberate attack wan the verdict hor<», Th«' admiralty didn't say anything further, than Its formnl ntnti>ment yesterday that tho groat whip wan mink by a mine or lorpmlo with the to«s of GO liven. Athene dlMjmtclH'M, however, m.ed to (tlH|)OHi> of all diuiht that the ocean U'Viithlun had been dt!stroyi»d by anything but a German torpedo, Oonniderinir th»> larKc number of people on li.'ou'd at (hi* time, xiirprlxe w«t» «'.xpr«'«s<*d hero thai then- was such « mnull fatality IMt. The Uritunnlc wait knowli a« one of Jhr 'iitoot thoroughly equipped of all of th« pn»!ien- Ber lliu-rx. • Accounts) differ a« to thiv mirnhcr of hrtd rtinmr.l of (n il'.y rnlted nVs«.) , I). (*.. Nov. l»3.--l'lnn« ndr><|uii'ti* railroad facilities, lenn lcimi of railroiid nianat;elnent and better credit condition*, were made by Ih* 1 rnllrottdK today to the NvwIattdH railroad fnvr»tlKntlnK committet*. A. I*. Thdtii, couriMel for tho rail- roHdM. was nliit»Ml tti Hpeuk n broader and more helpful altitude to tin- rail- rpad llni'K HO they inny sprt'iuj out, increaHe^ America's buHincHH and'^het* ter Hefve tiif* public. r ' While the* Inquiry Into tho relation* between the trancporatlon' companion and th«- |>ublic procei-dod, the ' jtiNticc depiirtmfnt and the railroad a,ttorn«»y>< trit.'d to reach an iiKrwrnpiit »'»> what ca8«? to takr up tlrnt at* t» test .of the coiiHtitutionulity of the Adammui hour hiw. The M. O. & O, . tt»rday. callitig the law uncoriMtltutlon- iil, WUM lield not to b«> HUfflcicntly typical, h»Mico the fulfill Paciflc.and Santa Ko CHMeH, <<!i)ted for hearing at Kun- W»H t'lty today, may !»»• tised. r\n_ IncreaHc of the nation'H transportation facilit'i.'H will help nhatler tlte cost of living. Thorn told th^ N«w- cnnimitt<>.\ apptVurlriK an the flnst witness ,today. He u>e!ur«>d th«^ railnmttti arf und«r which pn?v«'iit tln-m from nmr- keUn« th«tr A«H : brVi?M «nd Unit ' (lueialy iherv IH M luck of development** and an a renult there In high cost of living. "Tluitv have he«»n lewi than 1,000 mileM of new^ railroad eSn'istructcd In the United State* (hiring the pant year." he declared. "This in lenn than any year since IS4S except during the period of the civil war and yet the c-ouj of liyiiiK Ii* dally ttdvanclng owing to a «hortiiKo..<if Mipjdies. "ThiM rnlKht be remedied by Hecuring HCCCBM to .new'lire«'s..of 'prodnctlon'; The railroad facilities muVt Krow if the cnmnierce «»f the country IH taken care of, and thirt r.iHiuiro^ ti coiiMtant influx of new money. "Hullroad rcKuiatioif'lH Wflllachla. This sll* ncp cr*>atPd un- f.'isinpsf* hfrt- ni to what- han bPcaoiB gf th*» Roumanian nrmy which the German statement, the only one -obtftin- iihk', has asHPrtiHl Is penned' up In that section of Hottmnnia notith to the Danube bptwwn a line extending b*- Twecn Orcova and Craiova^ Military here pointed out that thin he. the loRlcal section into which troops would 'tie drawn In reinforcing thr retrmttlnR <le»rmi*n»Bu1irttrian ftrwy north of Monnstlr and that they would be drawn from (Jen. von Fatkenhayn'n Austro-Hunflarlan-Oerman forc*« r*- Kpotiftlhte for the sweep into Ron man la, l''or this r«>ns(in they were gratified with the continued northward progrean reported achieved by C!en. Herrall'n al- ileij v forces now operating out of the newly captured Monamlr. Berlin statements have acknowledged reinforcement of this army operating itKiilnst this advance hut if the Serbo- l-'rench-KuKslati-ltallan drive continues with as much nucce«n, experts here look for further and greater withdraw - als (if Herman troonu diverted to the Ucrman* Bulgarian aid. probably froth Uen. v»m Kalkenhnyn'n . forces. Any iMidentblp dlvprslon of thw»« troopn is certain ,to weaken hlii offensive And .possibly (f they are. withdrawn In BUf- flcicnt number to permit of a tucce*a- fu| stand by the Roumanlanii oittd their em-ape from' the jaws of the German vise. . The Serbians have ntiw reached a point 25 miles east of Monaatir. BOOTY FILLED 200 CARS. (By United Pre*«.) Merlin, .t'.er..' By Wirel«wi! To Say- vide, u I., Nov. 23.— -Two hundred mil- way cars of booty wan net'ur*d by th« AiiHiro-derman foreen In the capture of Craiova from tho Roumanian*, the. war offlco announced today. It iwjd thn situation in \Valiachia va« un- changod. •- • "Russian patrols advancing south of HmorKon, after strong preparatory flr«, Wer»> rvpul*ed." the statement th*r* will bti Nuffiivlejit money to i>ay from '«l*ty to aevcnty cents on the dollar, and thio goodly amount wun mad* poatibl* by judicious mana^f- mcnt In the dlsponltlon of tho Kooda. , The «»v»ral d»pwtmentH of tha Htore conelMtN of grocerlen, bootH and nhoeH, men's clotnlng, dry Ktwds. millinery, ' carpets and ruR«, and tho bnwpment notion*. The Htore WHH Htiirted by John Ahr+nw, who later nold out to .bin brother. Anton, and who In turn nold to Oeorgw Mann, ul 1 C.alena, in whoxc • hand* It was when forced Into recelv- ernhip. The, ft torn hanti done "a~'ver> r heavy hUHiuexti in the I'JIHI. druwiiiK n trwnendoiffl. trade from a wide territory. ' R. If, Whitney, purchaser of the •lock of the Hterllnif l>ept, .Store, at tlif« meeting of th«* creditorn nnd the rfifitree. took th«> \Vednonday afternoon train for hi* 'home In Canton on html- neim and will nut return until Monday, when ho will, make MU'ch arrangement*OM h* d<Hwm» nt c*»wiry. The old vslerk* are wtainird to a htrge extetu. W, K . Holmen has been retained «s head of the grocery department. l>Yed II. Uey- «r, who ban been Kfiienil manager oi the »tort> for"tl>«* receiver since tli« Mtovk -r-wa* -tumad over tu> him.rhfl* .coiittenled. to remain for the present at Iciixt. Mr O*yer operated the store, at a protlt —»nd»r th» moat Mr. Whitney did not Imv0 time to fully inakci any plan* for the continuance Of tH« buslnoM, hut he Intimated that ho would continuw right on In the same manner it baa town ojnerated. with his* — kn«wledgt»- «f-han«IUng hinw John Early Hurt WMU Going Homo On Hi. BicyoU L..t Night, Wwlnesday evenlnn about d o'clock John K4rly wa» run down by the auto of W.vJ. Moor», tlu> monument man, 1 b«twjt«tt "iMfc JLU«i M«fvent h «rt;«'nui'» j»n Third «tr*at, a« \\* «'»« «<>ini; home from the Front* M»*«ufucttirlni,' company where he w»rk«. He wu» on his wheel. The r«.li»~i»w'«' v il imposKilik- for Mr. MiHir* to «w the. blcycn»t and although ruttnlttg -alowly he- .overtook Mr, Karly and ran Into him iwfotv melng h|m. Mr, M«"r«» stopped immc-- diateiy and called ^>r assiHtunce to lift th«» injured man Into bis car und take him to the honpitttl. Mr- M»>ort» wcur- fd the best room in the inutltution itnd »*nt for tt ttoctor. ttiut while Ije wan not to bUuu« for the ucvidcnt. which Mr. Early tidroU*. yvt he u pay- Ing all exiH'i\«et< mt'U intciulti to j»uy-ihe Injured man for hi* tiiiu i lost, ut tin- fuctoVy. ' 'Mr, Karlyrvcolvt-d cuts under Uw lip and-l»U 8ni-*«« und *'lbow^ were Mkluned badly wli«>r«> lu- ^Ud^aloni; th>« pttvemerd, it i«* t'xptvtiHl he will be all riliht in u ft-w" day*, Sn«l r«>aUy to go to work. THi of the ci'ctttutrs of ChriM. BUu^kburiiriuiiiVrupt.' was !n>ki tint yftiff of At.toiiH'y J-; M • .Slaicf! Uftvi IHM.II, in rh;»i>;<- of S.. L*i*'..!i».-.: ..... Al,.-* ..... fy.r. uthc upptutmt A i*p'«i.( thv r«v»*i\fi'K siiuwt-d. no ;i»» t> un.d'Mt UUcklnllii w,u> di>i'h:u^ni further oliiijiiUum juh» M j-U.i... tH !<*'>• ,ti ( 4--:-*f™ I >~TT<.:<'!V«T Mr. lilackburt) wus • rnsrayrrt'-v-n -a--hrn i i : *-•<-• while lem, nun the avenue will he opened ti tin- public in the morning. Thin'will make Uie Second avenuenytttem completed In ever>' way. The people on the avenue are very much pleaded over the fine bit of pavement, an It It* acknowledged by ihe eity engineer to h» tut good a piece ax'theAf- Im In the county. The Htreet ban V>I\K been torn up and the reHldentsjxalontf• thl« «y«tem are very Kind all in completed and traffic may HO soon lie started. The concrete for the foundation «jf the excavai-. e< I po r 1101 <JLof_thfe:.{*»JLxU| IIVIUUI c_ti>'« lum- wffl aTHo" be- completed today. -Thif will dotilith«HK inMiire the laying of ih« brick on it this fall. Tht.? Hand will h* spread noon and the brick laid and bound and if the" weather holds good for H few duytt it-will'till he completed. Thiw will ni)!*{e ten blockn out of the thirty-Mix *o % corn- pleu-d. Mr.' Itldjff, who -has' been HU- Th» Van Surit Brothers Celebrated Birthday Of N. O, Van 8«nt. The, reunion of tho Van" Bunt hro them yesterday was a very joyful, oc caslon, The nii-Hlntc was frauRht witi pleasure and they threw aaido their ruiiiHy coin pU-ie-u, .penult »n« to ex- nd t<i you iny-cnhHrntulatioiiH upon itir re-election. I deitlrw also to we- which dlreoUon It wa»» proceeiling when ' tho oecurijpKt,,' 5 Th«» and worn -boys again for th timt'," arid the day was spent In manj pimiMint n-minlsccitces, (>wing to tht fact that tho day was a rainy one many of their plans wen< Interfere* with. he occasion of- perintendcni of construction has. been tin- work fore. want rapidly. A (*. Arnold of the bonding comiwny cam.c today to keep track of the work done. EARLY MORNING FIRE £jmdit Carelesc Soy Sleep* While — ------- Burn* -The-Cihiimber,- The. 11 re department '.w»ji called, out this mm uliitf ahurUy before. ' Van-Hani of ihis city, he boing *foyent> yej.m of age yenterday. Hist brotlu't Kii-Obv. Samuel 1{ Van Sitnt, of Mirtn- ewoto, was seventy-twit, hint May, and the other brother, A. Clark'Van Kant of Omaha, Nebr., wan elghty-llvo years old; None of the throe- i»lunv their The brothers were at the office ot N. <V Van-Hunt part of WedneBtlay af- lernOoii rtnd a lurgi- number of friends of the 1'nnnly .cniue. ,iti to *st«e them especially member**- of the c?. "A. U.. a* t hey remembered Smmiei \'iui jjqnt_ai Commander-in-chief of tin- Nationa <5. A. R., During tho'day nn itmnc.nac bouquet to the Van. Kant home In-h^ f-^t he—on* -who**«j-birthi1a> > ~~w'n'S'"t>"*i|n'fe in ceicbmtcd, \vtui. the to a call from th«» homi* Tluj fi:3(* .af tb of JoRtrph JU'Hkln, who operates a shoo roVloek dhuier .iivcut. ...... ..U...WHH the . brothers cobbling shop ii» Plm avenue, reside** HI the corner of Went KIWI and V avenue, U was to UKtt coiiftlaerable water_|o_ itier-itnineK TlitT'ilFo 1 "jslarted chamber in which was He a KuinptiiouH meal and thoroughly enjoyed It. Th« tublo was Murrounded at thin tlino by. Mr. and Mr«, N. o. Van 8ant, Hon. and HtunueJ Vun.Snnt, A. ' Cl.avk Van Sant. mid- VVV- A j-HTiltlt*h — Al r. «i «trf~jrt nr young boy. When he went to bed uutt jilBht he Ntuck a lightttd tallow candle, without 1 a "candlo «tlcb, on the chair near •• iiia .bed,- and- -went to leaving the candle -burning. Tin* candle burned down low and foil off, catching tin- chair and"other thlttgs in the room on Hru. Fortunately he was awakened bc-foro llie bwl caujjhl .tire It is tlioukiu t lie damage doiio th> bouts* und furniture by tin* and water will-bo U>8» than two hundred .dollar*- \'4i» Haul left today for their, home. while A. Clark Van Hunt w||| . ittay until tomorrow. Tho brothcrti \vill part t'i meet apuin next May 'at thw-hcipe of the brother in fhtrt WiU Day. Thunki Poatmanter A. M. Clavin has received u new ruling rcgurdmg pout, oilier*! and their dcllvcrkm during hoJiduyH and tho on»» (a be felt by tin* Hu-rling piit- i» t hut .there will ht* no dcllvericit either by- the ,!(.'• R l>, uu»u or "th'*» city ThunkMKiving'duy: lu»s iti-t'ii HIU* (U'live In the past niuili- during till* day. ThunkHgiVln^ day is- n.s iittlly given up to tho holiday service.*. tujti n,u»»v ut the Oiitces* uud hton-s arc closed «l.l day. und tho delivery lui>» been very^uu-iory' n, - m n,,standpoint or'the. p»»»ial *i«<rvict». How- t'Vvr, .site pusi otliy- will be open tiorn UiUti to |II:IHI M'ci.«-k in thn t'oi'cjnnoii so that uny tine uiMhiiiK to gel thnc i.uall Miitj liii\*< the opportunity. DEATH AOeiOEMT !hlM\ ^ >i' *, '.MiT'^i v -. l*)m' ( - in (h •*.;!• th- ,tti it..jiJti n^ hsun ;tnd 'Wife 'n-tlil Ui'd fUJ lleti JVI^ljj.'j,;' (;,,/ M Ud' t-hv i';iiu-*.it ^*f "her. t ii.i)t(iunst*:-r, winch v*..-.»s UU 1 (i.tnii, 'i'lu.' I' t I*;-.-, .fi-hit'U-ry i'ni- was d> )-..' returned lo .su rliiii.;, ,4fH'i" Ui;» Uuc - vl v. »»>»,. . v<'< • ivt-d .i, bur; M.\. iv \s i;, -.!•;.• hi- hid I «'•*•' n J. P, OverhoU'er' Secure* Vote of Low • • den In this' Diitrict. J, -I'. •"pverho'lMe'r." Wile """ Ri-pUbllcan cotnmUtcuiiuui, who wax intensely In- t«>r*>8lt«d in the Hoc-ilou of -Colonej Frank O. l^owdcii for woverntu' ha* hwn eager to Iciirit th<> exact vote of the Colonel In this COHK regional iliwirict m» compurinl with otlu-r diMtrict«, and espfcclu.lly how '\Vhit-e-nldt* nhowwl . up with the other countleH in the district. Hi* has' wrltum to every county, clerk. In tho live counties of the diwtlivt and at lust tltmlly wccurcd all of the vote direct. It is given herewith and it *ho'vvM Wmt Whit*'«ldu county was' the banner county' of them all, giving Colone- 1 Lowdcti a larger titajurlty ilwri any other, even inon* than i>}tcplu<n»on county, the Colonel's own -count v. The vuti- in i»ei' county IHIH silso lieen adtltnl, ulllHiUfc'h not tn the lullKI'VMiiotliiV di.s- ti let but ht the- senatorial diHtricl: - (JK'lc Ctuiiitj r l.owdcii, 5,577; I. H.?. • • - . • Luwdcn. CiiiToll T'l t,!(i|. l»cc c'ounty- 4.J3I ; 4 01 -" IMvlc.s l>utnu». ».oTo. W,hitc^)d«» County- l.owdcu, i,i.U l Hi;. Count y r.owdi-n THI HOLY S.EE REPLIES stiiU-fi Us in.'tbUi! Ii " < '<•( In.m i I •ii !:jlll"i.i'*i ;r,iti>l|ii|lll*. my b*?Kt wl«he* for « most «uc. v - admlnintraUon, REASON MEETS PNDE That Seems To Explain the Eresent Deadlock-Of-the--- were landed iii vurlbua Greek cities. MAY CAUSE NEW TANGLE, By Carl D, Croat, (Staff Correspondent of* United Press.) WuslUngtou, I), C.. Nov. 33.— Destruction of the 'groat Hrltl«h hoiiptta! Ship Britannic seriouBly thre^tenn to enter Into the inngied submarine coa- trovorxy between tbn I'nJted Slates Joint Oommisflioncra, Ity IA>WI*U MellcU. (Staff CorrcMpoiidont of-t'nited Presn,) Athuuif city. X. J.. Nov. 23.'— The Mexican-American, border awstion l»c- inB worked out by tlut commissioners of thfi twoVountrles has reitigiiml itself Into reason and pride— American reason and Mexican pride, Kach aide 4i« adhering stubbornly to his gunu, but neither think* the. ttittmtion la hop«>- and tJormnny, i»t»-*i(Hial Thi« statci department the bt'foro innk- any ronclUMlon^. for thus far U in otlii-uilly Whether the w/ts Kiil>m<irln«>d .or mined. The reported presence of American ' n boa id la fine, of .the xorlotiN i-ixtH. «» It Is a njllcctlon of Tho willinjinesH of the United States to withdraw Its'forces a» noc.n nv ft mifeguarrt "for tho future anfe- tJIB ni|ir»jer )C"T«tlU«4..Ma*- JTI'MUJu'iA In- centering: all of tho dlut'iisfliou ut present on tluv form' tho border patrol ahull - take, -An agreement —ha*''- b««it reached up to* a certain point. Tht* Mexican commifwioiwnt want mutual ntH, 80 that tttiopg.from Mexico may uumie bar-.dltH Into tht* Uiilt- ed fitutcti^'li^ l l"*y_jJt.i_'oKs_j[ Atexlco Tn"TinSlfl^7j^irai~Ui'py^gire«~S leans who c'rotur the. line may bt 1 pur- Hue«| into Mcsico by V. S. tro~opa, Thl« plan it was ..announced today had bwii- agreod 40 by the American 'nu(UaKHMU!i%.iiEQvidi»g thr naifol 4111 both sides of 'tho. border •W~lutdi t r r tlU!. control of un American general. Thi* IH whcrtv Mexican prUK> nto i.ho controversy. tt disregard to promises made to thl8 government and on the, MUffacn-WQuUl appear to be a violation of German pledgp». The case may be taken a» an indication of the way the Herman wind In blowing if it deveiopii that th« vessel was torpedoed without Americana on board. SUCCESSFUL of a .spirit of tho rwult which j-rcw out of rual or faticUn! ahumm ln-th« patit," Thorn .contended that the time ha»i come Mr furuishiuB proper aid to the railroads, that. railroad' regulation l» a permanent part of jhc Amwlcan gov- wnm^nt and that the railroadH recoR- nl*t» that their hrHt duty 1« to the pub- lie, ' "Thu weiuher is becoming and artillery action ia occurring" between th« Baltic and the foreati of tho CarpathlanK. On th* oaatern e«A» of Trannylvanla there waii an engafi*- ment between reconnolterlng detacli- me.ntH. In th» Dobrudjd and along tmj Dun u he ther^ was artillery fire." ROUMANIAN STATEMENT. (Uy United Prean,) Ruchart-ist, Iloumanlo, Nov. 23.—-"Wa retired westward from Craiova," aaid todfiy'8 oilicinl titntement. Retirement fnwn |Hiint» In llm Jlul valley to old pOHltions WIIH alno- admitted in the statement. In thu A)t valley Oie ntata-, nieiU decloi-ed Houmonian.troops wore maintaining their position*. JEAN CROES British AiUoktcl Germsn Hydropl«ne» and Navnl Fore«». tBy United I'resd,) Eng~rSfov.- 23.—A ful air ruid HKaiust German hydro- plriiicM and naval forcei* at- 5 was unnouncfd in Uu» udmlralty m>>iH today. Yesterday it was declared that nuvul uero|ilaiH'« dropjicd l>omns on aea plan*' sheds'at this Belxlan port now held by tin* Otfrihftns and also i»n the OtTmun destroyers unchoriHi alonyslde the hole. A destroyer wan hit and the shed dam- DEAIri OF MRS. H.1. SMITH Pa«s«d Aw»y At Her Hpme After A Short Mines*. Mr* 'Harry <3. Smith |«s«eil »wu> this afternoon at her home, £10 West ivUi stns't, after u '-short jl!ni"«e, ,lv;»th vvan due to m-oplesy and her (h'Uth vuliu as si «evej*f tHhock to her many frit-mis und relative.**. She lenveH O moiti'ii her death her huHbaiul Hur•y 8muh. and' two .little dau i-'Hncral •uiTiiiH5« l iui'Hts h.ive no: nude'. " •-, . RIVAL'S SLAYER FREED Murd«r Aa»in»t Husband Propped. iinsat* City, Xov. 23?-rThe UHM'dcr rgi' uvaiuttt -Haynuuut i>. ^Heiigcrl, nanufn.ctnii'1 ami jvwyU'r, for tdaying ViJitunv Tt-ny in HiUiti'iiibtu', • I'iMu. wa« iMiuwhed in the Criniinul tVniri. licn- i'1't fo'utul IIIM wit' c und T«*rry logetht'i i -U lii.ileL..uL't:s.ii-4liu^ I" Ittm jicn'.s -stt>fy-, Ii8 ph-a waji M-it'-dt-t'cnjic. f !*.'.'.<.'*,* , t>et*n l'u--'j-! (Employe C^nrged With" Tiitft Of Abput 18,000.. uKet'. Nov. "23.—^V. K. caster-' tj^f MilvvuuKvi,* ,\V>wHy i»>t-. rd to th« pallet- itu- tf.'oft u uf phttiiiuni. A %v;-ifr«'n.t irn tint charging u'u cii)- BAGS 22*EROPLANE8. (Hy UiHti brought down 'his 22 t B*liov«s He Hwr 8oUp Polfone'r. (Uy United Preus.) •Omaha. Nobr., Nov. 28.— Marshal William Burns, of Spaldlng. Nebr,, who identified n «u»piciou* character u»« Jean Crones, tho cook who poisoned the fioup at th«.> t>nn<tut<t given In'hou- JACK LONDON .IS DEAD Writer Found UnconioiouB By Servant —Nevsr <0y I. nltod Pr«»K.) Santa Houa,, Calif,, Nov. 2»;-*Com- !>lyin« with his recently expressed wiHlu'H, .laclt London, the rioted writer. who died hint night at hl> home la Glenn Ellen, will, be bwried privately Friday, i-Vw of the literary folks whose friendship he poanesiied and who lo\*txl his writing*, will bo iii at- ttMulunco at the funeral because U will bb private. Tho burial will be in Oakland. \yui)oiu ceremony the body of Jack lx>ndon, .tim novelist, and adventurer. _ -- . ._ _ ctiigo" several moniha ago. Is so sure he ha*, the- right mail that he was afraid to keep his prisoner in tho city jail' uno 1 took him to iht> county seat at Hurt- let t and then wired to the Chicago of- Mcer* to come after him. Burns idcntlticd the man by meiuu* of u photograph while ho waa playing pool last night./ The man under ar* . »*»t (if live* tv*t eight tall, Is SO years of age, IVus light hair, talks with ' aeroplane i«i iierldl action r^portwl tu- dwy. Tlu» uight was calm alonj; tin' entire from. FOUND CASEOF TYPHUS Authoriti«» Ar» ing At G«l«sburg Tpday. (By t'nitwt I'rwi*,) d. Hi., Nov. j|3'.~o«(« of typhuH" ft'v.or- bus been disc.ovvn-d at ' \varrmi >t'iunt'y, atul 'uin>1her ejit t(»- eVisst ut Ualt>«hurg, ac, , to .in announcement of tiu- f»our<l of health tudav. KpidcjnyUntist F. H. (lodfrcy the- eax«» «i Surrey and n*- poMvif the-, viciim Isad bet-u taken to l-'oil ^ludiKon,' la. Dr. iiuiift'ey i-j |n <!ali;«biirg • Uwluy invcttttKUtlng tli^ tf- (>ortt'd ^M*. there. • l*r...l>iuk*',, se-civfury-wf. the . UfiaiM, is in 'Chicago c.mterting with the o|li. hils *>f tho 8aiit,». 1-V All MI the caxe:* are rtiiuiiij; Mfi-vicnn .labi-t'er^ employed by ' OETECvliUN GIRL wore u Holdl'er'u c«p. It is thought he arrived in St>aldJng yi^t«rjlay, °- WILL BECOMFKAISER Am«terdTt'm. Holhtudi Nov. Clmrlea Francis Jutieph. the new >n' AtistriTt. pruchiimed . "Kaiilrr Karl the Mrst," according to here. -cr^menated- vastei ii • kn f»oiu |3«>u.'JOO U,> by K\i'»vvtf<l -rtuiU'her 'rS; ; i* tnuii r ;irrest ill .Miurat. -'i v. uh .•-,»ld (O iut\«."' It't'l (H-. hu\!i|U: . lil'S UlUIl ' t'illl iinit Vienna *said t|u> arrival of KuitW William of dermany, aiul Cgur Ferdjuutul of Hulniuriu, wuw .ex* pwcted uida>. The Crown I'rince of v si-ut uw the Ottoman govern- ivpreswitativw ut tht* funertvl of Kinpei'or 1-iiuicU Joxeph, waw e,\pcct- »*d to arjrive in two or tliivvduyu. FIRST OFFiCiAlU ACT. tH> l"(iit»'d 1'lesji.) t;oiidiiti.» JCitfe'., Xov. ^'3, •— Ktnpentr cj'uuU-.s VLU^ of .Vu-stiu-HiiiiKury,, tile new -rutci- in plitt.v of -thv aged Ftiuu'Ui Jo.sfpii v\h<i. dunl Tuesday, today ex- ;viv$?i(i*i1 Thrs"tiot- 'p-nvcra us *iovcr<'igiv, nd oi->i> !'-•« contirmiiifs Hit' a|!!d o!'. aii Hiuiisivrsi i,vhfc,h his •Jubisshed ii.>, powvr. . H WERE FATAL High School Football Pi<ny,*r Hurt Two W*«kf Oakland at noon tomorrow, No roin- Istcr or prieBt will pronounce benediction. No prayers will be itald. Ifo choir will Htng a requiem. This will bo following out Ixitidon'* expreued WiMll.- Unndon'a . secretary estimated that tho novollHt's income at the time of hia death averaged about SOc. a word. AH he 'wrote about l.OOti word» a day, bin a,nuuul income would b» About 453,000 a year Bantu Rosa. Cal,, Nov. 21— Jack London, HID novelist in dead. He wan taken «friouMly III Tuesday night. -," He WII.H found unconHclou» yeniterday by u JujmneHti Hervant who went to. uwuken him. Local doctor** wore call- tid, they Hiimmoned a Hpeclallut from Han FrnnciNco, The patient uhpwtnj recovery during the day, but a relapse latit night. l{« did not regain r«>nHClou«nvtui throughout • ' I he day, Tho doctoru by iircniiu in « atvorv fCrm. . death waw eauxed, t fulll...i<'k- i;!cvrtt ' d .kuas !• '.'it,' Kixm lll^h !«chM«il~IJj;h'! i .',i« ! ,.i\ ,t,s Uu- ri-sult »i| in- lii.j _ivV-i \*,i.t-kis ago. . .-\l» W. al.H'Ut $ilii). <MHI in ki-if ijt-vd broki ra. b;_u<k's. Tliati !«'-.-4 j "l">i <u. ,; *•- n-iiHf\n u ).<looU i'1i.>i ,;.>ii iiii: to >IH?H the Uai ARE SENT TO PRISON B«lgi»n» Who Won't Work Ar« Priton For Two M*n*h«. (Uy t t ntreff~i*r«'*«.) , -r- m, Holluiul. Nov. 25. — Two in prition i» thii puniehmonc uu-tetlout by tho Hermans to Helfilan de)»ur!i'eti who infuse to do the work ot tfieir captors, uci.wrdinjf to tho ne*-a- •p*pi«r- Keho do Hctgo. , * Tin- KelKiaiiH, It lu stated, have b**n .tailed HI niisseUlorf and another town, Tin* poi.iiiluiion of th» Hi*liriun town of 1.1'S-siiu.-, openly rv.vulied ut thu exixiu- tui,>t oi'jhe. 'dei>ort-ion orders u,n4 a,l-*«- Uickt-d. thi» tuiiwuy MUitiou wind t'd tiu* windows,- inundant /li tiu* coixut unity. to punish tho WAS KILUED BY A TRAIN App It-ton Wth. Xov Ji3 '-Mi»»- riioiis* >l, ot cliirtonvllii. S\ m , Hfii (iv a i a *-.••(•!, ^, r tt.iin on

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