Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 8
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PAQE BIGHT, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, AMUSEMENT*. AMUSEMENTS, Howne of F*«tur*» GRAND ? TODAY H. B. Warner and Enid Markey in 'Shell 43* ALSO TRIANGLE COMEDY De Wolf Hopper in "Mummy and the Girl" THURSDAY Fritze Brunette in "Unto Those Who Sin" *A BIG SELIG PfrOOUCTlON Also JBurton JBtolmes -Travel Picture, AMUSlMtNTS. Vaudelle TonlghJ-Vaudeville ;<K f--:<'',it" in r. Hnrrv f fit "The Minttr*! M«> COMING AUCTIONS Large List Of Sales Ordered Or Now Advertised in The Gazette, (i, S, SEEKS A RULING Motion In Kansas City Is Aimed To Bring Decision Be• fore January. l.'-o itf-tt Herbert ,frt,.,K I ':imi>. -••riin Oi if. "f !•:•, ii wm«: SriK'k* rfuj n, ' ! >i-:rt hi... k fare A „•;:,'!-• - ' > .I.- <-.,;.., V,,,,. ,.„,.., wMrh nrni- t pi !<<•!! v |..t nf hut ••<>=, . :• t - )-t«*"ti <if If tilt" b!l;Hf--i ).|,Ut. f '!"';• "rrn*nn ?>r ?TTTTirvjr *nlrc; 1= iwrjvrvt •-..-, f K-i >!-••••* i , . , .. T 1 I •. t • : S 'i. S!fit»-.« '!)«'f pr-rrf-'t, WTI! \ cadcmy f»oi Music November , -\ rr-vi-nv ^ —Eno "f a WITH MISS MARJOR1E DAVIS AND AN EXOB^TIOHAL CAST Prices . - -"•--. $1.00, 75, 50c, 25c Seat sale at' Sterling Pharmacy This is not a picture l >r> .Murjita ^t-\\r fi S^ii farm. st'\«a CatMni And Son. y. N<>xT. »7;h, (J.-i.t j Will «!•!! :l! !!if< of St»-r- f.-irm. 7 ROCK FALLS TONIGHT The chat-mini; screen favorite. Violet Meraerf-nu, in "The Angel of the Attic" Also iwimerty. "THE SILLY SULTAN," featuring I-ee M«ran and RddlP Lyons. All KB Xura Hewitt, of UeKnlb. spent uetiday In thin <'ity, J. \V, William* left today for M;n1i- don. \Vln. John Hanborn went to ChlejiRn to* day. J !•', Wahl went lu "Hprlnglteld U>- H. I* n>»d.*iy. T. V. \Verle \vi-nl tit \Ved- *i>f»it the tiny In .Mi j>nd Mrs. 1C. !•'. Ijewreni'f left to- l«y for Chii-atio for a short .\lKii. Mr ati.l MIM U; B. HiHhot* *l»«nt the BELL'S BIG THANKSGIVING DANCING- PARTY Wadntaday, Nov. 29, 1916 Woodman Hall Cochran'* noise—Public invitod. (NEWS IN BRIEF ) CONCRETE NEARLY FINISHED. The work of ipyhiK the concrete ! THAT ANCIENT PRAYER. | Attain thiil "Ancient - Prayer" lm« i bobbed up again and haw been rlreul- ,ati'd 'In thin li-ncnlity for a few weeks*. I Htich our getting tl copy of the pra>*% •,'f IH HiippoHCd to send the prayer in nine other* iitul each of thene In turn in asked to dn the mime thing and if any one falls, to do as directed dire misfortune is NuppuHed to, visit that One. It Iti.iiueer how gullible Home peo- ple'are rcwinitnK a matter of thl8 kind. It )« actually a fact nc(iren of nuch j letter* have been received by people hnlf W. A. U'c.'ks «ent to Chicago this nornlm;. <^MI. HcckiT went to ChlcaK<« today Tor H short vlnit. Bar! llallett went to Morrltwn Adelaide ;WhlHl«-r went to «|en l*,ld«*r, KanH,, tixlfty wM*t? "I: 10 %v 'l' make her home P. It Juckpon. of Marahalltown. la.. who li«H been vIsltinK lier«> for\aeveral dayn, went to Chicago today. Mr. nmi Mrs. Frank Kennedy left today fur Chicago, to bo gone a 'short time! Itev. It. O. Hotler returned to hl» home In Chicago today after visiting with friend* In thin oljy. liuitH 1'ndduck and Chaw. Kadden, of 1'rophetatown. »p«nt Monday evening here. Mrs. Chan. Slpple and daughter, In Sterling'of'laii». It is time a wa.s called Haid a pron;lnent foundation 'Jinn no far advanced that j man yenterday. <f |hfl weather had been a little more j _~—_ fa%t>r«blo today the entire job on Sixth ' THE. MANGAN STORE, avenup. which h«s been excavated, I The harnesH'shop" of W. h % . Mangan would h*Vo been completed. Tho con- WftM t .| (MHM | yi . M terday m un Invoice tractor and his men have been hard ut ttUfWWk DUHltlnu tin 1 vvurk to g^t It all In before cold weather HOV.H In. Aa H Is then* will be but a Very HtUo to do whloK may be tlnlshed in part of a day. The work of spreading the sand cuuhlon will nl.u>. go forward M »ooti as the concrete IMH set. and th*re In lUtk- tliouRht but what the brick will bi« laid and |n'i-lui|>f. pitched with tho binder thin tail. AGAIN. Streets Superintendent PotU has marled ajfttln for the year. About concluded the Matt flsh wa'KonM The* teams have garbage hauling as this IK now inomly burned, but the aab quewilon him (alien KM place and teama are constantly hauling the ashes from the entire city and taken to th» dump along the river bank -cant of tb* north approach of the Avenue O bridge, - , • • A WIRELESS CLUB, Plana are under way to have a Wire- lew (?|ub formed at tho Y. M. C. A., boyH,mtorested \n wire|e»» agraphy are invited to join. A station WlJI be made at Hie V and mesMaire.i Will be truimmilted from various »ta- tlonii HParby. A study class on this will al»o uo formed,. Go to STERLING'S FOR Overcoats $5 $7^0 $10 $15 $18 $20 .', $25 ; ;FU,R LINED :' ~^ COATS $32^50 was taken of the stock. The store has been conducted by W. K, Mangan for <v great many yearn but It was owned by his wife since 1872, It has not yet been decided what will tie done with the stock but It IH thought arrangements will be completed shortly with one of the .family to. continue the «tore just the same* as it has been in the f>a«t. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The Chicago •weather 'bureau forecast for today Is as follows: Fair tonight and colder in the wouth and central portions; Thursday partly cloudy and colder. i, TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Nov. 22, 1802. Governor Harrison sued a proclamation for a convention to consider the expediency of admitting slavery Into tho territory ,of Indiana (including Illinois.) Hgth. mul Mix» Allen, of Tamplco.-npem- Buntlny here. Beautiful fitting party sllppern Ju»t orrlvod, the latent In «llppern for evening wear. "The MooterjV'* * Little Francen Whalen waa removeil from thf hospital to her home Tuesday. Mr and M*^ l.pitmnn Illll. of i'rtt- nii!< h riitt-M Hud ! bre<>d, irifludlntr J" hro"d Sows rracblnery oi fi-ery kind und fn V noon. f>;il** i-oninti'tii'!!)?; al !" n'rlcrk I'. < i. Humify, ;iin tl-»m-r, find "M K' \Vi!>:••-!. .Ink Mrs. Henry Armttronfl. un the -\rmstmfiK farm. s«iv milfs MUM Invent el* .NfjUv'i-rn and tuo tnll<^ «•».•! of .Morrison, on the Lim »,ln Highway. Mrx. ll«-t)rv ArniMtrmig will oiti-r for Hale to th^ highest bldiler Tuesday. No. 2Mb, ~ bead of hor*CJ«, 31 bend nf rattle, among whic-h nif» n lot of frond roilt'h t'oWn, steers, hfiff-rs and i-iHi'S A greiii variety 'nf fisrm miifhlii'-rv, iit-cd oHts. ht'iisfi-bold U"(nl« un n»an> other nrtlclex. Art Hctrbe'r, nf Mm - riHOIl, Mill \K* ft!t''ltolH*f"r, :tttr| ( '!nti c HclikfM. of tht> saliM' city, i-lctk !Yf" lillii'h at II <>". |( l( k and fali> immediately after Siebert MaHwig, Sl"liert -1^:11 twiK, living it "hurt dls- !;inc«» Hoifffiflisf of llii::«>|hill'it, «1X and one-fourth mile \\t-_n ,,f l'i,| 0 , will fr>H at ritihltf ntfrtlr>n \V<»dnet«lii'v. N'ov .'3th, t- head of lioises, mllrb eov/p, vi nrlings. .Mtoorn. calved, iitul others oi JiTMey und ("iiiornoey tirt'i'dH. t':«nii IOO|M uf wery. flew ription. Including cream separator, jar?, honey and household good*. Hnlo ftt lu «i'e|rick with luncli nl noon. Kd Meat will be ftUction«H-r »nd--Mc«"«»y and Karhnt-y,- rlerks, - ___ •__, _ : _ N. Q, R»]tz«l. <in Haturdiiy. l.»ec. 9th. N, (J. Ueitzel will have a sale at what Is known nw th,e Smith livery barn on Ixiount St.. Sterling, commene'ing nt ll o'clock, 14 head of horseSt nmong thcnK-fiome very good anlnmlft. Ineludinjc a black hearse team. All horxes tire well broken for 'women, hack*. buggicH. wagon«. All kinds of dingle and double bnrnenn. i OilMitut ii in- All will be auctioneer*. LITTLE LOCALS _' Mi»n IJllie Jester hn« franc 'to Chlr eago f^or a few dayk' visit. Alvln Jarvln', of Princeton, Is here visiting at the home of J, W. Jarvhi. •Mi%- ami MI'H. II, -F, Hendrlckt* trom Fulton were Sterling visitors TupHday, Miv, K. &.1, o'llare spent. Ia«t ev«n- IK In Morriwm. Mr. Voorrart, of-Aurora, spent the day in StcrlioK on busino.Mx. O. y. .I'itchw, of:Urockton, UN here. Tuenday on busihetiH. Al VJI'HImw. of Uoston, Maa«., phetatown. spent Tueaday here on bu«ine»H. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorjje Ree«e» of Pro- phetatown, Bpent Tu«aduy here with friends. v Tour frlenda can buy^anythlwf you can give them except your photograph. CruBlua" Studio for ChrlatmajH photoa.* A. 1* Heckman returned Tuesday ev> enlng from Chicago, where he spent Hoveral dayH on bunltieaH. ____,-Olen Knutt. Leo Hermen arw L»Hinard Heckman' lai<l evening in Harmon. Mr. and Mru. 8, C, Dwaver left today for their home lA Illaomlnirton cuttem, whips, blankets. Mold rut he ia going out liurnley anil HarrSngtiin. U-w Hettsel, clerk, W -—~| a a \_jiyt~ , v, D*iro, \V. J. Halril. residing on Highway neven miles west of Wteriing, will hold n public Hale on January 3rd. Mr. Balrd lnt"nd* to move near l.anB- ing, Mich., about Feb. 1st. . ( after,a brief vlull here o J, W, Wyne returned bualnesu, his home this mgrning u Macomb, III., after a brief vlHlt here on t buidntiaa. Mrs, Bophia N'ewell and Mr«. Albert Frank left today for Davenport. Iowa, to attend the funernal of Mr«. Cooper. . . '* Social dance In Woodman Thuraday evening, Nov. 38rd.* Mr."-" and Mm. J. K. QftHoway left Tuesday evening for Chicago, where they, will apeiul uuveral days on FouldM In confined! to her HHIU* by illneHH." ThoimiH Conbiiy spent yesterday in •<rie on business, Homo cooking sale nt l.'KlilemaiVH Sittuniuy. Lincoln Military I'lub.* T»nn liarby, of Tamptco, Mp.imt xion- lay eveulng lit thiK city..' I)r. Klnnley IM Due, of l'ro|ihet«town, spent ^lotidu^y here .with .frlemlM, - J'3r-'-Q.MatlijKr-of-l*iH»phetMtown, «l»t?nt |Tuesday, hero on hUMlnenn. ' I Bbciiil ' danuw in .Wooilman hall. | ThiirHtlay ovenint,', Nov.- l!3rd.* Willliim"Tiill'Pr, of Morrlwon, waH Ijure T,ue«»luy on huMlnctfx, ' I»r. K«li-»' Kpent MonUay in I'ropli- ra -I • Chark'M UlddiiiKM ban been very 111 for the iwst/t'w days, and he haw not been ifilli)iufc" as rapidly as bin friend* would wish. Dr.' 'and .Mr«. W^ldo Overholser and Mrs, Anuje Torpeniiy, of Alorrison, were KueniH Hunday evening at the Frank Stabler home. ..-*-. . .Kupwrvlsor Samuel Ulven. of Fen- LITTLE PEOQY O'MOORE. Only a. «mall slated audience Creeled the production nf JUttle PeK«y j O'- Moore last night at the Academy of Muxlc, but t-Uotte prewent appeared well p leaned with the comedy of youth, Francis Owens a« JuHtln Connable. an eccentric mtlllnnalre, for whoup wealth hlH grand .daughter and-grandHon plotted< played the part w*>ll. Little Peggy O'Moores the principal character in the play. wa« a quaint, almoHt pathetic little figure who won the hearts of all by her quaint Haying*' and her charming Irl«h manner and her Joy ou n little umlle. Mis.s Jane Lowe, who played thlH part wa» selected fw>m ueveral hundred actre««eH a» waa the exact type required for thin part. MI»H Lowe had the happy faculty of being always a "glad girl" no matter what the circumstances might be and she was the life of the entire company at all times. Of course the' action ended properly by the plotters being cut voff in the will with $50 each, while the bulk of the estate wept to Peggy. THE END OF^TIPERFECT DAY. In the hew play produced by Oaa- klll and Mac Vitty w« find j;outh. The " to t-fti" -t. trti-d JitiKiitinn sii'Mili!. if i'i J -=il'l( 'iivnidfd o!h««rwi««- iiijurv i|ia\ r to ;()'• fiUiitlc ,'lluj (tie rH^HoiliJ.*' their ••nuilovt «.'" the u«-\ <•( nnH-n! it) it«! motion as a i*-n.«nm for Itv Hon. Directed Against Receivers. The i;nv et iun<'iit"« mot ioti. vvhit-li wn«; <Jir*'et<-d :)t,',riitis[ ,\lexaiiiier New and M.-iirv i'. l-Vrii.". i «',-*.n ».j for ^t tie Mis- •iinirl. <'kl.'ihoin.i and Utiif railio;nj, em- (nulled Ivvii <listrn< t r»'fH!es(H of the « ourt, a>* fo;iovv,s: "The qovi-rnnu-nt nsks an Immediate deelsiori mi the Uijutu ti'iii petit Ion filed !>v iln> teeeivers for tlie Missouri, i >hlif|iiiin:i and (Julf. In whleh the Adiim"«oTT"la w W.-IM attacked UN iini'on- .xtitutfnnal and-an order required for- blddlnt; It," f'tifoi. etnetu. The government mnlendft tint( the Injunction petition xhnuld lie disniifsed tteeause the law- If i uiiHtiin!i<itii<l. therefore lenv- iiiK the railroad nn" basis in eijiuty fot its) action. r "Should the law he heM UlicoiiHti- 'tiitional, the Koyetntnent iiKks that the court direct the receivers for tho ntil- road to. join the (government in Kitting the c!)>" advanced Immediately to the Supreme rerun" of* the I'tiHeil Sli'it«'» to'f final decision." Railroadi May A'ppeil, Should thr- law In- held cuntttKutlon- ul l>y Judke Honk, It Is expected the railroads \vill nj-peal from the decision In favor r,f the K"veri)tnetit In an effort to Htoji the law'H ilecree before -Jan.- '1-.- In .-my cane-the leovrrnment pl.m.M to have the loiifcUtuIion.Ulty of the law fx-fore the HujiicTtiF TiTiiri when that tribunal reconvene* ivc, 4 and to urxe that it be aitvanced for immediate heariitR. Action in the.cane was taken on the injutictlon petition of the MIsNouri, (iklahoma and (>ulf rather than on similar petitions of m-ore* of other roads throughout the United StutcH becaune the Missouri, Oklahoma «nd Oulf in • In receivership and under the direction of the. federal court. This enabled the Kovermn'ent to ask thei;o- nperution of the mlimad^ Jn ojitaln- Itur n Una I decision In the cane In-fore Your Call for will be promptly answered here. Tell us what kind and how much you want and we'll send it.promptly, in quickly and cleanly and charge you. reasonably 'for.the service. Coal is gro'iryr.. up every week. Don't wait until you actually need the coal. It isn't prudent. \ People's Ice & Coal Co. 90TH PHONES 211 SECOND'AVE. MOONLIGHT DANCES ARE BARRED ^CLEVELAND iHy t'niled Press.» <'levehind, n.. Ni,\-. .'; -\»\\ d.m't i l>tivc to v.v:itt h >our step \vheti you bun'*" in i 'tcvclriinl !>;<!)•• Mull In- • •!>••< tor .foiiiiKon will do it fur you. With his little hook ol> rule.*, Inkpot tor Johnson, nttends -^!! public datic. and turns un thy ''sun" when he n?i-l«i "moonlight dames" in progrt'SH Tn- ' day Inspector .Tofin.«on Hnod up thirty patrolmen, who are t«»'•a^ist him *Hir- insj t!\i» season, it tul. demonstrated his rules. "No ftirUnc or spooning." charged Johnson, 'and see thai Hule 21 ',» observed. In the rode book Hule 21 read*: "All"" <Ia»H'<-r« must keep thdr- hands • nhnyr i^hr wrchn Ijne of -jhrlr partner!*.'' i SPECIAL SALE of Taborets At ROUND GROVE NEWS LOCAL THIMBLE CLUB. tho IIIKI niftninRl of tho loru i URGES APED SHIPS i' Member Of British PaHimeht Urgee Every Precaution. fxmdon. Knp N.iv. •>». — ittibggt_ilL. member of parliament from Uverpool and head of the Houston line of 8t«imers. writes to the Timea . Hng that the iirltlBh merchaniile marine take ><ea la\v into itti own hands and arm ships again»t submnrlnes rv- «.if Kovernment -reatrlctlona. Mr. Houston offers the British maater of any British merchant ship 110,000 for each German submarine he probably sinks, up to a total of. Hfty. be- twetn now and May 31st. Iwtst April 'Mr. Houston issued a warning to- the naiion In regard to the /4c«rp4ty of shipping and urged that^jx^jtrals be coimtelled to use Interned German Thimble club, which wan held at tin- home of Mrs. George Mathew. there were twenty ladle* present and the usual social time, for which the or- i:.ui!z;itli»i has become famous, wan enjoyed; the next meeting will be held at the home of*Madame* Minerva and l.eriu Knox, northwest of.. the village, Thursday. Dec, .S, Kh'hard Hehrenn studied and marketed 2.000 huuhels of corn one day j Student* last week, for which he receive.) eighty-live cents per bushel. 48c This week at STOREU ROUND GROVE BRIEFS.. .turnup KnnT wnll Wn.iu 11—H,— IOWANS INJUYILD ORGY Break Into 8tor««. .Qathar Fuel and Build Hug* F.ire. lovva City, • Iowa, Nov. 22.- : aiiiiij ^M-viuEl" hundred will hi-' «>rqf~with tl'u- Stall' t . Whlteslde oonnty. who went lfilt >' " f to Minnesota a f«»w ywtrn. UKO, writes'""I 1 " { sl "' "•U'liration l»y »tu«l«niM'of about u "FarmtTs Day" which ho way* | ll "' vil '"'>' tlf ihtt Iowa eleven over Is celebrated in that town annually) AHIC-H Anil ev«r>'body WHS fed this year; 300 plea, 12,000 doughnuts, 60 ixiunds of Mott> (him 1.600 MtudPhtH part let- l-ntp<! In thf fray LOST MOTHRNOAVINGS. Danville. III., Nov. 23.— Returning. home after a visit to thin city, Samuel Cozard, a farmer, found his residence lit ruins.. and his aged and blind mother burned to death. Search was made in the ruins for IMOG Cciiard had collected in a lifetime. In one unshapely inasii,; what- had -be«n 1300 in gold coin, was found. - Paper money amounting to $1,100 wati HO badly burned only a small portion of it can b«». redeemed. tonr'TPturnedr~hnmo nfter KpendlnK a day or two here and at- lending the Democratic demonstration Monday night, Mrs, .Tv H. Powell and Mls» Marie Illeger Jtave returned, from Chadwick, where they have boetv vUitins with the J. i>, Wickeri family," who'fortjTerfy re- iited east of^ltock -Falln, r Mm, iylary Spencor Wright and «on Lawrwnce of Old -Orch.ttd,. Maine, an? several day* in thi« city- with if\v party slippers now beat '"Tin) Boolery."». Hec thti i)f\v ln« nhown at Mi8t* .Marie y\iu(lnnH ha*i ftcci»|Hed u position at l In.' Kgim nyire. I). H, Williumv went J^ Chica«s> Tutmduy, (wing -pall*7( Ihero by thw III-, 'of. iiia slBter, " K. K, liot.-k wiut Mrs. A. J. Hark-' news, tif. Lyndon, were here Tuesday on ,. Karl Stliscl .and Glen I'almer, of NeUuii. wpcni* last evening with fri«ndu in this dry. ^ lUtakui Social. Friday. Nov. 24th, I'rairiovillo (school, .flood program.* • Mrs. Wesley Hlfp,, of,. Dixon, and Mts. -Kdwurdi KinK-. of rhlliuielphla, Hpen't Tu«*Md«y in this 'city, Mi*s Ch.'ipuUK^pf, MocrlHo.o, .attend*- cd the- dstnce Monday cvvninj; at the Woodman .hall. , MJ!*i» -'Sadie Low0Fy>-and nf Uixon, Spent Monday ev«' in" this* city, t MI«K l.ulu Turner J« unutjle to bi; at on'account of tlu« illness of her mother* Waller floruit and KiiWuiVl *fmith, nf UIXKII, Hpt'tit Mnnday-evc.ninK in thin I'ilV. FuiuK < "out O'ljiht • uf Ot.von, WUK lieu- Monday e-veHiifg l»- ;iu.end tUe Ut'vvei y jiiMsc.e ul .AVoi'iiiman huW? •Mr ,yni Airs, i_'int;k liuiiL»y,,«,<f l'r»- phctttti->» ii, wtTU here Tuetfdaji' vinttiug fricfi'ds*. , - • ' . •'•• th<> former ; » »l»U)r, Mrs. Kinma Uyerly. They are' on their way to California to spent! the winter, --•- — > Tliw many frit>nd« of Mrs, Walter Uy«on, formerly, of Hti'i'ling, but now of Normal, 111., will b»rpieiuMui to learn that aho hau returned homw fn»m tht* Normal hospital where «he underwent un oparution for appendtcitii* and lii nest KuuiKliTB, hotter known an to his many Bteilln'g and Kuck- Falia friend,*, arrjveil (n Sterling Monday for a» »hurt visit with relatives un.t Mr. Saunders han been nutn- ( a bant- ball club in (he l»tikot!\« th« past sunnner and hud u very KUC- ncusoiu Sterling friends \vill ditto- bo intnrestcd to kiu»w that there Huunders, Jlw ii pUuv noine ji, . Mojitana. tlm'e hav- ago at ODD BITS OF NgWS ing WITH 4ug anrt brought .in « trunlTfrom l>l>* town. llv. {jermuny rtftyrspvcw y0ar«< ago. Christopher Ilinck wa-s bur- i«d in Montclair. N. .J., he 'SI,\TKK.S' WOUL--U Nlvl> 1U)OTH to put it iiuli> to islcvp in. were liH'd -Jo l.ctia, Koxie, • Jennie i'li«», Now York illppiul&'inv miitif with-i'bi lllld ele.- •BIG FACTQftY >JuncU<: In.d... ,K«v, yi,.— TJu> Malleable Iron asui ji'a»(ihg Work* was 'stn'j'i-d by tire, causimj u. JKH*H eati- mated «t frvus |^&M,«UU lu of seventeen, and little Paddy waek with her dreams of fairyland and qualm littlo longings, .the scarcely dares to voice her tunbltlona. but at The End of n Perfect Day, she 1ooks"lT0m~thjrrrthw~8l«te~or tlto "garden windows on her mind pictures aii'd put* aside the thought that keeps the yokw about our neck. In The Kiul of a IVifoct Day we II rid .tht» reaultH of a little hwirt that was patient and merry all the »l»ivwho like t he" children in her fairy tales found that the "Hliie Hircl^ was' ircar" (lie hearth of her o\Vij litta cottage, and (hat the srt»Ht loving arm of Mother Nature held ft»rth more than »he -could uiw In -return for lu'r kindness. U IH a (day of nwcetiiP»s and charm, of-c«mrdy jinii romance, w play for 1 - the youths and maidens 'of from seven to seventy. It appitalu to our better im? turc; it niakcs us feel upou leaving the thcuirf that we really ended a day and are glad thut the theatre wtill Avista and that the 'quaint- l*iiUdywaek, with her /niaint sayinss i» u memory that will live tortiverMn our minds. INJURIES PROVED FATAL. Itook Inland, III., Nov. 22.~-H«»nry *5roh, UK oil 20. hit by a jitney 'bun, dead of hta Injuries. arrewt. Tht- ilrivor i.s uii- PREDICTS CAPTURE. JVoria, III., Nov. ' 22.-»-Tlu« rapture of Karl- -T»ylwr»-*ll»si!*d-wwr4«y;er_»it_ -Mr. ami Mrs. Leon Charvat, who were phot to ilt'iith in thoir home 'hero. J* i>r<>- tlictiHl by Chief of Polico \V. \V. lihoadeti. ••I'H'liratlon, Stores were coffee and 3000 loaves of bread were! ni ' ot<tMI in! "- !t fs «'har«ed by the po- consumed, no mime Idea may be formed "'"''• WMROIIS and. IKIX«M ,burne<l and in reganl io the size of the crowd, ' i valuable property destroyed or dam- Carl Wahl and Mrs. Oenevieve. Wil- | H *?'' il Tlu> Pol^'" 1 Joined In th«i, latt of Clinton, iowa, were Kueatu ofj»' ; 'l repelled some of the Mtu.1 the Collins household lawt Sunday r at-t w 'i |!l drawT- vevolvers. but w«(e uu« the ™ut«y farm; Mrs. Willett in a ! ahh-to learn the nameji r of nny of the partlrlpants, they..maid. The I'e.lcbrantji, following their re* (urn froth .Ytneti, built a Jlre on th« bank of thi> Iowa river twrth of the and heaped upon it large boxeti and several wagima, Htoli'ii, fhf pdlire. n.HRe'rt, from local of Superintendent A. I*. The electric lighting Npoken of in one of our i'oinniiDiii-.-tiioii.s. pevenil weeks ago, is helng put into the nuHd- , ing» at the poor farm by J. W, hari«h uulvcrnit.v of .Morrison; the ny*tem is run by a '1 IV dynamo and the light* are a va»t Improvement over ancient method*. i lau«nlrli»»«. • .Meetii>K» of the local Parent -Teach- i Then the '«tt)drntH forcibly «-iHer»xT er«' AHsoclatlon arc to be held month- » """iber of restauranis and candy ' HtnrcN and. carried awny m«rchandla« valued at t<c\ttral hundred Ulollurs. ly; at the-last one, it \yas decided 10 Klvw an entertainment and tho following named committee watt appointed to take charge of the matter: Mt«8 ( Hockabrand teacher), Mrs. Ana Stew- i f"cuit>-. art, J. H. Mulnix and John Mathews^ Mr«. Fred Houseman spent last week with -her parents; Mr. ant! Mrs. Harry Newell, of Sterling. Sever* colds, inilutmzas and threat- enlng8_pf the "griitne" have b«»»»p A Hcarchini; InveatlKation I.s to tie*, made of the affair by member* of the '\ FIFTEENTH CHILD BORN. X'lintMM, Iowa, NMV%-$8.»vTb» birth-| of the fifteenth child, tn* fifth girl. to-:f .Mr. and Mis. .!uuie« liruvu U an- nuunoed. ' KILLED Mattoon, 111., ; Y A TRAIN. l-'ar- injuries feceJved by luring struck by H Central .passenger train. (Jaukill "TIi« Ku Academy and ,Mtt«VUt,v will nf a Perfect 'l>ay" at th*» -'of Muvlo • next Saturday. ' STATE TAXjCOMMISSiOM , U Favor«d In Pl»c« Of Illinois Board Of Equ»lij:»tion. Chicago, Hi., Nov. 22,—Abolition of ttto »«tate board of equalization and the substitution of a state tax commUttion. probubly to be numtnl by the governor, IK one big projK>sal th« Kepubliran' k'K- i«iat)v« rtiut-ujs may i-u.ut.idur at t,h«^ tjrv4t .Northern hotel. ,Such a r«nirs*e' vyas advocuted by .OoV.. Dutuu-. four years ^igo, , • * Some' Kem'iblicuh ' meinb<<ri« vlect' B 'of the,i»e*t assembly, who will attend the IS. ui'o y<tt>orted tu t>q buok.mK the uioin'!S«ar this turn* anj will maV;e a. light-, eitliec in Uu> caucus 01 in tin- Great Man Superatitloui. The lea mod .lohuscn luul « spcclul dislike of stepping over ti threshold with tho left fool formuost, ami ho w«u often w«»»n Io makon great circuit In orUer to avold'ii certain val- loy. in" Leicester Fields, which lu* be- to bo fatal to alent in this nectioii of th« fountry for some time,' they are extremely annoy-J ing and jnost persons dread them." J The.fliu* hred Poland China shoatsi Vaised .at tho county farm art* still in] dtfiriandT Air. K^TleF"t7f~"FV>nionT soii-t in-law of Supervisor Given, and Claire 8. Knox of this town, were purchasers of this desirable utook this week. The Haglographa. Tho Unslosmpha Is tjrcek for "KU- cred wrl?lngv." 'J^liu name covers 11 books—limb,, I'snliu*, Job, Proverbs, Cantlck'8. JLtuiieutaUoiis, Kcclesiaste^ Ojuiioi. Ksther, JBzrH it ml ("lironiclt's, to |{lve them lu the, order iii^.vhieh they occur in tho Talmud, . Evidence of Eyewltneta, •> - . A siuuU boy recently atteucU'tl the tUe'ator. lu' the i»luy a ft.tsu stole a vulutible rinj;. The In culled- the Hurvuiits, befuro hiju and utieiii])tc(l to gtiin « confes.>k«i. *'\Vh«rKtole the riiiij?" Uc thutulcrwl. Tlu;u and there the little fellow, wluv liatl bteu deeply oiigriMtsed, culled <tut : "Thw iiiuu wl'Oi tlu- ri-d for »tu h- ti uu'usisn*., . Tlutt l>.-iviil'K.*Shanah..«n will "be in- Uv.r*ed. for .s.iwutei-r ii .ujfeiuryd. N»-;itly ali Uf|>ubi!c»U} . lUi'lubei^ vli'Cx <?t I hi IIAMT- branch ."will uttcn.d the'cuui-u,^ A Jew from jlJe 'fur suiiih t »ui or,,tin- stuu» may tv , (l ;„, prvjivm -In rvT>i>n. but ha\ v scat tftU'|.H Uvcluntyj; f<.>i >(r. Much Need for It. 'flit. jHH*iilw ol India K'vwrvact) I he pul tree, bccau.stv they say yo.u <'»iu never tell u lie benesttli i(. l-'ur this ri'uiion they always jmt it in phircs remote from where tlu*y »«*!! anjthiug. What u-.tipU'tttlUi tliiiii; It would lu> if Too Much Scicnco. Mr, Dodds-"-"! si>« thcrt' Is tiilU .of IMug loavfii of bretul." Mrs, i—"1 wonder how U Is going to tUHte with t-fetiia doctor* nutting any wore of tluu food sttilt in our food." A Beauty Lover. .Poet-—''Tht'rc are f*«w things more lieuutlful .than sunrise Hi springtime." Gusher™"Oh, I couUl Jtust \\utch It all tiny. lou£,"«T-Lift»; LOANS AT V ? acre if aeourity warrants . MORTGAGES FOR SALE JOHN M, STAGER Law offic* ataaer A 8taa«r H. T. FEROUSON INVESTMENT BOMD8 I Net 4 to t p«r omt Exen LOANS 910. Lawrano* Bldg. Exempt fr«n tocom* Twc "- INSURANCE III. JOHN A. WAEP AttQrnvy at taw -. On ReAl jtt»t« Security MORTQAOEB FOR 8 A UK 4tl i.«wr«no« Blrfy^ Starling, ill. , Unfortunate. ' .Nursw ""Oh, U«?ar. uta'aiu. the baby h«s" just j»wttllow«L>d tUut. whole |»w^v* > of 'tucks." ,' JMhr»,. Suitriigc -*H«iw uu- jfortunaie ' Kow I will IH> obliged to \>m up ' all tlu«4i suiTrttKi" i>"Stci1> uith glue."™ Puck, v • •'. ' • 1865 me WHEN IN NEED OP - COAL " •' s--^ CALLUS •> We have coul of all grades for various uses, hence 7 can.fill-your' orders promptly -_.IXl_ L •_.-! J.1. -A. A • I* '' . ' AND sarr VULCAN com Moses Dillon Company The r«<jht plic* tc> bi-y Lumber anil C.tment." • '

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