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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • 2

Fort Worth, Texas
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2-A FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM Sun Jan 28 1875 dial ed brice 33 27423 Gromyko plans to visit Cairo in February Ed Brice is our reporter His job: To answer questions to look into problems to help you if he can Reach him in Fort Worth by dialing the letters in his name ED BRICE or by mail to Ed Brice Fort Worth Star-Telegram 400 7th Fort Worth 76102 DIVORCE: do doctors rank on that list ot professional men most likely to get Mrs BRICE: Down toward the bottom Along with bartenders actors and traveling salesmen Don't know if just coincidence but doctors are said to be the professionals least likely to seek counseling when their marriages get in trouble QUEEN BEE: a queen bee sting BRICE: Not unless another queen bee -AuacKM Prtss irtpftoto tine physical examination Saturday health was termed better than it was last year IN GOOD President Ford waves to well-wishers as he leaves Bethesda Naval Hospital after a rou- More exercise ordered PRESIDENTS: the last 15 years had five presidents: Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson Nixon and Ford Have we ever before had as many presidents in so short a time RG BRICE: Twice In the 13 years from 1920 to 1933 we had five: Wilson Harding Coolidge Hoo-I ver and Roosevelt In the 15 years from 1837 to 1852 we had six: Van Buren Harrison Tyler Polk Tay-- lor and Fillmore So reports Dr Nunn Ford fit doctor says VEGETARIAN: were the first vegetarians?" -R BRICE: That goes back too far Would you settle for who first coined the word The British Vegetarian Society in 1847 French newsmen the Egyptian president has hedged his accusations saying there was no conflict between Egypt and Russia "only a misunderstanding" Gromyko will visit Egypt shortly before Secretary of State Henry A Kissinger is expected to arrive for another attempt to mediate a further Israeli withdrawal in the Sinai peninsula In other Middle East developments: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to hold their first-ever summit in Algiers in late February or early March the official Algerian news agency reported The main purpose of the summit will be to prepare for negotiations with the oil-importing countries later in the year The decision was taken at a five-hour closed meeting of the finance oil and foreign ministers of the OPEC countries in Algiers economic newsletter reported that Saudi Arabia is planning to set up an investment board that will include Americans and Britons to advise how to spend surplus oil money The weekly publication Memo said the board is to begin work in a few months and several US banks are vying for the three American seats on the board publication the Middle East Economic Survey reported Saudi Arabia's state oil agency Petromin has approved a $12 7 billion development program for 1975-80 The program drawn up with the aid of American consultants covers investments in refining gas gathering and liquification petrochemicals fertilizers and iron steel and aluminum manufacture the survey said President Anwar Sadat predicted in a newspaper interview that the United States will soon recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization He told a correspondent for the French newspaper Le Figaro that he had reason to believe this was so and said the United States could play an important role in persuading Israel to understand that the PLO is responsible for the Palestinians their future and their land" Sadat is to start Monday a three-day official visit to France the Western power most favorably inclined toward the Arab cause The Egyptian president told a French television interviewer he was interested in buying with petrodollars "lots ol from France Sadat said he has to diversify the country's military machine because the Soviet Union has not provided needed equipment since the 1973 October war The French visit will be Sadat's first to a western nation as president of Egy pt WASHINGTON (AP) -President Ford's doctor reported Saturday his patient "is in excellent health" but should be encouraged to play golf or tennis "whenever his schedule will After the chief executive un-derwent a full physical checkup at the Bethesda Md Naval Medical Center Rear Adm William Lukash told newsmen Ford was fitter than he was a year ago Later in a formal statement the presidential physician said the tests at Bethesda "indicate nothing that will prevent him from enjoying good health in the foreseeable future" Ford spent nearly four hours at the hospital but part of the time was spent getting fitted with a pair of contact lenses he ordered nearly six months ago Lukash said "Beginning Monday he will DESCENDENTS: many people can claim they descend directly from John Alden and Priscilla of Mayflower BRICE: The family tree experts estimate about 35 million That romantic pair had 11 children Who in turn And who in turn Families ask help for girls via posters The families of three girls who disappeared from Seminary South Shopping Center Dec 23 and have not been found yet have begun distributing 500 posters and 50000 fliers pleading for help from the public in locating them Mrs Richard Wilson mother of 14-year-old Lisa Renee Wilson said she and others have been posting the large placards in stores gasoline stations bars pool halls and convenience grocery stores in recent days "REWARD $2000-P state the handbills in large letters above pictures of the three Renee Wilson Mrs Mary Rachel Trlica 17 and Julie Ann Mosely 9 and also asks that persons knowing anything about them contact police at 335-7211 Mrs Wilson who said her daughter was wearing a unique light yellow-colored T-shirt with the words on its front said the families still hold hope that the three will return safely Sugar vendor finds lumps in sweet deal Sweet but hot how-burglary detectives viewed a sugar selling business of two Arlington brothers But they discovered hot it was not Detectives arrested a 25-year-old Arlington man and his 22-year-old brother after the pair sold 550 pounds of Mexican sugar to a downtown business However a check with US Customs officials showed the men had obtained the sugar legally 5000 pounds of it by making numerous trips back and forth across the S-Mexican border at Del Rio allowed to bring 12 50-Kilo bags over per trip" burglary detective Bur-dine explained kilo is 110 pounds They had the duty receipts to show it was However things turned a little sour for the sugar salesmen when they were informed they were in violation of the city's itinerant vendor ordinance and they had to pay a fine of $75 the two brothers are now reportedly trying to obtain a permit from the city to sell their remaining 4450 pounds of sugar Mansfield votes for new charter by 141 to 133 MANSFIELD By 141 to 133 citizens here voted Saturday to adopt a new form of government Residents voted in favor of the new home rule charter which abolishes the old mayor-council form of government Mayor Watson now in his sixth year as mayor said he was very pleased with the result is something we have worked for 21 2 years now What it means is that the major just becomes another councilman" he said British freighter sinks in storm PENZANCE FIngland lAPi A British freighter sank in a gale otf the southern tip of FIngland Saturday and 11 crewmen died authorities reported They said there were only two survivors an officer and a steward Authorities reported earlier that seven crewmen died when the freighter Lovat went down but police said that tour of six other men plucked from the sea bv helicopter were dead on arrival at a hospital The crew abandoned the 1093-tun ship after it developed a dangerous list when its cargo of coal dust shifted in the storm the air force said HALF MOON: is the half moon carved in the door of an outhouse always BRICE: not from the inside use the contact lenses for a short time each day to determine whether he wants to wear them on a regular basis" Asked at the hospital about the general state of Ford's health Lukash said it was better than a year ago when Vice President Ford on Jan 28 went to Bethesda for his last annual physical exam Lukash attributed this to exercise and diet In his statement the Navy physician said "The results of all medical tests were normal in every way" He went on "I do not find it necessary to make any new recommendations for changes in his day-to-day living habits Since the President and I talked last September concerning a proper diet and ideal weight the President has maintained his weight at around 195 pounds which I consider to be ideal dominate-ly of European bloodlines and 54 were American breeds or crosses Labay said original entries exceeded 1100 but that "for one reason or only half competed The number shown was down slightly from 555 last year when Clay Holcomb of Stanton showed a Limousin-Charolais cross breed as grand champion which brought a record $7600 from Piggly Wiggly-Shop Rite Inc An interested spectator Saturday was George Hermann of Lampasas the only entrant 'Speck 1200-pound Hereford wins stock show championship Continued from page 1 Continued from page 1 intendent said 288 of the steers entered were ever to show grand here in two GUARANTEE: did the automakers first start guaranteeing their new Mrs BRICE: In 1902 reports car expert Roger Williams Those first new car guarantees were only good for 60 days he says By Associat'd Press foreign ministry announced Saturday that Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko will visit Cairo on Feb 3 as part of continuing consultations between the two countries Arab guerrillas hurled a grenade at Israeli soldiers in the occupied Gaza Strip missing the troops but setting their jeep ablaze The soldiers returned fire accidentally wounding an Arab boy and girl the military command said The children were reported in fair condition The incident which occured outside the A-Shatti Palestinian refugee camp was the worst in Gaza since October 1973 when guerrillas threw a grenade at an Israeli policeman and killed him Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmy in a statement to the official Middle East News Agency also said President Anwar Sadat had received messages from Soviet party chief Leonid Brezhnev and from President Ford But he did not say what as in the messages Earlier this month a scheduled visit by Brezhnev was postponed without explanation Observers speculated that the reason was either a policy dispute or that Brezhnev was ill After the state visit was put off Sadat renewed criticism of the Soviet Union for failing to replace equipment Egypt had lost in the 1973 October war But in recent interviews with 75 economy shows signs of improving probably too much to expect a repeat of that situation given today's problems But a partial return might at least dampen the rate of inflation significantly All this may be a while coming and in the meantime there are many economists who believe that the inflation rate may never return to the 2 per cent and 3 per cent levels of the early 1960s Frank Murphy General chief economist views 6 per cent to 65 per cent as the lowest that can be expected Others say the low may be 8 percent Murphy points to rising standards of living around the world putting pressure on food supplies in particular The most readily accessible raw materials for industry are about used up he observes leaving the remaining supplies more difficult to obtain THE CARTEL mentality sweeping those nations with resources needed by the industrial world is another factor promising higher costs In the past US consumers enjoyed the benefits of low-cost foreign merchandise that poured into this country Now production costs in some European countries are coming close to those in the United States And without those low-cost goods coming in US manufacturers are freer to design and sell their products for more money Beyond that it is obvious that for a decade up to last vear energy prices lagged behind other goods and services a situation now reversed and not likely to be reversed again now and 1980 things are going to be tight more than they are easy" one steel industry executive concludes All that may be true but some of the experts now see several factors coming along to help push down the inflation rate One is a huge drop in the price of a number of major commodities including steel scrap textile fibers and most astoundingly wheat and some other grains TO SOME EXTENT this represents simply the impact the recession has had on overall demand If there is unexpected relief in food inflation there is an outside possibility the consumer price index may rise less than 5 per cent this year before adding in whatever happens on federal energy policy Economists are not sure that will happen in 1976 however Some fear the all-out attack on recession could lead to too much stimulation of the economy and a renewed climb in the inflation rate next year JOHNNY: suppose you can rustle up Johnny address BRICE: Johnny Cash Caudill Drive Hendersonville Tenn 37075 Broyles of San Saba County 4-H Shorthorn A1 Broyles of San Saba County 4-H American breeds and crosses (a Santa Gertrudis-Shorthom) and Rhonda Murchison 18 of Llano County 4-H European breeds and crosses a Chiani-na-Angus) selections were departures from a trend of domination of major stock shows by crossbreeds F'or the past five years crosses have usually edged out purebreds as grand champions Walter Labay steer super weight for him "His early morning exercise program involving use of a stationary bicycle device has been very effective in maintaining his excellent health condition I will encourage the President to play golf or tenr whenever his schedule will permit The excellent state of the President health will permit him to continue his tremendous capacity for hard work" Resigned President Richard Nixon's doctors used to urge their patient to get away from the job when possible and relax Only occasionally did Nixon spend weekends in the White House Ford leaves Washington only occasionally on weekends and is an enthusiastic golfer and tennis player Lack of a White House swimming pool has curbed his participation that sport champions consecutive years His won in 1967 and "Whopper" in 1968 One was a junior entry the other an open show ent ry Junior activities will continue to dominate Sunday with selections of champion beef breeding heifers Another Sunday feature will be the increasingly popular Commercial Hereford Heifer Show and Sale Jack Chastain secretary of the Texas Hereford Association said a record 880 head from 26 consignors will be judged in pens of 20 before auction at 1 pm in Barn 6 "One of these pens will include the first offspring of commercial Hereford heifers sold at an earlier show and sale here" Chastain said "Charles Elliott of 7-6 Ranch near Stephenville purchased 120 heifers at the initial sale from Burnett Estates of Fort Worth John Birdwell of Lubbock and Pitchfork Ranch of Guthrie They were mated to bulls from Dudley Brothers Ranch at Comanche to produce the Elliott cattle to be judged and sold here Purebred beef cattle will begin competition Monday with Herefords at 8 am in the judging arena and the Perforhance Tested Angus Bull Show at 8:30 am in Barn 6 African fined $750 for 'Deep Throat' film JOHANNESBURG South Africa (AP) John Gail-ey 23 was fined $750 for being in possession of a copy of the banned sex film "Deep Justice A Flrasmus who imposed the fine said the film was "revoltingly BASEBALL: pro baseball player played with the most major league BRICE: Credit Bobo Newsom with that distinction Between 1929 and 1953 he was with Brooklyn Chicago Cubs St Louis Browns Washington Senators Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers New York Yankees New York Giants and Philadelphia 25-cent taxes pushed city to demise levy still growing Continued from page 1 Hills) with the idea of no taxes Then after that taxes just went and are still SIGNAL LIGHTS: in the Hallmark area the signal lights at Everman Road and North Highland Terrace working now to let the schoolchildren cross Mrs BRICE: be reset to alternate red-yellow-green before you read this says a Texas Highway Department spokesman LIVING TOGETHER: many men and women are living in this country now without benefit of the marriage BRICE: Nobody knows for sure In 1960 the census takers found that 34000 men and women nationwide were living together in such a manner In 1970 those statisticians discovered that 286000 men and women were doing likewise But researchers now say the trend is reversing of late Clearly these statistics only reflect what was told to the census takers certainly not what told to them up DESPITE THE TAXES Zartman and his wife ha managed to hang onto 20 acres near the Glen Ann housing addition "We resented it at Mrs Zartman said "Where the new addition is now well we used to take our kids down there to a couple of ponds to fish It was awful hard to get used to at Progress whether in North Richlan Hills or the illusory Smithfield lias a way of infringing on the private memories of the elderly In the Zartman's case progress will have to carry on without them not moving "This is it as far as we Zartman said But he adds candidly think Smith-field was better of course" Nostalgia for the "good old dajs" when Smithfield was its own boss is understandable in those who grew up with the town But what of the younger generations? Does it contuse them to live in North Richland Hills pay Birdville school taxes have a Fort Worth telephone listing and a Smithfield address? A random survey of 15 families is the Glen Ann addition showed suprisingly unsophisticated results Fourteen of those polled said they considered themselves to be living in Smithfield The lone dissenter appeared more confused than convinced TWO OR three days ago I thought we lived in Smithfield" she said "But someone told me we pay taxes to North Richland Hills so I guess we live there" A second woman was adamant about her location "My kids go to Smithfield School and we go to Smithfield she stated "We live Smithfield" Names though mean little to new families struggling to make ends meet But to the old the Smithfield pioneers the name is everything and has never been in doubt bet be bured in Smithfield" "Barber" Cobb said "It was here when I come and it'll be that wav when I chooses to perpetuate the Smithfield ghost despite the logo on his city tax statements "When Smithlield was annexed we were just getting the town to an operating position" Redding said "We had a good fire hall two trucks and about 20 volunteers Whenever the call went out why you'd see 18 of on the spot" Redding said the Smithfield died as a result of a 25-cent property tax imposed by city council Annexation was only minutes behind TAX is what stirred people up" he said got mad and decided to throw the town out into the country We lost our city by eight votes and two of our councilmen went fishing that day" Minutes after the election was official the town was by Hurst II Merrill Hurst mayor in 1958 said the action was only temporary until the residents could decide what to do about the situation Redding tells a different story "we had two he said could re-incorporate our two-square-mile limits or let Hurst take us So the people decided it would be better to join North Richland Hills than let Hurst take us because they were too far Requested or not North Richland Hills did annex Smithfield and therein followed a series of difficulties in which the annexation was declared illegal an attempt to repincorporate failed and North Richland Hills re-annexed This time for good Smithfield's mayor during this period was Charles Zartman a 79-year-old retired welding firm employe Zartman still lives in his former town with his ile Hellen Do theV feel any resentment or disappointment with the way things turned out? "We felt that way at the time" Mrs Zartman said "We went in (with North Richland GAS STATIONS: many of the gas stations were forced out of business last summer of and the out of every 10 stations BRICE: summer of folded Almost 20000 to be Between the 74 about one specific Fort Worth Star-Telegram T-adomn-k fegitlorod US Potonl OHlu SUNDAY Cnrtinmg Iho Fort Wrth ortnhlthod Uny I 1006 Iho Fat Whrth TIom ftord pwchoud NMnto 1 IV3J Sound clank portogo poid id Fort Worth in Puhluhod rt 400 Wort 7lh Si 76103 Am an Gorfcv Aran fori 1 Publulw-I ns 1 9SS FVbliho- TlliPHOU FAjMSFRS Cl-tiA-rtion Dopartmort 1V81 71 Clai vfiod Oopartmort 133 7772 All Ctor Dopiartmort XX977 MMKR Of ASSOdATID F-WSS is teiSr I Sotnej'pd'on Aferthly by wt dolinry Afeinra tvonnyi only 12 no 1 Ing and Wn boning nd Sondov S3 SO AWno 03 fc-TB IS Sunt I 35 bf oj mUS ond FWn SnlyS Suioby U50 pin portogo -north 531 00 plirt pntag yJTo Tb'-dJ IIK pin podagopo -north rt14 00 plupputagopn no Adnonu poy-norti ouoptod tubfcl to tuUaiphon -rto chongM RAPID REPLY: No sir now reported that the English expletive originally was regarded as blasphemous inasmuch as it was a contraction of Our FREE: 281-8653 738-7200 St Bernard.

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