Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 6
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!K FALLS DAILY ^AZETTE ~- »--- ._ .\ ILLINOIS. *,VSJ..NfiSDAY. NOV. 22, .191.6. PUBLIC OPENING McNeil Hail Givm L;i; Evening With a Ln.rgr Crowd Present. BUSINESS MEN MEET : E 0. :-Vo ;Vt A f M • N i E: ,• ^ •" i »tERLU»0. ILLtliOlS. WEDNESIMY, HOV. 22,1916. Mother's Cook TKree of a Kind Sherbet. !•»' i '-i'.p nf thrr« bananas OUCH! RUB BACKACHE SIIFFNESS, LUMBAGO YELLOW-BEU.IED SAPSUCKER v.- ?»{ l IT the >-.,-.iH -" two il line t>y ti Vo!t'-\ BIRTHS •••. ?TTI \r,!i tr l*i.ikc..l. |>{:intn-j| tot the Anti Ihl* Hl*fh fcrh ho a f,i,«t p(lfl< <I (if tr:im 54111! tin- a Kt^Urt i>:ilt • : !iU-l>t 1 1" Kn«vk<>i' i IMH* iil tfiim. Thly Mim' 1 , si* lititlt t Ai.i:i:t:T \ ! . ,•<-,-,•••• r « ,.s i...t M. M..) Mi - .\>i'!>, -,\ V.i)'.«-i e '•!> \ II! !'!!<.. GLEE CLUB FORMED. \l!-'- • i. ' '•.'.-.<• >V».t, in-HHK!" !••<-;. :,( th«- ll-.-h >;H|f.<.l. <,n;;i!:i ill <>;>. •• '''-I. >. v.,, r ,!.,v. Tli,. >' ni|"""''l "f itin'iiU IliiltV i;lrlM, :in •i-y < M:... I i;, di. !--<.in.- !-n,,,l n.-ik thi* ROCK FALLS BRIEFS jftDAY SCHOOL CLASS .1 II 1 !..•!.• TIL i i:. x jiiiiiin, ." { I'VdS. ,' .iin! M U', A. I' .'4. .M. \V. A. hail. f uf liniiitih. In., nr* in attend HH I fun- Hi Congregational Church Held Iwrting With Clara Swnnson. -flUlillng HJfir f-trtM ..'.r Uir> i'..n- < '•• I', Jlarri''. ..f I'riinHon. «r.«>fif Bfrttl church lH-1,1 :in lnffi- <: »T!nKi Tt "- sl '"V hr-j.->ilh frlomN. lft*t evenlnir at HIP. limm- <.fl Hftuy day i-tnnnd t<, his h<.rm- <C!ta.ra MwaitMiiti on Third !i\»-nu«-. i'" •*•">>«>> arn-r .-i .f, \\ days .M>"iit h.-r-- •DTtilnr rnimthly husOn's* « MM i "» ll!1:<i " ^ on, and tlio yntin« 'liull.-?. .!«•- l Ml '""' Mf " I' iV M'K'-II^M' K'Hn nr.l i well ChriMnt.'irt Ktam|>*. Tui^lu n..m Swift ''inifnl. f*anad.-t, tin- hiiKiiii-SH •fO'Knl.m the linn-• wli ""' ""'>' ''-"i ''I"''!! tin- wiiniini r. |>.,|||. I MI:< J .Uililnd I )>()>''•(>, wlui rin-i-ntlv i)iiTI>H<if t" ad n( i-rall.dn ill lln> (iiiji- 77italr ' rrmi.vr,| (,, ltd- tj,,;ii(- (T "ht'-r KliT, AltM. <* I!. ('.irnjilii'll. Miin<la>. ent in »iu«i«' n»«l MYSTc WORKERS Dnnee After, Busi- Meeting Last Evening. itlc Wtij Hi>rs held.LhuJr rt'uu-, g InHt rvrnlrig. inuelk liiisl- truiiHai'icd.• iUir-r lhl> [fi_i*;ii ifin'Fafl'iT diTiiri. was Th*'r« w«-r«» mnny funny and Mty contitmps I'll .Mnynard iitnuiiK ,!li(» Tttfiro wn« u vi-ry InrKc cruwd ,ftnd oil. enjoj*-il a lim« ti JVERTliiEriETTERS .ftjllowlntf intern for in the jxiHt iiilit'i- at Mrs. l>iilny .M. Falkw, .Mrs, u <*. «'. (Jrtuly, I*. .Ah Mr*- 1 . ^\*. I! Strauti rottniir-il 'risi-jsiln nin SVav.'iiv, In j \vhi-n* *<!!(• nttt-iiili i«- fiiin'fal «•(' h« r l)H>t!nT. ' MiF>; Manjnrrt r'haprnnii; nr •piHtni M'nt 'I'm si'ay h«-ii- with frixmls. Length, .••'about olRht and hrt-fj i -IMS of thsa cream. as usual, ' ••• ' Candied Che'rrfe'l. Tb'-'H'- 1 nrp d'clit if>:i*-nnd m*T bo f*- pai'^ii nt hom»\ T;ik« tfet? Mount M<> rt'sw-v-t-herry nr finy firm tii'-rry, at on* car«-fuil;'. using a new hairpift, and soak fho desirc-d amount in not too strong vSnegnr S< hours. This n)akr>« thi^m firm. Then drain end mix with *-»i»ftl w«4f!ht*-ef-gr»nulAt#d pupar. Lay th-e mixture on platters and kfett fn a cool placo for seven days, st.irring occasionally every day; •put In jars and peal. Tho cellar is a good place to keep theto white they are curing. Chfcrry Olive*. Thpso are a perfectly delicious conserve to serve with meat*. Prepare tho chcrrlps as above, using sonio of tho Bln^s. HB thrr harw Huch firm ttmal, or other kinds of good flavor will suit. Cover with vinegar an above and let stand overnight; ID the morning use egual weight of sugar, BUr until well dissolved and put Into a jar, cover but do not seal as they inny be' dipped into without spoiling them* ' Irish Stew en Ca«erole, Have two pounds of chops from tho neck end of mutton, trimmed of all fat. Have pared and sliced about two quart* of potatoes and elx oniona medium site. Itit a layer of potatoes and oniona in tho bottom of tho casserole and sprinkle with call and popper, place on Un'Bo a layer of meat, then vegetables, seasoning an before, until ail are used. Pour boiling wa- <--«p'»'»jRHb Pain From Back With Small Trial Bottle Of Old "St. Jacob's Oil." IM.k !, ,lt'}n'« .-in Th:.! "I hi fr»rrt ;i ffi in»m> nt y it'.!*. JI'"I!< Xi'tMn't: P |..-n:;-.' V-t:.-»l N , . V, jilt..! * r HiM% i •:•', t.'Si'f H ; w iih S""tS inn'!.«! < M! oil! .••irnplv t:ili i! on Vour i-cnici the pii in. It i»i iuirtuH'S df'*',«n't burn the Mkin, r,irn!)cr up! Don't finfffrf" f £m.'.»ll trl.1.1 hfiftle of old. Jn-nf-s Jurjlis Oii" from nny t\t\>n siiir after tiwirJK it Just on.-", jiftril that y«M) «>vcr hurl lun-krlf he. lii of PctrtflCJt, In-cfUife jinir 'ulrk never hurt «>r muse nny ni'iri- m ft never difiippojnii: :iiiil lias Itee k!y. Y.-.ii k a»'1 (nit •f!jH'K.«j nrnl nnd • will IMPORTANT CONFERENCES _, ____ , _____ „ School Officials Diicust Changes irt School visited lu't-c nt thr- home of' Mrs. I'. .Mcllmiivh' Munilay, I'lirimto to their new tmnii' In Inili'ficii'h nee, la. . Mrs, M, U Kahoh, of U.'ari|ntn\vn. |.. -\-t-iTinir-nT -irjr'-hrjTnr^r,r-riT I. M. «'ormi'tt, In thin rlty. **••»•*•••»*••••••»***«0*« : A Few Smiles. : inVht'8. .Only jvoftdpecker havlril top tcr or broth to come nearly to tho last layer: Cover and cook gi'Utly Jo the oven for three hours. Asparagus With Melted Butter. Set the Btalks to cook tied in a buiu-b, heads up, In bolting salted water. Tho water need ^qt cover of licatl from liaup 1 of bill roil, com bined with a black patch on breast. Hango: Urcwls in tiorthorti half of the United Stales and southern half of Canada; whiti-m in mo.m of thn Htates and south to CftBta Illca. liabltfl and econmnle Htottsa; Tho _.. Innl'and susplcloiw and Keneraliy maw- ages to have a treo between himself and th.o obaervpr. ^Icnco the bird in much better known ,»y Us work Uian A Modem Tindeacy. Constipation St) "KB* MOISTEN A ITH AND DRAW T THROUGH HAIR JOME8 BEAUTIFULLY SOFT, VY, ABUNDANT AND GLOSSY AT ONCE. j^our halri All dandruff gooi and%air*topt coming try a "DaiHjcrlno llalr If you wish u> liiiiiuullatoly tho beauty of yniir hair, .him a cloth with l>aiuh>rliio and t'«r«^Mlly ihrtiiiKh your hair, ono Binnll Minimi at a tlmo: thb "The prisoners here ' JMJCUI to think a great dent of their wnrdon." "Why shouldn't they? He does Tfrr their comfort uud *njoym«nt." "Everything bo can, eh?" "Well, not everything, it's true. They ure not allowed to spend week-ends with friends or relntlv«8, ul- ffioufe-h I wouldn't be Kurprlued If that privllegu of holes mado by.this bird arc common on a groat variety of irccH; In all about 250 kinds am known to bo attacked. Occa«lonally young Irons are killed outright, but more lonn IH caiuiod by stains and ojhr>r tilpmlshnn in Iho wood which result from 8apsuck«r punctures. Tho«o blcmlshea, which nro 'known as bird pecks, ore ospoclally numerous in hickory, oak, cypress, and yellow poplar. Defects due to sapsucker work cause.nn annual loss to tho lumber Industry ontimatci) at $!,• 250,000. Tlio food of tho yollow-bcl- TH about half nrTtnial .forw long." cewdvc oil-- In a few -minutes irlll be nniaxi'd, Your hair will |Vy, fluffy ami abundant and I An Inconnxiiable mifinotiH, tun- beautifying Iho.hnlr/ond ap- of Dandorlnc^llHHulveH ev- of dandruft; liivi«orut«'f. atopping itching and falling ine i* to UK* hair what fretih r« of rain ami Kiin:<hiiu< mo to it Ion. It got<* rl;:la to ihu niotn, untl »tren;;iin DM ilit'in. IIH tiinnldi IHK and l|ft>-pro- prop«rMe» cuus-i 1 ih« hulr to r* .strong antl heautifiil. Htirvly huve pretty, soft, hair, ftnd I'M* «f I*, if you will 9t li 2i6-c(tilt Jioltle of KilowItou'H from uny-dnur store wr tol- and try it UH directed. hi»lr! Kui-p H looking .ttnd IwMiuilful. Vou will «ay A Practical Philanthropist M \V«' would like for ,yyu to subscribe to -.Hir forclK" inl«KlonK," »M»i<Ji the earnest young w»inun. '".. : ' clBU iiil.salons, eh?" niust-d th« cnpltullsl. "Vow, ulr. Our purpose ID to shed llglit In (lurk pinces." "And thnt'.s our purpose, too! We nre putting on the market tt pntehtod jlluttilntttoi t hut: ingoing Jo inak.etht of .Africa ;UM bright after dark Cowy sapHUck« and half v«gctabl«'». Its fondness for ants counts slightly in its favor. It eats also waspa, buotloa (Including. howavor. very f«w wood-borhig species), bugs. •> and rpider*. '.' Tho two principal componoiitn of the vocfitablo food nrij wild frulla of no Jmportanco and cambium (tho. layer Junt beneath 'the b,»rk of trei«). in HftcurJng the cambium tho bird dooH the damage abovo described. Tho yellow-bellied sftpmiekor. unlike oih*>r woodpecker^. thus doos . cumpara.llvcdy little good and mucii harm. 20 minutes, llavo ready slices of toast and lay the stalks on the toaat, heads all In one direction. Pour melted butter over and servo at once. .I)raw!Lbju^icr^may_be^used_ln8tQad of molted butter if desired. ^ _' IB * Drawn Butter Sauce, Measure a third'of a cupful of butter, two UxblcBpoonfjuls of flour, salt and pepper to taste and one cupful of water. Blend half tho butter and all Hour together* then add the cupful of boiling water, cook ten minutes with tho seasoning. When ready to servo add the rest of tho butter in small bits until oil is used. This last point is important. i h<»ul |>n««llili> j >( liliin'ift for the !.-! Hlatt- niul the i P.v I'liil'i! rr<-«8 a. 111.. Nov. :'J ices !> >' ;\ r I it e "i i'i tin- fii.\ crnmer'il iff air* an- Hi-hr-duli- "Hintf of th»> lllir Hoard AKHO< lalloii • •liiti-in Hlilch o|)«--nc(i nt the University of IHiniiis ttiiUiy." tJi>«.rii«' \V. S\\-.»rt/, at Oiiry, Ind., will In- (>f''««-nl to t«-H t!i<' (-iititri'illlntc lioiik'M nf lhi> n>.«U'lii I'lilplo) <-d in thi> itchdids of that < (Tv, It. <!. .tulll'H, Httpc! -illU-tldi'tlt <if ."rlioulw at Hm hlnrd, will make a l-l'-a i fur instrni'iorH at thi- n|M'hlntr WcdiH-fday. lalhiiiK mi "Stands . i nTli-iTM uf the lllliinlH .^tnlp Si Iliianl AKSoclatlon ar«' Allan 1>. \V«'li h, > Mm Ii Ixland, |iii'N|.lim; it, C. Aumm-! tine, vli'e president; .MrN. <!. A. Slnv« v r, • jM'rrHiu-y; Kn»n II. l(t-nn«'r, tt*>:tHiil<'i ; • •iirrit!iilti»i': It, 11. Hmwn, nrid Mrs. W. I'. (Itahain, Gold Glasses $3 50 Latest style Eye-Glasses, including examination Solii SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK ONLY j -The—mounting-is iheLJtfcr£_Jatest linger j piec^c style, on and off with one hand. Each | eye iWsamined separately by an EXPERT { and the'.'lenses ground to order and guaranteed correct Open Saturday evenings. DR. GOULDING, Optician Obermillers' Store Bell Phone 101-W First Ave. and East Third St., Sterling, 111.,. DEATH WAS_VERY SUDDEN Hurrying to Meet Fiance. Bride W.-.s .. Stricken. (By Unl(pd%'n>ff<l Dnnvlll«>, m.. Nov. 22.-"Mnrrylnir to the ntllwuy Mfathin Mrw. I.. II. llnrris, who wan t«i mct't li«>r llanr** In Akmn, f)., ttnd lie inarrit'd. 'wan Hlrirkvii HI as nlut rcai-hfd tlio doput. Sin- «!!'•<}; a f»>w hours lat«r. ^I'liyalrlnns whr> ;lltrllil('il rissort tllllt'llH 1 ('Ki-ltcilH'Ilt of makliiff ready fur tli<> jourrn-y and for * her hiitii-yfTioiin lndu<'rd In-art troublo. , - Badly Frightened, ' "Vou miy your Tut her gave you a start cnrly In lite which WHH u great help to >uu In ufU-i- yt»ur»t" . "Yes," uiuhvurcd the eminent jMPji ~tUll8t," "~"~~ : ' ' •• "Kmundul n8»lstanc0, I presume?" "Nn. IIi» came to ute one day and mid Unit on nod nftor a e«rtnln <luta every tnciil. I ate at homo, would font tun u quarter. That guvo me auch a' start I wtnt t« work aud have beeo hard nt It ever since," • YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO (Coccytus amertcanui) .the ; - 5 n'lUs ytui ever i i * . ^ Rather.Remarkable, "Now, thut Hte- nosraphor of IDlllf." "Vcw?" •*8h«'« -n mya- ierlotta p««rn.iit." "Why »o V" "Hhf'Si been working for ma Blr inonthHUHti so far I himui't even found out whut brand uf gum she Chews." Facts and Figures. Denmark hns 6,300 motorcyclists. United States ha/ CC.CC? post offices. New York has 1,000 Chinese laundries. , Maine last year recorded C.222 mar- Britain contains 13,000 InterneU Uer- prlBonera. Florida's hlghost point is 300 tedt nbovo 8Qa level. New Zealand, yearly produces $260^ 000 worth of honey. United States contains 2.603,766 per sons of Herman birth. Kern county, California, contains 65X42 acres of proved oil lands, - He Is No Benefactor. He who jillouH two we«Hls to grow whor»» out* wwd gw»\v before Is nn 4'vt'rluKtlDB l>i't»»»fiic'tor to mosquito kind, "but not much nf n 'civic pridlHt imr i>riH»uter of-public hcnlth In his homo town.—Itrowtxivlllp Henild. * Ttrr* Haufe't Mayor Reduces From |6 to $2.75. aiiti', liul.. ' Co»t .>f,.'.T«rr*A. .liiuit«».:.throiiKh Mayor sitiiii, i'iitf'i-cil tho' n-laJI oiuil and K'vfitly rcdiuM-d thin rout to th«. 1'tfHldPiitH of tln> Hty, iln» municipal innrkot, wi-r*? ahlt» to buy Itnllana coal at $i',Tr> a t<in. I)«-al«'rs wcrv. axkitiK 1C a .ton for'tho Mum* Kradc. Mayor <Ui-*Moiii IIHH li'aw- tnl a niliif and hlrvd-aoo.touniM to haul tho coal, to tin* city. Cittor OH for Cooking. Tho Chlnest) huvu ii method of depriving vtiHtor oil of its inudloiiml l>rftiH>rt(i>M sti that it may Uo used for BIRTH SUIT JARS PASTOR Demands Mici Kellermann y/tar More Clothinfl. 1'hlladeliihla, Nov. I'^.—Annette Kef. lennnnn nuiHt put oil WOHH* clotheH or lift out of rhlla<lcl|ihlii If tlm llapliHt inlnlKtern have tholr way. The Itt'V. Hamtiel 'Jiatie Batten dropped in to HOP "Th« DituKhter of the Hod*," So did nwny other When Annette tripped acrojiH the wrwn .in. her birthday .still, Uatten l«>ft— lie Mi«» Marjorio Davis, who will appear as "Paddywack"'in "The End of A Perfect Day" at the Academy of Music, Saturday, Nov. 25th. 1'iut wht'ii till 1 MaptUi niiniKti'i'.s' un- i.ti in.-! l!.i\l( n tiild all aliiuil il. .\i>w ihf .whnlv cruwd \« .yi'hu: t" lt>H ihi- muyiir. " . • . ria BRING $1,000,000 IN GOLD. '^altle. Nov. L'2. --Thf ' llncrx Victo- anil t'malilla, the fast vcsm-.lrt to ili'.-ivt' N'uini', , in Seattle with hill-, THK'MOBT BXI'KXKIVK I'AllAnK'. ;; lltt W*"™*'*"- *'•'«" "',»' ovt-r h.'l.l in n.-v.-land. a *3Um!MJim af- | li(l " il1 "' -l>i|.ni«-iil« nf tin or«. and furH, liunili'i'd ^ifuplo art' wintcrluK' vvtdch IM JiuW rloHi'il. ^ll hy .. . fair, attrai-led little 'or no attenlion. It ' Fifteen li wan a .procession of < a*h when -S law j "I .N'nine* .pr hank moved H* <|llill terf. r . J f SOWLES p. G. CO. BATH TOWELS ^ ' . ml U'sish A \nrgv n-ssurinicnf <•!' Bath Tmvt to t iuali'it,' \\illi I'aiu-y oDhmul Holti in i'aiH-y IK>\'. $l,.2Ei.- JjicmutH'ul IW-H, 15c, 'iH'i iHii^irr.-jij , GOc, |1.00.^ -• "™ Vi^^rf^ ^ 1 l»(»lly -Maiii-i'H, Maiijin iTiMil»\t llul'Ufj in all fuiu '1'oui-f, 'l\,r 10c' iU.j--.cV Length, about twelve inches. Th« yellow 1oweTj}SrT of the bin ^lilfn- gulshes this bird from ita riuar rolu- tlve, Vnti black-hllleil cuckoo., Range: Breeds generally In "tho 'United Statea and eoutheru Canada; winters lu South Aiuork-a. Habits and economic.status: Thla bijrU HV^B on the edged of woodluud, in groves, orchards, parka, and evea in ehjiclod,villugo U BOIUO- times known as ruin crow, bucauwe its very characteristic nutoa are supposed to foretell rain. .Tho cuckyo has aly, bushes or-tiita from trco tu true, and In much moro oftfs heard than aetin, t'nllKu Ita European relullvt\ it dooa not lay ita eggu In othor birds' neats, but bullild u inn! uf ita own. Thla IB, however, a rathur rrudo i and shabby affair-thardly moro than 0 platform of twigs sullk-U-u.l' to hold tbo greenish egga. Tho cuc-koo Is oxtrumuly useful h< ruuKO of ita Inauotivorous hub- its, t-siu'cially tta it thuwu a marked lirt'fert'Jn-y for thg-hafry caU)rt-iHurs, which' few biulB out, ()«y stotnaclj Vm,i' t'xauiiiird lutltaiticd 250 SALTS IS FINE FOR KIDNEYS, QUIT MEAT Flush the Kidneys at^Once When Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers—Meat Forms Uric Acid. No ni:m~nr woman who pat* meat regularly can make a tulxtukt* by fluuh- Ini;' the kidnoya oi-i-usinnally, WU>-H a well-Miowu aulhoiity, Mwtt forms uric ur-id which C!OKH the kidm»y purc« HO they Jllter _ or _ turuin _ _ part of the wu«li> tind iioi,s<in« from <ln» ilu-n |'ou J4 <l t t-iek. Nearly iu<rvtm«ueB«. . lilitililrl' £1" l"i»jl wt-bwortnV Iii jilace it*n t VulwiHllura «rf^ abundant t)u>5' K.-t"in to coiMtiluto ti'lai^o i,ortl6n of til',- J<i(>4 uf Ut}»riT,.1' the blark billt'd from '1'he iiioinenl you feel a dull uchv in tluuJvi«ine,y;-< r.r jour l«;u*k hurln or Jf llu« in inc in cloud), olTeiiMJve, full o,f KeilillleUt, iitVKutltl* of |i:»h,sUKe or at - leruU\l bv 1 it HeiiKutlou of scutdint;, gft uhout f*»nr minces of Ja<| H<OtH from Any iHiahlc |iharni!tcy uiiil Hike a tu- |.!ef.jiiM»ninl in :i K|»»*H of watei" before iirv.iKi'aJ-'t (t>r u iVw dtijH and your Kid- iic>s \sill | lien art fine. Thl* 1'uiaous /•.tlt>. IH inude' fnuii ilu- :u'hl of jiraum* Nationalized by Newspapers! Look at your map a moment, Mr. Manufacturer, and its mass of dots and lines. ' . . " . ** - - . . . •>' ' ' The dots are cities where .newspapers are publiBhed, The lines are the mail routes over which the newspapers go «very da^—tfie^ame routes o^er which your goods should be traveling like as not ' Intense "localness" is each . newspaper'n strength. A National or BectionaJ acfvertisinur cam paimrn in the newspapers is merely a hookingr together of these all*powerf ul localun its. "ami ii'-iiioii Juice, combined With ,rtnd-hu-s ln-<-n i(fii-d fi>f K 1 llel'.tU«»HH ^> IliiNli i|.H'};«d "kldjiej' 1 * iuui --f Hmiilale "theiii i"tJtaryx"ii>~aI:Tr fn IN iJlrTii/eTITe tti lih III «linne -in l( I'D l<in^<-l' f.ilises .•( :<'>lt^ I- n ii.j.u< n> t'»i . -. i,t illlli.l W.l'i' .! U' I!!' ''" I ll'J ' t 1 !1 ' M>i n . ttittd til Tlii» nowspujuM's «lo nut iiiorcly tHi\ - t»r 'tin 1 ruiiliiHMil—likt' a 'but moroJiko mi oUlfashmm>d \voathtn 1 -tjght *H ovorlaji tna-lt other. ' ' ' ' (lu« In Iliis,- your own home the city -wlHMV.your i>u<»ls an 1 know lh«> iu»wKj>u|M*rs. ()iu> of HHMII "you swear !>> " ilii •on one likel ness Yon n-alixc unit* ncw>|ia|H'rs of yours a re 'l ' j»ro|iosttioiis, . / Better, to *how this combined title of the newspaper: better t» ntudy the. |iroblemi of national advertist-vs: . In -incrca*? {heir own u&t 1 .- fulrtetit, ce/*r«)t hundred newspapers of -t+K> United States and C.'*»».-»'I.T, im luiliri<r-tlns nt'wspaptjr, have oiyanuod and .ire £iippui-tiiiti Ihe: BUREAU OF ADVERTISINCi of the Artiorif.anNcwspapur Publishrrs AssoctaUon. with offices at 8G6-7 Wr,rid Buadtriq. New Ypr-k CHy-*" THVy do to unselfishly because the BUREAU OF ADVeRT|8I.NC5 i»_M»e_ j»d_-- ~ "~"~~'""" ~ * nut write the If you. h^vi! any n;»tion,"il_ e.!.*! of, Advi-f ti*iny .' , ti',iri<j pioblewS

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