Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1044 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS ,^~~~ Page Thrw Personal—Social—Fraternal s For Summer .^•••~ tf\ »-><rx *>w Lccal Residents Will Attend Eastern Sunday School Assn. Meeting Members of (ho Hillside Conjri-a- gnttmui.1 church will attend the Sunday School assoda- lion jiiL-etiiiK to be liulcl Salurduv uftcri!:on:i and Sunday, July 22 and 23, at Ci-oirnvcll. Conn., for tliu OL'tul I annual cont'oroncc. llev. Joseph C. Danlelson of Chi, C:IK», Jll.. will be the speaker. Beauty In Bloorrf T.R. Kin To Marry !'-{""*£*''•:' •s-Son Cookies To Be Sent uly 30 By Salem Lutheran Church The cookies for iici-vicomcn at the Camp Oev.'ns Lutheran scrv- Ict; CL-ntcr. will be sent Sunday, July Bil. by the Snluni Lutheran I church. Tho I'ollowinjT men will be in charge; Wallace Johnson, John Gi.-i.Mlnnder, .I-larold Wouclin, Conrad .Rolis, Adolph kelson and Fri- doll" Carlson. To Vacation At Cape Cod 1994 • 12-20 Dr. and Mrs. Fred \V. Weilo ol' Church sti-eot. will leave- Friday for tht-lr summer homo at West Hyan- nlsport, Capo Cod, where they wil spend the; next two weeks'. Dr VV'oile wlifi is an, amatour photographer of note, has a l:irj;u col lee* lion nt' color reels mostly centered i about Cape Cod where he has bern titimmcrin;,- for several years. Voting urn! completely irresist- ibli'--;i !"'-i ilt'i'led Crock to make lip in ^Jirc: ivtyyfi crapes or in ,<oft cfitiui.-.. Use lace, eyelet cm- Inoidfiy liy the yard or self-ma- tcriiil ruffles. ;iail«ir.'< I'tell Pattern r\'o. 1904 u (ip.M^nc'd Cor si/es 12, M. It;, 15 ami -U. Sm_> .M. blouse, requires 1 7-a yards ot St'-inch material for the .<hi>rl sluev-f version; skirt '2 !-•[ yardi. He.'ii/y nnv.- —the brand new AEC Pattern ['took—-the quickest aid to hc.T.i' .-iewers yot devised. It's a compli'Ir up-t<f the-minuto ctitti- lo;r.i'-. Price 10 cents per copy. OrdiT an AI-'.C Pattern Book with « I." n-n'. pattern for 2") Cents, ])lus I IY.-H pnsta.i,'e. fur iliis attractive pattern send 15 cents, plus 1 cent for postage, h coins with your name, address p,i!'.i'rn number and si/e warned to .'•'.nrliiira Hull, Xatltratuc-k Daily .Vc«v. Cost Oltlcf; Box 00, Station 0. New York Ifl, N. Y. Sg't, William Brennan Arrives In Italy Mr. ancl Mrs. William J. Ercnnnn of L'.rid^'e stioi-t have rcceivei! word that their son, Sergeant \Vil- liaiii H. iSi'L-nntin ol 1 the U, S, Army Air Corps has arrived safely in Italy. Visiting- Relatives In Long Island Mrs. Elsie Cope Present Tonight ! At Rebekah Meeting Mrs. Elsie Cope, district deputy president of District No. 8, will pay an otllciul visit to Columbian Rc- foek.ih lodfrc, No. 35, I. -O, O. F., this evening. The regular meeting' will start at .8 p. 'in, in Odd Fellows' hall. Mrs. .Emma Vagt, noble prand, will preside. All members are invited to be present. Refreshments will be served after the mooting'. J, V. Poulin Buys The Business Of McGown's 'Smoke Shop Joseph Victor Poulin of 3 Church street has purchased the equipment and business of' the McGown Stnoku Slrop, ' -I Church struut, from William J. McGown, according 1 to the i-ecords at the of- llce ut' the town clerk.. Returned To Home In L. I. PATTEIW NO. R20S2 Your needle and patience will help you to have these charming floral decorations, designed especially for your daveuport's back and arms—or for a chair set. Pattern envelope contains hot- iron transfers Cor 5 designs, 1 about 10 by 15 inches; -I about 0 by li inches; color chart, stitch illustrations and full directions. Our 60-pajre multicolored book of Needle Arts containing five free patterns, and many other suggestions Cor dressing tip your home and yourself is now available. Send your request for this book to the address listed belov,', enclosing twenty cents (20c.) in coins to ! cover thu cost and mailing charges. ! Send 11 cents (coin) for Pattern liosemary Phillip*, duugh- I Ko - l^'-OS-' to 1 Naugatuck Daily Mr. and Mrs. ISlmer Phil- P-'^'S. Needle Arts Dcp't, P. O. Box- Mr, and Mrs. William Caulfiekl aral children, Margaret Mary and William. Jr., have returned to their home in Long Island after visiting Mrs. Cauirield's pnrnnts, Mr, and Mrs. John O'Donnell of Miilvillo avenue. Providence Residents Relatives . Mrs. Hugo BcrjroLti and son, Paul, of Providence. R. I., are visiting Sli-a. Hci'KQWa parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Monahun of Curliss stTcet, Miss trr of _ _ lips of Highland avenue, is spVnd-j 17 -' Station D, New York, 3, N. Y. 'UIL; a week's vacation with relatives in.Middle Village, L. I. Bradshaw Family At Lake Quassapaug Mr. and Mrs, Edward Bradshasv und I'.'t.miiy of Ward street arc vacationing at Lake Quu^sapaug. Vacationing At Cape Cod, Mass, Miss Helen Patterson, nn em- ploye of the Synthetic Rubber Co. is spendi:i£ her annual vacatior.. in Cupe Cod, Mass. PICTURES TO GIVE OR TO KEEP Visit Our Balcony Display no Kir.irr <:;• .V.VVTI.MI; AND SKI; -J-IIK LAKCI-J VAIJIKT^- FLORALS — BABY PICTURES — NUTTINGS OIL REPRODUCTIONS .Many ^iy.i-s In .S'-luel )-'rom MIRRORS? WE HAVE THEM, TOO! TEAMING — PHOTO FRAMES YOI/lt I'ICTUKK .STOJti'J Tin- Curd arid Uift jfliop SWEENEY'S AUT ANIJ iST.ATIONKKY CTORF ^ I W/ il C. Local Couple In Ludlcw, Vermont Mr. and Mrs. C. Arthur Fa;- — of Walnut street an- vacationing in Ludlow, Vcrmosat. They will return home this u'eek-e.'j(!. EHen Madden, C. N., Visited Mother Miss Kllc-n Madden, a C:if!et Xui'So at Adelphi Culluu".-. L. i.. sj>enl the week-end visilini; hei' mother, Mrs. William Madden of Galpin street. Bank Official Is On Vacation Harold \V°. Roberts, secrclary and treasurer of the Nau;;^-tuck Savings bank, is enjoying- .his annual vacation. Late National Primary Reports (By United Vress) 1-fero lire Ihe lalost reports on pi'imi'aics held yesterday in three wi-stcrn slates. In AriKOna, all incumbents for yt.'Ue ar,(.( national offices .ire-holding substantial lends according to eiirly unofficial returns. Governor Sidney Osboi'n hag U'on tho Dc';i:ocratic I'ejiomination. His opponent, William Coxir.. con- eedos defeat. In Wyoming. Charles Morris of Luivimiu i.s lendinjr the JDemucratic race for the state's, only seat liv_ the House of Kepi-e.sent:itivbs. J Rep-'f" i'csentativc Frank Barrett, -who scuUs rcolcci-ion. was unopi>oycd on '-lie Republican ballot. Montuna's youthful 1 candidate for governor on the Democratic ticket —Leif Erickson, is .leading the field according to latest reports. Hi.s opponents are -Austin B. Mid- dlclon and former Governor Roy Avers. , . • On '.lie Republican side incumbent Govurnoi- Sam Ford is far ahead of his only opponent, former Congressman Dr. J 1 . Thorkclson. BEACON FALLS Corrc-Kpondciit'H l'| )O nc 4'JZt A venges Buddies Couple Become Parents Of Baby Boy In Milford Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Purtell became the parents of a baby boy at the Milfoi'd hospital yesterday. Mrs. Purtell is l.hc former Miss Lillian ZoDo, dauprhlci- of Albert Zollo or Main str'.-ct. Her husband is a state trooper at. the Bethany barracks. Scndx Home Souvenir)) Staff Sgt. Thomas Wisnewski. U. S. M. C., .lias sent home to his parents on Cook Lane, a number of Jap .souvenirs from Bougainville. The ai-liolcs v of war arc on display at AI's package store. of tlic lute President Theodore Kooscvelt and daufjh- ter of L,t., CoJ. and Mrs, .Archibald Kooiscvelt, Nancy Dalinvy Kotkm- in shown with her fiance, Knt.lK'n William K.' Jackson, US>'R, son of U. S. Supreme Court .Justice and Mrs. Koliert II. Jackson. Thin phuto was made at the Koiisevelt home, Cold Spring* Harbor, L, I. (International) ' BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 1 M T W T . 2 3 Q S 6 7 8 9 10 11.12 1} 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 n 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 JO 31 Coming Events TONIGHT Band Concert,. Conui:unity IJaml, The Green ' Selectmen, Ke(fistT:irs, and "Town Clerk Mect'nt; Tor New Volurs, Town Hall oOo ——oOo— FRIDAY Nine Men Held For Slaying Pepper Martin, Boxer Boston, July 19— (U P)—Nine men are held on suspicion in con- n.cction with the slaying of Pepper Martin—for/Her boxer 'and underworld figure. An .'ittructive girl believed the sweetheart of one of the men involved also is being questioned. Police theorize that Martin was shot while awaiting the end of a dice game. Members of a Roxbury gang oC dice and card hi-jackers have been ordered arrested. Martin's body was found in a parked automobile outside a taxi- compnuy garage in the Back Bay. JN'o weapon has yet been discovered. Home On Leave Richard.- Zollo, P. O. 3-C, is visiting his wife at .his home on Highland avenue. Mrs. Zollo, l.he former Eve FiUpatrick, and Ann Fiiz- patriek and Barbara Mitchell recently returned from a vacation at Eranford beach. r.t Col. Jeff IfollK BUMM Vlrta. Gn., .u mechanised unit cavalry Nqiiadroii commander In Normandy, reported coining upon u group of Nazi S. S. men nhoot- iiiK wounded Yanl<<i hi the t*-.x Mosni AiiROt area. Infuriated, lie emptied hlH ca.rhlnc at'them, kill' Injr one German officer, (International) OVERSEAS 'BY K.MJL' At Virginia Beach Mrs. Edward Ena-maii, the former -Alma Hupprich, and Martha Mill are at the Sea Spray, Virginia Beach, Va. The former's husband, a sergeant, is stationed nearby at Camp Pcndleion, Va. Visits N. V. C. Friends Mis?. Irene Rybinsky of-Church street is visiting: friends in New York city. Concord, N. H. — cOP)~CpI. CharJc.s Banton wrote h;3 parents after a safe trip across the.'Atlantic: "As usual, there was -quite a lot of mal do mcr. One of the ship's jokes was that most of' the GTs were making the trip by rail." Speeders and reckless drivers in most stales are now .reported lo local rationing boards. Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Decca Hccorils SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEI- 2571 More Uian 1,200 million acres of TJ. S. land arc -unsuitable for agricultural purposes. OPA Odd Lot Release Men's, Women's and Boys' SHOES No Ration Stamps Required NOR WASH Shoe Store NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK St. Mary's Carnival, Church Grounds Until July 2'J '•.Xr:.,. ~>~--SATUTCIJAY St. Hedwijj's Dn/,uar, Church Tiivlllon • -—oOo SCTTOAY Si. B:r/juir 3-1 TWINS ON -2-i^n A.NNIVEKSAltV 1'aper Salvage Collcclioii •——oOo JULY 25 1'nijcf Salvapi- Collection ' .JULY 20 South Bond, Jncl.—(UP)—Mr. and jVlcs. .ILclvin Humphrey arc won.- dei-in;; it' their 23rd wcddinfT anniversary will !)c fis eventful as their 22nd recently. Twin' : sons and thcj l'2nd r.nniversnry •arrived together Have a "Coke"= You're home again Chimlmkc; Tennis JCciiL, Ci)llon J-li>llmv Grove. -——oOo SATURDAY D;inco, Y o u I I) Rwrcalinn : Committee, Women's Club, \Vn- terbury v Weather Report New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts.. Anode Island and Connecticut—Considerable cloudiness with scattered lifrht showers and a few thunder-showers tonijjht and tomorrow. IS'Gt so cool tonight, moderately warm and more humid tomorrow. ... or getting back among the folks The biggest moment on earth to a fighting man is when he returns home. And one of the things that makes him feel ut home is the old familiar phrase... tluve a "-Qiku". With Coca-Cola, ice-cold, in your refrigerator, you can make any fighting man, including your'own, feel he's back with his friends. From the border to the Gulf, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes,— has become a symbol of friendly liviagi • BOTTtED UNDER AUTHOmTV Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY . COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY Temperature Report It was cool foi- swimming: last nijrlit, but Red Hermans, undaunted by the friffidity ot the atmosphere, wet the bottom of the redhead's feet. Gcttins homo after the "swim," Red took an alcohol rub, and dug: out the same six bhuikqts for another warm trip to dreamland. The temperature has been more or less constantly cool for tbc'past few days, but Red expects it to get Hot shortly. Go To Your CHEVR DEALER EXPERT- DEPENDABLE MECHANICS Midnight 3 a, m. ; . . C a. m. .'.. 9 a. m. . Noon . .. : 1 p. m. . . C8 CO 64 7G 82 85 German Industrialists Shipped Gold =: Coca-Cola It's natural for popular n:imc3 to acquire friendly abbreviations.-.That's why you hear J.Coca-Cola called "Coke". ' New York, July 19—CUP)—The London radio reports that German industrialists have been shipping huge quantities of stolen gold coins to Turkey since the Allied invasion of France, Thp'.-broadcast—quoting the London Daily Express—says the coins include Dutch, English and even 20-franc coins from the Napoleonic era, The influx has lowered the price on coin gold about 20 per cent. AUTHORIZED PARTS w*x«- *• w ^ on any and 1X If- — ~v s ^~ all niakes _ > ,^ • ,, , of cars and V , , "V. «•* * trucks! »^ - ^ x^.,x x ^ All signs Indicate that rnor* paopfe go to-Chevrolet dealers for service than to any other dealer organization; and that means people are convinced that Chevrolet dealers are — MODERN TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT RELIA&IF SERVICE ON ALL MAKES NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS FOR ESSENTIAL USERS Chevrolet is producing a limited number of new trucks for essential civilian users. See your Chevrolet dealer for complete information. C-CCo., Army jeeps designed for desert cfuty have tire treads patterned after a "camel's fool,. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS 492 ^No. Main St. Naugatuck, Conn.

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