Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 5
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f B0CIAL AFFAIRS j|;/^A VauSirt.,,11 .•,,.,..„,,, ' •• • irr """' *\ \ ? PRE-NUPTIAL SHOWER For Miss Nance Who Will Wed On Thanksgiving Day, Mr .yt.l Mr-- ,? S *.)•<• • >' f.l ni<..-!!'. Oiin v ...f l!i< ir f>:-- evening ut tli'-ir b--n<" ir. th : honor nf <iv^!t t)rtift:M"! -Mi- who Will be ;» l-riil'- t'f !>.< m<' nffalr «•:>-' in thf n.inir'-- "f a •iiitpr:*-*-. Khf Wit* «ihi>w«-r<-tl with ni.urv pi-city f;ifis"nfnT after tfi«"-y li.uF o*'<-n in>'i><-<\»•«!, rnu^ic nrid nani"^ w<r<- «-njiiyi-il for the re.rri.tlriiler "f Hie cvcnhiK. ami ;if /i Ititf hour d.-iinty r-ft-"linii-tif-; wvr«- Th 1916. Nflnc* 1 will I'fjvsitic U)'- wiff of Ed. W«HSn«f<'r<!, »f Ktle ;•! ,-* ijiiii-1 Th&nkskiving day we<Minu. Sli" lias a lar*;e circle of friends in thi« Hty. Who will wi«ii her liappintH* ,Vfr WjiHiiisfonl l« the r«n of Mr. ami Mrs. I,. R WnlllMKford. of KrlP.-iitdl H known t» thlw vlflnity. MET LAST_EVENING 8p»ni«h-American War Auxiliary Had Fin* Meeting. Thf -Atixlllnry of tlir j)U'H«nnt ft. A. It, last «'vf>niiiK In Thi>'ri« \v!i«; a vt>ry arnl on<» ramHi1»tr was tnk- i?n Into tli«> firdor. Folio wlriK the huni- npn« meptiiiR « snclnl titnc'Wiis «nj«y- *>rt ami flnp rpfnffthrnrnts werr The Hpitnlxh war vr't*-rnn« pnt ns (jufxtH of tin- I'viMilnu "« of thi> rnjoynlilf fcnttircs of the Ing- w«« the talk hy Kro«l Hrown, who r«»p«>ntly r«>lurn<l from Nortnal, III., whir*" he Wftit throiiKh thi- orjilinn's JiotrtH, mnlntntttt-tt l>y tin- VHITIUIH. His lulk Wim list.i'iH-il to \vlili interest. A Uni' muxlml prouram, c-oini-'stinc of ln- KtrnriiPntal nitislt- hy thf Milne children, Ml*>» Hcimln«cr ami Mi*i«i Ili'tlit'l Htull was nlw> enjoyed, At lht» nPxt.rnt'i-tliiK of the Auxlllnry tho annuul cl^rtion of ofTii't'i-N will I, HL MURPHY OGDDS STORl r X^ • / ' £' • -Tw-' '<? (Jiristm&sdjMitJsL THE GREAT THANKSGIVING SALE ON COATS AND SUITS CONTINUES And the reductions on one of Sterlings best Siiitland Coat stocks is ...... most striking especially at this time ...... CHOICE OF AlfFINEST SUITS ArtOrfBUCm f !f r home tin- r on \\>M Sixth 8tr«-p(. Af»»R !l;u~ liu>>lnr>HH had hern th« fVfnlnff wtis niK-nt in A CROCHET PARTY Ws* Givsn Ytiterdny At ThrHomrOf Mr». J, W. Fletcher. Mm. J. \V. Kle.ti'hfr nnd Mill's Ltiry --Ftetr-fM-r—(Wijtht fully— -tuitwlaltt^tl—>**•»- terduy a< a orocht't iwty • nt thHr homo on %\>«t Thlni. Mrwt. Tin" ho»m- WHS beautifully (li>rcnit«'<l in pink cHr.VmVfilhit'ffttlfiiS"" and llii' iiriwrrioon Bfipnt In crocrht'tlnK. letter ilnlnty rf- frwihnirnts wctf HITVCC! en <|iiartetti> tithlpM, which wen* decorated In pink and green. Pink rhryjmntlw'nnim* w**ro given as 'party favors. Thirty enjoypd the aff'iir. PAID ELECTION WAGER Winners Of jBlection Bet Were Banquettcd By Losera Last Evening. A number of jornJ Kepiibllcrum sw-v- *raJ weeks* into, to sure of the out- of the presidential election, nn oyutrr HiipiK-r with several -ttlier friends and last evpnintf they were forced to abide- hy. their (wrt of thii agreement nnd entertain tho "buiH'li." lU.'d Men hull vv/t« the-wren MEN'S BIBLE CLASS Of th« Trinity Church Had An Ert- joyable Meeting. Tl» Snmarltnny c'lnos of the Trinity rhtiifh lu-lil. thf'ir ifnulnr monthly huttint'fl* tnct'titiK ntiil Hodal lant cvt-n- ln« at the lioini' of H. \V. U'lnti-rs, toii' Hlxth uvfiiup, Thrr<« WHH a emiil attcndnnr*' and iifti-r tin- rPKiihir husi- BEAUTY_HINTS Air Baths for Hair ami lcHf»on hour wn« held the ri>- of th forniiiilly iiiiil lljrht t-njoyvd, \va« i ln- wciv BiTTORPS ENTERTAIN Womtn's Catholic Order of Forresters Wer* Out*!** Mr. nnrt Mrn. 11. V. iuttorf enter- t n in etLlM;. VVumt'ti 'H jL'atlxull t Qnli!r_iif. Ki>rr««»tfr« InMt ovftiitiK at tlH'ir Tenth «triH»t. nttonilAnef. Th«- Tli*-r«' W«B a <>vvnhiK was festlvit.ieB-a«a hcrB-a..-iriftrrj:.| wf H.Hi--in-HiHwic--«»rt-<?ttr<lf». — Kim was enjoyrd by over fifty !>«'"- 1 unit Mrx. AtlxMt O'Malloy nwlved HrKi the body from which It • ' U Is more difficult to keep the hair i ia good condition In the summer than I during tha winter. In tli» warmor j months of tho year there IB more dust! In tho air. Women upend a largo per- ! centage of their timo in the open air where there are winds and hot rays from the sun to test the quality of its «olor and/Jber, But If ,lt .is a greater task"^. keep the hair in condition during the summer, it la nlno possible to Improve tl» texture and strengthen It then. Cleanliness Is the first essential to the oL luxuriant Jwlr. iHaln-llk« Tim ln»|iuhlk-*nH had • plainn-d » j prlzew. Ijitpr rcfroHhrnontH wore HITV- springs ne GIRL'S FAREWELL DINNER For Mr§. Belle Southworth, Who Will Leave Monday For Lot Angetet. Mr, nixl Mrn> Ilottu'o Watson df- Ilffhtfully chtfrtained last ovt-nlntr ni a farewell dinner. KH'«-n in' honoi* «f lnnv<>n tho wax hard to tell when* tho surprise i . .'.... .— In, for the guestn ciimo attired TO PLAN FOR INSTITUTE, In typical "dude" Htyle, with cutaway! A special meet In* of tho Hoimohnld tontH, eye, RlAHHCM ami walking (.'fine*, j Hi'lt-we club will be held"Monday uf- A ilellrloijH oyster tfiipiter wan nerved j ti>rnoon nt tin- V. M.. «_', A. at 3:Uii aiiil"IHe remaituIeFof "tli« eyciilng \\iis j'i7oToiL : k7"~'*I*iu'• hipHlliK is r^tiri'd, to plnii j s[«"nt in (liHiclnKT nnJ liaviiiR, u B««n-j for tin- iimtuul county Inxtltiitu whioh) eriil good time. The following w«'ro! occur* next week und any one inter-' of the evening: Mr. .and Mr*. I ested in the cluli or'the romltifr iimtl- Guy JnctibH, Mr. and Mr«. Ixiwrerife j lute 1st Invited. flr«t of tlu» week ti Low AnRVloM, <*allf, make her home in The \Yat«ini home wan beautifully decorated in yellow and white, and place's wer« {irnine'ed to -seat ' fourteen «u*»«t«. , Yellow and white chrysanthemtimH were used a« favors. Following'' the dinner the evening: was spent In playintt Knnu>« and mimic. GIVEN Mr*, Clyde Snarl Was Remembered La»t Evening. . Mr**, t'lyde Siuirt wuji Kfven a plea«. ' ant surprint* luat evening at her home on Slxih avenue- by about thirty of the neighbor*! and friends, Flinch and .roodlett wore the entertainment of tho evening and later dainly refrenhmentH , werw nerved. An impromptu program waa on of the |ile«MH.nt features of the evening 1 . * . . V f I ' FIRST M. E. SOCIAL La L u - e Unique Social Given Last Evening By •Church Ladies. •A unhjuri and very enjoyable social was KivMi last evening «t the Kirst M ,1*3.-church under tho ttiiHpieeM of Dtvi- nion A of the church. It was h Kounty Btcre '"ocl.!! and the UiKJde of H'*. church prfHenUnl lht» ttp|*«rniu?e--«»f--tt typical country store. HoothH were ».r- ranged mi-each side of the basement and v h(<r« frt-xh eg|{». potntpe«, .soaps. plireakfaHt HertalH and other. thtntTH to be obtained In u country »tore were on Kale,- I^alcr deticloux hot liamhurB»'r sandwiehep and coffw wero served. Knrl. Mr, anjl Mro. rharlew (YonlMter Mr flrul Mrit Alllf Mr ami Mrs. Ilalph Quick, MTH. Chark-H OroniH. Mr. Mrs, FVed Klsaaner, Mrn. I'ryde, Mlm Lonn Clook,*Mr. Paul Knnk. Tho following did the enterUiln- Ihjj:. Mr, and Mm,. Al i Uoyer. Mr, und Mrn.'1'earl Hchntdor, ' Mr. nnd Mrn. Krnnk I*funtl»|eln and children, Mr. Mrs, .lohn PfunilKtfln, Mr. and Mr». Mutt Wolber, Mr, and ^Jr«. John SUM' and children, Mr. amK "Mr*. S'funilniclii and daiiRhter, . Inda, Mr. iiid Mr*: ^loH« Averly, Mr. and Mm. Will Myers and won, Mr. and Mm. Frank Holdel, Harry HeaHton. Warren Wolber, lieorge Ann|'ach and Miss Hav.<>l Hell, Mr. and MTH. ^Arthur ' Mrs. Carl Hey. and John I THE B. D. CLUB. The n. l\ Club 8jx;nt an Enjoyable uftertitHin yentenlay at the homo of Mri». John lluokwalter on Koiirlli"av'c- nue. MiiklnK ChrlRtnma gifts was the prlncljwl dlvt>r»lon of the afternoon, itnd l«t«»r the hoHteHH served-dainty refreshments. Andy j POTTS-GOETZ WEDDING Was a Pretty Morning Ceremony Yesterday In Rock Island. ENTERTAIN TONIGHT. MiK!« KHa Rfiu will. ent'ertnln ' Jiultiptlt Club this evening ut her the Hecond avenue. r thHvos on fresh air. It Is a to i tho hair to dry naturally In the puro air to be found only outdoors, or in front of an open window. The air has cleaning dualities that are ail ila SH5- ^-T^efeteflforate and promote the health, which makes it beautiful. Women motor more in the summer than any other season, Limousines are deserted for topless road cara. and other games keep women out of doors. hair is under »^ greater test th»n in tbd drawing riioiri; The necessity for shampooing becomes more frequent if the scalp Is to bo kept free from harmful Accumulations that retard growth and reduce *trength. The hair derives its nourishment from the scalp and each washing removes a certain amount of nutriment. With the oily substances removed, It ia difficult to arrange a, graceful coiffure. When the natural oils are limited In quantity. It often becomes necessary to ••••••••••••••eeeeeeeeeeee God's Jewels. I lore the little Ptara the best That gleam with modest light. The tiny orbs that hardly Bhow Upon the brbast of night. I choose tho blossoms woo that spring In hidden nooks and -atolet;,- I crave their glad humility. The sweetness of their smiles. The shy bird of the forest To me Is doubly dear; Jtfore than tho eagle's boldness Its sad reproof I tear. KbTl¥"eifent and voetness Did God bis Jewels mold, I love the meek and shrinking — More than the-proud and-bold~ —W. H. Chamberlain, in Springfield Republican. Wednesday FOP Two Days WE SAVE YOU MONEY Thursday I *•*••••••••*•••*•**•••••• Don't forgot to disinfect the incu,- bator after each batch with'some good coal-tar disinfectant. Then let trat? J-T/iVi OUR READERS • , appljr «>»•»»*»« of this sort when the * "i Uo »•"'ood. • . I > i_ ^._ j t _ _* ... • . ' ' I- IMiMlPM BAI^IA***. out for « day or two with the heat on before putting more egga in. Half-matured chicks cannot stand the hot summer sun, and ducks much, less. Trees or bushes are fine. But 1C nature baa Hot favored you, make a refuge of boards, lath or brush. Shade is the main thing, not style. Don't try to feed the little ducklings dry food like you do chickens, but give them moistened mashes containing a little grit, a little charcoal and NAVY BEANS 5 pounds for 63c 5 Fbs. to a customer ENTERTAINED CLASS. Mrs. Richardson delightfully entertained hor Sunday Brliaol OIUHH of the The following account of tit {'ottH- Ooetz wedding; brief mention of which \va« made'in Mundiiy'i* Oazette, IH Inkt*n fryhi the flock.Iklund Dully N.evvs: The miuriage of Minn' Mary K. fio«-tz limr Albert •n.-Pollk, son of Mr. ari'I Mr» Henry 1'ottK, of HterliiiK, wan'n iiretty ceremony of Tuesday morniHK at elRflt o'clock jit Ht. Jcmt-jdi'H ciuirt:|« Di-un J. J. Qultut otllclutjfd. MIUH Oen- 1'ottN, ulster of the Hrootn, of at tended an brldexmulil, und Joseph jOoetz. of Chicago,- brother of Hears From Comrade. ' Kill tor Dully CJnzette: The "National Tribune" of Washington, D. ('., contaltiH tlil« item: • "Conuude J. M. Itamlull and wife, of Krie. KaiiN.. -rrlubrated their gulden .wedding annivermiry ilctober 4, 1 !*!(!, and he was' wounded at the battle of «>dnr ("reek, Va,, October 1W, 18(!4." W« celebrated ours October l'i. 1910, _ | and I. tito. was wounded twice at Cedar i 'reek. When 1 naw this item, I wrote n't once to Comrade Handall to get Ills ac- f(Uiiiinl!ViH'B which vyo «ii»«ed on t host-1 oilier cloite relations. His answer fol head Is shampooed at frequent later* f ^o^'wWon* J *y »«er June, but val8, A they begin laying very early in tho Just beforo tho hours of the inony .Minn Krnnm 1'Yltnh, of pluycM u program of miptial aiul as the bridal party .wan Presbyterian church laat evening ttt their place.* for th« «»remonyl 'the brl dal chortiH front Ixii^engrin WUH r dored. . The bride wort* a lovely dresH whj^u Hllk net over meBsaline. a-.lari and carried of white rost'h. MIHH The hair should be glren ample protection In the summer. Veils of light texture are available and not only keep the hair neat, but also give it protection from dust, winds and the sun's rays. They are certainly comfortable motor accessories, A veil adds to the comfort of any woman who is traveling, and It is a good thing to have around at all times. "Krle, Kans., Nov. -1'fi. lOlfl. Dear Sarsft. Comrade: Vuur letter received. .(Had t<j hea from a comrade, Ye»,- ; l wn»_ .woundec in the leg at <Vdar < ( -reek about oli o'clock in (he mornlntr- Taken to \Vln- .aiid Afnke u small payment and ,you may liavo tho privilege* of paying tho * by fho wt»oiv. ; will never I jo choajH'r- -jJi'Dbably will bo nuu'h higher. Wo haw* a litrgti «(a<*k from which to .select. Bettor • -, ' >. . uay. , W, T. JENNINGS JEWELER r OPTICIAN i he bridoomald, HUH In n gown of white «llk net over pluk und 'wore a pink and bUu'U pietu'r« hut. Her flowers "w«rr»« pink rows. , Following tho ceremony, a wwidlnj? bfcukfunt was served at tht» homtt of Mr. and Mru. Martin Qullty, "»7 Ninth avenue, where white caTnutl«<riti and limilaK were used in abuudiiup* 4 . Mri«. guilty lu a slMti-r nt ilu< bride Theri! w«ro'twenty-live relatty«« and frteiuls thsit were gUjjHts at .brwlkfaHt. Kater^lu* c<juj>le left on a wcddinfe trip, their.destination being 1 unknown.' Tb.«'' hride wore u tnnyoling cotttumt* of blue with a hat, to match. The bridal foupjc will b<vat home after Dee. itit at :'ioyj,. \Vc«t Kixth St. Davenpori. ' • -—Thw-l»r4dfr-f»coived her diucaiiton in S<. AIury'« school ami has U large ho»t of friends, ^li. fottK i.s 'employed "t the Mnthi'.ws Lumber Co., where hv i» H trujiti'd employe. ' Thi> (>Ut*nf>('uwi). srucstM were Mr. Henry Potts and daughter*. and Oinu'Vifve, of in a cliurch, limlead of u jail, und nex day on to llnltfmote, nnd then on tf t'hiludtflphla hoMpitiil where I stayed « mouil), then tr.V'Hferred to'a huxplta at I'a'rkorHburg, -\'a,, near my West VirglniA home where I.enli»ted, I JM« longed to the (Sighth Army Corps nmi we were attacked llrn.t l»ef<irw you, f>\ -th« Nineteenth 'Corpa, got into the -light.."- ...-..__-.—.•--.-- .. . Tlie. co'inbldonts of (he comruile's letter inierfsted me. The-thiriy^lhuUMuid and mor« we met that day on the. bat- tleneld was no t'na'ny tbttt I mlM.svd the acquaintance of Comrade -Handall. We may have roijw the name wagon train to Winchester after thu battle, may huve met iu (he hospital In Hultlmorc und ngatifat the ".KaUerUV' in PhlU ade|)))iliu and not know that hl« name WHH iiandall. . Geo. 1>. John. Unwritten Poetry. f . . Many iwople wuppoKe ihat'puotry is '"«« to liu found only lu bonku, fouUiiued iu llue» of teti oyliahlw with like endings; but wherever thore is u sense of beuuty, or IHIWIT, or luipmouy. us in thi' uiottoti of u wave of the sen, In tho growth; of a {lower that "spreads Its sweet leaves to the ulr, und Uadl- cutos its hwiuty to the «*uu"—tht'ro ia T in Its birtb.—lluzlitt. --- Jos*-|<h ofj/chiciie-o. The ~Hym«n«al Knot, : TIi»»"trout»l« wilh the li.viwneui knot tootijlitly. Many It Jls often u husband reminds oiu 1 of a it! neck a 151k collar,—Huwrt Set. Vogue for Ribbon., The picturesque style of dress of today necessitates tho use of ribbons for decorative purposes, and so bcautifularo they that it would seem us though woman could never huve' enough of them. SoraetinifB entire aklrta are composed of them, as wall as hats. They are used for Bashes, draperies, muffs and stolen. A~gaiu, they aro convWt- >ed »«to pretty Httlo boleros'; and the new juggestiona in ncc^c- wear are faahloneil of them. Diminutive bowa are seen on the ffoni of MQefclugs. and their there are the rosebud garters, an' well as latticework ones, in which anmll ribbon flowera aro Str«wn with artistic negligence. year, frequently aa oarly as January. If well cared .for some will lay eggs nearly avery day, . Incubate only good-aired eggs, weighing not lens than two ounces each "and of a color characteristic of the breed. Abnormally largo or small eggs should not be hatched. When the eggs for batching are pur- Meat 25c (J His. C'ruekod Iloininy .for •.-"'! .25c 4 tbs. Head Kiee for. ,25c Codfish, 1 ib. boxfor..22c. 3 Ibs. fresh Baked Ginger for ..... ,77..23c 10 Ib. .suck "-Com Algal for .35c e 10 lb. saek "Graham Flour for -.. ..'.48o 3 lOt- pkgs. Pancake Plour for .25c. I^arge 25c bottle Maple and Cane Syrup ,.. .23c 3 10c bars Ivory Boap,25c -3 10c pkgH,, Macaroni or Spaghetti for ..,.-. ,25c New Sinokfed White Pish, per pound .20c Large Mackerel, 2 for.25c Large 1 Ib. can H'ershcyV Cocoa for .......... ,35c 2 TOe packages 8oda.:,15c ....15o Large full <jt. jars Pickles, assorted, per jar ... .200 Large Ufip jar Apple Butter, per jar 23c White Oak brand Chili Saiicf, per bottle... .22c Apples York Imperials, Missouri Pippins. Ben .Dim's, por peck .,.300 Jelke'8 (loodhick- Biitter- ine } per. lb. ,.:.;.;. .26c 3 His., fresh Soda'Crackers ( 'for .'... ,.25o 'J ths. Pnines for .... !25c 2 rt)«. Cooking Figs . .26*0 2 Ibs. fancy Peaches. .25o 2 Ibs. fancy Apricots..44c 2 lOc bars Trilby Soap for ......... 16o Bacon, fancy cured, per pound ., 230 2 lOc pkjiu Corn Starch for ........ 16c chased It ia advisable to dip them into Route of th» Bca. to a n ell-known ni)larlBt, a- 92 per cent solution of alcohol or I '.' u bv «' f ' M ^ « »ultnbl« patch of flow- to,a 2 per cent or 3 par cent solution j V 1 ' 1 ! bji ^''. u ?*i'l |1 «> » tfKi'iK courw? of of aosnb standard disinfectant because f osphiritflou it will se^-k It HKii[n by ilu; sometimes diaeattc gefnis .adjjere ioT^^'I'^L^^^lu^-JOute^iiiud nob in w tho outtildo 3f the shell, • -.rsirMlght line from (hit ue«i. Tlmw lie ^ Peed grit to altT digestion by grind- j fmuul «'-»»t'w««l» >"<«* couilug to visit log the food; shell and bone to sup.] 11 htjllyhook la M* giinh-n always came ply HniM for bono development; cbar-}" v '' r '"«' "«" ««'"»« -S yards to one Genial Man Always Liked. • The genial' runn hux u kind word for nil whom he meets. He ever n* hour .with sympathy i talc of tuioUHir'B grk'f, ty give '' nmi aid as hf! can, . down not feel bin place Ip society liiMwcuro tliat lie IH In danger of It hy «|«'«klng to one outride of "I cool to keep digestion in order, j Wllw <lf tlu ' lower Instend of tiirectly j A very Btttiufactory turkey bouse is|-'JW»u*Jut They were following the' a long, opcm-front uhod, ^wlth a sin- <h ' vio1 "* rotll « > »»>''«lildi they bad ttr«t f Dame Fashion Says You may a dreae distinctly rtre~dfvtdcd~iiKo^ compartments, each connected with a separata runway, so U faces toward the provallius winds. . xHons are like humans—they cannot do their beat work unless they live la proper surroundings, Eleotrocutioa Ttep For- Inseofs Brings Comfort For Summer Evenings. An electrocution trap for Insects is one of the latest Inventions to bring comfort to mankind. NOW it will be possible to' sit reading: in peaco on your porch, at night while the electro-1 <<» -cutIon twp kilts otr the iuabcta that' >'"«< Breeding Powers of Oy«t«r«. The breeding powers at oysters are Hiinply nmuzlng. and It hus been com* nuted thnt 1.000 full-grown ptirciita Iiroduce J40,(HMM|00 embryow lu tho course'of a year. Hut of thexo It la taitlntated -.tfrat only 421 Indlvlduwls rettcb mnturlty. for tho inortailly IH' enormouH, iiillllons being vushe<l «t»d tUwourwl by hungry Ashes. "Ttury. itgfd fivt, hud built n bed | .ht«r block*, hut litul one block |c Him knew Nlu- intjKj ax** I Ills block, for her tuaehor hud «uid to uwe tin' block*. Hhu Htudlod a while, uxchUiitfd: "Oh. that, will be the bug," True to Training. IJUle Kr«l/ on hi'lug taught whwn didn't want UMyt||i»g Jor.tlldn't witilt *!»« «omi»tliliig;,jli..*<iy. ""No. .tbuuk ." was. vl»it«l ont^y liy lil» uticU-, original, by painting some simple mo tlf in olla on the hem or in allovnr d^aign,. - „; * A dark blue straw hat, with tha crown'garnished, with .light-gray ,rlb« Urg8. The two conductora are connect- i»>ply: ".No, thank you." . would naturally seek you as their prey. : «'*»' •»'«* » gr^ut lover \>lf chlltirvu. lie Upoju au itisulated, frame two naked : V VU^ tetialug HttU 1 Frcui tuid liU tnetttl conductors are ceiled in a spiral > U'uvo' nuki-rt him Jo kl**' him. Little with sufficient space between the 3*-lnd- ' Vwl turned "bis hcnd und K«ve thi» boa is a favorite color schema of the ed with a source .of electricity in eucfc A manner that Uie current cauuot cir- culot* until U in actually used in kill* ing *P in*ect».. moment. Brown is distinctly In favor for quaint taffeta dreauea—wood brown, t»te d» aegre, tinuamoa aati Vandyke are ail favored tones. Short-frilled basques are becomingly -worn on many of the smart taffeta coats seen,' over full taffeta eklrti. Straw and, flowered linen make a pretty combination for a child 1 * hat. , ..., ..... . Mole fur is a favorite for. summer ' As quickly as, an iusect touches tb,« wear, partly, on account -of its neutral bait op the. light and 'comes in contact VSC' .... The Late*t Reason. Teacher—"Xow .i-IUIUren, w.l«U wa» I the name of the Uwilae of lh» Uoiunii This is one of the advantages of tho empire*", Bright Hoy— "I know. It invention, for in-tbis -way uo current; was due to too tuucli uilliturlsm on the can bs wasted. Insects may be at- part of outsidprs." — l»uck., tracted to the electrocution ekuer bv : ''• _ • .'.'. water or by any other attractive substance. At night time electric lights Violet Dulce Van ishing Cream the S&S MARKET CO.S&S * Wat En{«ri*tned Uut Night At Tint \N«v«r .Pfys to Walt Too Long feberhardt. Thf T J K Cl'ub •Wiis'|>leaHantly tt -uaim'd ; l;»hf 'evening at i ho li of Hii- ^.MifcM-s, HfU-ii ; and Ht-itli K liat.ii in' t \\"(4i" Ki*:ht tuivi't j^l-'-unry VS'"( k H, .(> till' <IiV«'/.«.i'lll uf ti,ic Cl i-lli|l(-; ,!•*!..' i'-ihl . !i-f|.-"--hnn-ii(H \\-C-1'(- ^Ji^n-i',!. "'.1 of us li't mighty JTIKH! oppor- siip by, wtiitluK for inspirit-, flu 4 jisyfljologlrul moment, uli ' Um<i . Veils are worn a« a friri, draped- "drop down, into the bottom ef.tfae trap, around HUe hat and falling just below The current is very sligjUf Bad paauea the eye*. ,-" ".' j through the laeect ouly for.* Playing Safe.'' . - I A u.omaii ftii.VHi J.(H-.liiv^s In pl»y j UefuU«i«>he..iuur''fh«'ttt with-! tUere Your Troubles. t;tlk about your trou])|»-i r Jf luifhiiiik* *'^«- to rulk about, get out '!'<•) at H. New York to your room tuut u»«>jm n -nir to >our (At Store only.) l^tjrk Steak, cut from ham, .poimd ,. .^ : .20p S\v^t (\»hi, can. i.-.i2 1 /4c"'' Early .June IVus, p t> r • Here is a greaselegs 'exquisitely perf»m«d beautifler that deserves a place on every dresser. Its use means a complexion that everyone will ad* mire. :__ _____ Price 50 'cents Hendricks Drug Co.

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