Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 4
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. nuiioig. WEDUJTOLI. m 22. ill i. site Which Do You Pilfer? It is important fo^,rea^>ns of health and • practical economy f^r, every housekeeper to ask herself this question: " Do t prefer a pure bakhig powder like Dr. Price's, mad<& of cream of tartar derived from ffgpes, or am I willing to USNS a baking powder made of aluiti or phosphate, both. v derived from mineral EMPEROR IS DEAD from T'-igf One front, W. WH}i'-Jri! !!=<••.:! in It The names of Che ingredients printed on the label show whether the "kind ymx are now using or any brand> new or old* tHatjnayJbe Offered, is a genuine cream powder, or merely a phosphate -ill TuikN-fi f.!Tli-s: isi-r:!!. (•.-. Mnt Ti- nri-rni«-r. l<--f! fur V'!»-nn f-i < i[tt ttf !ht- i!i'W«< ''(] ihrt! in r/.-ir >-t K:i will . t?ic of th<* thf- H'«-(l it) :m r. $lj<r trrn nnd rir urn", or alum compound. There is no alum nor phosphate in DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER MADE FROM CREAM OP TARTAR DERIVED FROM CRAPES STERLING QAILY GAZEHE AND DAILY STANDARD I BIXTY-TIUHD YK.VH Dally Except Hun«la,v. D. \V. OHANDUN A SONS. &Htant n nd Publishers Offlw, III Wp*t Third ftt Ad Sf'conil C'lium Mutter TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. By Mail, OuUid* of Sterling «nd Rook P«ll!«, Anywh«r» In th* UniUd Stuttt «r Canada On« year in ROvanojt ............ $lf»0 Slit months tn advilc« .......... J than »lx month*, jx>r month .U By Carrier In 8t«rlin0 or Rock Falli, •r fey Mall at th* Sterling or Reek Palla Pottofnce Qn« year in advanc* ...... . ..... $r..OO Wx month* in advance.. ..... . .. 2. DO V|ire« month* in advance ........ 1.2.5 f<Jn* month in advane^. ...: ....... 45 By the w»«k, payable to th» rarrlrr .10 PARK DISTRICT DEFEATED., nfn» before thi> clowv of the t>oH» tl»<- f»fo|XMH*d new pnrk illBtrlct wns ch-fcat- e$ by a large majority. This was to b* «xp«oted, All new propositions as a, rule are defeated. Often four, or five votea are taken before they are •accepted by the public. There is not • a- man orwtiman In town that would Jhol like to see line parks, yet tho voter* were afraid to undertako the establishment of u park system, not be- rJMUM they do not want a park, but t: money, than the dtatrlct. could afford Finally ttio fntriUTft appealed to. the t'hambf-r of dnnrnorfo for help. Thc-rt- w»>r«> ni» !()!« iwn. no Mr. Hrp-hm or- it 1)l« K«tiB of t.'adtllac mor- lawyers, dtK-tor*. himhprmr-n, and oihw, anil v/fni nut Into thp 'country and holp^d the farmers <\\K their (Mitnfo* 1 *, All they aakcd wn.« th«" fiiriTH')'" furnish'the noon day mpnl, TliiMv wprf a lot of Horn nrm« )}ini liiini- backn, but ovrry ni.ui of them iitc miiro dttinr-r than hf htid since, ns n kill, he l«'ft the old farm, and thp friendly f«'i'l|iiK bftwcpn the rmihtr.v and Ihf city a Rood niunt nii(Mn itrt>hm'H <>t iKl'iitHiy. tht» riuniiy us !h<- tO:nrt'h of Si. Aucilftin" It «-!»« FrsrK-H Jov»-ph wJn» t^rmihn.tfd this i-!ir<nni l>y iKsuinR a r r >\'fll d«HT"e ns;rurK( * ti. Hi* coffin, tn ncf~«rilnnrc with hi* wif-h, wi'H l)f a (>iain woorJon !jn£L-uf_«>ak Jined. ..with ..white .xatin and <-nv«;r«'<1 with royrtl bla'*k v*'lv»>t. H will flrraliy be placed in n motffttt^'sar- r-dphrttrns in tht< tmpfrial crypf. If custom is followed thft ft|t<?R «>mfi»*ror wilt nut bf> bwricd for at least a wwk nnd will probably li« In i»!atP in th*> Hofhnrif Ain?u«line church, an PoMftrp 400 yfars old. The interment will he in the impprint crypt In the church of the. Capuchin fathers who for fmir centuries hnvn bwn keepers of the Hapslmrsr dead. — jUuuir4lnff-.Ui-.thc! euHtxira-Jt—iv-pEub - rtblo that the- work of I'mhalmlnR t!i<» tiody of thp drnd ruler watt begun today, Hi« hrnrt will hp removed nnd placed .hY'ft*'"' separate r»*i"f>ptact««--nl- thotiRh' this later will b«> buripd with his body, OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. (Hy I'nUed Prf!"*.) WnshiriRton. I). «\, Nov. 22.— Ofllrlal t or ttip death of Kmpcrot*. HEARING IS RE- The State Public Utilities Commission Probes the Shortage Of Cars. BOARD OF TRAJ3E M&8 EATS CROW. PAY JNGfUGHES BET , 1;!., N.IV. V-i';ird of t -««-\ lilr, V..-f >n Vnit Iff,, N'iv. I'l' ff>il:tv » fi* n fT rn<7 >ts in It* *' h*-: w;is >rir>f: tin '*!••• sirru'i <'.ir r.t hf-ld i!ii«i ni«iinifiB .find th< ; rortl r-:ir this both K' inlil. Tll< cm in rntri t Hi*- »-:i-:!«-rn ««3?>f>ftrd nml fhftt th^y hnvi> lici n unnb!" tt» g*-t^them back. Thn commipftion hns wired the in- trrstntf commerce commission asking fur -n-wiislnnce In having the cars re- othpr thnn ft t-.r«imh=e to do what ifroulil. the commerce, commission has taken no st^ps,.' Members of the commission are in- r!ine<1 to hellpve both the rnilnmd* nnd the shippers are partly to blame for the chr shortage, now prevalent In Illinois. The commission TiTf-SPi!ted evident'*" 1 tot «how. cars have stow! on sidings for wnekii nt a time, without belnR mov»»d by <hp rnllrond. On the-other irmrt the commission belleven thp Milp- it'rs hold up cars for several days by leglecling to unlond them find thii« make them unavailable for other ship- request by the railroad for n •ahnrji advance In demurrage fiitf>.«, by Hur!'.<•«.". and •!,i- >; '. *•!•:• ;M> .1 «,f __>-r r .in. k".1 at n r<"---:!;ii.ljr,iiit in i«t wh.i harl t;;.-i! s i.-t.-.| ?,. i >> la<>' -r 11! ;<• vii ' <'\ \\ BANKERS TO EAT CROW. Overcoats r :it eruw H. K. J. C.-irr, Mii<K.,n; Th<- ti }•:. A, J'ly- ,f. It, \Vh»-<'l<-r. A. STEEL MEN GET RAISE . It. \\lth Mr. men of I'adlttay ever did before so convinced the farmers that the men,.doing bufilncffn in the city were Die friends of the farm- Ing community. GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP. On Xov. '2'» a'commission, consisting of thn Jointcommittee* on Interstate commerce from the house nnd seriate, wifl meet-in Chicago to consider gov- txvnernhlp and control of rail- nmds, telegraph lines, express coin- and and other public utilities, Tlio chairman IH Honator NVwlands, a product )f. Natchez, MINK., and hi' In one of thr most diirinK men in the 1 ballH of con- Francis J> noon In the Austrian embassy. AN EARLIER REPORT. London. Nov. 22,—Krnpf-orr Francis Jo«»>ph died Inut night (it S o'clock til Scboenbrunn ensile, according to u Keut«<r dfspntch from Vienna by wny* of Amsterdam. Great Sympathy Showh. Through nil of the forty-eight bourn before death catm* there was shown ke.eH-.ln I crest and sympathy over the critical Illness of the emperor, The dally bulletins were anxiously awaited by all, notwithstanding; the fact that their contents were reassuring '«'»terdny's bulletins said: "Last night a restricted inflammatory area appeared Iri the right lung ««• th<» cfttnrrhn) symptoms unchanged. The temperature this morning, 38; evening, 37.9 (Keaumur). lii-art's action good, breathing regular •which shippers would charged a made thm after- rtorW «, ( , increase for nllowInK earn t their failure to One coal nhipper wrote nnrt appetite HmSHer." The reports were that the emperor III the evening nnd received several visitors. " Had R«m«rk«bl« C«ri/«r, It in doubtful If in all history (hero him been an active, authenticated ri-Jgn longer than that closed by thi'j ileiith of Francis Joseyh. Ajt 19 years of age he nxoemted the throne of Austria, upon Abdication of The HlKnlllcant thlnic about 'the corn- Inn mwtlnet IK that -thn. uuestlou uf Kovcrmnent ownerMhlp of public utlli- tli'8 IH not "at rout." us haN"bcen »up- i>o8ed. Advocate**' of thts government to exp«nd-^Hh' the other necesimry •»'»tfim ar« comttantly ut work • am! «p«ni»**. The park Idea wan looked ' iu « h th(l|r P>nn». regardlcwi of what 'Upon a* a luxury. The puttmg down of th« oppo«ltlwn doe», thlnka or uayi». pa,vin« and the rebuilding of the Final! Probably nothing nubstantlttl.wtll come «v»nuo bridge are regarded wt necessh- -'' Th* objectlonn mentioned last nigh w«r« BUfllclent to overwhelmingly de feat -the project. Plrat, within a few niontha apart, came the city bond IBHII for over tl 00,000 for city iiaving. Hec n«4, the townahlp bond IHSUO ftir JCO, ' MO for paving eflm of town. Thlrt] «H(] : powlbly thla 'objection t>hou!d b pUo«d first, waa th» feeling that th Wrut avenue bridge should be rebuilt Fourth, and poaiilbly thin was the larg »ft ob^ftctlon and Nhnutd be placed Ilr«t th« voters objected to the large powe that W«« given the board to bond th K«rk district, without Kubmittlng ih bond IMUB to the voters. • A* P6prea«natlvi»8 o'f the community trying to work for the community In t*r*at, the Anaoclatlon of Commerci cAUlMd the p«irk proiKmltlo'n'td be *ub mltted In order jf that the people migh fXprWM themaelven on the same. 1 , IB ,not probable i. that any of the Ui- thia time, but i>ark« will b»- foum mor« vs4w*ble us year« gn by am af}«r voting on the proposition four or five times tho people will probablj dnfida that they will later want to d< juit what tho association offered them an opportunity to do at this time. 1 B. \V. Brehm, who WUH udverttelng manager of Th« Oaxette for a number of montliH during the latter part of ttHiS th& !lr«t of y«»r, imd who went from bore to be- rome iwcretary of t'om«ri«rc«, the 'Chamber' of In » letter to th« editor tel|s of a irood stunt that wo* pullet} off by. tlta orga.nliutloil under J4r. t Kr«h.m'« dlretvtloji, Around Cadillac 'an well aa other places the farmers hud the feeling that the busi- of th« city did not take any In their affair*, and only wmu- ed their money. Many ..i»o(at(H>» are ruiaed around ("adytac and aa the ir*eniuff WuuthiT canto on the fnrriH>r« were unable to get help to dig their rrop. ^heyMe4-ln other eouwtk'8 but to no piirpfl«8.r tala phone us your wants. Now is the time to order your fhanl&glviijg fruit | We *s»a bake your wants cheaper thftii you "can bake them. Our cakes are of mileriftls. Order early. Sterling- Steam Baking uompany, ,.; ST .Otliv«rin« of ^he ChUpgp rooctlng at present; but a eertRin amount of publicity IH bound to renult. _And thim tho germ of tho theory "keeps ngrovvinK-" Tor the government to buy air the public iitillticM. <>ven with bond i»would lie quite a job, though it public Hentimcnt Bevenil of our president* have Htated that government ownerHhlp of the, roailu IH tho only alternative If the government in tt; curtail their incomen in has been '"done In recent years. The headH of many of the rouda that are might ho done If wero -behind It, prominent railroad hin uncle, Fi'r.lliiHiid 1 > on D«?, », ig4j(, eath ending nn active reign of sixty-eight years, nl twenty of which king of Hungary. : but thc ; tirnt is (lino npostollo Tradition says that i'huronh rul<Ml «tnnd loaded on the sldetrackf, will do much to 'relieve lht» ^ittiation, the carriers contend. The commission nlso had learned a numbers of nhlpprrn are rnnklnur fal«e complalntB secure care. the commlH»lon he hnd received but one "empty" from the railroad In nine days. The commission made an Investigation and learned the shippers had received- m»v«»n -car* In nine days. Th«» conuniHulon believes the .shipper merely made the fal«e complaint In order to receive more ram than the pro tata Hyntpm would allow him. The prain car hearing today 1 wa« n rehearing of the commifmlcin'M order dtntrlhutlng grain earn to Hhlpper.t" by the pro rata syRtem. Th«»' rallrondH objected to the commisxlon'* order and the commission vacated the order until a further bearing could b« had. "is known, to belh-vo the pro rata nyntem of car 'distribution IH fair und probable -wilt permanent after today 1 * Inasmuch an' most of ' ftie7~grutn -In the iitale has been phlppud the com- mlnslon planned to upend the greater part of today In hearing the coal car Nhoriage argumentH. Some stringent action IH expected to develop as a re- Mult of today'H hearing.' of tho government h.opeletudy in % $b* weein to think that would be the proper party to "hold the br.g." THE ART OF PUBU8HINQ, \V« have frequently bwn with the buhine«H ocumen of some pu^Unheri*. Taka Mr. Curtis of Phil-, adelphla for inmunee. Philadelphia is an ftxtreinely con8ervatlv0 city; JM» Mr, years and there in the more credible Instance of : Kams«m H., Heostrils of the (Irecks, \vhos« reign Is.reputed to have covered sixty-seven years, ' But in recorded history there certainly has been no reign equal In pd>" lod of time to that of the Hapsburg which closed yesterday. Louis XIV. of France \vas noinlnully king for wev- enty-two years. He actually occupied th« throne for little more than hal» u century. A closer rival n'nd tho only owe of modern times was Queen %'lc- toYla, who reigned for, sixty-four years. Saw Many fl«v»r§»». Francis Joseph's r«lgn was as eventful us It was long. From his imperial vantage point he saw the French monarchy go down, the second empire rise and crumble, the commune flure briefly, and the republic of today rise on Its «she« be saw the black pinions of the Prussian eagle stamped on the flag of the new German empire—later to tower threateningly over Austria Itself; he saw the papacy shorn of its territorial demense, while a bickering family of petty principalities welded info united Italy; he was Curtis' Public Jx>dger of that cit,y is very strongly Ittspubllcan, The nation a« a whole IH Kiipjioxed to be progres- nlvo In Its tendencies, .Irrespective of ftioiuil or natiomtl politics: so hln Saturday evening I'otU prints u lino of argilment fieiiucntly that the Public Post would term heresy, Tho women of men and their politics; so the Indies' jlome .Journal given all political parties a black eye occasionally nnd tells bur wortien they should 'atver clear of dje political ravines In .which men ha*ve faljen—lov<»> ly advlfe to lIvose-S'M do yetft.aafl Jn- aplring to those who hope for the bal- ot In this generation. The Country Ueiulcmaii goes to well-to-do farming folk, so walloping; the financial Inter- >sts for which 1 the Public' ledger .lands Is popular in its columns. Ve»; It's a <|iieer world. , FARM American farms annually produce in bo tieighbtiriiood of tea billions of %>llars, government BUiti»tU-s say- a huge. «jm^4>ju IH raOjt'r «nis> of tho Hpain, oh'ce flio greatest of colonial powera. lose the htat of JtM dependen- clea In two oceans. ' i ut a distance the United cement its iedemtlon* with-th& Ho HOPES FOR FEDERAL AID W. C. T. U. Call* For Action By' th* • Government. Indianapolis, Ind,, Nov. 22,—A dls- solution of tha—government's partnership with the liquor traffic was calM fop In an.address by Miss Anna'"i\. Gordon, of Kvajspton, 111.,.national preii- ld«»nt of the woman's Christian T""* Iterance union, tk'fore the openliifc-itufs- ,of the national convention of that organisation at,the Murat theatre. Miss Cordon-pleaded for a sober America, 'and a sober worid Jn addition U> reviewing the. progress that is be- Ing made in thrs cause of temperance. She, centered much of her speech on the plans of the W. C. T. U. and other allied temperance forces for rn§king a great effort this winter to obtain national constitutional prohibition. Gordon spoke on tjie" fact Raise Of 10 Per Cent Means Increase Of $20,000,000 In Pay Roll Of 200,000. X"U- York. X. Y. N'ov. 22. — The t"tiiir-<| Stntcff Ste«-l corporation * lus"! night nniHiuiufd nn increasf of 10 per cent iji tti«- wng»'« fif the employes of its Btfc) nnd iron companies, effective !>»"<•. ]"i next. W.iRt's and salary advances in other dfiwi -tme.hts of I he corporations also will !>«• r<|ulti)hly nd- Ju«trtl, It is ntnt«'d. The lncr»«,'iso »fr»'<'(H In nil nbotit 20ft.- Ofiii t>tnp|oyi\«, and prulmtdy add* nearly 12(1,000,000 to the corporation's annual pay roll. Cite Abnormal Condition*, "ordinarily tho <|ii«»ntlon of wages would not come ii|> for consideration or decision nt this tiino of (he year," paid chairman Klhf-rt H. Gary In making the nniu>unc«MTif>nt, "but in conse- giifftcfof the nuMormnl condltlotiH now It has been decided to liu'rease rntc of our iron nrnl steel ahout 10 per cent, to tnkf rffert l>nr. jfi. An to othr-r depart- merits, Increases will b«> ctiullahly proportioned," chairman Gary declined to make .further comment, hut another ofHctal of the 'ciirporntTon said the action of the dlrwtors was taken "with due rt" gurd for the higher prices' prevailing for necessities In all parts of the country." Pay Roll Near 1200,000,000. .._.T«itaj_.wiLnrl?s_ni.«l_KHKCi!LDald.. to the company's iiiJ.i^C employes In 1915 aggregated H7G.S00.86*.' Since that time TtTP" miTntft-T of "omptoypR hnr'"gTTatly Increased and several wage Bdvnnces have been made. ,H l» estimated the pay roll of the steel corporation at thi* time is between $190,000.000 and 1200.000,000. which Implies an Increase of approximately I20.MO.OOO under the higher rate of pay. BERLIN REPORTS RAID Tells Of Sinking Seven Mer- When that the farthest north t»rritory".of the United States had been organized for thfi W, C, T. U, three children came on the stage and made a picture of ller point. The organization of Alaska was of the principal events of the temperance union's work for .1916. At the close of'the. morning after Miss Gordon's address, Cornelia Hatcher called the roll of tlui "dry" states Jn rhyme, und at tho mention of each state the delegation rose. When she had concluded, In the Ohannel. Berlin, Ger.. Nov. 22. — A German submarine sank in the Kngllsh cbunne on Nov. Ha French, guard vessel 9 seven merchantmen, one of them according to an offlela communication. 'The cornmunlcatioi says: one of oui' wulimarinea in the Engllsl channel on the 14th wink a I-YcncI vi'SHi'l, ap|Hir«ntly a torped blood of a groat internecine wan and he «aw his own brother prove that monarchy could not takp new root on American aoil. « Trouble All Hit Lift. In hlH own country he foced- Internal MHenwioiw and external aggregation** from the moment he came to the throne. My the war of 1850 with £raiieft_aBil USardUvla-ha-wa^fofeeri- to cede Umtbardy to Italy j by force ot urrnt* und treaty he Io8t the duchy of Holsteln to PruHHla «nd Venice to Ituly; and by thd revolt of • Kuwuth, the Hungarian patriot, he barely escaped having bin dual. -empire 'out' In two. 1" J IU . ffl* n. _!i> .if re? t his mtrruwa overshadowed all. On.* after another they cams upon hirn^ In 1S63 thn Hit, of tragic ' inoi'dem* U«agHH with »nmi;e«ipt upon hi* own life. In 1K8T his brother the Archduke .Muxlmlliiui, after three yearn' experiment «» emperor of Mexico, wa* cap. turcul by the urroy of the patriot* «nd from the twenty-three "dry" Btute» and AlaHka territory joined In the proces- «ion that shturttHl around the theatre singing "The Natlon'M Oolng' Dry.^ It WRH the'""flrST opportuiiUy 'fim enthuBL- asm, and the convention ma*b/the of it, ^ FARRINGTON ACQUITTED Mintrs Vindicate PrtiidVnt of Pl«yi« Politlct, l*«>rla. Nov 22.— l^nink _ toiris exonerale'd. A^roll (TaU d«y KUVO the preslUent of the Illinois district, United" Wine AVorkera of America, a yote of 469 for vindication and 265 agalna't, a majority of -194. Mr. FarriiiKton waa accused , of vising the official stutioncry. of ,the orKarilzation for political piirpoHt-H and of accepting boat 'destroyer of the Arc or Sabn clans, and besides, nix enemy mer chantman. Tho name U-boat sank, tht Norwegian steamer Ullvang, • whicl was carrying war material for tht Frencli government. LONDON ISSUES DENIAL, London, Kng., Nov. 22 — Tho following communication was issued by th British admirality in connection will «lu» Berlin report of the sinking of n French guard vessel: ' Tho British admiralty states on au,' thorlly pfthe French ministry of ma- rino that no French war vessel WHM sunk the 14th irT tho Kngllsh channel The master and part of the crew ot tht« Norwegian steamer Finn hinder and reported that their vessel had been sunk by a German 8ubinu,rlne. .The.steamship-Director landed eight members' of the crew of the. Greek steamer Mario N*. HUUMSO'H, which cap- sixed.' Tho. other member*} of the crew wcru drowned. , GREEK VESSEL TORPEDOED. Athens. Nov.' 82.-—Tho SpetziM'** Wfta torpedoed by a submarine, At least Tjtio~~life to dearth toy i wlnwo »entenee wa» executed notwith- HtundliiK lutoreewiiott In hi» behalf by the governments o| the Uiiltwi st& und u«», ,\ arm - products thin bum representw- orn for Inwlance—Is cnnnunicd on the tu lual\t» (Hher products; but tho Include corn, hoga and ill lie. rom. Hales of cropa tic raniw Hlllt BllHHIIIl iiv«atock to—TIT—tire ood of Mix biHloiib of dollura. our liillii'iis of dollura !t'*« tlmn vvim't h'e Hr»t, <|tiot(!il ''llKurcB «*ay. th» farm* produced." From lltla il Is evident hai tigiuvK HiiiiH'tinifa cart be made to ie. ' . . -.-..•' The M3QINQ UP." lv«wi iwncil bus apr |H»ncfl lu *i»H ut tlmt price, wi" pencil, four or is n years ago nubotly would luivn hud ioth Phpn«» a, «;Mu!iKh l(> <mk t'fti' ri'lity v iur all 'iluiai\v pciti.'ll, ''On •• account uf the di," Uovvt'Vj'i, is u pbrutu! lliitl cu\<-r^ HIVlUHUitti (4 VDlUIIH'Iciitl ^"tiuiUK U('S." Thv 'l'h_ei;u folioft-ml the burning to tlerflh of a Mlwe.ia Vienna; a sister nun a similar f»»Ui in Purta, ' und u cousin himsjelf In StHbVcnberK lukt», were-»»n|y minor trttsetllew iu with that which befell .the yi«t ancient. {»ous<» uf th« jvln-u Hudolf. the _ liupt's, iin-t deulli in u, thii* day is i t «t clwirrtK in prince wp- which to ' ' " ' f LYER ATTACKS MUNICH i'uri*. >'ov, aa.~ The official' report by the ministry of war de«-rib, «• iviiLurkuble feut of uyiunun j,t - ' " ''The aviator. Cupt. dt» - , thw airiH-doii of MunUih,- wi(«r«? W 'arrived «it IHI'OU. lid. •• druppcd Kc'verul bottil-w on the Htatk'ri In r«Ju|itttiuu for tht' bombing ojf-thi.- opw> dty pf d..> thi>n landi-d at Dona ,ii Uiave, i» Italy, was charged with neglect of duty In connection jdth condltioiiB among miners in «(ffithern lllinoi«, COPLEY SPENTTHJ MOST He Leada Utt in Exp«n**a of Stato Wiushlntrton. If, C,, Nov. 22^— State 'received by the clerk of 'tiu- of campaign oxpenditurea of 111- ittoia congroBHional cxrididaten- showucl Copley of tho l.CU^ spent,,, the' )ereate«t lluit yuitth. diHtrlct UmouiU of money, to be re-elected. Copley's total campuigu ,wer* 14,154, Joe Cannon spent tbo next lar«i;«i jtmouiit, |3,iaC, and rfeeivt'd no CRAWLS 15 MILES AFTER BEING SHOT FOR DEER Cor a g'4, -r- Mistaken uiul' sftol through the leg, istautiCT, of t'ayutja, AVis,, fifteen mil w on bis bunds a'nd (i mn*« tut med ical wus (railliig u deer wlu-n be wu« shot.. the tiii cover. fvll {u. u faint uu he'rlltnbet} to u . funnboutie, lie will re- AUTO FACTORY DAMAGED. (H-triot, 'AJich,; N"<«v. -^'. Kxplim Alps. captuUi thiiM , I'oviT'vil « 4U&. mit>.'4. t>nh Und ttrt" ditl tfn< [ptisrii «if tlu- 'ills-'Fred l.iriv:. uu t-m'ph'S"' ' huriiod. MKtK'.- 'to UlV 'I'or 1'oiniiniiy, V\ .in :;vi Jui'-iy "?. TWENTY HUNTERS KILLED Many Fataliti»» Among 8porf»m«n In North Wo«d*. Escanaba, Mich., Nov. 82.- deaths since 8ept, 1, have been re ported in-the-upper-penimtiila and ex tremo..northern part of the lower pen liiHUla, twelve of them cltiw directly to hunting .accidents, and one to heart disease while hunting'. In addition have been IIvu serious injuries. . Since .the deer season opened Nov. 10 there, have been six deaths^ in-the upper peninsula and upper, counties of tho lower .peninsula. These are in addition to the, thirteen MINNESOTA VICTIM, roleiaine, Minn./- Nov. . 2£— Jerry Vessel of liovp'ry, 34, ytvar« "old. married. w«« "shot "and kU4ed while hunt- ing'neiu- Trout EXPLOSIONJ<ILLS TWO Other« 8«H*vw» Lo»t York, N. V., Nov. 32.— A U t>x- 1-losion duo uppiin'-iitly (b a, defective bollor oost'tlu* lives Of ut Iwist t\vo — thw. fuptuin ai]£ vngiiu-er—on a . tug iumt, th« 1'UunbK'i', on th«' Ili'ook- lyn ^.viitt-r ir4iiit. Tho bocllW ot two other men. a lir*;ni!Mi und u tleok hand, tu W in th« hold tif ttiv rv bi'i'Vwl tu n t« o essel w UiPh aunk at her pier. • Amsterdam, Nov. ilu> 'IVh-gruaf the iiiH-i iii-vv XHHCHJ wt Hri'ihsel I'HIH? lU'iu'dict has ji- |M'i >...-n? 'iiiit ol" "i-iji Formfitting Halmarues Belters Pinch Back Ulsters Fur Coats In fact everything thats worn by men and boys. We have just received n c w patterns -^ t li c last whrd in overcoats. You will be the wonderful values \vc_,_Qf-. for—$12.50 to $L>5.00, Boys' Coats, $5 to $10 BEEPS , TO FIGHT LIQUOR ADS W. C. T. U. Praise* Papers Which Bar Liquor Copy. Inillanai'oilM, hid., Nov. L'i.'.—The Na- .tlonul Women's t'hrlslian fYnipernnre union lii""a'rinnaT"sesslon ..Jjefii.-.itdwjil'eii .a resolution commending' ihti 850 daily newftita»)ers and sixty-eight magazines in thecountry^kiniwn to refuse li ; |iu.r advertisements. The di-lt-gates plc'dgcd themselves- ancK-eiifh member, of tin- organhcutlon to use her Intlui'iu-o in every, way p<»bsihl« in their rexpecilve communities to g«'t newspap«M'S now carrying such advertising matter to drop it at the expiration of. presi-nt contracts. ' Other resolutions introduced in the report of the resolution rommitt<'i» also were adopted. Anuing them wa.~ otu- Which Hjihl -the. orgiiniKiitioii hrlU-xi's .jn cfiuii'l political right H for men aii«i women and .that the..bajloj..In.'the.Jiandj*. of women ts a wonpon for tlu* th'Mrue- tion of the ((ipioF tntllUv , Th« union also went on rcci»ril as i:»- Voring living wages ,'liul' eijual pay for e(|tial servicu and as hellcviuj; iii iw- (ice as cippoHfd tu ctimmeix'liil gceeii- A. pledge was given to continue thV tight for 1'ontititiu'ionul both st»t«-and imtiui.itil. raminetii of the. United States •bureau of immigration. He reviewed the activities of the. employment.-bureau conducted by the federal government 'and suld the number of•-persons -placed for the 'fiscal year widluK-• Jvnu' Sit, 1910, was 75,195 u|td in Jh'e present Us- Pal year he expected »no,00(| personk'to l'd';work-throtrgh- thu'uctivitit-ji-of the bureau. , THE COEDS SPEND MORE AT MINNESOTA THAN BOYS (By Knlted .\!ii!Hi-a|'i»Jis. Minn., Nov. : 22. — ( 'undent?, nt the I'niverfsity of tu WJM nt morv muney than male »tu« dems. Thix i.-. shown today from flg. tins «omii|jcd hy. the University. These .shi.»w girls »ty |11K a year for I'lothbiK. Jlnery and the like, and only $"l ;i >i-nr for boots*. >fen i#iy $$2 a ye,-tr for eluthe^ nlld J« fur v books. i Hi IN p;i;f' more for board and* room. Hit! for misi rlljuii-yiis expenses and re- i.Teatltin, till- hoys, on the- _ "Koiii^ 1 for tho glrCk'. theatro tickets! uiul (lie'lilie. .ipend |6L' a year while lilt- Kills hj'eiMl $;"iO. .It .costs $046 & year to produce a -'graduate dentist* while si i hcmist (,-et« by for $369 and aii'.-iKiiruluiralist shaken dud 'down for ''lily mi rtvenign of WOMAN AVOI HAS AN EXTRA WIFE Chicago Sal*tm«n Admit* Wedding Cabaret ' Chicago, 111, Nov. 2; 1 ; - vliiK furnisihed 'him with 'ohp m<>ri< wife tlm> he ix«ally ' nt'v(l». UowaVtl Kyle, »u?Id to be a liiBh mtlurird, salt^nan of the Amorican ICvt'i- !it'u»l> com* any of Chicago, --'spent }u*»t- nitslu- in a^'lp K'UikuUt't! on u cbariif'uf bij{- imy. .'--.-. —<. The "other WIJ.HUIH" whu (-(intt'iu,!* H!U* is inarrivtl tu K>U» i» .Minss Mar- gurt-t Ivirturnmi', :t (.'hiiumi rubai p «>t jlrl. She liit.H ln't.Ml Hvimr 111 a,?i!;«! In Cuukukt-e fwrnishi-d by- Kyli-, Tfus HH • -rtim-nvt-mi -M»> -ill* --UvtMyn K-- ! - f st, i..mis who H.Timi in K««»kiik.-.. •esterday. with- the m«i of Hit- s^it. -;v he. found Kyle and Mi.s* l^fiuiniue j WAS KIpKiO UV A MULE. : Qiiiii.'y, 111, X'ov. 22.~Whlle he wail ilrivlm; his 'iiuto-• throMKl) «' herd of" mule? near here, one of the unimala kirked Henry MTddtMUlo^ 1 In the heat} iml fhu-turetl bin skull, He baa cffiUice of recovery. ' » ™ w m •» n^ • OPERA IS ION Medicine Which Made Surgeon's Work Unnecessary. ** ^JJII'- _____ * Astoria, N, Y. — " For two year* . waa feeling ,U1 and took »U kmd« of I wu get. . would ache not w&lt ,,«tn»Jgiit becuustfof thepiio in my back and I bad; pains in ray atom* I went |o a ma»t RO under tat operation, but I di<| not go. I read in too paper about iydia B. Pinkham'a VegeUble Com* Kyle (Mkl tlie JH.IUH- In?} hu.- miid has been "n«.-gli' lu-i ,111-1 in hil'lreii und spending, money en (ii ubaret girl ' ler U, I'iiil' of i-:h'H',> lor 4!»" alleged tO ^in.'lIJHIH*- ' 't'ln. 'litUvn -on' tlte ou" hehulif of vhich suited iu only litei-n- who ,ha«J »i'|i at tlu^si'U ci'tttcd-. Tboso iiiiDifiiiiu-iei of iii.u. New. York ed iw. >v tla* v«i ti> ing fro ' m the very first l»tfie,»nd in two wot-ka time 1 waa able wait down aod tat a h eurty breakfast with ray hna. band, which I had noj;do««rfortwoyeam j am now j n t ha be«t of-b^tih and [; f Hi3 not havo the operation,"-. |kJ* j JpHN A. K'OENIG, 60'^ FiUfthle« AveoUfc i Astoria, N. V. • ^^ i Kvcry one droacfa th* "urgeon'g knife i an ,| the operating t^WaT Som nothing elsa will do j but many nccoasary tJiey.are not. *Eftt«raft*r letter come* | to the,1'inkham l/ab<iratory, telling h«w < operations were advised and were nol •ik-rformeii: or, if performed,diduogood, but I y.liaK 1 'inkham '» Vegetable Com' j,uu nd A us u^etl und good health followed. If ><m want ad*ioe' write to

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