Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on May 11, 1897 · Page 1
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1897
Page 1
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?HT The Owl Drug Store ADVERTISE n The World Dully and Semi - Weekly. fi - rr J. F. JAECK ! - tr. nr. St.. '. .V..Wt. . "J It pays to do so. il If V lie PMn a. VANCOUVER, Rfl, TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1897. v - i $10.00 For a Good Business Suit and the fewest possible dollars more for the dressier cloths. If you are a cash buyer, come and see us. Many very nice people have done so and remain our steady customers. A. E. LEES & Co The Cash Clothiers IMPORTANT To Builders and Contractors Lime, (Vind, nrlfk, etc., furnlrtied on short - M nv and emimates given on ame - "rg or small quantities. Coal and Produce at Lowest Prices VICTORIA CHEMICAL CO. FOR SALE. FERTILIZER GlLflAN COAL YARDS MACKNEZIE BROS., Props. M ph. me S8. Coarse and Fine Liverpool Salt FIRE BRICKS FIRE CLAY PORTLAND CEMENT FOR SALE BY VANS, COLEMAN & EVAN t - - i as v - a Telephone 88. fl. "fliiauni Jones StccK ana mining emuer 612 Hastings Street. Golden Cache $ i.Sj Dom. Development Co . . I . O New Victor '5 Fire Mountain 5 Alpha Bell 5" Buffalo of Slocan 25 Montezuma 7'A Occidental 09 HAMILTON Manufacture all kinds of SALMON CANS Talis. Flats. Squats Seamless 1 lb. and 1 - 2 16. Ovals Half Round Seamless Lard Pails Coffee and Baking Powder Cans For full information apply to G. J. WONDER & CO. Representatives In British Columbia, 410 Cordova St., Vancouver. We have a few Special Bargains IN Residential Property Large H.niw. MvT.: rt, fu'J lot....$l.0W ILarge Hw, R,,hn mre. full lot . SmaU H..u. 0,rff.a street (cor.) full lot 3.001. fsrnaH H,,u. GTgla Si. ble corner) J.400 Crner Urt on Uro atrvt 1' lie mi lirti Go. ILIralted.) 319 Hastings Street 4 ikJ mm UMBRELLAS A fine assortment just arrived from London, at prices from $1.00 to $7.50 each. These Umbrellas all have the latest designs in handles and cannot be beaten for wear. The better lines have pure silk covers, Fox's paragon frames natural sticks ind silver mounts. See samples in our window. Granville Street. Established 1888. A. HAINES REAL ESTATE AND FINANCIAL BROKER lit Cordova St. P. O. Box c. MONEY TO LOAN - Prlvate Funds Particular attention given to making safe ... Mma. 15 lIlT".l,,,e,,." - CUMBERLAND Blacksmith Coal HOUSEHOLD COAL Yitrified Sewer Pipe 6 The royal grocery IIS" JI.I 1)1) kg Fancy (jj 11 l5 Yellow ij) TELEPHONE 206. J. B. SHEARING ARTIST TAILOR From Savllle Row, London. No. 8 Arcade Blk. Clubb & Stewart 160 Cordova Street. Spring Clothing Thli neason we are thlwlng the )argt and bet assortment of men's, youths' and boya" u ts we have ever onVre.1. The rood will be found marked in plain flyures at prices which ?pak for themselves. Special Lines IN stcut nr - n's suits, sia, - ! from 4! to 18 Inches. Slender m - n's su.ts, 33 to 37 Inches square cut, round corners and skirt coat, stout men's pants, 42 to 50 - tnch waist. Slender men's pants, ranging from 32 to 34 Inch wai, sr.d fr,m 32 to 37 - :nch length. Thse lir - s are made eipreasly for us by.t.e lending manufacturers of the Dominion In f.ue .nri Mark frlfh twill serges. Eogllsh Worsted and Canadian snd Scotch tweed. a"d are h sa clan goods and perfect In fit and WArkmacablp. HIS I IIS THE ARMIES REST Prince Constantine's Terri ble Mistake. Creeks Might Have Won But for Huge Blunders Correspondents' Despatches Juggled With During the Campaign. ATHENS. May ll. - The conditions insisted uirnn by Germany, tne cnici f which is that Greece shall give nei formal consent to the principal ft au tonomy for Crete, win ne accepuu the Greek Government, me the Powers has not yet been presented, but it has been drawn anil is to uie following fffeet: "Lpon a iounai ue - ..laraiiiin bv Greece that she will re call her troops and agree to such an autonomous regime lor cieic a Powers in their wisiioin snau uc, - n. best, and accept unreservedly m counsels of the l'owers, they will in tervene in 'the interests ot peace. n ,.,t...t,ui that Greece, in net reply, stated she would accept all these lldltloilS. LAKISSA, May ll. - The Turks have n,i doubt 'Whatever m me s,.o..v - e ture of Doinokos, although tne place is fairly well defended. Jainom ia - i.a and staff have gone on to Fn.irsalos. LONDON, May ll. - corrcspoim - ent of the Daily Mail at 1'jtras Mays: Evcrvtliing is ripe for a serious political crisis or for a revulutioi.. 1 ne army is disgusted and the armed peasantry universally discontented. Tiie Creek national society could not have a better opportunity. 'P ie Daily Mail's I'.erliu col respondent says it is report., 1 there that the King iil' (ireece ires summoned M. De - i.... u - iih i view to a possible 'j""1" cabinet crisis. ATHENS, May ll. - The correspondent of the Daily Chronicle sayc: The real and only cau. - e of tne Creek retreat at l'harsalos was the blunder of one who mist - Ik the retreat i.f the enemy for a forward movement designed to otitllank the Creeks, and thereupon Lid'civd a hasty r, treat, t'rown I'riiKv Coiislantine left barissa because he believed the exaggerated reports thai it was dangerous for his forces, it is a fact, however, that on the evening of the i . - treat Kdhem I'isha, despairing of breaking the Creek lines, ordered his army to retire, while the Sultan had dispatched a special c.iinmi. - sioivi r to tne Creek Covernmeni with ov rtures of peace. The stale of tne Turkish army at tnat moment was simply pitiful and terror reigned at the Yiblvz Kiosk. The Daily .Mail's v ,rres),.n '"nt at Yolo . - - iyri: " Eiom rhe lii. - l day of the w ir the cr.m - n rrince I'onstantine bl - irkiil all news which the i - .ngiisn cones - poll 1. nts sent the scene of hostilities. They were obliged to adopt tile plan posting their m - ssag. s at thens, but even then many of these were ii', it forwarded. T'ne .Minister of War issued ollicial reports daily, which were incorporated with the telegrams. This explains the inaccuracy obvious in so many cases. The .Crown i'rince, who understands English perfectly, altered the news so as to make it favorable to himself. For Instance in a telegram to a New York newspaper describing the cold reception given him at Lariissa. the l'rinve changed it to 'enthusiastic reccpliail. When te cor - respuniU'iits went to him in a body and protested vigorously he answered them evasively. The Creek disaster was due primarily to Constantino himself. He destroyed the morale of the army by ordering the evacuation of Kurtoskivali tund a retreat on Tyrna - v.w and then went in shameful (light from Larissa when th - disgraceful scene was witavswd of a Creek colonel shrieking with terror. Everybody cursed Constantine for deserting them. Though Uherv were other r.a - sjns for disasters which followed such an luck of discipline an 1 insullicn nt ollicers." LATEST FltOM NELSON. N.lson, H. C, May ll. - The Govern ment Agent is taking means ii ewe lloneyman from IJovernment property . Mayor Houston is making a strong protest to the Government against tne ritep being taken by its agent. Honey - man purposes estaDiiening a jounuij and machine shop at Nelson. Two city constables, Messrs. ine - ards and liigelow, have resigned their positions, caused, it is alleged, in c - on - ticuuence of the low rate of wages or salaries to be paid mem uy uie t.,L,.. - cil. .... Several booms of logs are reported iu have broken In the Kootenay and Lar - do rivers. All the available steamers are being utilized in picking up and otherwise controlling the logs. The weather is quite warm, tne snow in the mountains is nieiung "' disappearing rapidly. All tne dreams are rising f ist and mountain torrents are observable almost c'i"" ell as their roar heard. It is too early yet for prospectors to g) into the mountains. Ceo. O. iiucnanan ieae.s 101 couver this evening on Dusmess meters. . . , The city is full of abie - Doaieu me,. l,..king for work, and anxious to get into the mountains lor pr.icpecu:i: purposes. STILL BRANCHING OFT. The Hank of British North America has opened an agency at SI. wan City. Tnis mik s t '' - fifth banking houce which that old and ever relioible institution has now in th - interior, and which attests the confidence the hank High Life 9, . . . ' Cigarettes J i The Latest and Best 9 has in the future of marvellously j rich cnuntry. The opening of an agency in by such a struiiii monetary institution .us the Bank of British North America will be a gmM boon to the business community of SI. can, which of itself in bevu - miiiR a i very imoortant centre in the great i Slocan nulling district. The other : agencies of tile I'.ank (if lSriUsil , Nort'i Am - .Ti. - .i arc at Rossland, Trail, S.indnn an J Kaslo, in each of whicli , place a considerable business is being , transacted. WALLED IT ALIVK. S. v. nt' - u llermils Waal .1 the Mar - tyr's Crown. May 11 . According L.nd .!. - pal. i, th" ' tne Daily News fr, ill St. I'm Stlti ouig a terrible crime ot Has committed at Tire; HUlK'l' - pol ill t:ic i.ioverninent ot Kherson, where there are a number of i.'.'rmituges. Iti ceiilly 17 hermits dis ippeaiv.l and it was believed they had emigrated in fear of tae impending day of Judgment, llm a .hermit named Kowa - lind einf''sed that he walled them up alive in ivcpoiise to their tamest cntreati. s tnat they miL'ht receive the martyr's CI rile police examined the spot . - rilicd the dory. i: I D1SCOYEKY. I. didon. May 1!. A special despatcn , from Copenhagen gives a description i of an interesting discovery in the phy - , sio.ogy of tilants made bv I'rof. Jo - nanus, n. of the Agricultural High sen, ml in this city. The discovery is that plants are susceptible to the in - tiuence of ether or chloroform, but in this case the eff. ct is to awaken them instead of putting them to sleep, as would be the result with human beings. Also plantri are made to grow w .til great rapidity in or out of season, u fan of the greatest importance to , ti.i. I,' is and florists. VOll THE ISLANDS. V.u - ii:ngtoii, D. C, May ll. - I'resi - d ol Jordan, of the Leiand Stanford I'liiversity, in charge of the vi , - iigat.on. has accented a s.miiar inniission lor the eomdig season. Mr. Jordan, in company with 1'rofs. Ste - Jenegir and Lucas, ot the Lnited Stales National Museum, and the other members of the commission, Joseph Murray, of Colorado, and Mr. .Morion, of Indiana, t - pecial agents of the treasure ,iik4riiii..iit. sail for the l'ribylol'f Islands about June tst. FEAltS Fill. A SEALER. 1'ort T.iwnend, May 11 Nothing has been heard from the sealing schooner Willar.l Ainswortit from Sir attic for six weeks, and fears are entertained for her safety. When last spoken six weeks ago the Ainsworth ha I .'T.'i skill's, the b. st rat. la reported for tile seiii - von at tnat time. Cud. T. );. Crockett, if the schooner, said he would be hoine by May 1st. Nothing his beep h. aid or seen of t'he schooner since. She carries six seal hunters, all whites. THKOSOI'HISTS HI' Y LAND. San l.le.go, Cal., May ll. - The Th. - os - ophical S.eietv tract of land at i'oint Ivom'a has been increase! by the additional purchase of 40 aorew of improved land. Tne society now own one .mil" square of land. A large hotel will be erected. Tile plan involves an expenditure of Jd.Hi.iiuo. 1N HISMAUCK'S HONOR. Friedriehsruhe, May 11. Three thousand men were in line in the parade given last night in honor of i'rjnce Hismarek. Heavy rain was failing, but in spite of this I'rince Bismarck appeared upon the balcony and witnessed the march past. He addressed them briefly. KNOCKED HIM OUT. Erie. l'a.. May 11. Thunderbolt C C. Smith, whose home is in Buffalo, and Fred. Taylor, the Canadian, met in the Erie Athletic Club last night. In the fourth round Thunderbolt struck with his left on Taylors Jaw and knocked him nut. The police stepped further proceedings. LUNCHEON Ti.) HAY. London, May 11. A luncheon was given at the St. James ciuu to - uay in hoiioi .f United Stales Ambassador 'hn Hay, in order to enable him t the leading English bimetai - Col. . to 111 lists. QUEBEC ELECTIONS. The following bulletins bee elections were receiv of the Que - d at a late hour this afternoon. Three Rivers Norman J, , elect - ed by 1H majority. Bona vent ureL. - mieux, Lib., elected by a larjre majority. Pontiac Gillies, Lilb., elected by ac clamation. St. Ann's, Montreal Cu.nn, Lib., claims 147 muj - ifity. Hochelaga county Decarie, Lib., majority so far HT4. Montreal, St. James division Couin, Liu., majority so far ti4. St. Maurice county - Duplessis, Con., by acclamation. Stamstead Hackett. Con.. 77 majority, five places to hear from. Hor.viventure county lyemieux. Lib., hart 213 majority in seven polls. Chambly RWheleau. Lib., 77 majority in St. Lambert's town. Mississquoi county McCorkill. Lib., elected by a good majority. Drummon.I Watts, IJb., ' majority In the first polls. St. Hyaeinthe Dessauliles. Lib., 12 maiority. Montreal. St. Louis division Ra.n - ville. Lib., 4i() majority in 12 polls. yuebec Centre Robitaille, Lib., 400 majority. Soulanges Bourbonnais, Lib., 22? ahead so far. Montreal, St. Anne's diviclon Guv r - in. 7S majority, complete. Stanstea.l Hackett, Cm., complete. Mi majority. The llritbh Krra, re own al - - 'it ,,ii - io. - h "f t,e let It is ;il' I rni'.wy c - ns'.nl. - tl - n ,T ine .,rK. nit T.I s".nee 111" HrH! railw.iy 1r. rid was ciiii.'eted. sir.. - .' m - m 4,..i". .f r;ii:w.iy tra. k h'tv. - l.een :.ii.i. an - .f a very r;il.'l a iv tn "H n. The annua', value o; tne ruman nor ip..r - el freni rhina . said to be aliout It U taken frm til" heads of Iiaup. - rs. er:m.n.i' and ire l' - ad. Tli" tV;pl.?h ianBu.ige o'Kiiit 1 - '. V.' i"l it - ni. i spoken by ovr 40.1.0O.J..XI - 1. i, .k - ii by er.iv '.. - tlie Chine - AT TIIE CAPITAL Prorogation May Take Flace by June Tenth. Bills Aflectiiitf Railway Employes Considered A Personal Altercation - Oliver Gained His Point in Committee. ulTAWA. M iv 11. - In the House of Commons Mr. Maxwell brought up til" charges made in English papers . one Wood against the canneries on t'he Eraser river, and read the i ,,ri'esHind - eiice wiii. h ins tii;eared in the London Clolie. He spoke of the great injury which these roportu are apt to produce, and referred t i tiie g 1 quality of the Eraser Kiver salmon and the splendid re.Mi"! it has on the market. He asked Hon. Mr. Davies fur a statement. In I' - piy lie - Mi'iist - 'r of Fisheries said that every care bad been taken to t the reports, ami Meat Wood had been prosivuted, and had made an apology for what he had said. As some people might ti!l believe that there was some truth in w,wl'j stiiteinents he was g ling li ami ("'otnniissioner I'rince ti 1) il into th" whole matter. I'remier Lauri r stat. d Pi 'y to n it .tut se Mr Midlines C.r.vii'a want to he bound, by '.he treaty with Ir it Hrltai':. (.' l l II I - n 'S.'Ul.e 'C - s - .'ceial committee to consider The bill affecting railway employes met morning, when C. F. Harr.s. sup - thi rintendetit of the New lirtinswick Ilailway, was examined, lie otije.teu to the proposed side ladder on cam and the obligatory compensation clause, which he thought would be ruinous to the roads. There was a personal altercation between Chairman Casey and Mr. 1'owell. M. 1'.. over the hitter's methods of examination and a hot time resulted. It is said an agreement 'has been reached between the two parties to prorogue by June Kith. The railway committee 'had an important sitting thin morning. Mr. Oliver objected 'to the Calgary & Edmonton Ilailway Hill to extend the line to the Crow s Nest J'ass unless the conmanv built its line into Mac - 1 1. ami after considerable discussion Mr. Oliver gained Ills point. On the hid to incorporate the Winnipeg. Dul - iith ti - Hudson's Hay Railway. Sir Chirl's Tuppcr raised the point lhat it was Important that the committee diouid be assured of the financial ability of the company to build this line. THE COMING SEASON. Fieier the above heading the Canadian Mining ll. vi. w for April contains the following hading article: Th tenlion which Canadian mines a'c now receiving abroad, is akin, in a minor degree, to that shown the South African fields some eight years a ., and, but for tne political disturb - in Europe, would have resulted in much capital finding its way into th. - Dominion. This attention is not confined to one portion alone of the Dominion, although the major part of tile promotions have been of Hritish Columbia properties, but Ontario, Quell, e and Nova Scotia have shared in tiie renewed Interest. It is devoutly to be desired that this fust real awakening of interest in Canada's mines may prove permanent, and that the bad odor which has .heretofore attached to Canadian investments may be permanently disuelled. The renewed activity in the large low - grade deposits of Nova Scotia promises most excellent and satisfactory r, suits, and not the least favor - able feature tnat almost, . - lining eitti. ..r from its I'nder the .d' this activity is the fact all the capital required is r from the Province ilself uster Province of Quebec, business management promised, it is a safe thing to predict that the gold mining Industry of Nova Scotia will attain dimensions never seen bef ire. w ith results more in ke. p - ing with its unquestioned natural resources. That Quebec is in the eyes of for eigners is evidenced by the asli. slos j and mica promotions which have been successfully Moated recently in the j English market. It can only be a mat - , ter of comparatively short time now I until her gold lields receive the capital and attention that is their due. I Ontario has already been successful I in attracting several wealthy English . companies to her new gold fields, and j i - i introducing much American capi tal. The prospects of establishing a p. imaiietii mining industry never , b. t:. r for Ontario. Unfortunately for her native capital, however, the nonassessable stock company is still the I favorite mode of promotion, despite j the exper.ence and example of other j countries, and despite the sad exper - . i. tic - of many of her sons (and daughters, to.,) in the Rossland stock boom of' which the end is not yet. The present season will see much of this ' froth blown away, and the evidence regarding her gold industry and gold fields well sifted and placed upon a basis. There are good reasons f,,r believing that Ontario si?sess.s a , large area of free milling gold ores which will constitute the basis for a permanent and productive industry. . and there are not wanting men of good repute and experience who be - , heve that ultimately Ontario's yield of i gold will rival, if not exceed, that "f British Cjlumbia. I I Coming finally to our western - most I : Province, which certainly possesses a , wealth and variety of ores and min - erais gr - at"r than any other portion ; j of the IKiminlon, we tind a consider - j able number of English incnriKira - ' a trr.iwfer number of Oanad.ans , 1 and a large number of American ones. ; in f,.,.( th. - irreatest danger now threatening British Columbia is the overwhelming amount of capi - , tai. The rush to incorporate under , British Columbia laws was sj great , during the time it was exp - cte.i that ; its Legislature would enact a new joint stock company law, that over :i(i,.i.)(1,.)!i.) of paper capital w. re added in the stiace of a few weeks. That 10 per cent', of all the paper capita! represented by British Columbia c.Tjsira - tiono will ever be paid up in cas - h is open to doubt. The production of lod minlnir last Absolutely Pure. Clebratl fer lt g'f't avi:ng trer,t ltd heal - .hfilllKs. Aarur... Ihe f.'i.J Bgimt alum and all fenna el aWa ratmii c.mwtm to Ui clieaii biamlB. ROT AL BAKING P0W1 EI'. CO.. XB'.V VOKK year was very graiiiy.: in the Slocan division, steadily ahead by ha since !! - . The rapid particularly ich has gone and .strides . mug up ot end of the th,. country at tin lak. will more than maintain this ad vain e during tn. .i.,ii tna i ii.ii asoii. I ho ha; pen to tho fakirs and villi 'their 4 and tictit - : not want - licit gentry Slo. an w ill be an inllux . pi,. mot. is from Ko - s!a,'.d iUc. - :lo.:aule boom moth" ious valuations. T:i re a lug. however, signs tait tind their avocations l - s. - demand, and even in tn teular . .imp their sue ss and less 111 ne;r own purees, s an he - niaiier. i'heir an has lost Its culling smaller ana principal newspaper nres'iiue as a ii.ii,!.. "a'er. and is k. - p the t busy answering and eiiu.vocatiriK i.... ...'a ,,r coinnl lint from innocents who, eignt uioiitn. - ,ig ' pages, and inv. - sted on tl ,ts astonishing article". The press of Slocan is higher plane; it re.ugni district has st.sid on it: devour, d its) n adlin. s ot ei a distill' tly lies that the; s merits since no advertise - l y'l ' and that it needs inetit and no boom oth. cr than its en - viable record. The record In the Tra.l district for the pas't year was not so satisfactory, doubtless because it - irresponsible; press led tile public to believe that many things were facts, which were bill surmises. An Increased produc tion of half a million dollars rrom tne only two mines the district yet has isi very gratifying, but the failure to add one or more mines to th" dividend list, even after the lapse of four months ot this year, must emphasize the caution previously advised by this Journal. Some "stupendous results'' . are predicted from the stamp mill tests ot I,,. Rol ore. which predictions we venture to think are premature. If test - lots of the low - grade ores found iu the Virginia, Jumbo, Center Star and Deer Park claims had also been subject. 'd to the milling tests and had shown equal p. rcen'.ages or value re. overeu, uie.c might have been a solid foundation for believing that the roar of many stamps will shortly be heard in the valleys of the Columbia, and of Sheep Creek. D.iubtl. ss such tests w ill be made, but prediction at present are premature. It has been known sine - IVIj that certain claims (Le Hoi, Cliff, Kvenlnff Star and others! carried ores containing particles of free metallic gold, and to t'n.s cause has b". n ascribed the great irregularity in assays of "grab" samples. Probably the section which will receive as much attention as any of tho newer ones, will b - the large division of East Kootenay. on which the Spokane promoter already has his eye. The topography of this division is favorable for rapid development, and rail transportation is an assured fact. Some of the best authorities predict a future for Mast Kootenay, greater than that of West Kootenay. From this present notoriety as. a mining country, much good should result ultimately to Canada. For 15 years the Review has been the advocate of legitimate mining in the Dominion, believing that the greatest natural source of wealth the country possesses is in its minerals. It believes now that 'these resources will receive due recognition and will reward Investors, and that only the folly, cupidity and shortsightedness of the class known as promoters will avail to ire - vent Canada reaching that plan amongst countries to which its natural wealth entitles it. T: e funeral crnsto - i s among sjh" of the Swiss are most peculiar. At the death of a person the family Inserts a formal, blaekedged announcement in the iipers asking for sympathy and stating Chat "tiie mourning urn'' will be exhibited during i. - rtain hours on a. special day. In fr,tit of the house) where the person died there is placed a little black table, civered with black loth, on which stands a black Jar. Into this the friends and acquaintances of the family drop little black - jiiartrined visiting carols, sometimes with a few words of sympathy on them. The urn is put out on the table on tn" (lay of She fun - ral. None exit it men ever go t. th - churchyard, and t.icy generally follow the hearse o:i foot. AwarCeti Highest Honors World's DRr 1 , . MCST PERFECT MADE. A pwe Crape Cream o( Tartar Powder. F: from Ammonia, Alum fcr any other adultery 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. PHI v CREAM BABBNG (1

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