Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 3
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_jt|fty«8. tLUftm. wEDftt S&AY, we. RISKS T mm, utitfti Forever Any WiM Bring- Joy .:« Su'?-«;- P r. WARNS CAPIIAL -_ r ** tGompers "Collapsed After Making Most Radical Speech Of Career. fttrrr < •'• N h«i[> Itftrrts • -! !>• r-. • ?,.•-.,. U.-.ii:>, !'• !. f, • • •ni« 1 ' from wri.t:'.:-• PREDICTS AN 8-ROUR DAY Tells Brotherhe^s That federation Of Labor Is With Them For Good, I'.viTifr..-! ••. Mi) . Ni-v, -*. 1 . In thf SMI ' !;i:!;. -i i -}-<•'•• )i h<'" lift" <••. ir rn;i'l«' H fi't Ijflt , t!ie : to f'.n i , one • til! 4 -; l~f . the >il,« than ihli-ts *»rma! i* n H"f in . i-.:i- in* hc-ali h av,.! diet-stive )ui Mil'* --in In .if >ltii!>ll i 'Ilif-f • In 'f Its, tri:it. Free Trial Coupqp P, A. Stuart Co.. 237 Stu*^ Build§, M*r*hnlf, Mich., H«vnrt» me (tj ff f ij ! u(.ik<,( hint" If I'm ;' tri'iim-ns t-r Mr «;..|vif-frs hfld TiniPln'tl . tin' f "nvfhtitin ua-s -P!*I it i'U'.-l and absu- - I'.ih-H s'H»-!i' .Thru ilu- 4't ;| fU'!*'EM!i'*t vvtii' mi tin-it i'«-et sl'iiiMtinK and <-ht.'t>r- . tntr. tlu- Sn'< ialtM* lending Iht- w.iy. [ ScMK'fuiv l-Yank Morrison ran to .Mr. < imiii'ci s' pjilc mid nlran v t .him fil'lT! !bf." t'latforttt: ; Rail Chief« Cheered. i t live befnr*» tllf CfillVrntlnn, tin ' f«'mr belli*; made by the n*pfi" of the iiiii railroad brutbf-i-bonds t The enthnsiarm which the ppreche* I evoked Rave ft decided itti|M'ti'.s to tlM' pffortR tf> effect nn nftlllirUUtn between flip-federation ami the broth' Kverv eve turned to Mr. (iomfer.4 as Settle Your Overcoat Question Here Plenty of Fine Overcoats Here for You, Your Father, and Y.otlf Son EJ^QUT OUR CLOTH" this year to meet the requirements as we foresaw them* We made ready for bi(> business; enlarged a number of our departments and assembled the largest assortment of good clothes in this store's history. DAMAGE-SUITS FILED lotto,n A*Us f2,400 From Six Alleged Bootlegger*. H!V . III. l>itmn«e suits Nt City nix aliened f«, nrrewtt'il n«d n,>mfi-led (ill ftvl- furnliihed by liev. H. R Arm, of Dfiatur, a Ibipllnt minister HprltiKtleld dl«tti. i. and nn ns- (fetnnt. A. K. Trenary. IVcatni |';iNtor, on re«ommeii- of thif nilfiolH, Antl-Halooii (rue, wnn ensiu;«-«l-!-" cJifiH'.hero by fiiyor K. K. Hell, The )iilnli*ter with slHtnnt iHfKim work here >lx a BO". a the role of ~la7- ot»tain«- «*vl«l«»i»-«« unulr>«t elf-ven alleged lator* of the wiling llijunr In aihl- loott territory net, 1 hav*« lieen eritici*<>d by a num- >r of rnlnl»fen« for <>.ntta»jiiiK In thin irk," Hev. Artnwtroiis wahl. "They m*t «M»o how I can miiiKlc with boot- «-r», ftnmblor* and othi-r -law Olatorw and not Iwcomp contaml- ,tfrd. H Is a xrml. work. It enablen e to be4-ome%aiHjuainted with my mr»n jir.d-puts me Into i» -iieUer Hlon to nerve in th«> 'citpurlty of. n nl»t« l r, if ,1 were nrriiiming the Inary course of mli>i«tern. I would the ITitT lii(>ihi>! tt'«niK. . jf«« wa«t laboring uhilpr Intense nnotldii. Hist voice »intl hia body trj'tnblftl. Gompert Warm Capital. Pn;»ldfiit <}omi»'»rs fal<l: "\Vo r'X|*ct Uic> railroad l>r<i*ts- •TtifMHls will «in Jah. 1 n"Xl InaitKO; rain th«» etelit-liiiin* \vorkdav, nnd I think I can truly *'*>' '«> y>u thfit w.hat- ovor nrlMpHt'!*rfin(t'v<*r t>Ptlil<'x, yuii have the undlvldfd Kii|>|M>rt of Jh«? itr^iinis'.t'd tnt'ii niul vvuftitri HB reprcHciiti'il hy the Ami'Hcnn I-'edi-fiitlun of Ijihnr. "When the motu-j- |«i\vt»r of tiic United Mtn'tM railed in the ntirmT'l tn <-nr- nu»t lh»> «l«>tH»niit« und when Ilielr im— wir^-^tjHM-l by !h«> vtiif>« of t he i.'itiK«»n*hlp of Iho Unliwl MtaU-» tti<» iut|iit:ilistB showed th«»ir t'olorn. They met and jjitvo but 11, defloration Jli»' thoy wpro W'liiiK to anfft«<jnii«p fvory offort tuit fnfUi tty organlzwl labor.- candidato for ed to lmv«« nt'kmat hi thl« kind of lint that pntetrj- Iw , year'* the eleven nrrestH, caused by «-vl- ______ prtHiired by Mev, Armatrunif. |f<mr 'tiien were found KUilCy by « Jury. pleaded Kullty and 1 four were It Is Not Bad Rule of Life. . . better to Hv« with roferoncp this a 'better world to live to going ''to n better world <llp. If u'i* nro <)oing nil we to tnnko thin n Rood world to bo w* nwnl have no fi-urn <ll whnt Is r boconie of UH whift our time CODICH i leave it, — bp careful how far yon RO. • limit t'ven tit human t-ndtirance. Vnii throw down tht< K«>untlc>t arid w«» HC- ccj(t tho i-hnllenK' 1 . \Vhcn th< % lime come* it will bt- another' CAKP of 'Ijty on. Mtu'Ouff, and tlammi'd I>P he who t)r»ti crlvM (Kilil, oiiouKh," " Le,e Pr«i»e* Wilton. ul8o. made his Kpct-ch (he ni'i-a- for Indoritinic Pr<»Kident "\Vilnon highly ffir'hix JKIHI fffortM in -behalf >tf labor and trt pjcdlet thnt the I're.Kl- dent an'd 't 'onicr^fiK would carry out i>revtniisly made the workern. to Wilxon an thf "friend of n>«l»«<»»" by Lee brought' «everal Jo Ihelr fpot-nrnr'catiKPd th«» romnindfr of. lU«'*«"nt*i<«t' to l»e lost In ! Resinol has 1 th^t awful >tionaway^ 1 Rcsinol OJnl- itching skin the itch- i«tualtlfsto|w and h "It took more courage for f him to write ucrosH the.. front, juttes, of the newspapers* of thl<« i'«Mntry that he was fur nit rlKht"hour work day than It would.. havivbppn for him to have written that this country WIIM ut war with '.M«* Ifii." Ix'o Ha Id, "fcur principle, object now In to help tho- President and the men In both braiu'lii't) of 1'ongresn to rnuUo good their promises to u». I beJInH'e. they will do It." . - . , M«an To Defy Injunction. ' Andrew KuruHeth of the International Heamen'H Union of Amevfua, chairman of the ci.innilitee on report of the tjxee'ntlvo council, which yesterday that organized labor gard Injunetion Itawed on the dictlm that labor IB propftrtj 1 , late today told the convention that, the reeommendn* tion.WHH not "a joke," am some Heenied Inelined to regard It. "Kvery word written In that_recom«' menduttion waa meant," hfc declared, "and If any metnbor of the federation IK not willing to take the conHe(]nence8 of disri'K'U'iltiiti Much injunetloiiK, tlji* sooner hu getH out the better." adopted resolution, to iirlvnie Innur- -anee; or Insuranve for |iru(it, at* U inuy apply to IndUBtrlul, noclrU or health in- BE INTERESTED in our complete assortment of overcoats; you'll be interested in knowing that our overcoats all hear the label of Hart Schaffner & Marx and Clothcraft which assures you* .of their style aricTquality. U NDER OUR "NO SALE POLICY" these overcoats are unusually attractive. This "no sale plan'* does away with the "mark up 1 * at the beginning of the season to offset the'clean up' at the end of the season; gives you one low price the year around. Come in and see how this plan works to your advantage. Pay t^^t^^ $23.50 for $25 Coats and $26.50 for $30 Goats. i, * . . • -. . • * . . ' Coats bought right and are being sold right. Bradley - Boynton G/o. Co. ~ .-•'-, it «o «KCC»sfu(1y fur over 20 years In even the tevereit case* of ccze- W»« |ingV?onB, rni»)ic». i»nd many «hcr tonncntin::, UisfiKurinsr skin di»tasc«. AJUeU by warm liaths with R*dinol ^<M«I>, Koainot Ointment mak««* skk *k!u itr scalp fieaWiy, «lukkly, easily and at little cost ' help to ctar *way }iimt'tct «nd din. MAIL GIFTS EARLY Campaign B«ing Wagad For , Early Xmaa Buying And Mailing, ofc, -H- 1^,- KQ\'^^J Hhopping and mailing commend'' 1 *! by tho National Association of'AnH|Htant J'OHtmn»terH meeting ht.r« Tiiemluy. I'ubllclty canu'itlgn* will ho InKlitujed In ouch city by local postal ttiyho?!il«*K to lmpr«-i»« on the jjublii: the needs of reducing the uminl ilood of. mail during the liuu wock IK*^ T« Soften Paint Bru*hea. hcuted to Ut» hollfug l>oliU will soften hardened tM*lht Jirnwlj«'j*. FACES SECOND TRIAL Slayer of "Lustful Brute" Husband Expect* to Be Cleared. <Uy 1'nlted FreRH) Newark. N. J., ~5(«.»v.-22.'—"It \yaK n case of I he abuwe Wt the .hlrlh'rliiht of j a woman "to defend her life at any j COB!, 1 now feel that nothing ran i stand In the way of my beinft cleared." (JoiriK'to trial Monday for tho HOP- ond time for the inurdor of her "luNt- ful brute," liUNliand, Christopher; Mr«, jMar^'M^t Clare Heutlntier, mother of Hv«» pretty IwUleH today made the above Btatement, the ftcnt uentenco referring to the failure of the first jury to'a'chult her. • . ? AH at the tlrst trial; ali« will testify that »lie shot In Hcif defense when her husband pcndxted in drying to force physical attention)* upon her after Hhe declared' Hhivrould not ho bin wife. The littitgwoinaii will repeal the .irhole Mori^ti Btory, recltttiK how hej beat her freijuently durinj? their mar- Med llf*v ;Shu will tell of tho \i)»ny dlHtrcualriK experiencei*. «he Buffered at hi» hands as they jourheyed from her home in .laih'atca, W. I-.,.to Kan Kniii- t-inco, lite I'hinppiiten, ihen«'e to Siberia and afteiM'ard to Alrw. ^UeuUnger. nceoj-dlng to her tedtlinony at the llrnt trial, wan in bed In her home when bur husband approached her^ for t)}^, fhlr~J~lfiiie7 the day of the »>h'ootlnK.' She told him to uluy uwny or she would shoot. He advanced and Hhe, McreamhiK > hysterically, Hred until Jier revolver wa» enapty. Thnufth only 2S years old^ «U<s bore her hiiMbatnl 'seven children, two of whom died.* you nut worry- tin* fminw. Ho is t\ seller of prii't't) 'J'ooii nrotUivlS"-ftot a buytu*. It' you want to tinw-imulwrr uiiti ninla* uuuiay * ti^rc'^ iu> tuuo lik«' .th« pjvKt'iit in wliii-h lu start. Lot 1110. know whHlti'r wtitttt! prc'ToF lo ItH'ritt* in~?Ct'fmi>ku, ('oluniiTo, or Montana ami whbtlu»r you want to take' H|» u Uoiuostf»atl, !»uy a viioap i'ann or tlo^iro irri^ajlctl hind. -It is my luisinoss Jir*t, lo at-<|uaint you'with tlu* splendid ojiportnn'itit's that exist tit various points the Burlington Hail road, and Mu-tiiul, to assist ij that Itwatiuii which is ht'.sl sniit'cj to ' 1 u?tv'jj-juitliin.u'. to la'- yajui'd Li-Aviiit nt>w today, . S. B. HOWARD, Immigrant Agent "** 0., B. & Q. B. E. Room 20, Q Builciing, Omaha, Neb. << «rt' PAID WAR BETjJF $120,000 Wa0«r Made Conflict Would End Before October. Amsterdam. Nov. ^2,. Whether the war would end before October, ll'lti, llm HUhjert of u $UO,ooy bet JUHI 1iU»iduted ut Amslerdain, -^'lie mem- bera of the reMut'ftlve firoujus i-on- eerned were t>rlnei|ntl|y wtoi-k exrhanm tiiui coininerx iul yien. aiu.l th« bet war eiitbivd into lain year. 4kith imrties hud liiMiin-d Jheir" vhanres of iusliiK on IMiliclfH for which.ID per rent |H'i'inluin was J»uld. and the I Uk of «ueh |iotieiea ,-, ,IH anii'ju dixti'lbuted anlont; v^il- IIIIH i oiniiunieH. , The wiunerw of the. i he losei.-i had i" pay |)l',OU« The .-full- SAGE AND SULPHUR DARKENS GRAY HAIR Dont't stay gray! Sage Tea and ; Sulphur darkens hair so naturally that nobody canjell. You can turn (sray, faded hair beautifully dark and lu.Mtrous almost over nik'lit if you'll Ret a fiO-oent bottle of "Wyetb'M Sage and .Sulphur Oom- txnuid" at tiny dru{i mure. .MillloiiH of bottleti of tjiJfi old famoiiH HOK* Ten Uecipe. Improvi-d by the addition of other InkredieniH,, are ^sold -nnnuiitly, says a well»khown drugKist here, he. cnuH0 It-dnrkenH th» hair HO natvirally and evenly that no one can tell It-lm* ThOH*> wlame hair Is turning gray or becotnitiR faded have a surprine aw»lt» Ihw them, because after one or two a|i- |di«vttloiiH the jjray link vanlsheH and your jocks become luxuriantly dark and beautiful, ThlM^iB tho ago of youth. firuy- hiBred, unattractive folka aren't wanted around, *o cet busy with Wyc>th'« Sa«fl and Sulphur Compound 'tonluht handsome hair and your youthfukap [•earanco within a few days. This preparation |« a toilet requisite find IK not intended for the cure, mitl- i or prevention of INDIA HASWSECREfS New Rultr Says Country Hat Nothing to Conceal. , Simla, India, Nov. 22.-- India's new vii «-roy, Lord Chehnsford. told a t-or- ! r«C)Mii\lont durlnu n fomuU Interview j lluit.^Ju'- war. . by Kivlnif this euuntry [an opportunity to «how IIH prnc-timl lnt|M»rtnn<"«' to the emidre, had stirred Indiart uBpinitionH" for development, politically and economically, and de- vfureA that it Vould he )I|H endeavor to Hecure n practieal reMpon»e»to this jit«w desire for progress. "Oo wherever yon please throughout the length and breadth of India," «ald the viceroy to the correspondent. "Study oiir worjv an,U study our difficulties, "NO t»e,htfy will iwir'the way und no secret ngen'ta . will Hhadow you. Talk to whom you pleuNe; «ee .what you please; do what you please, nnd then write What you pletiHtv Jn India we have noiblng,.Jo eoncea.1 from th« world*" '•-. __** ..., r .,.,_,;,.;. : ' -. -NAtJQNAl. PROHIBITION Will Be a Good Thing For Country, Say* Judge Land!*. by .M. Kast St. UnilH, tional prohibition 111.. will Nov. 2 2, ^-"Nabe a damned PLAN RIVAL TELEGRAPH __. ~ - ~~ u ~ t— Railroad* of the Northwetl May Buck W. U. und PottJl, St, J'aul, Minn., Nov. 22.—Louis \\'. Hill, pH'Hident of the Oreat Noi'theiu laihoad, in St. I'aul last Jiiuht con* lirmed the repm-t that a MK telegniph •ompany owned by tho railroads of th<3 northwest IM to l»e urtfunlzt-d KOOII a a rival to the V\>iSterii I'nlon and thw I'ostal in that ntllroud fleld. The new company w.ili have W.OOO mikst of line, of vthleh B.oou milen will Mountain . hero Tue»<lay. • Tho fmiioUH Jud|,'e. sittintr lu- the court here while Judfte Wright is sitting on Ui lulls' iH'iich In'Chk-ago. said ihat Mryun's prouhvcy of a-.votit yn tho )|iici*tldn in iyi'0 Is a rea»onablo pre- dU'tion. , lie »uid nut Ion -wide prohibition would aiiulUh bootlegHlng iR'cauHi 1 the federal gbyfrnment would more MtrlnnpnUy ouforce th« Jaw. "The fa»-t tlmi jnttUi'- young jiu-uaw f(Uite a fovv old tlmerw do not feel em> barra»5»ed in ivfutiing an Invitation to di;iuk i» a sign of the timoH." I .and Is tsaid, "A Jur^c portion of the country dry nuw'-iiiid the remainder noon will be." - REACHES PORT Dangcroun Fir* -In Hold Old Large .-'•;• NEW STEEL PLANT Will be Erected Soon in Baltimore C. M. Schwab. .Baltimore. M,I.. \ ( »v. »':.',—OunlcH Sfhwab of the liethlehem Stee) conf- pauy. who wan a «n<«st of the i ity at ft tPHttmonlttl dinner ''Tuesday nisbt. .ftHHouneed that platiM ralj fur an «x- pendlture. of about $50.000,000 jn plain a«il eiiulphient here. Krinn -15,000 t» '20.000 then ultimately w ! lll be employed. The buildinK and eonstnM'Tun ln-oKfuin for. the company aH a whole, Mr. Sehwali mild, will involve the expenditure of fully 11110,000,000, OFFICERSJELECTED Tuewlay at the I. 0. 0. F. Encampment in Springfield. Sprin«lleld, HI, Nov. 22. The Ki-.tiid eiu'uinpmenf of odd l-VIIowx Tnt>t.d.i> elected Korewt U. Ooie of ('ariltujlie and junior warden, and Suinuel ,1. Watson of Champaign Krand lepii-- *entative. ISy^advani'ement llun»ni«- ton S. James" of Knnkakee btr.un- gnutd Heritor warden und" t'. D. MIT- ritt of Salem Kiaiul trea«urei% .M. i;. Ho j Why She Mourned, (noxiously, uftt-r popplnff tho — "\Vhy do you cry, my love? j»id I oiTend yrm hy my pro- nosnl?" Sh«« (quK-tJy t«ohhlni,')~"Oll, no (leiir. . Mtrinniri.iilwn.vs. Dtihl to mo, 'Llll. you we said) nn Idiot, lhat you would not p,.f even a donkey for a lover, HIM! now 1 have jiot one, nfter nil. 1 " Hn Theatrical Parlance. \vhoxe father Hiul inothor had iMH'ii'Vtti-iidlrij: a dnmiaUe club, wn'.s lirvHofJ to«n binhday tUnitci* nt tho homo of a littk- fi-i.-n,). Several courses necoiniwnii'd with KtinirlHea had ii|i|ioiitV(l, when Hussell «uld: "\Voll, hmv ninny., tnom scenes 'lira, there gotuj; to be?" FOR TIIIlOAr AHD I.DNC3 MIH.,(JU,\ vir, t.its .t.sp » IK MS Alterative with For the Treatment of Liquor ji.r.iil UK; fw ywn ffi diffif t»U cw«i ol' j>oth HSU*, Prikat'i improvement beg«tt» i^a (ftt»fift*«f nl J no uw of tlangeiou* diug». Ttr»tuicn.t wily by ikillcd, kwdly phy- 'lluiVe ' _ BwoU'l wdt in liim Wittr »<*!»», THE INSTITUTE IU. ' the Northern Taniji-, the tUirlliitfton. j ^«nt tlu" t'liii'UH" J .*"d '.N'orthwi't'tetu, the I Viij-i-n t'hh-a&u. Milwaukee and St. r.tul, and ^''"Hl puKMildy other Inu-s Uim'turs, and oilbeiti of the rail•H*.»da HttrJrili'ttnl—irrtt-In'-tht'-hnT-kFrs'Trf tin; new t*niui'prl. < >e. The new «•*»<«• puny, whirl) haji not yet been KIWH a iianu 1 , will riiiilir.i- itx operati«»ns to lalhtMit IIUMIH-.V., |i.uiieulaily the dia- |'!lt< hilt& of tl.llll^ Uaili''owjti'd piden und HneK o\ er \\iiiiii the \Vi'f?>'iii 1'iiuiii h.iH Heoii ^t tiding !;fS \\lir-be tuU»-l« in el b> the new ' i<ni{htny .is the pre«s-.nt ii'UU.Ktj. e\( tfi> ru-^innhiK Jail. I. \i.-. Wash.. Xov. 3J.--Tlu» Nippon Kalnha Hm-r Kndo Murn, Iroin reneht-d Yokohotna Monday a duiuteioUtf lire- in Xo, U hnld. ling ta d dispatch Ti|<'niluy L<» - 4Uw-B>W44>tH»{t»'- eM-lmtmf .--f-lit— Arc- diTt miK'h il.'tnuiK« v (<> i.irK" and al.nnu'd the jiiiriM-HKe|[h. EVANSTON WOMEN I W. | [Were R«. Elected at th« .National i ! C. T. U. Convention Tuesday, napoliM. hid.. Nov. ;{;.'. Alt^.s A. Uuidon of K\itnston. 111... \\.iv , ie-eleeli;d pivsldenl ojC tfie Woijiuli'.^ ( J . • Good Reason. "M»i la. jou'll n.-L-s- I,,- that null \\lth a ilat lr, ( j«' K,,|- to .ii tit. national «<,uHenlioii-ut-t-{<e Muiat tin ,»ue Mtlni o'UI uifitviiH vvi-t*' H". t U i }vil ,i j\)lli»\vs. An Unusual Value In An ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR H BRIL is a remafk- ably wbll madq^ hi&K colntor that you ju.wy ««>w .socura at this very attructivo low pricw— r-) m- Only $ 5 50 We obtained a surplus stock of thes0 percolators at a hherui price cCiuct'Siion. The quunlity i > juuit- ed W those we havo*o1?"haml. M.idu of htwvy, copr*r, beautifully mckel plated; ebaniuid hiindk-s; na^riors coated with pair tin, i.ilver fmislu'd; 6-cup .vup.icity. Cowpi^te, *lupi»i«^ j'K .!• ju-s wJleci, $5.5t). Sbipphijl i(( i)rf>^ ih; !• -flp* tj«nl» Hij Ul t!'« Sa.yty i.«ujli«-»i. <i| l!u',<.flV> )...,.» ,,, 4U J|ts. rurt.vl.:ti.<n t; an vvn ivnt. ll«-a»-.|vaHdK«n..Mll .'I Au-1 }»&MerM< r in ii f t v*»r f »i«.|U^ ELECTRIC SHOP MILCH use- \iui! ii.M .Smhl;!fK ( ^Vu.i il' ««hV u'oilhl !t..( -IH of thu daj. |'iu J,, :i<(!it>un-h,.,| Mr, - v.,,i.d<n.l u hy u htnj .the. ioht t i d_M«i!i\llt![; **•'• !'!•:. it v .M^ 1'i.jn i" I'JJ'U.H el i:>,MiNt.itt. IH . MidtliK Sfilvl.trs Ml- Kl^ i'-» ti l'i»>.{im Audi i •><•!( «i| t-.*t f '", ,N I' u 'i'i* .i^iiifi' Adw ,M;u'i,tii'i i' Muiie. 1 ' Ke 72 Wwt Adams CHlCAC'iO t o Aa»t:fi.»

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