The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 10, 1926 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1926
Page 14
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lì—TWO THE IjyrOLX SI'SDAr STAK—SVSDAY.OCTOltEIi lO. Ut>n. CARDS EVEN WITH NEW Y (Continuad from Fag** *>no.) A nutted to bcore without moleistaliou on (iehrlg e rap to Hornsby. In the previous inning the Caia defense passed the buck to Alex wl h similar resourcefulness. Heveretd hit ■A single to center at the outset and Hhawkey tapped one down to i ne^ -now. With a couple of clubfooted gents in motion. It did not as though the Cards could miss a double play. Hut they did. ^hevenow let the ball get away from him and both were safe. They were still safe when Alex got through " three, the last of whom was Georg. Herman Uuth. and none other. Babe a Complete Bust. (Jeorge didn’t hit a ball out of the infield all afternoon. Alex saw (ieorge coming up, ap *’*The^le*venth Inning saw the score for the time and the run wai a gratuity. Alex feeling somewhat charitable on the i* to 1 lead and l.e«ter shaky for no reason at all, the nisi ‘.'S do.", tu 1 . 0 U oft » was called a hit. aUhougb It couhl have been tipped either way. 1 he eit new iroin Hevcreld’s war club „nd ltd. on« ‘■"“"‘"'v”“;;;, railed. Bell not onl> ^ pill but threw to the »‘«"‘I“’ taking third. He scored on Gombs single to center. Atonsd For Thsir Bungles. That was entirely not enough, not by »«u>nn'B beard, l or, regardless of their sins afield and on the Cards had redeemed all 1^ « their free and easy hitting Jack Dempsey Now Does His Battling in Court. by and ALA N STEPS AZORRADAS ' P J N AANSAS AGS Hl.s title lifted and his face sllll showing the effects of (lene Tunney’s flst.s, Jack Dempsey finds him^elf still fighting—hut this time In the courts. In chancery court at Atlantic City, N. J.. Dempsey accused lack Kearns his former manager of forgery after Kearns had Identified a ccaitract as having been signed l)v Dernnsey The former champion appeared before Vice-Chancellor Ingersoll to defend a rule to show cause whv a receiver should not he appointed to handle hla affairs. Picture shows, left to right, Dempsey, C.ene Normlle. his new manager, and Dr. Cooch of Philadelphia The picture was taken outside Vlce- (’hnncellor IngersoU's court. _______ against Hhawkey. .....u . Alvles Thomas, a young man with .i fjulek delivery and usually a quicker '“Holm, .ho h.d he«n hlttms .000 on Sha.k«>- . Ith “ right and was expunged on South Wurth's forceout. Mottomley’s double P'-U'luced bouUi- worth at the main office and the others followed on 1 P/,* right. It was the first of Bell s tiirei hits that permitted him to tie th series record by runs In a single game. It also was the ball game, but at the time, although Alexander probably had a quiet suspicion that effect. Yanks Through and Anyhow, the Yankees went rlgh. on playing us though they had a clianci But after Shawkey got by the next five Innings "'‘J*'®"; consequences, the k^t dcnly dawned upon them In the s enth. Thevenow got on. Alex w a. saved hy Bazzerl's graceful a thrown ball at fli«t base. Southworth doubled, scoring one and Hornsby »‘ugled. scoring two _ .Shawkey had been nfflelal edict after Houthworth s hit ;:Uhough li was Mcuscl’s fault and not ‘Homsr a Beauty. Hornsby's single was made off Shocker, so was Bell’s \hump. which was im>re to the point. « line home run Into f»“*, inks •ifands and thereupon the t anks threw up their hands walked out on the ,-uuld have done no less, for the master, himself, was out (he so-called eminence, and u* ^Ujb does not live that can stake ni to eight runs and catch him In the '■^Thi- had called him a one-g^ine Pitcher and probably they were quite right. Where they were wrong was in falling to specify ''Tpparently Grover (Meveland York-bavid City Teams Battle In 7-7 Tie Contest Ì 3L GRIDDERS R 5 DAVID <TTY. Nehr., Get 9.— David Glty and York high schools battled to a T to 7 tie on the local gridiron Friday, Although hv R heavy margin and mit- wrghedthe IhivhlGlty grldsters Uterally played Y..rk off her feet in ihf last three quarters of the game Hr-f.nllng a shifty offensive and .. nrong defense David Glty scored Us first touchdown after a long puss from Korlnek to Ball for 3 « vards and a touchdown. York* got off to H big start from iha klckoff and carried the ball from Its own 40-yard line through to a touchdown without aethiick. Burnham dropped the ball neatly over the goal for the extra ’’"tin the second klckoff York failed to make Us downs and David Cllv took the hull on the forty yard line on a trick pas.s Korlnek heuwd i loin pas.^ to H-ill who earned the l,Hll over the goal line to even the score From that time on the odds wer^ decidedly In David flty's favor^ . V'aytinger at quarter out-smarte I j his opponents throughout the re- 1 malmbr < f the game. Twice David Flty was within a few yards of the! goal. Once in the third qoirter Yoiki held solidly *n It's wo yard lino. The game eiitled with David Glty within five yards of the goal. , The offensive playing of York uni' the b lllhint op. n field running ot Kelson fe.itured the gaimv Fayting ! i r slat red in David Glty'a backfiehl while Gaptaln Hahn was easUy the mntnstay of the line FlaMng at h ft end. H ihn had un uncanny Unac;. of puttlm dtmself in every plav, mu I’r ic.iro thtn hit shire of the tucklea Cotner and Doane Divide at Tennis Fotner and Doane split ilie tennis mstchen h'*ld on the Cotner eourts Friday, 'ach winning two In I he men-» »ingle», Dunham .>f t'oinei dls|Mi»ed <if Welsh. IVane “ reprer.cntstiv:' in straight set». 8 8 , 4 . .\Uenber.'ier and Schreck, D«mne wot', the tnei.'s doubb s from Wag ner and F.dwi rd«. 6 3. 4 b, 6 4 Th ­ ronet girls' d.Mildes te»m was vie toiiou.- over the .-iweenev Daniels o.,inbln*tlon. «-I«. 7-f<. 6-3 In the women's slngb's. Mi«» «'«risoli of D»)*ne won ftoin Mi»» Well«, 6 -J, 6-3. . SET PACE IN GOLF. \\ ith ...1 aveiHg« of three goF toornaim-ni» a month' Bos Angele» •md the. surrounding territory lead» the -ountry tn Ijie number of goif t vents staged y urly, * . A REAL MASCOT. ’ Bmle b dfile Bennett, who began M» I afwrr : >» • iiihs . ot with the White H. ‘i in 1-G9 has brought »ix l'< nnaiits in Igbt , t-> the. club» he hn.H h«Tv» I riioe Joining the Vsnkees In 19-H. th-y hav«*won L's I', ivnanl r;uu four liin* » ((’ontlnned from Page dne.) end xonc, the play counting as a louchbuck. A hohlln penalty on the next Nebraska drive shoved the Husker.» i back to within five yards of their ’ goal and «auarterbai k Brown re- ] treated Into the end zone to punt, out of danger. His kick covered 3a I yards. ! Clark Speed» to Touchdown. , At that particular moment. Mr. i ('lark got hlH cue to do hl» stuff. , Snagging the ball out of the air at' full speed, he sttfr-armed two Ne- | braska tackleiw, swung toward the i sideline behind a screen of Tiger Interference and sped over the ehalkmarka to cross thq Nebraska’ goal. , ^ i Stuber’s trv for the extra point, was blocked hy Stiner. Nebraska’s I captain, but the headllnesman de- ; creed that the ('ornhiiBkcrs w-ere offside on the kick and the extra- point was aw-arded to .Ml-ssourl, thus knotting the score. ; Tigers Pull Trick Past. j The klckoff and a suhsequent ex- j change of punts gave the Tigers | posse.»slon of the hall in midfield, i Missouri drives at the Nebraska line and w'ing^ failed to gain and | Htuber hurled a forward pass to Clark which qetted -7 yards, advancing the oval to the Huskers’ 22- yard line Three smashes at Nebraska’s -'orward wall were turned back and Stuber dropped back as If to attempt a placeklck for goal. This sortie was merely a ruse; the Tigers had a forward pass play up their sleev«--». Htuber receiving the ball from center and hurling It toward the corner of the field. Clark Again Action. Halfback Prcanell of Nebraska had the play diagnosed and beat Clark t* the ball, taut the oval bounceil from his uplifted hand straight Into the clutches of the artful Clark, who sprinted the remaining ir> vards to the Nebraska goal. Htubcr's toe promptly negotiated the extra point and the Tigers had their 14-7 lend and proceed to retain It to the end of the 60-inlnute struggle. i Nebraska Line Delivers. | Pre-game fears expressed In the ' Nebraska camp that Missouri’s j beefy a»gregutUm of forwards would I overpower Nebraska’s lighter and 1 less experienced line failed com- I pletely of materialization. The Ne- 1 luaska offensive wa- consistently- able t-i negotiate yardage through the Tiger line, with Howell and Presnell accounting for most of the gains, while the Missouri attack was persist«*ntly balked In its efforts to plunge through the Nebraska for- j wards The three first dorvns credited to the Junglecuts resulted from forward passing. Of the ten first downs negotiated by the tiornhuskers, two were by dint of successful pames and the remaining eight * resulted from drives at the lino or off the tackles. Brown In Brilliant Run. The most brilliant sprint of the struggle goes to the i redit of Nebraska’s quarterback. "Jug” Brown, w'ho knifed his way through tho Missouri forwards and then swung hiose on a cut-buck run of S.'» yards. Attendance estimates numbered the throng at twenty thousand. Glowering clouds gave a constant threat of rain. The field was soggy from Friday night's rain and the slippery footing was especially b«)thersom« to Howell and Marrow, Nebra-Hka's plunging hacks. The Lineup sncl Summary. fight. Inability of the Tiger back.« to negotiate a single hrst down on line-plunging tactics told the story of how well the Cornhusker forwards were doing their stuff. On the theory that the Tigers can’t go on forever basking In the smiles of I^dy l.uck, the Cornhua- kers of 1926 are confident they will the Missouri jinx next fall. Saturday’s defeat was largely a duplicate of the Tlger-Hu.skcr struggle of lust year The Bengal» were outyardcd and outdowned, yet coppeil tho bacon rind. ' Victorious Over‘Ennis stars For Manhattan iiiU*ert four n»or* »nil Marrow te»a* « ^,. 1 . ,.iun«pa for 2 >*rd» but Bi*‘ ■ouri tuoK ihr bull on downs six Inchss iruiii uie «o»l. . ,1 Tsrr went tn th« Missouri line forf Bacthus snd Lawson repiaceil J. W'tli for NrbrssS*. .-«tu jer's punì rolled 4t> yards, Bronson making no rsturn. Drmund went in tne Missouri b«ck-! field for Fl*m»nk and .»t«pU#ns went tn tile Nebrssks bac, ktleld for Bronson. ■ A forwiiut pass, Stephens to A. Msnd-| try gslm-d 18 jards. Mlelen* repU< ed, A Mundery in the Nebrttsk« b«-kfleld. i oOOnOrS The Tiger lln« held »nd .Missouri took, the b«il on downs on its lS-j«rd line. They exchanged punts end Tutti« nn- ally intercepted u Nebrsska pass and it was Missouri's bail in nildfleld. i The TlKcrs punted and Stephens re-i turned to the Ne jraska 18-yard line. A, few minutes before the game was over I X ó RM a N. Gkla, Oct. 9. -UlF)— rrMAHA Nob Oct 1 - lU. P.) Westcott intercepted a Nebraska pass; O.MAllA, NCD.. tn . .. t and Missouri had th» ball on the Ne- FMaylng on a muddy field, the I i”- a scries of well timed off-tackle brssH« Sl-yard line. The Tigers had ad-j » i iklahoma met the Fni- i ^ vanced the ball four yards when the, 'erslt> Of Okiatioma met tne i m game ended. , j verattv of Arkansas in their Final s<ore: Missouri. 14. .Nebraska, t. , , ‘ gridiron game ince 1919 iind the Sooners won, 13 to 6 . All the scoring came In the last half. Penalties Leap Saves Her As Plane Falls Arkansas U. Gridders In Mud Battle. Gridders By Scoring Two Touchdowns. WESLEYi BOINS drlwrs, coupled with n pair of sensational run» hy Knnl.». Kansas .\g- gles’ quarterback, gave the .Vggis squad a touchdown in each of the first two quarters and enabled them TE Nebraska Methiitiists Lose Tight Gridiron Battle By 13-6 Score. ............. ■' ----- _ x»»x»vj ««ex »»x-».-. M»«»« : and fumble marred the game. Lino | defeat I'relghton, 12 to 0. : bucks netted no appreciable gains, i Hmils scored the first touchdown I attempted runs around end were | (.Ircling the Blue end for 38 ’ shallow and the contest was spotted ' yards, with repeated punts | quarter Knnls reeled 1 - 1 " c n another S 8 -yard run, slde-slep- Army Hag Easy Game. ping and twisting through the en- WFIRT POINT. N. Y.. Oct. 9 tire GathoHc team to the 10 -yaid Army had no trouble winning It» i une. Douglas and Hoffman carried second Intersection football game of ,it over in three plunges. Knnls the local seosan today, defeating failed to kick both goals. riRvls and Klkins collego of Klklns, — DENVER. Colo.. «Jet. 9.—-(INS) —Regis college today defeated Nebraska Wesleyan. 13 to 6 , In a fast game at Regia stadium. Both teams displayed a hrlUlant aerial game at times, but the Rangers’ two touchdowns W'. Va,, by a score of 21 to 7. Tlr vhsltors were unuhle to cause the cadets any real annoyance.» after first quarter, which ended 7 to 1. Utah Swamp Coyotes. SAl.T LAKE CITY. Oct. 9 .—The Cnlverslty of Utah eleven swamped the Invaders from South Dakota at Cummings field this afternoun b> were I a score of 13 to (>, In a colorful Zuppkemen Trim Butlsr. FRBANA, in., Get. 9. (I. N. S > — Flashing a brilUant attack which i was lead l»y “Frosty” Petrrs and 1 Bud Stewart. Illinois defeated But-| ler university here this afternoon. 38 to 7. Zuppke’s drop kicking ’mule’’ played a hrtlllant game., scoring . Coach Bearg’a first act, following the final pistol shot, was to visit the dressing room of the Tigers and congratulate Coach Gwlnn Henry, the Mi.s.sourl mentor. The Nebra.ska coach, as a matter of course, was disappointed. He might have ilbs- eoursed on the fact that Tigers were lugging most of the luck, but what he did was to say nothing. And Coach Henry, too. wa.» exuding considerable silence. Halfback Wally Marrow and his teammates were Insistent, after returning to their dressing room, that Wally actually downed the ball hack of th« Missouri goal during that fourth period .N’ebraska spurt. I’nfortunutely for the Cornhusker cause, the officials had the first and then the final say. They ruled that Marrow vvRsn't over; that he shoved the hall ahead after being downed. Officials, of couise, always :ir<* right, so the crabhtng may cease. Other years of foothall-»and other Missouri games —are coming. One consoling fact In a defeat particularly when the losing team has outd«)wned and outyarded the oppo.sltlun, 1 s that the defeated t*am almost Invariably comes back with an Inipnived exhibition In Its sub.sequent games. The Washington Btars of St. lauils will he Nebraska’s opponent next Saturday and one can easily Imagine that an ex- aspirated aggregation of Cornhiis- kers will make Washington smart for .Saturday’s happenings. From end to «nd. In every position in tne line, the (’ornhuskers looked good, while the comparison Of jardage and downs gives a decided edge to Nebraska’s backfield. The punch and power are there to make the ('ornhuskers feared In the season's remaining combats. Blue Howell’s work at the start of the game showed the « allher of plunging the Omaha boy is capable of performing Against a fresh Missouri line, which was «-huck full of 2 <>ft-pounders, Ihiwell «‘arrled the liall seven «•onseiutlve plays an 1 rummeil the 17 yards neessary to .'1 touclulown. His final drlxe carried him through the Missouri forward wall and out on to the end zone turf. Netiraska, 7 .. Hprague . . R.indels James .. Ml Mullen . Hllner (c ) Weir .,., . Brown Ht«‘phens A Maiidery ! iovvell .Missouri, 14 I’os Bacchus <r.) .... LE.. Lin a-t ....................LT . Walker ..... LG., Smith _______...C .. Miller ...... ...HG Htinlebaker .... HT. , Llndi'ineyer ....RE. Stuber ....................QB. «’lark ..............LH. O’Sullivan . . KH . Flamank . . KH .'^ubHtltutlons: .Missouri L«e for Studebaki-i, Dlemund for (’hunank, Giinii for .Miller, Tsrr for Ua.chu.s, V\ .'«mith for Lucas, Tutth' for Diemund, Drunim for Walker, M Brown for Linrtcineyt'r, Llnd* invy* r for L«‘c, W«*sti-ott for G/inn. .S'e- braeka- D&lley for Stcphms. I'r.s- nell for A. M.imleiy, Hi.ltn for D; Bronson fur Hrown Marrow for Frciinell, .\, M in.lery for Holm, U hltniot e for Rntsh, Zuver for .M.-. Mullen, for Hoa.H, Sh.tmr for L.iMson f-r W < tr, Sti i b. ns for Bronsoi'.. Mobnz for ( .Man- lb I y I'oui Mdown I'l: rk 3 Extra point Stiibir lowed tu-i ount penalty braska?, Hrown 1 I Score by period»: ' .Missouri . .,0 14 1 Nebraska ......................... 7 •(» Officials; Kefetec j t aid Empire ' B 1 / ' .M; <'re,*, rv. Field Judg«* I' K, l>.‘Pi*i,. He.u1 , IVnesmcn-Warren tlile»’. PRESSBOX IMPRESSIONS. ■ Th«* M:?!Miuri line fully a« . burly an dpowerfol .«« 'iul\d >«t Nebr.fsk.iV foryirtrda, ‘'potiuij tbm Tigef opponenu =i .wi.p* gin on the score of «•.!*< «nd poijteL I sgs, t<ied the rna*k and staged a fine The showing made by Missouri In aerial play im»ans that the I'orn- huskers will have plenty of work cut out for the «>omlng weeks tn polishing a defense against passes. Falling to n«'gotlate the Nebraska line, tiie Tigers droppe«! back to forward flips and g«d away In good shape. Abseiu e «»f a deptuidable punter in Net»raska togs also was apparent, i Missouri av« raged eight yards better «llstanc«'. Nebraska punts also I were of the type that tlld not permit the ends and tackles to get «lown to drop the receiver. In the punt , which Missouri returned for Its first (touchdown, the Tiger offense was i set and tnowe«! down the scarlet- jer.»**\i*«l taeklcrs right an«! left. ’ Boland lauke. funner Nehrask.i ' truck captain un«l holder of world .sprint records, was tlnn d in ten seconds In an cxhlhltlpn 100 -yard dash ). 4 *tw«en halves of the game Hilly Hein, his team-mate, and Art En.»- t**r, t’nmbndKe freshman, finished n » tie for second A deleg.itlon ot s«*veral hundred boost«Ts from the timuha sto« kyard.s rnar'hed around lh<* statllum track prior to the g.irne. Th«*y were head««1 by an (Unaha band and recelvcul a big hantl from the rrovvil. H‘Ut'1! 1 (one iil- ug-. Inst Ne - 0 (t -14 0 f>-— 7 Ml Dbn- Tln stadium to lil v\ as in surpi ts- incl.v co>id coinhtlon at th«* start of li*,- conti* t «liTxyHnr rain which had persisted throughout the morn hiK h'fl th«' turf rather sllppcri, bui did not seem to hoth«*r the haiks t«> !«n\ Kreat «xi«*nt ■N’clfin r cos« li wouhl offer a •om- n\ent on ttie game after the con* t;*-', was (;s*«r «'o-.i h '¡wlnn Henry muriihled somethlr.g about t»eln glad t! win Following the «aiij** hue of r«’,»., inliiK, «me may Judv ;»h ,( pf ii'tf of «I m * Hu-kí-r**« t\'Hs -lot iv (, o he-«‘. A numb« r of fans who were S', iietl ah'Ug thi south goal W«*t .* Insjsung .'-'.UurduV. id.'ht that ?Clat*. r ov iia-l planted ,thc h::!l across the Missouri go.jl lr> the ffiuvHi quarter Play Hy Play Details. •HK'T «H %K f KK ' P« I loi» "1 Mio«-*-- ■•*«■ t *.» i 11.! . ti-.B- («> r *■. r(\ . • f - ’• ** ' ' «'k •• «ioulti suet . ■; .b* ! *viurii»**f .Isi. ■ ■ '►* *'■ ' * ... •*: . III. i!!»» > 1 . 0 ! •« 1 . M . ■.i.ur! «« 1 » tirnelí*»*': «*’ ,'*l (r*. »ivin» (be *isri. t •« b«d* *’11 «h,tr lH 'iirft line Wleiouri f*k«'l » pun* •**1. ''I»r6 plunsed at center, fumbling Uie bsll. i4teliens recovered for Nebraeks on the Mlsaourt le-ysrd line. Howell plunged over the Missouri left tn«kle for 6 yards and rsinmed the otn- or side tor ;i yards. Howell hit center for another yard and made It a flist down with another drive at center. I'he Nebraska fullback went over the .Missouri left tackle for 7 yards and plunged the final yard for a touchdown in two drives. Hrown placeklcked* the extra point. .Score; Nebraska, 7, .Missouri, 0. Ktu >er relurn«*d James kh koff 18 yards to the Missouri :4u-y«rd line, flark plurge^l over the .Nebraska iol't tat kle for seven yards but w h«;n Flamank gained only a yard, Stuber kiclied 38 yards to Hrown, who returned 4 yarda to the Mlsaourl 39-yard line. j Stephen« and Hrown gained 8 yards. in tw«i (ilays, brown punting .12 yards on] the next play, Clark returning lu yards' tu the .Mt-xsourl 45-yard line. | Stiner dumped O’.Sulllvan for a five-, a .Missouri pas.s went wild, Suber punted 4U yard to Hrown. who raturned four yards to the Nebiaska 19-yard line. I Nebrska was penallxe«! five yards i when the referee claimed Brown wa«i advancing the *>«11 after It had been blown dead. Howell plunged for yartl I an<i Missouri look out time for Tackl«, Studebaker, who was Injured. On the fourth down Hrown punted 35 yards,' O'.SuUlvan returning three yards to the! Missouri 4S-yard line. After Stuber ha«i gained three yards and Clark had added two more. Suher hurled a pass to Hacchus whhh »«* gojMt for 28 yards. Brown's ta« kie pre vented the touchdown. Time was called for the end of the secon«! uuarter with the ball In Missouri’s possession on the Nebraska 19- y*ar<! line. SKCONI» «H’AKTKK. Dally went tn the Nebraska ba< kfiel«l for S. -Mandery. Clark gained five yards In two plays. A pass by ft'HulUvan to fOuber waa grounded in the enil ione for a touchhack an«i .Nebraska scrimmaged from its 20-yard line. Holm and I’resnell went in the Nebraska backfield. Pressnell made three yards, but the play was «ailed back fur the Infliction of a 16-yar«l pentty on Nebrska for holding. Hrown kli'kesl from the end xone and Clark returned 36 yanls to a Missouri touchdown. Captain Milner blocked .sut- her's try for an extra jioinf, but the officials ruletl .NVbrnska was «»ffsido and the extra point was allowed, rtcore: Nebiaska, 7, Missouri, 7. Htuber retnrnetl James' klckoff II yards to the Missouri 3»,yard fine. Flamank and Stuber made 3 yards In two plays. Lee went In the Missouri Une for Studebaker. Stuber punted 48 yards out of 'io\inds on the Nebraska 14-yard fine. An exchange of punts gave Missouri the hall in mtdfleUl After a pass by Stuber hail been grounde<l, the Missouri back hurled a pass to Clark for 17 yanls. Flamank falle«! to gain and Illeniund replaceil him In the backfield. .Stuh«*r went out of b«inn«l* on the next play ' and a «louble i>ass behind the line anti then It forward pass was Incomplete, Stuber drojtped back to the Nebraaka 3S-yar«i fine and hiirhul long forward pass wliich ws partially blo«*kei! by a Nebraaka back. The hall bounced into Clark’a hands and he ra' e<l five yar«ls to a Missouri tout hdown. Stuber place- kicked the extra point. ,»«*ore: MDsourl, 14, Ne'>rnak.i, 7, Joe Weir teturned Ie*e's ki«*koff 10 yards t«» the Nebraska 4»-yard line. Hroiison replaceil Hrown In the Nebraska backfield. f»n a triple pave. Holm tan th- .Missouri left end for 22 yanls. I’resnelL plunged for 2 yartls. H«c«lius hioi k«o( a foi w ar«l pass by Hronaoti. .Nebraska plunges anil (lassea failed ami MISfJurl took Ahe ball on downs on its 36-yaiU line. tl'.Sulllvan plunged for five yadl.s and Gann replnc*e*l Miller the Missotirl fine. Clark lost a yanl'and Sttih«*r i>unt ed 8« yards, Nebraska no return. A forwaril pass by Bronson on the third down was ''jlocked by Miaourl llnenien and the ball was batted about by both teams. Oann of Mlsourl ftnklly captured the oval and downed it on the Nebraska 12-yard line Tuttle retilaced Itleniund In the Missouri baikfield. The Nebraska linemen smothered the Mlssnutl attack and Stuber mls.*«e.l a i>1a<*ekp k from the 18- ,«ard fin«», Nebiaska a« rliumagliig from Its 20-yard fine when the Jail »olle«! into the eiwl *>ine. Howell hit tackle for three yards, bul hl« second gain was .llsnlloweil and N« braska was jienafixed five yr<i*. for off side. Presnell tn«<le buck the five yards as time was culle«! for the second «luar ter. Score* Missouri. 14, Nebraska. 7. Till Iti» qi Ain i.a. Jloim waa in th** Nehraska Itnnup .-t Marftlery's half, otherwise th» .Nebraska lineup w*«« the «ame that started the game. Lee for Stu«leb«ker was the only < hang* In ih» Mlaaourt fineup Stuber leturned James' khkoff ‘20 yaids to the Missouri 45 yard fin«* on the third play, stuber )iuitle*l 42 yatiU, Hrown returning 6v** .««ids to th«* Ne- hrask.i :;o yai«! line. ■8ft»r Presnell hail l«>st five »ants and Hr ‘VII falle*! to ga*n. Howell plunge*! t«*r seven yattls and Hrown j,unte<l JS yards. Clark lelurnlng a'x yarils to th* .Missouri 41-yard fire. O'Sullivan wat thiown for n three- yard loss. ?,a er i»pla*»d Vt* Mullen, who was Injured .After a forw ai«l pass hatl failed, stuber punte,! 45 yards to Hrown who reluin«*«! e'glit yards to the .Nebraska 23 yard line llo'm and Howell ('lunge,I for a first «town Piesnell leeleii If i five-yard gain around »nd onH to have ihe play dt«allo.«ed hei iiuse of ;ifie> e 1 "craw! Ing " Miss**url Was ;>en«It*/e.l foi off*«!*!» Pieanel nn>l Howell i ''loblneil to m. ke U ■: first down fiiu'Ai) bloke throu* h the right s;*te of th; M 'rciurt tin*-. ■.(,<1 **n e <ut-ba* k pl«y uin :i I vnnts Cl;.ik'. t.*- kl* iirevenie«! the t >uc hdow n. Ni'bisas nail t!** I 11 on the Ml*» sourl 18 V i«i«l line Martuw i«i*iai»d Pressnell In the Ne- brusks bs'kneM How« I f>lunged for Ihii* aids claim reiila* e.l Mille* for .M ssoUM Howe I hit enl<; foi three sar<ls Hii'l .8« *r*'W talie*! to g.'ilo. Hioinon lejita* e.l Hrown aiot A .Man del- wsnt In for Holm In the Nebraska 1 «'11 .! h'O ‘le :*;;* *cn*l - n st- temiiK't end un, A Mtimlciy fiilUil to !*: till anil Mi. > ri too k'h- 1*h;1 <.n i1..\*n* on 11 I y 11 *1 Ho* ii'--ull!. n u lol Clark («11 .1 To g.tCi . 11,1 Siui*ei punit«! to Hi-*m *'i w 1, i tiiobled It.ileh le. ov»r«-d ibe tisll on .Mls:.*uiis 41 isrd line \Vnitm**re »11*1 fir-, k went In the .N*i.* bi -»k * Mneoj* fer ha <h an*! Howell whHiie ' r ■ ed *iM*'* e itwisi-h ,w ;s in. i *1 -u; the last plaj ?.1 I w (liuoged r It ',* .vanls, but the plsy was I ahed b» k ve* ause he wa.* ■ sid.i.i b V» jiiv I* h». .'.11 the >*« ,S*i- p ■« blo.'i . A f<* ward I - ;» H,I» ,i.;s M ' .1 gained II yai>ls V d * ■ * ■ ' I b r-.ugi, f.*t Ml ’ } - ■,!s i*X Hi Hill <( U 1 • *;* d ' •! lot- ' sll *;• Rcorefi as a result of long end- runs and line plunges. Carev and VeKher playe«! stellar football for the Cathollr«. while Manchester and Wiberg were the outstanding stars for the visiting Methodists. The game opened with Nebraska kit'king off. Arniuth recovering for the Rangers on the latter’« 10- game featured by end runs and snappy Une bucks. A perfect field, a clear sky and a light wind greeted the gridiron fans as the I'tah redskins, clad in blue sweaters, to contrast with the crimson topgear of the South Dakota coyotes, romped to victory. Utah entered the contest. Its firs', real of the year, Pllghtly crip- on me tatiei n I«- • , • ' ' , ‘ vard line \rmuth immediately | fi«me of her men helng on th«» pun!ed. hut the. hall was blocked on retired list from Injuries. Mrs. EIHot Lynn, noted British filer, and a man passenger leap*»*l to .safety when her little ' moth ’ ...................... plan«» crashed duneig the races at three touchdowns and making good j , 1 ,,. Yorkshire Flying club at Sel on three drt'p-klcks for points after i*;ngland. Engine trouble fort‘e*l touchdowns G:i,lUvan, breneli and j, landing .-tnd ihe plane dove sharp L.amim also played a strong part ly to the ground smashing the pr«> In Illinois’ drives which netted i puller, touchdowns. Four times 1 ‘eters broke loose for; - the Rangers’ 20-yard Une, from which point Wiberg kicked a fiehj gmil. The remainder of the perhid was devoted to a punting duel. Wiberg Score* AOain. Wesleyan opened the second perhid with several completed long (»e.sses and Wiberg again scored a field goal with a kick fmm the 40- yartl Une. End-runs and Une plunges by t'arey and Vegher brought the hall tinder the shado wof the Wesleyan g'onl early In Hawkeys* Smother Dakotans. IOWA «'ITV, Oct. 9.—(INS) i .North Dakota was subjected to ru«1e | extra point treatment here today by t'oach Bert Ingwersen’s lUiwkeyes. Cowboy Nick Kut.sch leading the Iowa eleven to H 40 to 7 vlctoy, featured hy a .spurt wYirlhy t»f 27 point In the thlnl quarter. Kut.sch was the long gains. In the first qimrter ht.s 20 and 12 -yard runs vveim largely re.sponslblc for the first st ore. Again in the second quarter, he got away for 32 and 2*^-yard runs. Lanum scored the Fourth Illinois touchdown in the thlnl. An aerial attack in the fourth quarter gave Butler its «>ne touchdown, Fromouth «Irop-kleked for ■At l'l|nt«(>n ter. 0. -Iliimltt«m, IS; fl«»«’hee- .At riHsbtirgli—eHe, 17; f*ttl, 7 •hrni A( « uti.bHtlge—I'hiUtin*, tiMriwril Froeh 0 At Chrete %ndnv«r, S| AU.Hsbt, 13: r. 81. I., n IN THK SHI TH, At AtinntN—tienrxls 0; Titiane, 6, -Vt llslttiiiore—.lohn» nopkine, lt¡ HuverforH, 0. At Nashville—Tamlerhllt, 4Sj Bryson, 0. At ( harlottesrllle—Vlritlnla. 3»; I.y neh hur», O. Al AAssIiIngton—rìrnrxetnwii, 7*; AA's4hlaj(ton eolle*e, 0. « II»» »*».,. ... » ,-*. I %( \4 iiiiliingt«ii—84 sehliigtnii A Jet- Beautiful l'ns.slng hv (,'aptaln Wally ferson. i«j Untier», o. . . A* _ I Chicago Conquer* Maryland. ('HK'AGO, Oct. 9.—(U. P. ) Mark» and con.alstent line plunging this Rftebnoon gave the University thlr. quarler ' of Chicago football team Us »ec- headllner of the attraciion. flmling win of the .m.,- llttle oppo.sttion In the North Dako ta outfit and running' rampant the third *'neriod. through its bewildered His the third | * i,__* u «t vai-H« fur a Carey finally carried the Imll tu the two-yard line, where Reaerdon took it over for the first Regis touchdown. Carey failed to mak«' the extra point. Wesleyan Threatens. Carey and Vegher opened up another series of nin.s ¡md plunges in the fourth period. On a from | Hcore. Vegher, Maguire « arried the hall to| Page sent the Xehraskans’ three-yard line best effort was nl yards for a touchdown at the start of the second half. BLOOMIN«' i TON. Ind.. Oct. 9.— (CP)—lndlanu’.s crimson eleven sent the Kentucy State football teahi back to the blue graKs country tonight with the short end of a 14 In his second- j tne 2 NenrasKaus «m i-*--.*«»* ** ••••' ¡ «fring men against the Kentuckltins i and Reardon ayaln crossed the goal. |,„t rushed his regular Into the fray j Vegher making the extra p«tlnt. after seven minutes of play. A passing exhibition whs In pro-¡ gress as the final whistle blew, j with Wesleyan thre.*«tenlng to score ¡ ag.iin. ond Intersectlonal win of the .s< i- KOn when Maryland fell liefore the Maroons by a «core of 2 Ho 0. LUtle sensational playing stood out during the game, once Mc- I Kinney hroke hxa-e for a 30-yard run down the ftelo, hut Marylaml i held for downs on Its eight-yard 2.A; (>«l«rytlle, a. I Une to spoil the glamor of Ihe run. ** ‘‘‘* 1 The crowfl was given a thrill * when Wally .Marks succes.sfully I heaved a pass to A pit*, who did I some henutlful broken field run! nlng for 35 yards and a tcut hduwn Minden Hi Trims Gibbon Gridsters High School Football. it'ontlnued from page one.) .At HeHron—»««(«eiler. It; Hehriin, 7, At WtmviMHl—KI iiiwo « m I, ;iS; Sterling. 0. At 4 li»<lroii—4 li««lri»n. 32 ¡ <íor«1on «. At C'oliinihui»—N«>rfa»K. I«: 4'oliimhus. 7. MINDEN, Neb., Oct. 9 .—Minden high defeated (Jlbbon In football yesterday. Glen .*Vrendt scored two touchdown., .for Minden and Boyle crossed the goal for the other touchdow n. Minden led at half-time, 14 to 2. Minden jilays at Alma next Sun- ilay. A4 l.lhertv—llnrneston. 13; IJbrrl.v, 6. At 4»«lell—tuteli. <l; 88 > ninre. 0. At KImball—KlmlHill. 3»! I,o«lKep«ile. <»• At 4»"d—M««»fla. 13: 4>r«i, 13. At Hit ver t'reek—Sliver 4 reek. 27 s New man tirove, 0, At A»*hlHn«l—Ashlaiul. 7; AVeepIng 88 a- At \A'ashlngtwn—Isi^nln, 7; t'alhnttc I .. 0. At tialnesvtlle—.Hlssieslpiil, 12 ¡ Ft«rr- lila, 7. .At Danville—Oglellimpe. 12; t’enter, 0. At Dallas—Texas Aggies, 6; Hew anee, 3. At AA llberforee—AVIIherton e, I«; Ulne, flelti, O. .At Hrtlon Ilotig»»-—Tennessee. 14; I.«*»- Isbuia Klate, 7. .At tlreenvlll««—AA'ajn«*stnirg, 7; Ttdel. S At i4«»wling 4*reen—^Howling Oreen. It. At Alemphl«*—s«mHiifesteni. I»; lAlrm- Ingha Aniitliern, 14, At Hlrniliigham—.Auburn, S3; Ilow- artl, 14. .At lliMiston—Kl«*e, », Trinity, ». At Auitln—Texio. ! .. 27; IfiilHIp*. «» At Iturlioursvllle—Keiilmk.v AA’esle^■nn. 14; 81i»rrls llarve.v, 0. At M<»rgan««iw I»—8Ae«t A trgiiila. *M , Allegehan). 0. At .81erl«lHH—Atiibama, 2»; Allsslsslp- pl Aggies, 7. .At Durham—Duke. 32; KIton, 0. At 4 b.x|«e| Mill—North Carolina.. 7. Hoiith 4 a rollila. «». .At tirenvllle—Furman, I»; AVakefnr- est, 0. At 4 lemsnn—4 lemsnn. 7; North 4 aro- llna. 3. . At Leillngtea—Itoanoke, 13; A. 81. I*. 7. At Charlottesville — VIrgtnin. *'"¡ l.yiiehhurg, 0. HIs'UsipiM college, I'i; riorloa. «. Chadron Eagles Trounce Central Osceola Win* Game. ULYSSES, Neh., Oct. 9.—Osceola high blanke«! Ulysacs high In Lk't- hall yesterday by a 26 to 0 score. .* nu... AA'aunetix, IS; tlgallala, ». ' At 8las«tn 4 It.v—Mas«m 4 It.v, 23; Ra- veiinn. t'. At North Loup—North I»iip, 88; 4.ree- , '*^At Öenoa—tirand l-land, 43; tirno« Indian«. 0. . . . At David 4 Itv.—Dnvid 4 llv. 7 A.irk, 7. 8t INiliviide—l’alUade. fl; htockville. 2. 4t rivs*.e 0-ce«dR. '2«; llvssce. 4t At AA'ilber—88 über . fl; Sevyvril ,'sem- .At tiothenhurg—tiollienhlirg, 38; llrok- en Itovv, 0. . .At Farniim—4 urtls «Aggle». 30; far_____ nam. n. _ At Minden— .Alimlen, 22; 4,lhhom, 2. 1*0»**-j cat I- eye ring lucky football yesterday* 6 to ! ju,*ob Ruppci t. owner of fhe New mn 20 y.ards to the touchdown. vork Yankees, for the tcam’s success tlils y«‘ar. FOOTBALL IS LAST. Tii* \\«aalen Stands uf ('.oilei* field will hnve to serve Notte Darne’.« fof.lhnl! crowflH untll th«' hulldlng» needed for classroom« and dormi• lorles are completed. College Football. (Continued from Page On«» ) At Hvria-iise—"i.v raruse, 3.8; 88 llllaiu A Atnr.v, d, At >«*■« A «»rk—Fordliam, II; 'lanhat- fnln, (i. At lthn<vi«—t'i*mall. 4S: A8 IHiams, 0. .At 4 amhrldge—Hol.v 4 ' tosn , 19; H«xr- var«l, tl. At New A <»rk—4'lt.v « «dlege. »«I. I4VVV reiH'e, 7. At New \ork—*Coo|»er I'nlon, 8; New A ork Aggie*. 2. At 1 e*n Ut«»n—Tiifts, 10; Hates. 9. At Amherst—I8«»«il«»'n. 7; Amherst. 7. At Amliersl-! «»nnertlnil Aggies, 1.7; 8laMS. Aggies, «. At If aiidlton—4'olg-ale, 14; si. linna- venture. 0. At llannver—IHertinmith, 21; A Irglnia Tolj, •». I At l'ri»vlden«*e*—Hrown. 8.'«; I.elitgh, O, ... . »,. « , «> ,i(l>> At Hiiffnln—Drove t1t>. 10; I «iiisiiis. ll. > « HADRON, Keb., ilcl. .*• ( IH > At Durham—New Hamimhire, «; < «I* ¡ ( hadron Normal college playod It « f»>, 0. At Ann«|«dls—N'av.v Reserves, 2«; first State (‘«inference football gam«» Rlrhin«»nd. o. ¡ today since «‘upturlng the conference «‘hainplonshlp last year Winning from Nehrask Central c«vl ' lege, 41) tv (I. Outweighed, the visitors were un ' able to gain through the Eagle*»’ lln«*. Several Hucc**»»ful forward passes were the only yardage gained by the Central «'Ity »«piad. i G.HvIn, v«‘teran «’hadron h««k. ¡featured the gHnie, »««nlng three of At. Fnimltsbiirg—8D. HI, Aijirv’s, II; jjh^ totjchdowns «'!lffor«l Welle; At Middleburj—Staine. :U; Middle- hur>, I». At Ntate ( ollege—I’enn State, 48; 8la- rietta, 6. At Hurtlngton—Aernmrd, II; 4 lark- son, n. At 88 <»r«>es4er—AA arrester, 16; I'rin- lt.v. 0. Al 4'arllsle—DIrkineon, 0; Franklin A 8tArshall, 0. At l*ovvell—Low ell Textile. 7; Rhode Island state. 0. At lliifrnlo—Magar» 60; H ii IT m I o , •. Drexel, 0. At 88rlUhnrg—itethan.v, 7, 88 estmln- Isler, 7. Wilber Trims Seward. SEWARD, Neb.. Oct. 9. Wilber defeatc«i Seward Semln.ary In f<»ot- ball .v**sterday. 6 to 0. Sheslak tackle«! a Se8vard ball- lukger behind the Une and Sewardlte fumbled the ball, Kusy! recovering fur Wilber. Hoffman j plunged for seven yards, Schlles ^ gained three and Sb*an added thei additional yard for a touchown. Ir v?i' , u I ■ t. . left guard, plu\ed h brllUiint defen At Allrntewn — Mnrhlenherg, 18; Del- , *•% » « i .» « i tvshnrg, «. s!\e game. Tin* < hdaron h.ackneM Al .Nr»' Haven—Vale Frv.eli. 8; Fhll- ? ga Itied at will thnmgh the ll|»s-F»eter. fl. Uglfi At I'ollegeville—Delaware, «; I rsln- us. U. A( I'ldltulelphla—I’rnn, 44; Sa*»rlh- more, «». At Tr«»v —Rensselaer, (*; springfleld, «. At I nl«ni—.Norvvlrh, 14; I nion, .7. At Deiieva—llntiart, 21; I (»sala, «. «'entrai Une. V'I’ OC' AStONAId.T hr«r of one n;, portunity, hut yon kn«vw shout rm»«« «li them If you read the * lassllWd se« tton rrguUiIy. Pathetic Figures North Loup Wing. NORTH LOUP, Neb.. Oct. 9. North Loop high defeated Greeley in football yesterday, 38 to 7, Cupid Haiiffs Kayo On Promoter Tex Oi-D fOOL WHO fOOK OV&RCOAT -fO 6H0W THÈ YouM65T^K’S HOW HE- UÓED To ^ f^OOTBAl-L- ‘M * 1.1 81 1 « I IH UTH (jl \lt 1*4 tt. .. ■ji- >n* if» 1*1 U' *‘.f 1 *i ' ■ *■ , ( »1 <1 Vi ■ .Mfc t *e J: f lhf*‘*ugh the Tlgrr ne f**r 15 ysr<tv *« *1 .Net .. > * h»d (he ball «in the Mi«i *' ■ 1 m » ■ tin* H«(k I'.lt gu»r*i (oi lhr<« WHITE SCLPHUIl SPRLN’GH. W. Va., <»ct. 9.—ilNS)—"It’s news to m*. Tex left here today for Hot SprlngH, Va.. »11 alone, and If he Is m¡«rried I «lon't know It." This statement tviis made tonight by \\ . Fields, business associate George L. (Texl Uickurd, notel Rjiorts promoter, who was reported to have been married Thurs'lny at Id'Wishurg. W. V.i . to .Miss Maxine Hodges of Ni'w York City. Rev, Courtney, pastor of the 01*1 Stone Presbyterian church at I,.ewls- hurg, rep<frt«d to have perfortne*! the cerernon.8’ arni said to have, disclosed the wedding today, det llneil tonight to comment. Asked If h<* had officiated at th ' report«'«! wedding, Reverend «'«>ur*- ncv sabl tonight; j "I am not »t liberty lo tell” ' 'I'he (‘oiintv clerk at I/ewiahur* ,sald he iMttiied a marrl.ige 11« « n»* Thursday forenoon to Georg«* L Rickard, who g;i\e hla ;«go as 5( and .New York City as his ref-.ldem«* an«l .Miss .M.txlne Hodges, who ga\* hei a»-«* ;«■« 24, and New 8'otk <'tt,( as her horn«'. I liesjitte th«* fact that Revereri*! i«'ourtn«*v sitfil he was "not at llher- iy to 1**11" eon* erning the re(>ort«*d mairhige "f Tex Hiekard. whe; 'hp**»kini-* this aft* rnoon of n coupl** he unit* i In w«*dloi*k. the (sa.sior .«riiil th: hild»*. i«>„n. “t.light h* ” ti.» r. . inoua pronc'ter, hut that h<* did n*.: ¡know th«* tvhereutiouts «>f Hie n<wL : wedf EGYPTIAN footballer .. Mura '•'E'n'j*. un alhl»te of thi CnU''*rMty uf Can* , is now a *-ojtho- nnnt- at I’enii!*,\ Iv;. n!a State college and.!« u i*»ndi«h'ite' for t!;«* ha* kf'eh; * on t *e football t«*uin. * • art ALL-JEWISH BACK FIELD.. . • ' t' -rri* II iiiuy pee*»«nt *n MlJ-.Ievv,-h ’ _ h;«<kfj**lil on t’iie gi' this faU • vP! Ha.'iUl Cii.nei »ml |.«*Mt« Hosenherg, veteran half-h««« k» ¡tnd Irving «'<ftin po>* .il*r<* fullha«*k an-1 .Mart ' Hcfk, (djí« rl« rbuck.

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