Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 2
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fWO •STERLING, ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY,-NOV. 22, 1916, It ia composed of wax and oils so combined as to give a brilliant, lasting thiat *nd to soften and preserre the leather, THE SmamA HOME SET fb» handiest, most efficient shoe shining set you $aa btif at any pric6. Sold at a nominal cost to SOTOTA users. FOR HOME, GRIP OR , AUTOMOBILE HACK—t«t—WHITE At til Betters—Take no substitute fei*vJ tut JHWf *ET MORRISON BRIEFS [ORRISON DAILY GAZETTE - '. . **fcsi» _ . MOERISON, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, 1916. THE READING CIRCLE THE GUILD MET Musical Evening At Home Of Westminster Guild Enjoyed Evening Mr* R. R. Davis. i With Mi«» Florence Angel). ' V I'iiar inciting on Monday ei'r-niiiK at .iiiiuir < 'itvl<- he-Id t>\\ Mnn.t;iy t-\'»-- nt the home <>f Mt<=. H K, Iwvls •)!!!> •Thi.« v. n*- i.ii« r* v «a» »>v< nm«" ami i !iii'* !'">Mr- I'. !•' i»<v,t, Mi*« n i nini .tin-1. Mi>'» »!• i> n Si'-fti' r. ,\li«;.(... iji.tilsM Schiader i i !><• hciiit- iif Miss Klorcni'"' Aiitf*')) on i\\v«.(_ v.';U! .«tr. ft. The (-iMpUT from j the Jiiii-k in) I.Uin- ArrfiTlrri which the i ytiild-ls .n-adini: ihiavi-ar ivusi jitu<liwl, H'. ,' • i . • 'A . * T:,l -<! ' N ] l.l\ M! «. I '. -, ;t v.i i '• w ij> KM". >k H:i!(f<"ti, -. K '•"•>, !ti<* h"Mli Mr "l:irnf-.» ll « 'ill. ?»•»«> ufi-f»"ii vi-i'i. "HI' I* Il«t'llM« '•'•'Mm 'Ida 11 null i -— Mi. 1 •"' fjMft t>on>t!n MI-II.', Hies! AMI Of the Anii U:i Kvit'.'K, •oinjifihlsf." !*.<! num. •H-liUs J"Y><rad>'r. ,1' I I'III | >:i I! I ft. ill th»' form of ft iUi"U< r Ix'fnur the 'iK* 4 < a'-i^fil HUH h uith .\l!MJi'f< F-:il( .M.'I.iiUk-lilin ;is lii<'*!iti« will In- h i he li«"in<- <> -Mr*. ) •». Tht- tirxt (vOii ur<k« lit BAKERY IS CLOSED •»—. ' ' '' Bakery Closed Doom Tuesday Evening. !s. Mr. on«t Mrs, K, -r, J-.%!!:f-r < '<it I!, ;<••will * ivit Ii< r !'<n i IV r >•"!!•• !>ii! nf M;!l\its. t'.S. -\ :*it»-«! itl thf'W. t* l>-»K.-'ili"*«- .M.-mi'iy. \|f ,*'"' .Mrs. I!. W, U ••*'.. Mi a'l'! Mt« ,1. A !tl..rdi'Ti, Mr ami MT« \V !•; Tiillcr and !*nink f',;;ttb!< m. = f"r'-tl Yi-!iK'"t" Sinn Tn»-5«diiv In i'!tmi>n. Mr. :i'nd Mr.*. <;<•..rj;i- 8I:i> m«h« r, of Krl' 1 , wot ft visitors in <hf« ciiy Tti»-«- da>*. . -.'... inir i-flatu'os in thin olty. havinic l>ofti • ittti'il h"rt> hv the illttfroi of hln j;rarnl- niolln-r. .Alt*. Jaiirl H»Tnf't«. .John Tllloma WI-IH to l-"nl!..n Tm-f- day vvlu'to hv VUltrd rtinttvis VVIlilarh K«>rntmn« WHS a tm.«inf.«« vtnltor In i'Hn!<in Tnr-Bdav. Mi«. Delia t-aikcy »t'«'nt Tiii-fiilny with frU-ndi* In Storllng. I«-in*'!nl«', IVnn.. rind .Aft.*, \S"h!«tl*'r, of Tiirmlity l'.-nn.. l«-ft thoir hmnp ait«>t a visit SftttNt-fm'fit. "nnd f.iHunin- this flu-; joim-d in sibttliii-T "Tin 1 Star ! l*d Hiinf»f«r." ' ight rt'frofshrni'ntM \\f-rc *.•<•! vod hy nml thin' fvcninj; jvrovrd • onjoyutili- <ii\c in nil j»res- i ti'il iti Uit« iity for thr> past two liv Ki;;inK llli'K«'l, rloM'il last «<vr- The iiMuicM will l)o Htorotl fur ittnr in thM city anil Mr. lUi-Kcl. «> «jti Use fi-aij ,t» n • tr«vi'lln»c Ka It'sxiijui, iitu Hi'ct*|»t^d a (nisitiori wHIv it « fin uilli whom h«> was i>ft'- at the M. I'OUT hoin« In thin oitv. Mr. and -Mrs. J. .1. iSihh* arrlvrd Monday .I'vt'tilnK from Alrlji-on, III., for a vlxit nt the Inim* 1 of thoir «nu. Harry. H, ). i.ihlonH tian.trtcfod l.niHin> i »«« THE HODGE ORCHESTRA fr. nmt'Mrn. Wo^U-v Wink, of dak- . Seyeraj Erig«8«menti—Foe—Out—Of ^K»n.V'^ri r 'vlsiuhK''VtrTh^''Jo«rivfv'|" Town Affairs Are Made. and with utnor r.-I.ttiy.-^ In •this! .The HudKo I'oiicort Orc)io»ira hn8 uncial «vi-iits In this i-ity and j v it-ti-aty. Ainoiis th«' nuoiivl affairs* and | i»nu>i'talnnifhiH "hlch they h«v« befii to i-Uiy In .iht> npar future are illy. ™*""*T?*™r^ '~"3 ZLJLT' " •^f'-'^rT^ .',11> . |»fe I s - < t.Ll " ' ; ~ •"" "' ; " ft M in I'loi-h'-ixicwn .mid two In Ho- the annual J tvvn in I'MU'hcittcwn .nin. t lu'llt*, one- nl'. u h it'll i.s SURPRISE PARENTS Floyd Welch And Mi»» Gertrude Birely Married In Clinton, uf •'llntorii \ifiit«'il nt tin fK' " f Ills son> Trilt ' (1 V' Tupsday. Until UIH! Matido .MrljniKh- (In »|'«>mVui'«i1«y with frl«'H<1(< in «'lln f PROPHETSTdWN NEWS I PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. The bakery^ wale j;M3Hl'l?'il..l l >lji 1 £ JTofr~ijr~thp CathoUe ehureh S'utur- .d«y wan a. HUrVew*.' ttw ' ladi«*»« taking In J1N.TO. They nr« v«-ry well pleawd with the rexult, Mrn. William S<iuliet wax a paxsen- «er home to Alcxniidrla, Minn, .Monday nlKht. after a vlult In l'rophi>tn- town and vlelnlty. Durliuc her flay she was prKulpally n And all the King's horses and all the King's men could not put HuniptyDump- ty together again. has that to do with our business? Why it brings to mind this truth: It is a great deal easier to keep a person's confidence than it is to regain it after it has once been lost. We are fiwn believers in this truth and that is uric of the reasons why we, are leaving no stone unturned to insure complete'satisfaction for 'every R & W patron. Everything we sell is guaranteed to "make good" in actual wear. The suits and overcoats we are showing reflect the greatness of the E & W's buying power. In most every case we can truly say that we have- never seen finer garments for the prices—when you inspect them you will agree with us—and this has been accomplished in spite of abnormal market conditions. Strong lines at Kinyd \Vi'lrh- and <1ertrud«' Hlrt'ly '\MT<» iinit«'i1 In marriaac in Clinton on Perfection Smokeless vQil Heater 1 ? «H| Household Necessity i| In th? fall before the furnace |i;iw**h«rd*d—in cold weather, #»h«n the furnace faili to keep omen mnn, aPcrfectiop , ee t*ke» the chill away •ad. wake* the whole house comfortable. Perfection Srookelen IT mix k* easily carried . ; from loom to room— W the hwulle doe* *not get hot. .Monday, The wcddinsc oom«»« us n surprise to their .friends and parents, •who knew nuihtiiK <>f the event until anmuinced In a telegram thp brldo'n parents, Mr! and Mr*. Walter Blrrly, received ..Monday evening, announcing tho niittrliiK'* and Mtatinfr that Mr, nnd Mrs. Welch would return home Tues-r diiy. 4 FELL QfTHlS FACE Teen Age Department Of M. E. Bun day School Held Meeting. Tho members of the avon A|?e do partnu-nt of the M". K. church hold a. nieriing'at their class rooms nnd Miss Tena Hippie has been spending tho week and a part of lu*t"ln Hock Inland, with friend* and reja-. tlVI'W. M Ins Colia Olson was itn arrival tionTFnroin MasonCity.. lowST whi're $1S, $18 and $25 & ' ' • \ Knitted or woven silk neckwear and muf- ih'rs.-silk,, madras and pfivale shirts in t-iu'crful nc>w pntft'rns,—smart well. i'ashioiiotl host'of cotton, lisif, or silk—all in a .with? range of .stylos and prioos -wtrty-f«r your rhnnsiii^ in our furnishing Mothers delight to outfit their boys in our boys' section., Kvc-ry good tiling for tlu-in to wt-ar has been assembled All wool two trouser suits at .$6,50 and $7,50. K & W special slot- 25c pair. "K'& \V special blouses 50c. AVarm sweat ers and underwear at 50c, $1.00 and up. M> * o had N>*n fur tho |«wt thr«-o with lu-r »lHt«'r. and family, Mr. iind Mix. It i* Odorless be reculate4 to the heat »traif(ht up or out. and sweet air. kerosene -i- cheap atul -available. Any good e will give utiifactum, but for bett result* we J*cr- httion _-O8.- ;It i* easy to fill and regulate. fi tocfe« high, 1} im : hc« in - 4&W»rter— fimshed in p«Hihc4 «f«tl or/ blue enamel-^triin- k J*Hpi«« tvckel ar blark Japan. It i* «n ortiiment^-ana in use , fenjorctJjan 2,000,0t>^)u»inc». w from f* to|7.2$,, vding to finiih. LookJor Wiangle jnuic maik. . ,IUyo lamps give th •ofrmeUawlight t enahlei you to read out ey«,*tr»in. Get me. STANDARD OIL, CO. .S, A. in th«« cl«ir*'li Monday fU-eted tho followliiK l»rt»sidfwt— Ueuolved Hurd. Vice .Prf^ldpnt— Goorge I^iwton. K<lna Swanson. da I'my/ln. Organist— Bdlth ,'Norrish. 4'horlnt^r— » Mrs. Hrannum. Supt, — Mrs. Q. A. Oliver, MOVESfioM CITY William Cr«w Will Return To Han• cock, Minn, _ . W i Ilium It Cri! w, who iiaa resided in I'nionvilltf for tho past 'year, in at pivsont hauling u ear with hl« HOUH<?- hold good* jw>}>arivtos.v to moving hatk to HaiK'oi'H", Minn. Mr. « 'row OWIIB n farm noar Hancock which ho will. o|x;ratt', & ' . C. i>. I-rfirwm. 'of III., was culled to tuw.n recently by tln> dt-ath of •'."«" mother iind r«Hiirm'rt horhi> Monday mornltiK nft«r Ht«v*ral ituys' «tuy u'llh tho fotnily. Hhi» hutl ln'«ri prcvldwsly out from thi- «'lty to we her moth«?r and whi'ii «h« r«'turn<'d to ihe H«-lK'hts felt I hat 'the mother wn* out of dan- KPr. nod WUH grtatly BuriiristHl to leurn of hi«r • • Mlf*» Lou Younur, was 4r pnwitnKpr to ' Chli-otfo. Tiu»«d«y mo'rnlnjf for f»»w day* with friends In tln MIH. Frwl Hiiikle wua.a Boys' guaranteed Rain Coats, $3" $5 tO' Men's gruaranteed Rain Coats, $4 ,,,$15 "to Dana, 111.. Ttieftd«y niornlng' for a Hlt of and old dHyn with rtflatlvea N«-SIU< Mfltzc-r, of Minnesota. wh» l« here tm u visit. W«B a paa«» v n- g«>r to Wnliiut. Tut»Hday r «i«rnlnir. wlu-rw «he will he Any* "when Mh« will return, to JTophetstown. Tho flty In Bpeniling nom« munty In Kruv«llhK the road east of town known i\n t!u> ..Ulnckinurr strwt. ' s It Is put,- tlnif on four rnrloariM of thw SjiriDK Vwlkty KTjivt-1 which »c«>m» to '!>«.» glv (njf thi» he»t of satisfaction wlu-rfve It has )iwn used In th«« -townHhlp. r; nnrt >lra. WWIamlildmi jire at hoirnv with their daughter nml «on, ufti»r n visit lit Minnesota. Mr. KUIr»>d went up on a . hunting trip and re- L.itjtl« Child Of Glenn Knox Cuti Up* per Lip Bedly, SiiMvn Kiiiix. thP tvvcr yeur-old duugh- tt-r <»f Mr. unit Mr«. tJJ«-n Knox, who rt'Hidi* iini- and oii(~'hall' mllcH nouth- t'HHi t<t this I'ity, whll<» I'laylng 1 on the jiortJi iH'fUU'iitiUly Ml on'lipr fau'* 4 , IH>I' (ip|ti-i- teeth plfi'cinK h«-r ll|j KO that It \vua nvvr*#nty for ttut doctor In ttt- irndiMK't',4'» tukw avvoru! stUchca. PROBATE COURT RECORDS KbUtc Uydia liruwn, lUu-puBprt, ('laini» allu«»'d: \V". J. t'itl'tfr. $',.«; I). , $:.(>o; riuiB. I). -Miu-klu), $!•- und H vt-ry Mr, tuui .Mr«. Kmm«t to l'\ccracmt ( III., thU* we*»k, LUii- .wJil ._Y!§!L_U«£J .C-law, >ir, mid Mr», Cln-ht»'r Kt>tm<r, of tho force o.f tlu» Kcltpno l^iwn Mower com- Lumber t'o.. f 12.06; (.4: A. • \V, j. A. Wrm. $1 ar. »\>)ii-« ivtkutr NushutiU'l Ith'd ami Altu'd. H. Muttlu<wa. Uuar- I'ou- puny, taking his vat'Utlon at thf r HOPKINS NEWS A BIRTHDAY PINNER Mr, and Mr«. W»H the school — ,. Mr und Mr«. K. W. Mlt«hell «'ntor- tnln«>d for .UniM-r <»no day recently. Mr and Mrs. K. M. Ward, of- Hii.ux City, Iowa, and Kvisvti*- Wll»ey, of Ar- ** Mr and Mrn. Frwl Trlpp*>. of Morrison. Hprnt Sunday at the home of r.-l- ativim In rrophc-tstown, Mr and Mru. Charl^H Ilalster nnd . Clara, t»vl Mrs. Harry Hul- moforcd t«» oilnton Monday and th* day. . C, \V. MitolH'H and daughtiT. Mrs. Anna Lwivlt.t- went t«v Uockrod ThurH- «n« !» day. wherv ihf y MltcheU r«Hiirjtin« home !..<?uvUl to ht»r Summitt Btfillon. Ohio, from th«>rc. John. Km*** has rftununt t«. his lu»m«? in Mulvern from Nfbraskfi. whor* h<« was railed liy th«» d«*ath of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. rani Dcttmuin and Mr, and Mrx. WilHum township. MILLIONS USE IT TOSTOPA.COLD "jp: ' "Rape's Cold Compouhd"'ends severe colds or grippe in few hours. Ilfllff' comftB fimtuntly. /" ; />•• .«.»•< A domi takt-n i'vory twu hours aiN^'i r«'« *l»«t'*j «1'M .tnktfit will end KilIU**'jl . Isury and bmiK uj> a - nev«T» cold I ^ IIP .Sunday. Mr. mul-.Mr». Ut-ln nt ."I'roplu'tttlo.wn.' MI.-JH 1^'iia. Ei-kert. of California H|H-nt. tho past wi-fk nt the homo of ht>r cousin. Mr. and Mr*. fifork« Mat- tlti'W, anil also viNUcnl at tho hotwt* of Mr. und M.t«. Orsna Dowtl. . MIHH Uuth Huyor; of Ohio station. Hpi-iit the wiM'k «'iid ut tlu* homo of hci pan-iits, Mr, nnd Mrts. C. K. Uuy'«r. • Mr*. Willard Humphrey IM ch-rklnj.' In tin- I. J<|Hepu'H ilry Koodn Htore In Morrison during lli« hidlday.s. thf mln , «-llh«-r lu the ItfiiiJ, ch**st, body or Hnihx. . It promptly ojienn oloKseil-.tip nostrils and air paHWii;«H in, tlie lu'ad. . Willard llumj»lin»y. of Mr. and Murrinim, Sunday cvi-nlng. Mr. ana Mr*. .ChAri** Palsler will , ed at their horn* Bunday In honor of their «on, Arthur's birthday. At the noon hour a bpunt«ou« dinner was by Mi'K, Uarjvm and h*»r helper«. The day wan apent In a nodal way. Those present (Jrundmu I'olkeru, . OUin's isnul n'ji<»'t tlloil, Hwcipts of Winds lor (ll.sirihiitm'"»har«'s Illt-rt. Ki*-' p"i t ai'Tpl'i'Vcd am 1 dtnchftit;^ orU«TiMl/ ('i>i.M«ivutiti- M.titlM. A, Hall, l'«^tl- ti"U tor UMVO to n'iK>i"l HU'tl a,ml a,l- l,,«»-d * ' i:>t.ii«t o-f Jtinii's ll. Hourk, !'..) il iiMil .H $]'>'». itk-d »nd »> l-'it'«i liillhftM. ds.t-cnwed, iii\t»id<iT filoil " ^tnd \V to .1 ,.*Sf /i i S \»SS" S •' jiii, ifflmin ' ' 11 r k . . i '< l^ayr's Wonderful Remedy, * for stowacli trouble ONE POSE WILL i < ! I'll »'IH Of n !, .JIM! li.i> Mirt.A. ,yftW-Intovii .1- I r il ,iil!tn nt.i it. M.It tioiu SI"iu U S ! II li 'i < Ht >'* t *. m\< . \i,-,i - \\ ca.!'il ul Ut iiK'dy* I i« ••',!.! I"I ,- I' III »• -'i .Uilill ;i| -i .N I .,~'! ( I ill! J '. 11 ill I < * "O It 1 OS I I \ air. and Mr«. Wnyl Hoffman and family of Hterliiiif. Mr, and Mr«*. 1*1. Hin- riehH. .Mr. und Mr*. <'«»! Hlnrlclw. Mr. and M*a. John llerA, Mr. and .Mr*. Herman i''ulker» anil fumily. Mr, and Mra^ Antone Folker*. Mr. and Mrn. l'"red Folkt'iK. Mr. and MIK. Harry OnUtm. Mr. and Mm. Albert Wessela. Mr. and Mrs. Churlex fiiilxtw and family. Mr, Tuid Aim H'ury Uiiliti-r, (Swu'fc'e Hiu- to mov« Into Uu'lr new house thin and will wttortiUn thuir children and ununl chUdrun on' Thank*Blvintr day. Jkjr*. 1* N. Quv»wil«Try tinU five <£bndren urrlvtil fr»>m ih»lr""botne In Hetlwood Fill lit, Minn., Friday mornlnj£ und .will WM'inl neveral weeks at the of her parents, Mr. un<PMnt. C. F, Uoyer and othrr CU-rftiun schui'l opeiu'd Monday MH a '"" altwudaiH-t- and Arthur UtJiing as instructor. MAKES RAPID HEADWAY rich*, John Darjuw, l-'lmer HiuiicliK and Aljna -l-'iilker.-i. ^_ R. G, THIMBLE CLUB. , Mii< <Jt'oi4fe Matthew enteii.Uui-d ihe H. I {..Thimble rlub at hoim- Thui*.- teriKton. Then' and e>e\emi ila> ludl The uffritoon ho tirwiiit: for thv ho \iTsuUuii, at llu- \vrrv und -two by |M»||. hour dainty wi-re' Met V*'d> The Jie?it be hi Id at the h"me of Mr.-,, Ui-i\ -Mi ..unl .Mi* t"l\ Ito.ver eiHt'ltailii'-tl ai ihi-iiphomf foi dinner TJiuu.d.i^, the Hiiwnn jMji-ftx Mi .unl Mis We iU>\ WiuK "t (KikU'> K.«n . viii't ML- I? At k> tin in. olll M.ilvii:. John i i'i'«ii)'i;' ilnl i» , !.,!!• ll K A pi ••!.•! I/I Ml. I I. l- !.••! i,.ii i\>o"ili tin' Iii il I'llittt i'l !>< lt«'>< i (till in I* n I t i Add Thii Fiiet Ypur Stor.« of .Knowledge. Kidney disease often udvaiual «u nufidly that many a, p«*r»on is tlrmly In its grasji before of its pro- 1'rnmpt attcntUm t-]iould he of kidney disorder. If tiierjn i| a dull pain in thu li.ub, headat-hes, dUzy bpvUti uc u tiredi worn-out feeinijr. or if the Kidney seeretlons- are offensive, irregular und at}i-nd«d by pain, luocuie'y. good Kidiie>*'»fineitV at une»j. i Your towiinpeoj'Je reeommt-iui Kidney Tills. Head the .-.Uttcntent Sterling woman. Mrs, Kl nasty diat-harK" or nose run- rellvvfs Kick'heudaclut, xor« and sttffnei pi—Qutt—hltiwinir yotfi* throbbliiK hoiuU Jtfothing «»IHB In the* world Klve« Mich prompt relief aw "Pape'H Cold Compound," which cont» only 26 cents at any drug store. It arts, without ta»tcH nice, causes no in- lie wuro you get the genuine. M IMS en Anna Itfl^s und Xiladys paueit and I^'-onard Huhben, pupils (if the UopfweJI school will uttend. Mr. und Mrs. WchJay Wink, of dak- ley. Kurt., ripfint the past week at tho home of Mi*. Dan Ackerriuin, of Mal- vcrn, They will iilso vinit other ttven in ('oleta, (hilt and tins vuuu before returnkm home, Wr. and Mrs. \VlUurU Humphre^ of Moriison 'enturtalned fi>r dinner STWCH UPSET? Oet at the. Keal Cause—Tukc Pr« ' lio Tablets JORDAN NEWS FUNERAL SERVICES. Funeral Kervieew w«Tt> held Friday !ift«»rni»t>n for the infant son of Mr. and Slr.s. ll K. Maker, who PUHM«H| away Thursday uftt>riuion. 'l'in> Mr. and Mrs. 15. 11. Tillman und conducted hy Hfv. Ci. Aiunan, iisKlHtt'd hy lU'V. W. C. Stnlth. Th« baby was xix- ii'i-ii days old und very fniil. 'It wax laid to rest in ihe Frload'H cemetery lit PenroHO. - ' ^WOMAN'S DA YJ Woman's Jiuy was oh»t»rvi'd at Jordan church lit*t yumlay iSoinu : «pecltti niuwtc by Oittrhtin H^vvral txerdinBu by tl>« children, rea'd' IIIKH by .Mrs. Muhel LH-iwoili-r nnd Mrt). Ida WcuigrHuh, a Chines^ «olo' by Miss .Mallei S^holl. a'"talfe l>Sf : Mi % ». 'Triwidpy. uiwl pr'nyt'r. A fn-*' worn tukmi, jOROAJTlmieFS. Mrs, \V. Hayn«» spent thrct* daya with lu«r chJidffn near Colt»tn last wwk daughter ohred- Mr. and Mrs. Vrod tihuildt* I'lttt-rtatn- I'd for dinner Wumluy. Aliv and Mr*.. Alvm Sices and daujihtfVrt and ^lr. .tnd MIK. Clciui MiimoGsT- and baby,, Ainifilu /tiuk, of MolTlnoli. it>tin n< d .Kriduy havinic ^IM'III ,sev»'i«il .l:i.\.-. m the li, K. (iitl\grt IIOIIIK in I'.tl- That's what thousand? of stomadi -.., sufferers arc doing tunv. Instead of i ? taking tor.ic$, or tryj- n fiJU>_ njtdl uil al_ W-tW-i{y*e ««d- poor "digestioMJ they arc a,ttackin}? the in-ciyUv Suuduy will -be- hrhhnt next Katurduy afternoon and j— visttfcf tTWluTS real cause «f the ailment — clogged liver <jisor-tk'(c f l bowels. l*cnr«»iit<.>. MUisioijary Moeloty met :' with Mrs. Htet-M last Tliur.Mlay. A goodly iw, \) m±tj'*i\ * * • \**f ** *• * ^j \ . • *• •** — * Dr, Kdwanli' Olive Tablets, arouse ^h|! r t. r w*r^\»mtlMr l; ii4,| K -| V d^ the liver „, When the ami l,v a |,M art. per- u-rni.i •», forming th'ir tuttiia! iuni'ti<ui-'. ».\vay I llman t'r»ni ltoj>r indigcf.tiuu and. «tonoch trt>:tblcf. jd;.»y iintl/r tj.u/day ut thf If you have a tu<! tar.t^ in > >ur i ''Him- iiVUr\.^ilUt;d^i'vim-. mouth', tongue cuatfil, apiicti^ ii-»yr, i .*;"* *"• J* JMchhorn hux bci-n IH-«I- lazy. don't-carc feeling, IM a::ibi<ion or 'i^i,',, J '/ sl Wvlk wul1 t "' 1 ' ill< |h>u AV,. HU..1UV. «»v»: "\ *uir,.m» from" C f er ^ W\ e<l Sf? 11 Hp^ff"*?, f °°^ ' ^« kwr tti.d'f^uily *V,v ivft- a dull. |H.,«> a.liv m my la. K aud!^" sllo . uld ^ ( ] hi '° 1;ibkts ' tlle *««»•, r .«.f visitor wh.>n I *.i\\ iHMna I'iHs ad- StUUle fur.caknHd • Mt*s«< yti-*^ and 'M:un- .Vumuii mul Mi'ia-vd. 1 maiH- HJ> in\ mind to tij- Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets ire a.i Ml,- 1 * «;t,]/i^ MilhoiiM- w«-i-i l>.i,i»'» Kl'iii«t\ pfllk the .v.tim- ib-it '•purity vegetable compound nisxc.i with ^-«**>'- : :^it«.mi:iy .u AI ll. th< m l ptorinfd-tv«. i»..v«-,i it» iVio's ' olive nit- You will km>w them by tht-if*;""''" , inn* ,^>.'ic .mil ti-tv ivui.'Xt-i liit-, 0 j; V f color, They <do the work wsthuut ' ;,' t ''\V, " vnl '"• , " ,... griping. cramp» or pain. _ ' ' SM•,»•,,Vi«C ^ ,'", "'".,' i . t '. lft ,. '"!"!" Take one t r tv<» 4t hydtimc fur tjuM. ' ', -n/.^iio-i-ii'iiirs 'at .iWir..,;.- aio -tin Mrs. Tom Smith atid Mrn. \Vm.,. Mnx- Wi-ll lipent a day r«-«-emly wHh Mrn. James I'oatt* in Hterlinjjr. Mr«. Mary' Klln>- iia« been vlrtiting at the Henry Mi-Hinger home. Mrs. Charlen l.'nrkM and mm, Olar* ••nee, accom|ianU*<l by Mrs. J. I-ampin, of I'ohi, M|*eiu Friday in Koekford. John Knyder and ('liirenct- I'arka .spi-iit a day rw^nlly in (,'liitut. Lucille, 'the little dbutihter of Ouinthfr'x, who \van operated <m foV uppt>niilcUitt in tht» S.terlinK ho ahuiit a wot'k ajjo in ri-portt-d aw nicely and may .soon bi>, taken horn*. Mr*, ('hade* liivhiKHioir In Improv-' ing ;»ilc«,|y, huvliiK brokfii ht-r itrni r»»- Cfi>tly. •••'••'• ••"• -•--.-• - Mi.s.s Amanda Ili-rr >-pviit hi- days Itixt wi-ck with Mrw. W. It. w«>ijer. ^ Air. ami Mr>*. l.loyd l!,ft!r, nroompnn- li-d by Mr. and Mr*. I. 11. Klltu-. madft ,-t trip to tht* c. Ih-iiry hom»> in Win- iR'baKo rc-cently. THw duy prov<il to be a very Ktorrny OIHJ and th*> roadH In bad condition, _. 3fi ; M. I 1 ". parkH and Clart-nca L'arkH «t- tt'iidfrd tlu* llfiir'y UiH'k^r funeral in liixon .Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, li Kcltull and Mr. and Park* alt«-ndfd the funeral uf the little «on of Mr. and Mr«. , of Pulo. , • , Mrfiuid Mrs. fcoulft Hcho)i motorenl to Hulling Monday uyvnlni; to viHJl her parents. Mr, and Mr«. M. 1^. ' 4 who ret uruttil i-UmmUty f mm a weeks' visit in Penii«ylvania. 'Miss Uuidis-Is KpvnUlhK ti few day* ut the Win. Hyife home. ' Andrew Jnckson'o Birthplace, North «nd S«u«h t'4in»lltilini«,qimp- rcl »s to (!»• -bti-thphu-i' of AiiiUvw Jufison. A tnulitlon him it I hat hf> w«a bom at the Witxbuw settlement In" Union county., ,Noi-tli CuroHnu, but Jui'ksou JiliiiM'lf thouj.;lil. thut ho \v«» buru lujur jlta *\\'nshii\v civeli In I««n* cosier county, s«mh (^truUutt. 'Ttuj, weight «if "cvldrntv si'oms to fmor th» South Curolliitnns. For Thin Jervous MEN AN& WOMEN nothing equal* or compArei with rich (<H>d propertiet I'lHC r^l' HU til hiimif '• t<(. -i^'/v^ Mtt Al',,.1.-. K.ui JL_Jl4l-V X~ can eat what i^t iu.i, - Alt ii'1' 1 t.UJi. <t I'ln m;; hi (Jot-sfs all .. .. SCOTTS EMULSION It makes other foods do good r It sharpens the appetite; isolates the circulation ,and help« overcome catarrhal troubles, |f are rundown, anaemic or nervous, the benefits you wilt receive horn £m«/*<on wili i tKT«uc,

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