Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 1, 1968 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1968
Page 3
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MM MI If Nil Tint SOCIETY •Pherw / - 34 3 1 Between 8. a.m.' and 4 p.m. Annuol Circulation Audit Completed Calendar of Events •A SAftmBAt, MARCH 2 I'', 'fliere will be a Leap Year Ipirty at (he ok) Country Club Xt 8 {06 p.m. Saturday night, Hos- tessess will be the men of the i.ejjib'. Ladles are only to como /ifid enjoy themselves; -.? MONDAY, MARCH 4 X- ; fhe Youth Choir of the First ^Presbyterian Church will prac« •"Hce at 3;4S p.m. Monday, March t; 4 ; ," The Adult Choir will prac* ~&$6 'at 1:00 p.ffi, ^ TUESDAY, MAUCH 5 -:t. The Hempstead County Republican Women will meet at 7;30 -I>im« Tuesday, March 5 In the r.CitiZens Bank lounge. p The WOC Council of the First 'Presbyterian Church will meet "it 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 5. '"'"" WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 lvtf A Family Potluck Supper will Kbe held at the First Presbyterian .; Church Wednesday March 6 be„,ginning at 6:30 p.m. The supper ^jwill be followed by another pro-.-gram, under the direction of Mrs. L John B. Lowe on Japan. ^COSMOPOLITAN '^.CLUB.MEEtS. At the Cosmopolitan Club on Tuesday night, February 27 In the home of Mrs. Perry Moses, the program chairman, Mrs. E. J. Whitman, Introduced Mrs. Tom Hays, Jr., who reviewed "Arrogance of Power" by Sen. J. William Fulbrlght. Jonquils and red camellias graced the home where 16 members and 2 guests, Mrs. Homer Beyerley and Mrs. Ray Lawrence, gathered. Club President, Mrs. R. L. Broach, presided over the brief business. Mrs. Moses and her co-hostess, Mrs. J. V. Moore, Jr., served cherry pie, nuts, and coffee or hot punch. f DUPLICATE BRIDGE ; CLUB WINNERS • Duplicate Bridge players had a ;Winners Game at the Diamond oh Wednesday February 28. The £(:tables ^of players Included '3 tables from; out-of-town, but it •was t , local participants who won ali%te Aw«nfs Motfo for f /»« Recordings NEW YORK (AP) ~ The UH« Ing song, "Up, Up and Away," carried off six Grammy awards on Thursday night as the Na* tlonal Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Chose the best recordings of 1961* "Gentle on My Mind" won four, in folk and country categories, depending on who sang It. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" won four, proving that the Beatles of Liverpool ha* ven't lost their magic. Duke Ellington won with "Far East Suite" In the large group jazz category. He and the late Billy Strayhorn also won for "Far East Suite" when the academy's trustees gave a "speclai merit" Grammy, Going to the stage from his seat beside conductor Leopold Stokowski for the second time, Ellington said, "I told Maestro Stokowski that people are nice to me when I'm with him." Classical album of the year was a tie between Berg's "Woz* zeck," by the Paris National Opera conducted by Pierre Bou- lez, and Mahler's "Eighth Symphony," the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Illinois Sen. Everett Dlrksen won the spoken word award for his record.of "Gallant Men". "Up, Up and Away," composed by Jim Webb, won as pop song of the year. As sung by the 5th Dimension, It won as record of the year, best performance- by a vocal group, best contemporary; single and best contemporary group performance. As sung by the Johnny Mann Singers, It won "best performance by a chorus." Groom Put It in Writing DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The bride In a wedding Thursday, Feb. 29, said she had a statement signed by the bridegroom that It was "he who did the proposing, notme." The bride 'is Mrs.'Wilma Mei;Iowa State Unl- HELEN HELP US! by H«f*rt BotUI YOUTH ASKED FOR m D«r HtWB f •»• WIN AT BRIDGE Void Problem In Blackwood By Oswald and James Jocoby NORTH 1 476 VKJ104 4AQ87652 *Vold WEST- ". >:EAST : - 4QJ82 ""'4 104 *5 V862 • 109 • K J4 * J 10 9 8 4 3 * A Q 7 6 5 SOUTH (D) * 4 A K'05 3 V AQ973 : •: '• : + K2 -.:. '-;'.Both vulnerable West North East South 1 4 Pass 2 • Pass 2 V Pass 4V Pass 4 N. T. Pass 6 * Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 J 7V •irsf,*Mrs. Comer Boyett and Mrs. Harry Hawthorne; second, Mrs. R; L. Broach and Mrs. Syd McMath; third, Mrs. Paul Lewis and Mike Kelly; fourth Mrs. R. T ( ; White and Mrs. Marie: Hendrix.' .' • ;. - •'/, •:[' CYO RETREAT Representing Hope at the C. Y. 0. Retreat In Texarkana Sunday Feb. 25 was Anne Grimes, Deborah Robinson, Buddy and Mike Patterson, Doug Mclver. Accompanied by Mrs. John Grimes and Mrs. Ambrose Robinson. the bridegroom,' Is Iowa State Prof. Bob R. Holdren, 45. Mrs. Holdren, a widow formerly of Huron, S.D., said she Insisted, "all In fun, of course," that Holdren sign the statement. She said it also includes a promise that Holdren will celebrate their wedding anniversary "every year on Feb. 28, and not just every four years when Feb. 29 rolls around." Won Marathon Race When the first modern Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896, the marathon race was fittingly won by a Greek athlete, Spyros Louis. Saenger THEATRE Tonite-7:00 Saturday «1:15 A dm. .50-90 Hunted by the ANNE Apaches! Plus 60 COUNTRY MUSIC SINGING STARS MARTY ROBINS - JOHNNY CASH HANK SNOW . WEBB PIERCE - CONNIE SMITH "ROAD TO NASHVILLE" Pickin' and Sjngin' Time-Vail Come! ' Late Show Sat,-Sunday-Monday ! f * Consistently touching andfunn 'Extremely frank and outspoken. The acting is superb. Bill Naughton. who wrote Alfie . did the -. script and Paul *j|^ McCartney of The ~*- ^* s y_ Beatles, composed '\ the score. "* J ^* How do you handle the problem of voids when using Blackwood? If you are void of a suit try to approach the slam by some other means. We told you not to bid Black,wood with a W orthless <loubleton in an und suit. Similarly don't bid four no-trump when you are void of a suit. You have various scientific methods at your disposal; All of these frequently pinpoint the right lead in case your partner can't control the suit you are afraid of. Sometimes the best way to bid that type slam is to jump right there and hope that your opponents won't find the killing lead. When your partner uses Blackwood and you hold a void there is an approved way to show the void. It is as follows: If you think your void is a good one, jump to six in the suit you would have bid five in as a normal Blackwood response. North's jump to six diamonds showed that he had one ace and was void of a suit. It also had to be a good void. It couldn't be diamonds —North had bid that suit. It shouldn't be spades — South had bid that suit. Hence, it had to be clubs. South's jump to seven hearts was still a trifle optimistic. North did not have to hold the king of hearts for his bids. As a matter of fact, South Bachelor Party Says Blonde MIAMI, Fla, (AP) - "It's the nicest collection I've ever seen," cooed a platinum blonde model as she scanned 29 wealthy bachelors who threw a posh party In a ballroom by the sea to find "the right girl." Twenty • nlrte girls chosen from 10,000 applicants, were wined, dined and presented with solid gold pins by the wile-hunting men about town on the traditional day for the girls to chase, Feb. 29, Leap Year Day. The bachelors, all of whom must earn over $25,000 a year to be a "29-er," Include a British millionaire who docked his yacht In Fort Lauderdale several years ago and just hasn't decided to move on yet, a state legislator, doctors, dentists and corporation executives for the asking. "As soon as I heard about It I raced like mad and took my picture down In person," said Joan Gordon, the smiling model in a low-cut pink gown. "I didn't believe there were so many eligible bachelors •>r.tffie girls" exactly the short-order-cook* type with dreams of meeting'"'a millionaire. An architect's consultant, a casting director for a network television show, a New York actress, a doctor of psychology, a model, an airline stewardess and a handful of school teachers were among those selected. The party • goers discussed books, plays and about the only avenue of discussion not open was the ladles' ages. "You could say I'm between 30 and 40," said one and then upon learning the median age was about 30 said: "Be a dear and change that to 27 to 35." — Hope Star photo Thursday marked completion of the annual audit of the Star's Circulation records by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Chicago, ill. Left to right: Mrs. Jan Hastings, Circulation Bookkeeper; J, W. Leiser, Field Auditor for ABC and C. M. (Pod) Rogers, Circulation Manager. As with USl, H welcomes laughs but dodft * serious cjuestlon wllft « brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, e*r« of Helen Kelp USl this newspaper* Dear Helen; The more I see of marital troubles, lh« more sure t am that "woo" leads to "woe" when It Is legalised, Why bother? Marriage Is (or dirts who can't make (t on the open market, lam happy lo say I have no problems here. I change girls every month — there's a surplus, now that females arc out to prove themselves "equal" to males. You probably won't agree that living free Is Mw only way to fly. But, for the record, I want lo say I'm still sowing my wild oats at 34 —with no regrets —and, when I retire at 65, I'll .start thresh' Ing them ! - CONVINCED BACHELOR Dear Con) Here's to a sow-sow life, chum —until your threshing machine breaks down. — H Here in Chester County, ?*,, we organised 0n 19<5<$) Ow Non- Smokers Club of America, Spoft* sored by our County f uts*rcti- losts and Health Assnclallon. Its only objective Is to kc«p School students from starting to smoke, for tore Is wtstre ttwr hab» most of ten starts. Our three-point program* spearheaded by the sttwenta themselves. Includes monthly activities In 22 schools; much pub- Helty via DIXIE Drive-In Theatre . TONITE Saturday-Sunday Fourteen Famous SKinoeN give you the do's and don'ts for the man with a roving eye and the urge to stray! And Pioduction the family .HAYLtY MillS JOHN MIUS HYWEI BENNETT MARJQRIE RHODES H ^ TECMW'COLO* Oi»u.OgUd 61 W48«£8 9»Of, ~<^£r ~ sr^lr Nniur wasn't too happy when he saw the dummy. He had to ruff the first club which left him with only three trumps in dummy. He would have to set up either his spades or dummy's diamonds and he decided to go after the diamonds because the odds favor a 3-2 break when you miss five cards. He led the ace of diamonds at trick two and ruffed a diamond with the queen of trumps. Then he led a trump to dummy's king and ruffed another diamond with his ace of trumps. Since this accounted for all the diamonds he simply played out dummy's last two trumps to pick up East's and made the rest of the tricks with the rest of the diamond suit and his ace and king of spades. (Nevtpoper Enlerpritt Ann.) Q—The bidding has been: West North East South Whitebeck Is Challenged by Rockefeller By GEORGE F. BARTSCH Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Frank Whitbeck, the Uttle Rock insurance executive who appears to be the front-runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination this summer, was challenged by Gov. Wlnthrop Rockefeller recently to explain how Arkansas could get along without a tax increase. Whitbeck dkln't respond to the challenge, because he already had suggested eight ways to raise money for the state without Increasing Its tax rate. ! Writing In Democratic Horizons, a magazine published by 'the Democrats for Arkansas, Whitbeck said at least a week before Rockefeller threw down the gauntlet that what was -heeded was an equalization of assessments; better of the state Income tax; a more equitable collection of the tobacco anil sales taxes; having utilities assess their properties at full value; discontinuance of sales tax credits; additional interest earnings on state bank deposits; a more equitable collection of severance taxes, and an increase in the state's share of profits from Oaklawn Park at Hot Springs. Whitbeck, who is expected to announce his candidacy this month, has been talking about these approaches in speeches all over the state. In fact, It was a speech he made at a Chamber of Commerce banquet at Manila Feb. 24 that touched off Rockefeller's remarks. Whitbeck said Arkansas had every "kind, shape and size" of tax it needed. Rockefeller Indicated Feb. 26 that he thought Whitbeck's comments were "Irresponsible." He said the state had to have additional revenues. Whitbeck agrees that there is a need for more money, and, like most Democratic members of the state legislature, he thinks the additional revenue Is needed because Rockefeller has shown "fiscal Irresponsibility." But he says that the knowledge he gained as a member of the state Economic Expan* slon Study Commission In 196365 convinced him that tax rates shouldn't be raised. "It Is time to get tough with government budgets," he wrote in Democratic Horizons. "It is time to wring the water out of every proposed expenditure, short of curtailing vital services to the public." On the equalization of property assessments, he said, "There Is such an Imbalance in assessments In most sections of Arkansas as to be embarrassing to those who make inquiry." He said he had found expensive farm land assessed at less tlian $25 an acre and some downtown properties assessed far below the proportionate assessment on residential properties. "With certain real estate and equipment depreciation schedules', It Is possible for a wealthy taxpayer to escape the payment of Income taxes," Whitbeck wrote. "Big people can do this. The ordinary citizen or working man cannot. So who gets soaked?" Cigarette distributors are given a six per cent discount on cigarette taxes for affixing tax stamps to cigarette packages. The percentage wasn't changed when cigarette taxes were Increased from six cents to eight cents a pack, which means tho distributors are getting more money, even though they theoretically are affixing the same number of tax stamps. "The amount given to the wholesaler should be reduced from 6 per cent of the total lax to 3 per cent," Whitbeck said. "This would save the state several million dollars over a period of years." Whitbeck savs the Economic Expansion Study Commission recommended eliminating the 2 per cent discount given merchants on their gross sales tax reports. Detr Heleni My sister works for A publishing company. She gets homo around 5:30 p.m. She has mode arrangements with her best friend to cometmrller In the afternoon to walk the dog and start dinner. My brother - In • law arrives home around 4:30, which glvea the two an hour for hanky-panky. I know that woman la playing house, not keeping It. Please tell me how to handh this terrible situation. My sister is a lovely, competent, brilliant girl who shouldn't bo hurt, -UPSET Dear Upset: Perhaps yoursla ter has more faith In her look* and competence and best frlert — than you have. Surely a brilliant girl couk sense when something cooks besides dinner. But If you are co& vlnced she needs help, then droi In on Iho two unexpectedly set eral times next week. That should cool them.—H logy. Our .„-, _....„ showed that 80 percent of nil young people In organized school activities do NOT smoke, and 00 percent of school award winners are non-smokers —a clear Intll- catton that most "achievers" don't consider cigarettes necessary. Tho Chester County project, w« believe, Is th« largest student non-smoking project In the United States. U Inchides about 19,000 secondary schools, and 2,500 elementary school pupils. If our yearly surveys show a continuing decrease In t«on-ag« smoking —as the second already has —we will feel amply repaid for our efforts. -HERB OHIO- SON, PROJECT DIRECTOR NOTE TO READERS'. If you arc Interested In forming a Student Non-Smokers Club In your area, send a long, 12-cent stamped, self-addressed envelope to W. Herbert Crtgson, Chester County Tuberculosis and Health Association, 24 East Market Street, West Chester, Pa., 103880. He will send you a history art! outline of the organization, and a description of Its program. — H Permanent* Pass Pass Pass 2* 4 NT- 5N.T. Pass Pass Pass 1 A 44 You, South, hold: 4AKQJ76S VA32 »76 *5 What do you do now? A— Just bid six diamond* to show that you hold one king. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid six diamonds and your partner bids six spades. What do you do now? Tomorrow @f airu Queen JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli archeologists are digging at the junction of the Wailing Wall of the Jews' Second Temple and the southern wall of the temple mount in hopes of finding remains pre-dating the temple built in -320 B.C. THURSDAY ,29 And FRIDAY, MARCH, 1 YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR ONLY SHAKE BREAK at Dairq Queen can open this Just give the top door a push ar»4 come on in our Installment Loan Department. We're push-overs when you come to borrow money. And for a new car we have the key ... an Aulo Loan with low easy payments. to Hnt Nitioail Btnk QfHQff '"•A

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